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[2021-03-21-WWE Fastlane] Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus (No Holds Barred)

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Just two huge, gigantic muscly dudes beating the shit out of each other with stiff punches, knees, kicks, headbutts and slams. Braveheart McIntyre should be his permanent look.

Those two guys must have had the worst of mornings.

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I really liked this match. McIntyre's killed it in all the big matches I've seen of his over the last year. No surprise that he really brings it in a match with Sheamus. I liked the brawling in and around the video wall more than the Reigns/Owens LMS match from the Rumble. Towards the end you start to notice the bruises and scratches all over Sheamus. Then you notice them all over Drew. And they just keep on walloping each other. Extremely satisfying no frills war between two old pals who came up together. 

Great video package beforehand too. I hadn't seen any of the build but I didn't need to (in fact, probably best I didn't). 

I know they had two well liked matches on Raw before this. I need to check them out too.

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