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[1941] Milded Burke vs Patsy Miller

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This is the only footage we have (so far) of the relatively unknown Patsy Miller. She broke into the business in 1940, was billed as the "Texas Cowgirl" from Fort Worth, and that's all I've got. Mildred Burke needs no introduction. All of her footage is valuable and, as expected by those familiar with her, she's a beast. A real athlete who achieved more than she had any right to in that era. 

This footage was released to theaters on April 3rd, 1941 but the actual date for when the match took place is a little difficult to pin down because these two faced off frequently in early 41. I want to say March 24th, Camden, NJ or March 27th, Washington, D.C. but I could be totally off with both. Anyway, enjoy.

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