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Stampede Wrestling (1981)

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When I was a kid, Makhan Singh was the North American Champion and he was great heel.  He had a fantastic rivalry with Owen Hart.  It always bothered me that Singh ended up getting stuck with crappy gimmicks like Norman The Lunatic, Trucker Norm and Bastion Booger, because in reality he was a great promo and could have done so much more.  He's my pick for this tournament and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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Got something fun planned for Makhan Singh so glad to see he has some supporters here! ;)

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The Great Kabuki beat TG Stone

The Crusher beat Herodes

Rip Morgan beat The Dynamite Kid

British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Champion Bruce Hart beat Steve Strong

Jim Neidhart beat "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers

"Honky Tonk" Wayne Farris fight "Dirty" Dutch Mantel to a 15-minute time limit draw

Bret Hart beat "Psycho" Perry Reid

Makhan Singh (w/JR Foley) fight Chief Jay Strongbow to a 15-minute time limit draw

Both Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart go straight to the semi-finals


Non-Tournament Match: Terry Taylor beat El Bracero in 8:01


Quarter-Final Matches

The Great Kabuki beat The Crusher

British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Champion Bruce Hart beat Rip Morgan by DQ


Non Tournament Match: Davey Boy Smith beat Dean Ho in 15:47


Semi-Final Matches

The Great Kabuki beat British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Champion Bruce Hart

Bret Hart beat Jim Neidhart


Non-Tournament Match: The Memphis Express (The Dream Machine & Plowboy Frazier) beat Sid Cooper & Mr. X in 8:01


North American Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals: The Great Kabuki beat Bret Hart in 52:40 when a masked man wearing a trenchcoat with The Dream Machine mask interfered and knocked out Bret Hart cold with a roll of quarters, allowing Kabuki to make the cover. As the thing unfolded, Stu Hart came out to award Bret the title, given the stipulation of no Memphis Express member allowed ringside for the match to interfere but Stu was in for a major shock when the man removed his mask:

Cauliflower Alley Club News: RIP: Allan "BAD NEWS ALLEN" Coage



The crowd boos mercilessly as The Memphis Express and Percival Pringle III come out to celebrate with The Great Kabuki as Bad News Allen leaves through the Edmonton crowd. What will Bad News Allen do next???



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Yeah, maybe I could've cut some time in that match but I thought with enough stalling, rest holds and the shenanigans from Bad News Allen, it could still work.

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That was a fun tournament to read with all the different match-ups but I'm bummed my pick got eliminated in the opening round from a time limit draw. :(

Kabuki is always a great pick though.

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I am interested in the long term plans for Dynamite. There's a couple of light heavyweights out there in free agency who could suit his style well and he could be utilized as the top guy in that division in the world if used right. I like the reveal of Bad News who was a legit contender in Stampede and he's got a lot of heat to get things going!

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Stampede House Show

March 3rd, 1981

Regina, SK

Scott McGhee beat Willem Ruska in 4:58. After the match, manager JR Foley came to the ring and passed a nighstick to Ruska so he can attack McGhee with it. Ruska hit McGhee a few times in the throat until he could finally be restrained by referees. Ruska left with JR Foley

Winner to get NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship match in the main event: Dos Caras beat El Monarca in 13:41

The Memphis Express ("Honky Tonk" Wayne Farris & The Dream Machine, w/Percival Pringle III, Plowboy Frazier & Stampede North American Heavyweight Champion The Great Kabuki) beat Leo Seitz & Mr. X in 4:06. After the match, Percival Pringle says the Memphis Express will be watching the Harts wrestle Shogun a bit later tonight

Guest Referee - Stu Hart: Chief Jay Strongbow beat El Bracero in 21:11. Stu had inserted in the match after referee Hans-Jochen Hermann was injured in the melee of the opening match between Scott McGhee and Willem Ruska. The Kansas Jayhawks tried to get involved to attack Chief Jay Strongbow but were turned away by Jules Strongbow, who joined Chief Jay at ringside

-Bret Hart & British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Champion Bruce Hart beat Shogun in 12:37. After the match, all 4 members of the Memphis Express charged the ring to attack the Hart brothers. As Kabuki was about to spit mist in the face of Bruce while Bret was being forced to watch, Davey Boy Smith ran in to make the save, chair in hand. Stu Hart came back to the ring and booked a 6-men elimination tag for Saturday night in Calgary: The Memphis Express vs Davey Boy Smith & the Hart Brothers!

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Les Thornton beat Dos Caras in 16:48 to retain. Thornton & Caras shook hands after the match

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Résultat de recherche d'images pour "stampede wrestling logo"

Stampede Wrestling TV

March 6th, 1981


This week's show opens with the last moments of the finals of the North American Heavyweight tournament when Bret Hart, on the verge of capturing the title vs The Great Kabuki, was attacked by Bad News Allen, dressed with a trenchcoat and wearing the Dream Machine mask. As we go on the air after the opening credits, Ed Whalen says that we will hear from The Memphis Express a bit later and that Stu Hart has yet to determine what will happen for Bad News Allen but he hopes to make his intentions known as soon as possible. Whalen also plugs an announcement about next week's episode with some very special guests to be involved in tag team action

Match #1

Wilbur Snyder defeats Steve Strong in 15:24

Match #2

In a fast-paced exciting match, Davey Boy Smith defeats El Monarca in 15:18 with a running powerslam.

After the match, Ed Whalen is joined by Stu Hart at the broadcast booth and invites both Monarca & Davey Boy Smith to the booth.

Ed Whalen: Alright, what a fantastic match we just saw here between El Monarca and Davey Boy Smith, 2 of the most exciting competitors in the Mid-Heavyweight division. And as I'm joined by Stu Hart himself, I think the boss has an announcement to make.

Stu Hart: Thank you, Ed. First of, great match by the both of you. You're the embodiment of what we wanna see in the Mid-Heavyweight Division and both of you are worthy of challenging Bruce for that title. And speaking of which, thank you Davey Boy for doing what you did a few days ago in Regina when Percival Pringle and his men came after my boys. (Davey nods his head to Stu). Now, as good as you were against each other, there's been something that I wanted to know and it's how you would do as a tag team.

(Davey Boy and Monarca are looking at each other)

Stu Hart: And I feel like it would be easy for you to test yourselves against a team from Stampede but to see what you're truly worth, I thought a bit differently. Earlier today, I gave a phone call to my friend in Mid-South, Bill Watts and I asked him if he'd be interested in sending my way one of his teams for our show right here next week and he gladly obliged. So, it's with pleasure that I would like to inform you than next week, the both of you will be wrestling...

Ron and Jimmy Garvin | Pro wrestling, Wrestling superstars, Professional  wrestling


(Davey Boy seems to be all smiles with this and El Monarca indicates with his body language that he is ready)

Davey Boy Smith: Stu, this is an honor for me to fight by the side of your sons and it's even more of a privilege for me to be chosen for such an exciting match. I've known for a while what the Garvins are all about and I'm looking forward to team with this man right here (pointing El Monarca) to wrestle such an established tag team. We hope to make you proud, sir.

(Stu Hart shakes the hands of both El Monarca & Davey Boy Smith as they leave together. Ed Whalen cues the commercial break)


(As we're back from the commercial break, we see that Percival Pringle III & and The Memphis Express in full force, flanked by the new Stampede North American Heavyweight Champion The Great Kabuki. Pringle seems a bit agitated but upbeat)

Ed Whalen: Sorry for all the hubbub as we're back from commercial break but as you can see, we're now joined by Percival Pringle III and all 4 of his men, including the new North American Heavyweight Champion, The Great Kabuki and no thanks to Bad News Allen.

Percival Pringle III: Don't try to change the subject, Ed Whalen! Of course, Stu Hart is not there when we have the opportunity to tell him that we got the last laugh. Well, HA-HA! WE SURE DID! Because not only we stand united and triumphant, despite every effort that the old man has done to screw us of a fair opportunity but here we are - here I AM, standing as the manager of the Stampede North American Heavyweight Champion, The Great Kabuki! I had predicted that this would be happening and was I right, or not?

Ed Whalen: Percival Pringle, everyone but a blind man knows that the reason this is happening is because somehow, you conspired with Bad News Allen to have him do your dirty work!

Percival Pringle III: I did no such thing! How dare you imply that? Do you think that The Dream Machine is the only one wearing a mask like that? You can find a dime a dozen of those in any cheap flea market stores in this godforsaken city! It just kills every one of you to admit that we were right and for once in his life, Stu Hart didn't get what he wanted and that's his son Bret becoming the champion! And nobody will take that title from The Great Kabuki, I guarantee you that!

Ed Whalen: Well, in the mean time, gentlemen, tonight, live from the University of Calgary, in the main event, all 3 members of the Memphis Express will be teaming up to wrestle the Hart Brothers and their tag team partner for the night that we just saw before the break, Davey Boy Smith. One thing is for sure; this one will be a ring-a-ding-dong-dandy!

The Dream Machine: Well, let me put it like this, Ed Whalen: Davey Boy Smith has stuck his nose in something that's way over his head. Same thing for Old Man Stu. You can accuse Percival Pringle or any of us of anything you want but one thing you can't accuse us of being is being liars. On the very first interview we did here last month, Percival Pringle told the world that The Great Kabuki would become North American Heavyweight Champion and guess what happened? He did just that! Stu Hart, you better not be concerned about any vengeful feelings that Bad News Allen might have towards you and your family, you should be concerned of what WE can do to your boys tonight. It ain't gonna be pretty, my friend and you could've avoided all of this if you just had stayed out of our way. Now, your boys are gonna get it and Davey Boy Smith will get caught in the crossfire.

"Honky Tonk" Wayne Farris: What the Dream Machine is trying to say is that you're looking at the greatest trio ever assembled in Stampede Wrestling and that's myself "Honky Tonk" Wayne Farris, the Dream Machine and our muscle Plowboy Frazier! And with Percival Pringle, one of the greatest minds in the sport, sky is the limit! The only thing Stu will be able to do is delay the inevitable. Whether he likes it or not, the Memphis Express will become International Tag Team Champions and we'll show the world what we're all about, daddy!


(Percival Pringle cackles away as Kabuki gives a cutthroat sign towards Ed Whalen before he leaves with the Memphis Express as Ed Whalen sends us to another commercial break)


(Back from the second commercial break, Ed Whalen is now standing with Makhan Singh and JR Foley at the broadcast booth)

Ed Whalen: We are back on Stampede Wrestling and as we're still processing everything that has happened in the past few days, one man who thought he could go all the way to the end in the North American Heavyweight Championship tournament is Makhan Singh with his manager, JR Foley. Gentlemen, I would assume that you're not pleased with how things went a few days ago.

JR Foley: Aren't you the smart man, Mr. Whalen. Of course we're not satisfied with how things went. This tournament was tailor-made for Makhan Singh to win. We had everything going our way but we know how things are around here because Stu Hart does everything to make sure he gets what he wants. Everyone knows that Makhan Singh had Chief Jay Strongbow beaten and how convenient there was a "time limit" so that Stu could avoid his precious little boy Bret wrestle Makhan Singh because everyone knows that Makhan would've destroyed Bret Hart in a heartbeat! It wouldn't have been even close!

Ed Whalen: You do know that there was another time limit draw in the first round that occurred, right? It hardly was a conspiracy as you'd like to believe, JR.

JR Foley: You can spin it any way you want, Ed Whalen, but the fact remains that Makhan Singh has been robbed in this tournament. Makhan Singh is the best big man in professional wrestling and he'll prove it any day of the week.

Makhan Singh: That is right, JR. I fear no one. Never have and I never will. I will take on any comers any day of the week!

JR Foley: Yes! In fact, I believe we still have some time left in this program, correct me if I'm wrong, Ed Whalen?

Ed Whalen: We still do and  ---

JR Foley: Great, so Makhan, get in the ring right now. We challenge any big man who believes they can defeat Makhan Singh and prove that they are superior to him!

(Makhan Singh steps into the ring and as he awaits his opponent, a noticeable roar in the audience can be hear as this man goes through the curtain:

Ray Candy | Pro wrestling, Wrestling, Detroit news


(JR Foley is apopleptic at ringside as Makhan Singh clearly isn't as confident as he was a few minutes ago. Ray Candy makes a detour towards Ed Whalen's broadcast booth.)


Ray Candy: You said anyone, big man? Well, here I am! Let's see what you got!

(Ray Candy slides in the ring and the match is made official for our main event!




Makhan Singh (w/JR Foley) defeats Ray Candy in 12:19 after Candy attempted to lift Makhan Singh for a bodyslam but JR Foley tripped him and held his foot as Makhan Singh covered him.

(Makhan Singh and JR Foley hightail their way out of the ring after stealing a big win from Ray Candy. Candy is pacing the ring and makes it clear that it isn't over between the both of them. Ed Whalen sends the viewers home off with his signature sendoff:


Ed Whalen.jpg

"In the meantime and in-between time, that's it for another edition of Stampede Wrestling and we'll see you next week!"


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Stampede Wrestling House Show

March 6th, 1981

Calgary, AB

-Dos Caras beat Terry Taylor in 8:46

-Shogun beat Jim Wilson & Dean Ho in 9:05 after Prof Toru Tanaka pinned Jim Wilson following a sidekick

-Chief Jay Strongbow pinned Scott McGhee in 15:35. After the match, JR Foley came to ringside to talk to Scott McGhee and McGhee left with him

-The Crusher beat "No Class" Bobby Bass in 14:45 with the Bolo Punch

-Stampede North American Heavyweight Champion The Great Kabuki & Dynamite Kid (w/Percival Pringle III) beat Steve Strong & El Monarca (w/El Bracero) in 19:34  after Dynamite pinned Strong with a diving headbutt

-"Hangman" Bobby Jaggers (w/"Dirty" Dutch Mantell) beat TG Stone in 10:43

6-Men Elimination Tag: Davey Boy Smith, British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Champion Bruce Hart & Bret Hart beat The Memphis Express (w/Percival Pringle) in 48:53, with Davey Boy Smith being the sole survivor.

Order of Elimination:

-Bruce Hart by Dream Machine

-Plowboy Frazier by Bret Hart

-Bret Hart & Dream Machine both got counted out after brawling all around the ringside area

-"Honky Tonk" Wayne Farris by Davey Boy Smith

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Stampede Wrestling House Show

March 7th, 1981

Edmonton, AB

-"The Candyman" Ray Candy beat "Psycho" Perry Reid in 7:20

-The Fantastic Ones beat Jim Wilson & Dean Ho in 15:49 after Fulton pinned Wilson with a missile dropkick

-Steve Strong beat Gerald Finley in 12:23

-"No Class" Bobby Bass beat Herodes in 5:54

-Makhan Singh (w/JR Foley) beat Chief Jules Strongbow in 9:27

-Samson Fuyuki beat El Monarca in 9:40

Stampede North American Heavyweight Championship: The Great Kabuki (w/Percival Pringle III) beat Bret Hart in 19:46 to retain after interference from The Dream Machine


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Stampede Wrestling House Show

March 10th, 1981

Exhibition Auditorium, Regina, SK

15-Men Battle Royal: Prof Toru Tanaka wins the battle royal, last eliminating TG Stone. Toru Tanaka also wins $25,000 in the process

-In their Stampede debut, Baron Mikel Scicluna & Joel Deaton beat Steve Strong & Mr. X. Poor Mr. X gets stretchered out after the match after a spike piledriver from Deaton & Scicluna!

-Jules Strongbow beat Rip Morgan in 12:04

Gauntlet Match, Winner gets a Stampede North American Heavyweight Championship match vs The Great Kabuki on March 27th in Calgary: Makhan Singh beat El Bracero, Psycho Reid, Willem Ruska, Dos Caras & TG Stone at the 33:24 mark

-Bad News Allen beat Prof Toru Tanaka in 7:24

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