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March 7th: County Hall in Charleston SC

1. Curt Hennig over Doug Somers in a battle of the youngsters in 14:55
2. Randy Savage pins Tenryu after an piledriver in 13:07
3. One Man Gang & Joe Leduc DDQ after things get too heated after 13:58
4. Dory Funk Jr. submits Jay Youngblood to the spinning toe hold after 19:32
5. Mid-Atlantic Title: Ken Patera (C) pins Butch Reed after 18:20
6. Wahoo McDaniel chops down Greg Valentine after 33:21 of action

March 7th: Township Auditorium in Columbia SC

1. Jose Estrada pins Eddie Gilbert in 8:49
2. Ole Anderson goes to 20 minute DRAW with Matt Borne
3. Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver defeat Austin Idol & Jerry Lawler after interference from Ron Bass and his branding iron hitting Lawler in the back of the head in 18:21
4. Mid-Atlantic Tag Titles: Greg Valentine & Ric Flair DDQ Jimmy Valiant & Leroy Brown after 15:26
5. Ricky Steamboat & Roddy Piper defeat Nick Bockwinkel & Bobby Duncum after Steamboat pins Bockwinkel with an inside cradle after 41:29


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Nice contrast of styles in the main event of both loops; in Charleston, SC, a more brutal and physical affair while Steamboat & Bockwinkel brought the technique in Columbia.

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Once again... some serious star power on both shows. I have to ask... is Heenan with Bock and Duncum? I know they were part of his stable in the past... I just know he is such a major part of a promoton that he can make everyone that much better. I also like seeing Valentine pull double duty here... he is a workhorse for sure and I know he could pull it off and not lose a step.

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