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Okay, a lot of catching up to do but no better place to start then with JJ taking over the AWA... very interesting.  Just so you know where I am, I started back on March 4th...

No matter what you do with Morrow, I enjoy it but I will admit that he has his work cut out for him here with a promise to get the Phils to the title.  Tough loss here tonight to the Olympians.

Nice to see Crusher Blackwell getting the fans going here on this card.

Really like anything with the Dream Machine.  Not sure why as I know little about him but he seems like such a great character.... add Brown and Kirby and I am hooked.

An Armstrong vs a Fuller..... Please more.

Sawyer vs Morgan... Very interested to see where this one goes....  Same as Wildfire vs Mulligan.  Great ending to the show with Rich locked in the Claw!


On to March 6 at Jackson...

3 big title matches....

Highlight for me would be Blackwell vs Bully Busick... just seems like a fun fan-favorite bout.  Also, I really like the team of Larry Z and Al Perez.  Seems like a good fit that has something for everyone.  


Onto March 11

Great way to keep the storyline going... you ended last week with Rich locked in the claw and then Wildfire starting the next show announcing what he was going to do to Mulligan at the Dunn Center.  

The Olympians keep getting tough TV matches and they keep coming out on top... really good push and well developed.

Wow...I just said how much I like Larry Z and Perez as a team but now you got the Bruise Brothers coming after them... Who to root for.... might have to go ....hmmmm.  can't pick.  I will just have to let you keep entertaining me.

Slater on the Beauty Shop would have been classic TV.... here comes Yoshi... Feud time.... Should be interesting.

Gagne talking to Barr and Smiley about what they could do for each other...hmmmm.... wonder if he means what they can do for him.  Another interesting storyline.

I like how Iaukea announces that Colon will terrorize the AWA until they fond someone to match up against him


On to March 13... the Dunn Center

Sawyer over Morgan... will be interesting to see where this goes...

The fans get to see Mulligan crush Wildfire again but he is still the champ.... end game of this will be wild I am sure.  

ON to March 18th

ONce again the TV shows starts with an angry Tommy Rich... he better be careful... he keeps mouthing off and finding himself locked in the claw.

Really looking forward to Superclash!

Not a smart move by Putski as he calls out Colon for next week!!!

Here come the Bruise Brothers... Nice win on TV vs Cabin Fever.... Champs

Like Cooley as a heel.  We have all used him primarily as a babyface but this new twist is interesting.  Add in grumpy old Nelson Royal and we have magic on the mic!  Nice pairing.

Very interesting body shop with Morrow and the Phils... Lafon sold and Apolla fired.  So what is next for Morrow?  Who bought Lafon?

Busick with a nice with on TV vs Brad R.  Wonder who is next for Bully.


ON to March 20...

Big one by the Chosen Ones over the Olypmians.  Maybe Gagne was right.

I haven't said much, but nice job with El Canek.  He is a fun addition to the AWA lineup

Will be back soon to finish catching up on the AWA!







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Back again...

Here we go with March 25 at the Hammond Center...

Love how Mulligan keeps getting over on Wildfire... this time with a chair.  Wonder if the belt will be next.

Nice to see Morrow in action and he proves why Apolla was released!

What does Gagne want with Blackwell?

Flag Match on TV.... Awesome.... USA USA!

Larry Z and Perez make a nice trip to the beauty shop... Could they win the Crockett Cup?

Wow... I knew Putski was in trouble when he challenged Colon, just never thought it would be the Dragon making the save!!  Great show.


On to March 27 at the Roane Fieldhouse...

3 huge matches.... Ticket Sellers if you will.

Dream Machine vs Slater... Bullet vs The Studd and Larry Z & Perez vs Bruise Brothers.  Maybe Larry should worry more about just holding on to his belt instead of a tourny in the NWA.  THe Bruise Brothers almost got him.


Onto April 1...

Great start to this show as we build off the ending of last with the return of the Dragon!  This is going to be awesome!

KIrchner is getting on a little run here!  

I had a feeling Gagne wanted Blackwell in his group.  Liked Crusher's answer!!

Wildfire" Rich/The Dream Machine and "The Tennessee Stud" Ron Fuller w/Baby Doll vs Blackjack Mulligan/ Kerry Brown and "Bullet" Bob Armstrong-  This is the type of TV match that would have had me all excited.... love when you throw all these wild angles into a 6 Man Tag Match


On to the Dane Coliseum

Gagne comes out to get even with Blackwell and Cooley is the beneficiary! 

Sheepherders help out Morgan in the Chain Match with Buzz.... Mad Dog is going to need some help.

Like all the double fan favorite matches lately... Lightening Strike vs the Champs did not disappoint.

Wildfire and Baby Doll keep surviving Mulligan but for how long?


On to April 8th...

Like how you are having an 8 man tourny to get into the 8 man tourny at WrestleRock...

Will pick up here next time.  Really great storylines and you develop each one with such great details.  I have never really had the opportunity to read a months worth of work from you all in one day but it really shows how organized you are.  Awesome job!



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The finish of April 8th...

Lafon has found a nice home and gets some help from Charland and Frenchy with the win over Allen.... this group might be mid-card but they are going to get major heat.

Very interesting... the original MNE is here.  Adds some depth to an already stacked tag division.

Even with Royal in his corner, Cooley better be careful calling out Dirty Dick

Speaking of depth in the tag division... here comes Taylor and Zenk!  Great pairing.

Brown over Dream on TV and now he gets a title shot,  Very hot angle.  Rich is very confident here and did I hear a mention of Lawler?  


On to April 15

Nice to see that Slater and Cooley will be wrestling for a shot at Superclash.  Angles that keep getting more serious are fun to follow.

Dito that for Bullet and Fuller...

Gagne and the Chosen Ones are just so hateable!

Love how big this game has made El Jefe!  Great follow-up storyline after Kirchner finished off Ustinov.

I could just hear the boos as Brenda coos over Gama Singh....

As I said before... I think Buzz needs some help!  Morgan + Sheepherders= Trouble

Lightening Strike makes the save and Lafon can't come away with Bully's Belt... Keep an eye on this chaos!!

Steamboat and Wildfire end the show with some spirited promos... both were great on the mic!


On to April 18th and the Mid South Coliseum

Like the idea of a tournament to get into a tournament

Huge names and bouts all over this card!

Slater wins the tourny... Great choice.  SO believable in 87

Rich over Brown with a lot of extra craziness.  Love it

Steamboat over Colon with the DQ win but not sure it was worth it.  Like Sawyer, Steamboat better keep some friends close.  


On to April 22...

I wonder why Grizzly Boone was never bigger in real life.  I am enjoying what you have done with him.

Jumbo's Team wins the Crockett Cup and Larry Z and Perez seem jealous... very interesting

Abbie and El Canek from Puerto Rico... Awesome footage

I knew Buzz needed help... love the pairing of Maniac Matt Borne and Rip Oliver

Nice job with the rest of the card hyping up WrestleRock!

Outback Jack is coming... interesting with the Sheepherders and Morgan in the AWA... which way does he go?



Great catching up on what is going on in the AWA.  Hope to be back real soon.





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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 4-29-87



Footage from the WrestleRock Press Conference is shown, which of course ends with a brawl between Tommy Rich and Dick Slater. 


Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Tremendous show lined up. Gerry Morrow and Scorpio will wrestle for a shot at the TV title. I've been told that title shot will happen at WrestleRock. Plenty more action along with a special WrestleRock report. Speaking of WrestleRock, joining me right now is the winner of the Mid South Coliseum tournament and the man who will face Tommy Rich for the AWA world title. I'm talking about Dick Slater.


Cheers as Slater holds his fist up to the fans. 

Lance: Dick, I have to say, that was quite a spectacle that went down at the press conference. In just 4 weeks, you will have a chance at the AWA world title at WrestleRock. 

Slater: Lance, I made my intentions very clear. I'm going to win the AWA world title at WrestleRock. Tommy Rich is nothing but an arrogant and smug prima donna! 

Boos as Baby Doll comes out.

Baby Doll: Lance, why are talking with this peon? When you should be talking to the greatest world champion in the history of wrestling. Tommy Rich is going to prove that once again at WrestleRich. (runs her finger down Slater's cheek) Slater, you're just not enough man to get the job done. 

Thundering boos as Tommy Rich slowly sneaks up behind Slater. Slater turns around as Rich blasts him with the world title belt! Baby Doll sits Slater up as Tommy rears back and hits him again with the title! Tommy pulls out a WrestleRich T-Shirt, smiles and holds it up, then puts it on the unconscious Slater. 


Rich: Lance! WrestleRich 87 is coming! Be there! 


Commercial Break 


"The Master of Disaster" Kerry Brown vs. Trent Watkins 


Brown is aggressive tonight and gets in a good showcase. He swings Watkins to the ropes and puts him down with a running high knee for the win. 


Resnick: Kerry Brown, I know you heard the announcement at the press conference. It will be you and Dream Machine in a last man standing match at WrestleRock.

Brown: Music to my ears. Dream Machine! This ends at WrestleRock and trust me, it ends with you beaten down and out for the count! 


Commercial Break 


The Chosen Ones w/Greg Gagne vs. Harold Bannister and Nolan Biggs 


Gagne arrogantly walks around the ring in his 70s style track suit. In the ring, Barr tags in Smiley. Smiley goes to the top rope as Barr applies the Boston Crab to Biggs. Smiley comes off the top rope with an elbow drop to the back. Smiley rolls over Biggs and gets the 1..2..3! 


Resnick: Greg Gagne, you look pretty confident for a guy set to face Jerry Blackwell tomorrow night at the Louisville Gardens. 

Gagne: Come on Ken, Fatwell is no challenge for me. It's about time somebody put that big oof in his place and that someone is me. Now, let's talk about the big news. It's now official, the Chosen Ones will face the Olympians at WrestleRock. I'm really looking forward to that. Bradley Rheingans and I have some history at WrestleRock.

Resnick: You mean when him and Crusher ended up beating you to a bloody pulp? 

Barr: Watch your mouth Resnick! 

Smiley: Do not ever antagonize the Great Gagne again. 

Gagne: Yea Ken, you do that again and I'll set up a meeting with you and Grizzly. Bottom line, Olympians, WrestleRock is going to be sweet revenge courtesy of the Chosen Ones. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans, up next, making his return to the AWA, is a man with a legendary reputation. 


"The Blonde Bomber" Ray Stevens vs. Todd Rooney 


Stevens looks tough and gritty as he takes it to his opponent before finishing him off with the bombs away! The fans give him quite the ovation. 


Resnick: Ray Stevens! Welcome back to the AWA! Judging by these fans reaction, they've really missed you.

Stevens: Thank you Ken and I missed them as well. It's so good to come back to my roots. I might be getting up there but I assure you, I still have fuel in the tank. Hell, I'm even thinking about making another run at some gold. 

Ray winks at the camera and exits.


Commercial Break 


Winner gets a TV title shot at WrestleRock 

"Champagne" Gerry Morrow vs. Scorpio


Morrow takes his time as he takes off his suit, fedora hat and sunglasses. The bell rings but Morrow keeps shewing Scorpio away. The fans cheer as Scorpio nails Morrow with a dropkick. Morrow staggers up as Scorpio scoop slams him. Scorpio swings Morrow to the ropes and back drops him. Morrow rises as Scorpio dropkicks him through the ropes. Morrow gets up but falls back down. Morrow tries to regroup. He staggers up just as Scorpio dives through the ropes and puts him down again! The fans are going nuts. Scorpio is feeling great as he hurls Morrow back in the ring. Scorpio goes to the top rope but his excitement gets the best of him as he caters to the fans. Scorpio goes for a flying leg drop but Morrow moves.

Morrow clears the cobwebs. He picks up Scorpio and hits a delayed vertical suplex. Morrow follows with a neckbreaker. Morrow hops on the middle ropes and executes a diving headbutt. He picks up Scorpio and hits a double arm DDT 1..2..3! 


Resnick: Well, Gerry Morrow, you've sealed the deal for a TV title match at WrestleRock. Before we get to that, I have to ask. Since your Top Dollar Phils didn't win any gold, are you out one million dollars?

Morrow: HAHAHA! Very good Ken. De answer is no. You see, I am a very smart man and I always have a contingency plan. Tonight was step one. I went to my business associates and made de bet double or nothing. If I win de TV title, I owe nothing. HAHAHA! Mr. Busick, I am sorry to say, your title reign comes to an end at WrestleRock. Do not worry, your future will be secure, because I believe you would make a great personal assistant to me. 


Commercial Break


"Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly w/The Vin Man vs. Vic Dutro


Vin Man applauds as Kelly clamps on the full nelson for the win. Kelly swings Dutro around and tosses him across the ring. The fans boo as Kelly gives them a double bicep pose.


Resnick: Vinnie, your man has a tough task at WrestleRock when he faces DJ Peterson in a taped fist match. I understand Jerry Jarrett signed this match so both of them can finally get this rivalry out of their systems. 

Vin: Rezzy, I have to laugh. My man Kev has beaten up that dope Peterson so often that its not as fun anymore. 

Resnick: Well, DJ did beat Kelly in the tournament.

Kelly: Shut up! I'm the one who was able to walk out on my own two feet, not him! Peterson! I can't wait to pound on your stupid head! Over and over again! 


Commercial Break 


Another vignette with Outback Jack 



Jack is in a bar drinking a beer when somebody yells out "Hey Jack, I hear you're going to WrestleRock mate" 

Jack: Indeed I am. It's time the world gets to see what Outback Jack is all about. I'm going to have a stonker with some woos name Putski. (Laughs) Sorry kid, but you're in for the barney of your life and trust me, this doesn't end well for you. Get ready AWA, the great man from down under is coming. 

The bar mates chant Jack's name while holding up their beer mugs. 


Commercial Break


Scott "Powerhouse" Putski vs. Neil Jordan 


Putski looks great tonight and finishes things off with the Polish Hammer! 


Resnick: Ok, Scott Putski, I'm sure you saw the video. Yes, it will be you taking on Outback Jack at WrestleRock. 

Putski: It seems to me Outback Jack is underestimating me some. Fine by me. The odds are usually stacked against me. Sometimes I win and sometimes I don't but one thing's for sure, I'll give you all I have and I'll give you a fight. Outback Jack's going to see that first hand. 

Putski exits.


Resnick: Fans. I wanted to bring out Scorpio. Scorpio, I know you've been frustrated lately but you have nothing to be ashamed of after that match with Gerry Morrow.

Scorpio: (deep breath) Appreciate that Ken, but I just can't seem to get it together lately. 

Cheers as the Glamour Boys and Lightning Strike come out.

Horner: Scorpio, you've got so much talent that I just think you don't know what to do with it. We think we can help. At WrestleRock, we're facing the British Bombers and Quebec Coalition. Each side gets to choose a 5th partner. We all agreed that we want you in that spot. We can help get you back on track and you defiantly can help us. What do you say?

The fans cheer as Scorpio smiles. 

Scorpio: I say, I'm in! Let's do this! 

Glamour Boys and Lightning Strike pat him on the back and welcome him in. 


Commercial Break 


"Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer, "Maniac" Matt Borne and "Crippler" Rip Oliver vs. Sam Smith. JB Jones and Kurt Ryder 


It's a wild one. Borne holds Jones as Oliver comes down with a double axehandle to the head. Sawyer gets tagged in and finishes things off with a powerslam! 


Resnick: Fans, tomorrow night at the Louisville Gardens there will be a triple main event. Ricky Steamboat and The Bruise Brothers will face Carlos Colon, Kokina and TNT. In another 6 man tag, Sawyer, Borne and Oliver will face Rip Morgan and the Sheepherders. And, Jerry Jarrett signed it. Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami will defend the AWA world tag titles against National tag champs Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez. What a night of action that will be. Switching gears, you're going to see footage from last week followed by comments from Blackjack Mulligan. 


Footage is shown of Wendell Cooley and Nelson Royal hitting Mulligan with a chair. Cooley then bulldogs Mulligan on the chair, twice! 


Mulligan: (Bandaged head) Cooley! Royal! You boys want to play cowboy? Let's play cowboy! Wendell Cooley! I'm challenging you to a bunkhouse match at WrestleRock boy! Let's see what kind of cowboy you really are. 


Commercial Break 


Two prelim wrestlers are in the ring set for action. Before the bell rings, ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER hits the ring and destroys both men! Abdullah drops an elbow on each man, then hurls them out of the ring. Abdullah goes outside but Resnick sprints out of there. Abdullah gets out his fork. Other prelim wrestlers run out but Abdullah thrusts each one with his fork. Officials and a swarm of security run out as the commercial hits.



Commercial Break 


Resnick: My goodness! I...I had no idea Abdullah the Butcher was even in the building. (gathers himself) Ok, joining me now is Bob Armstrong.

The fans cheer as "Bad to the bone" blasts over the speakers.

Resnick: Bob, at WrestleRock, when the match is over, you or Ron Fuller will be gone from the AWA. A lot at stake here.

Armstrong: It really couldn't end any other way. Ron Fuller! I'm sending you packing, just like I did your family. You're the last obstacle.

Boos as Ron Fuller walks out.

Fuller: Armstrong, I just can't wait for WrestleRock. I want to cave your face in right now! 

Armstrong: We can do this now if you want! 

Resnick: Look, there's a ref getting in the ring. Go right ahead.

Resnick gets out of there as Armstrong and Fuller start trading blows.


Impromptu Match

"Bullet" Bob Armstrong vs. "The Tennessee Stud" Ron Fuller


After brawling around the ring, the Ref finally gets them inside. As Armstrong goes through the ropes, Fuller nails him with a knee lift. Fuller grabs the top rope and chokes Armstrong with his boot, then rakes it across Armstrong's face. Ron picks up Armstrong and slams him down, then follows with a knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Fuller swings Armstrong into the corner and charges in but Armstrong lifts his boot as Fuller hits it head first. Fuller staggers back as Armstrong puts him down with a clothesline. Armstrong stomps away, picks Fuller up and slams him down. Armstrong follows with an elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. Armstrong swings Fuller into the corner and charges in with a forearm blast. Armstrong hip tosses Fuller across the ring. Fuller rolls around then staggers up as Armstrong nails him with a knee lift. Fuller fly's up then rolls out of the ring. While the Ref is holding Armstrong back, Fuller reaches in his tights and puts on a pair of brass knuckles. Fuller slowly gets on the apron. Armstrong rushes over. Fuller takes a swing but Armstrong ducks and hoists Fuller up to back suplex him back in the rung but while Fuller's in the air, he clocks Armstrong on his head with the brass knuckles. Armstrong crashes down with Fuller on top 1..2..3! BOOOOOO! Fuller quickly rolls out if the ring and hides his brass knuckles. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Well fans, Ron Fuller gets one over on Bob Armstrong and the Ref tonight. Will that happen again at WrestleRock? 

Ron Fuller interrupts.

Fuller: Bob Armstrong! That's just a taste of what you're going to get at WrestleRock. When it's all over, you're going to have to live with the cold hard fact. A Fuller will always be better than an Armstrong. 

Fuller smiles and walks away

Resnick: (Shakes his head) On that note, we're going to end the show with a WrestleRock report hosted by Brenda Britton. 


WrestleRock Report with Brenda Britton



Brenda is standing in front of a WrestleRock 87 banner

Brenda: Hi everybody and welcome to the WrestleRock report with who else but me as your host. Don't worry, I'll be back next week with a Beauty Shop. Brenda announces the matches already signed

Tommy Rich (C) w/Baby Doll vs. Dick Slater- AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky Steamboat vs. Carlos Colon- Steel Cage match

Nick Busick (C) vs. Gerry Morrow- TV Title Bout 

Bob Armstrong vs. Ron Fuller- Loser leaves AWA

Dream Machine vs. Kerry Brown- Last Man Standing

DJ Peterson vs. Kevin Kelly w/The Vin Man- Taped Fist match 

Glamour Boys/Lightning Strike/Scorpio vs. British Bombers/Quebec Coalition and ? w/Frenchy Martin

Chosen Ones w/Greg Gagne vs. The Olympians 

Outback Jack vs. Scott Putski 


Brenda: Now, if that wasn't enough, three more matches have been signed. El Canek will defend the AWA International title against Abdullah the Butcher. Wow! That's going to be crazy! And since I have all the big scoops. I talked to Wendell Cooley and Nelson Royal and they've happily accepted Blackjack Mulligan's bunkhouse match challenge. And, I'm really looking forward to this one, that second rate team of Terry Taylor and Tom Zenk are going to face the original Midnight Express. Thank you Norvell! More matches announced next week. Geez, it's no wonder WrestleRock will take place over 2 nights. Now let's throw in the Rock. On night 1, Billy Squire is going to perform and then on night 2, the Doobie Brothers are going to rock the stadium. I can't wait. I heard both Billy Squire and the Doobie Brothers are going to let me sing with them. That guarantees a sell out for sure. WrestleRock 87 takes place on Saturday May 28th and Sunday May 29th at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. Also available on closed circuit TV in all the AWA arenas. Special ticket packages if you want to attend both nights. Until next week toooodles. 



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Baby Doll & Tommy get the drop on Slater starting the night off hot.

The Master of Disaster is determined to be the Last Man Standing.

Looking forward to the Chosen Ones vs The Olympians at WrestleRock. Man i hope Blackwell crushes Gagne tomarrow.

Glad to see Stevens find a good home.

Morrow goes double or nothing on his ability to become TV champ. Nice of him to offer Busick a job when the match is over.

Kelly/Peterson in a taped fist match is exactly the kind of match the Memphis crowd would love.

Outback Jack may be in for a rough welcome from "Powerhouse" Putski.

Scorpio finds some new friends to cheer him up. Here's hoping they can make it work at WrestleRock.

A pair of big-time six man tags & a possible title unification announced for Louisville.

A Bunkhouse match for WrestleRock? Yee Haw!

Abby has arrived & i bet he's looking for Canek!

Fuller -with a pair of brass knucks- gets the edge over Armstrong as they head to their loser leaves town match.

Abby doesn't have to wait too long as Brenda announces the rematch for WrestleRock! Plus the Bunkhouse match....Plus T&Z vs the Original Midnight Express...Plus more matches to be announced for next week? Nobody packs a supershow quite like you!

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AWA @ The Louisville Gardens 4-30-87



"El Jefe" Jose Estrada defeated Gene Ligon with a knee drop from the top rope 


Steve Doll w/Steve Simpson defeated Phil Lafon w/Richard Charland and Frenchy Martin- Charland and Simpson started fighting on the outside. Frenchy goes to the apron but Doll dropkicks Lafon into him and rolled up Lafon for the pin.


Non Title Bout

TV Champ Nick Busick defeated "The Vin Man" Vinnie Valentino with the Spinebuster Slam! Not a lot of sympathy for Vinnie. 


"Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer/"Maniac" Matt Borne and "Crippler" Rip Oliver defeated "The Beast" Rip Morgan and The Sheepherders- Wild and crazy match that ends with everybody fighting. During the craziness, Morgan tried to bring his chain into it but Oliver clotheslined him from behind which allowed Sawyer to get the chain and put Morgan down with it for the pin. Sheepherders kept fighting. 


Gama Singh defeated Bill Kazmaier- Kaz swung Gama into the corner and charged in but Gama moved, grabbed Kaz and executed a belly to back suplex for the win


"Crusher" Jerry Blackwell and Greg Gagne never officially started- Before the bell rang, Gagne antagonized Blackwell long enough for Grizzly Boone to attack Blackwell from behind in what was obviously a set up. Boone slams Blackwell and follows with a big splash. Gagne adds insult by clamping the sleeper on Blackwell. Major heat


Carlos Colon/Kokina and TNT w/Curtis Iaukea defeated Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and The Bruise Brothers- These guys give the fans 20 minutes of non stop intense action. The Bruise Brothers, Kokina and TNT end up fighting all around the ring. The Ref is distracted by this. Steamboat is all over Colon and ends up hitting a flying press from the top rope. Steamboat covers but Iaukea runs in and nails Steamboat's previously injured neck with the kendo stick. Colon and Iaukea spike piledrive Steamboat! Iaukea yells at the Ref. Colon covers Steamboat as the Ref runs over and counts 1..2..3! BOOOOOO! 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout

Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami (C) vs. National Tag Champs Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez 

Instant classic. Both teams show why they're holding gold. Jumbo and Fujinami look incredible tonight and are in total sync, showing off their suplex arsenal, submission holds and power moves. On the flip side, Larry and Perez bring their A game. They control segments with fluid teamwork. Larry works in his martial arts skills as Perez compliments this with his own set of suplexes. Both teams continue to go all out as they battle to a thrilling 60 minute draw. 

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El Jefe opens the night with a win.

Frenchy ends up costing his own man.

The Vin Man returns to in-ring action & gets broken in half by Busick's Spinebuster! Love it!

Mad Dog uses Morgan's own chain to claim victory in a wild six man.

Kazmaier proves a bit too aggressive for his own good against Gama.

Gagne & Boone leave Blackwell laying.

Colon pins Steamboat with some help from Iaukea.

Both sets of tag champs impress while going broadway. Could a rematch be in the cards?

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AWA...  lot's happening here and for me... Steamboat...  he is going to be coming back with revenge. I like the 60-minute tag team match. I can't say I've seen too many of them in real life... I don't know about Perez but I have no doubt the others could carry this the right way.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 5-6-87



Footage from last week is shown as Tommy Rich sneaks up from behind and knocks Slater out with his world title belt. and then hits him again with it! 


Lance Russell: Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Well, we're on the fast track to WrestleRock and we'll be talking a lot about that tonight. Huge main event as the Sheepherders will clash with Rip Oliver and Matt Borne. I understand we're all going to witness Tommy Rich kicking off his promotional tour. I guess we'll see what that's all about at the end of tonight's program. So much going on that we're going to go straight to the ring. 


Terry Taylor and Tom Zenk vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez


The show's off to a hot start as Taylor and Zenk show off their tag team skills. Zenk nails Lopez with a superkick and Taylor follows with a flying five arm for the win! 


Resnick: Terry Taylor, Tom Zenk, congratulations on that fine win. We all heard the news last week, at WrestleRock, you two will be facing Norvell Austin's Original Midnight Express. Apparently, Brenda Britton set this up with Norvell, after you guys were on her show a few weeks ago. 

Zenk: Hey, we brought some flare to the Beauty Shop, I guess she wasn't ready for it. All joking aside, you can bet we're 100% focused on the Midnight Express.

Taylor: That's right! We don't care how this match got signed, we're going to WrestleRock to show the Midnight's and the world that we're going to do big things in the AWA. 


Commercial Break


Gama Singh vs. Clyde Purdue 


Gama seems irritated during the match and quickly ends things with a cobra clutch. 


Resnick: Gama Singh, I would like to officially announce that at WrestleRock, you have been signed to go one on one with Ray Stevens. That must be quite an honor to be wrestling a legend on the grandest stage.

Gama: An honor? How is that an honor? I am a legitimate title contender who has been doing nothing but winning matches. And what do I get? A match with an old washed up has been at WrestleRock. What a joke! This is a slap of disrespect! Ray Stevens, I will take this all out on you! 


Commercial Break 


"Dynamite" DJ Peterson vs. Trent Knight 


It's all Peterson as he wins the match with a flying shoulder block from the top rope! 


Resnick: DJ, after just watching that, it looks like your back is 100%. It's you and Kevin Kelly at WrestleRock in a taped fist match. I'm sure you have some thoughts.

DJ: For 2 years Kelly and I have fought at the biggest events in wrestling. Things have gotten very personal and recently he tried to seriously injure my back. Didn't get the job done! At WrestleRock, this comes to an end! Kelly! I'm going to punch your face until it's black and blue. I'm going to punch your ribs until their broken. And Vin Man, I'm begging you to interfere because I would love to cave in your face as well! 


Commercial Break


Footage from a few weeks ago is shown of Jose Estrada burning Corporal Kirchner's eye with a lit cigar. That's followed by a picture of Kirchner lying in a hospital bed giving a thumbs up with his eye heavily bandaged. That's followed by Estrada's shoulder shrug reaction to Ken Resnick. Estrada then blows smoke in Resnick's face. We then go to a video of Kirchner leaving the hospital with an eye patch.

Kirchner: I know I can only see out of one eye but that aint gonna stop me. At WrestleRock, it's going to be me and you Estrada! In other words, it's payback time! 


Resnick: Ok, we all just heard it. Nobody can say Corporal Kirchner doesn't have guts. I understand he had to sign a waiver for the match and he didn't hesitate. Estrada is a ruthless individual but I wouldn't want to be in his shoes at WrestleRock. Speaking of WrestleRock, my guests right now are Greg Gagne and Grizzly Boone.

Boone stares Resnick down.

Gagne: Ok Resnick, what was so important that you just had to bring us out here? Do you want to talk about how my Chosen Ones are going to give those doofus Olympians a wrestling lesson at WrestleRock? 

Resnick: Not exactly. I wanted you to be the first to hear the next match signed for WrestleRock. It's going to be Grizzly Boone taking on Jerry Blackwell! 

Gagne: (Laughs) Well, that is great news. Boone will finally get his chance to crush Fatwell for good. 

Boone: You're history Blackwell! When my Cabin Fever partner Manny Fernandez just up and left me, I was puzzled, pissed off and wasn't sure what I was going to do. Then along comes Greg Gagne. Greg was there, Greg cared. And Greg has paid me a lot of money to put you out of commission Blackwell. So again, you're history! 

Resnick: There's just one more thing. 

Gagne: Make it quick Ken because I assure you, we have better things to do right now.

Resnick: Ok, if Jerry Blackwell defeats Grizzly Boone at WrestleRock, he will get 5 minutes with you Greg.

The fans cheer as Gagne's face turns pale. Gagne starts to stutter but Boone calms him down and assures him this is a non issue. Resnick smirks as Boone leads Gagne away. 


Commercial Break 


Dream Machine vs. Todd Rooney 


Dream is all over his opponent and then hurls him out of the ring. Dream slams Rooney on the concrete and follows with a vertical suplex on the concrete. Dream rolls back in the ring and demands the Ref count Rooney out. Rooney doesn't even move as the Ref hits 10. Dream goes to ringside and snatches the mic from Resnick.


Dream: That was dedicated to you Kerry Brown! Me and You and WrestleRock! Last man standing! After the beating I give you, you can bet I'll be the last man standing babay! 

Dream throws the mic at Resnick. 


Commercial Break 


The National Tag Team champions Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez are standing with Ken Resnick.


Resnick: Gentlemen, I understand you wanted a public word with Jerry Jarrett. And here he comes. Welcome Jerry.

Jarrett: Thank you Ken. First off I want to congratulate the National Champs on their performance at the Louisville Gardens. You guys fought the AWA world champs to a 60 minute draw, in what was a tag team classic. Now, what can I do for you? 

Larry: I'll get right to the point. Al and I want a rematch for the world titles and we want it at WrestleRock. 

Perez: You know we're entitled to one.

Jarrett: No doubt about it but the AWA committee and myself have made a decision that the National titles should be defended at WrestleRock. Therefore...

Larry cuts him off.

Larry: Hold on one second. We'll make this easy. Al and myself know we can win the world titles from those Japanese Spudheads. That's a given. So, we've decided that we'll put our National titles up as well.

Perez: See, wasn't that easy. Geez Larry, maybe you should run the AWA.

Jarrett: Well, that does seem logical and I'm sure the fans would want to see a rematch. Ok, consider it done. Titles vs. Titles at WrestleRock. 

Larry and Al shake hands, hold up their National titles and arrogantly walk away. 


Commercial Break


TV Champ Nick Busick vs. Ray Glader 


Busick hits the Spinebuster Slam and it's over! 


Resnick: Nick Busick, you've had an incredible TV title reign, taking on all comers. At WrestleRock, you'll be defending against Gerry Morrow. Morrow seems very confident and has a lot of money at stake.

Busick: Yea, I've heard all about it. Big mistake Morrow. You should've just paid the million dollars because at WrestleRock, you're going to be down 2 million brother! 

Boos as Gerry Morrow comes out with a bottle of champagne.


Resnick: Just hold on, please I don't want any trouble.

Morrow: HAHAHA! Relax Ken. (Looks at Busick) Look, there is no need for animosity. We are just competitors who will be wrestling for de TV title. I have brought champagne to have a civilized toast to our upcoming match. I like you and as I have said, when I win de TV title at WrestleRock, you will have a job with me. Your choice, butler or chauffer?

Busick steps forward but Morrow breaks the champagne bottle over his head!!! Busick is laid out.

Resnick: What the hell! Why did you do that?!?! 

Morrow: To increase my chances of course. HAHAHA! Good day Ken. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink "Beauty Shop" sign, then pans down to Brenda.


Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the number one rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. (Looks at Yatsu) Yoshi, I love your attire today. Those dragons on your robe are scary. Now, big news, this will be the last Beauty Shop for a few weeks because I'll be hosting the WrestleRock updates starting next week. I just have to make sure I keep my voice strong because as you know I'll be singing with Billy Squire on night one and then with the Doobie Brothers on Night 2. I told them I wanted to sing Black Water and they better let me. Now, tonight's guest is somebody who's been looking up at the lights a lot lately. Welcome out Scorpio.

Scorpio comes out smiling and raises his fist to the fans. 

Britton: For a guy on a losing streak, you seem to be in high spirits.

Scorpio: Brenda, I sure am. Thanks to the Glamour Boys and Lightning Strike choosing me as their partner at WrestleRock, I feel rejuvenated. And since this is the show for news, I wanted to announce I'm going back to my name of 2 Cold Scorpio. Man I feel great! 

Britton: Well la dee da! Oh and for the record, I decide what big news is on my show and your name isn't it. I'll tell you what is though. I know who the British Bombers and Quebec Coalition have chosen as their 5th partner. 

WHAM! Yatsu nails Scorpio with a karate kick to the back of his head! 

The British Bombers and Quebec Coalition run out. All 5 men put the boots to Scorpio! 

Massive cheers as Lighting Strike and The Glamour Boys run out with fists flying! 

Brenda screams and runs away as a pier six brawl breaks out on the Beauty Shop set! 


Commercial Break 


Footage from Louisville is shown as Iaukea hits Steamboat on his previously injured neck with his kendo stick. Iaukea and Colon spike piledrive Steamboat! 


Carlos Colon w/Curtis Iaukea vs. Neil Jordan


Colon is ruthless and wins the match with a camel clutch! 


Resnick: Fans, I wanted to update you on the condition of Ricky Steamboat. He's had X-Rays done and thankfully there was no permanent damage done to his neck. I understand he will be here next week.

Iaukea and Colon storm over.

Iaukea: Ricky Steamboat, you have once again defied all odds. That wont last long because at WrestleRock, you will be facing a man with no emotion. A man who wants nothing more than to destroy you. That man is Carlos Colon and you must face your demise inside the steel cage!

Colon: Steamboat! I have punished and punished you but that is nothing. At WrestleRock, when we get into the cage, that is when your real pain begins! I will make you suffer and suffer and suffer! 

Colon and Iaukea storm out as Resnick pulls himself together.

Resnick: I also wanted to add that at WrestleRock, Iaukea's team of TNT and Kokina will be facing the Bruise Brothers. We'll be back. 


Commercial Break


"Wildcat" Wendell Cooley w/Nelson Royal vs. Arnie Goldstein


Nelson is holding a branding iron outside the ring. Cooley easily wins the match with a running bulldog. Nelson hands Cooley the branding iron and Cooley proceeds to brand his fallen opponent.


Resnick: There was absolutely no need for that. That poor man is now being treated by our medical staff. 

Nelson: That's a message to you Blackjack Mulligan! You want to fight a real cowboy in a bunkhouse match? Well, that's what your dealing with. 

Cooley: Mulligan! You fake! At WrestleRock I'm going to beat you and then I'm going to brand you! 


Commercial Break 


"Maniac" Matt Borne and "Crippler" Rip Oliver w/ "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer vs. The Sheepherders w/"The Beast" Rip Morgan 

All out brawl! Things get crazy when Morgan runs in with a chain! Things get crazier when Sawyer runs in with a chain of his own! The bell keeps ringing but these guys just tear into each other. They're fighting all over the place. Sawyer and Morgan are hitting each other with their chains! It's pure chaos as a commercial hits. 


Commercial Break


Resnick: My goodness, things have finally calmed down. Fans, before we go to Tommy Rich, Jerry Jarrett wants to make an announcement.

Jarrett: Ken, I promised that WrestleRock was going to be the place to settle things. Well, after what just happen and what's been going on between those 6 men. I've decided that at WrestleRock it will be Sawyer, Borne and Oliver taking on Morgan and the Sheepherders in a triple chain match! 

Resnick: Oh my! I can't believe that! I believe that should defiantly settle things once and for all. (takes a deep breath) Ok, let's go to Tommy Rich. As for me, I'll see you next week.


Tommy Rich and Baby Doll are standing in front of a car dealership. There's a big WrestleRich banner behind them. A Cadillac drives up with a WrestleRich logo on the driver's side door. On the hood is a painted picture of Tommy smiling with his world title. The car salesman gets out.

Salesman: She's all yours champ! 

Rich looks at the car in awe.

Rich: Baby Doll, isn't it beautiful? 

Baby Doll: I'm speechless.

Tommy looks at the camera.

Rich: (Points at the side door's logo) Today is a very special day. It's the official kick off to my WrestleRich promotional tour. That's right! Baby Doll and myself are going to drive around all the cities hyping up... me. My event! My world title showcase! I mean come on, after what I did to Predictable Dick Slater last week, I doubt he'll even show. But I will promise to give all my paying fans a spectacle they'll never forget! It's WrestleRich 87 and it's coming soon! Be There! 

WHAM! Tommy is nailed with a baseball bat from behind by Dick Slater! Baby Doll backs off. Slater puts the boots to Tommy. Slater picks up Tommy and slams his head on the hood! Slater drags Tommy by his hair and slams him head first into the car door. Slater takes his baseball bat and breaks all the windows. Slater pulls out a can of spray paint and writes "Slater" over Tommy's logo. Slater pops the hood and rips it off! Slater yanks down the big WrestleRich banner. A satisfied Slater leaves as Baby Doll runs over and attends to Tommy. 



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T&Z are ready for the OGMDE at WrestleRock.

Gama is looking to make Stevens suffer for the AWA's lack of respect.

DJ is ready to bring the pain to Kelly in their taped fist match.

Kirchner does have guts. But is it enough to beat El Jefe?

The battle of the big men is on for WrestleRock! Plus if Blackwell wins he gets Gagne for 5 mins! I've never been routing for Blackwell harder.

Dream Machine send Brown a strong message.

Larry Z & Perez definitely deserved that rematch....& its titles vs titles? This somehow got better!

Morrow gets the first blow in on Busick.

Yatsu pearl harbors Scorpio -sorry couldn't resist- leading to a gang brawl on the Beauty Shop!

It could be a huge night for Iaukea's pack of killers as they've got a shot to take out the Bruise Brothersin a tag match AND Steamboat in a cage.

Cooley threatens to brand Mulligan! This is getting vicious quickly.

To the shock of exactly no one, The Sheepherders vs the Maniacal Cripplers (tm) end in a clusterfuck. Perfect set-up for the announcement of a triple chain match at WrestleRock!

Rich getting himself a custom made Cadillac is such a classic heel move....just as Slater smashing it is a classic badass face move. Great ending scene.


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AWA WrestleRock 87

Saturday May 28th and Sunday May 29th 

From the Liberty Bowl in Memphis TN and available on closed circuit 


Saturday's card 


Steel Cage Match

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs. Carlos Colon w/Curtis Iaukea 


AWA Tag Team Titles vs. Titles Bout 

World Champs Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami vs. National Champs Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez 


AWA International Title Bout

El Canek (C) vs. Abdullah the Butcher 


Last Man Standing Match

Dream Machine vs. "The Master of Disaster" Kerry Brown 


"Crusher" Jerry Blackwell vs. Grizzly Boone- If Blackwell wins, he gets 5 minutes with Greg Gagne


Bunkhouse Match

Blackjack Mulligan vs. "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley w/Nelson Royal


The Bruise Brothers vs. Kokina and TNT w/Curtis Iaukea 


10-Man Tag Team Match

Lightning Strike/Glamour Boys/2 Cold Scorpio vs. British Bombers/Quebec Coalition/Yoshiaki Yatsu w/Frenchy Martin


Scott "Powerhouse" Putski vs. Outback Jack 



A Special Concert by Billy Squire! 



Sunday's Card


AWA World Title Bout 

Tommy "Wildfire" Rich (C) w/Baby Doll vs. "Unpredictable" Dick Slater 


AWA TV Title Bout 

Nick Busick (C) vs. "Champagne" Gerry Morrow


6-Man Triple Chain Match

"Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer/"Maniac" Matt Borne/"Crippler" Rip Oliver vs. The Sheepherders/"The Beast" Rip Morgan 


Loser Leaves the AWA

"Bullet" Bob Armstrong vs. "The Tennessee Stud" Ron Fuller


Terry Taylor and Tom Zenk vs. The Original Midnight Express w/Norvel Austin 


Taped Fist Match

"Dynamite" DJ Peterson vs. "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly w/The Vin Man


The Olympians vs. The Chosen Ones w/Greg Gagne


Corporal Kirchner vs. "El Jefe" Jose Estrada 


"The Blonde Bomber" Ray Stevens vs. Gama Singh 



A special concert by The Doobie Brothers! 







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The AWA is gonna have the Liberty Bowl rocking at WrestleRock!

I like how balanced the whole thing is, both nights have plenty of grudge matches/title matches to make folks want to see both. 

Steamboat/Colon in a cage was a great choice to main event night 1 & of course Rich/Slater is gonna tear the house down on night 2.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 5-13-87



Footage from last week is shown of Dick Slater destroying Tommy Rich's Cadillac with a baseball bat! 


Lance Russell: Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. The WrestleRock card has been finalized and will defiantly be rock'n and rolling in just 2 weeks. Brenda Britton will have a WrestleRock update later on. Gigantic 8-Man tag team main event tonight. On one side will be Bob Armstrong, Kerry Brown, DJ Peterson and Blackjack Mulligan. On the other side will be Ron Fuller, Dream Machine, Kevin Kelly and Wendell Cooley. My goodness, what a match that will be. Well fans, we all saw what Dick Slater did to Tommy Rich's brand new Cadillac last week. Joining me now, is the unpredictable one himself, Dick Slater.

Cheers as Slater comes out. 


Lance: This past month you and Tommy have really been going at it. Well, at WrestleRock, you get your chance at the AWA world title. 

Slater: Lance, you, me and the fans have heard Tommy Rich running his fat mouth non stop. He's attacked me from behind and has humiliated me. Dick Slater doesn't just sit back and let that happen. Last week I got to beat up Rich and his car. Rich! That was nothing! At WrestleRock, I'm going to give you another beating and I'm going to take the AWA world title! 

There's a commotion as 2 Policeman come out.

Cop #1: Dick Slater, you're under arrest for destruction of personal property and vandalism. Please turn around and we can do this peacefully. 

Slater: Don't worry Lance, I'm not going to cause any problems. 

Slater turns around and lets the policeman handcuff him. The cops start to take him away.

Thundering boos as Tommy Rich and Baby Doll come out. 


The cops stop and hold Slater.

Tommy starts laughing and then kicks Slater low! Baby Doll hands each "Cop" an envelope. They smile and leave.

Slater is on his knees in pain and still cuffed. Tommy slaps him across the face. Tommy picks up Slater and rams him face first into the steel post! Tommy picks up Slater and slams him on the concrete. Tommy just starts stomping down on Slater. Several officials run out to stop this. 

Lance: I can't believe what I just saw. I never thought Tommy could sink even lower, but tonight, he did. 

Tommy Rich runs over, kisses the AWA world title and holds it up to the booing fans.

Rich: I'm fired up today! Did you see that Lance? Did you see it? I'm a genius! Looks like I'm the unpredictable one. (Laughs) Did that dope Slater think he would get one over on Wildfire? Hell no!  WrestleRich 87 is coming Lance and you better be there! 


Commercial Break


"The Blonde Bomber" Ray Stevens vs. Kent Jenkins 


Stevens suplexes Jenkins, then goes to the top rope and crashes down with the Bomb's Away for the win. 


Resnick: Ray Stevens, once again, it's great to have to back in the AWA. At WrestleRock, your set to take on Gama Singh. Gama made some disparaging remarks about you last week.

Stevens: Yea, yea, I heard him. He called me a washed up has been. Let me tell you something Gama. I might be old and past my prime, but buddy, I'm not washed up and you're going to find that out first hand at WrestleRock! 



Special video with Billy Squire and the Doobie Brothers promoting WrestleRock.




The Original Midnight Express w/Norvell Austin vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez


Midnight's are in sync tonight and finish things off with a double flapjack! 


Resnick: Ok Norvell, your Midnight Express go up against Terry Taylor and Tom Zenk at WrestleRock. I'm looking forward to that match, should be a classic.

Norvell: Of course it will be a classic you idiot. Anytime the Midnight Express are in a match, it's a classic. Those two pretty boys are just a stepping stone to the world tag titles. Resnick, this is only the beginning. 


Commercial Break 


"Crusher" Jerry Blackwell vs. Neil Jordan 


Blackwell hits the big splash for the 1..2..3! 

Wait a minute! Greg Gagne, Grizzly Boone and the Chosen Ones walk out and circle the ring. Blackwell looks around as he's surrounded. Boone slowly enters the ring as Gagne and the Chosen Ones hop on the apron. Massive cheers as the Olympians run out and yank the Chosen Ones off the apron. They pound away on the Chosen Ones. Blackwell charges Boone and the 2 massive heavyweights trade big blows. Blackwell gets the upper hand but Gagne hits Blackwell from behind. Blackwell turns around with a look of rage. Gagne sprints out of there as Boone exits the ring. Olympians hit the ring and stand with Blackwell. Blackwell yells to Gagne and Boone "You're mine at WrestleRock!" 


Commercial Break 


"El Jefe" Jose Estrada vs. Todd Rooney 


Estrada breaks all the rules, snapmares Rooney over, applies a nerve hold and gets the submission win. 


Resnick: Corporal Kirchner might only have one good eye right now but after hearing him last week, I still wouldn't want to be in your shoes Jose.

Estrada lights his cigar and blows smoke in Resnick's face.

Estrada: You refer to me as El Jefe, got it cabron? At WrestleRock, (Looks at his cigar and smiles) I think I'm going to burn Kirchner's good eye. 

Resnick: Just why would you do something as evil as that?

Estrada: (shrugs his shoulders) Because I can! 


Commercial Break


We go to another Outback Jack vignette


Jack is standing in a room with stuffed animals mounted on his wall. 

Jack: Hello mates, the time is at hand. Outback Jack is coming to the AWA to show you yanks what fighting is all about. Scott Putski is first on the list. (Looks around at his mounted animals) I do think he would look good, up here on my wall. Putski, the hunt is on and mate, you're the prey! 


Scott "Powerhouse" Putski vs. Arnie Goldstein


Putski is full of energy tonight and gets the win with his Polish Hammer! 


Resnick: Scott Putski, you get Outback Jack at WrestleRock. After seeing his last video, I must say I was a bit disturbed.

Putski: The man is out of his mind and I'm going to knock him out of his boots with my Polish Hammer! 


Commercial Break 


2 prelim wrestlers are in the ring set for action but plans change for the worse as Abdullah the Butcher storms the ring and viciously attacks them! Abdullah pulls out his fork and starts carving away on the wrestlers! 

Wild cheers as El Canek hits the ring and unloads on Abdullah! Canek punches the fork out of Abdullah's hand. Abdullah fights back as both men trade punches. Prelim wrestlers hit the ring to break it up. Canek and Abdullah are tossing bodies everywhere! Canek and Abdullah end up fighting outside the ring! More wrestlers come out but Canek and Abdullah toss them aside and continue fighting each other into the commercial break. 



Commercial Break 


Resnick: My goodness! I've never seen El Canek in that kind of state. It seems Abdullah the Butcher has brought out the dark side of El Canek. Those two will meet at WrestleRock for the AWA International title. Speaking of AWA titles, at WrestleRock, it will be a titles vs. titles match between the National tag champs Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez and the world tag champs, who are set for action. 


AWA World Tag Team Champs Tatsumi Fujinami and Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Roy Glader and Peter Paulson 


Jumbo swings Glader to the ropes and puts him down with a devastating lariat, then tags in Fujinami. Fujinami hits the Dragon Plex and it's all over. 

The fans boo as Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez stroll out and hold up their National titles to Jumbo and Fujinami. Boos turn to cheers as Jumbo and Fujinami hold up their world titles.


Commercial Break 


Footage from last week as Gery Morrow breaks a champagne bottle over Nick Busick's head!


"Champagne" Gerry Morrow vs. Clinton Stitch 


Morrow slowly takes off his suit, sunglasses and fedora hat, then goes to work. Morrow crashes down with a diving headbutt from the top rope, then follows with a double arm DDT for the win. 

Morrow grabs a package and heads to ringside.

Resnick: Alright Gerry, what's in that package? 

Morrow: HAHAHA! Inside dis package is de most expensive bottle of champagne on de face of dis planet. However, it is for de special occasion at WrestleRock when I win de TV title and my bet. 

Resnick: You might be biting off more than you can chew. Yea, you blind sighted Busick with a bottle last week but it's going to be a lot different when your face to face. He could walk out TV title intact and you could walk out owing 2 million dollars.

Morrow: Resnick, what's with you? Why are you such a downer? Just for that, you're not invited to my post WrestleRock gala. Good day loser. 


Commercial Break 


Kokina and TNT w/Curtis Iaukea and Carlos Colon vs. Carl Kellerman and Royce Rutter 


TNT swings Rutter to the ropes and hits a spinning leg kick, then tags in Kokina. Kokina takes a few steps and hits a leg drop for the pin. Kellerman runs in to check on his partner. Colon clotheslines Kellerman down, picks him up and hits a gourdbuster. 


Resnick: Curtis Iaukea, you have a busy night at WrestleRock. Kokina and TNT will face the Bruise Brothers. And of course, Saturday's main event will be Carlos Colon and Ricky Steamboat inside the steel cage.

Iaukea: WrestleRock will be a glorious night indeed. My Sadistic Assassins, Kokina and TNT will take pleasure in destroying the Bruise Brothers! The Bruise Brothers will rue the day, they stuck their noses in our business. And as for you Ricky Steamboat. You are falling apart! You are disabled and crippled! That is because of this man Carlos Colon.

Colon: Time and time again, I have slowly weakened you Steamboat. Piece by piece I have dismantled you. After WrestleRock, you will be no more! 


Commercial Break 


Blackjack Mulligan/"Master of Disaster" Kerry Brown/"Dynamite" DJ Peterson and "Bullet" Bob Armstrong


"Wildcat" Wendell Cooley/Dream Machine/"Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly and "The Tennessee Stud" Ron Fuller w/Nelson Royal and The Vin Man 


Believe it or not, the first few minutes is a standard tag match with everybody getting in their moments. It doesn't take much for tempers to explode and then all hell breaks loose! Vin Man gets on the apron as Peterson punches away on Kelly. Peterson backs up and hits a charging clothesline, knocking Vinnie off the apron and sending Kelly over the top rope. Armstrong and Fuller fight on the outside. Cooley holds Blackjack as Nelson hops on the apron and swings his branding iron at Blackjack but Blackjack moves as Nelson nails Cooley with the branding iron. The fans go crazy as Blackjack clamps the claw on Nelson! Dream Machine swings Kerry to the corner and charges in but Kerry runs forward and nails Dream with a flying knee 1..2..3! Big POP! 

On the outside, Fuller grabs a wooden chair and shatters it over Armstrong's head! Armstrong is laid out and bleeding. Mulligan throws Nelson down. Him, Peterson and Kerry run out to check on Armstrong. 


Commercial Break 


WrestleRock Update w/Brenda Britton



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the WrestleRock update with of course, me. WrestleRock is shaping up to be the biggest event in AWA history. I'm talking about 2 nights of non stop action along with 2 special concerts with Billy Squire and the Doobie Brothers performing with yours truly. That alone guarantees a sell out. WrestleRock will have it all. Title Bouts, grudge matches, you name it. 18 matches total! Unbelievable! One match that is truly not for the weak hearted will be the triple chain match with Buzz Sawyer, Matt Borne and Rip Oliver taking on Rip Morgan and the Sheepherders. Let's hear from both teams right now. 


The camera looks at a lake. Morgan and the Sheepherders burst up from the water with chains around their necks. 

Morgan: Home is where the heart is and we're right at home! Sawyer! I'm hooked up with you and I can't wait to beat you to a bloody pulp! 

The Sheepherders start biting each other and yelling Borne and Oliver's names while splashing the water with their chains.

Luke: A walk in the park, right Butch.

Butch: We're going to beat the bloody hell out of you two sissy boys! 

Segment ends with Morgan and the Sheepherders yelling and hitting the water with their chains. 



Borne and Oliver are outside swinging chains against a tree.

Oliver: Matt! I'm so glad you called because WrestleRock is going to be a party! 

Borne: Those guys think they're beasts huh? (Smacks the tree with his chain) Think again! 

The camera swings around and Sawyer is actually hanging from the tree by his chain. He's wearing a black hood and yanks it off.

Sawyer: Morgan! You started all this! At WrestleRock I'm going to end it! (maniacal laugh) 


Britton: (long pause) Oh my, that was, well I don't know. (Regroups) Ok, it's all come down to this. Inside the steel cage, Carlos Colon and Ricky Steamboat will do battle. Let's hear from Ricky Steamboat.


Steamboat is at the gym working his neck. He stops.

Steamboat: Say what you want Carlos, but you have failed miserably. You may have set me back some but I'm still standing and that's all I need. Inside that cage, you have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Iaukea and his goons will be useless. You and me, one on one! I have survived but the question is, will you? 

Steamboat goes back to his work out. 


Britton: It all happens on Saturday May 28th and Sunday May 29th at the Liberty Bowl. Also available on closed circuit TV. WrestleRock 87! Tooooodles! 


(See previous post for complete WrestleRock card)









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Oh damn! Rich pulls the fake cop trick & lays a beating on Slater! The main event of WrestleRichRock just keeps heating up.

Stevens is lookin' to sjow Gama he may not be as good as he once was but he's as good once as he ever was.

Austin is certainly confident in his running buddies.

Blackwell wins his match &gets a little help from some friends to ward off Gagne's goons.

"Because i can" when you're El Jefe, that's all the reason you need.

Outback Jack actually coming off as kinda serious here. Though Putski is less than intimidated.

El Canek is gonna need that dark side if he's going to survive the Butcher.

The two sets of tag champs have a tense staredown ahead of their title unification match.

Morrow & Resnick have such a great back-and-forth.

Iaukea's killers are out for blood at WrestleRock.

The faces win the main event but Fuller gets the last word on the Bullet.

Brenda's reaction to the promos for the 6 man chain match was perfect.

The Dragon sends us off the air with a firm warning for Colon regarding what's coming for him in the cage.

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Really enjoying the lead up to WrestleRock!

Rich and Slater is an interesting matchup.  Both are so good are building up feuds that you can actually feel the tension!  First Rich with the attack on Slater with the belt and then Slater with the bat to the car.... these two are going to have a great send off!

Gerry Morrow is really beating on himself here.  He better come through or start looking for a new gimmick.  Bully as his personal assistant?  Either way, we got a great next storyline.

Title vs Title for the tag belts... Interesting!! Can't wait to see your plans.

Fuller vs Armstrong.... LLT.... Looking forward to it.  Hope you northern wrestling fans know how big this is!

Reinforce the ring... Blackwell vs Grizzly  

Also some big matches in the careers of Putski, Outback Jack, EL Jefe, El Canek, The Dragon, Carlos Colon, Taylor, Zenk and the ORiginal MNE.... depending on how these matches go, the landscape of the AWA might cahnge.


Great Work to get to the Big Show

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