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AWA TV @ The Roanne Fieldhouse 12-30-86



Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to a special Thursday edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Tonight, we come to you from our old stomping grounds, the Roanne Fieldhouse. As you all know, we have a tremendous New Year's Eve card lined up tomorrow night at the Mid South Coliseum. All the wrestlers have enjoyed the last week off for the holidays. The wrestlers slated for tomorrow's card will return then. As for tonight, we're going to showcase a lot of talent the AWA has recently acquired. We'll also be hearing some pre recorded comments from many wrestlers who will be appearing at the Mid South Coliseum. So, let's, ok, wait a minute, here comes Johnny Valiant along with the TV champ Greg Gagne. 

Gagne comes out dressed in his Great Gatsby attire. 

Valiant: Hold up there Lancey Baby. How many times do we have to tell you, he's the Great Gagne! Get it right! 

Lance: Alright, my apologies. What can I do for you? 

Valiant: As you and all these idiots know, the Great Gagne has been the most dominant TV champion in the history of wrestling. The AWA keeps sending in challenger after challenger and like dominoes, the Great Gagne knocks them down. Now, even though these idiots don't deserve it, the Great Gagne has a very special holiday gift for them and the millions of idiots at home. Tell them Greg. 

Gagne: My pleasure Johnny. Not many people can say this but when you're a wrestler of my caliber, you have the upmost confidence in your abilities. Which I do! Like johnny said, I've beaten everybody there is to beat here. So, out of the goodness of my heart, tonight I am issuing an open challenge for my TV title. That's right, anybody who wants a shot, come and try it. But remember, we're on national television so be prepared for the most humiliating experience of your life. 

Gagne and Valiant walk out. 

Lance: Alright, well, I wasn't expecting that. An open challenge TV title match will take place later tonight. Very interesting indeed. Ok, let's go to the ring. 


"Dynamite" DJ Peterson vs. Willie Lopez 


DJ had quite a run in the USWA and now looks to make a splash in the AWA. 

DJ pinballs Lopez all over the ring with power moves before finishing him off with a diving shoulder block from the top rope! 


Commercial Break 


"Wrangler" Nelson Royal vs. Trent Watkins 


Former multi time Jr. Heavyweight Champ Nelson Royal makes his AWA debut. 

Royal simply outwrestles his opponent and finishes him off with a bridging back suplex. 


Resnick: So far, we've seen two outstanding AWA debuts. I think we're in for an exciting 1987. Before we get to 1987, we have one last stop at the Mid South Coliseum. On that card, National Champ Jerry Lawler will face Tommy Rich in an unsanctioned Loser Leaves Town match. Remember, Lawler has not been cleared to wrestle so the National title will not be on the line. Let's hear pre recorded comments from both men. 


Rich: I know the AWA is talking about being fired up because Wildfire has arrived! To be the man here, you have to take out the King. Lawler! Your undeserving reign here is over. You spent the last year sending people packing but now it's your turn. I've always hated your guts Lawler and now I get to send your sorry ass out for good! 



Lawler: You're a big man Tommy. You attack me from behind and put me out of commission. However, you didn't think I would want a fight, did you? Trust me, you got a fight coming and it's coming to my backyard. You're going to be just another name I run out of town. You're going down Tommy and you're going to bleed! 


Commercial Break 


Lightning Strike vs. William Hillman and Todd Rooney 


Horner swings Rooney to the ropes and back drops him. Horner tags in Allen, Allen goes to the top rope and nails Rooney with a missile dropkick for the win. 


Resnick: Lighting Strike ends the year with another win. I'm sure a title shot is in the cards for them at some point. Switching gears, tomorrow night, Blackjack Mulligan will face Iceman Parsons in a grudge match. Jerry Blackwell and Kerry Brown will be banned from the building. Let's hear comments from both Mulligan and Parsons along with Roger Kirby.. 


Mulligan: Parsons! You've been on my hitlist since SuperClash! New Year's Eve, I finish you! And Roger Kirby, if you want to stick your nose in things, go right ahead because this fist will be waiting! 


Kirby: The powers that be think the Syndicate is at a disadvantage by banning Kerry Brown from the building. I don't think so! The Syndicate always has a plan and the Syndicate always wins! 

Parsons: Mulligan! You aint nothing but a cheap dime store wanna be rooty pooh cowboy! On New Year's Eve, the Syndicate are coming to wrap things up. Have Mercy! 


Commercial Break 

An ad is shown for the next closed circuit event in February. The AWA presents BIG BRAWL from the Mecca in Milwaukee. 


Ranger Ross vs. Arnie Goldstein 


The fans have been coming around on Ross and he's starting to hear the cheers again. 

Ross looks good tonight and connects with the Combat Kick for the win!

Ross grabs his American Flag and waves it to the cheering crowd. 


Resnick: It's great to see Ranger Ross back on track. Fans' I've just been informed that tomorrow night, Gold Standard will wrestle the Diamond Aces and the winners will receive a world tag team title shot. Speaking of the champs. Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami are currently defending the titles in Japan. Best of luck to them. Before we go to a commercial break, take a look at highlights of the history between Billy Jack Haynes and Rip Morgan. 

Highlights are shown of Morgan turning on Haynes and beating him with his chain. A couple weeks later, Billy clotheslines Morgan with the chain. Those two meet tomorrow night. 


Commercial Break 


"Cowboy" Johnny Mantel vs. Sam Smith


Mantel hits the Russian Legsweep and float over pin for the win. 


Resnick: Johnny Mantel, welcome to the AWA. 

Mantel: Thank you Ken. A while back my good buddy Scott Casey said this is the place I had to be. Well, I'm finally here and couldn't be more excited. 

There's a commotion as Nelson Royal comes out. 

Royal: Now hold on boy. You know, you come out here dressed like a real cowboy but Son, it takes a lot more than looking like a cowboy then to actually be one. You're looking at the real deal boy. Just looking at you makes my stomach turn. It's people like you that give real cowboys like me a bad name.

Mantel: Look Nelson, I have nothing but the upmost respect for you. I'm not sure what your issue is with me but I can assure you, I'm a legit born cowboy.

 Royal: You're far from it Son. Looks like I'm going to have to show you what a real cowboy is by teaching you a lesson in the ring. Thinks you got the guts son?

Mantel: I'm not your son and if that's what you want, sounds good to me. 

Royal: You're going to earn those spurs when you wrestle me. 


Commercial Break 


"Sir" Norman Smiley vs. Ray Glader 


Smiley gives off a very smug attitude as he toys with his opponent. Smiley hits a backbreaker then goes to the top rope and crashes down with a flying elbow drop 1..2..Smiley lifts his opponent as the fans boo. Smiley slams Glader down, goes back up to the top rope and crashes down with another elbow drop for the win. 


Resnick: Norman Smiley with an impressive...

Resnick is cut off.

Smiley: It is Sir Norman Smiley. Sir is a title of respect and trust me, I have earned it. 


Commercial Break 


Highlights are shown of Japanese superstar Yoshiaki Yatsu. "The Japanese Fury" is coming! 



Resnick: Fans, the AWA has prided itself on bringing in the very best international wrestlers. We will continue that trend in 1987. I understand the AWA is working hard to sign a special international match between Yoshiaki Yatsu and El Canek. I'll keep you posted. Tomorrow night at the Mid South Coliseum, Ricky Steamboat will defend the AWA world title against Curt Hennig. Let's hear from both men. 


Hennig: All year long, I've proved that I am without a shadow of a doubt the most gifted wrestler in the AWA. Now, finally I get my long overdue shot at the world title. Steamboat! I'm going to make the AWA cool and you're in the way. After I end your reign, I'm going to start the new year with a bang. Don't feel bad Ricky, you had a great run but let's face it, it was great because you haven't faced me. 


Steamboat: No question about it, you can talk Curt. However, can you back it up? This may sound corny, but I've always done my talking in the ring. Curt, it takes a lot more than talk to win this title and it takes a lot more than talk to defend it night after night. I'm not underestimating you, but I do plan on starting 1987 with this title still around my waist. 


Commercial Break 


AWA TV Title Open Challenge Bout 

The Great Gagne (C) w/Johnny Valiant vs. ??? 



The fans boo as Gagne slowly takes off his golf cap and scarf. Gagne holds up the title as Valiant applauds. Gagne grabs the mic. 

Gagne: Well, I have to say, I'm not surprised. I knew nobody wanted to come out and make a fool of themself. Referee, ring that bell and start the count. Johnny and I have an early morning tee time. 

Gagne throws the mic on the ground and lets the ring announcer pick it up. 

The Ref shrugs his shoulders and signals for the bell. Gagne laughs and puts his golf cap back on as Valiant straps the title back around Gagne's waist. 

Resnick: Fans, I'm sorry to say, this might have all been a sick joke. The Ref is starting the count. Wait a minute, there's something going on. OH MY! There's somebody coming out. I don't believe it. That's the man from Powerhouse Hill, Nick Busick! 


Before Gagne and Valiant can react, Busick hits the ring and double clotheslines both of them down! Gagne's golf cap goes flying. Valiant rolls out of the ring and falls to the ground. Busick picks up Gagne, swings him to the ropes and hits the Spinebuster Slam!!! The fans go bonkers as the Ref counts 1..2..3!!!! 

The Ref picks up the TV title and hands it to Busick, then raises his arm as the fans are up and cheering! 

The fans continue to cheer as Busick hops on the middle ropes and raises the TV title high. 

Winner of the match and NEW AWA TV Champion- Nick Busick



New Year's Eve @ The Mid South Coliseum


AWA World Title Bout

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Curt Hennig 



National Champ Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Tommy "Wildfire" Rich 


AWA National Tag Team Title Bout

Larry Z and Al Perez (C) vs. Cabin Fever 


Grudge Match - Jerry Blackwell and Kerry Brown are banned from the building 

Blackjack Mulligan vs. Iceman Parsons w/Roger Kirby



Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka vs. Gama Singh 


Winners get a World Tag Team Title shot

Gold Standard vs. The Diamond Aces w/The Vin Man 


Billy Jack Haynes vs. "The Real Thing" Rip Morgan 


The Olympians vs. The British Bombers 


The Last Battle of the O's 

Steve O vs. Barry O 



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Neat idea using your last TV show of the year to showoff your new talent.

You've always treated Peterson well. Eager to see what he gets up to this time around.

Royal has some nerve insinuating "The Pride of Montague County" isn't a real cowboy!

Sir Smiley sounds like a fun time.

Yatsu vs Canek? AWA really is searching the globe for the best talent.

Gagne & Valiant must've thought they were pretty slick throwing out a open challenge only giving people a hour to respond. Unfortunately for them the man from Powerhouse Hill happened to be in town.

Some heated promos hardsell the big event in the Mid-South Coluseam tomorrow night. 

And what a event it is, so many matches to look forward to. None more so,  I'm sure we all agree, than the "Last Battle of the O's"!

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Very interesting show as you were able to introduce a lot of new talent as well as hype up the big show from the Mid-South Coliesum.

I admit that I knew very little of Bully Busick until you used him in another game we were in together.  You quickly made him one of my favorites there and now I can't wait to see what you do with him here.  He is off to a great start!

I like the cowboy battle between Casey and Royal also.  

Can't wait till tomorrow night.  Some huge matches that I am really looking forward to.

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AWA New Year's Eve @ The Mid South Coliseum 


Last Battle of the O's- Steve O and Barry O once again wrestled to a 10 minute draw. After the match, both men shook their heads and laughed, then proceeded to shake hands


The Olympians defeated The British Bombers- After a few minutes of hard hitting seesaw action, Rheingans cradled Smith for the 1..2..3. As soon as the bell rang, the Bombers attacked the Olympians and left them laying in the middle of the ring. 


Billy Jack Haynes and "The Real Thing" Rip Morgan battled to a wild DOUBLE C.O. 


Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka defeated Gama Singh in a NO DQ Match- Gama took big time advantage of the No DQ stipulation and broke every rule he could but couldn't put Snuka away. After taking quite a beating, Snuka went haywire and went off on Gama with punches, chops, headbutts before slamming him down 3 times on the concrete, rolling him back in the ring and hitting the Superfly Splash for the win! 


Winners get an AWA World Tag Team Title shot 

Gold Standard vs. The Diamond Aces w/The Vin Man 

Lots of bad blood here. Pretty even match with both teams on their A game. During a pier six brawl, the Ref takes a nasty bump and is down. Vin Man grabs a chair and heads into the ring. WHAM! Wait a minute! Vin Man just hit Art Crews over his head with the chair! Flowers runs over and pushes Vin Man down and starts yelling at him. Gold Standard attack Flowers, hoist him up and execute a double gourdbuster! Vin Man drags the Ref over and he counts 1..2..3! The fans are totally confused as Vin Man walks over and hugs Gold Standard. Gold Standard pick up Flowers and hold him as Vin Man picks up the chair and whacks him over the head! Boos as Gold Standard hoist Vin Man on their shoulders and parade around the ring.

Winners of the match- Gold Standard 


Grudge Match- Jerry Blackwell and Kerry Brown are banned from the building  

Blackjack Mulligan vs. Iceman Parsons w/Roger Kirby 

This truly is a grudge match. As soon as the bell rings, these guys tear into each other and never let up. After only a few minutes, both men are busted open. Mulligan has things going his way which is Kirby's cue to interfere. He hops on the apron but Mulligan grabs him and hurls him into the ring. Mulligan picks up both Kirby and Parsons and knocks their heads together. Mulligan swings Parsons to the ropes and hits his diving back elbow smash. Mulligan covers but from out of nowhere DREAM MACHINE hits the ring and puts the boots to Mulligan! The Ref signals for the DQ. Dream drops several elbows on Mulligan. Parsons staggers up and joins in. Parsons swings Mulligan to the ropes and puts him down with the Booty Bump. Parsons hurls Mulligan out of the ring. Parsons goes out and slams Mulligan head first into the steel post. Dream Machine helps Kirby up and the Syndicate head out. 

Winner of the Match by DQ- Blackjack Mulligan 



During this time Gerry Morrow came out and gave a New Year's toast and talked about his million dollar bet to put together a championship team. He then toasted to the future of tag team wrestling. 



AWA National Tag Team Title Bout 

Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez (C) vs. Cabin Fever 

Cabin Fever came out with guns blazing as they have the champs bumping all over the place during the opening minutes. The champs turn the tide but it doesn't last long. Manny is all over Larry. Larry is basically out on his feet when Manny hits the flying burrito but the move sends Larry through the ropes and onto the floor. Perez runs in the ring to attack Manny but Manny turns around and back drops him. Larry gets on the apron, Manny punches him and suplexes him back in the ring. Manny tags in Boone. Boone hoists Larry on his shoulders and powerslams him over 1..2..Perez breaks it. Manny runs in and punches Perez back into the corner. While the Ref is guiding Manny to his corner, Boone swings off the ropes but Perez (from the apron) nails Boone's back with a vicious knee. Boone staggers forward as Larry grabs him and hits a swinging neckbreaker 1..2..3! Manny is a second to late. 

Winners of the Match and still AWA National Tag Team Champs- Larry Z and Al Perez 




AWA National Champ Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Tommy "Wildfire" Rich 

The Ref's only job is to raise the winner's hand. 

Balls to the Walls action! These two fight up and down the aisle. In and out of the crowd and all around the ring. Lawler gets the upper hand and goes to work on Rich. Lawler grabs Rich by the hair and slams his head several times on the apron. Rich's head is a bloody mess. Lawler hurls Rich into the ring. Lawler spends the next couple minutes punching and stomping on Rich's bloody head. Lawler picks up Rich and hotshots him on the top rope. Lawler hoists Rich up and piledrives him down! The fans go crazy when Lawler goes to the middle ropes and pulls down his strap. Lawler raises his fist to the electric crowd and crashes down with a fist drop! Lawler stands up and shakes his head. Lawler goes to the middle ropes once again, bounces up and down and comes down with another fist drop! 

There's a commotion as, (I don't believe it!) BABY DOLL gets up on the apron. She's waving her arms at Lawler with a panicked look. Lawler sees her and has a puzzled look. She continues to wave Lawler over while pointing to the back. Lawler walks over with his arms held out. Baby Doll pulls out a can of pepper spray and empties the can in Lawler's face! This even causes attendants at ringside to rub their eyes and get out of there. Lawler's hands are covering his face as he falls to the ground and violently rolls around. Baby Doll gets in the ring and pours a bottle of water on Rich's face to revive him. Rich slowly rises and staggers around. Rich manages a smile as he looks at Baby Doll then down at Lawler. Rich slowly picks up Lawler and gives him and hard and low kick square in the groin! Rich grabs Lawler and piledrives him down. The Ref hesitates but Baby Doll pushes him down. The Ref counts 1..2..3! 

As you can imagine, the Memphis crowd is in full fledge riot mode! Trash hits the ring as Security rushes to get Rich and Baby Doll out of there. All the way up the aisle, they're pelted with garbage. Medics hit the ring fast to flush Lawler's eyes. With the eye situation along with the groin injury, they have no choice but to call for the stretcher. The boos are deafening as The King is stretchered out of the Mid South Coliseum. 

Winner of the Match- Tommy Rich


There's a few minute intermission to try and calm the crowd down. 



AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Curt Hennig 


After what just happened, it took awhile but Steamboat and Hennig managed to get the crowd engaged. The first 30 minutes is a classic wrestling chess match. Both men bring it. Steamboat looks magnificent with his crisp arm drags and hip tosses. Hennig comes back with some hard shoulder blocks and beautiful dropkicks. Steamboat turns things up by atomic dropping Hennig into the corner and following with a belly to back suplex. Hennig ups his game with a hip toss followed by a running neck snap. Both men continued to battle back and forth. Hennig had a near fall with a jaw breaker. Steamboat almost put things away with an electric chair drop. Yea, the fans were into this one. 

At the 30-minute mark, they have a furious exchange as Steamboat breaks out his chops while Hennig blasts away with forearms. Hennig stops things quick with a mule kick followed by a gut wrench suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Hennig swings Steamboat to the ropes and puts him down with the Axe Bomb. Hennig follows with a neckbreaker 1..2..Kick Out. Hennig berates the Ref. Hennig swings Steamboat to the ropes and flips him over with a knee to the mid-section. Steamboat rises a bit and Hennig nails him with a running kneelift. Hennig picks up Steamboat and hits a delayed suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Hennig angrily stomps away on Steamboat then hoists him up for the cradle suplex but Steamboat back drops Hennig over the top rope! 

Both men are reeling. Hennig slowly gets on the apron. Steamboat staggers up. Him and Hennig start another exchange. Steamboat gets the upper hand as the crowd cheers him on. Steamboat then suplexes Hennig back in the ring. Steamboat goes to the top rope, Hennig staggers up as Steamboat nails him with a brain chop. Hennig staggers up as Steamboat puts him down with an enzugiri 1..2..Kick Out. Steamboat swings Hennig into the corner and follows with a running clothesline. Steamboat goes outside on the apron as Hennig twirls around and falls back. Steamboat hits a springboard splash 1..2..Kick Out. Steamboat swings Hennig to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Hennig kicks him. Steamboat staggers and Hennig puts him down with a clothesline. Both men are reeling again. 

55 minutes have gone by. Both men stagger up. Hennig grabs Steamboat and hits an inverted atomic drop, grabs him and snake eyes him on the top turnbuckle. Hennig continues to work Steamboat over. 59 minutes have gone by. 1 minute to go! Hennig hoists Steamboat up on the turnbuckles. Hennig hops up and goes for a superplex but Steamboat starts punching away. The fans cheer him on as his punches get stronger and stronger. 30 seconds left! Steamboat finally lands the big one and punches Hennig off the turnbuckles. Steamboat slowly regains his composure and stands on the top rope. 10 seconds left. 9...8...Hennig slowly rises...7..Steamboat hits the flying press 6...5..The Ref counts 1..2..3! Steamboat wins the match with 1 second left!!!!! 

The entire place rises and cheers! The Ref hands Steamboat the title and raises his arm. Hennig rolls over and sits on his knees. Steamboat holds the title high as the fans continue to cheer. Hennig grabs the ropes and helps himself up. Hennig slowly walks over to Steamboat and stares at him. Steamboat stares back. Hennig offers his hand. Steamboat stares a bit longer then shakes his hand. Hennig pats him on the back and heads out. Steamboat points down at Hennig, looks at the crowd and applauds him. The night ends with Steamboat holding the title high in the middle of the ring.

Winner of the Match and still AWA World Champ- Ricky Steamboat 

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The Last Battle of the O's ends the same as all the others. I wonder what happens now?

Rheneigans scores the win for his team but it seem The Bombers aren't done with the Olympians.

I think we all saw the Haynes/Morgan double DQ coming.

Snuka goes a bit wild to win his no dq match with Gamma.

Vin Man turns on the Diamond Aces and helps Gold Standard secure a Tag Title shot. Now there's one i definitely didn't see coming.

I was wondering when Dream Machine was gonna show up again. He certainly picked his spot.

By hook or crook Larry Z & Perez are taking the National Tag Titles into the new year.

Another thing I was waiting on was for Baby Doll to make herself known but I would've never guessed she'd show up to help Tommy Goddamn Rich run Jerry Lawler outta Memphis! It's a wonder they made it out alive.

After 3 consecutive heel victories you needed something big to ensure the fans didn't burn the Mid-South Coluseam down and boy howdy did you deliver! Steamboat gets the pin at literally the last possible second! What a way to end the night, hell what a way to end 1986!

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Awesome event...

The Battle of the O's was enjoyable.

Some nice DQ's to keep some wild angles going.

First shocker of the night... Vin Man turns on the Diamond Aces.

Next shocker... Here comes Dream Machine.  Mulligan is going to be fuming.  This is going to be fun.

Enjoying what you are doing with Larry Z.

WOW... shocker of the night... Baby Doll and Wildfire together.   This is going to be awesome.  

More Steamboat-Hennig please.

AWA is on fire going into 87.

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What an amazing card!

Tommy Rich pulling one over on Jerry Lawler was a great shocker and should net him a tremendous amount of heat.

That main event was perfect! Curt Hennig is exactly the right opponent for Ricky Steamboat and the finish was solid!

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 1-7-86


Footage from the Mid South Coliseum's New Year's event is shown. Highlights include British Bombers doing a post match attack on the Olympians. Jimmy Snuka splashing Gama Singh. Billy Jack and Rip Morgan battling to a Double C.O. The Vin Man turning on his Diamond Aces and joining up with Gold Standard. Dream Machine returning and attacking Blackjack Mulligan. Larry and Al Perez retaining their National tag titles against Cabin Fever. The near riot as Baby Doll helped Tommy Rich defeat Jerry Lawler in a non sanctioned loser leaves town match. And Ricky Steamboat defeating Curt Hennig with 1 second left to retain the AWA world title. 


Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another exciting edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. We're kicking off 1987 with some sizzle. Tonight, Jerry Blackwell clashes with Kerry Brown in the main event. Also tonight, Ranger Ross takes on Richard Charland. Also in action will be, Scott Putski, the debut of the Warlord, Soldat Ustinov. After what went down on New Year's, the Diamond Aces will go up against The Vin Man's new team, Gold Standard. We'll also be hearing from the AWA world champion Ricky Steamboat. 

"All my rowdy friends are coming over tonight" by Hank Williams Jr. blasts over the speakers.

Thundering boos as Baby Doll comes out with Tommy Rich (bandaged forehead). Tommy is wearing a "I dethroned the King" T-Shirt. Lance rolls his eyes and shakes his head in disgust.


Rich: Why the long face Lance? Today is a day of joy! Now look, I know you and Lawler were best friends and I know Lawler was Jerry Jarrett's golden boy. All I wanted was a fair shake here and when Lawler went too far, well, I had to stop his madness. Bottom line, Lawler is gone and 1987 is going to be the year of Wildfire! 

Lance: I think you're a very delusional individual and what you and this lady did to Lawler was nothing short of disgusting and down right despicable. Which brings me to my next question. Baby Doll, why are you involved with a man like Tommy Rich? I just don't get it.

Baby Doll: Lance, you know I only associate myself with winners. Tommy Rich is a winner. Sending that loser Lawler packing is only the beginning. We want Ricky Steamboat and we want the AWA world title. 

Rich: Hey, I did the AWA a favor by getting rid of that attention hog Lawler. That alone should earn me a world title shot. You hear me Steamboat? You're next boy! 

More thundering boos as Tommy and Baby Doll leave. 

Lance: (Disgusted) We'll be right back 


Commercial Break 


Soldat Ustinov vs. Trent Watkins 


Soldat works rough but doesn't break the rules. Soldat wins the match with a clothesline followed by a jumping knee drop.

During the match, Gerry Morrow was at ringside, taking notes. 


Footage from last week is shown as Nick Busick defeats Greg Gagne for the TV title! New TV champ Nick Busick will be in action next week! 


Commercial Break 


Gold Standard w/The Vin Man vs. The Diamond Aces

Both Crews and Flowers have bandaged heads from the chair shots on New Year's Eve. They pace back and forth as Vin Man leads Gold Standard to the ring. 

The bell rings and The Diamond Aces run full throttle at Gold Standard. Vinnie gets out of the ring quick. Crews pounds away on Kiniski as Flowers takes it to Kelly. They swing Gold Standard to the ropes and stereo back drop them. Gold Standard staggers up and The Aces stereo clothesline them down. The Ref is finally able to get control. Diamond Aces continue to control. After a few minutes, Vinnie runs around the ring and yells up at Flowers. Flowers hops off the apron and chases Vinnie around the ring. As he turns the corner, Kelly levels Flowers with a clothesline. Kelly presses Flowers up and drops him throat first on the guard railing. Inside the ring, Crews sees this and heads to the outside but Kiniski sends him through the ropes with a flying knee. Kelly grabs him, slams his head on the apron and hurls him back in the ring. Kiniski picks Crews up and slams him throat first on the top rope. Kiniski covers 1..2..3! 

Kelly gets in the ring. Gold Standard pick up Crews and deliver a double hot shot on the top rope. Gold Standard go to the outside, pick up Flowers and double slam him throat first on the guard railing. Vinnie celebrates with Gold Standard as the fans boo. 


Commercial Break 


The Warlord vs. Sam Smith 


Warlord debuts by destroying his opponent and finishes him off with a running powerslam! 

Resnick tries to get a word with Warlord but Warlord gives him a mean look and walks away. 


Commercial Break 

An advertisement is shown for the AWA's next closed circuit event. BIG BRAWL will take place on February 18th at the Mecca in Milwaukee. 


Resnick: Fans, with me right now is the Snowman. Snowman, I understand you have a huge announcement concerning the Bruise Brothers.

Snowman: I sure do! My main man Porkchop Cash promised that the Bruise Brothers would continue and he's right. I want to introduce the man that's going to help bring gold to the Bruise Brothers in 1987. My new partner, Larry Cameron! 

Cheers as Cameron comes out and gives Snowman a double fist bump. 

Cameron: When Porkchop Cash called me and told me what the deal was, I didn't hesitate. The Bruise Brothers are going to make it happen in 87. Just watch. 


The Bruise Brothers vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez


Total domination! The finish sees Snowman atomic drop Dutro as Cameron quickly follows with the Harlem Hammer (Running double axehandle to the back of the head)! 


Commercial Break 


Scott "Powerhouse" Putski vs. Neil Jordan 


Once again, Gerry Morrow is out scouting. 

Putski looks crisp and wins the match with a powerslam off the ropes! 


Resnick: Ok, Scott Putski, come on over. Tremendous victory. 

Boos as The Vin Man and "The Rocket" Ron Ritchie come out. 

Vin: Rezzy, Rezzy, Rezzy! Why are you wasting time with this punk? The Rocket Man is what's happening in the AWA. Everyone knows that. Take a walk Scotty. 

Putski: Why don't you make me! 

More boos as Gold Standard come out. 

Resnick: Scott, it's ok. Take it easy. No need for trouble. 

Scott nods and exits.

Resnick: Ok. satisfied? Since you rudely interrupted, why don't you tell me and everybody out here, why you ditched the Diamond Aces? It wasn't long ago, when you did the same to this man Kevin Kelly. Just what's going on? 

Vin: Wow! Turn off the interrogation light, Inspector. You see, Kev is family. Family has fights, disagreements and disputes but in the end we're family. The Diamond Aces simply didn't cut it. Gold Standard and the Rocket Man are what's in style. Gold Standard have earned a world tag team title shot. Gold will be wearing gold. Ha, get it Rezzy? Now, boys, lets give the people what they want. ah 1 and ah 2 and ah 3..4.

All singing in unison: We are family. Kevbo, Nicky, Ronnie and Vin-ie! 


Commercial Break 


The Dream Machine w/Roger Kirby vs. Arnie Goldstein 


Dream is back babay and makes short work of Goldstein. Dream hits his jumping elbow drop off the ropes and it's all over. Kirby gets in the ring and raises Dream's arm as the fans boo. 

Cheers as Blackjack Mulligan comes to ringside and grabs the mic from Resnick. 

Mulligan: Dream Machine! I already gave you a beating and would love to do it again but I still have unfinished business with that spineless Parsons. However, I found someone who has unfinished business with you! 

Dream and Kirby are laughing at Mulligan and daring him to get in the ring. 


Cheers as THE SPOILER sneaks in the ring behind them. Kirby turns around and Spoiler knocks him down. Dream turns around and Spoiler clamps on the claw! The fans are going nuts as Spoiler wrenches away while Dream sinks to his knees. Security hits the ring fast. 


Commercial Break 


The Double O's (Steve and Barry O) vs. Todd Rooney and Ray Glader 


After battling to 3 epic draws, Steve and Barry O have decided to join forces. They come out wearing baseball jerseys with Double O's on the back. 

Double O's seem to have good chemistry and win the match after Steve hits a vertical suplex on Glader and Barry follows with a knee drop from the top rope! 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink "Beauty Shop" sign, then pans down to Brenda Britton. 



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the highest rated segment in all of wrestling, the Beauty Shop. What a show to kick off the new year. My guests are a tag team I've met before and back then we didn't see eye to eye. But after talking with them in the back, I was both amazed and pleased at their new attitude. Please welcome out the self proclaimed greatest tag team in the world, The Rock n Roll RPMS! 


Boos as the RPMs come out and hug Brenda. They mock the fans with the "I love you" hand signs. 

Britton: I know you guys have a lot to say and this is the place to do it. Go right ahead. 

Lane: Thank you Brenda and might I add, you look stunning tonight. The RPMs are not only the greatest rock n roll tag team but the greatest team period! 

Davis: That's right! I mean look around. We arrive and the Rock n Roll Express bolt. We arrive and the Fabulous Ones break up. You know why? 

Lane: Pure fear! 

Britton: You guys are so cool. Now, as I've told all these morons out here, everything happens on my show. I understand you have another announcement? 

Davis: Yes we do. You see, since we're the only rock n rollers in town, we thought it was only fitting that we have our own personal guitar player that will provide us with our ring entrance music. 

Lane: Introducing to you, the greatest guitar rocker in the world who will provide us with our own entrance music. Ladies and Gentlemen. JT Southern! 


JT comes out and jams on his guitar as Brenda and the RPMs nod in approval. 

Britton: I told you! That's kicking off 1987 with a bang! Until next time...tooooodles! 


Commercial Break 


Ranger Ross vs. "The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland 


Gino Brito is noticeably missing tonight.  

Pretty good hard hitting match up. Charland wants to duke it out with Ross and Ross goes toe to toe with him. Just as Ross gets the upper hand, SPIKE HUBER hits the ring and attacks Ross! The Ref signals for the DQ. Now Charland joins in and him and Huber put the boots to Ross. Wait a minute! SOLDAT USTINOV hits the ring. Charland and Huber smile and invite Soldat to get in some shots. The fans go bonkers as Soldat puts Huber and Charland down with a double clothesline! Huber and Charland roll out of the ring and are both dazed and stunned. What just happened? 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: I'm standing here with Ranger Ross. Can you explain what just happened? 

Ross: (breathing heavy) I wish I could. 

Soldat comes out. 

Soldat: (palms held up) I know what it is like to be betrayed by partners. I know what you are feeling. There is no reason why we can't work together. What I am saying is, if you need my help, you got it! 

Soldat walks away to cheers. 

Resnick: Certainly, a very unexpected situation. I guess we'll see how this develops. Fans' I've just been informed that both Dream Machine and Spoiler have been escorted out of the building. We'll be right back. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans at the Mid South Coliseum witnessed a real wrestling classic on New Year's Eve. Ricky Steamboat retained the AWA world title by defeating Curt Hennig with 1 second left. Please welcome out the AWA world champ Ricky Steamboat. 


Massive pop as Steamboat comes out wearing slacks, shirt and tie. He smiles and holds up the world title. 

Steamboat: Ken, that was one of the most grueling and hard fought matches I've ever been involved in. Curt Hennig truly tested me that night. 

The fans stir as Curt Hennig comes out wearing a suit. 


Hennig: Ricky, I must admit, that was the toughest wrestling match of my life. I've done a lot of thinking about my recent attitude and I think it's time I ventured to a new scene and get my head straight. Before I go, I want to say, Ricky, I deeply respect you. 

Hennig puts out his hand. Steamboat smiles, nods and shakes it. The fans cheer as they hug. 


Commercial Break 


Crusher Blackwell vs. "Pitbull" Kerry Brown w/Roger Kirby


Before the bell even rings, Kirby and Brown attack Blackwell. Blackwell starts to fire back but Iceman Parsons hits the ring and nails Blackwell. Cheers as Blackjack Mulligan hits the ring! Fists are flying! Everybody fights to the outside. Kirby gets knocked down. Parsons and Mulligan fight into the crowd. Brown and Blackwell fight all around the ring. Blackwell gets the upper hand and tosses Brown into the ringside table as the attendants run for cover. Blackwell grabs a chair and blasts Brown's back. Security runs out but Blackwell starts swinging the chair at them. Meanwhile, Parsons and Mulligan continue to battle out in the crowd as the fans scatter. CHAOS! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: My goodness! Things have finally settled down. Things really got out of control. (Catches his breath) Joining me now is Jerry Jarrett. Jerry I understand you have an announcement regarding the National Title that was held by Jerry Lawler. Unfortunately, Jerry had to vacate that title. 

JarrettThis is very sad indeed and not the way I wanted to start the new year. However, Jerry agreed to the terms and followed through with them. 

Verne Gagne walks out. 

Verne: Jerry, hold on a minute. I'm sorry to have to do this out here and on national TV but I just can't hold my tongue any longer. It's been almost a year since the merger. During that time I tended to my behind the scenes duties and let you run the wrestling operations. I just can't take it anymore. You're turning the AWA into a disgrace. The last match was the straw that broke my back. Under your watch, you've done nothing but cause massive chaos and have put the fans and our employees at risk. I mean look at that National title. A man had to vacate it because of a non sanctioned loser leaves town match. I would've never let that happen. Never! The AWA is my block and it's time I took it back and bring it back to the glory it once was. In other words, you're taking a back seat and I'm running the show! 

Verne leaves as a puzzled Jarrett and Resnick look on. 





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Wildfire wastes no time declaring himself #1 contender to the World Title. Rich vs Steamboat is the ultimate face/heel feud!

Morrow eyeing Ustinov for his tag team? Don't see them having much in common.

Vinnie leads Gold Standard to another win over the Diamond Aces.

Warlord works great as the silent destroyer.

Cameron is a worthy addition to the Bruise Brothers.

First Ustinov now Putski? Morrow is certainly looking at a wide range of talent for his new team.

I hope Jumbo dragon suplexes Vinnie so hard he shortens him.

Spoiler is back and he's spoiling for another round with Dream Machine babay!

The Epic Battles of the O's have lead to an epic team up!

The two stupidest men in wrestling arrive in the AWA and now they've got someone to play them to the ring. Oh brother.

Hmmm. It seems his recent falling out with The Koloffs has got Ustinov rethinking some things.

A surprisingly mature reaction from Henning. Let's see if it carries over to his next destination.

The main event doesn't even get started as they can't be bothered to wait for the bell! Their tag match is gonna be huge!

Verne Gagne has had all he can stand & he can't stands no more! Let's see how he changes things!

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AWA Breaking News


Tommy "Wildfire" Rich has defeated Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat for the AWA World Title!!! 


Saturday, January 8th, 1987, will be a night the fans at the Louisville Gardens would never forget. Ricky Steamboat was originally scheduled to defend the world title against "Pitbull" Kerry Brown. However, during the AWA's last televised show, Brown suffered an injury at the hands of Jerry Blackwell and was unable to compete. Steamboat agreed to face a substitute. Tommy Rich was announced as the sub. You can imagine the heat when Rich (wearing his "I dethroned the King" T-Shirt) along with Baby Doll came down the aisle for the match. 

Steamboat controlled a majority of the match and looked like he was well on his way to another successful title defense. Then things got crazy. Steamboat went to the top rope. Rich was staggering up and grabbed the Ref for leverage. As Steamboat sailed off the ropes, he nailed Rich with the flying press, but the Ref got sandwiched, took a nasty bump and was knocked out. 

Steamboat had Rich covered for several seconds, then realized the Ref was out. The fans erupted in thundering boos when CARLOS COLON and CURTIS IAUKEA came to ringside. Iaukea hit the ring and tried to hit Steamboat with his kendo stick, but Steamboat turned around in time and put Iaukea down with a chop. Colon ran in and nailed Steamboat from behind with a clothesline. Colon hurled Steamboat out of the ring. Even Baby Doll backed away. Colon went to the apron. Steamboat staggered up and Colon put him down with a diving clothesline. Iaukea got up, grabbed his kendo stick and went outside. Iaukea blasted Steamboat several times with the kendo stick. Colon picked up Steamboat and rammed him headfirst into the steel post, busting Steamboat open. Nuclear heat from the fans. Iaukea gave Colon instructions. Colon (with nothing but evil in his eyes) picked up Steamboat and hurled him on the Announcer's table. Colon hopped up on the table, grabbed Steamboat and (in one of the most shocking moments in AWA history) executed a piledriver and Steamboat went through the table! An eerie hush went through the crowd. 

Colon and Iaukea picked up a lifeless Steamboat and rolled him back into the ring. Colon and Iaukea headed back up the aisle as the fans were in complete shock. Baby Doll was screaming at Rich and pointing over at the lifeless Steamboat. Rich slowly rolled over and covered Steamboat. Baby Doll went into the ring and dragged the Ref over. Baby Doll shook the Ref. The Ref groggily counted 1..2..3! 

Baby Doll jumped up and down celebrating. She ran out and grabbed the world title, then came back in and handed Rich the title. Rich smiled, got on his knees, kissed the title and held it up. The fans were still in a state of shock. Security escorted Rich and Baby Doll out of there. 

The night couldn't' have ended on a worse note when Medics put a neck brace on Steamboat and stretchered him out and into an ambulance. 

Tommy Rich is the NEW AWA World Champion! 

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I've said it before but damn you've come a long way from the guy who told me he wasn't sure if he could do this. AWA is at the top of the mountain in many ways with Tommy Rich leading the charge. I love the mix of talent you've got... something that will definitely put the AWA in the limelight.

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Great first show of the new year.  I really hope Tommy Rich was correct when he said this will be the year of the Wildfire.  Tommy Rich and Baby Doll is an awesome combo.  One of my favorite tag teams in Dawn of War has been the Bruise Brothers.  Really glad Snowman has found a new partner.  This should be awesome.  The Beauty Shop was perfect as the RPM's get some quick heat with their stories of the Express and The Fab Ones running away from them.  Disappointed to see Hennig go.  Looking forward to Steamboats next competition.....

WOW.... Didn't see that coming.  Tommy Rich as the new champ.  He might need Baby Doll to do some of his fighting for him.  This is going to be fun!

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 1-14-87



Show opens with footage of the Ricky Steamboat/Tommy Rich AWA world title bout from the Louisville Gardens. The last scene is Ricky Steamboat being stretchered into an Ambulance. 


Lance: (Very somber) Hello fans and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. (Deep breath) As you just saw, Tommy Rich is the new AWA world champion. Ricky Steamboat is currently in the hospital recovering from surgery. I understand his neck was severely injured at the hands of Carlos Colon and Curtis Iaukea. Yes, once again Carlos Colon has injured Ricky's neck. However, this time it looks like Ricky will be out of action for quite some time. I'm disgusted just thinking about it. Ricky Steamboat was one of the greatest world champions I've ever had the pleasure of watching. What a damn shame for his reign to end like this. 

Hank Williams Jr's "All my Rowdy friends are coming over tonight" blasts over the speakers.


Thundering boos as Baby Doll comes out smiling. Louder boos as Tommy Rich (wearing a "Dragon Slayer" T-Shirt) struts out, with the world title on his shoulder. Tommy goes over, grabs Lance's hand and forces a handshake. 

Lance: Come on Tommy, I'm not really in the mood. 

Rich: Wait! What was that Lance? What? Oh, did you say something about being fired up?!?! 

Tommy laughs as Baby Doll smiles, nods and applauds. 

Rich: Come on Lance, lighten up. This is the dawning of a new era. Tommy Rich stormed into the AWA. Sent that loser Lawler out of here. Then a week later, I slayed the Dragon! Now, here I am, holding the AWA world title! You're already looking at 1987's wrestler of the year. Everything just feels right, don't it? 

Lance: Look Tommy, no doubt about it, you're the new AWA world champ. It's the way you won it that's rubbed me the wrong way. Were you in on this with Colon and Iaukea? 

Rich: (long pause) Lance, I'm shocked and appalled that you would even ask me that. I don't even know those guys. Hey, seems to me Steamboat made some serious enemies and now he's paying for it. But, oh well, that's not my problem. My problem is you trying to ruin my glorious moment. Just for that, take a step back Lance and give your mic to Baby Doll. 

Lance hands his mic to Baby Doll and just walks away. 

Baby Doll: Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the NEW AWA World Champion, Tommy "Wildfire" Rich! 

Massive boos as Tommy kisses his world title, smiles and holds it up high. 


Commercial Break 


AWA TV Champ Nick Busick vs. Steven James 


Since defeating Greg Gagne for the TV title, Busick has gotten over with the fans big time. 

Busick's power moves has James bouncing and bumping all over. Busick wins the match with the Spinebuster Slam! 


Resnick: New TV champ Nick Busick, come on over. Well, I can't think of a better debut than winning that title. How does it all feel? 

Busick: Surreal, very, very surreal. My first night here, Gagne issues the open challenge. I figured, why not go for it. I did and here I am holding this TV title. Doesn't get any better my friend. I promise you and all these fans, Nick Busick will be a fighting champ and take on all comers. 


Commercial Break 


Ranger Ross and Soldat Ustinov vs. The Teamsters (Richard Charland and Spike Huber) 

Charland and Huber enter the ring wearing work boots, blue jeans and taped fists. 

After what happened last week, Ross and Soldat get a nice pop. USA and USSR working together! 

The bell rings and Ross starts. 


Soldat clotheslines Ross from behind! WHAT! Soldat puts the boots to Ross as the Teamsters look puzzled. Soldat picks up Ross, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a massive clothesline! Soldat stares at the Teamsters, then exits the ring. 

Teamsters smile, pick up Ross and hit a double suplex. Huber covers as a bewildered Ref counts 1..2..3! 

Teamsters exit. 

Soldat grabs his Russian Flag, gets in the ring and hammers away on Ross. Boos as Soldat waves his flag and heads to ringside.

Resnick: I should've known better. What a set up. Why? 

Soldat: Did you really think I would align myself with a weak American like that poor excuse laying in the ring? I must show the Kremlin that I am worthy. This was only the beginning! 

More boos as Soldat waves the flag in front of the camera. 


Commercial Break 


"The Rocket" Ron Ritchie w/The Vin Man vs. Sam Smith 


Vinnie leads Ritchie to the ring as "Rocket Man" by Elton John plays.

Nice showcase for Ritchie. The end comes when Ritchie slams Smith, hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a reverse slingshot splash for the win. 


Commercial Break 


Highlights are shown of AWA World tag team champs Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami defending the titles in Japan. 


Resnick: Fans, next week the AWA world tag team champions will be in action as they return from a successful tour of Japan. On that note, let's go to the ring as Yoshiaki Yatsu is set for action. 


"The Japanese Fury" Yoshiaki Yatsu vs. Todd Rooney


Yatsu is wearing red pants with yellow flames circling his legs. 

Yatsu is aggressive as he works over Rooney. He puts Rooney down with a high karate kick, picks him up and hits bridging back suplex for the win! 


Resnick: The AWA continues to bring in the very best International stars. Fans, as you know our next big closed circuit event will take place on February 18th live from the Mecca in Milwaukee. I'm talking about Big Brawl. I've been informed that the first match signed for that tremendous event will be El Canek taking on Yoshiaki Yatsu. Now listen to this. Next week, right here on TV, you'll see a battle royal. The winner of that battle royal will receive an AWA world title shot at Big Brawl. Whew, the stakes will be high. 


Commercial Break 


"Cowboy" Johnny Mantell vs. "Wrangler" Nelson Royal


These two recently had a verbal confrontation and have decided to settle just who the real cowboy is. 

The first few minutes is some pretty fast paced wrestling with neither man gaining a clear advantage. Nelson gets control with a cheap shot during a break. Nelson rakes Mantell's eyes, swings him to the ropes and back drops him. Nelson follows with a vertical suplex and knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Nelson swings Mantell into the corner and charges in but Mantell runs forward and clotheslines Nelson down. Mantell regroups.

Mantell body slams Nelson, swings off the ropes and hits a jumping knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Mantell swings Nelson into the corner, follows and executes a monkey flip. Nelson slumps up as Mantell hits a neck snap. Mantell picks up Nelson and hits the Russian Leg Sweep. 1..2..(Nelson's foot is under the rope) 3! Mantell jumps up and pumps his fists. The Ref sees Nelson's foot and informs Mantell the match must continue. Mantell is having words with the Ref. Nelson reaches in his tights and puts a pair of brass knuckles on his fist. Mantell goes to pick up Nelson but Nelson nails him with the brass knuckles! Nelson tosses the knuckles out of the ring and covers 1..2..3! 

Boos as Nelson goes out and gets his cowboy hat. He waves it to the fans and puts it on with pride. 


Commercial Break 


Lightning Strike vs. Trent Watkins and Ray Glader 


Horner atomic drops Glader as Allen puts him down with a missile dropkick for the win. 

Lightning Express cut a promo and say they're ready for a shot at the National Tag Team Titles. 


Commercial Break 


Phil Lefon vs. Phil Apollo 



These two give the fans a few minutes of seesaw action. All of a sudden, the bell starts ringing several times. Both Phil's and the Ref stop and are totally confused. The camera zooms over and sees an animated Gerry Morrow ringing the bell. 


Resnick: Gerry Morrow! What are you doing? There's a match going on! You can't do this! 

Morrow: Oh yes I can! Mr. Lefon, Mr. Apollo, will you please come down and join me? 

Apollo and Lefon are still confused as they slowly head to ringside. 

Morrow: Gentlemen! De pleasure is all mine. As you know I have been scouting various wrestlers so that I can form a team. A successful team. A team that will not only win me de gold but one million dollars as well. Today I have my answer. You two will be my team. Just look at you. Athletic! Muscular! Confident! And best of all, both of your names are Phil! Do you see? Dis is perfect. You come with me and I will guide you to de top! De top! There it is! Your team name will be de Top Dollar Phils! It is brilliant! Now come with me and I will buy you de very best ring gear. Are you in? 

Apollo and Lefon look at each other, take it all in. Shrug their shoulders and shake hands. Morrow laughs and puts his arms around them and escorts them out. 

Resnick: I have no clue what just happened. 


Commercial Break 


The British Bombers vs. Melvin Ontario and Lukas Mann 


Smith clips Mann behind the knee as Taylor blasts him with a running forearm for the win! 

Bombers cut a promo on the Olympians and tell them they're in for a lot more pain! 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink "Beauty Shop" sign, then pans down to Brenda Britton. 



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the highest rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. Boy oh boy do I have a bombshell of a show tonight. Well, I know I'm a bombshell but I'm talking about my guests. Big things are happening in the AWA so without further adieu, please welcome out the co promoters of the AWA, Jerry Jarrett and Verne Gagne. 

Jarrett and Verne walk out in suits and have some serious faces on. 

Britton: I'm not sure who should start? 

Verne: I will. Jerry, last week I got a lot off my chest and made some valid points. What happened to Ricky Steamboat just proves everything I said! We had a champion who defended the AWA with pride. A champion everyone could be proud of. And then, on your watch of course, all hell breaks loose and he's no longer champion. Damn, he might not even be able to wrestle again. Enough is enough! 

Jarrett: Look Verne, you think I'm happy about what went down? That was sickening. Carlos Colon and Curtis Iaukea will be dealt with, I promise. I can only wish Ricky Steamboat a healthy recovery and I'm deeply saddened by what transpired. 

Verne: I'm sure you are. But like I said, your days as promoter are coming to an end. So, now I'm going to inform the people and the AWA on how we're going to handle this. There's only one way and that's in the ring. 

Britton: Wow, that sounds intriguing. What's the plan? 

Verne: At Big Brawl, we have decided to have a 10 man elimination match. Jerry will pick 5 and I will pick 5. We will each have a team that will represent us. At stake will be the AWA. That's right. When my team wins, I will run the AWA and I will run it my way. 

Jarrett: I'm sorry it had to come to this but what makes you so sure, your team is going to win? 

Verne: That's easy because my team will be consisted of pure wrestlers. It all comes down to wrestling and pure wrestling will prevail. 

Boos as Greg Gagne walks out wearing a wrestling sweatsuit. 

Britton: Greg Gagne! What a surprise. 

Greg: Hello Brenda. (Looks at Verne) Dad, I know you haven't approved of my recent methods and how I've conducted myself, but I can help you. I can help bring the AWA to its former glory. I ditched Johnny Valiant and I've never been more focused. Please, let me help.

Jarrett: I'm glad you're out here Greg. Because you can witness my first pick. The man that beat you for the TV title, Nick Busick! 

Busick walks out as the fans cheer. 

Greg gives a sarcastic nod. 

Jarrett: You wanted this Verne, you got it. 

Jarrett and Busick walk out. 

Verne: Greg, you're my son and together we can win this thing. You're in. 

Greg: You won't regret this Dad. I love you. 

Verne: I love you to son. 

The Gagne's hug. 

Britton: That's the most beautiful moment ever on the Beauty Shop. Brings tears to my eyes. Until next week toooodles. 



Commercial Break  


Resnick: Fans, I've been dreading this all week. Coming out now is Curtis Iaukea and Carlos Colon.


Nuclear heat! Iaukea comes out swinging his kendo stick while Colon has nothing but evil in his eyes. Garbage is thrown as extra security stands in front of the guard rails. 

Resnick: I don't even know where to begin. Not only did the two of you cost Ricky Steamboat the AWA world title but you severely injured his neck. The man will be in the hospital for who knows how long! What you did was unforgivable! 

Iaukea: No! What we did was awaken the inner darkness of Carlos Colon. I took him on a journey and turned him into the man he was always meant to be. Carlos not only took away something Ricky Steamboat loved, his materialistic title but he took Ricky Steamboat's soul. Something that can never be replaced! Carlos! My son! I am proud. 

Colon: I told you and all these people, Ricky Steamboat would suffer. He has suffered and will continue to suffer each and every waking moment. I've never enjoyed and savored a moment like I did when I put Steamboat through that table!

WHAM! Iaukea is mowed over as JIMMY SNUKA comes out and attacks Colon! Snuka tackles Colon and pounds away but Security was already on high alert and swarmed the scene. Several members of Security pull Snuka off. A dazed Iaukea grabs Colon and gets out of there. Snuka is screaming Colon's name as the commercial hits.


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans, I believe everything is...whoa Jimmy Snuka is coming back.


Snuka: (rage in his eyes) Colon! Iaukea! You made a grave mistake! I'm coming for you! The Superfly is coming for you! 

Snuka flips over chairs as he heads out.

Resnick: My goodness! I've never seen Jimmy Snuka like that. Things have been intense tonight and that's an understatement. Things could get worse as our main event is up next.


Commercial Break 


Blackjack Mulligan/The Spoiler and Crusher Blackwell vs. The Syndicate (Iceman Parsons/Dream Machine and "Pitbull" Kerry Brown w/Roger Kirby 

The bell rings and of course chaos ensues! Mulligan and Iceman brawl to the outside. Blackwell and Brown trade huge blows in the ring. Dream Machine and Spoiler battle through the ropes and fight around the ring. Kirby tries to jump Mulligan but Mulligan turns around and puts him down with a big right punch. Mulligan turns around and Iceman blasts him over the head with a chair! The Ref has already thrown this one out. The fists keep flying as the commercial hits. 


Commercial Break


Resnick is standing with Spoiler and Blackwell. Mulligan pops on screen with a bloody head, 

Mulligan: Parsons! That's it! Tomorrow night! Jackson Coliseum. You and me! Loser Leaves Town! You're done Parsons! You hear me! Done! 



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Really fun show....

I look at this and see what Tommy Rich could have been.  Outside of Memphis and in ECW, he never really played the heel.  Through in the drugs and other things and he threw it all away.  I am going to enjoy his run here.

Great job bringing in a little Glasnost with Soldat.  The Russian/American Wrestling Wars are easy to write.  I give you credit here with some creativity.  

Big night for Busick... 1st pick for Jarrett.  This 5 on 5 battle is going to be fun.  Unsure what to think of Greg G.  This could blow up.

A good Cowboy brawl is always fun... Nelson-Mantell is another great Mid-Card feud.

Snuka-Colon... This is going to be fun.



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The reign of Wildfire officially begins and poor Lance is absolutely miserable.

Busick vows to to be a fighting champion. I don't doubt him.

The Teamsters with a successful debut but the real story is Ustinov taking the first step towards proving himself to the Kremlin.

The Rocket is really soaring under Vin Man's leadership.

Yatsu certainly brings the fury in his return to America.

Nelson wins the match but I have a feeling this battle of the cowboys is just getting started.

The Lightning Express may think they're ready for the National Tag Titles but they have a new obstacle in the form of da Top Dollar Phils! 

The Brits are ready to drop the bomb on the Olympians!

Oh shit! Verne & Jerry 5 on 5 at Big Brawl! Winner gets control of the AWA!

The Superfly is back and ready to defend Steamboat's honor!

Mulligan has had enough of Parsons B.S & challenges him to Loser Leaves Town! This could either be a huge loss for the Syndicate or their biggest win yet!

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AWA @ The Jackson Coliseum 1-16-87



"Sir" Norman Smiley defeated A Local Talent with a flying elbow drop from the top rope


"Dynamite" DJ Peterson defeated Gene Ligon with a diving shoulder block from the middle ropes 


Gama Singh and "Hurricane" Miguel Perez wrestled to a 10 minute draw. Miguel made his AWA debut tonight and impressed the fans by going the limit with Gama. However, Gama was clearly pissed. 


Cabin Fever defeated the RPM's w/JT Southern by DQ- RPMs personal ring entrance guitar player JT Southern whacked Grizzly with his guitar to cause the DQ. Manny Fernandez had that payback look in his eyes while tending to his partner. 


The Dream Machine w/Roger Kirby defeated The Spoiler- Roger Kirby handed Dream a foreign object, which Dream loaded into his mask and headbutted Spoiler to get the tainted pin. 


Billy Jack Haynes and Rip Morgan battled to a Double C.O.- After the match, Rip tried to hit Billy Jack with his chain but Billy kicked him low, grabbed the chain and clotheslined Rip with it! 


AWA National Tag Team Title Bout 

Larry Z and Al Perez (C) defeated The Olympians- Exciting 20 minute seesaw battle. The Olympians looked strong and gave the champs a real scare. In the end, Kazmaier had Larry in a bearhug. Perez came in and nailed Kazmaier with a high knee to the back. Rheingans ran in and battled Perez to the corner. Larry regrouped and executed a swinging neckbreaker on Kazmaier for the win. Larry Z and Al Perez retain! 


Loser Leaves Town Match! 

Blackjack Mulligan vs. Iceman Parsons w/Roger Kirby

This all started at SuperClash and it ends tonight. 

At the 15 minute mark both men are battered, bruised and bloody. Both men fight to the outside. Kirby hits Mulligan from behind and Iceman follows by body slamming Mulligan on the concrete. Iceman hurls Mulligan into the ring. The fans cheer when the Spoiler runs out, grabs Kirby and clamps on the claw! Dream Machine runs out, but Spoiler drops Kirby and punches away on Dream Machine. Iceman sees what's going on and starts to head out, but Mulligan gets up and hurls Iceman out of the ring. 

Spoiler clamps the claw on Dream Machine! Mulligan swings Iceman headfirst into the steel post, then hurls him back in the ring. Mulligan picks up Iceman, swings him to the ropes and hits his diving back elbow smash 1..2..3!!! 

Massive Pop! 

Mulligan and Spoiler head up the aisle as the fans cheer. The Syndicate is laid out. 

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Smiley & Peterson each pick up a solid win.

Perez may have impressed the fans but pissing off Gama doesn't tend to end well.

I recently called the RPM's the stupidest men in wrestling & they seem determined to prove me right by starting something with Cabin Fever.

Dream Machine with that damn loaded headbutt.

Haynes & Morgan can't be bothered following the rules.

Zybyszko & Perez are seriously in sync. Gonna make it that much harder for anyone to get those belts off.

Iceman is gone dealing a sharp blow to the Syndicate! How will Kirby & co respond?

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The AWA continues on the long road of ruin as we have some good action.

I appreciated the Loser Leaves Match... Iceman has got a good history and I am sure (wink) he'll land on his toes in the future.

Outside of that, I like this Larry and Perez team... two guys who had more potential than payoff imo. 

Tommy Rich is also one of my newfound faves after watching WCW Saturday Night from 1989-1991. He is so fun to watch and a true tv mvp. I am looking forward to his reign atop of the AWA mountain.

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Nice house show with some fun matches.  I would have loved to have seen what you were going to do with Iceman and Kirby,  

Anyway, great ending and Mulligan and the Spoiler give the fans exactly what they want.

I can see you getting everyone in the right place in terms of your roster and the feuds are brewing.  Going to be another great year for the AWA.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 1-21-87



Footage from the Jackson Coliseum is shown as Blackjack Mulligan defeats Iceman Parsons in a loser leaves town match. 


Lance: Hello everybody and welcome to another exciting edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Tremendous show lined up. You will see a battle royal and the winner will receive an AWA world title shot at Big Brawl. Speaking of Big Brawl, we'll have a lot of special announcements regarding the closed circuit event, which comes to you on Friday February 18th from the Mecca in Milwaukee. 

Thundering boos as Curtis Iaukea and Carlos Colon storm out. 

Iaukea: Jimmy Snuka! You want to be a hero? You want to try and avenge your friend Ricky Steamboat? What you did was make a grave mistake! You have upset one Carlos Colon. 

Colon: Snuka! You want a fight? So do I! But, we will not fight in a wrestling match. NO! I will only fight you in a Caribbean Death match at Big Brawl!

Iaukea: Think long and hard about this, Jimmy Snuka! Just remember what Carlos Colon did to the last guy who fought him in a Caribbean Death match. If you do accept, you will end up just like your friend Ricky Steamboat! 

Iaukea and Colon exit as the fans boo. 

Lance: Those are two very sick and demented men. Let's ah get to the ring. 


Scott "Powerhouse" Putski vs. Leo Wiseman 


Putski gets the fans warmed up by powerslamming his way to another victory. 

Putski cuts a promo about tonight's battle royal and this weekend's match against Ron Ritchie at the Met Center. He also tells Vin Man, he better watch himself. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Joining me now are Verne and Greg Gagne. Gentlemen, at Big Brawl, it will be a 10 man elimination tag match. On one side will be a team representing Jerry Jarrett and on the other, a team representing Verne Gagne. At stake? Control of the AWA. 

Verne: Ken, there's no doubt in my mind that I will regain sole control of the AWA. Why? Because my team will consist of pure wrestlers. Greg has been hard at work in putting together my all-star team. 

Greg: That's right Dad. I know you will be proud. Let me bring out a man who's been a tremendous help. You know him and his father very well. I'm talking about Mike Graham. 


Mike comes out in a wrestling sweat suit. 

Verne: (shakes Mike's hand) Mike, great to see you and welcome to team Gagne. 

Mike: Verne, when Greg told me what was going on, I didn't hesitate a second. I'm all in! You want wrestlers? Well, Greg and I have got one. The next team Gagne member, Sir Norman Smiley. 

Smiley arrogantly walks out in a matching wrestling sweatsuit.


Greg: Dad, he was trained by the Malenkos. 

Verne: The Malenkos? 

Greg: Yes. 

Verne: Say no more. Sir Norman, welcome.

Verne shakes Norman's hand. 

Norman: It will be my upmost pleasure to share the ring with true professional wrestlers.

Greg: That's not all Dad. Tonight, 2 top caliber wrestlers, Nelson Royal and Jesse Barr will have a match. The winner will get a spot on team Gagne. It's a win, win for us. And one final announcement. To prove there are no egos on team Gagne, next week we're going to bring a man who we have chosen to be our captain. Dad, you're going to be thrilled. 

Verne: Greg, all I can say is I'm proud. 


Commercial Break 


Highlights are shown of Billy Jack Haynes and Rip Morgan battling to several double countouts and fighting over the chain. Tomorrow night at the Met Center, those two will meet in a chain match! 


Billy Jack Haynes vs. Trent Watkins 


Billy is aggressive tonight and wins the match with his full nelson! 

Billy cuts an intense promo on tonight's battle royal and also says he's going to choke the life out of Morgan with that chain! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans, after a successful tour of Japan, the AWA world tag team champs are back and set for action. 


AWA World Tag Team Champs Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez 


The champs look in sync tonight. Jumbo hits a knee drop from the top rope on Lopez, then tags in Fujinami, who finishes things off with a Dragon plex. 

The fans cheer as Jumbo and Tatsumi raise the titles high. 


Commercial Break 


Blackjack Mulligan vs. Carl Kellerman 


Mulligan gets a lot of cheers as he finishes Kellerman off with a diving back elbow smash! 

Boos as Roger Kirby comes to ringside and takes the mic from Resnick.

Kirby: Mulligan! Yea, you must be feeling pretty good right now. I bet you think you did some real damage to the Syndicate. HA! Roger Kirby always has a plan. The Syndicate is more powerful than ever! Here's what I mean. 

Mulligan goes towards the ropes.



He's nailed from behind by ROB FULLER and JIMMY GOLDEN! Fuller and Golden do a number on Mulligan before putting him down with a spike piledriver! 

Kirby runs in and gives Mulligan a few stomps. Mega boos as Kirby raises Fuller and Golden's arms up. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: My goodness! I can't believe it but it looks like Fuller and Golden are now a part of the Syndicate. Mulligan had to be helped out of here by Jerry Blackwell and The Spoiler. I understand Spoiler and Blackwell were in back preparing for the battle royal and had no idea what was going on. Switching gears, joining me now is Jerry Jarrett. Jerry, as you saw earlier, team Gagne is on the move. 

Jarrett: Hey, I respect that. It appears they have put together a very accomplished unit. Well, I have a couple announcements of my own. Last week I enlisted TV Champ Nick Busick. Joining Busick on team Jarrett will the Bruise Brothers along with DJ Peterson. 


Cheers as DJ and the Bruise Brothers come out with Nick Busick. They all pat each other on the backs and high five. 

Resnick: WOW! Very impressive indeed. 

Jarrett: I couldn't agree more. This is one powerful team. And next week, I'll announce our final member. Ken, I have to say, I'm going into Big Brawl with some confidence. 


Commercial Break 


AWA National Tag Champs Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez vs. Todd Rooney and Ray Glader 

The champs ooze with confidence. Perez hits the helicopter drop for the win. 


Resnick: It's official, at Big Brawl, you two will defend the National tag titles against one of the hottest teams in the AWA, Lightning Strike. 

Perez: Who? Larry, why haven't I heard of these guys? 

Larry: Because they're a couple of spudheads. Listen up little Timmy and Jerry, you might impress all these idiots out here and somehow you managed to get a National tag title shot. However, you don't impress us one bit. We're the champs for a reason and you two brats are going to find out why at Big Brawl. 


Commercial Break


Winner gets a spot on Team Gagne

"Wrangler" Nelson Royal vs. "Bulldog" Jesse Barr 


Greg Gagne and Mike Graham are at ringside. 

The first few minutes is solid chain wrestling with neither man gaining an advantage. Nelson kicks it up and takes control. Nelson back drops Barr and quickly follows with a gut wrench suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Nelson slams Barr, hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee drop. Nelson hoists Barr up and hits a vertical suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Nelson clamps on a headlock and goes for a running bulldog but Barr pushes Nelson into the turnbuckles. Nelson hits hard and stumbles back as Barr grabs him and hits a belly to back suplex 1..2..3! 

Gagne and Graham enter the ring and shake Barr's hand, then escorts him out. 

Nelson sits in the ring clearly upset. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans, you're about to see the debut of a very exciting and high flying individual. Get ready for Scorpio! 


Scorpio vs. Arnie Goldstein 


As Scorpio comes down the aisle. Nelson Royal is still in the ring. He punches Arnie Goldstein and starts choking him on the top rope. Scorpio runs in the ring and dropkicks Nelson through the ropes. Scorpio and the Ref attend to Goldstein. Nelson staggers around and grabs his rope. Nelson hits the ring and attacks Scorpio then proceeds to choke him with the rope. Nelson ties up Scorpio and puts the boots to him until several officials run in to stop this. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: What a shame. Nelson Royal's despicable act ruined the debut of Scorpio. That was sickening. 

Jimmy Snuka storms out! 

Snuka: Colon! Iaukea! I accept!

Snuka exits.

Resnick: I..well. it looks to me like Jimmy Snuka has accepted Carlos Colon's Caribbean Death Match challenge at Big Brawl. The AWA better bring in extra security for that one.(Gathering his thoughts) At Big Brawl, you will also see AWA World Tag Champs Tsuruta and Fujinami defend the titles against my guests at this time, Gold Standard. 

Boos as Vin Man leads Gold Standard out. 


Vin: Oh Rezzy, I'm in such a great mood tonight. I know it's obvious but you're looking at the next world tag team champs baby! And it's about time. I mean, come on, not to state the obvious but shouldn't world champs be able to speak English? I'm just saying.

Resnick: The AWA has the best talent all around the world. Japan is part of the world. So, they more than qualify. They can get the job done where it counts, in the ring. Can you guys speak Japanese? 

Vin: Why I'm glad you asked, of course we can. Boys, on 3. ah 1 and ah 2 and ah 3


Resnick: Alright, that's enough. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink "Beauty Shop" sign and pans down to Brenda Britton. 


Britton: Hi everybody and welcome once again to the highest rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. Wow, do I have a great show tonight. Please welcome out my dear friend Gerry Morrow and his team the Top Dollar Phils. 


Gerry comes out wearing a tuxedo and sunglasses. He kisses Brenda's hand and motions to the back. Phil Apollo and Phil LaFon come out wearing fur coats, gold chains, sunglasses and top hats. They each kiss Brenda's hand. 

Britton: My oh my, you guys look amazing! Just too dang cool. 

Morrow: HAHAHA! I knew you would like it Brenda. I have to say, since dat Christmas Eve party and de bet that was made, I have never felt better. You believed in me and I thank you a thousand times. I will win de one million dollars because my Top Dollar Phils will be wearing de gold very, very soon. 

Britton: Oh I knew you would do it Gerry. It was sheer brilliance putting these two studs together. I have to ask, when will we all have the pleasure of watching them in the ring?

Morrow: Well since it all happens on dis show, I will inform you dat de Top Dollar Phils will debut at de Big Brawl. 

Britton: Fantastic! I can't wait. I know they will wrestle as good as they look. Gerry, that million dollars is yours. I know it! 

Morrow: Of course it is. And Brenda, when my team wins de gold and I get dat million dollars, you are invited to de celebration party. On dat night we will drink only de finest of champagne. 

Britton: You know I wouldn't miss that for the world! Until next week toooodles. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans, up next...

Thundering boos as Tommy Rich and Baby Doll come out. Tommy gets more boos as he smiles and holds up his world title. 


Rich: Ken, I wanted to come out here and personally thank all these great wrestlers for competing in the Tommy Wildfire Rich invitational battle royal. 

Resnick: This battle royal is for a world title shot at Big Brawl.

Baby Doll: Don't get smart Resnick. 

Rich: Yea, why do you have to ruin everything. This is my battle royal and may the best man win. Smarten up Resnick! Introduce the participants cuz we're outta here. 


Battle Royal for an AWA World Title Shot at Big Brawl 

Participants- Jerry Blackwell, Kerry Brown, the Spoiler, Dream Machine, Miguel Perez, Billy Jack Haynes, Scott Putski, Rip Morgan, Soldat Ustinov, Ron Ritchie, Warlord, The Olympians, British Bombers, Gama Singh, Buzz Sawyer. 


The bell rings and fists are flying! 

Ron Ritchie is eliminated by Scott Putski

The Warlord is eliminated by Buzz Sawyer

Billy Jack and Rip Morgan eliminate each other and continue to fight up the aisle.

The Olympians and British Bombers are all tied up when Buzz Sawyer and Soldat Ustinov come from behind and hurl them all over the top rope.

Buzz Sawyer then clotheslines Soldat over the top rope. 

Dream Machine and Kerry Brown eliminate The Spoiler.

Jerry Blackwell eliminates Kerry Brown. 

Gama Singh eliminates Miguel Perez

Buzz Sawyer eliminates Scott Putski and Gama Singh

Dream Machine and Buzz Sawyer eliminate Jerry Blackwell.

It's down to Dream Machine and Buzz Sawyer 

Dream Machine tries to reason with Sawyer. From the outside, Blackwell yells something up at Dream Machine. At that moment, Sawyer kicks Dream low and hurls him over the top rope! 

Winner of the Battle Royal- Buzz Sawyer! 

Wait a minute! 

Tommy Rich hits the ring but Sawyer turns around and powerslams him over! Sawyer stomps away on Rich, picks him up and hurls him over the top rope. Baby Doll runs over and helps Rich out of there. 

Sawyer heads to ringside.

Resnick: Buzz Sawyer, you have earned a world title shot at Big Brawl.

Sawyer: Tommy Rich! Guess who's here! The Mad Dog has arrived and I'm here for you Rich! I didn't care what it took and what I had to do to get to you. By any means necessary, I was going to get a crack at you. Well, I did that tonight. No way out Tommy! You and I go way back and I'm here to tie up all loose ends. I'm here to take your world title and exterminate you once and for all! I'm going to make you bleed Tommy! (Maniacal laugh) Just like old times! 






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WOW.... Tommy Rich vs Buzz Sawyer for the World Title!  Love it.  Too bad this wasn't real life 1982 or so in Georgia.

I enjoyed the Gagne draft pick segment and the lines about Smiley being trained by the Malenkos...it helps him get over quick in a new territory.

Colon... Caribbean Death Match with Snuka.... Ticket Seller!

Mulligan might need some help... Kirby, Fuller and Golden. are a tough trio.

I thought your way to get Royal some serious heat was very creative as he sat there waiting for the next match to start.  Also like the idea of Jesse Barr getting a little push... need to see what comes of him leaving with Gagne.

Morrow is back.... Love it!

Can't wait for Big Brawl

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