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[2004-04-24-ROH-Reborn: Stage Two] Austin Aries vs Jimmy Rave vs Nigel McGuinness vs Rocky Romero

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This was a simply magnificent four corner survival. Everyone involved delivered a show-stealing effort - it truly felt like I was watching four hungry young guys go out there & make a little statement. Aries was the most over man at the start of the match & he looked really good with everything he did, I absolutely loved the pure intensity & aggression Rocky brought into the thing, and then there's Nigel McGuinness. Goddamn I love that man. Maybe my favorite moment of the entire match was when there's one very vocal fella in the crowd making noise that gets rest of the crowd to focus on him & get distracted from whats going on inside the ring, then Nigel busts out this amazing sequence w/ a bit of some WoS-like charm, and the crowd explodes into a standing ovation. He's probably my pick for the star of the match honors, even though everybody indeed looked great -- and that brings me to Jimmy Rave, who didn't get too much time to "shine", as in he didn't get as much time as the others to showcase his signature offense, but he still looked absolutely tremendous getting his lunch eaten & shit kicked out of him throughout. Played his role perfectly. Loooved Romero & Aries destroying his arm, his selling was on point, and Nigel coming in & smartly getting the victory by targeting that arm some more ruled. Such a great match! ****

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