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I'm loving the Medusa storyline. She's so obsessed that she's willing to go at it alone against all the monsters. 

I've said this before but I really like the tag division you've built up. We're guaranteed a solid tag match every week.  

Well, Medusa's actions come back to bite her. Winona takes advantage and scores the upset. 

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Wonder Women of Wrestling – Episode No. XXXXII – 22nd of September 1986 – Airing Live! – Las Vegas, Nevada

Advertised Match:

Lisa Moretti versus Desiree Petersen for the WWW Fighting Spirit Championship and the NWA Texas Women’s Championship

The show opens this week with a promotional video for the upcoming supercard before transitioning to the television title match. The commentators explain that Medusa Miceli has been banned from ringside for the duration of the match, as Velvet McIntyre takes on Luna Vachon.

Velvet McIntyre has a distinct tactical edge but, with no outsider to worry about, the Monsters at ringside are able to even things out with distractions and interference. Luna Vachon even manages to score a near-fall before finally being overwhelmed.

Velvet McIntyre defeats Luna Vachon in 12:41 by pinfall after a swinging hurricanrana to retain the WWW Television Championship

After a brief interlude – hyping up the next match and the long rivalry between Penny Mitchell and Candice Pardue – we get to the interviews. Luna Vachon struggles to come up with an explanation for her loss, without being able to blame Medusa Miceli, but her stablemates cover for by suggesting that she’s still suffering the ill effects from attacks over the past few weeks.

Velvet McIntyre expresses a desire to face better challengers from now on.

A commercial break then takes us to a tag team bout, with a shot at the world titles on the line.

Both teams fight like their life depends on it. Misty Blue Simmes and Candice Pardue are less coordinated, but Penny Mitchell and Candi Devine can’t find an answer to Misty Blue Simmes’ individual strength between them. Whilst each match-up gets some time to shine, the longest stretch comes when Penny Mitchell manages to isolate Candice Pardue and, instead of tagging out to antagonise her, decides to brutalise her.

The heels undoing comes from not capitalising on a thoroughly beaten Candice Pardue. Realising that Penny Mitchell is too consumed by rage to make the pin, Candi Devine tags herself in and the momentary confusion is just enough time to let Candice Pardue dive to the other side of the ring and tag out.

Misty Blue Simmes is then able to blindside her opponent in short order.

Misty Blue Simmes & Candice Pardue defeat Penny Mitchell & Candi Devine in 14:13 when Misty Blue Simmes pins Candi Devine after a clothesline

After a brief video interlude, we get to the interviews. An apoplectic Penny Mitchell refuses to take responsibility for the loss but manages to blame the referee rather than Candi Devine for her confusion during the finish. Misty Blue Simmes calms Candice Pardue – the latter is ecstatic over the victory – and says they need to make sure they’re ready to take on what will be the fight of their lives against Wendi Richter and Peggy Lee Leather.

The second commercial break then takes us through to the main event.

Desiree Petersen has her allies in her corner but remains visibly worried about facing Lisa Moretti as the champ saunters down for the match. The story of the match is simple, Lisa Moretti wants to show Winona Little Heart what she’s in for at the supercard so she takes her time. With less pressure than she’d normally face from an opponent like Lisa Moretti, Desiree Petersen is able to strategize as the match progresses and develop counters to the champion’s routine.

Once Desiree Petersen has successfully manage to start fighting for control of the pace of the match, the champ realises it’s time to put things away. She still tries to go for a submission victory, for the added psychological effect she presumes it would have on Winona Little Heart but, eventually, she just has to settle for the tried and true.

Lisa Moretti defeats Desiree Petersen in 16:02 by pinfall after a powerslam to retain the WWW Fighting Spirit Championship and the NWA Texas Women’s Championship

We end on a shout of Lisa Moretti yelling at Winona Little Heart from atop the turnbuckle.

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Poor Monsters...even when Medusa isn't in the building she's still costing them matches. Lol.

Simmes & Pardue make exciting challengers. Kinda intrigued by Mitchell NOT blaming Devine for the loss when it would be rather easy to do so.

Moretti looks ahead & damnnear trips over a unforseen obstacle. Good, natural story to tell.

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Very interesting first match with Luna going down in defeat.  Not buying the Monster's reason for the loss.  Maybe they can't win without Madusa.  Very interesting.

Misty Blue seemed to be the class of the tag match.  She might be looking for some gold or a better partner.  Time will tell.  

Moretti "settling" for a powerslam shows just how good she is.  Nice booking!

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Wonder Women Wrestling


Live from: Las Vegas, Nevada

The programme gets kicked off with a light show, a music video package and a rundown of the card. Shots of the crowd focus in on VIP ticket holders, especially families and well-made signs.

The opening match, unusually, is an important championship bout with Misty Blue Simmes and Candice Pardue attempting to dethrone Wendi Richter and Peggy Lee Leather. The faces have a cheery joint entrance, whereas the heels come out separately, first an understated jaunt to the ring by Peggy Lee Leather followed by an elaborate and, for her opponents, painfully slow journey to the ring by Wendi Richter.

The match opens explosively when Misty Blue Simmes jumps Wendi Richter before the bell to give her team a much-needed advantage and remains hard-hitting throughout. The narrative of the match is easy to follow, both teams try to isolate the weaker member of the opposing team, Peggy Lee Leather and Candice Pardue. It all really comes down to who’s the superior competitor between Wendi Richter and Misty Blue Simmes, both former world champions.

In the end, Wendi Richter is just far more devious and a slightly more violent.

Wendi Richter & Peggy Lee Leather defeat Misty Blue Simmes & Candice Pardue in 16:30 when Wendi Richter pins Misty Blue Simmes after a powerbomb to retain the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship

After a fun video interlude, showing off the exclusive backstage event attending by VIP ticket holders, we are thrown to Pat Patterson and other officials overseeing a raffle drum with sixteen plastic balls inside, one for each position in a lottery battle royal being held later tonight. A few women come and go, looking variously pleased with and annoyed about their numbers upon opening them up.

We then head to the interviews. Misty Blue Simmes takes the blame for her loss, saying that she needed to be more prepared to deal with someone like Wendi Richter. Candice Pardue concurs and says that her partner needs to put more effort in. The interview with the heels is once again monopolised by Wendi Richter who gloats about her victory before demanding she receive another shot at the world title.

The next match sees the Monsters take on Medusa Miceli and some strange bedfellows in the form of Desiree Petersen, Susan Starr and Selina Majors. From the start, the match is messy, violent and thoroughly unpredictable. The Monsters have a size and strength advantage, as well as being a more cohesive team (Medusa Miceli is frustratingly uncooperative with her babyface allies) but their opponents have a tactical and intelligence advantage.

Each match-up gets at least a little bit of time to shine but the most common pairing is Medusa Miceli against Rhonda Singh. Eventually, the match deteriorates as both teams ignore tagging rules and there is constant brawling at ringside.

Mad Maxine & Rhonda Singh & Luna Vachon & Reggie Bennett versus Medusa Miceli & Desiree Petersen & Susan Starr & Selina Majors draw in 19:55 when the match is declared a no contest

We shift to more footage of women retrieving their numbers from the drum as the staff corral the competitors to the back. An attempt is made to conduct an interview, but it immediately descends into further violence when the Monsters jump Medusa Miceli backstage. The three Giant Slayers hesitate before deciding to get involved in an effort to protect Medusa Miceli from another merciless beatdown.

After that we head to the battle royal. The starting positions are held by Velvet McIntyre and KC Houston. After a brief struggle of technical skill, Velvet McIntyre successfully dumps KC Houston out before the next participant arrives at the two-minute mark.

What follows is gauntlet run from the television champion, with each opponent successfully ejected before the next can enter. Linda Dallas falls, then Ashly Kennedy, then Judy Martin. Liz Chase barely gets a hit before being thrown out. The time between then and the next entrant is used by Velvet McIntyre to focus and strategize but she cannot resist just a little bit of showboating.

Leilani Kai poses more a challenge when she enters, and she sticks around long enough to force a three-way. As luck would have it – tremendous luck as the commentators point out – Despina Montagas enters and immediately gets to work helping her stablemate deal with the wily TV champ. Velvet McIntyre is almost removed before help comes in the form of Babyface Nellie and the four women settle into the rhythm of a tornado tag team match.

The heels gain the advantage once again with the arrival of Candi Devine and Brittany Brown but the four of them are not always on the same page, allowing the faces to survive long enough for the cavalry to arrive in the form of the one-two punch of Rockin’ Robin and Jamie West. Penny Mitchell comes in to be the difference maker and helps secure the elimination of Babyface Nellie and Jamie West.

Lady Apache then arrives to try making up the difference but even after using her momentum to knock Brittany Brown out of the match, she is soon bogged down like Velvet McIntyre and Rockin’ Robin. Eventually, all three faces are dragged out, though they manage to pull Despina Montagas out with them.

The heels then gear up for the arrival of the final competitor. With a slightly showier entrance, Debbie Combs rushes down to the ring and fights like a wild animal, taking Candi Devine out of the match with a clothesline. Leilani Kai and Penny Mitchell then set to work in what briefly becomes a competitive three-way before Debbie Combs manages to catch them out and get them to barrel into each other. Leilani Kai then stumbles too close to the ropes and gets hoisted up and over. Finally, Penny Mitchell charges at Debbie Combs only to find the top rope pulled down and herself crashing to the outside.

Debbie Combs defeats KC Houston & Linda Dallas & Ashly Kennedy & Judy Martin & Liz Chase & Babyface Nellie & Jamie West & Brittany Brown & Velvet McIntyre & Rockin’ Robin & Lady Apache & Despina Montagas & Candi Devine & Leilani Kai & Penny Mitchell in 34:18 in an over-the-top-rope battle royal

After a hype package for the main event, we head to an interview with Debbie Combs. She is immensely pleased with herself and says that all she needs is one more chance to prove she can get back the world title that rightfully belongs to her.

With the weight of the world on her shoulders, Winona Little Heart is spotlighted in the ring as she awaits the world champion. Lisa Moretti teases performing a grand entrance but instead chooses to bolt down the ramp and into the ring, smashing into her opponent and getting the match started in the process. From the word go, Winona Little Heart is on the backfoot and struggles to keep up with the hyper aggressive Lisa Moretti.

The babyface has her stable at ringside for moral support but they appear worried for their comrade throughout, as she is battered from pillar to post. Her best strategy is to frustrate the champ with her indomitable will. After the fourth two-count, this begins to pay off. Lisa Moretti becomes more violent but less focused, allowing Winona Little Heart to get in a move from the top rope. It could’ve spelled the end for the world champion, but Lisa Moretti has the ring sense to roll out of the ring and flop to the ground before a pin attempt could be made.

A baseball slide sends Lisa Moretti crashing to the guard rail almost as soon as she’s on her feet. Sensing an unmissable opportunity, Winona Little Heart goes to the top rope but her hesitation to take such a risk is her undoing as Lisa Moretti is able to spider her way up to join her and turn the situation around.

Lisa Moretti defeats Winona Little Heart in 26:39 by pinfall after a superplex to retain the NWA World Women’s Championship

A teary Winona Little Heart is helped to the back by her friends as we end on a shot of Lisa Moretti holding her titles high in the air and screaming at the crowd.

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I'm just sitting here quietly waiting for Leather to snap & make Richter eat shit.

Medusa just cannot get her head around this "team player" business. Thankfully it seems The Giant Slayers are prepared to be patient.

Debbie Combs wins a well ordered rumble to make a clear case for a world title match.

Speaking of,Moretti retains against a extremely gutsy Little Heart. If only the challengers nerve hadn't failed her at the very end.

Another month,another fantastic W3 Supershow.

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I like the visuals used to set the supercard scene. 

Super hot tag title match kicks off the show. Even though Richter is more concerned with a world title shot, her and Peggy make a damn good team. Maybe Richter should ride this wave for awhile and enjoy it.

Only a wild 8 woman match could follow that opener. Great story here with Medusa teaming with unlikely partners to battle the monsters. The draw keeps things wide open. Medusa owes her partners for protecting her from another beatdown. 

Ok, this battle royal was so well written. I've never been able to write up a good battle royal so I took notes. You captured all the excitement and chaos while keeping it easy to follow. Fan favorite Combs wins it and probably earns herself another title shot.  

Well, Winona gave it her all but Moretti capitalizes on the hesitation and gets the decisive win to retain. Moretti is on such a hot streak, I don't think anyone can stop her right now. 

Awesome show!  


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September Supercard delivers from start to finish!

A hotly contested match for the tag titles opens the show, and some good old fashioned heeling brings it home for the champs. You love to see it!

Debbie Combs pulls off a huge win in the Lottery Battle Royal. Very well done on this one. 

and I was pulling for Winona Little Heart in the ME, but Moretti is on a roll and proves to be too much. 


Great show! It'll be interesting to see if Combs can ride the momentum from her win and derail the Moretti train!

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Enjoy your Supercards and this one was no different.

This one leaves us with so many questions and new exciting angles...  Will Richter turn off her tag team partner with all of her gloating.  Will Madusa survive with the babyfaces?  Who will stop Lisa Moretti?  

Thanks for making this part of the game so entertaining.

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Wonder Women of Wrestling – Episode No. XXXXIII – 29th of September 1986– Airing Live! – Las Vegas, Nevada

Advertised Match:

Lisa Moretti & Wendi Richter versus Debbie Combs & Winona Little Heart

This week, the programme kicks off with a video package detailing the events of the supercard before transitioning to the traditional television title opener. With Wendi Richter in her corner, Peggy Lee Leather is being given a chance to challenge Velvet McIntyre. Predictably, the champion maintains a clear advantage throughout, but Wendi Richter is able to even things out with a lot of well-timed interference and excellent advice to her tag team partner.

In the end, however, no amount of yelling can get Peggy Lee Leather to kick out once Velvet McIntyre gets her signature move off.

Velvet McIntyre defeats Peggy Lee Leather in 12:45 by pinfall after a swinging hurricanrana to retain the WWW Television Championship

After a music video designed to hype up the main event, we get to the interviews. Wendi Richter uses up her partner’s interview time to talk about her chances in the main event, saying that Lisa Moretti better not get in her way. Velvet McIntyre reiterates her promise to keep the title around her waist for the rest of the year and says she’ll take on all comers.

A commercial break then takes us to a six-woman tag match, to see who’ll challenge for the trios title next week.

Medusa Miceli and the Nasty Girls take on Desiree Petersen, Susan Starr and Selina Majors in a fun brawl, with plenty of crowd interaction, ringside fighting and quick tags in and out. Both teams get an even amount of offence in and a few near falls.

In the end, however, Medusa Miceli is the difference maker.

Medusa Miceli & Linda Dallas & Kat LeRoux defeat Desiree Petersen & Susan Starr & Selina Majors in 13:52 when Medusa Miceli pins Selina Majors after a German suplex

A brief video interlude then takes us to the interviews. The Giant Slayers brush over their loss and, instead, choose to talk about the main event, hyping it up and trying to fill their comrade Winona Little Heart with confidence. The heels get a few words in before the Monsters inevitably crash the party and drag Medusa Miceli away.

The Nasty Girls briefly considering getting involved but decide against it and wander off as the camera follows Medusa Miceli being dragged down the corridor, slammed into each wall and the other before staff members and a few babyfaces - specifically their opponents from moments ago - coming rushing to break it up.

The second commercial break then takes us to the main event.

Wendi Richter and Lisa Moretti take their sweet time getting down to the ring, but an apprehensive Winona Little Heart is balanced out by a supremely confident and unfazed Debbie Combs. The narrative of the match is quite simply, whereas Lisa Moretti and Wendi Richter have an edge as individuals, the heels simply cannot work together effectively. They butt heads, steal tags and generally get in each other’s way.

The faces, by contrast, click quite well and capitalise on this dynamic with tags at appropriate times and a joined-up strategy. The finish comes when Wendi Richter, after one too many times being screamed at by her partner, decides to step down from the apron at a crucial moment, with a hurt Lisa Moretti crawling over to the corner.

Debbie Combs cannot resist the opportunity to humiliate the world champion and takes hold of her legs.

Debbie Combs & Winona Little Heart defeat Lisa Moretti & Wendi Richter in 15:21 when Debbie Combs submits Lisa Moretti with a Boston crab

We end the programme with Lisa Moretti hobbling to the back and Debbie Combs showboating.

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Kinda surprised Richter actually tried to help Leather become tv champ. Nice that McIntyre set a goal for herself beyond simply winning the title.

The Monsters may make a Giant Slayer out of Medusa yet if they keep these attacks up.

Richter & Moretti give the kids at home a valuable lesson in teamwork...by demonstrating what NOT to do. Combs HAS to be next in line now.

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Velvet sure has a firm grip on the TV title. 

Medusa looks great in the ring but takes another Monster beating in the back. I hope Medusa realizes who's willing to help her.

Combs takes advantage and shines with a big submission win over Moretti. I know Moretti will be coming after Richter with a vengeance. I'm all for a Moretti/Richter feud! 

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I enjoy how you use all the midcard wrestlers with the stars to develop your angles.  It helps you keep the big players strong as you can have the others take the falls or the lesser talent can mess up which causes the downfall of the stars.

Velvet looks strong and has some new reasons to go after Richter after all of her interference here in this match.

Madusa might e the star but she is going to need help against the Monsters! 

Richter walking out on Moretti..... this is getting very interesting.




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Wonder Women of Wrestling – Episode No. XXXXIV – 6th of October 1986 – Airing Live! – Las Vegas, Nevada

Advertised Match:

Lisa Moretti versus Wendi Richter for the WWW Fighting Spirit Championship and the NWA Texas Women’s Championship

With a packed show this week, we open hot with the television title match. Velvet McIntyre is trying to defend her title from Leilani Kai. The match is traditional and even-handed, with the cheating heel gunning for a flash pinfall and the technically adept champion working towards a more meaningful victory.

Velvet McIntyre defeats Leilani Kai in 14:02 by pinfall after a swinging hurricanrana to retain the WWW Television Championship

After a very brief video interlude, we go to the interviews. The Glamour Girls rant and rave, saying very little of substance but sounding very pissed off. Velvet McIntyre, on the other hand, can barely contain her pride as she begins to speculate that she is finally ready to head back into the world title picture.

A commercial break then leads us to a six-woman tag team for the trios title. Medusa Miceli and the Nasty Girls are looking to unseat the champions, Debbie Combs, Misty Blue Simmes and Babyface Nellie.

The contest is fast-paced and hard hitting, with no woman coming across as a particularly weak link. The only notable disparity between the two teams is in their cohesion, as Medusa Miceli miscommunicates with her partners quite regularly.

Debbie Combs stands out towards the end, as she puts the finish together, with double clothesline taking Medusa Miceli and Kat LeRoux off the apron before putting Linda Dallas away.

Debbie Combs & Misty Blue Simmes & Babyface Nellie defeat Medusa Miceli & Linda Dallas & Kat LeRoux in 13:34 when Debbie Combs pins Linda Dallas after a neckbreaker

Once we get to the interviews, we find Medusa Miceli already in a heated argument with her teammates that is eventually interrupted by the Monsters. This time, however, staff are on the scene to keep things from getting physical – instead a one on six war of words emerges. The faces are jovial about their victory but spend most of the time talking up Debbie Combs’ chances of winning the world title back after her victory in last week’s main event.

The second commercial break then takes us through to the main event.

Wendi Richter is practically ready to blow by the time Lisa Moretti has made her way to the ring, showing off her three titles – including the two she’s defending tonight. Wendi Richter doesn’t wait for the bell and match starts as it means to go on, with violent strikes, dirty tactics and endless screaming of taunts and insults. Neither woman fits easily into a babyface role, even temporarily, but both do have moments where their cries of pain elicit some sympathy.

The finish seems to have been planned by Lisa Moretti from the beginning as, as soon as Wendi Richter spooks her with a pinfall that gets a two, she wallops the challenger with an axe handle from the top and then bails out of the ring and up the ramp. A groggy Wendi Richter gets to her feet at the seven count and shouts abuse at the champ, demanding she return, all to no avail.

Wendi Richter defeats Lisa Moretti in 16:22 by count out but the WWW Fighting Spirit Championship and the NWA Texas Women’s Championship do not change hands

We end things on an apoplectic Wendi Richter screaming at the referee, the fans and eventually into the camera.

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Velvet picks up a nice win in the opener and holds on to the TV Title.

My girl Kat Leroux comes out on the losing end of the 6 woman.... Booo!!!!

Richter gets the win, but Moretti retains! Richter is going to lose her shit! 

Moretti is definitely "The Man" around here these days. Very interested to see who can unseat her.

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McIntyre's run as tv champ is proving a nice confidence builder.

Combs brings home the win in the trios title match gathering plenty of momentum for her world title challenge.

Combs had better be on her game however as Lisa 3 belts makes clear she's not particularly picky as to HOW she retains her gold.

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Velvet is rock'n as TV champ and deserves a world title shot. 

If Medusa was more cooperative she could have another hot stable with the Nasty Girls. 

Richter and Moretti tear it up like I knew they would. Good booking as this story is just beginning. 

Moretti has some serious challenges ahead with Velvet, Combs and of course Richter. 

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Wonder Women of Wrestling – Episode No. XXXXV – 13th of October 1986 – Airing Live! – Las Vegas, Nevada

Advertised Match:

Lisa Moretti & Winona Little Heart versus Wendi Richter & Debbie Combs

This week, the programme kicks off with a video package recapping last week’s main event and hyping up tonight’s bout. Afterwards, we transition to the television title bout, with Velvet McIntyre taking on Linda Dallas.

Kat LeRoux at ringside makes life hell for the champion but she takes it all in her stride. The contest is hard-hitting, with a lot of technical competence on both sides but, ultimately, Velvet McIntyre proves how far she’s come with an impressive finishing stretch.

Velvet McIntyre defeats Linda Dallas in 14:03 by pinfall after a swinging hurricanrana to retain the WWW Television Championship

A video interlude – pitching VIP tickets and their benefits – then takes us through to the interviews. Linda Dallas is outraged but stops short of blaming her teammate. Velvet McIntyre declares that she’s aiming for the best win/loss record in the whole company.

A commercial break then takes us through to a tag team match, with Misty Blue Simmes and Candice Pardue looking to get themselves back on track with a win over the Glamour Girls.

The match is a crazy brawl from start to finish, with interference from the heels’ allies, quick tags in and out – so many that the referee regularly loses track – and fighting at ringside at regular intervals. Each team gets a few near-falls but the finish isn’t decided by either team.

Instead, Penny Mitchell and Candi Devine rush down to take advantage of the chaos, tipping the balance irreversibly in favour of the Glamour Girls.

Leilani Kai & Judy Martin defeat Misty Blue Simmes & Candice Pardue in 15:32 when Leilani Kai pins Candice Pardue after outside interference

Another video interlude then brings us onto the interviews. Misty Blue Simmes and Candice Pardue are outrage and demand disciplinary action be taken against Penny Mitchell and Candi Devine, who show up to antagonise them – the whole affair almost deteriorates into a backstage brawl. The Glamour Girls refuse to acknowledge the fact that they received outside and, instead, begin lobbying for a world title match.

A second commercial break then takes us to the main event.

Both teams are an awkward face/heel pair, and it gives the match a strange energy throughout. Neither team gets a long very well and all, but Winona Little Heart regularly demonstrate their massive egos. What it all comes down to is who wants it more, as they give it their all and enter the finishing stretch on pure adrenaline.

Winona Little Heart turns out to be the weak link when her struggle to mount the top turnbuckle gives Wendi Richter enough time to prepare for her crossbody, which she catches and turns into a backbreaker. Sensing blood in the water, Debbie Combs and Lisa Moretti rush in and keep each other busy.

Wendi Richter & Debbie Combs defeat Lisa Moretti & Winona Little Heart in 16:51 when Wendi Richter pins Winona Little Heart after a backbreaker

With no time left, we go off the air just as the winners are having their hands raised and side-eyeing each other.

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McIntyre may just realize her goal of best win/loss record in 3W if she keeps this up.

The Glamor Girls get their biggest win yet (with a little help) & declare their quest for gold.

The battle of the odd couples ends with the former champions standing tall.

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Excited to see Richter vs Moretti.  First the singles count-out win by Richter and then the tag match.  Looking forward to seeing what happens in the end here.

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Velvet is on a roll of a lifetime.

I like the little things like pushing VIP tickets. Gives the show a big time feeling. 

All sorts of fun chaos in the tag match. Glamour Girls get the win and want a title shot. 

Nice touch with the heel/face pairings. Something different and cool. Richter once again gets the fall. I can't wait for Moretti vs. Richter! 

I've said it before but man what could of been if the Woman had a platform like this in the 80s. 

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Wonder Women of Wrestling – Episode No. XXXXVI – 20th of October 1986 – Airing Live! – Las Vegas, Nevada

Advertised Match:

Lisa Moretti versus Debbie Combs versus Wendi Richter versus Babyface Nellie versus Leilani Kai versus Winona Little Heart for the WWW Fighting Spirit Championship and the NWA Texas Women’s Championship

We open at bell time, with Velvet McIntyre and Medusa Miceli knocking seven bells out of each other. The whole contest is a well-rehearsed sprint with big moves and hard hits. Curiously, Medusa Miceli refrains from outright heel tactics and the match, whilst violent, is quite clean.

The finish is a chaotic mess as the Monsters arrive at the first sign that their former leader might be able to pull off a win and dive straight into the ring. The champ sees what’s about to happen and tries to warn them off, instead both participants are attacked, and the match is thrown out.

Velvet McIntyre and Medusa Miceli draw in 14:51 when the match is declared a no contest and the WWW Television Championship does not change hands

As officials scramble to remove the Monsters, both the champion and the challenger seize the opportunity to get their own back and the whole thing descends into a brawl that lasts through the interview time and into the commercial break.

We return for a tag team bout, with Penny Mitchell and Candi Devine taking on Desiree Petersen and Selina Majors. The contest has a traditional ebb and flow, with both teams in-sync and a few sophisticated cooperative spots to spice things up. The heels press their advantage – with Selina Majors still being somewhat a weak link – by cheating like hell in the closing minute.

Penny Mitchell & Candi Devine defeat Desiree Petersen & Selina Majors in 13:20 when Penny Mitchell pins Desiree Petersen with her feet on the ropes

After a brief video interlude, we get to the interviews. The faces complain about the nature of their loss but soon pivot towards optimism for their stablemate Winona Little Heart and her chances in the main event. The heel team have their interview interrupted by Candice Pardue, who throws a bucket of water at them. The two women freak out and scramble to their feet, chasing their assailant off just as we cut to the second commercial break.

The babyfaces begin the main event with a massive advantage, as they’re willing to trust each other whereas the heels can barely conceal their hatred for one another. After several minutes, with the faces proving immensely difficult to isolate, the briefest of alliances forms between Lisa Moretti and Wendi Richter in order to dump out Leilani Kai.

Thinking they have the numbers advantage; the faces then go after the champion. Wendi Richter is all too happy to help them and what was three on two quickly becomes four on one. Lisa Moretti holds on for dear life, long enough to cause her opponents to devise a plan for dealing with her. Babyface Nellie takes a run-up as the others hold the champ in place.

Unable to resist sabotaging them, however, Wendi Richter pulls Lisa Moretti out of the way and Babyface Nellie goes flying through the ropes and crashing to the floor. The confusion caused by this betrayal allows Lisa Moretti to pull Winona Little Heart over the ropes, dragging her by the neck in a painful looking spot. A battle ensues on the apron which Lisa Moretti wins, and Winona Little Heart takes a hard fall.

Before Babyface Nellie can get back in, Lisa Moretti is able to capitalise on a struggle between Debbie Combs and Wendi Richter, grabbing a leg from each woman and heaving them over.

Lisa Moretti and Babyface Nellie are then free to have a more traditional fight. Weakened by her dive to the outside, however, Babyface Nellie favours her shoulder throughout, which the champion targets mercilessly. By the time the finish comes Babyface Nellie is in tears from the pain.

Lisa Moretti defeats Leilani Kai & Winona Little Heart & Wendi Richter & Debbie Combs & Babyface Nellie in 16:45 in an over-the-top-rope battle royal to retain the WWW Television Championship and the NWA Texas Women’s Championship

We go off air to scenes of a jubilant Lisa Moretti feeding off the animosity of the crowd.

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