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-As April approaches, Jim Crockett Jr. has been said to spend quite a bit of money in recent weeks to sign some top tier talent throughout the country and the biggest talent coming from the state of Texas. The biggest names being Kerry, David, and Kevin Von Erich from World Class Wrestling. They have signed on in a handshake deal with MACW but many feel as though it is all a coup by Fritz Von Erich who is hoping to utilize this as a way for his sons to become contenders and possible NWA champion at some point down the line. The Von Erichs will still work Texas on Wednesdays, Fridays @ the Sportatorium, and then Saturday Nights after the television tapings.

-Southwest Wrestling lost Gino Hernandez and Tully Blanchard to MACW and plan to be there full time. Both young talents are said to be high on the card in Crockett's eyes but Gino will also be a loss on Friday Nights when he travels back to Houston to work for Paul Boesch.

- The loop for MACW will flow over three weeks and the towns will be hit once in a cycle with television tapings from Raleigh every Saturday morning to air on Saturday nights.

-NWA Champion Harley Race is set to come into the territory and defend the World Title against top competitors such as Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, Greg Valentine, and Wahoo McDaniel. Ricky Steamboat is also highly regarded as a top contender for the title and looks to challenge him as well.

- NWA World Tag Team Champions Paul Jones and Masked Superstar will also be making the rounds throughout the territory challenging top teams.

- The MACW tag team and television titles will are currently vacant and will be decided in coming weeks.


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A lot of chatter going around in regards to the Georgia championship wrestling and Mid-Atlantic championship wrestling feud. There are some who thought that Jim Crockett was going to buy Georgia championship wrestling in a merger with Ted Turner in order to put what would many consider a big time regional promotion on Nationwide television. Ric Flair would be the centerpiece of the promotion but many within the NWA would veto the move and continue to look at Flair as a future star and someone to groom for the NWA world title. 

This feud looks to go through the summer with a couple of big cards coming around memorial day. Some even believe it will go out through to the big Crockett Thanksgiving show but no word yet.

We'll see if talent is traded between the groups still... Big names like Ole Anderson, Masked superstar, tommy rich, Ted DiBiase, and Stan Hansen could put mid Atlantic to the next level but could hurt Georgia in a big way unless both promotions merge and then someone will be left in the cold...

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As summer marches on Mid-South's president Bill Watts has been making a series of moves to put Mid-South at the forefront of the southern wrestling scene. Perhaps the most surprising move is the bringing in of a new head of the booking committee. This individual is rumored to be a former member of the WWF booking team before leaving due to creative differences with McMahon.

The most immediately noticeable change will be an influx of talent from the WWF (brought in by the new booker) AWA, SECW & CWA.

Another immediate change will apply to the live tour schedule. Mid-South will now be running two simultaneous loops in Louisiana & Mississippi. This is believed to be the idea of the new head booker who felt Mid-South wasn't getting as much out of Mississippi as they could be.

Finally the "Superdome Extravaganza" will be upgraded to a monthly event the next one is reportedly being scheduled for August 15th & will be used to crown new Mid-South Tag Team Champions.

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