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Colon vs Snuka in a Caribbean Death Match! Yes!

Gagne & Jarrett are filling out their teams nicely. Liking the contrast of "pure" wrestlers vs power guys.

The Syndicate just signed a couple of Studs!

Looking forward to Top Dollar Phil's debut at Big Brawl.

Rich naming the battle royal after himself is so petty, i love it.

Mad Dog vs Wildfire for the World Title! Let's get nuts!

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AWA @ The Met Center, Bloomington MN 1-22-87



Greg Gagne and Mike Graham defeated The Double O's- Gagne hit Barry O with a backbreaker and Graham followed with a Boston Crab for the win. 


"Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer defeated The Warlord with an impressive powerslam


Lightning Strike defeated The Teamsters with a double dropkick on Huber.


"The Rocket" Ron Ritchie w/The Vin Man defeated "Scott "Powerhouse" Putski- Putski was going for a suplex but Vinnie grabbed his leg and held it while Ritchie crashed down on him for the pin. 


Cabin Fever defeated The RPMs w/JT Southern by DQ- Once again Southern used his guitar, but this time he used it on Manny. 


AWA TV Title Bout- Nick Busick (C) defeated Gama Singh -Gama gave the champ a test but Busick ended things with the Spinebuster Slam! 


The Dream Machine w/Roger Kirby defeated Crusher Blackwell- Kerry Brown (In street clothes) ran out while Kirby distracted the Ref. Brown hit Blackwell with a foreign object allowing Dream to get the pinfall win. 


Chain Match! 

Billy Jack Haynes vs. "The Beast" Rip Morgan 

After 12 minutes of blood and brawling, Billy looks like a madman when he wraps the chain around Rip's neck but Rip nails Billy with a mulekick. A battered and bloody Rip wraps the chain around Billy's neck, then hurls him over the top rope. Rip wrenches back as Billy hangs over the top rope. Seeing a man's life is in danger, the Ref makes the call and signals for the bell. Rip keeps wrenching away until security hits the ring. After all the chaos, the fans are amazed that Billy refused a stretcher and staggered out with some help. 


The Olympians defeated The British Bombers- Minnesota star Rheingans sends the fans home happy by pinning Smith with a swinging sidewalk slam off the ropes. 

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Gagne & Graham show promise as a team.

I would've loved to see Sawyer powerslam Warlord.

Lighting Strike building the momentum ahead of their big opportunity.

Vin Man & The Rocket screw over Powerhouse.

El Kabong strikes again!

He may have needed help from a couple of friends but Dream Machine is headed to the pay window baybay!

Morgan shows just what a beast he is by hanging Hayes with the chain. I agree with Bloomington, I'm amazed Hayes walked out on his own.

Nothing guarantees ending a 80's wrestling show on a high note as a pair of proud Americans beating snobby foreigners.

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Big Brawl sounds like an amazing card.

The Caribbean Death Match could draw from the stipulation alone!

I love Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez as a unit, and their match against Lightning Strike should be a lot of fun!

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I would have really enjoyed this card.

Seeing Buzz with a powerslam on the Warlord would have been awesome.

Nice job getting extra heat on the RPM's.

Awesome, violent and exciting Chain Match... can't wait to see the next step in this feud.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 1-28-87



Footage from the Met Center is shown as Rip Morgan defeats Billy Jack in a chain match. 


Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Tonight you will see DJ Peterson take on Norman Smiley. Scott Putski goes one on one with Gama Singh. Big tag team match up as The Olympians will go up against current rivals, the British Bombers. Both Jerry Jarrett and Verne Gagne will announce the final members of their Big Brawl teams.  AWA World Champion Tommy Rich will be here. All that and a lot more. Let's go to the ring. 


Lightning Strike vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez 


During the match, AWA National Tag Team Champs, Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez were on the aisle scouting the match. 

Horner hits an atomic drop on Lopez as Allen nails him with a missile dropkick from the top rope for the win! 

Larry and Al smirk and shake their heads, then hold up their titles while walking back up the aisle. 


Commercial Break 


Scott "Powerhouse" Putski vs. Gama Singh 


Both of these guys are coming off some tough losses and both want to get back on the winning track.

Putski starts off quick with some arm drags followed by some hip tosses and dropkicks. A frustrated Gama rolls out of the ring. Gama slowly gets on the apron. Putski runs over but Gama rakes his eyes and snaps him on the top rope. Gama continues to work Putski over with choking, stomping and kicking. Gama swings Putski to the ropes and clamps on the sleeper! Putski fights it and both men end up falling through the ropes. They stagger up. Putski charges but Gama back drops him back into the ring just as the Ref hits 10! 

Gama is furious when he sees the Ref raise Putski's arm. Gama gets in the ring and charges, but this time Putski back drops him and dropkicks Gama out of the ring! 


Commercial Break 


Footage from last week is shown as Buzz Sawyer wins the battle royal. Rich tries to jump Sawyer but Sawyer powerslams him over! 


Resnick: Fans, coming out now is the current AWA World Champion, Tommy "Wildfire" Rich along with Baby Doll. 


Boos as Tommy and Baby Doll come out. Tommy looks a bit more serious tonight. 

Resnick: Tommy Rich, after what happened last week, you will now be defending the AWA World title against a man you know quite well, Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer. That goes down at Big Brawl. 

Baby Doll: Thank you for enlightening us Resnick. Now shut up and turn the time over to the greatest world champion in wrestling today. 

Resnick: Ok, Tommy, go right ahead. 

Rich: It's obvious to me all those suits on the committee have painted a target on my back. They're just mad because I sent that loser Lawler packing and then I defeated their beloved Ricky Steamboat for this here title. I dethroned the King and slayed the Dragon! So now they think I'm going to get comeuppance from Buzz Sawyer. HA! Well, guess what? That ain't gonna happen! Buzz knows I ain't scared of him. Buzz knows I've whooped his ass more than anybody! Come Big Brawl, the only one who's going to bleed is that filthy dirty animal Buzz Sawyer! 



Resnick and Baby Doll get out of there as Buzz Sawyer pounds away on Rich! Rich fights back and both men fight all around the ring. A swarm of security runs out to pull them apart. 


Commercial Break 


Soldat Ustinov vs. Todd Rooney 


Soldat squashes his opponent and finishes him off with a vicious clothesline! Soldat gets more heat as he swings the Russian Flag over his fallen opponent. 


Commercial Break 


"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka vs. Ray Glader 


The fans are up and cheering as Snuka stands on the top turnbuckles, flashes the "I love you" sign and hits the Superfly Splash for the win. 


Resnick: Jimmy Snuka, at Big Brawl it's you and Carlos Colon in a Caribbean Death Match. That match is Colon's specialty. Your thoughts? 

Snuka: It takes a savage to beat a savage. What Colon did to my good friend Ricky Steamboat was unforgivable and now he must pay a price. Colon, I'm going to unleash hell on you brutha! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Welcome back fans, joining me now are Verne Gagne and the wrestlers who will be representing him at Big Brawl. Greg Gagne, Mike Graham, Norman Smiley and Jesse Barr.

Verne: Take a look at this unit Resnick. I have the finest group of wrestlers in the world. Later tonight, Jerry Jarrett is going to get a taste of what his boys are up against at Big Brawl when Sir Norman Smiley gives DJ Peterson a pure wrestling lesson. 

Resnick: It is a fine group indeed. Greg, I understand you want to announce your 5th and final member. 

Greg: If you don't mind, I would like to address my father and not you Resnick. (Looks at Verne) Dad, with the help of Mike Graham, we have put together an unbeatable team. A team that will guarantee you sole control of the AWA. Last week I said there are no egos here. Tonight, I'm going to prove that. We all talked and decided to bring this man in as our Captain. Dad, this man was an All-American Collegiate wrestler at the University of Syracuse. He's also been the leader of another wrestling faction out in the Pacific. I give you Captain Mike Rotunda! 


Rotunda walks out wearing his Syracuse letterman's jacket. He smiles and shakes hands with his teammates. 

Verne: Unbelievable! The final piece of the winning puzzle is complete. Mr. Rotunda, it's a pleasure and honor, welcome. 

Verne and Mike shake hands. 

Rotunda: Thank you Verne and the honor is mine. I promise to help this team and lead them to victory at Big Brawl. Like Greg said, I had some great success in Pacific and I intend on continuing that here in the AWA. 

Greg: Dad, it's in the bag. Congratulations on getting what's rightfully yours back, the AWA. 

Verne: (Looks around at his team) Greg, you've gone above and beyond. I can't wait to watch this wrestling showcase at Big Brawl. 


Commercial Break 


The Teamsters vs. Carl Kellerman and Trent Watkins


Teamsters look like a true team coming out in matching blue jeans, work boots and taped fists.

Huber hits an airplane spin on Watkins and tags in Charland. Charland finishes things off with an inverted piledriver! Kellerman goes in to check on his partner but the Teamsters hurl him out of the ring. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Ok, with me right now is Jerry Jarrett and his Big Brawl team. The Bruise Brothers, TV Champ Nick Busick and DJ Peterson. 

Jarrett: Ken, like Verne, I look back at these guys and I'm nothing but impressed. Just look at this powerhouse of a team. 

Resnick: Impressive indeed. Jerry, you saw team Gagne call in their Captain, Mike Rotunda. I understand you have your 5th man ready. 

Jarrett: I have to admit, getting Mike Rotunda was a very nice grab. Well, I made a call myself and this man was more than ready to help. Ken, I had to be a little unpredictable and this man fits what I'm looking for. Representing team Jarrett at Big Brawl, Dick Slater! 


Cheers as Slater trots out high fiving his teammates. 

Resnick: I can't believe it! Dick Slater is on team Jarrett.

Slater: You better believe it brother. Back in the USWA days, I had a pretty good run with the National title and Jerry Jarrett treated me very well. So, Jerry, Bruise Brothers, Busick and DJ, I'm standing tall with you and we're going to bring the AWA to Jerry Jarrett. 

Resnick: Fans, the lines have been drawn and the table is set. This all goes down at Big Brawl. 


Commercial Break 


The Olympians vs. The British Bombers 

The fans get a good hard hitting contest. A few minutes in, for some reason Gama Singh goes to the commentary table and starts going off on Scott Putski. During that time, the Bombers hurl Bill Kazmaier out of the ring. Kazmaier staggers over and bumps into Gama. Gama clotheslines Kazmaier. Rheingans runs over and hits Gama. The Bombers go out and take it to Rheingans. Gama and the Bombers do a 3 on 2 beatdown. The fans cheer as Scott Putski runs out with a chair and swings it around like a madman. Bombers and Gama back off. The Ref throws the match out. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink "Beauty Shop" sign, then pans down to Brenda Britton. 


Britton: Hi everyone and welcome once again to the highest rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. Well, I suppose I can't have classy and respectful guests every week but my show must go on. My guests tonight are Manny Fernandez and Grizzly Boone, Cabin Fever. 


Cheers as Cabin Fever come out wearing jeans, headbands and T-Shirts. 

Britton: I'm glad you guys got dressed up. I can't help notice the knots on your heads courtesy of the RPMs personal ring entrance guitar player JT Southern. Ouch, that had to of hurt. 

Grizzly: It takes a lot more than a couple guitar shots form a wannabe rock star to put Cabin Fever down. 

Manny: That's right Daddy! JT Southern is nothing but the RPMs valet baby. 

Britton: Hey! We don't do insults on my show. 

Manny: Fine by us, I'll get right to the point. At Big Brawl, Cabin Fever wants the RPMs and JT Southern in a handicap NO DQ match! 

Grizzly: Wannabe JT Southern and the RPMs want to play, let's play! 

Manny: You three got the guts? Cabin Fever sure does! 

Britton: This is no surprise, but I think you guys are stupider than you look. Big mistake. Oh well, it's your funeral. Until next week toooodles. 


Commercial Break 


The RPMs w/JT Southern vs. Sam Smith and Louis Moore 


Southern jams on his guitar as the RPMs head down the aisle to massive boos. 

RPMs are gelling tonight and win the match with their Spandex Split! 


Resnick: I'm sure you boys just heard the challenge made. The three of you versus Cabin Fever in a NO DQ match at Big Brawl. 

They all laugh. 

Lane: Oh, we accept! No question and no hesitation! 

Davis: Hey JT, why don't you play a tune for Cabin Fever. 

JT starts playing "This is the end" on his guitar


Commercial Break 


ResnickFans, next week I understand Yoshiaki Yatsu will perform a special ceremony of sorts and has personally invited his Big Brawl opponent El Canek to attend. I have to say, I'm very intrigued by this. 

Boos as Nelson Royal comes out. 

Resnick: Nelson, I know you have a match coming up but since you're out here, I have an announcement for you. After what you did to Scorpio last week, he's challenged you to a match at Big Brawl. 

Nelson: That kid doesn't have a lick of sense, does he? Yea, I'll give that young'n another beating, if that's what he wants. Let's do it! 


"Wrangler" Nelson Royal vs. Arnie Goldstein 


Royal wins the match with a belly to back suplex. Afterwards, Royal ties up his opponent with his rope. 


Commercial Break 


"Dynamite" DJ Peterson vs. "Sir" Norman Smiley 


Gagne and Jarrett agreed to keep their teams away from the ring for this match. 

Pretty good back and forth match. Smiley uses his technical skills while DJ goes with his power moves. Smiley clips DJ behind the knee and works the knee over. Smiley clamps on a half Boston Crab and really wrenches DJ's knee back. DJ uses all his strength and gets to the ropes. Smiley wrenches some more before breaking. Smiley kicks DJ out of the ring. This actually gives DJ a chance to regroup as he limps around. DJ gets on the apron. Smiley charges but DJ catapults in and nails Smiley with a diving shoulder block. 

The fans fire DJ up. Smiley staggers up and DJ unloads with punches, swings him to the ropes and back drops him. Smiley staggers up as DJ puts him down with a running clothesline. DJ picks up Smiley and hoists him up for a delayed verticakl suplex. But wait! Mike Graham runs to ringside and distracts the Ref. Greg Gagne runs out, reaches in and trips DJ. Smiley crashes on top. Graham points and yells at the Ref. The Ref runs over and counts (While Greg is holding DJ's foot) 1..2..3! BOOOOOOO! 

Gagne and Graham get Smiley out of there as the Bruise Brothers and Busick sprint to the ring. 


Commercial Break 


Blackjack Mulligan, The Spoiler and Jerry Blackwell are standing in the ring. 

Mulligan: Hey Kirby! Why don't you and your goon squad get on out here. We've got something to say, faces to faces. 

Boos as Kirby and his Syndicate (Dream Machine, Kerry Brown, Jimmy Golden and Rob Fuller) come out smiling. 

Mulligan: Listen up boys! Kirby, you got real cute and enlisted some help. Yea, I know those Sissy boys Golden and Fuller. 

Fuller: Now you just hold on there Mulligan. There's only 3 sissy boys here and I'm looking at em. And might I add, what a pathetic display you all are. 

Dream Machine: Tell em babay! 

Mulligan: Keep smiling Fuller, cuz you gonna love this boy. Myself, Spoiler and Blackwell have been at odds with the Syndicate for months now. You cowards always like fighting dirty. Well, why don't we finish this once and for all? At Big Brawl, let's have an old fashion 8- Man tag match inside a steel cage! 

The Syndicate look at each other and converse.

Mulligan: What's the matter Kirby? You boys yellow? 

Kirby: You know Mulligan, you're not the brightest bulb, are you? There's only 3 of you, numbskull. 

Syndicate laugh. 

Mulligan: Like I said to Fuller, you gonna love this. Meet our partner at Big Brawl! 

"Bad to the Bone" plays over the speakers. 

The place goes nuts as BOB ARMSTRONG comes out! 



Armstong tears into Fuller! 

Blackwell is all over Brown! 

Spoiler takes Dream Machine down! 

Mulligan hammers away on Golden! 

The show ends with a wild brawl! 



AWA presents


Friday February 18th @ The Mecca in Milwaukee 

Available on closed circuit TV 


AWA World Title Bout 

Tommy "Wildfire" Rich (C) w/Baby Doll vs. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami (C) vs. Gold Standard w/The Vin Man 


AWA National Tag Team Title Bout 

Larry Z and Al Perez (C) vs. Lightning Strike 



Blackjack Mulligan, The Spoiler, Crusher Blackwell and "Bullet" Bob Armstrong 


Rob Fuller, Jimmy Golden, Dream Machine and "Pitbull" Kerry Brown w/Roger Kirby 


Caribbean Death Match! 

Carlos Colon w/Curtis iaukea vs. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka


NO DQ-Handicap Match! 

Cabin Fever vs. The RPMs and JT Southern 


Special International Match 

El Canek vs. Yoshiaki Yatsu 


"Wrangler' Nelson Royal vs. Scorpio 


Just Signed 

The Olympians and Scott "Powerhouse" Putski vs. The British Bombers and Gama Singh 


The debut of the Top Dollar Phils w/Gerry Morrow 



For control of the AWA 

10-man elimination match 

Team Gagne- "Captain" Mike Rotunda, Greg Gagne, Mike Graham, "Sir" Norman Smiley and "Bulldog" Jesse Barr


Team Jarrett- "Unpredictable" Dick Slater, TV Champ Nick Busick, "Dynamite" DJ Peterson and The Bruise Brothers  



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Lightning Strike is on a roll but Perez & Zybyszko don't seem impressed.

Even Tommy Rich should know you don't talk shit about the Mad Dog without having to answer for it.

Ustinov's rehabilitation is proceeding nicely.

Snuka is determined but I'm not sure anyone can beat Colon in a Caribbean Death Match.

The Teamsters are becoming a true unit.

The teams are complete! Slater & Rotunda are the perfect men to round off their respective teams.

As if the Olympians & the Bombers weren't heated enough, throw in Gama & Putski and we've got a real explosion.

A no dq 3-2 handicap match is on for Big Brawl. This is gonna be good.

Royal may have bitten off more than he can handle with Scorpio.

What a way to close the show with the arrival of the Bullet!

Looks like another amazing Spaldoni supercard.

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I love the visual of Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez scoping out their competition.

Tommy Rich is irrepressible and a real piece of work. I don't like Buzz Sawyer's chances but I'm ready to be surprised!

Big Brawl looks like such a great card!

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I really enjoyed this show and am looking forward to Big Brawl!

You continue to be the only person who has ever made Greg Gagne interesting.  WOW... this week we add Rotundo and Slater to the match for control of the future matches of the AWA.

and then another shocker... Bullet Bob is here.  I knew Mulligan was smart enough to count to 4 and I was wondering who # 4 would be as I was reading this segment.  Even though I fixed all the rosters this week, I never put it all together in my head... GREAT ADDITION TO TEAM MULLIGAN!

Lets not leave out another great Beauty Shop, Royal tying someone up and a 1-1 Sawyer-Rich brawl.  Very entertaining from beginning to end.

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AWA @ The Cook Convention Center 1-30-87



"The Japanese Fury" Yoshiaki Yatsu defeated Gene Ligon with a bridging back suplex 


Cabin Fever defeated Soldat Ustinov and Gama Singh by DQ- It was originally scheduled to be Cabin Fever vs. The RPMs but apparently the RPMs were having travel issues and couldn't make it. Cabin Fever was in control when somehow the RPMs and JT Southern made it to the building. They hit the ring and did a 3 on 2 attack which once again led to Southern blasting Cabin Fever with guitar shots while the RPMs held them. 


Blackjack Mulligan defeated Jimmy Golden w/Roger Kirby. Kirby was on the apron when Mulligan swung Golden into him, then swung Golden to the ropes and hit the diving back elbow smash for the win. 


"Unpredictable" Dick Slater and the Bruise Brothers defeated Greg Gagne, Mike Graham and Jesse Barr by c.o. when members of team Gagne decided to just walk away. These guys better get it together by Big Brawl. 


The Dream Machine and "Pitbull" Kerry Brown w/Roger Kirby defeated The Spoiler and Crusher Blackwell- Kirby tossed Dream a pair of brass knuckles. Spoiler had Brown covered when Dream came off the middle turnbuckles with a brass knuckles shot on Spoiler's head. Blackwell pounded Dream into the corner while Brown rolled over and covered Spoiler for the tainted win. 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout

Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami (C) defeated The Teamsters- Teamsters gave the champs a hard hitting fight but, in the end, Jumbo sent Charland flying with a high knee while Fujinami executed a Dragon Plex on Huber for the win


"Bullet" Bob Armstrong and Rob Fuller w/Roger Kirby battled to a NO CONTEST- These guys went at it with fists flying. Both men were bleeding and still pounding away on each other when all hell broke loose. Eventually Mulligan, Spoiler, Blackwell, Golden, Brown and Dream Machine all ended up fighting in and around the ring. The match was thrown out but they gave the fans a few more minutes of hard hitting action. 



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Yatsu with a warm-up win the opener.

RPMs & Southern pull off a nice trick but it's gonna take more than that to beat Cabin Fever come Big Brawl.

Kirby inadvertently costs Golden against Mulligan.

Team Gagne decide to conserve their energy.

Kirby rebounds from his earlier goof to help Dream Machine & Brown score a tag win.

Tsuruta & Fujinami fend off the Teamsters on their road to Big Brawl.

Armstrong & Fuller goes to a no contest? Who could have seen this coming?

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I am a pretty big fan of Dick Slater and I always want to see him get things going. I always think that he could be a top tier Greg Valentine type.  I am looking forward to the Big Brawl event. Lots on the line and plenty of drama going into it.  There are plenty of matches to build intrigue which helps look forward to all the different things that could happen on the show.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 2-4-87



Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome once again to AWA Major League Wrestling. Well, we're just two weeks away from our next closed circuit event, Big Brawl. Tonight, you will see a lot of talent who will be competing at that tremendous event, including the Bruise Brothers, Scorpio, Gold Standard, Bob Armstrong, Mike Rotunda and Carlos Colon. Nick Busick defends the AWA TV title against Jesse Barr. Listen to this major announcement. The AWA board members have decided to retire the National title. However, at Big Brawl, the AWA International title will be introduced. The match between El Canek and Yoshiaki Yatsu will now be for the AWA International title. Both men will be here tonight for a special presentation. At Big Brawl, Tommy Rich will defend the AWA world title against Buzz Sawyer. On that note, let's go to the ring. 


"Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer vs. Todd Rooney 


Sawyer is his usual brutal self as he just mauls poor Rooney. Sawyer finishes him off with a powerslam! 


Boos as Baby Doll comes out and waves to Sawyer. Sawyer looks at her. 



Tommy Rich hits the ring and blasts Sawyer over his head with the world title belt! Rich puts the boots to Sawyer, hoists him up and piledrives him down! Rich puts his boot on Sawyer's chest and raises the title high as the fans boo. Baby Doll smiles and applauds. 


Commercial Break 


"Bullet" Bob Armstrong vs. Ray Glader 


The fans love Bob and cheer him on as he wins the match with a sleeper. 


Resnick: Bullet Bob, welcome to the AWA. You arrived last week and are now heading into that big 8 man steel cage tag match at Big Brawl. Your thoughts? 

Bob: When Blackjack Mulligan called and said he needed some help, I was more than willing. When he told me Fuller and Golden were involved, well that more than sealed the deal. Fuller! We've been up and down the road many times and I can't wait to do it again. I'm coming for you at Big Brawl! 


Commercial Break 


Gold Standard w/The Vin Man vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez 


Vinnie applauds his team as they win the match with a double hot shot! 

Ron Ritchie joins his stablemates at ringside. 


Resnick: At Big Brawl, AWA World tag team champs, Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami will defend the titles against Gold Standard. Vinnie, I'm sure you have something to say. 

Vin: Rezzy, my guys got this. Just look at them. Muscular, athletic, glistening tans, blonde hair. They're like Greek Gods. They just look like champions. Oh, and they speak English. 

Resnick: Like I've said before, Tsuruta and Fujinami get the job done where it counts, in the ring. 

Vin: Yea? So do my guys. Why do you think they're called Gold Standard? 

Ritchie: You're a moron, Rezzy! 

Commercial Break   


Inside the ring, the AWA International title is set on a table.  



Resnick: Ok, we all heard the announcement earlier. At Big Brawl, El Canek and Yoshiaki Yatsu will wrestle for the new AWA International title at Big Brawl. At this time, I understand, Mr. Yatsu has prepared a special presentation for El Canek.

Yatsu bows to Resnick, then bows to Canek. As Canek bows, Yatsu throws a handful of salt in Canek's eyes, then follows with a karate kick to the head! Yatsu hoists Canek up and gut wrench suplexes him through the table. Massive boos as Yatsu picks up the International title. Resnick is shocked but quickly exits when Yatsu threatens to hit him with the title.


Commercial Break 


The Bruise Brothers vs. Carl Kellerman and Trent Watkins 


Snowman swings Watkins hard into the turnbuckles. Watkins staggers out as Cameron swings off the ropes and blasts him with a double axehandle to the back for the decisive win!

Bruise Brothers cut a promo and say at Big Brawl they're looking for a clean sweep! 


Commercial Break 


"Captain" Mike Rotunda vs. Arnie Goldstein


Rotunda looks impressive in his AWA debut. He puts on a solid wrestling clinic before winning the match with the Penalty (STF)


Resnick: Very impressive win Mike Rotunda. You've been appointed Captain of team Gagne for that big 10 man elimination tag bout. The stakes are high. 

Rotunda: And that's exactly why they've chosen me as Captain. I've been a leader all my life and now it's my duty to make sure Verne Gagne gets sole control of the AWA. The AWA needs to get back to its wrestling roots. Therefore, it needs to be run by a wrestler. Mr. Gagne, I'll make sure that happens. 


Commercial Break 


Carlos Colon w/Curtis Iaukea  vs. Sam Smith 


Iaukea watches in delight as Colon rips his opponent apart. Colon hits the diving clothesline from the top rope for the win. Iaukea throws Colon his kendo stick. Colon shows no mercy as he just beats Smith with it. Colon puts the kendo stick under Smith's chin and clamps on the camel clutch! 


Thundering cheers as JIMMY SNUKA steamrolls over Iaukea and hits the ring! Snuka pounds away on Colon, then sends him flying through the ropes with a jumping headbutt! Colon and Iaukea stagger up and stagger out as Snuka and the Ref attend to Sam Smith. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink "Beauty Shop" sign, then pans down to Brenda Britton. 



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome once again to the highest rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. Boy, do I have a treat for all of you. Not that you deserve it. My guests tonight are Roger Kirby and his Syndicate. 

Boos as Kirby, Rob Fuller, Jimmy Golden, Dream Machine and Kerry Brown stroll out. 

Britton: Roger, at Big Brawl, your Syndicate will be going up against that no good Blackjack Mulligan, that stooge, the Spoiler, Jerry Fatwell and that old timer Bob Armstrong. Wow, this is a mismatch, if I've ever seen one. 

Kirby: (Laughs) Brenda, I couldn't agree more. This here is a well oiled machine, a unit, and of course a syndicate. Tell her boys. 

Fuller: You know, I heard that washed-up, broken-down Bob Armstrong talking about he's coming after me in the cage. Armstrong, you never were very smart. I would think you would be tired of me whoop'n up on you by now. Well son, I aint tired of doing it. Come Big Brawl, I'm going to take pleasure in beating you up some more.

Golden: Mulligan! Enjoy the next couple of weeks cuz come Big Brawl, I'm going to make sure you're never the same.

Dream Machine: Spoiler! There's only one man worthy of wearing a mask and that's me babay! In the cage, your mask is coming off and I'm going expose that ugly face of yours!

Brown: That just leaves you Fatwell! You've been a pest for months. At Big Brawl, you get a one way ticket out of the AWA!

Kirby: You see Brenda, the Syndicate is very well prepared.

Britton: Well, I wouldn't bet against you. Until next week, toooodles!


Commercial Break


Footage is shown from a few weeks ago when Nelson Royal attacked Scorpio and tied him up with his rope. 


Scorpio vs. Vance Ryder 


Scorpio finally makes his official debut and man does he impress with his high flying skills. He wins the match with an exciting flying leg drop from the top rope! 


Resnick: Scorpio! Nothing short of outstanding. I know you have a score to settle with Nelson Royal at Big Brawl. 

Scorpio: You got that right! Nelson embarrassed and humiliated me. Big Brawl is going to be a big pay off for me! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: With me right now is Gerry Morrow and his team the Top Dollar Phils. Gerry, I've been told that your Top Dollar Phils aren't the only team debuting at Big Brawl. 


Morrow: (wearing a white tuxedo and sunglasses) Whatever are you talking about? 

Resnick: Well, at Big Brawl, your guys will be facing another debuting team. Let's take a look at some footage from Florida featuring the Glamour Boys! 

Quiet Riot's Metal Health plays as Glamour Boys highlights are shown. 

Morrow: (long pause) How dare you! Dis was suppose to be my time with de Top Dollar Phils. Instead, you try to overshadow dat with footage of a couple of females? Don't think for one second they will overshadow us at de Big Brawl. Dis is my million dollar team. We will not lose to a couple of long haired hippy gals. Thinking about dis now makes me laugh. Those girlies time in de AWA will be short lived. (looks at the Phils) Boys, I am preparing a post match victory gala. De best you will ever attend. 

Apollo and Lafon (BTW, are wearing fur coats, top hats, gold chains and sunglasses) smile and high five. 

Morrow: Resnick, you are looking at de team of de future and I see gold in dat future. HAHAHAHA! 


Commercial Break 


AWA TV Title Bout 

Nick Busick (C) vs. "Bulldog" Jesse Barr 


Both men will be on opposing teams at Big Brawl and this match might shake things up. 

Barr attacks at the bell and works over Busick. Busick fires back with some power moves. Things get heated and these guys start trading some hard shots. Barr rakes the eyes and swings Busick into the corner. Barr runs in but Busick charges and clotheslines Barr down. 

Boos as Greg Gagne and Mike Graham strut out and yell up at Busick. Busick goes to the ropes and invites them in. Barr sneaks up and lowblows Busick. Busick falls through the ropes. Gagne and Graham start stomping on Busick as the Ref calls for the DQ.

Cheers as the Bruise Brothers run out and pound away on Graham and Gagne! 

Barr goes out and clips Snowman from behind. 

DJ Peterson runs out and pounds away on Barr. 

Norman Smiley runs out and nails DJ. 

Mike Rotunda comes out but so does Dick Slater! 

Everybody is fighting! Pure chaos! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: (Catches his breath) Tensions at an all time high tonight. Coming out now is Verne Gagne and Jerry Jarrett. Gentlemen, things got out of control pretty quick. 

Verne: This is exactly the chaos I'm talking about. This is exactly what needs to stop. And this is exactly why I need the AWA back. 

Jarrett: Hold on Verne. With all due respect, it's been your team causing all the problems. I know you saw the same thing I did. 

Verne: Don't you dare put this on me. This happens weekly on your watch. My team is just trying to bring some order around here. I guarantee, after Big Brawl, I'm going to bring some much needed law and order around here. 

Jarrett: You know something Verne, I don't think my team is going to let that happen. 

A pissed off Verne storms off. 

Jarrett shakes his head and walks off.

Resnick: At Big Brawl, this gets resolved. My goodness, this was one intense night. I'll see you next week.  



AWA presents 


Friday, February 18th 

From the Mecca in Milwaukee 

Available on closed circuit TV 


AWA World Title Bout 

Tommy "Wildfire" Rich (C) w/Baby Doll vs. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami (C) vs. Gold Standard w/The Vin Man


For the AWA International Title 

El Canek vs. "The Japanese Fury" Yoshiaki Yatsu 


AWA National Tag Team Title Bout 

Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez (C) vs. Lightning Strike 


8-Man- STEEL CAGE Match! 

Blackjack Mulligan, "Bullet" Bob Armstrong, The Spoiler and Crusher Blackwell


Rob Fuller, Jimmy Golden, Dream Machine and "Pitbull" Kerry Brown w/Roger Kirby 


Caribbean Death Match!!! 

Carlos Colon w/Curtis Iaukea vs. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka 


NO DQ- Handicap Match 

Cabin Fever vs. The RPMs and JT Southern 


Olympians and Scott "Powerhouse" Putski vs. The British Bombers and Gama Singh 


Scorpio vs. Nelson Royal


Top Dollar Phils w/Gerry Morrow vs. The Glamour Boys 



For control of the AWA 

10 man elimination match 


Team Jarrett- "Unpredictable" Dick Slater, TV Champ Nick Busick, "Dynamite" DJ Peterson and The Bruise Brothers 


Team Gagne- "Captain" Mike Rotunda, "Sir" Norman Smiley, "Bulldog" Jesse Barr, Mike Graham and Greg Gagne 


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I think we can all agree, we can't blame Sawyer for being distracted by Baby Doll.

The Bullet with a successful in-ring debut before putting Fuller on notice.

Rezzy kinda walked into that one. Gold Standard looking good.

Yatsu shows how far he's willing to go to become the inaugural AWA International champion.

Bruise Brothers looking sharp.

Captain Rotonda is ready to lead his men to victory.

Colon tries to send a message but it's Snuka standing tall.

The Syndicate certainly seems ready for the cage at Big Brawl.

Scorpio with a nice warm-up before his match with the Wrangler.

De Top Dolla Phil's are in for a big challenge as they debut against The Glamor Boys!

The two teams battling for control of the AWA give the fans a preview of what's coming at Big Brawl.

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AWA @ The Ellis Auditorium 2-6-87



The Teamsters (Richard Charland and Spike Huber) defeated Two Local Talents- Huber executed an airplane spin and Charland followed with an inverted piledriver


"Wrangler" Nelson Royal defeated Gene Ligon with a belly to back suplex 


Scott "Powerhouse" Putski defeated Gama Singh with an inside cradle 


The Spoiler and Dream Machine w/Roger Kirby fought to a Double DQ 


The British Bombers defeated The Olympians- Smith hit Kazmaier with a knee to the back (from the apron), Kazmaier staggered into a spinning forearm blast by Taylor


Manny Fernandez w/Grizzly Boone defeated RPM Tommy Lane w/JT Southern by DQ- Southern was going to hit Manny with the guitar but Grizzly stopped that. Unfortunately, RPM Mike Davis ran into the ring and nailed Manny causing the DQ. RPMs double teamed Manny until Grizzly hit the ring. Grizzly double clotheslined the RPMs but when he turned around, Southern blasted him with the guitar. The RPMs grabbed Manny and held him while Southern gave him a guitar shot. Just how many more guitar shots can Cabin Fever take?  


"Unpredictable" Dick Slater defeated Greg Gagne- Mike Graham came to ringside and hopped on the apron but Slater swung Gagne into him. Slater then rolled up Gagne for the 1..2..3! 


Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden w/Roger Kirby defeated "Bullet" Bob Armstrong and Blackjack Mulligan- Kirby tried to get involved but Mulligan ran after him. While that was going on, Golden hit Armstrong with a loaded towel allowing Fuller to cover and get the tainted win. BOOOOOO! 



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Teamsters, Royal & Putski all pick up solid wins on the undercard.

The battle of the masked man gets wild.

Smith & Taylor drop the bomb on Kazmaier.

How has Southern's guitar not busted?

The captain of team Jarrett brings nets a win on the architect of team Gagne.

Fuller's loaded towel strikes again!

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AWA is really interesting to me right now.  With Baby Doll, Sawyer, Rich, Bob Armstrong, and Dick Slater, this is just like the Georgia Championship Wrestling I grew up on.  I am interested to see which way you go with the Rich-Sawyer feud.  Everyone who writes for one of this games always seems to end up doing this feud and one time or another and I can't wait to get your take on this.  I also an enjoying seeing Rotundo take on a big role right away in the AWA.  You have also made me a huge fan of Gerry Morrow, Snowman and Cameron who I admit I knew nothing about until this game.  Great work as always and I can't wait for Big Brawl.

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So much to catch up with... love it. I appreciate that little show in the Ellis... classic old school with a big time main event to bring in the fans.


In regards to television... obviously Rich and Sawyer is a must and they have all the foundations of a big feud and you get to put your flavor on it.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 2-11-87



Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Fans, we're only one week away from Big Brawl. 

Lance looks at somebody off camera.

Lance: Fans, I've been told there's some kind of altercation going on in the parking lot. Cameras are heading out there now. 


The doors fly open, and we see Tommy Rich and Buzz Sawyer fighting in street clothes! Tommy kicks Sawyer, then throws him into the side of a car. Baby Doll drives up in a car and yells at Tommy to get in. Tommy tries to run but Sawyer grabs his leg and pulls him down. Sawyer pounds away on Tommy, picks him up and throws him across Baby Doll's hood. A swarm of security runs out to stop this. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: My goodness! I believe Security has escorted both Tommy Rich and Buzz Sawyer off the premises. I sure hope there's extra security when those two meet at Big Brawl for the AWA world title. Ok, let's get to the ring. 


Lightning Strike vs. Zane Bouman and Miles Dupree 


Lightning Strike are in synch tonight. Horner back drops Zane and tags in Allen. Zane staggers up as Allen puts him down with a missile dropkick for the win. 

Lightning Strike cuts an energetic promo and says they're tuned up, fired up and ready to take the National tag titles at Big Brawl! 


Commercial Break 


"Wrangler" Nelson Royal vs. Peter Klein 


Royal has some fun breaking the rules before winning the match with a belly to back suplex. 

Royal cuts a promo while twirling his rope. He says he's going to tie up Scorpio and put him out to pasture at Big Brawl. 


Commercial Break 


"Captain" Mike Rotunda, "Bulldog" Jesse Barr, "Sir" Norman Smiley, Mike Graham and Greg Gagne


Vic Dutro, Willie Lopez, Todd Rooney, Carl Kellerman and Sam Smith 


Verne Gagne is on commentary during the match. Each man on team Gagne gets his chance to shine. Barr hits a running bulldog. Gagne and Graham execute a double suplex. Smiley hits an elbow drop from the top rope. And Rotunda finishes things off with the Penalty! 


Resnick: Ok, tremendous win for Team Gagne. Verne, I know you're proud of this unit. 

Verne: That's an understatement Ken. This is without a doubt the most well put together wrestling squad I've ever seen. My son and Mike Graham have gone way above and beyond my expectations. Each of these men were specifically scouted and hand picked to help bring the AWA back to me. After what I just saw, there's absolutely no doubt in my mind, I will get sole possession of the AWA. At Big Brawl, team Gagne is going to prove to the world what I've always known. That is pure wrestling will always prevail. (Looks at his team) Gentlemen, I would like to congratulate you on your upcoming Big Brawl victory. Well done! 

Verne shakes each man's hand.


Commercial Break 


We see a fire surrounded by darkness. Curtis Iaukea appears.


Iaukea: Jimmy Snuka! You want to be a hero and avenge your friend Ricky Steamboat? You have made a careless and grave mistake. You play with fire and you get burned. Your pain has not yet begun. At Big Brawl, you have no idea what you're dealing with! Carlos Colon relishes in spilling blood. A Caribbean Death Match is something he welcomes with open arms. Nobody has ever beaten Carlos Colon in this kind of fight and nobody ever will! Your blood will spill and your soul will belong to him! 

The camera veers over as Colon appears over the flames. Colon smears his face with blood and has nothing but evil in his cold eyes. 



Commercial Break 


The RPMs w/JT Southern vs. Nate Jones and Robby G 


JT blasts away on his guitar as the RPMs head to the ring. 

RPMs get some heat tonight as they showboat and toy with their opponents. RPMs win the match with the Spandex Split. 


Resnick: Ok, at Big brawl, you three will take on Cabin Fever in a No DQ, handicap match. 

Lane: Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down Resnick. We put together a highlight reel that we want to show. 

Davis: Roll it Resnick! 

"Rock n Roll All Night" by Kiss plays. Highlights are shown of the numerous guitar shots JT Southern and the RPMs have given to Cabin Fever. 

The RPMs and Southern are cracking up.

Resnick: I don't think there's anything funny about that. You guys won't be smiling at Big Brawl. And how many guitars do you have anyways? 

JT: A superstar rock star like me always has roadies with back ups. Come on Resnick, get with it. 

Lane: We've knocked Cabin Fever out so many times, they probably don't even know when Big Brawl is. 

Davis: Those goofs probably don't even know their own names. 

Resnick looks disgusted as the RPMs high five while JT jams on his guitar. 


Commercial Break  


Footage from last week is shown during the AWA International title ceremony when Yoshiaki Yatsu kicks El Canek, throws salt in his eyes and gut wrench suplexes him through the table!


El Canek vs. Louis Kimber 


Canek's wearing a back brace but looks stronger than ever. Canek does a Gorilla Drop, swings off the ropes and hits a leg drop for the win! 


Resnick: It looks like it's going to take a lot more than what happened last week to put El Canek down. I think Yoshiaki Yatsu might've poked a bear. Stakes are high as the winner of their Big Brawl match will be crowned AWA International Champion. 

There's a commotion as Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez come strutting out. 


Resnick: Ok, well, speaking of championships, I've been joined by our AWA National Tag Team Champs. 

Perez: We just couldn't help ourselves Resnick. After watching those nobodies put on a slightly mediocre match and follow with a lackluster interview, we had to come out and give the fans their money's worth. Oh, once again, what's the name of that team? You know, the team we're facing at Big Brawl? 

Resnick: I believe you're referring to Tim Horner and Jerry Allen, Lighting Strike. And by the way, they've been on one heck of a win streak. 

Larry: Come on Resnick. It really doesn't matter who those spudheads are. They might have slipped in a few wins but they're no match for us. Al Perez and the living legend are going to make the best of it. We're just going to call our match at Big Brawl a showcase. The world will get their money's worth just to see how good we really are. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink "Beauty Shop" sign, then pans down to Brenda Britton. 



Britton: Hi everyone and welcome once again to the highest rated segment in wrestling, the beauty shop. At Big Brawl, there's going to be a huge 8-man steel cage match. I had the favorites on last week. Of course, I'm referring to Roger Kirby's Syndicate, Rob Fuller, Jimmy Golden, Dream Machine and Kerry Brown. That was a great show. UGH, this week, I have their opponents as my guests. Joining me now is Blackjack Mulligan, Bob Armstrong, Jerry Blackwell and The Spoiler. 

Cheers as the 4 men walk out. 

Britton: (listens to the cheers) So much for the fans taste. Anyways, do you guys think you really stand a chance against a Syndicate? 


Fuller, Golden, Dream Machine and Brown run out and attack! 

Brenda screams and flees. 

Fists are flying! Everybody is brawling! Armstrong grabs Fuller and hurls him into the Beauty Shop sign! Spoiler clamps the claw on Dream Machine! Mulligan slams Golden and stomps away. Blackwell and Brown fight and both men crash through the back drop set! Pure chaos! 

Brenda crawls over and picks up the mic. 


Brenda tosses the mic as several officials and wrestlers try to break this up. 


Commercial Break 


AWA World Tag Team Champs Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Trent Watkins and Arnie Goldstein 


Jumbo hits a crashing knee drop from the top rope and tags in Fujinami. Fujinami executes the Dragonplex for the win. The fans cheer as Jumbo and Fujinami hold the AWA titles high. 

Boos as the Vin Man walks out. He snatches the mic from Resnick and heads into the ring.


Vin: Yo! Soon to be former world champs, how's it going? 

Jumbo and Fujinami give each other puzzled looks. 

Vin: Geez, what was I thinking? You clowns can't speak English. Alright look, as you can see, I'm out here alone. (puts up the peace sign) Just wanted to officially introduce myself. I'm the Vin Man, yeah! And I'm the manager of the future AWA world tag team champs, Gold Standard! I'm here just to say, it's going to be an honor to beat you for the titles. And when we do, we've decided to have a parade in Japan, just to show our strong belief in foreign relations. So, we would like you guys to drive us while we hold the titles up and wave to all our new fans in the Orient. What do you say? 

Jumbo and Fujinami say something to each other, then put Vinnie down with a double chop! The fans go nuts. 


Commercial Break 


Dave Taylor w/Johnny Smith vs. Bill Kazmaier w/Brad Rheingans 

The fans get a slugfest! Taylor hits some brutal European uppercuts while Kazmaier comes back with some stiff forearm blasts. Tempers flare on the outside and before we know it, Rheingans and Smith are fighting around the ring. The Ref gets distracted by the outside fight. Kazmaier hoists Taylor up for a suplex but Gama Singh runs in and clips Kaz behind the knee. Scott Putski hits the ring and pounds away on Gama. Taylor staggers up and nails Putski. The Ref turns around and sees the 2 on 1 attack. In a state of confusion, the Ref signals for the bell and declares it a no contest. The ringing of the bell doesn't stop the fighting. Will all this get settled at Big Brawl? 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Certainly, tensions are running high as we head into Big Brawl. On that note, my guest at this time is the Superfly, Jimmy Snuka. 


Huge ovation as Snuka flashes them the "I love you" sign. 

Resnick: Jimmy, at Big Brawl, it's you and Colon in a Caribbean Death match. I'm sure you saw the eerie setting earlier and heard the threatening words of Curtis Iaukea. I believe Carlos Colon is out of his mind. 

Snuka: Carlos Colon must pay for what he did to Ricky Steamboat! Nothing will stop me! Curtis Iaukea speaks with ominous words, but he does not intimidate me. Carlos Colon does not intimidate me! I have been through wars in the ring and this is a war I will win. Colon! The clock ticks forward and the Superfly gets closer! Your time has come! 


Commercial Break 


"Unpredictable" Dick Slater, TV Champ Nick Busick, the Bruise Brothers and "Dynamite" DJ Peterson


Warren Coolidge, Maurice Thorpe, Alvin Wright, Ronald Norse and Harold Heinz 


Jerry Jarrett is on commentary. Team Jarrett mows over their opponents. Bruise Brothers hit a double clothesline. Peterson hits a diving shoulder block from the middle ropes. Slater hits a neckbreaker. And Busick finishes things off with the Spinebuster Slam! 


Resnick: My goodness! Jerry Jarrett, your team looks unstoppable. 

Jarrett: Ken, this is a powerhouse team if I've ever seen one. Look, I respect all of the wrestlers on team Gagne, and they are indeed tremendous wrestlers. It's a shame it had to come down to this but here we are. At Big Brawl, this match is for all the marbles. My team is loaded and ready to go. Verne, we settle this once and for all at Big Brawl! 



AWA presents 

Big Brawl

Friday, February 18th

From the Mecca in Milwaukee 


AWA World Title Bout 

Tommy "Wildfire" Rich (C) w/Baby Doll vs. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami (C) vs. Gold Standard w/ The Vin Man 


For The AWA International Title 

El Canek vs. "The Japanese Fury" Yoshiaki Yatsu


AWA National Tag Team Title Bout 

Larry Z and Al Perez (C) vs. Lightning Strike 



Blackjack Mulligan, "Bullet" Bob Armstrong, The Spoiler and Crusher Blackwell


Rob Fuller, Jimmy Golden, Dream Machine and "Pitbull" Kerry Brown w/Roger Kirby 



Carlos Colon w/Curtis Iaukea vs. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka 


The Olympians and Scott "Powerhouse" Putski vs. The British Bombers and Gama Singh 


"Wrangler" Nelson Royal vs. Scorpio 


NO DQ-Handicap Match

Cabin Fever vs. The RPMs and JT Southern 


The Top Dollar Phils w/Gerry Morrow vs. The Glamour Boys 



For control of the AWA 

10-Man Tag Team Elimination Match 


Team Jarrett- "Unpredictable" Dick Slater, TV Champ Nick Busick, The Bruise Brothers and "Dynamite" DJ Peterson 


Team Gagne- "Captain" Mike Rotunda, "Bulldog" Jesse Barr, "Sir" Norman Smiley, Mike Graham and Greg Gagne 

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Rich & Sawyer start the night off with a parking lot brawl! 

Lighting Strike is ready to strike gold! But the champions aren't impressed.

Royal is looking to Wrangle Scorpio at Big Brawl.

Team Gagne is looking on point ahead of the battle for control of AWA.

Iaukea & Colon with a absolutely chilling promo. But Snuka refuses to be intimidated.

Southern & the RPM's are feeling pretty sure of themselves.

Canek is in fighting shape & ready to become the inaugural AWA International Champion.

That may have been the best Beauty Shop yet!

Jumbo & Fujinami with the perfect response to the Vin Man yeah!

A wild brawl previews the upcoming six man.

Team Jarrett responds to Team Gagne's earlier display with gusto.

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I love the visual of El Canek in the back brace!

Really fun angle with the Vin Man!

Dick Slater and his allies look strong heading into the Big Brawl, that's going to be a really fun ten man tag!

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The Big Brawl looks to be a top tier show right now. So much on the line and you've got match after match with stakes all over.

I think for me... it is Sawyer and Rich... how can the Wildfire reign supreme against the Mad Dog. I also have some investment in this 10-man and control of the AWA moving forward.

Hook, line, and sinker... now I am ready to see what happens!

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From the Mecca in Milwaukee 





Dark Match- Soldat Ustinov defeated Gene Ligon with a clothesline 


The closed circuit event officially begins with the camera zooming across the capacity crowd, then pans down on Lance Russell. 


Lance: Hello everyone and welcome to the AWA's Big Brawl, right here from the Mecca in Milwaukee. What a tremendous event we have lined up. Title's on the line, grudges to be settled and a 10 man elimination tag match that will determine the future of the AWA. All right here! I'm not going to waste any more time, so let's get to the ring for our first contest.


The Top Dollar Phils w/"Champagne" Gerry Morrow vs. The Glamour Boys

Gerry Morrow (wearing a white tuxedo and sunglasses) enters the ring and takes the mic from the ring announcer. 

"If you don't mind, my team deserves a proper introduction for their much anticipated in ring debut."

Morrow introduces his team as Phil Lafon and Phil Apollo strut down the aisle wearing fur coats, top hats, gold chains and sunglasses. They enter and hug Morrow as the fans boo. 

The fans cheer as 'Metal Health' blasts over the speakers. Steve Doll and Steve Simpson (wearing matching singlets and tassels on their arms) run down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans. 

 The bell rings and Morrow waves off the Glamour Boys as it takes forever for the Phils to take off all their ring entrance gear. Morrow and the Phils stalling are really testing the fans patience. Glamour Boys take care of that by running over and double dropkicking the Phils through the ropes! Morrow is furious and is threatening the Glamour Boys. Glamour Boys grab Morrow, swing him to the ropes and double back drop him! Morrow bumps all over and rolls out of the ring. 

After finally getting it together, the Phils hop on the apron but stay there and yell at the Glamour Boys. Glamour Boys run over, grab the ropes and yank them as the Phils flip over and into the ring. Glamour Boys swing the Phils to the ropes and put them down with double back elbow smashes. Apollo rolls to his corner as the Ref guides Doll to his corner to get control. Glamour Boys work over Lafon with high octane offense, quick tags and fundamental tag team work. The tide turns when Morrow hops on the apron and distracts Doll. Lafon is able to sneak up and blast Doll from behind with a knee to the back. Lafon tags in Apollo. They swing Doll to the ropes and put him down with a double clothesline. 

Apollo continues to work over Doll. Apollo pushes Doll into the corner. Lafon chokes Doll as Apollo unleashes a series of kicks. Simpson charges but the Ref guides him back. While that's happening, the Phils hit a double body slam on Doll and follow with double elbow drops. Apollo hops on the middle turnbuckles and crashes down with a knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Apollo tags in Lafon. Apollo holds Doll as Lafon comes off the top rope with a double axehandle to the head. Lafon picks up Doll and executes a twirling vertical suplex 1..2..Simpson runs in and breaks it. Apollo runs in but gets back dropped. The Ref guides Simpson to his corner. The Phils swing Doll to the ropes but miss a double clothesline, Doll swings back and dropkicks both Phils down, dives over and tags in Simpson! 

Simpson goes to town and pounds away on the Phils. The Ref guides Apollo to his corner. Simpson back drops Lafon. Lafon staggers up and Simpson dropkicks him into the corner. Lafon tags in Apollo. Apollo charges but Simpson back drops him. Apollo staggers up as Simpson hits a sunset flip 1..2..Lafon kicks Simpson. Doll runs in and dropkicks Lafon through the ropes. Glamour Boys double slam Apollo. Morrow is furious as he hops on the apron. Bad idea because the Glamour Boys send him flying with a double dropkick! The fans go wild as Doll climbs to the top turnbuckle while Simpson climbs to another. Apollo staggers up. Doll puts him down with a missile dropkick as Simpson follows with a flying splash 1..2..3!

The fans are up and cheering! Lafon staggers into the ring. Morrow is still outside on the ground. Glamour Boys jump on opposite turnbuckles and pump their fists to the cheering fans. 

Winners of the Match- The Glamour Boys 


The Olympians and Scott "Powerhouse" Putski vs. The British Bombers and Gama Singh  

The first few minutes the fans get a bit of everything. Kazmaier uses his incredible strength. Bombers bring their brute force. Rheingans puts his technical wrestling skills to work. Gama shows off his technical skills as well while bending some rules. Putski brings the excitement and youthful power. The match stays relatively clean and traditional. At the 10 minute mark, Putski swings Gama to the ropes and nails him with a Polish Hammer but the force knocks him back to his corner and Gama is able to tag in Taylor. Taylor comes in but Putski hiptosses him over and tags in Kazmaier. Kaz and Taylor wind up having a hard hitting exchange. Kaz starts to get the upper hand but Smith runs in and hits Kaz from behind. Rheingans runs in, grabs Smith and hits an overhead belly to back suplex. Gama runs in but Putski clotheslines him down. The Ref is trying to get Putski and Rheingans back to their corner. Kaz staggers up but Smith clips him behind the knee as Taylor blasts him with a spinning forearm. The Ref runs over and counts 1..2..3! Rheingans and Putski are to late. Boos as Gama and the Bombers quickly roll out of the ring to celebrate. 

Winners of the Match- The British Bombers and Gama Singh 


"Wrangler" Nelson Royal vs. Scorpio 

Scorpio hits the ring looking focused and ready. Boos as Nelson comes to the ring wearing a cast on his right arm. Nelson grabs the mic.

"I can't believe this is happening. I know you fans paid your hard earned money to watch Nelson Royal wrestle tonight. However, as you can see, I'm injured. I was breaking in a horse on the ranch and well, got kicked pretty good. A lesser man wouldn't of even shown up here. But hey, I felt I owed it to all my great fans. (BOOOOOOOOOS) Mr. Scorpio, I apologize. Hold on a sec, just back up there. I do have a replacement. These fans paid to see a match and I believe you have an obligation to them. Do the right thing Son, and accept" 

Scorpio grabs the mic. 

"Alright, I'm here so bring him on!" 

Nelson: Ok Son, that's the spirit. Wildcat Wendell Cooley, come on out! 

The fans give a puzzling mixed reaction as Cooley comes down the aisle. Cooley shakes hands with Nelson, then offers a hand to Scorpio. Scorpio reluctantly shakes it. 


The bell rings. Nelson slowly starts to exit. Cooley is having words with the Ref. Nelson runs over and nails Scorpio on the back of his head with his cast! Nelson exits. The Ref turns around and sees Scorpio on the canvas. The Ref looks at Nelson. Nelson shrugs. Cooley picks up a lifeless Scorpio and puts him down with a Bulldog 1..2..3! BOOOOOOOO! 

Nelson runs in the ring and raises Cooley's arm high as Cooley smiles.

Winner of the Match- Wendell Cooley 


AWA National Tag Team Title Bout 

Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez (C) vs. Lightning Strike 

The match is 3 minutes in and Larry is doing his stalling gimmick. After all that, he ends up tagging in Perez. Perez and Horner lock up and go back and forth, exchanging moves and holds. Perez kicks Horner and goes for a body slam but Horner cradles him and almost gets 3. Perez is irate and charges but Horner arm drags him over and tags in Allen. Lighting Strike swing Perez to the ropes and double hip toss him over. Perez gets up as Allen jumps up and executes a flying scissors takeover. Allen keeps Perez in the scissor lock until Larry comes in and kicks Allen's head. Horner runs in and sends Larry flying with a running forearm blast. Allen and Perez stagger up, Perez takes a wild swing but Allen ducks and atomic drops Perez. Larry runs over and takes a swing but Allen ducks and atomic drops Larry into Perez. Horner runs in and grabs Larry. Allen grabs Perez and they swing the champs into each other. The champs stagger back, Lightning Strike grabs them and stereo atomic drop them back into each other. The Ref gets control. Allen and Horner continue to work over Perez, scoring several near falls. Perez finally gets a break when Larry trips Horner and he staggers into a flying knee by Perez. Perez tags in Larry.

Larry slowly picks up Horner, then spin kicks him through the ropes. Larry runs over and taunts Allen. Allen runs in but Larry makes sure the Ref deals with him. Perez slams Horner's head on the apron and hurls Horner back in the ring. Larry picks up Horner and hits a jaw breaker 1..2..Kick Out. Larry tags in Perez. Larry goes to the outside and holds Horner's head on the bottom rope and Perez swings off the ropes and hits a body guillotine. Perez picks up Horner, slams him down, hops on the middle turnbuckles and crashes down with a forearm drop 1..2..Horner gets his foot on the rope. Perez tags in Larry. Perez holds Horner as Larry swings off the ropes and goes for a big punch but Horner ducks and Larry knocks Perez through the ropes. Horner dives over and tags in Allen! 

Allen punches away on Larry as the fans cheer. Allen swings Larry into the corner. Allen hops on the turnbuckles and the fans count along as Allen punches Larry 10 times. Allen hops down and monkey flips Larry over. Allen swings off the ropes and hits a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Perez breaks it. Horner runs in and dropkicks Perez. Lightning Strike swing Larry to the ropes and double back drop him. Larry bounces over and tags in Perez as Allen tags in Horner. Horner punches Perez into the corner, then hops up and now he punches Perez 10 times as the fans count along. Horner grabs Perez and hoists him up for a suplex but Larry reaches in and trips him. Perez crashes down on top 1..2..Allen breaks it! The Ref guides Allen back. Larry runs in the ring and hits a swinging neckbreaker on Horner. Larry runs over and hits Allen. Allen punches away on Larry. Perez picks up Horner and hits the helicopter drop! The Ref runs over and counts 1..2..3! 

Allen punches Larry through the ropes. Perez rolls out and grabs the National titles. He helps Larry up as they walk backwards up the aisle, smiling and holding their titles high. 

Allen goes in and helps Horner up. 


Lightning Strike are attacked from behind by the Teamsters with sledgehammers! Both Horner and Allen are laid out as the Teamsters put their boots on their chests and raise up their sledgehammers to the booing fans. What is this all about? 

Winners of the Match and still AWA National Tag Team Champs- Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez



For the AWA International Title 

El Canek vs. "The Japanese Fury" Yoshiaki Yatsu 

 Media from around the world surround the ring for this match. Important figures from both Mexico and Japan are sitting at ringside. Ken Resnick is in the ring with the International title and says he will have the honor of presenting it to the winner. Both Canek and Yatsu get elaborate cultural entrances. 

The bell rings and Yatsu goes for a quick kick but Canek grabs his leg and trips his other one. Canek grabs Yatsu's legs and swings him around several times before tossing him across the ring. Yatsu rolls out of the ring but before he can regroup, Canek nails him with a suicide dive through the ropes! The fans are up and cheering. Canek hurls Yatsu back into the ring. Canek hops on the apron. Yatsu staggers up as Canek nails him with a slingshot shoulder dive. Canek picks up Yatsu and hits a rib breaker then follows by clamping on the abdominal stretch. Canek wrenches away as agony is on the face of Yatsu. Finally, Yatsu is able to rake Canek's eyes and hip toss him over. Yatsu falls back against the turnbuckles. Canek gets up and charges but Yatsu nails him with a karate kick to the face. 

Yatsu picks up Canek and pushes him into the corner and follows with several palm strikes. Yatsu then nails Canek with several kicks. Yatsu grabs Canek and gut wrench suplexes him over, picks up Canek and hits a Bridging German Suplex 1..2..Canek barely gets his shoulder up. Yatsu swings Canek to the ropes and kicks him in the mid section, then follows with jumping wheel kick to the back of his head 1..2..Kick Out. Yatsu swings Canek to the corner and charges in but Canek nails him with a spinning mule kick. 

Canek regroups. Canek and Yatsu have a furious exchange. Yatsu throws stinging palm strikes as Canek nails him with fired up punches. Things come at a complete stop as Yatsu nails Canek with a low kick. The Ref gives him a stern warning. Yatsu hoists Canek onto the top turnbuckles. Yatsu hops up and delivers a Superplex! Yatsu covers 1..2..Canek barley beats the 3 count. Yatsu can't believe it. The fans cheer Canek on. Yatsu picks up Canek and goes for a piledriver but Canek back drops him. Yatsu staggers up as Canek clotheslines him down. Canek regroups and pumps his fists.

Yatsu rises but Canek is all over him with chops and punches, swings him to the ropes and shoulder blocks him down and follows with a standing leg drop 1..2..Kick Out. Canek picks up Yatsu but Yatsu gouges his eyes and spin kicks him down. Yatsu stumbles around, picks up Canek and swings him to the corner but Canek hops on the turnbuckles and comes back with a reverse flying press 1..2..3!!! 


Yatsu gets up and gives Canek a glare before leaving. 

Resnick comes in and announces El Canek as the AWA International Champion. Resnick hands Canek the title. The fans cheer as Canek holds up the title with pride. 

Winner of the Match and NEW AWA International Champ- El Canek 


While the cage is being set up, we hear promos from Verne Gagne and Jerry Jarrett along with their respected teams. That's followed by a crazy Buzz Sawyer promo along with an arrogant Tommy Rich/Baby Doll promo. Rich is wearing a shirt that says "I'm going to neuter the Mad Dog" The heat is on for their big world title bout later tonight. 




Blackjack Mulligan, The Spoiler, Crusher Blackwell and "Bullet" Bob Armstrong 


"Tennessee Stud" Rob Fuller, Jimmy Golden, The Dream Machine and "Pitbull" Kerry Brown w/Roger Kirby

As you would expect, this match starts out balls to the walls! Fists are punching, bodies are flying into the cage and heads are bleeding. The Ref lets them go for a few minutes and then it turns into a traditional tag match but that probably wont last long. All the personal grudges are highlighted. Blackwell and Brown have a thundering segment and Blackwell almost throws Brown through the cage. The masked men Dream Machine and Spoiler tear into each other. Dream tries his best to rip off Spoiler's mask but Spoiler ends up getting the upper hand. Golden and Mulligan isn't pretty but it damn sure is brutal. Golden makes Mulligan bleed by grinding his face in the cage but Mulligan gets payback and makes Golden bleed by doing the same. And of course Fuller and Armstrong go at it hard and heavy, the end result being two more bloody faces. 

After 15 minutes of pure bloody brutality, all 8 men are in the ring fighting. I think the Ref said the heck with it and will now only make a 3 count. Things get crazy. Spoiler rams Dream's head into the cage and then clamps on the claw! Fuller and Golden double team Mulligan and toss him into the cage. Armstrong runs over with fury and punches away on Fuller and Golden but the numbers game is to much. Fuller and Golden pick up Armstrong and hot shot him into the cage. Blackwell punches Brown several times and has Brown leaning on the ropes. Blackwell backs up and charges but Brown moves and Blackwell hits the cage head on. The Ref is almost ready to call the match because Spoiler has Dream out with the claw. Fuller and Golden save the day and attack Spoiler, then put him down hard with a spiked piledriver! Roger Kirby is elated on the outside. Fuller covers Spoiler 1..2..Armstrong dives over and breaks it. Golden charges but Mulligan clotheslines him out of nowhere. 

Roger Kirby goes to the cage and slips in a pair of brass knuckles. Kirby shouts at Brown. Brown staggers up and picks up Spoiler. Dream puts on the brass knuckles and goes to the top rope. Dream comes down but Armstrong and Mulligan push Spoiler out of the way as Dream hits Brown with the brass knuckles! Dream is stunned, then gets blasted by Armstrong. Mulligan covers Brown 1..2..3! 

The fans go bonkers! 

Everybody is battered and bleeding. Dream, Fuller, Golden and Brown are laid out. Kirby is irate, then just walks out in disgust. Blackwell and Spoiler are helped up. Armstrong and Mulligan give the thumbs up to the fans as they continue to cheer.

Winners of the Match- Blackjack Mulligan, The Spoiler, Crusher Blackwell and Bob Armstrong 



An advertisement is shown for the AWA's next big closed circuit event. WRESTLEROCK 87!

Lance: Well fans, we've seen quite a bit of action so far. Glamour Boys spoiled the debut of Gerry Morrow's so called million dollar team. Nelson Royal pulls out a pretty cheap tactic with his so called injury and enlists the help of Wendell Cooley. Larry Z and Al Perez retain the National titles but I have no idea why the Teamsters came out and attacked Lightning Strike. El Canek is our new AWA International champ. And boy, what a satisfying win in the cage. Plenty more action still to come, so let's get to it.  


NO DQ- Handicap Match 

Cabin Fever vs. The Rock n Roll RPMS and JT Southern  

The RPMs get quite an entrance as JT Southern jams away on his guitar. They enter the ring. The RPMs work the crowd by doing air guitar motions while Southern continues to jam. After a minute, there's no sign of Cabin Fever.

The RPMs and Southern take turns on the mic, saying it isn't shocking Cabin Fever no showed. We've hit them over the head so many times, they probably don't know what day it is, let alone their own names. Let this be a lesson to everybody in the AWA, nobody messes with this trio. So, since you all are here, why don't we give you a show.

Boos as Southern and the RPMs continue with the guitar shenanigans.  The Ref shrugs his shoulders and signals for the bell and starts the 10 count. 

Massive cheers as Cabin Fever hit the ring with steel chairs! Grizzly blasts Davis's back with his chair! Manny whacks Lane's back with his chair! Both RPMs are on their knees screaming in pain. Cabin Fever smiles and in stereo swing down and knock both RPMs out with chair shots. Southern tries to run but Cabin Fever grab him. Grizzly swings him to the ropes and Manny puts him down with the flying burrito. Grizzly follows with a big splash. Manny looks over and picks up Southern's guitar. Grizzly picks up a lifeless Southern and holds him as Manny puts him down with a guitar shot heard around the world. Manny puts his boot on Southern as the Ref counts 1..2..3! 

Winners of the Match- Cabin Fever



AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami (C) vs. Gold Standard w/The Vin Man 

Gold Standard arrogantly walk down the aisle (wearing their Gold muscle tank tops) along with their manager, Vin Man and stablemate "Rocket" Ron Ritchie. Cheers follow as the champs look prime and ready. Japanese photographers are going picture crazy with flashes going everywhere. 

 The bell rings but Vinnie and Ritchie are pointing at the champs and trying to distract them. The fans pop when the Ref bans Ritchie from ringside. Gold Standard try to sneak attack the champs, but Jumbo quickly puts Kiniski down with a chop while Fujinami does the same to Kelly. Vinnie practically dives through the ropes when Jumbo and Fujinami head for him. The Ref gets things under control. 

Jumbo severely works Kiniski over with a gut wrench suplex, followed by a double underhook suplex, followed by an overhead German Suplex. Kiniski stumbles around and falls back to his corner and tags in Kelly. Kelly charges but gets back dropped. Jumbo swings Kelly to the ropes and puts him down with a big boot, then tags in Fujinami. Kelly slowly rises but goes right back down from an enzuguri by Fujinami. Fujinami then shows off his suplex arsenal. Kelly doesn't know where he's at as he stumbles back and tags in Kiniski. Kiniski is hesitant and tells the Ref he isn't going in. Fujinami grabs him and suplexes him back into the ring. Fujinami works over Kiniski, hits a backbreaker and applies the Scorpion Deathlock. Vinnie is having a nervous breakdown, until Kelly leaps off the top rope with a double axehandle to Fujinami's head. Jumbo runs in but the Ref guides him back. Kelly picks up Fujinami and throat slams him on the top rope. 

Kiniski rolls over and tags in Kelly. Kelly stomps away on Fujinami, picks him up and slams him down, then hops on the middle ropes and comes down with an elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. Kelly runs over and slaps Jumbo. Jumbo gets in there but the Ref guides him back, which allows Gold Standard to execute a double vertical suplex. Kelly swings Fujinami to the corner and follows with a running clothesline. Kelly tags in Kiniski. Kelly backbreakers Fujinami and holds him as Kiniski comes off the top rope with a knee to the chest 1..2..Fujinami gets his shoulder up. Vinnie screams at the Ref. Kiniski swings Fujinami to the ropes and hits him with a nice high dropkick. Kiniski swings off the ropes and hits a jumping knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Vinnie and Gold Standard spend to much time arguing with the Ref. Gold Standard swing Fujinami to the ropes and go for a double back drop but Fujinami kicks Kiniski and chops Kelly, then dives over and tags in Jumbo. Jumbo chops away on Gold Standard. Kelly goes back to his corner. Jumbo back drops Kiniski, Kiniski bounces up and tags in Kelly. Kelly comes in but Jumbo sends him flying back to his corner with a flying knee strike. Kelly staggers out and Jumbo scoops him up but Vinnie grabs Jumbo's boot. This allows Kiniski to come off the top rope with a rabbit punch to Jumbo's back. Both men crash down. 

Kelly tags in Kiniski. Both men put the boots to Jumbo. Fujinami runs in but the Ref guides him back. As Fujinami heads back, Gold Standard double clothesline him from behind. Gold Standard pick up Jumbo, swing him to the ropes and hit the hot shot! Vinnie is jumping up and down celebrating. Kiniski covers 1..2..Fujinami breaks it! Kelly runs over but Fujinami back drops him over the top rope. Fujinami goes to his corner and cheers Jumbo on. Kiniski swings Jumbo to the ropes but misses a clothesline, Jumbo swings back and puts Kiniski down with a vicious lariat, then tags in Fujinami. Fujinami puts the crowd in awe as he executes a belly to back suplex backbreaker 1..2..Kelly kicks Fujinami. Jumbo charges in and clotheslines Kelly over the top rope. Fujinami picks up Kiniski and hits his Dragon Suplex 1..2..3! 


Vinnie goes to his knees and actually starts crying. 

Once again, flashes go off from the Japanese media while Jumbo and Fujinami hold their titles high. 

Winners of the Match and Still AWA World Tag Team Champs- Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami 



Caribbean Death Match! 

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka vs. Carlos Colon w/Curtis Iaukea 

Massive heat as Colon and Iaukea come down the aisle with kendo sticks. Thundering cheers as Jimmy Snuka sprints down the aisle and mows over both men! The bell rings and the match is on. The Ref's only job is to declare the winner. Snuka grabs a kendo stick and goes to town on Iaukea. Snuka picks up Iaukea and sends him flying with a jumping headbutt. Colon staggers up but Snuka puts him down with a jumping headbutt. Snuka picks up a kendo stick. Colon slowly rises as Snuka clotheslines him with the kendo stick. Snuka jumps down, grabs Colon's head and punches him until he bleeds. Snuka picks up Colon and slams him on the concrete. Snuka covers 1..2..Kick out. Snuka picks up Colon and runs with him towards the steel post but Colon pushes Snuka into the post.

Colon walks around trying to gather his senses. Colon grabs Snuka and rams him face first into the steel post. Now Snuka is bleeding. Colon starts biting Snuka's forehead. Colon grabs Snuka and is going to piledrive him on the concrete but Snuka back drops Colon onto the concrete! Both men are bleeding and lying side by side. They slowly stagger up. Colon throws a punch but Snuka ducks and mulekicks Colon. Snuka grabs him and suplexes him on the concrete. Snuka yells with a face of pure rage. Snuka grabs Colon and starts biting his forehead. Snuka clamps on a headlock and punches away on Colon's bloody head. WHAM! Snuka is nailed from behind by Iaukea. Iaukea pulls out a foreign object and grinds away on Snuka's head. Colon gets up, grabs the foreign object and carves away on Snuka's forehead. 

Colon hurls Snuka into the ring. Colon climbs to the top rope. Snuka stumbles around as Colon nails him with a diving clothesline 1..2..Snuka somehow manages to get his shoulder up. Iaukea gets on the apron. Him and Colon are bullying the Ref. Snuka hears the fan's chants and tightens his fists. Snuka gets up, runs over and knocks Colon into Iaukea. Iaukea goes flying. Snuka hammers away on Colon, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a flying headbutt. Snuka slams Colon and points to the top rope. The fans are up and cheering as Snuka goes to the top. Snuka flashes the "I love you" sign and soars through the air but Colon moves! Snuka crashes down hard. 

Colon rolls out of the ring and gets a kendo stick, then goes back in. Colon puts Snuka in the camel clutch with the kendo stick under Snuka's chin. Colon's face is a bloody mess but you can see the evil in his eyes as he wrenches back with all his strength. The Ref sees Snuka pass out and immediately calls for the bell. Colon continues to wrench away until a swarm of security get in there to stop it. Iaukea finally gets in the ring, hugs Colon and raises his arm in victory as the crowd boos. 

Winner of the Match- Carlos Colon 



For sole control of the AWA

10- Man Tag Team Elimination Match 

Team Verne Gagne- "Captain" Mike Rotunda, "Sir" Norman Smiley, "Bulldog" Jesse Barr, Mike Graham and Greg Gagne


Team Jerry Jarrett- "Unpredictable" Dick Slater, TV Champ Nick Busick, The Bruise Brothers and "Dynamite DJ Peterson

This is it! Both teams enter looking ready to go. Verne and Jarrett walk up to each other and have an intense handshake. Greg is patting his Dad on the back and assures him, it's in the bag. 

The first few minutes both teams get some shine and get a chance to show the AWA fans what they got. Team Gagne gets down to business and put their wrestling skills to good use. Gagne and Graham gel well together. Smiley puts his Malenko training in full throttle. Barr blends both his technical skills and rough style. And Rotunda simply outclasses his opponents with his scientific wrestling. However, team Jarrett is explosive. Slater is one of the toughest and team Gagne finds that out. Busick is relentless with his power moves. If that wasn't enough, the Bruise Brothers double that with their strength and power. Throw in DJ Peterson and these 5 guys have team Gagne bouncing all over the place. 

15 minutes in and we get our first elimination as Slater puts Barr down and out with a swinging neckbreaker. 

5 minutes later, team Gagne evens things up as Rotunda eliminates DJ Peterson with a Northern Lights Suplex.

Team Jarrett comes back with a bang as the Bruise Brothers eliminate Norman Smiley, when Snowman hit an inverted atomic drop and Cameron quickly followed with a double axehandle to the back of the head.

Team Jarrett gets serious momentum as Busick pins Graham with a sidewalk slam! 

Things get a bit crazy when Dick Slater and Mike Rotunda battle through the ropes and continue fighting into a double c.o.

Verne slowly lowers his head when he realizes it's down to his Son Greg against the Bruise Brothers and Nick Busick. 

Greg looks around in shock. The fans are really giving it to him. He snaps and starts yelling at them. Verne tries to calm him down. Greg puts up one finger and demands an opponent to step up. Jarrett goes over to Verne and asks him if he just wants to stop and end this now. Verne tells him to get the hell away from him and back to his corner. Jarrett waves his arms and walks away.

Busick enters the ring. Greg offers a handshake. Busick says "OK" and puts out his hand. Greg tries to kick him low but Busick grabs his boot, spins Greg around and clotheslines him down. Busick tags in Snowman. Snowman presses Greg up and slams him down. Snowman tags in Cameron. They swing Greg to the ropes and double shoulder block him down. Cameron tags in Busick. The fans are cheering loud. Busick swings Greg to the ropes and hits his Spinebuster Slam! Just as Busick covers, Verne throws a towel into the ring. The Ref sees it and signals for the bell. 

Verne goes in and tries to help Greg up, but Greg falls back down. 

Jerry Jarrett walks into the ring and shakes hands with Busick and the Bruise Brothers. The fans give a standing ovation while Verne gives the crowd a dirty look. 

Winners of the match- Team Jarrett. Jerry Jarrett now has control of the AWA!   


Lance: Fans, what a night this has been. Cabin Fever got some poetic justice. Jumbo and Fujinami retain the AWA World tag team titles. Carlos Colon wins a very bloody and brutal match against Jimmy Snuka. And of course Jerry Jarrett has sole control over the AWA. We've got one more match and it's for the AWA world title. Get ready because this is going to be a wild one. 



AWA World Title Bout 

Tommy "Wildfire" Rich (C) w/Baby Doll vs. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer 

The introductions are made and you can tell these guys want to tear into each other. The bell rings and that's exactly what happens. 

Baby Doll gets out of there quick as Rich and Sawyer trade hard punches. They battle around the ring and through the ropes. They fight up and back down the aisle. They start to fight into the crowd. Rich grabs a fan's beer and throws it in Sawyer's face, then hurls him over the guard rail. Baby Doll runs over and slaps Sawyer but that just wakes Sawyer up. Baby Doll sees this and runs away. Rich comes over but Sawyer back drops him onto the ring steps. 

Sawyer picks up Rich and hurls him into the ring. Sawyer goes to the top rope. Rich slowly rises as Sawyer blasts him with a right punch. Sawyer picks up Rich and gives him a jumping vertical suplex. Sawyer picks up Rich and delivers another suplex. Sawyer stomps on Rich's head several times. Rich is now cut. Sawyer picks up Rich and slams his head several times on the top turnbuckle. Rich is dazed as Sawyer clotheslines him down 1..2..Kick Out. Sawyer picks up Rich and rubs his bloody head across the top rope. Sawyer chokes Rich on the top rope and flings him back. Baby Doll starts screaming up at Sawyer. Sawyer goes to the ropes and gives her a grin. Rich crawls over and delivers a lowblow between Sawyer's legs. Sawyer goes down and this gives Rich much needed time to regroup. 

Rich gives Baby Doll a wink as she cheers her man on. Rich baseball slides Sawyer out of the ring. Rich goes to the apron. Sawyer rises as Rich nails Sawyer with a double axehandle to the head. Rich grabs Sawyer and rams him face first into the steel post. Now Sawyer is bleeding. Rich grabs Sawyer and suplexes him on the concrete. Rich hurls Sawyer into the ring. Rich blows a kiss to the booing fans. Rich swings Sawyer into the corner and follows with a running bionic elbow to the head. Rich pulls Sawyer out and gives him another bionic elbow. Sawyer is against the turnbuckles as Rich stomps and chokes away. Rich twirls his fingers and says it's time to wrap things up. Rich swings Sawyer to the ropes and hits the Thesz Press but Sawyer holds on, spins Rich around and snake eyes him on the top turnbuckle.

Both men are down as Baby Doll tries to fire up Wildfire. Both men slowly rise. Sawyer starts punching away on Rich. Sawyer picks up Rich and twirls him around but Rich's boot hits the Ref. The Ref goes flying and down as Sawyer slams Rich. Sawyer continues to pound away on Rich. Sawyer reaches down to pick up Rich but Rich grabs his tights and hurls Sawyer through the ropes. Baby Doll runs over and kicks Sawyer. Rich rolls to the outside. He picks up Sawyer but Sawyer rakes Rich's eyes and powerslams him on the concrete! Rich is out. The fans are going crazy.

Sawyer stands up and howls. Just as he turns back to Rich, he's clotheslined by RIP MORGAN and a chain! Morgan looks down at Sawyer, smiles and just walks away. Baby Doll frantically goes over and helps Tommy up and back into the ring. Baby Doll goes in and wakes the Ref up. The Ref looks around and sees Sawyer laid out on the outside. The Ref starts counting. The fans boo when he hits 10. Baby Doll grabs the world title, runs in the ring and gives it to Rich. Rich is still out of it and doesn't even know he won the match. Baby Doll is finally able to snap him out of it. Rich remains sitting on his knees as he holds the title up to thundering boos. 

Winner of the match by c.o. and Still AWA World Champ- Tommy Rich 



Lance: Well fans, I have no idea why Rip Morgan interfered and ruined a world title match. Tommy Rich remains AWA world champion. I can defiantly say tonight's event certainly lived up to its name. Thank you all for being a part of Big Brawl. 

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Nice little touch with the dark match before the cameras roll.

While i doubt anyone is surprised to see The Glamour Boys win, i gotta admit The Top Dollar Phils made a good showing in their first outing.

The Bombers' superior teamwork brings victory home in a wild six man.

Quite the fakeout by Royal & his new associate Coolley.

Larry Z & Perez retain but what's on the fans minds is, what is up with the teamsters?

Canek wins a contrast of national styles to become the first AWA International champion!

Tommy's shirts are the best running gag in this game.

A brutal 8 man cage match seems to mark the end of the Syndicate as Kirby leaves his men laying.

WrestleRock 87! Hell yeah baby!

Cabin Fever squash the RPM's & Southern like the annoying little gnats they are.

Gold Standard put up a good fight but the Japanese duo retain the tag straps. i had a serious smile on my face reading how Vin Man starting crying.

Colon remains undefeated in Caribbean Death Matches despite a game effort from the Superfly. This gives him a strong claim on another title match.

Team Jarrett wins putting Verne on the outside looking in on his own company! I can just hear the crowd going crazy during that final sequence.

Tommy Rich retains the World title thanks to...Rip Morgan? Interesting. the matches between he & Sawyer are gonna be nuts.


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