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paul sosnowski

[2021-01-30-NJPW-The New Beginning In Nagoya] Shingo Takagi vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

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Fun starting feeling-out process, which is something Tanahashi does exceptionally well especially compared to most of the other New Japan main eventers. Pretty compelling legwork by both men, inconsistent selling of that said legwork, but that is to be expected & there was a few pretty neat moments revolving around Shingo actually selling the knee. The drama also increases as the minutes go & the boys start busting out bigger bombs, and it's pretty exciting stuff, even though I do think that the match, unsurprisingly, started to drag towards the end, especially in the last 10 minutes or so. All in all it's kind of a generic big New Japan match w/ the usual "problems" (which aren't really problems, but are more about my preferences in wrasslin'), but it's TANA going against a man like Shingo Takagi, so in most cases it wasn't gonna be anything less than very good, and such was the case here. It was a good one. ***

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