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[2020-12-20-WWE-TLC] AJ Styles vs Drew McIntyre vs The Miz (Tables, Ladders & Chairs)

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This was actually so great. I could just sum it up by saying that Drew McIntyre throwing AJ Styles around like a small child is so much fun & AJ countering that bulldozer-work by going after the bigger man's knee is some extremely good professional wrasslin'. McIntyre's selling was pretty outstanding throughout the whole thing, and AJ had his big match boots on - to say the least - as far as selling & bumping of his own goes. A total match made in Heaven, those two are or at least were here. The last third w/ The Miz cashing in that briefcase wasn't as flat-out amazing as the singles match it "followed" (if you can call it like that?), but I thought it was also solid, and they played it very nicely into the finishing stretch of the match w/ the 3-way gimmick bringing some nice flavor into the ladder/TLC match trope of climbing & fighting on top of the ladder(s). ****

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