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[2007-12-03-ROH-Final Battle] Jack Evans vs Necro Butcher (No Disqualification Match)

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These two are absolute lunatics known for entirely different characteristics, yet they are both very resilient, can absorb ridiculous amounts of punishment and are both insane bump freaks in their own ways. On paper this sounds like an odd pairing and you're not sure what to make of it, but in real time, it delivers. Usually Necro thrives when he's paired with other reckless death match wrestlers or with folks who aren't afraid to take work overly stiff, here however he is in a match with Evans who is mostly known for being a breakdancing contortionist who can do some incredible flips that no one has been able to replicate and despite Evans not being able to punch or kick Necro in the jaw like Samoa Joe or Low Ki would, Evan still drags Necro to some ridiculous spots with brutal bumps such as a code red off the ring apron to the floor. Some other wild stuff in this include Necro bending Evans in half with a nasty backbreaker across two chairs which is a spot Necro usually takes in his matches. The finish was a bit over the top with Lacey, Julius Smokes and Mercedes Martinez interfering, but in storyline context, makes sense.

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