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17 hours ago, SirEdger said:

Man, those International tag title belts are gorgeous. My money is on Abdullah & The Sheik


16 hours ago, Dr. Dunk said:

Those were from AJPW. 

Yeah, when I did some research, I was surprised to find out how many different versions there were of the NWA International Tag Team Championships.  There were separate versions of those titles in Georgia, Vancouver, Toronto and Japan...and there were other versions, I think.

I wanted to get a decent picture of the Toronto version of the title belts, but I couldn't really find any.  Nor could I find any decent pictures of the NWA Canadian Open Tag Team Championships which preceded the International belts.

So I just settled for the best version of the NWA International Tag belts I could find...even though they weren't technically the Toronto versions.  From what I saw, the Toronto version of the titles looked very similar to the classic NWA World Tag Team Championship belts, actually.

16 hours ago, Dr. Dunk said:

Sweet Daddy Siki vs John Studd would be one helluva match. Really like what you are doing here.

Thanks very much, I appreciate that.

I love Sweet Daddy Siki, I think he is one of the criminally underrated Pro Wrestlers of all time.  In a sense, I think his career was hurt by his staying exclusive to Toronto as much as he did. He was crazy over here for years and years, but sometimes I wonder if a lot of casual fans even know who he was.  He really broke down a lot of barriers, I think he was the very first African American Pro Wrestling to challenge for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, and I know he ended up basically being the "Jackie Robinson" of Professional Wrestling in a lot of ways...he broke down the color barriers in a lot of the regional territories.  So many people ended up copying his style and mannerisms, as well.  I was really happy when he was able to appear on RAW years ago for Edge Appreciation Night, because I know he helped a lot of the local talent getting into the business like Edge, Christian, Val Venis, etc.

Plus...he was definitely the first African American Pro Wrestler I ever heard of who become a country music star. :D

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Maple Leaf Wrestling
Hamilton Convention Center
Hamilton, Ontario
March 7, 1981
Paid Attendance: 3,300

* * * * *

Maple Leaf Wrestling returned to one of our most popular towns on March 7.  Several of the biggest names in Maple Leaf Wrestling hail from Hamilton, so the arena is always packed and the fans are always vocal when Maple Leaf Wrestling comes to town.  Next to Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens and the Oshawa Civic Auditorium, many devoted fans of Maple Leaf Wrestling consider Hamilton to be one of the most important stops on the Maple Leaf Wrestling touring schedule...and this show was no exception.

Here are the results from last night's show:

1) The Kelly Twins vs. The Marcus Brothers

The Kelly Twins were able to bully the Marcus Brothers and dispatch them fairly easily, however things got a little tense and exciting early in the night, when Kelly Kiniski and Whipper Watson showed up at ringside, taunting The Kelly Twins.  This of course is fallout from the big brawl the two teams had on the most recent episode of Maple Leaf Wrestling on TV this past Saturday. However, in the end the Kelly Twins did not allow themselves to rise to the bait and become distracted...and they earned a convincing victory in this opening match.

The Kelly Twins defeated The Marcus Brothers at 7:17 when Pat Kelly pinned Joe Marcus with a backbreaker. 

After the match, The Kelly Twins challenged Watson and Kiniski to get in the ring (the prospect of which caused great excitement with the fans) however a herd of referees and officials intervened and cooler heads prevails, much to the disappointment of the sold out crowd.

2)  Whipper Watson Jr. vs. Goldie Rogers

Next up, the popular young Whipper Watson Jr. (with Kelly Kiniski in his corner) took on the always flamboyant and entertaining Goldie Rogers.  Rogers gained the early advantage by resorting to some rather questionable tactics...hair pulling, eye gouging and even choking...but Watson bravely battled back and ended up scoring the win.

Whipper Watson Jr. defeated Goldie Rogers via pinfall at 9:13, with a flying bodypress.

As soon as the match was over, while Kelly Kiniski was in the ring celebrating and holding Watson's arm in the air in victory, The Kelly Twins repaid the favor from earlier in the evening, and attempted to pay Watson and Kiniski a visit in the ring.  The Kelly Twins came charging down the aisle with evil intentions, but were stopped by a large contingent of security, referees and backstage officials.

3) Sweet Daddy Siki vs. Moose Morowski

As vocal and excited as the fans had already been all night, the intensity went up a notch as soon as Sweet Daddy Siki made his entrance.  The ever-popular superstar strutted his way to the ring, celebrating with fans and causing a general uproar.  The match itself was a tightly contested, back and forth affair and Sweet Daddy Siki seemed on his way to earning a victory, when the crafty veteran Moose Morowski gained the upper hand by using some nefarious tactics.  Out of the sight of the referee, Morowski appeared to be using some sort of illegal object like a roll of quarters or perhaps even brass knuckles.  Whatever it was...Morowski knocked Siki down and was about to pin him, when all hell broke loose.

Bruno Sammartino Jr. stormed the ring and slid under the bottom rope, attacking Morowski and slapping the foreign object out of his hand.  As soon as the object hit the mat, the referee called for the bell.  Morowski raised his arms celebrating...assuming he was being declared the winner by disqualification due to the interference of Sammartino.  However, the referee disqualified Moose Morowski for using an illegal weapon.  Morowski was livid and attacked Sammartino, and the two men began to brawl.  At this point, the Kelly Twins charged the ring again...and this time there was no stopping them.  Morowski and The Kelly Twins began to beat on Bruno Sammartino Jr., but mere seconds later the tide was turned when Kelly Kiniski and Whipper Watson Jr. made the save, sliding into the ring.

A pier six brawl ensued, much like the ruckus which occurred between these same six men this past week on television.  The fans were on their feet and the house was rocking as a stampede of officials and even other wrestlers charged to the ring to attempt to break up the melee.  After several minutes, the smoke cleared and the two factions were separated, but this situation had been brewing all night and it finally came to a head in a violent explosion that will likely not be the last confrontation between these men.

In the end, Sammartino, Kiniski and Watson raised Siki's arm in the air to the rapturous cheers of the capacity crowd.

Sweet Daddy Siki defeated Moose Morowski by Disqualification for use of a foreign object at 11:21

4) Iron Mike Sharpe vs.  George Wells

Iron Mike Sharpe hails from Hamilton, of course...so even though his tactics are usually highly questionable, it must be admitted that a large number of fans in attendance cheered loudly for the man who insists on being referred to as "Canada's Greatest Athlete."  In fact, a massive cheer went up as soon as Sharpe grabbed the microphone and made this demand of Ring Announcer Norm Kimber. The highly athletic yet unassuming George Wells also got a rousing ovation, and did a commendable job bouncing Iron Mike around the ring, from pillar to post.  Sharpe as per usual was his highly verbose self, bellowing constantly during the match and frequently arguing with the referee, complaining about (non-existent) cheating by Wells. The end came when Sharpe managed to dodge the patented Shoulder Tackle from George Wells.  Wells crashed into the corner and Sharpe wasted no time in climbing to the middle turnbuckle and bringing his notorious black forearm brace crashing down on the top of the head of the already stunned Wells.  There have of course been allegations that Sharpe loads his forearm brace with some form of weight, but as always...if the referee doesn't see it then it didn't happen.  The ovation for Sharpe following his victory seemed to surprise even him, and one has to feel sorry for George Wells...had this match taken place anywhere aside from Hamilton, you would have to assume the crowd reaction would have been much, much different.

Iron Mike Sharpe pinned George Wells at 12: 56 following a forearm smash to the head from the second rope.

5) Bruno Sammartino Jr. vs. Huge Tom Lintz

Before this match began, Norm Kimber announced to the fans that Pat and Mike Kelly, Moose Morowski, Whipper Watson Jr. and Kelly Kiniski had been forcibly removed from the Hamilton Convention Center in order to avoid any more violence between the two factions and to ensure this next match would take place fairly and free of any outside interference.

This match was definitely not a display of technical skill or high flying...this was two big men over 250 pounds, attempting to assert their dominance. Both of these men are considered masters of the Bearhug, but neither man had a hope of successfully executing that particular move on their opponent on this night. These two men posses strengths and similarities that seemed to almost neutralize each other. At times, this contest was reminiscent of a sumo match, with both Sammartino and Lintz challenging each other to try and knock the other off their feet using running shoulder blocks.  Neither man succeeded. Sammartino could not topple Lintz but neither could Lintz knock down the stocky and determined young Bruno.  The men exchanged kicks, punches, forearms and even bodyslams...and every time they connected the ring shook.  The end came when Huge Tom Lintz seemingly had young Sammartino staggered following a double axe handle smash to the head. As young Bruno attempted to regain his senses, Lintz climbed to the second turnbuckle and came down with his arms over his head...attempting a second double axe handle...but Sammartino was ready, grabbed Lintz in the air and deftly spun him around and drove him into the mat at maximum impact with a powerslam.

Bruno Sammartino pinned Huge Tom Lintz at 9:17 following a Powerslam.

6) Dino Bravo (c) vs. The Destroyer: For the NWA Canadian Television Championship

If the match prior to this featured two men with similar skills trying to best each other...then this match was the exact opposite.  Dino Bravo is similar to the young Sammartino in style, powerful, squat, stocky and reliant on high impact offensive moves.  The Destroyer on the other hand, is a crafty, wily veteran who is able to outwrestle just about anybody on the roster here in Maple Leaf Wrestling (the only exception being his own Tag Team partner, Billy Robinson.)  This match was not flashy, but it was engrossing and highly competitive.  Every time it seemed Bravo had gained the advantage with a bodyslam or other high impact manoeuvre, The sensational, intelligent Destroyer would counter with a complicated or potentially crippling leglock or submission attempt.  The two men battled back and forth, neither man gaining a clear advantage...until finally the time ran out.

Dino Bravo and The Destroyer battled to a 30 Minute Time Limit Draw.  Bravo retains the NWA Canadian Television Championship.

7) King Kong Mosca & Dewey Robertson vs. The Great Hossein Arab & Mr. Fuji

This match of course was a rematch from The Main Event of the most recent show at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens.  It must be said that the intensity of this match rivalled and probably even exceeded the aforementioned contest.  Firstly...Angelo Mosca and Dewey Robertson both hail from Hamilton, so to say that they were the hometown favorites would be an understatement.  Hossein and Fuji are usually considered villains no matter where they go...but in Hamilton against Mosca and Robertson, the atmosphere was beyond electric and from the moment both teams made their appearance you could barely hear yourself think.

On top of that, there are ongoing personal issues between both teams...Fuji and Hossein attacked Robertson on television last month, with Mosca making the save and preventing serious injury.  Then Mosca and Robertson defeated Hossein and Fuji in the first round of the NWA International Tag Team Championship tournament last month at Maple Leaf Gardens, which only added fuel to the proverbial fires of animosity between the two teams.

Putting it plainly, this was a long, hard fought battle of attrition between two teams who would not back down.  Robertson looked fantastic, and was able to muscle Hossein to the mat at one point (no small feat) and engaged in a spirited sequence of chain wrestling with the Iranian grappler.  Fuji gained the advantage for a prolonged period of the match by scratching the eyes of Mosca and then driving a series of precision thrusts and chops into the throat of the man known as "King Kong."  The end came as a result of backfiring chicanery on the part of the foreign team.  While the referee had been temporarily knocked to the mat by an errant clothesline by Mosca, Fuji held Angelo in place while Hossein tried to jab him in the throat with the folded Iranian flag.  However, Dewey Robertson dove at the legs of Hossein at the last minute, knocking him off balance.  At the same time, Mosca sat out of the full nelson, causing Hossein to jab Fuji in the throat instead with the flagpole.  Robertson tackled Hossein out of the ring, while Mosca made the cover on the incapacitated Fuji...just in time for the referee to recover his senses and make the count.

King Kong Mosca and Dewey Robertson defeated The Great Hossein Arab and Mr. Fuji at 27:03 when Mosca pinned Fuji.

This result delighted the hometown fans and sent them home happy after another night of thrilling action from Maple Leaf Wrestling.


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Solid card in Hamilton! Looks like karma is slowly biting Arab & Fuji in the butt after the stunt they pulled in Stampede! :)

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2 hours ago, SirEdger said:

Solid card in Hamilton! Looks like karma is slowly biting Arab & Fuji in the butt after the stunt they pulled in Stampede! :)

Thanks!  In studying Maple Leaf Wrestling results from that time period, it struck me how some of the smaller shows in small Ontario towns were pretty much one match cards, otherwise filled with unremarkable matches (many times with unremarkable talent.)  For my smaller shows, I have tried to stick true to life as much as possible and have held back some of my bigger names...but in the big markets like Hamilton they tended to pull out the big guns, so for this show I tried to do the same thing.  Plus, some of the angles I have been starting to build on the TV show can pay off more now, making things a bit more interesting I hope.

The great thing about Hossein and Fuji is that they cheated so much, it is always possible to have it backfire on them and they never really lose credibility or heat.

1 hour ago, Dr. Dunk said:

I really like Beyer/Bravo match. I'm a Destroyer fan, but not so much of Bravo, but the match worked for me. Bravo!

Thanks.  When I studied up on Maple Leaf Wrestling I was actually surprised at how they were using The Destroyer...it seemed like he got a lot more respect in Japan than he did in Toronto, which was literally his own backyard.  But I always loved his work.  With Bravo, I was lucky enough to see him in Toronto a few years before he clearly got into the steroids, gained about 40 pounds and became almost immobile and was plodding and boring.  I was fortunate enough to see young, exciting Dino Bravo with black hair at Maple Leaf Gardens before we were all subjected to bloated, blond and very slow Dino Bravo.  I didn't much care for him in the later years of his career either, quite honestly...but at least in 1981 he could still move around. :lol:

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You are seriously churning out some quality stuff day in and day out. I have said it before that I am big on Sweet Daddy Siki... I liked his style. I am doing a Greatest SNME match ever tournament and the absolute hate for Dino Bravo from 88-91 is on full effect... here though... he's a star in the making and someone I like to see utilized in that way!

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So on Sunday night, I was doing a Windows update including erasing Adobe Flash and installing the new program that is replacing it.  For some reason this did not work the way it was supposed to, and it ended up totally trashing my hard drive.

It turns out this has happened to a lot of people who have had the exact same problem, run your Windows update and end up losing your files and getting your operating system screwed up beyond belief.

I am going to end up having to do a total reinstall.  I am trying to recover my files, but it looks like I may have lost the results for my shows this week that I had already written, and the TV for this weekend I had written as well. 

I am still assessing the damage, but I might be out of touch for a few days while I try and recover my laptop and files. The moral of the story is, don’t get lazy and forget to back up your files like I did!

 I am hoping this will not interfere with my schedule for Maple Leaf Wrestling too badly. But right now I don’t even have a laptop I can use and I’m not going to be able to write shows on my phone obviously. Hopefully I will be back soon. 

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Yeah, just like @LowBlowPodcast said, Google Docs works wonders. Also, as for myself, I actually emailed myself the Word file where I plan my booking. That way, if something ever happens to screw my PC, I can still pick up where I left off.

Feeling bad for you, buddy. Hopefully you can get set again sooner rather than later!

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Just wanted to post a quick update...

So for some reason, that deal where I installed the Windows Update to remove Flash and then couldn't reboot my laptop ended up destroying my video card.  The repair guy claimed that in order to fix my video card he would have to replace my motherboard, which he claims wasn't worth the expense since my laptop was very old and pretty much an antique...so the long and the short of it is that my laptop ended up getting scrapped.

The good news is that he was able to rescue the majority of my data from the old laptop. I ended up purchasing an external hard drive and I just checked it...all my Maple Leaf Wrestling stuff is on there.  Problem is, I had to get a new laptop too, so now I am just reinstalling my programs and figuring this whole deal out.  So yeah...I'm out of pocket for the repair guy rescuing my data, then a new external hard drive and a new laptop...so I'm not having a great week.  I just got the new laptop and hard drive today, so it has been almost an entire week I've been without.

I am going to take a bit of a breather, but I am hoping over the next couple of days I am going to post my house show results for the past week, as well as my TV.  Then I should be back on schedule.  Just wanted you guys to know I am not bailing out, I'm just a bit behind.

I am looking forward to catching up with all your results when I get back on schedule too.

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Just keep your head up... there's light at the end of the tunnel. You've got some really fun stuff going on and great writing talent so it will be great to see you jump back in when you're ready!

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11 hours ago, LowBlowPodcast said:

Just keep your head up... there's light at the end of the tunnel. You've got some really fun stuff going on and great writing talent so it will be great to see you jump back in when you're ready!

Thanks brother.  I am really enjoying this project and it will be fun to finally get past this technical problems and get back to it.

Speaking of which...

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Maple Leaf Wrestling
Guelph Memorial Gardens
Guelph, Ontario
March 12, 1981
Paid Attendance: 750

  • Brian Adidas pinned Tim Gerrard with a flying bodypress from the top rope
  • The Devil's Duo defeat The Marcus Brothers when Jeff Sword pinned Joe Marcus following a clothesline out of an Irish Whip by Doug Vines
  • Goldie Rogers defeats Cowboy Frankie Laine after pulling the tights and putting his feet on the ropes
  • Mike Rotundo & Johnny Weaver went to a 30 minute draw with Billy Robinson & The Destroyer
  • Sweet Daddy Siki pinned Mr. Fuji with a headbutt from the second rope

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Maple Leaf Wrestling
Barrie Arena
Barrie, Ontario
March 13, 1981
Paid Attendance: 800

  • Cowboy Frankie Laine defeats Tim Gerrard with a bulldog
  • Brian Adidas defeated Goldie Rogers with a flying bodypress from the top rope
  • The Destroyer defeats Mike Rotundo by referee stoppage when Rotundo passed out from an Indian Deathlock
  • Billy Robinson defeated Johnny Weaver by submission following a doublearm chickenwing
  • Sweet Daddy Siki pinned Huge Tom Lintz with a rebound dropkick

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Maple Leaf Wrestling
Ottawa Civic Centre
Ottawa, Ontario
March 14, 1981
Paid Attendance: 2,500

* * * * *

Maple Leaf Wrestling returned to Canada's Capitol for a sold out show on Saturday Night March 14, 1981.  The action included two big title matches...here are the results:

1) Moose Morowski vs. Cowboy Frankie Laine

The big veteran Morowski has been on a tear lately, seemingly motivated by his contempt for the upstart "Second Generation Superstars" faction.  The arrival of the exciting youngsters seems to have agitated Morowski and made him even more vicious and unpleasant than usual.  Moose dominated this contest and mercilessly brutalized Cowboy Frankie Laine, attacking him as soon as the bell ring and never letting him get the upper hand.  Morowski pummelled the popular veteran, and hammered him with a continuous barrage of stomps and kicks. At one point, Morowski even had Laine down for a pin following a powerslam, but picked him up after the count of two.  The end came when the referee stopped the match after Morowski had Laine prone with an over-the-shoulder backbreaker.  After the referee stopped the match, Morowski refused to release the hold, until Whipper Watson Jr. and Kelly Kiniski stormed the ring.  This brought out the Kelly Twins for backup, which ended up in yet another melee between the two factions, which had to be broken up by security and a large ensemble of referees and backstage officials.

Official Result: Moose Morowski defeated Cowboy Frankie Laine via Referee Stoppage at 5:13 following an backbreaker submission.

2) George Wells vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Last week in Hamilton, Iron Mike managed to get the upper hand on the popular Wells, after Sharpe clobbered Wells over the head with his infamous forearm brace.  This week, Wells came out of the blocks a lot more fired up than usual, he was obviously smarting from the defeat in front of the sold out crowd in Sharpe's hometown.  The usually passive and laid back Wells came out flying, and stunned Sharpe with a series of chopblocks and hip tosses which sent "Canada's Greatest Athlete" bouncing around the ring.  Sharpe was able to regain the advantage by raking the eyes at one point, and then controlled the pace for a few minutes with a series of hard hitting stomps and forearm smashes.  At one point, Sharpe looked to be "loading up" his forearm brace, but Wells grabbed Sharpe by the wrist and forcibly smashed him in the forehead with his own brace, stunning him.  This gave Wells the chance to criss-cross the ring, come off the ropes at full speed and almost take Iron Mike Sharpe right out of his boots with a flying shoulder tackle.  Wells sent Sharpe crashing to the mat so hard the canvas bounced...and Wells got the cover and the victory.

Official Result: George Wells defeated Iron Mike Sharpe via pinfall at 7:17 with a Flying Shoulder Tackle.

3) Kelly Kiniski & Whipper Watson Jr. vs. The Devil's Duo

The Devil's Duo of Jeff Sword and Doug Vines have been smarting a bit since their elimination from the NWA International Tag Team Championship Tournament last month, and came into this match with something to prove. However, Watson and Kiniski are on a roll right now, and proved during this match that they are totally in sync and are firing on all cylinders.  Watson and Kiniski gained the advantage early and were impressive with a series of double-team manoeuvres, especially a stunning double dropkick on both their opponents which brought the fans out of their seats.  However, Vines and Sword were able to turn the tide at one point and controlled the action for quite a prolonged stretch of time.  The Devil's Duo seems to have perfected the art of subterfuge and cheating out of the sight of the referee.  Things looked bad for The Second Generation Superstars at one point, when Doug Vines had Watson trapped in an abdominal stretch, and was using extra assistance in form of leverage from Jeff Sword pulling back on his arm out of the sight of the referee.  Eventually, Kelly Kiniski had enough, and charged in a broke up the submission attempt.  In the ensuing brawl, Watson was able to roll up Vines with a small package and score the quick win for his team...but this was hardly a one sided contest.

Official Result: The Second Generation Superstars defeated The Devil's Duo at 13:27 when Watson pinned Vines with a Small Package.

4) Johnny Weaver & Mike Rotundo vs. The Kelly Twins

Weaver and Rotundo are on quite a roll right now, having advanced through the Opening Round and Quarterfinals of the aforementioned NWA International Tag Team Championship Tournament. As we know, the popular Veteran/Rookie team are scheduled to face The Della Serra Brothers in the Semifinals on March 29, and if they are successful in that endeavour they could potentially go on to vie for the Championships in the Tournament Final that same night. Some fans and pundits are starting to consider this team, who were once considered underdogs, as potential new champions.  The combination of wisdom and experience with youthful energy and enthusiasm seems to be a winning formula for Weaver and Rotundo. On the other side of that equation, the veteran team and former championship holding Kelly Twins are smarting from their elimination from the tournament, and seem have been having some trouble finding their footing since their return to Maple Leaf Wrestling.  Most compelling of all about this match is the fact that it was Weaver and Rotundo who successfully eliminated The Kelly Twins from the tournament, so it would not be wrong to say that The Kelly Twins were highly motivated and looking for revenge coming into this match.

This match was a much different contest from the one these had on Maple Leaf Wrestling TV just a few weeks ago.  Rotundo and Weaver started the match off trying to wrestle strategically, but The Kelly Twins were much more reckless...and it has to be said aggressive...during this match.  It appears that since they had no fear of being disqualified and being eliminated from the tournament this time out, they felt much more free to engage in blatant cheating.  At one point, Pat Kelly wrapped some of his wrist tape around the neck of young Mike Rotundo, and began blatantly choking him.  The referee was successful in stopping that attack, but shortly thereafter the twins rolled Rotundo outside the ring and worked him over, actually bodyslamming him on the arena floor.

The fans were ecstatic when young Rotundo was finally successful in making the tag to Johnny Weaver, who came into the ring like the proverbial house on fire.  Weaver went after both twins just as his nickname describes him...like a buzzsaw.  Weaver hammered both twins with punches, kicks, elbow smashes and clotheslines.  Weaver had Mike Kelly prone and was applying his patented Sleeper Hold, when Pat Kelly broke it up with a folding chair right to the back of Johnny Weaver.  This was right in plain sight of the referee, who had no choice but to call for the bell.

Official Result:  Mike Rotundo and Johnny Weaver defeated The Kelly Twins via Disqualification at 23:59 when Pat Kelly was DQ'd for hitting Johnny Weaver with a chair.

5) The Great Hossein Arab vs. Sweet Ebony Diamond

As per usual, the fans were not happy to see The Great Hossein...especially when he decided to get on the house microphone and declare that Ottawa was the "stupid capital of a stupid country" and that "Iran is number one."  Needless to say, the patriotic fans in attendance in Ottawa strongly disagreed with Hossein and let him know it in no uncertain terms.  The fans were happy to see the flamboyant and very popular Sweet Ebony Diamond.  This match was tightly contested, and a bit of a clash of styles.  Diamond took the upper hand early on, with his usual barrage of flying fists and fancy footwork.  However, Hossein managed to ground Diamond eventually, and worked him over with an admittedly impressive series of suplexes.  The end came when Diamond missed an attempted dropkick, and Hossein hit Sweet Ebony Diamond with a perfectly executed Belly-to-Belly Suplex and then turned him over and applied his dreaded Camel Clutch.

Official Result: The Great Hossein Arab defeated Sweet Ebony Diamond via Submission at 21:12 with the Camel Clutch.

6) For the NWA Canadian Television Championship: Dino Bravo (c) vs. Mr. Fuji

As soon as Norm Kimber made the official introductions, and just as Dino Bravo was removing his championship belt, Fuji went on the attack.  Fuji staggered Bravo with a knife-edge thrust right to the throat, and then followed up with a series of precision kicks of the fallen Bravo.  Fuji managed to manoeuvre Bravo into a seated position in the middle of the ring, and then applied a nerve hold to the side of Bravo's neck.  There was a strong contingent of both Italian fans, as well as Francophone fans who had made the short trip across the border to see the Quebec native Dino Bravo...and these fans made their voices heard loudly.  The people exhorted Bravo to rally.  With the deafening encouragement of the sold out crowd, Bravo was able to struggle back to his feet, despite the obvious pain he was in from the nerve pinch hold on his neck.  Bravo finally broke the hold with a back elbow to the midsection of Fuji, and then went on the offensive with a series of shoulder blocks, clotheslines and plenty of punches.  Fuji managed to regain the advantage a couple of times with an eye rake and even a low blow, but eventually Bravo overpowered and out muscled Fuji. Bravo ducked an errant double chop attempt from Fuji, and put his challenger away with a thunderous side slam.

Official Result: Dino Bravo retained the NWA Canadian Television Championship by pinning Mr. Fuji at 18:08 with a Side Slam.

7) The Main Event - For the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship: Big John Studd (c) vs. Sweet Daddy Siki

Big John Studd was accompanied by this manager, "Pretty Boy" Floyd Creatchman, and the reception was anything but warm.  As mentioned earlier, there was a strong contingent of fans in the crowd from Quebec, and these fans know better than anyone what kind of person Floyd Creatchman is...and what he is capable of.  Ottawa might not be Toronto, the place that loves Sweet Daddy Siki more than anywhere else, but the reception was still extremely enthusiastic for Sweet Daddy.

As always, John Studd had the clear size and strength advantage in this match.  Sweet Daddy Siki threw every thing he had in his arsenal at the Champion...shoulder tackles, punches, chops, clotheslines, even his famous dropkick...but Sweet Daddy just couldn't knock the Canadian Heavyweight Champion off his feet.  Siki had Studd rocked...especially after the dropkick, but despite looking very wobbly, Studd managed to stay on his feet.  The fans were loudly encouraging Sweet Daddy Siki to take the giant Studd to the mat, when Studd turned the tide and managed to hammer Siki to his knees thanks to a series of brutal clubbing forearm smashes to the back.  Studd then locked Siki in a long, punishing bearhug and basically tried to squeeze the life right out of him.  The fans encouraged Sweet Daddy Siki to rally, and when the referee checked Siki's arm it dropped twice...but as the fans stomped their feet and clapped their hands in unison, Siki stopped just short of dropping his arm the third time.  Instead, Siki waved his finger theatrically in Studd's face, enraging the Champion.  Siki reared back, and smashed Studd right between the eyes with a headbutt, breaking the bearhug.  The fans blew the roof off the Ottawa Civic Center, as Siki broke free and started to use his famous fancy footwork, delivering a rapid series of shots to the head of the stunned Big John Studd.

After using his famous "Cocoa Butt" to break the bearhug, Sweet Daddy Siki knew what he had to do.  Siki had discovered Studd's weakness, and Siki hit Studd with not one, not two but three Cocoa Butts to the head of Big John Studd...and the champion started to sway.  Finally Siki leapt into the air and hit Studd square in the middle of the chest with his beautiful dropkick...and Studd went down.  You couldn't hear yourself think, as the fans came unglued.  Siki criss-crossed the ring and dropped a couple of precision elbow smashes to the chest of the Champion...and then he went for the cover.  Siki got a two-and-a-half count as the fans groaned loudly at how close the count had been.  But Studd was still flat on his back and definitely the worse for wear...so Sweet Daddy Siki headed for the top rope and measured Big John Studd off.  You could tell that Sweet Daddy Siki was planning to hit Big John Studd with a Cocoa Butt to the head, all the way from the top rope...and there was no way the Champion would be able to kick out of that.

Unfortunately, Pretty Boy Floyd Creachman knew this too...and he leapt to the ring apron and shoved Sweet Daddy Siki off the top rope, sending him crashing to the mat.  This blatant act of interference was in full view of the referee, who had no choice but to call for the bell to the dismay of the fans who had been hoping to see Sweet Daddy Siki go home as the new Canadian Heavyweight Champion.  Sweet Daddy Siki did gain some measure of revenge and sent the fans home happy when he managed to clothesline both Big John Studd and Pretty Boy Floyd Creatchman over the top rope at the same time.  Studd and Pretty Boy Floyd made their way up the aisle to the Locker Room doing lots of pointing and shouting threats while Sweet Daddy Siki danced and celebrated in the ring...but nobody could deny that if not for the interference of Creatchman, we likely would have had a new Champion on this night in the nation's capital.

Official Result: Sweet Daddy Siki defeated Big John Studd by Disqualification at 13:15, when Studd was disqualified due to the interference of Floyd Creatchman. Big John Studd retains his Championship as the title cannot change hands as a result of a Disqualification.

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Ah yes, Pretty Boy Floyd with his usual shenanigans. It was always quite the event when a babyface finally got their hands on a Creatchman. Sweet Daddy Siki will get payback soon, I feel it!

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March 14, 1981


(Taped at the Brantford Civic Center in Brantford, Ontario on 03/09/81)

* * * * *

As always, we open to Billy Red Lyons and Mike McMan in front of the Maple Leaf Wrestling backdrop.  They welcome us to another exciting edition of Maple Leaf Wrestling, and hype up the Main Event for this week...the next Quarterfinal Match in the Tournament to crown the new NWA International Tag Team Champions.  This week we have the #2 seeded team of King Kong Mosca & Dewey Robertson taking on the #3 seeded team of NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion Big John Studd and his partner Huge Tom Lintz


Mike McMan: "That's going to be an incredible match, Billy Red Lyons...and don't forget there is a special, added stipulation!"

Billy Red Lyons: "That's right, Mike.  If the team of Mosca and Robertson wins that match, not only will their team advance, but whoever scores the victory will be granted a Title Shot at Big John Studd."

Mike McMan: "I can't wait...but before we get there...let's go to the ring!"

Hossein.jpg   VS.   Cowboy-Frankie-Laine.jpg

Norm Kimber introduces Cowboy Frankie Laine who is already in the ring.  Laine raises his arm to acknowledge the response of the fans.  The camera shot turns to the entrance way, where we see Abdullah Farouk leading The Great Hossein Arab to the ring. Hossein is dressed in his traditional garb and is waving the Iranian flag proudly, much to the contempt of the fans in the Brantford Civic Center.  Hossein climbs into the ring and points at Cowboy Frankie Laine, shouting unintelligibly. Farouk assists Hossein in removing his garb, takes the flag and leaves the ring.  Norm Kimber finishes making the introductions, the bell rings and we are underway.

Laine gamely charges at Hossein and attempts a dropkick, but Hossein deftly steps out of the way and goes to work. The Great Hossein starts to toss the hapless Cowboy around the ring like a rag doll, using a variety of suplexes to exert his will on the popular veteran.  Cowboy Frankie Laine briefly takes the upper hand with a flurry of punches, and slaps on a side headlock to attempt his patented bulldog finishing manoeuvre.  However, The Great Hossein hooks one of his curved persian boots over the bottom rope, preventing the momentum.  As a result, Cowboy Frankie Laine goes crashing to the mat, face first.

Mike McMan: "The Great Hossein Arab showing us all why he is a former Olympian in Greco Roman Wrestling, Billy Red.  He's really putting on a clinic here today.  You know, Hossein has mostly been focusing on Tag Team matches with his partner the devious Mr. Fuji lately, but now that they have been eliminated from the NWA International Tag Team Tournament, you have to wonder how long it will be before The Great Hossein sets his sights on some singles gold here in Maple Leaf Wrestling!'

Billy Red Lyons: "That's right, Mike.  And now poor Cowboy Frankie Laine has got himself in a world of trouble, because of that missed bulldog attempt.  Laine is flat on his face, with his back exposed and that is not a position you want to be in with The Great Hossein!"

The Great Hossein Arab wastes no time in stepping over the prone Frankie Laine, and sitting on top of him...locking in the infamous Camel Clutch!  No sooner does The Great Hossein have the hold locked in then Cowboy Frankie Laine screams in pain and waves his arm, signalling his submission.  The referee calls for the bell, and after giving one final wrenching jerk on the back of Laine, Hossein releases the hold and raises his own arms above his head in victory.

Norm Kimber: "Here is your winner...by submission...THE GREAT HOSSEIN ARAB!"

The fans boo loudly as Farouk waves the Iran flag proudly at ringside.  Hossein confidently climbs out of the ring and walks up to Lord Athol Layton who is standing at ringside with a microphone, waiting to interview The Great Hossein.


Lord Athol Layton: "Congratulations on another decisive victory, Mr. Hossein."

The Great Hossein Arab: "Thank you very much, Mr. Lord Arthur Layburn.  But first you tell these people to shut up, and don't keep booing and yelling at The Great Hossein!"

The fans choose not to comply, and continue to jeer loudly as Abdullah Farouk proudly waves the flag in the background.

Hossein: "Mr. Lord Layburn, you know and all intelligent wrestling fans in the Canada know who is The Great Hossein.  All wrestling fans know that Hossein is the best wrestler in the Canada.  They know The Great Hossein is the best wrestler in the America.  But that place, the America is a sick country.  And this is sick country. And the great leader, the great Ayatollah Khomeini he give me a mission.  He tell me to beat all the so-called superstars in the Maple Leaf Wrestling.  And I do it.  You know and all these people know, I beat the Kong King Mosca.  I beat the Dewey Robotson. I beat the Crackerjack Mulligan.  I beat all of them, I put them in the Camel Clutch and break their back.  So now, where is the title match for The Great Hossein?  Bring me the Big John Thumb.  Bring me the Dino Brio.  I take all those title and I take them back to Iran and present them to the great leader.  Because Iran, number one!  The Great Hossein, number one!  USA?  Canada?  Patooey!"

The Great Hossein Arab spits contemptuously.

The Great Hossein Arab:  "Camera man!  Camera man...zoom!  Zoom in on The Great Hossein!"

The Great Hossein poses triumphantly and strokes his moustache as we go to commercial...


We return from commercial to see Jeff Sword of the Devil's Duo, already in the ring.  Sword is pacing around, shouting at the fans...as the curtain parts and a muscular young man appears and starts to make his way down the aisle to the ring.  The fans (especially the young ladies in attendance) seem quite taken with the newcomer as he confidently strides to the ring, taking the time to exchange high fives with many of the people as he heads to the ring.

Jeff-Sword.jpg   VS.   Brian-Adidas.jpg

Norm Kimber introduces both men as the bell rings to start the match...

Mike McMan: "We're getting one of our first looks at the popular young newcomer from Texas, Brian Adidas.  Brian was trained by and is close personal friends with the legendary Von Erich family down in Texas, but he has decided to take his show on the road and test his skills against the best the world has to offer, and of course that brought him right here to Maple Leaf Wrestling!"

Billy Red Lyons: "There no better place to find the best competition than here in Maple Leaf Wrestling, but young Brian is in for a tough one this week against the experienced and savvy Jeff Sword."

As soon as the bell rings, the two men lock up.  Brian Adidas immediately throws Sword half way across the ring with a perfect armdrag. Sword leaps to his feet and charges at Adidas, enraged.  Adidas does it again, hurling Sword through the air and sending him sprawling.  Sword struggles to get up this time, clutching his knee.  The referee looks concerned and goes to check on Sword. Brian Adidas walks across the ring and stands over Jeff Sword...who is playing possum.  Sword gets to his knees and hits Adidas with a low blow!  The crowd groans in sympathy as Adidas keels over in pain.  The referee admonishes Sword, but the damage has been done. As Adidas lays prone on the mat, Sword starts to mercilessly stomp and kick the popular young newcomer.

Suddenly, the fans are distracted.  We see two familiar faces entering the ringside area...


Mike McMan: "Wait a minute...wrestling fans...we know who these two men are.  That's Leo Burke the former North American Champion from Stampede Wrestling!  What is he doing here?  And that's Don Kernodle with him!  Both of these men are very familiar to all of us, but we haven't seen either of them here in Maple Leaf Wrestling for a while!  What are they doing here?  What do they want?"

Billy Red Lyons: "Whatever it is, Mike...you can guarantee they are up to no good.  I gave these two men the nickname of "The Terrible Two" and it stuck for a reason.  Leo Burke is a devious mind in the world of Professional Wrestling, and we all know that Don Kernodle loves to talk about how much he loves the United States of America, and how Canada and these Canadian fans are inferior to American fans.  The fans here in Maple Leaf Wrestling hate these two men...just listen to the crowd reaction they are getting.  It might have been a while since we've seen the Terrible Two, but these fans haven't forgotten."

Like Billy Red says...the fans are booing loudly and are making their feelings about Burke and Kernodle well known.  Burke and Kernodle seem oblivious to the crowd reaction, they just pull up a couple of chairs at ringside and sit back to watch the match between Brian Adidas and Jeff Sword.  The two men watch the action intently and start whispering to each other.

In the ring, Adidas and Sword are engaged in their contest and seem oblivious to what is going on outside the ring. For the next few minutes, Jeff Sword is firmly in control.  Sword dominates Adidas hitting him with most of the best moves in his arsenal...and he is very aggressive as he does it.  Sword hits Adidas with a series of elbow smashes and a couple of well placed fist drops.  Finally, Sword hauls the stunned Adidas to his feet and whips him into the ropes.  Sword throws a vicious looking clothesline attempt, but  Adidas ducks!  Adidas rebounds off the far ropes, leaps into the air and smashes Sword right in the head with a high knee!  Jeff Sword goes down in a heap, and Brian Adidas wastes no time in climbing to the top rope.  As the fans come to their feet, Adidas leaps high in the air and flattens Jeff Sword with a picture perfect flying bodypress!  Adidas stays on Sword for the cover...




Norm Kimber: "Here is your winner: BRIAN ADIDAS!"

As soon as Brian Adidas scores the victory, Leo Burke and Don Kernodle abruptly get up and leave the ringside area.  At this point, it is unclear if Adidas or Sword even noticed them. Brian Adidas rolls out of the ring and starts celebrating with the fans.  Jeff Sword gets to his knees and starts smashing his fists on the mat in frustration.  Suddenly, the curtain from the backstage area parts, and a hooded monk figure slowly walks toward the ring.  As the hooded monk walks out of the backstage area, Burke and Kernodle walk past him and disappear backstage.  Both men give the Monk a strange look, but they do not engage with him.

This is the same strange hooded figure we saw several weeks ago on Maple Leaf Wrestling.  The hooded monk slowly climbs into the ring and leans down, whispering something to Jeff Sword.  Sword intermediately calms down, and his eyes bug out as if he is in a trance.  The hooded figure leaves the ring and slowly walks to the back, and Jeff Sword slowly walks behind him almost like a zombie.  Brian Adidas is still shaking hands with the fans at ringside, but he wisely gives Jeff Sword and the hooded figure a wide berth.  The announcers speculate about who this hooded figure is and what this means for Jeff Sword, as we go to commercial...



Robertson-Mosca.jpg  VS.  Studd-Lintz.jpg

To determine who advances to the Semifinals of the NWA International Tag Team Tournnament

Special Stipulation: If Robertson & Mosca win...whoever scores the victory earns a shot at NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion Big John Studd at a later date

Norm Kimber: "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Main Event of the evening, with a 20 minute time limit or television time remaining."

The curtain from the backstage area opens, and Pretty Boy Floyd Creatchman steps into the aisle, resplendent in a blue sequined jacket.  Creatchman is running his mouth a mile a minute as his team follows behind him.  

Norm Kimber: "Introducing first, making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 650 pounds and accompanied by Pretty Boy Floyd Creatchman...here are HUGE TOM LINTZ and his partner the NWA CANADIAN HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...BIG JOHN STUDD!"

Studd and Lintz both hold their arms over their heads as they stride to the ring.  Creatchman takes possession of the NWA Canadian Championship belt, and slings it over his shoulder as if it is his.  Studd steps over the top rope, and Lintz follows behind him.  The camera angle returns to the entrance way, and we see King Kong Mosca and Dewey Robertson enter the aisle, decked out in matching black singlets, and start to purposefully march to the ring with looks of determination on their faces.  Both fan favorites take the time to exchange high fives with any fans that reach out to them, but both men look like all business.

Norm Kimber: "And now their opponents: both men hail from Hamilton, Ontario and weigh in at a combined 575 pounds...here are DEWEY ROBERTSON and KING KONG MOSCA!"

The two teams square off in the middle of the ring, as the referee gives his instructions.  King Kong Mosca heads to his corner as the bell rings to start the match...

Mike McMan: "This is it, Billy Red Lyons!  This is the Main Event and whoever wins this match is going to the Final Four and will be at Maple Leaf Gardens on March 29!"

Billy Red Lyons: "That's right Mike...whoever wins this match gets the unenviable task of facing the winner of the upcoming Blackjack Mulligan and Bullwhip Johnson vs. Abdullah The Butcher and The Sheik Quarterfinal Match, which takes place this Friday Night in Oshawa!  And for now I have to say...I don't ever remember seeing so many big men in the ring at the same time!  Think about it...Big John Studd goes 350 pounds.  Huge Tom Lintz is over 300 as well.  Angelo Mosca weighs 300 even.  I never thought I'd see the day where Dewey Robertson would be the smallest man in the ring...since he only goes about 260-275 pounds!"

Studd and Lintz try and trap Dewey Robertson to start, but he comes fighting out with clotheslines. The fans come unglued as Dewey hits a bodyslam on Lints and looks ready to go for an early cover, but Big John Studd breaks that up with a brutal boot to he back of Robertson.

Big John Studd tags in and goes to work on the back of Dewey Robertson, stomping on him repeatedly.  Studd pulls Robertson to his feet, and then hammers him back down to the mat with a series of clubbing forearms. 

Studd tags Huge Tom Lintz back in for more of the same, just repeated stomps and kneedrops to the back of Dewey Robertson.  The fans are exhorting Robertson to fight back and in the corner Angelo Mosca is pounding on the turnbuckle in time with the claps of the fans...encouraging Dewey Robertson to fight back. Hearing the support of his partner and the people, Dewey Robertson starts to rise, despite the attempts from Huge Tom Lintz to keep him down.

Just as soon as Dewey Robertson gets back to his feet and starts swinging, Huge Tom Lintz sends him back to the mat with a wicked clothesline and tags in Big John Studd. Robertson gets back to his feet and with all his considerable strength, shoves Big John Studd backward!  Studd stumbles backward and crashes into Huge Tom Lintz.  This give Robertson the chance to dive for his corner...

Tag to King Kong Mosca as the fans go insane!

King Kong charges into the ring and grabs both Lintz and Studd and unbelievably manages to pull off the DOUBLE NOGGIN KNOCKER! Outside the ring, Pretty Boy Floyd Creatchman is having a conniption fit, jumping up and down and slamming his hands on the ring apron.

King Kong Mosca delivers a charging clothesline to Big John Studd, but Studd doesn’t go down.  Mosca starts swinging like a wildman, hammering the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion with punches to the head. Big John Studd still doesn't fall, so Angelo Mosca goes behind and applies an abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring. He really cranks on it and does that so much, that he doesn’t see Tom Lintz coming in this time to nail him in the face! All of this thanks to Pretty Boy Floyd distracting the ref, of course.

Huge Tom Lintz becomes the legal man as Big John Studd staggers to the corner, holding his side. Huge Tom Lintz manages to hoist King Kong Mosca high in the air and plants him with a bodyslam!  Cover by Huge Tom Lintz!




King Kong Mosca kicks out and the fans sigh in relief.

Huge Tom Lintz pulls King Kong Mosca to his feet and amazingly is able to hoist him up and slam him again.  Lintz makes the tag to Studd. Studd pounds away on Mosca, but then misses a clothesline and goes down to a shoulder tackle from Mosca! King Kong pulls Big John to his feet, and the two men end up standing in the middle of the ring exchanging brutal punches as the ring shakes!

Finally, Studd sidesteps a punch from Mosca, backs off and makes the tag to Huge Tom Lintz. Mosca is ready and hammers Lintz with an elbow smash to the head of Huge Tom Lintz. King Kong Mosca has been in there a long time now, so he reaches back and tags Dewey Robertson!  Robertson comes in and after a series of forearms to the chest, he hauls Huge Tom Lintz high into the air and absolutely plants him in the middle of the ring with a huge powerslam!  

Cover by Dewey Robertson on Huge Tom Lintz...



Big John Studd makes the save, by planting another boot to the back of Dewey Robertson!

Robertson is incensed, he leaps to his feet and tackles Big John Studd around the midsection, sending the Champion falling backward through the ropes to the floor!  Studd lands on top of his manager Pretty Boy Floyd Creatchman and the two men go down in a pile. Dewey Robertson turns around, and Huge Tom Lintz is back up.  Lintz grabs Robertson by the arm and whips him into the ropes at full speed.

Dewey Robertson rebounds off the ropes, but leaps into the air and nails Huge Tom Lintz right in the chest with a Lou Thesz press!  Dewey Robertson uses his considerable strength to hold Lintz on the mat by the shoulders as the referee slides into position...




The fans erupt, as Big John Studd and Pretty Boy Floyd stagger to their feet outside the ring, staring in disbelief!

Norm Kimber: "Here are your winners...and advancing to the Semifinals of the NWA International Tag Team Championship tournament...KING KONG MOSCA AND DEWEY ROBERTSON!"

The fans are deafening as Robertson and Mosca embrace in the middle of the ring, holding each other's arms in the air.  The two fan favorites roll out of the ring to celebrate with the fans, while Big John Studd and Floyd Creatchman remain outside the ring, looking shocked.

Robertson and Mosca head up the aisle to the dressing room, shaking hands with the fans, while Lord Athol Layton approaches Floyd Creatchman and Big John Studd...

Lord Athol Layton:  "Mr. Creatchman, you have to be disappointed with this result...not only is your team eliminated from the NWA International Tag Team Championship tournament, but now Dewey Robertson has earned himself a shot at Mr. Studd's NWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship!"


Pretty Boy Floyd Creatchman: "Unfair!  Illegal!  Unjust!  What...how can...this is not right!  They cheated!  Dewey Robertson wasn't really the legal man!  And how can...Big John Studd shouldn't have to fight Dewey Robertson...John Studd isn't the one who lost the match!  Big John Studd didn't fail!  I'm going to appeal this to Frank Tunney!  I'm going to get a lawyer! I'm going to appeal this to the Prime Minister!  This had nothing to do with Big John Studd!  This is all the fault of this incompetent imbecile...Tom Lintz!  Tom Lintz!  This is your fault!  We never should have trusted you, you inept buffon!  You failed!  I was never your manager, we hired you to do one simple job and you couldn't do it!  This is your fault!  This is all your fault!"

While Floyd Creatchman has been ranting and raving, Big John Studd has been pacing back and forth behind him, holding his head with both hands as if he is in shock.  Huge Tom Lintz has gotten to his feet and slid out of the ring.  As soon as Floyd Creatchman starts pointing at him and screaming...Big John Studd attacks!

As Lord Athol Layton drops the microphone and flees in terror, Studd flattens Huge Tom Lintz with a massive clothesline!  Lintz goes down, but he doesn't stay down for long, because Big John Studd hauls his partner to his feet and smashes him to the arena floor with a bodyslam!  The fans groan in sympathy at the sight of Huge Tom Lintz splatting on the floor after the slam from Studd.

But Big John Studd isn't finished.  As Floyd Creatchman jumps up and down screaming at Big John Studd to do it again, Studd hoists Lintz to his feet, scoops him up and walks over to the timekeepers table.  Studd powerslams Huge Tom Lintz right through the timekeepers table!

Mike McMan: "This has gotten out of control, Billy Red Lyons!  Big John Studd is going to permanently injure Huge Tom Lintz!"

Billy Red Lyons: "I know Floyd Creatchman is upset that his team isn't advancing to fight for the Tag Team Championships, and I know he's even more upset that Big John Studd now has to face Dewey Robertson for the Canadian Heavyweight Championship...but this is the worst display of sportsmanship I have ever witnessed!"

Unbelievably,  Big John Studd is not finished.  With Pretty Boy Floyd Creatchman egging him on, Big John Studd hoists Huge Tom Lintz up for a third time...and this time he slams Lintz down, back first...across the steel ring barrier!  Tom Lintz's back contorts at a sick angle as he slides down and crumbles in a heap.

Finally, a herd of referees and backstage officials rush to the ringside area.  Studd and Creatchman back off, leaving the motionless Tom Lintz slumped on the arena floor.  Floyd Creatchman is still ranting and raving at the top of his lungs, as he and Big John Studd head back up the aisle to the dressing room...and we are out of time...



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Some great stuff all around! Absolutely loving your format! Got a feeling that Weaver & Rotundo are on the verge of winning those titles!

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On 3/14/2021 at 5:58 PM, SirEdger said:

Ah yes, Pretty Boy Floyd with his usual shenanigans. It was always quite the event when a babyface finally got their hands on a Creatchman. Sweet Daddy Siki will get payback soon, I feel it!


30 minutes ago, SirEdger said:

Some great stuff all around! Absolutely loving your format! Got a feeling that Weaver & Rotundo are on the verge of winning those titles!

Thanks very much. :)

Now that I have posted my three house shows from last week's loop and posted my TV from this past weekend, I am pretty much caught up after the great laptop crash of 2021.

Now I need to catch up on everybody else's stuff...I feel bad, I haven't read anything anybody has posted for over a week.  I want to see what has been happening in Stampede and Mid South, at least.  I know Texas has been a bit quiet and I heard there might be some changes in Mid Atlantic...

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Maple Leaf Wrestling
Peterborough Civic Arena
Peterborough, Ontario
March 19, 1981
Paid Attendance: 650

  • Bruno Sammartino Jr. submitted Tim Gerrard with a Bearhug
  • Iron Mike Sharpe pinned Cowboy Frankie Laine with a forearm shot to the back of the head
  • Sweet Daddy Siki and George Wells went to a 20 Minute Draw with The Devil's Duo
  • Johnny Weaver pinned The Destoyer
  • Bullwhip Johnson defeated Mr. Fuji in a Bullrope Match, by touching all four corners


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Maple Leaf Wrestling
Oshawa Civic Auditorium
Oshawa, Ontario
March 20, 1981
Attendance: 5,000 (Sold Out)

1)  The Devil's Duo defeated The Marcus Brothers when Doug Vines submitted Joe Marcus with a spinning toehold

2)  Brian Adidas pinned Goldie Rogers with a Flying Bodypress

Billy Red Lyons interviewed Blackjack Mulligan and Danny “Bullwhip” Johnson in the ring.  

Mulligan said that he and Johnson had been watching from backstage at Maple Leaf Gardens, when Abdullah and The Sheik had defeated Nick Kiniski and Whipper Watson Jr. to advance in the tournament.  Mulligan said that Kiniski and Watson seemed like nice young college boys, and that he knew they both had famous fathers.  Mulligan said what happened to Kiniski and Watson shows what happens to nice, clean cut young men when the face crazy men like Abdullah and The Sheik.  Mulligan said he meant no disrespect to Kiniski and Watson, but he and Bullwhip weren’t quite so nice and clean cut.  Mulligan said he and Bullwhip didn’t have famous Daddies. Mulligan said that if Abdullah and The Sheik thought they were going to be facing the same kind of men tonight, they were in for a big surprise.

Bullwhip Johnson said that he and Blackjack saw what happened last month at Maple Leaf Gardens.  The Sheik attacked Whipper Watson with a pencil, and Abdullah stabbed Kiniski with a fork.  Bullwhip said this ain’t no school house, and he and Mulligan ain’t no all you can eat buffet...even though Abdullah looks like he’s never missed a buffet.  Bullwhip said that if The Sheik wanted to bring a pencil, then maybe he’d bring something too.  Johnson snapped his bullwhip in the middle of the ring, to the cheers of the fans.  

Blackjack Mulligan grabbed the microphone and said if Abdullah wanted to use his fork, then he needed to see something. Mulligan removed his boot and held up a shiny stainless steel spur.  Mulligan said that the minute he saw a fork in the ring, he was going to take this spur off his boot and carve Abdullah the Butcher up, right in the middle of the ring like a big, fat Texas steer.

Bullwhip Johnson cracked his whip again, and said that he and Blackjack Mulligan were going to win the Tag Team Titles, and if they had to whup a couple of crazy men to do it...then that was just fine by them.

3)  The Della Serra Brothers defeated Sweet Ebony Diamond & George Wells when Rocky pinned Diamond following a knee drop from the top rope

4)  The Second Generation Superstars (Kelly Kiniski, Whipper Watson Jr. & Bruno Sammartino Jr.) defeated The Kelly Twins and Moose Morowski when Watson pinned Pat Kelly with a small package

5)  Iron Mike Sharpe defeated the returning Tony “Cannonball” Parisi with a forearm smash to the back of the head

6)  Dino Bravo and Billy Robinson wrestled to a 30 minute Time Limit Draw for the NWA Canadian Television Championship

MAIN EVENT:  Abdullah The Butcher & The Sheik vs. Blackjack Mulligan & Bullwhip Johnson went to a bloody NO CONTEST.  

This match never even officially started.  Abdullah & The Sheik entered the ring first.  Mulligan and Johnson entered the ring, but before the announcer could even make the introductions, Abdullah and The Sheik rushed at Mulligan and Johnson.  The referee tried to intervene and was pushed to the mat by The Sheik.  Abdullah pulled a fork from his pocket and tried to jab Blackjack Mulligan, but Mulligan was true to his word.  Mulligan removed one of his cowboy boots and began to bash The Butcher over the head with it.  The Sheik raked the eyes of Bullwhip Johnson and attempted to stab him with some form of foreign object, but Johnson wrapped his leather bullwhip around the neck of the Sheik and began violently choking him.  The referee got up and tried to stop Johnson from choking the Sheik, but Johnson just shoved him away.  Abdullah and Mulligan began ramming the fork and spur into each other, back and forth.  The two big men eventually rolled out of the ring and started brawling through the crowd. 

In the ring, The Sheik finally managed to break free of the Bullwhip, and began stabbing Johnson in the throat with the taped foreign object.  As Johnson fell to his knees, The Sheik reached into his tights and threw a massive fireball directly at Bullwhip Johnson.  Johnson attempted to duck out of the way, but it appeared the fire did graze him.  When Mulligan saw this from outside the ring, he grabbed a folding chair and smashed it over the head of Abdullah.  Mulligan then made his way back to ringside, and began hurling a succession of chairs into the ring. The flying chairs hit The Sheik, and the referee as well.  The referee and ring announcer finally fled.  The timekeeper rang the bell repeatedly.  Abdullah eventually crawled back into the ring and attacked the prone Bullwhip Johnson, as Blackjack Mullgian began repeatedly bashing The Sheik over the head with his cowboy boot.  By this point, Mulligan, The Sheik and Abdullah were all bleeding profusely and Bullwhip Johnson appeared to be burned. The two team continued to brawl wildly around the ring and the ringside area, until eventually a large crowd of referees, security and backstage officials managed to swarm the ring and break things up.

It was announced that the match was being declared “No Contest” and as a result, both teams were being eliminated from the NWA International Tag Team Championship Tournament.

Dewey Robertson and Angelo Mosca will now receive a BYE and advance directly into the finals of the NWA International Tag Team Championship tournament.



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Maple Leaf Wrestling
Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
Buffalo, New York, USA
March 21, 1981
Attendance: 9,500

  • Duke Myers pinned Brian Mackney after an elbow smash and elbow drop
  • Scrap Iron Sheppard pinned Sal Bellomo with a headbutt
  • Scott McGhee pinned Huge Tom Lintz following a bodyslam and a elbow drop from the top rope
  • Sweet Daddy Siki pinned Moose Morowski with his patented dropkick
  • Angelo Mosca & Dewey Robertson defeated The Kelly Twins when Robertson pinned Pat Kelly following a powerslam
  • The Destroyer pinned Johnny Weaver by reversing a small package attempt
  • NWA World Tag Team Champions The Masked Superstar and Paul Jones defeated The Devil’s Duo by Disqualification when the Hooded Monk (revealed to be Izzy Slapawitz) interfered

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Maple Leaf Wrestling: TELEVISION TAPING (to air on March 28)
Brantford Civic Centre
Brantford, Ontario
March 23, 1981
Attendance: 500


Mike McMan and Billy Red Lyons opened the show with footage from the big event the previous week in Oshawa.  McMan announced that the teams of Abdullah The Butcher and The Sheik and Blackjack Mulligan and Bullwhip Johnson had both been eliminated from the tournament because their match had never officially even happened, due to the violent brawl that had erupted between the two teams before the bell had even rung.

Billy Red Lyons confirmed that Angelo Mosca and Dewey Robertson were receiving a BYE into the finals of the tournament, and that the final Semifinal match in the NWA International Tag Team Championship Tournament would be happening on today’s show...when The Della Serra Brothers would face off against Mike Rotundo and Johnny Weaver.  The winner of this match will advance to the finals and face Mosca and Robertson for the titles on March 29 at Maple Leaf Gardens.

A recorded interview with Mosca and Robertson was shown.  Mosca said that as a professional athlete, he wanted to win by competing...not by being granted a bye. Mosca said that he and Dewey could have handled either Abdullah and The Sheik or Blackjack and Bullwhip.  Robertson said that with the fans behind them, he and Mosca were going to win the Tag Team Championships no matter who they faced.

Leo Burke pinned Ricky Johnson

Burke was joined at ringside by his partner in “The Terrible Two” Don Kernodle.  Kernodle grabbed Johnson’s leg from the outside, causing him to trip.  Afterward, Burke and Kernodle gave an interview to Lord Athol Layton claiming they were scouting new talent in Maple Leaf Wrestling for a new faction they are putting together.

Dino Bravo defeated Scrap Iron Sheppard

After successfully defending his NWA Canadian Television Championship against Sheppard, Bravo was interviewed by Lord Athol Layton.  Layton asked Bravo about the incident two weeks ago when Bravo interfered in the Tournament match between The Della Serra Brothers and Dominic DeNucci and Tony Parisi.  Layton asked Bravo why he had attacked The Della Serra Brothers after the match was over.

Dino Bravo said that both Dominic DeNucci and Tony Parisi are close friends of his.  Bravo said that both men proudly represent the Italian-Canadian Community, just like he does.  Bravo says that the maneuver the Della Serra Brothers used to win the match is unsportsmanlike, and that they never should have done it again after the bell had rung and the match was over.  Bravo said that The Della Serra brothers seriously injured his friend Tony Parisi and Parisi had been out of action for a couple of weeks because of the attack.  Bravo pointed out that Tony “Cannonball” Parisi had only just returned to action.  Bravo said that The Della Serra brothers were an embarrassment to both the Italian-Canadian community, as well as the province of Quebec.

This brought Rocky Della Serra to ringside.  Rocky Della Serra grabbed the microphone and told Dino Bravo that he needed to shut his mouth and mind his own business.  Della Serra said Bravo isn’t in charge of who represents Italians, or Quebecois or Canadians.  Della Serra said Dino Bravo had no business interfering in their business but The Della Serra brothers have a special present for anybody who sticks their nose where it doesn’t belong.

Bob Della Serra rushed from behind with a wooden folding chair and attacked Dino Bravo from behind.  While Dino Bravo was prone on the ground, Rocky kept repeatedly stomping on his back while Bob slammed the wooden chair over Bravo’s back over and over again.  Lord Athol Layton fled, and finally a group of referees and officials ordered The Della Serra Brothers into the ring.  Dino Bravo was helped to the back.

NWA International Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinal Match: The Della Serra Brothers vs. Mike Rotundo and Johnny Weaver

When the show returned from commercial, The Della Serra Brothers were in the ring, as were Mike Rotundo and Johnny Weaver.  The two teams engaged in a competitive bout to determine who would advance to the finals of the tournament at Maple Leaf Gardens and face Angelo Mosca and Dewey Robertson.  Eventually, Bob Della Serra trapped Mike Rotundo in a front facelock and tagged in Rocky.  Rocky scaled to the top rope and jumped off, hitting Rotundo in the small of the back just as Bob released him from the facelock.  Rocky made the cover as Bob cut off Weaver...and the Della Serra Brothers got the win.

The Della Serra Brothers advance to the FINALS of the NWA International Tag Team Tournament to take place against Dewey Robertson and Angelo Mosca on March 29, 1981 at Maple Leaf Gardens.


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I am about a week behind.  Normally I put a lot more effort into my weekly TV recaps, but I want to get the big monthly Maple Leaf Gardens show from the end of March posted at some point soon...which will include the finals of this tournament which has been going on since February!  After I post the rest of my House Show results from late March (including the other two dates I booked The Masked Superstar and Paul Jones way back when) and get the big MLG show posted, I will have pretty much caught up and get back into my routine of posting the results of the house shows, and recapping the major events and TV shows.

In the meantime, I have my schedule set for the next month at least...



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