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Sunday May 30 - MACW - Event @ Norfolk Scope in Norfolk, Virginia, USA 


David Von Erich, Barry Windham, & Jake Roberts defeated Ole Anderson, Ivan Koloff, & Masked Superstar

Ric Flair vs Roddy Piper © 
-This one went 28-minutes as both men were gushing at the end of it. The finish was very controversial with both men outside of the ring and the referee counting. Flair and Piper continue to hammer on one another but out of the back we see a mask man come out. Flair is able to throw Piper into the ring post and get in the ring... the problem occurs when the masked man comes from behind and turns Piper around and PILEDRIVER ON THE FLOOR! Tommy Young turns around and hasn't seen the situation unfold...8...9...10! Ric Flair has won the contest... but not the US title...



Gino & Tully defeated Wahoo McDaniel & Jimmy Snuka to WIN the MACW Tag Team Championship!


Ken Patera © defeated Rocky Johnson


Greg Valentine © defeated Kabuki via DQ

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A mixed night for Gary Hart as Kabuki gets himself disqualified but the Dynamic Duo become the new tag team champions!

Skandar Akbar also has a mixed night, Patera retains the MACW championship but the rest of his men fail in the main event.

If that masked man was trying to help Flair he kinda half-assed it. But if he was trying to help Harley Race he may have done a better job. Gotta keep a eye on this situation.

MACW gives Norfolk a night it won't soon forget.

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Huge win for Gino & Tully! Let's see who'll end their reign and when.

In the meantime, Flair getting some mysterious help will get people talking! Perhaps the NWA Champ better watch his back!

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Saturday June 5

MACW TV Taping - TV-Show @ in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA  

MACW opens with the footage of Tully and Gino winning the MACW tag titles from Wahoo and Jimmy Snuka. We then see the controversial finish of the Piper and Flair contest. We then cut to Bob Caudle and David Crockett who pump up a video interview with Harley Race and Jim Crockett that will air in a little while. They point out that tonight we’ll see a rematch for the tag titles… this time the loser of the fall must LEAVE Mid Atlantic Wrestling! Right now we’ve got our opening contest, let’s head to the ring!

Rocky Johnson defeated Swede Hanson via the BIG LEFT HAND!

Rocky Johnson comes out and cuts a promo talking about the tough competition in the Mid Atlantic and how he is looking to face the toughest of the tough and then best of the best. 


MACW is back with Caudle and Crockett pumping up a big six-man contents coming up as we head to the ring for this headline event...

Wrestling II, Hacksaw Duggan, & Butch Reed w/ Paul Ellering vs Dick Slater & The Super Destroyers w/ JJ Dillon
-A big time six-man with all the players getting involved. We see Ellering and JJ working the outside of the ring and the crowd, acting as managers for their crews. Dick Slater is the one who outshines the rest here and he looks spectacular doing it. Duggan and Reed look to bring some lumber here as well while the Super D’s give it a good showing. Before too long we see all six-men involved and the finish sees Dillon and Ellering fighting outside the ring before Wrestling II tries to break it up… but Ellering and Dillon lock hands and then nail Wrestling II… he turns around and Dick Slater grabs him for a BRAINBUSTER for the 3-count! Ellering and Wrestling II are arguing while Duggan and Reed try to break them up. 


We’re back with a special video package… Jim Crockett is at a table with Harley Race… in the seats to the right and the left are Ric Flair and US Champion Roddy Piper. Crockett goes on to say…


Jim Crockett: It goes without saying that the controversy surrounding the US Championship match from the Norfolk Scope has shaken Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling. On July the 4th, from the Greensboro Coliseum, Mid Atlantic is hosting the biggest wrestling event of the summer and it will be headlined by the NWA World Champion, Harley Race defending his title against the number one contender. The number one contender according to the NWA By-Laws is the United States Champion. The match was contracted to be a number one contender contest with the winner getting the shot. That is why we’ve come to a conundrum. As a result of the match, Ric Flair should be the man facing Harley Race… but as US Champion… Roddy Piper is the lawful contender. Given the circumstances for that match result and the prestige of this contest on July the 4th, I have had to meet with the NWA Board of Directors. As the President of the NWA, I put it to a vote and it was decidedly 4-3 in favor of Roddy Piper receiving the World title shot on July the 4th in Greensboro. The ruling was granted due to the outside interference from this mysterious masked man whole piledrove Roddy Piper which led to the count out victory for Ric Flair.


Flair: You can’t be serious!?! Piper… you couldn’t beat me on your best day… Race… you got lucky pal…


Roddy: Hey… you want a rematch… just tell me when pally!


Crockett tries to calm things down while Race smiles… this one is out of hand but it looks like we've got a ruling on the July the 4th show from Greensboro. We head back to the studio for our next contest.


Bret Hart defeated Assassin #1 via the PILEDRIVER!

Bret Hart comes over and cuts a quick promo talking about trying to work his way back into the Television Title hunt… he isn’t afraid of the challenge and welcomes more of them in the future...


MACW is back with Caudle and Crockett putting over the issue between David Von Erich, Barry Windham, and Jake Roberts against Ivan Koloff, Masked Superstar, Ole Anderson, and Ken Patera. Tonight we get to see Jake Roberts in action...

Jake Roberts vs Ivan Koloff w/ Skandar Akbar
-A nice little tv match with these two going about 9-minutes. Koloff and Akbar are a fun pairing as they find ways to feed to one another. Roberts is doing everything he can to fight them off as the referee can’t seem to catch them in the act. The finish sees Akbar going for the Russian Chain but Roberts ducks out of the way. Tommy Young turns to see the situation and then Ivan Koloff runs to Roberts who ducks and throws him over the ropes into Akbars lap as the referee calls for the bell. Roberts is DQ’d for throwing Koloff over the top rope but he is trying to say something about the Russian Chain…

This brings out Ole Anderson who clips Jake Robert’s knee and then Koloff pounces. They’re working him over until Windham shows up and fights them off. This one continues to heat up with these guys all wanting to tear each other apart.


We’re back here on MACW and before you know it… Ric Flair is out here and he’s hot!

Ric Flair: What in the hell is going on out here?!? David, you better talk to that brother of yours. I am on the war path pal… listen here and listen up good. I beat Roddy Piper a week ago… I am the rightful number one contender. That NWA world title should be MINE! Piper! You got lucky…. I don’t know who this guy in the mask was… I want to know if you paid for him… because I don’t know who he was but he cost me everything! This isn’t over… I am coming back… and I am not going to stop until I get my hands on the title…. WOOOO!

The Freebirds defeated Mike Stone, Mark Rollins, & Wes Wilkins via the POWERBOMB!

Roddy Piper: Did I hear Ric Flair right… did he say I paid for that masked guy to come out there and piledrive me on the concrete floor? Flair… are you gone in the head man? Is it all about the NWA title? Well I will say this… I think the two of us have done just about everything in this sport… but win the world title… so if this is the straw brother it is going to break the camel’s back and it is going to be a clean break. I got the shot on July the 4th and by god I am bringing the NWA title back with me from Greensboro… if you can’t accept it Flair… tough!


Caudle and Crockett are back putting over the big MACW tag title main event… the loser of the fall leaves MACW...

Wahoo & Snuka vs Tully & Gino © w/ Gary Hart
-Huge main event… all the stakes on the line… the titles… loser leaves town… we get about 17-minutes of big time action. We’ve got blood from Tully and Wahoo… both busted open from the cage match last week. Both teams get in some offense with Wahoo and Snuka building up to a huge finish with Gino and Tully trying to pull out all the stops to slow them down. The finish sees Wahoo thrown out of the ring while Tully and Gino double up on Snuka. Wahoo looks to get in the ring but Kabuki turn him around and GREEN MYST! Snuka is able to fight off Gino and Tully but when he goes up top… he hits a high cross body on Gino but Tully rolls him over and Gino with a handful of tights and the 1...2….3!!! 

Gino and Tully win the contest… Snuka is the loser of the fall...Snuka must leave MACW… What is next for Gary Hart’s army?!?

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Sunday June 6

MACW - Event @ Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA 

Roddy Piper vs Ric Flair went to a 30-minute draw

Ken Patera defeated David Von Erich

Gino & Tully © defeated Ricky Steamboat &  Jay Youngblood

Greg Valentine © vs Kabuki went to a double dq

Barry Windham & Jake Roberts defeated Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff via DQ

Masked Superstar defeated Rocky Johnson

Dick Slater w/ JJ Dillon defeated Wrestling II w/ Paul Ellering

The Super Destroyers defeated The Hacksaws

Bret Hart defeated Buddy Roberts

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First the TV show.

Rocky Johnson starts us off with a solid win and promo. Between the two games going I've become something of a fan of his.

Honestly if I were Mr Wrestling 2 I'd be pissed at Ellering to. Oh well maybe it was just a off day.

Flair is understandably upset at the board's equally understandable decision. Piper is believably indignant at the as of yet baseless accusation Flair throws his way. Meanwhile I can't escape the feeling Race knows more than he's letting on. Great stuff all around.

Bret puts in work to earn himself a tv title match.

Kinda feel like the ref screwed Roberts over here. Not out of malice mind you but still.

The Freebirds pick up a rather quiet win between 2 fire promos.

After a great run the Superfly is done in Mid-Atlantic and on his way to Hamburg.

Onward to Greensboro!

Bret gets a big win over the original Buddy Jack to get the crowd going.

The Super Destroyers vs The Hacksaws must have been a hoss fest.

So that's two bad days for Ellering & 2. I'm sure it's fine.

A mixed night for Akbar's men as Masked Superstar beats the Soul Man & Patera fends off the eldest Von Erich but Ivan & Ole go down to Windham and Roberts.

Valentine vs Kabuki seems like it'd be fun.

Successful back-to-back defenses for the Dynamic Duo as they see off Steamboat & Youngblood.

And in the main event Piper and Flair go the distance with the masked man nowhere in sight. Almost like he got what he wanted already.

MACW is steaming ahead.

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