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[2005-04-03-WWE Wrestlemania XXI] Batista vs Triple H

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We've reached the era of Triple H having the longest match on the card. Batista is still green and looks awkward a lot of the time. This was largely uninteresting until Trips gets colour. To his credit, he bleeds a gusher and sells it well. The finishing stretch saves this one from being one of the least exciting Wrestlemania main event, with the last five minutes featuring a lot of stuff that I like. Flair's interreference was tasteful and didn't feel excessive. Batista powering out of a Pedigree and countering with an Air Raid Siren caught me completely off guard. Triple H does the job to his mate and puts him over pretty well all things considered, but you can't help to think that this would be much better if they trimmed the fat and worked around Batista's limitations. 

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