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Kai's Killers (feel free to use that) kick us off with a win in a wild 8 women tag. Maybe one title match isn't out of the question.

The Combs/Richter rematch is official.

Pardue helps her former student earn another match cause she ain't done whooping that ass! Love it!

Singh's temper costs her a chance to recapture the tv title as the reign of McIntyre continues.

Don't worry about it, earning your PhD is probably more important than fantasy booking wrestling 30 years in the past anyway.


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No problem needing some personal time.  This is always for fun around here.  

1 hour ago, Autistic Dragon said:

Kai's Killers (feel free to use that) kick us off with a win in a wild 8 women tag. Maybe one title match isn't out of the question.

I have to agree with Autistic Dragon... that one is worth using.


Like when I know that I am going to get more Wendy Richter soon!  This rematch should be fun.

Maya Singh might never learn but I think she has found a gimmick that could work for years to come!

Thanks for continuing with this creative promotion.


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Great way to kick things off! That 8 Woman tag match really gets the fans going right off the bat.

YES! Can't wait for the Combs/Richter rematch.

The Candice/Mitchell feud has been one of my favorites. You're doing a great job building this one up.

Velvet proves her TV title win wasn't a fluke as she takes Rhonda down for the second time. 

Best of luck going for your PHD. Very impressive! 

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Scarlet is having trouble posting his show so he asked me to do it for him.  The site seems to be acting up again.


Hey there, I hope this works! I’m currently unable to properly access the site. The reply form never opens and all I’m left with is the option to insert an attachment. If possible, could you reply to my thread with this and explain the situation?

Thanks in advance!


Wonder Women of Wrestling – Episode No. XXIX – 23rd of June 1986 – Airing Live! – Las Vegas, Nevada

Advertised Match:

Lisa Moretti versus Desiree Petersen for the WWW Fighting Spirit Championship and the NWA Texas Women’s Championship

This week, the programme opens with a snazzy video package showing off loads of new merchandise, extra footage of Debbie Combs and hype packages for various matches at the upcoming supercard. We then move onto the television title match, with Velvet McIntyre taking on Luna Vachon.

The challenger is coached throughout the match by her mentor Medusa Miceli and seems to have greatly improved her in-ring ability but even the guidance and occasional overt aid from the leader of the monsters can’t keep Luna Vachon in the game long enough to really pose a threat to Velvet McIntyre – who seems to have found a new lease of life as TV champion.

Velvet McIntyre defeats Luna Vachon in 13:10 by pinfall after a swinging hurricanrana to retain the WWW Television Championship

After a brief interlude – this one shilling the new “WWW Magazine” and its inaugural prediction competition – we head to the interviews. All of the monsters are sat with Luna Vachon for a tense dressing down from their leader. Rhonda Singh tries to complain about Luna Vachon being given her spot but is browbeaten by an enraged Medusa Miceli who promises to show them how it’s done in her own match.

Velvet McIntyre uses her interview time to politely request that Debbie Combs consider her for a world title match when she “inevitably” crushes Wendi Richter for a second time.

A commercial break then takes us through to a tag team match to determine the title challengers on Saturday. The Star Girls are taking on the terrifying pairing of Medusa Miceli and Mad Maxine.

The resulting contest is brutal from start to finish as the superior athlete Medusa Miceli takes on a well-oiled machine in the form of Rockin’ Robin and Jamie West almost single-handed as she leaves Mad Maxine on the apron – saving her for clean-up duty. As tiredness eventually wears her down, Medusa Miceli is forced to tag out after pin attempt catches her with less than a second to spare.

Once Mad Maxine enters, however, it’s obvious who’ll win. Rockin’ Robin takes a big boot that sends her soaring from the apron, colliding violently with the guard rail, and Jamie West goes up for a devastating gorilla press slam.

Medusa Miceli & Mad Maxine defeat Rockin’ Robin & Jamie West in 14:32 when Mad Maxine pins Jamie West after a gorilla press slam

After another brief interlude, we head to the interviews. The Star Girls, beaten and bruised, swear they’ll find a strategy for neutralising Mad Maxine the next time that the two teams clash. Medusa Miceli, on the other hand, rants at the interviewer, the audience and her own stablemates – declaring herself to be the most dominant competitor in the company and promising to have every title belt in the company around the waist of a member of her faction by the time the summer’s over.

A second commercial break then takes us to the main event.

With her stablemates there to cheer her on and no one in the champ’s corner, Desiree Petersen has the morale advantage and, in the early goings of the match even appears to have tactical advantage. Once the feeling out process is complete, however, Lisa Moretti sinks her teeth in and proceeds to torture the challenger at every turn.

The champion is utterly merciless and uses the contest, seemingly, to prove a point. The babyface breaks out occasionally, even going on extended runs from time to time but, without variation, is brought to heel before she can seriously threaten an upset.

Lisa Moretti defeats Desiree Petersen in 15:07 by pinfall after a powerslam to retain the WWW Fighting Spirit Championship and the NWA Texas Women’s Championship


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nice to see a women's promotion. will admit half the names on this show i have never heard of but im looking to get to know more about them as i go forward. 

the show has a nice flow to it with a good mix of talent and progression 

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WWW is really ahead of the pack with their merch game.

McIntyre fends off a improved Luna Vachon and throws her hat into the world title picture. Talk about multi-tasking!

Miceli (& Madd Maxine) show the rest of the Monsters how it's done by winning a tag title shot.

Moretti puts down a feisty Peterson too remain double champ. I don't see her losing those for a while.

Another fun episode.

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Velvet has a new lease on life since winning the TV title. 

I like the idea of a WWW magazine. Nice touch 

WOW! Mad Maxine looks like a superstar tonight. 

Champions beware because Medusa is coming for gold. 

Moretti continues her dominance. I think we're looking at a future world champ. 

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Wonder Women Wrestling


Live from: Las Vegas, Nevada

The show opens with a light show and a rock video, promoting the night’s matches, with a special emphasis on the main event and the overall story of Debbie Combs and her rise to the world title.

The opening two matches are frivolous affairs that the commentators use to help hype on later, tangentially related, matches.

First up, Desiree Petersen and Selina Majors take on Ashly Kennedy and Brittany Brown. The heels want to snatch a second supercard opening match win and the faces want to give their stablemates a confidence boost heading to the tag title match further up the card.

The narrative of the fight is very simple, the heels are a well-oiled machine but Desiree Petersen as a distinctive edge as a singles competitor. Eventually, this proves enough for the babyface team to come away with the victory.

Desiree Petersen & Selina Majors defeat Ashly Kennedy & Brittany Brown in 08:21 when Desiree Petersen submits Brittany Brown with a Boston crab

A dazzling interlude – replete with glamour shots of the roster and sponsored content – then brings us through to the first set of interviews. The heels descend into over-the-top and incoherent ranting, whereas the faces use their time to trying psyching up their stablemates. Susan Starr and Winona Little Heart promise to do their best but both admit that facing Medusa Miceli and Mad Maxine is a frightening prospect.

The second match is even more fun and frivolous than the first, with Lady Apache taking on Liz Chase. Leilani Kai is her in her stablemate’s corner, likewise Vicky Carranza is in the opposite corner. The contest proceeds as a showcase for the move set of Lady Apache, however, with particular emphasis on running and flying.

Lady Apache defeats Liz Chase in 04:52 by pinfall with an inside cradle

After another brief video interlude, we go to the interviews. Liz Chase gets chewed out by her leader and whines to the rest of her stable, to a mixed reaction. Lady Apache is asked softball questions, mainly related to merchandise and the magazine, but she manages to get in a promise to build on her success going forward.

Up next is the tag team title match, where Medusa Miceli and Mad Maxine await the champions with murderous intent. Susan Starr and Winona Little Heart are visibly nervous from the moment the step foot inside the squared circle and this disposition leads to a brutally one-sided opening exchange, with Medusa Miceli torturing each woman in turn with excruciating holds and savage strikes. Eventually, however, the affair becomes more even as Medusa Miceli tires herself out and a more traditional match ensues over the next ten minutes.

The finish demonstrates devilish insight from Medusa Miceli. With an illegally leveraged pin attempt on Susan Starr, she baits Winona Little Heart into the ring who, upon trying to break up the attempt is blindsided by a big boot to the side of the head from Mad Maxine and is then dumped outside with a painful thud.

Susan Starr then receives a chain of three perfectly executed German suplexes, the latter ending with a bridge.

Medusa Miceli & Mad Maxine defeat Susan Starr & Winona Little Heart in 15:09 when Medusa Miceli pins Susan Starr after a German suplex to win the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship

A hype package for Candice Pardue versus Penny Mitchell – a strap match – then takes us through to the interviews. Susan Starr and Winona Little Heart are dejected, bruised and beaten and offer only a half-hearted promise to compose a new strategy for dealing with the monsters. Medusa Miceli hogs the interview time and declares herself the dark queen of the company.

The fourth match on the card features a long period of build-up, as the rules of the match are spelled out to the audience and the strap is fitted to the wrist of each competitor. The contest proceeds traditionally from there, with a tug of war, followed by an exchange of lashes to the back and then a tour around the ring.

The first big spot comes when Penny Mitchell pulls Candice Pardue into the corner, smacks her around and ends the sequence with a nasty-looking superplex. Unable to secure a quick victory, however, an increasingly enraged Penny Mitchell spends the rest of the match leathering Candice Pardue with lashes to the back and, occasionally successfully, dropping her with slams.

The finish comes out of nowhere, however, when Candice Pardue – having been put up on the corner for another superplex – seizes on a rare opportunity. She wraps the strap around the neck of Penny Mitchell and yanks on it with all her might, lifting her writhing opponent of the ground.

A terrified and red-faced Penny Mitchell is then barely able to maintain consciousness by the time the referee forces Candice Pardue to let go.

Candice Pardue defeats Penny Mitchell in 17:44 by pinfall

Another video interlude – this one heavily promoting the main event – takes us to the interviews. Hoarse and visibly shaken up, Penny Mitchell asks for the decision to be reversed and for her opponent to face discipline. Appearing troubled by her own actions, Candice Pardue says she was pushed to a desperate tactic to send a message.

Our penultimate match is a stacked six-woman over-the-top-rope battle royal, with Misty Blue Simmes, Rhonda Singh, Velvet McIntyre, Leilani Kai, Babyface Nellie and the dual champion Lisa Moretti battling it out in a non-title match for a right to face the world champion at an as yet unspecified date.

The contest is wild and fun, with ringside brawling from the women as they are eliminated and plenty of near-misses and lucky escapes.

First, Babyface Nellie blindsides Leilani Kai, who pulls her over and out in a rage, then Rhonda Singh lays the rest of the ring low but only succeeds in creating an alliance against her which sees her eliminated by the remaining three women.

Misty Blue Simmes, Lisa Moretti and Velvet McIntyre then face each other in a battle of shifting alliances and subtle strategies for a good ten minutes before Misty Blue Simmes is baited into a run and sent out by Lisa Moretti using her own momentum against her. Velvet McIntyre rules the roost thereafter, with a series of big moves – in her element in what has become a singles match.

The result is drawn and tense battle, with both women eventually fighting on the apron. Staff take the other participants away to prevent the conclusion being spoiled. A well-timed but risky dropkick to Velvet McIntyre’s shin from Lisa Moretti then brings the match to an end.

Lisa Moretti defeats Leilani Kai & Babyface Nellie & Rhonda Singh & Misty Blue Simmes & Velvet McIntyre in 19:31 in a non-title over-the-top-rope battle royal

After one last video interlude, we get an interview with the winner only. Lisa Moretti says that it doesn’t matter who wins in the main event – though she suspects it will be Wendi Richter – because she’s the single greatest female wrestler in the world today and prepared to prove it.

The world title match begins after highly elaborate entrances for both the challenger and the champion. From bell to bell, the two women work through a well-rehearsed sequence of moves. Neither gives an inch and the result is an even-sided back-and-forth that only becomes more intense with every passing minute. Wendi Richter has cunning or her side, but Debbie Combs has grit and resolve.

After knocking seven bells out of one another, marching each other up and down the ring and wearing each other down, the pair begin gunning for the finishing move. One counts follow, then two counts and two-and-a-half counts. Big slams and risky dives come in equally number from both women. It’s obvious to the crowd that the match could go either way and that neither competitor is going to be torn up about a close victory – the win is all they’re after.

It comes eventually, as a photo finish. The referees hand comes down for the three at just the moment that the loser’s shoulder comes up to save herself.

Debbie Combs defeats Wendi Richter in 24:59 by pinfall after a neckbreaker to retain the NWA World Women’s Championship

We go off air to scenes of an enraged Wendi Richter screaming at the officials and a jubilant Debbie Combs holding her title up for all to see.

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First for the show on June 23... Like how Madusa is dressing down her own stablemates but it will be interesting to see how long they stand for it.... especially Maxine.

As for the Supercard.... Madusa and Maxine win the tag title but again, Madusa does nothing in the interview to endure her to her stablemates!

Not so fast Wendy Richter.... makes this feud even better with her defeat.

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I've said this before, but I really like the emphasis put on the magazine, merchandise, lighting and video packages. It gives WWW a top notch look and feel. How awesome would this have been IRL for the 80s woman wrestlers.

Nice showcase for Apache. I'll be watching this build. 

Judging by the champs reactions before the match, I figured Medusa and Maxine winning the titles was a forgone conclusion. 

That strap match might be the match of the night. That was a brutal finish. Even Pardue was a bit shocked by her actions. However, she did what she had to do. 

YES! Moretti wins the battle royal and gets a future world title shot. 

Another classic match between Combs and Richter. They gave the fans their money's worth with 25 minutes of non stop action. Combs has now solidified herself as a true champion. 


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A couple of nice face wins to get the crowd warmed up (and shill some merch) good stuff.

The Monsters capture tag gold but one wonders how long this alliance can last with Medusa's ever-growing ego.

Purdue taps into something and hangs Mitchell! It's always the sweet ones.

Moretti outlasts 5 top contenders to earn herself a chance to become triple champion!

Combs wins a squeaker to come out with her world title reign intact.

Your supercards never fail to entertain. Great job!

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Wonder Women of Wrestling – Episode No. XXX – 30th of June 1986 – Airing Live! – Las Vegas, Nevada

Advertised Match:

Debbie Combs & Misty Blue Simmes & Babyface Nellie versus Leilani Kai & Judy Martin & Liz Chase

After a brief video package recapping the events of the supercard, we head straight to the action with the television title opener. Velvet McIntyre is facing Peggy Lee Leather but, more worryingly, a particularly foul-faced Wendi Richter in the challenger’s corner.

The fight is hard for the champ, as her every opening is called out by the eagle-eyed former world champion and ringside. The challenger struggles as well, unable to quite keep up with the pace of either of the other women and occasionally letting excellent opportunities created by her mentor fall to the wayside.

Eventually growing sick of Wendi Richter’s constant interference, Velvet McIntyre takes her down with a baseball slide that sends her crashing into the guard rail. With that taken care of, a thoroughly exhausted Peggy Lee Leather is easy pickings.

Velvet McIntyre defeats Peggy Lee Leather in 14:12 by pinfall after a swinging hurricanrana to retain the WWW Television Championship

After a brief video interlude, we get to the interviews. Wendi Richter takes over her protégé’s interview time in order to issue a threat to Velvet McIntyre and boasts about having always kicked her ass whenever they’ve gone one on one. The champion decides to talk about looking forward to the Great American Bash, trying to drum up interest in the company’s fans.

A commercial break then takes us through to the second match. Candice Pardue, hot off her shocking victory over her former mentor, is taking on KC Houston. The two women are given time to show off, with neither having a distinctive advantage. Eventually, however, Candice Pardue is able to extend her momentum and deliver a finish from the top rope.

Candice Pardue defeats KC Houston in 12:47 by pinfall after a missile dropkick

After another brief video interlude, we get to the next set of interviews. KC Houston says he agrees with Penny Mitchell and her comments at the supercard that Candice Pardue should be suspended, otherwise she refuses to comment on her loss. Candice Pardue, for her part, gets about five words in before being blindsided by an enraged Penny Mitchell.

Initially going for a chokehold of her own, the attack is turn into an all-out brawl when Penny Mitchell is slammed into the wall with the full weight of Candice Pardue’s body as she desperately scrambles out of the hold. A fight through the corridors then occurs which is eventually won by the former mentor when she smashes a nearby glass over her ex-student’s head and the cameras hastily cut away to a commercial break.

After that, we come to the six-woman tag main event. Debbie Combs is the star of the show throughout, with a spectacular entrance at the start, to a dominant performance during the match. The heels are far more well-coordinated, but the faces have the advantage in every one-to-one variation. The contest eventually comes down to Debbie Combs and Leilani Kai.

Though she’s her stable’s leader for a good reason, Leilani Kai is not immune to choking and the prospect of potentially pinning the world champion and getting an express ticket to the world title scene gets to her. Debbie Combs capitalises on her opponent’s slight awkwardness and hesitation with a relentless barrage of offence.

Debbie Combs & Misty Blue Simmes & Babyface Nellie defeat Leilani Kai & Judy Martin & Liz Chase in 15:51 when Debbie Combs pins Leilani Kai after a neckbreaker

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I'm all for a Richter/Velvet feud. Great way to get it going. 

WOW! The Candice/Penny feud gets even more heated! 

Combs scores the fall and looks like a superstar. She's going to have a nice run as champ. 

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Another great show that shows of the women of wrestling from this time properly.

A nice mix of superstar in the making added to a strong continuation of a heated feud and topped off with a start of another.

Great work

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Wonder Women of Wrestling – Episode No. XXXI – 7th of July 1986 – Airing Live! – Las Vegas, Nevada

Advertised Match:

Medusa Miceli & Luna Vachon & Mad Maxine versus Debbie Combs & Misty Blue Simmes & Babyface Nellie for the WWW Trios Championship

The programme kicks off this week with footage from the world title match Great American Bash before transitioning to the traditional television championship opener. Velvet McIntyre is taking on another one of Medusa Miceli’s monsters this week, namely Reggie Bennett.

Reggie Bennett understands full well that this is chance to prove that she can succeed where Rhonda Singh failed and the commentators speculate that a victory here could send her one rung up the pecking order within her stable. Velvet McIntyre is unfazed by the torrent of offence she faces, however, and remains committed to a technical dissection of her opponent. The result is an awkward affair where the champ takes far more punishment but manages to remain in control throughout.

Velvet McIntyre defeats Reggie Bennett in 11:56 by pinfall after a swinging hurricanrana to retain the WWW Television Championship

Reggie Bennett's shoulder is up a millisecond after the three count but her fellow monsters fail to provide any back-up for the ensuing stare down with the champ.

After a video interlude, we get to the interviews. Medusa Miceli has her monsters all lined up for the interview and speaks for them, spending most of her time talking about her upcoming defence of the trios titles. She berates Reggie Bennett’s performance but doesn’t get a rise out of her – though a murderous look is flashed in her direction.

Velvet McIntyre says there’s not a single monster she can’t beat and that she intends to still be television champion by the end of the year.

A commercial break then takes us to a fight for Lisa Moretti’s dual titles. Still clearly angry about her loss at the Great American Bash, the champion wastes no time at all going after her opponent, Candice Pardue. Both women are prepared to do whatever it takes to win which makes for an exceptionally violent encounter. Unlike Lisa Moretti, Candice Pardue doesn’t break the rules outright but she’s happy to wait for the referee to get up to a count of four before releasing certain holds.

By the time both women are tired, Penny Mitchell decides to crash the party.

Candice Pardue defeats Lisa Moretti in 14:18 by disqualification after interference from Penny Mitchell but the WWW Fighting Spirit Championship and the NWA Texas Women’s Championship do not change hands.

A wild post-match brawl between Candice Pardue and Penny Mitchell eats through the interview time and we cut to commercials just as a horde of staff members manage to get things back under control.

A commercial break then takes us through to the main event. From the word go, the contest is a chaotic mess, with brawling at ringside and big spots. Mad Maxine has limited involvement but whenever she does lay her hands on someone it comes close to ending the match. Each of the faces gets their time to shine but Debbie Combs in particular comes across as an extraordinary performer – firmly in her element and putting out multiple fires at once.

Luna Vachon is the weak link, however, and nothing her teammates do seems to make up for that fact. As soon as the challengers smell blood in the water, they engineer an opportunity to capitalise on this fact. Enraging her with taunts, they convince her to tag herself in, meanwhile Misty Blue Simmes and Babyface Nellie prepare themselves to run in at a moment’s notice.

Debbie Combs & Misty Blue Simmes & Babyface Nellie defeat Medusa Miceli & Luna Vachon & Mad Maxine in 15:30 when Debbie Combs pins Luna Vachon after a neckbreaker to win the WWW Trios Championship

After the decision, the match erupts into an all-out brawl and we end the programme on those chaotic scenes.


P.S. I'm going to be very busy over the next few weeks so I apologise in advance for any inactivity. I'm going to shift my schedule around, however, and see if I can find a way to figure something out, however.

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Rough night for the monsters as Bennett fails to capture the TV Title then they lose the Trios titles! What's important here is to remember that absolutely none of this is Medusa's fault.

Nice work using duel title match to advance the Purdue/Mitchell feud.

I was gonna say this in the review of your last show but thanks for being apart if GAB.

Don't worry about the schedule. Things happen.

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Don't worry abou the scehdule.

It looks like the Monsters are human after all!  I find Madusa berating of Reggie Bennett very interesting!

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Velvet retains once again and may very well remain TV champ throughout the year. 

It's obvious Medusa's remarks rubbed Bennett the wrong way. 

Moretti's loss at the Bash has given her a real mean streak. I have to say, the Pardue/Mitchell feud is one of the game's best. 

Another outstanding 6 Woman match and we have new Trios champions to end the show! 

Don't worry about the schedule. Life first my friend. Hope everything works out. 


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Wonder Women of Wrestling – Episode No. XXXII – 14th of July 1986 – Airing Live! – Las Vegas, Nevada

Advertised Match:

Wendi Richter & Peggy Lee Leather versus Desiree Petersen & Selina Majors

The programme starts with a cold open, at bell time, with Velvet McIntyre once again fighting to defend her television title from one of Medusa Miceli’s monsters. This time, it’s Mad Maxine.

The match is uneven, with Mad Maxine delivering numerous brutal slams and strikes but failing to capitalise. Velvet McIntyre’s strategy switches about half-way through the match to great success, as she targets the big woman’s knees and lower legs, as Medusa Miceli herself pacing about and ringside, becoming increasingly agitated. A buckled knee foils an attempt by the challenger to put her opponent down with a superplex and Velvet McIntyre seizes on the opportunity to hit her with a diving crossbody.

Just as the referee gets to two, however, Medusa Miceli begins stomping a mudhole into Velvet McIntyre.

Velvet McIntyre defeats Mad Maxine in 13:19 by disqualification after interference from Medusa Miceli to retain the WWW Television Championship

Half a dozen babyfaces come rushing down the ramp to aid their ally but they’re met by the monsters and a massive brawl ensues which the company’s beleaguered staff struggle to contain. It eats up our interview time and we go to a commercial break.

The second match is a showcase for Lady Apache, as she takes on Candi Devine. The contest is laid out as a series of opportunity for the babyface to show off her move set, with just enough offence from Candi Devine to keep the match for becoming boring. Lady Apache ends the match with a set-piece of signature moves.

Lady Apache defeats Candi Devine in 12:31 by submission with a chicken wing

After a brief interlude hyping up the feud between Candice Pardue and Penny Mitchell – and hinting at a new stipulation being introduced for their next encounter – we get to the interviews. Candi Devine angrily declares herself to be sick of being a punching bag, whilst Lady Apache gives her assent to the idea of potentially challenging Lisa Moretti.

A second commercial break then takes us through to the main event. Wendi Richter demonstrates a vicious streak a mile wide throughout the contest, as she wrestles with less interest in securing a victory and more interest in hurting whoever her opponent habits to be. Neither Desiree Petersen nor Selina Majors are a match for her but they both fare far better against Peggy Lee Leather.

Eventually, the former world champion gets sick of watching her partner struggle and tags herself in for the finish. She races towards Selina Majors on the apron and sends her crashing to the floor with a clobbering forearm before turning on Desiree Petersen. After baiting her into an attack, she makes her move.

Wendi Richter & Peggy Lee Leather defeat Desiree Petersen & Selina Majors in 14:52 when Wendi Richter pins Desiree Petersen with a small package


P.S. I should be able to get back to being more active on here in the next few days!

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I wonder what the other Monsters think of the fact that Medusa will save Double M from a pinfall loss but not them. Good way to keep her protected though.

Lady Apache gets a nice TV win then throws her hat in the ring for a dual title shot. Not sure if this is a good time to mess with Moretti.

Richter demonstrates why she was world champion by carrying Leather to a main event win.

WWW is going full steam ahead!

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This story line with Madusa and the rest of the Monsters is very interesitng.  There were either be a power struggle or a coup.  Can't wait to find out which.  

The rebuild of Wendy Richter is underway and I am sure it will not take long at all before she is back in a title match.  

Good show as always.

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After what happened, I sure hope we get a Velvet/Medusa match. Awesome post match brawl.

Looks like Lady Apache is getting a push and Devine is tired of being pushed around. 

Richter makes it know she's still at the top.

Your intriguing storylines must be pulling in some nice ratings. Good job! 


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Very interesting stroyline with Madusa and the rest of the monsters.  Was the DQ on purpose as she didn't want another monster other than herself to have a title?  Only time will tell.  

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Wonder Women of Wrestling – Episode No. XXXIII – 21st of July 1986 – Airing Live! – Las Vegas, Nevada

Advertised Match:

Lisa Moretti versus Lady Apache for the WWW Fighting Spirit Championship and the NWA Texas Women’s Championship

This week, the programme kicks off with a promotional music video, hyping up the upcoming supercard and cycling new footage into the traditional video opener.

A rerun of last week’s television title bout, Mad Maxine is unaccompanied to her challenge – the commentators explain that Medusa Miceli has been banned from the building tonight – and is noticeably unnerved by the lack of support. The two women launch into a nasty display of violence from the opening bell, having both come to the conclusion that increased aggression will give them an edge.

Velvet McIntyre comes out of the opening exchange worse, unable to get knock the challenger off her feet. Once again, however, Mad Maxine struggles to come up with a way to capitalise on her physical advantage and an overconfident attempt to pin the champion with a boot on the chest ends with her being tripped up. Velvet McIntyre has no issue capitalising and targets her opponent’s legs relentlessly with stomps and holds.

Eventually, the challenger manages to rise to her feet, wobbly at the knees, only to get by a woman flying through the air.

Velvet McIntyre defeats Mad Maxine in 13:29 by pinfall after a diving crossbody to retain the WWW Television Championship

After a brief video interlude – this time focusing on light-hearted sponsored event attended by Debbie Combs – we head to the interviews. Mad Maxine says nothing to the interviewer and the camera has to chase after her as she wanders through the building in search of her stablemates. Without their leader, they are wary of taking collective action, but a chaotic exchange of words eventually sees them cajoled into going after Velvet McIntyre.

The result is a savage beatdown in the hallway where the television champion was setting up for her own interview. Before staff can break it up we cut to a commercial break.

The second match of the night is a tag team bout, with Winona Little Heart and Susan Starr going up against Linda Dallas and Kat LeRoux. Both teams are experienced and in-sync, neither has an edge and it’s anyone’s game. Each woman secures at least one near-fall and they each get to show off their signature moves. In the end, however, the match breaks down into a sprint, with pin attempts traded like a hot potato until someone comes up short.

Winona Little Heart & Susan Starr defeat Linda Dallas & Kat LeRoux in 14:02 when Winona Little Heart pins Kat LeRoux with an inside cradle

Another video interlude then takes us to the interviews. The Nasty Girls pout and bicker but eventually come up with a united front, getting behind the talking point that Kat LeRoux’s shoulder was definitely up at two. The Giant Slayers are joined by their stablemates who congratulate them and big up their ability to overcome next week’s challenge – Wendi Richter and Peggy Lee Leather.

The second commercial break then takes us through to the main event.

The match is laid out initially as a showcase for Lady Apache. The story is that Lisa Moretti has grossly underestimated her and becomes overwhelmed by her fast and high-flying style. Around the ten-minute mark, however, what had been a slow process of evening out explodes into a flurry of dirty offence from the champ. A poke to the eyes here, a stamp on the foot there and the challenger’s momentum comes to a grinding halt.

With one last trick in her arsenal, Lady Apache goes for a high-risk move from the top rope, only to come crashing down to the mat face first when Lisa Moretti artfully dodges her. The match is practically a done deal from there on, but challenger goes down swinging.

Lisa Moretti defeats Lady Apache in 16:12 by pinfall after a powerslam to retain the WWW Fighting Spirit Championship and the NWA Texas Women’s Championship

We go off air to scenes of a gloating champion and a dejected challenger.

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Good story told in the opener with double M having the physical edge but not knowing how to use it. Also interesting b-plot with the Monsters not knowing what to do without Medusa.

The Giant Slayers win a seesaw battle against the Nasty Girls but a bigger challenge awaits next week.

Exciting main event as Apache's opening blitz convinces the audience that a new champion could be crowned but in the end Moretti's simply too much to overcome.

WWW definitely would've hit cult status by now if not more.

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