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[2021-03-04-WWE-Main Event] Mansoor vs Drew Gulak

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Unfortunately Gulak has been relegated to being a jobber on Main Event losing under 6 minute matches. Luckily his matches are still being recorded and we get quality TV level matches. We get some big Gulak German suplexes here and a beautiful enzuigiri counter into an STF. Mansoor's not as flashy offensively as Ricochet or Humberto Carrillo (which is a benefit to Mansoor when it comes to comparisons with Carrillo as Mansoor is much crisper than him) but he pulls out a neat slingshot neckbreaker for the finish. To me this is a notch below the Ricochet match from earlier this year, but it's still worth a watch as Gulak has mastered the art of the 6 minute TV match. With Daniel Bryan back on SmackDown and him working a bit with the writing staff, we can only hope we get a continuation from their teacher and student story from last year.

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