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I really think this card was so realistic for the time.  The fans got their money's worth and then sum.  Angles continued to progress and then a HUGE main event!!!

Really enjoying Ox Baker as a manager and I think you hit on someothing special with the Superfly's vs The Cartel.

Good win for Garvin even though you had a really smart finish so not to hurt the Crippler.  Both of these men could end up holding some title belt down the road as they are both stars!

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 4-30-86


"From coast to coast, border to border and continent to continent welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling" 

Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA major league wrestling. Big main event as Bobby Jaggers goes one on one with Rip Oliver. TV champ Scott Casey will be wrestling. Curt Hennig and Brian Adias tune up for their big world tag title shot, which happens next week. Adrenaline Rush will take on Steve O and Ed Moretti. National tag champs Beasts of Burden will be in the ring as will Ron Garvin, Austin Idol, Soldat Ustinov and the Highwaymen. You'll be hearing from Jerry Lawler as well as Carlos Colon. Let's get to the ring with the debut of a new tag team. 


The Golden Boys (Dan Spivey and Kevin Kelly) vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez 


Last week on the Beauty Shop, Spivey came out and told Kelly to snap out of it and get over Vin Man going AWOL on him. He suggested they team up and here we are. 

This seems to be just what Kelly needed. Him and Spivey look crisp tonight. They swing Lopez to the ropes and put him down with a double back elbow smash. Spivey follows with a leaping leg drop to get the pin! 

Resnick: Congratulations to you Golden Boys on a very fine win. Is this a sign of things to come. 

Spivey: You know it is! We're ready to take the tag team scene by storm. Now that Kevin is locked in and focused, we're going nowhere but up. 

Kelly: It took someone like Dan Spivey to get me out of that depression. I can't thank you enough Dan. I'm back and with a partner I can count on! Let's do this! 

The Golden Boys bump fists and pump their fists to the fans.  


Commercial Break 


Soldat Ustinov vs. Trent Watkins 


Of course we get some classic 80s heat as Soldat waves the Russian flag in the middle of the ring. 

Soldat destroys his opponent before finishing him off with a knee drop from the middle ropes. 


Resnick: Impressive debut for Soldat Ustinov. Soldat, I understand you're here for a specific reason. 

Soldat: It is very simple. I'm here to issue a challenge to that weak American who calls himself a champion. I am referring to you Scott Casey. You might have defeated my comrade Alexis Smirnoff but Russia has assigned me to take that title from you. Do you have the guts? 


Commercial Break 


Footage from Jackson is shown as Carlos Colon and Abdullah the Butcher battled in their last AWA encounter. Colon goes nuts and gets DQed as he digs into Abdullah's head with a foreign object. 


Resnick: Fans, please welcome out Carlos Colon. 

Big pop as Carlos waves to the fans. 


Resnick: Carlos, last week in Jackson you and Abdullah battled in your last AWA encounter. I have to say I've never seen you in that frame of mind. 

Colon: There's only one way to fight Abdullah the Butcher and....


Colon is attacked from behind by KAMALA! 

Curtis Iaukea hits Colon with his kendo stick. Kamala follows with a thrust shot to Colon's throat. Kamala picks up Colon and slams him on the concrete! Kamala backs up, then runs up and hits a splash on Colon! Iaukea instructs Kamala to do more damage. Kamala backs up and hits another splash as the crowd gasps. Prelim wrestlers run out but Iaukea hits them with his kendo stick as Kamala strikes them with chops and thrusts. Kamala reaches down, picks up Colon with both hands on his throat, holds him up, then choke slams him down on the concrete! Iaukea leads Kamala out as officials and security run out. 

Colon is eventually stretchered out. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans, that was one of the most horrifying things I've ever seen. 

Thundering boos as Iaukea and Kamala come out. 


Resnick: Just what in the world was that all about? 

Kamala paces and slaps his belly. 

Iaukea: I warned you all last week that there was going to be a sacrifice, a message sent to the world champion Ricky Steamboat. Carlos Colon was the sacrifice. Did you people forget? Tiger Jeet Singh paid me an enormous amount of money to terminate Carlos Colon. That was Kamala's agenda from day one. Mr. Singh, the job is done! As for you Ricky Steamboat, did you just witness that? I hope you watched very closely. I hope you received our message loud and clear. When you get into the ring with Kamala, you will be destroyed! (Manacle laugh) The glorious title will be ours! The world will be ours! Be prepared Steamboat! You will soon feel the wrath of Kamala! You will suffer! 


Commercial Break- Advertisement for WrestleRock 86 coming in July!  


"Rugged" Ron Garvin vs. Peter Moore 


Garvin works stiff tonight. He back drops Moore then follows with the Garvin Stomp. Garvin swings Moore to the ropes and puts him down with the knock out punch for the win! 

Garvin cuts a promo on Paul Jones and Matt Borne, telling them it's only the beginning. 


Commercial Break 


"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol vs. Todd Rooney 


Idol does a lot of showboating but then takes care of business and wins the match with the Las Vegas Leglock. 


Resnick: Ok, Austin Idol, you've been pretty vocal about our National Champ Rocky Johnson. Well, you get your title shot in Milwaukee this weekend. Are you ready? 

Idol: (laughs) Am I ready? Darling, I was born ready daddy. The National title needs to be on my body. This is the body of a champion. Come on now, Johnson's body just doesn't measure up. I'm the real man here. Johnson! That title's com'n home with me jack! Bet on it! 


Commercial Break 


Curt Hennig and Brian Adias vs. William Hillman and Harold Bannister 

Before the match, AWA champs the Bruise Brothers come out to scout their upcoming challengers.

One thing's certain, Hennig and Adias are ready. They show off some outstanding teamwork. Adias executes a Airplane spin on Bannister then tags in Hennig. Hennig finishes things off with a Fisherman's suplex. 

Resnick: Ok, I'm here with both champions and challengers. I know I speak for all these people when I say next week's title match should be a classic.

Adias: Curt and I worked hard to get to this point and you can count on us making the most of it. 

Hennig: Exactly right. We're looking forward to stepping in the ring with the champs next week. It will be an honor and a privilege.

Snowman: We feel the same way. It's all about the competition and brother next week's going to be competition at its best! 

Cash: OOOOOHHHH Man! I can feel the electricity! Snowman and I can't hardly wait. We get to defend these here world titles against a top ranked and most deserving team. Let's put it all out there. What do ya say? 

Hennig and Adias are pumped up and nodding. All 4 men shake hands. 


Commercial Break 


Adrenaline Rush vs. Steve O and Ed Moretti 


Steve O looks at Moretti with a bit of apprehension as Moretti enters the ring with a chain around his neck. 

Fun match as Adrenaline Rush execute a number of high flying maneuvers. Steve O gets in some nice offense while Moretti doesn't hesitate to break the rules. This friction comes into play as Moretti gets double dropkicked out of the ring. Adrenaline Rush execute a double suplex on Steve O to get the win. 

Adrenaline Rush help Steve O up before exiting. 

Moretti gets his chain and gets into the ring. Steve O turns around and Moretti knocks him out with the chain! 


Resnick: Ed Moretti, there was no need for that. That was just ruthless. 

Moretti: (Big smile) Ruthless? Hey I like that. From now on you can call me Ruthless Moretti. What a nice ring. Thanks Ken. You know, I didn't come to the AWA to lose matches. They stick me with that loser in the ring and look what happened? Nobody is going to hold Moretti down. Wait, I mean Ruthless Moretti. This chain is the only friend I need. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 


Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the number one rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. If I said it once, I've said it a million times. Everything happens here and I get all the major scoops. So let me introduce to you, a team that just signed with the AWA. Known all throughout the world, ladies and gentlemen, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, the Rock N Roll Express! 

Massive pop as RnR come out in jeans, tank tops and bandanas. They take it all in and thank the fans. The crowd's reaction is electric. 


Britton: (Annoyed and snaps her fingers) Hey over here! Focus. You should be kissing my feet. I allowed you to debut on my show and trust me nothing is hotter than that. But what do you do? Kiss up to all these idiots. 

Ricky and Robert brush her off and continue celebrating with the fans. Things finally settle down. 

Britton: Boy, you two don't have much of an attention span do you? I can already tell you're not going to get the job done here in the AWA. You know the Fabulous Ones just left for Japan and now we have another wannabe rock star team. Don't get me wrong. You guys have a pretty good resume but I just can't see you two teeny bop idols defeating teams like the Cartel or Highwaymen. And like I said, I have all the scoops and I know Robert Gibson's ankle has had some issues. 

Gibson: Ok, hold on a sec Brenda. Yea, I had some issues with the ankle but I took some time off to let it properly heal and I can tell you and all these great fans that the ankle is 100% and we're ready to rock n roll! 

Morton: Tell em Robert! Everybody says that the AWA has all the top teams. So the Rock N Roll Express decided this is the place to be! We're in the AWA and like Robert said, we're ready to rock n roll! 

Britton: Easier said then done. It just so happens I'm going to have some very very very special guests on my show in a couple weeks. I'll give you a hint. The champagne will be flowing. My point is, I think you guys are defiantly going to take a back seat to them. 

Morton: Brenda, it doesn't matter who we get into the ring with. Robert and I have been on top everywhere we go. We want to accomplish the same in the AWA. 

Gibson: It starts next week, when we make our in ring debut! 

Massive cheers! 

Brenda tries to speak but the cheers drown her out. 

Brenda: (Screams) Tooooodles. 


Commercial Break 


The Highwaymen vs. Carl Kellerman and Neil Jordan 


Total squash as the Highwaymen win the match with a spiked piledriver! 

Highwaymen cut a promo on Cabin Fever and tell them the beating they got last week is nothing compared to the beating they're gonna get in Milwaukee this weekend! 


Commercial Break 


TV Champ "Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs. Ray Glader 


Sunshine gets a lot of love from the fans. Casey does too as he puts Glader down with a running bulldog for the pin. 


Resnick: Sunshine, you've got to be proud of Scott Casey's TV title reign. 

Sunshine: Oh yes I am! Scott has taken on all comers and believe me he's ready for more. 

Resnick: Ok, on that note, you heard the challenge made by Soldat Ustinov. 

Casey: I sure did. Hey Ustinov, you want a shot, (holds up the TV title) come and get it! 


Commercial Break 


AWA National Tag Team Champs The Beasts of Burden w/Ox Baker vs. Sam Smith and Royce Richards 


Utter destruction! Beasts finally put their opponents out of their misery with a double boot shot to the face! Beasts pick up Richards. Ox Baker gets in the ring and puts him down with the heart punch! Ox raises his fist as Morgan and Nord hold up the National tag titles. 


Commercial Break 


TV Main Event 

"Hangman" Bobby Jaggers vs. "Crippler" Rip Oliver w/Paul Jones 


Heat filled and exciting match. These guys go back and forth with some hard hitting action. Jaggers is in control when Jones hops on the apron. Jaggers grabs Jones and is ready to deck him but Oliver nails him with a forearm blast from behind. Oliver works over Jaggers with punches, choking, kicks and stomps. Jones gets in a couple shots as well. Oliver slams Jaggers, hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a forearm drop 1..2..Kick Out. A frustrated Oliver chokes away on Jaggers. Oliver picks up Jaggers, swings him into the corner and charges in but Jaggers lifts up his knees and Oliver crashes into them. 

Jaggers regroups. Oliver staggers up and Jaggers scoop slams him down. Jaggers stomps away on Oliver. Jones hops on the apron and this time Jaggers decks him. Jaggers swings Oliver to the ropes and clotheslines him down. Jaggers picks up Oliver and hits the Hangman's neckbreaker 1..2..NO! 

Matt Borne hits the ring and pounds away on Jaggers. The Ref signals for the DQ.

Cheers as Ron Garvin runs in and hammers away on Borne! 

Boos as Baron Von Raschke heads down the aisle but wait a minute, the Spoiler comes from behind and nails Baron! 

It's a wild scene as fists are flying everywhere! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: My goodness, it looks like Paul Jones and his army have some very formidable enemies in Bobby Jaggers, Ron Garvin and of course the Spoiler. Before I get to my guest, next week you will see the Bruise Brothers defend the AWA world titles against Curt Hennig and Brian Adias. Billy Jack Haynes along with Ox Baker will take on Billy Jack Strong. And of course the big in ring debut of the Rock n Roll Express. I will also be speaking with AWA World Champ Ricky Steamboat. I'm sure he'll have some comments for Iaukea and Kamala. On that note, I understand Carlos Colon was taken to a nearby hospital. I really hope he'll be ok. (Pauses) Switching gears, please welcome out the one and only King of wrestling, Jerry Lawler.


Big pop as Lawler comes out, smiles and holds up his king's crown. He walks over and shakes hands with Lance.

Lance: Well Jerry, you've had quite a couple weeks. You reclaimed your throne by sending Roy Lee Welch packing but then get attacked by old nemesis Superstar Bill Dundee. How you holding up? 

Lawler: Old Bill did a number on me and I'm still feeling it. Bill and I have quite a history together and it seems Bill wants to start a new chapter. Hey Bill! That's fine with me old friend. I've beaten you up plenty of times and brother I'll be happy to do it some more. Let's get this match signed because these fists are ready to pound on that pea brain head of yours. 

Lance: Ok it looks like a new chapter will begin. Fans, I'll see you next week. 





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A successful debut for the Golden Boys. Nice to see Kelly in a good mood for a change.

Soldat Ustinov squashes a jobber then call out Casey! Russia seems to have a keen interest in the TV Title.

Colon is the sacrifice! I'd completely forgotten about Singh paying Iaukea. Now onto Steamboat and the World Title.

Wrestlrock 86' oh yeah!

Garvin ko's a goober then sends a warning to #1 Paul Jones and the maniac.

A nice little tune-up for the Universal Heartthrob ahead of his Title shot in Milwaukee.

Speaking of tune-ups Henning & Adias get one for themselves ahead of their big chance next week.

A nice win for Adrenaline Rush but the real story is Steve O getting laid out by Ruthless Moretti.

The Rock n roll Express is in the AWA!

The champagne will be flowing eh Brenda?

The Highwaymen use two unlucky souls to send a message to Cabin Fever.

Cowboy Casey picks up a quick w and accepts Soldat's challenge.

Another week, another chance for Ox and his Beasts of Burden to commit nationally televised murder.

The Hangman & The Crippler have a fun brawl leading up to an even more fun pier sixer with everyone involved.

The King sends us off the air with a pledge to meet the superstar anywhere, anytime. Looking forward to this one.

The AWA is rolling strong.

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AWA @ The Mecca Auditorium, Milwaukee WI 5-1-86


Billy Jack Strong defeated Rene Goulet with a delayed brainbuster 


"Superstar" Bill Dundee defeated Tony Garea with the Bomb's Away. Big time heat for Dundee 


Cabin Fever defeated The Highwaymen- Very hard hitting match. Boone and Hickerson fought outside the ring while Fernandez nailed Duncum with the flying burrito to get the win


"The Great" Gagne w/Bodyguard Duke Myers defeated Brad Rheingans- Once again, Myers interference allows Gagne to pick up the cheap win


AWA National Title Bout

"Soul Man" Rocky Johnson (C) and "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol battled to a Double C.O


The Cartel defeated The Superflys- As the Ref was guiding Snuka back to his corner, Estrada nailed Siva with a chair which allowed Santana to cover for the pin. Cartel bailed quick as  Snuka attended to Siva. 


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Baron Von Raschke w/Paul Jones 

Steamboat makes his first title defense against Baron, who's no stranger to Milwaukee fans. Paul Jones just adds the heat.

The first few minutes is pretty clean as both men trade wrestling holds. Steamboat turns things up with a flurry of hip tosses and arm drags. A frustrated Baron rolls out of the ring to converse with Jones. Baron gets on the apron, Steamboat goes over and Baron rakes his eyes and snaps his head on the top rope. 

The next few minutes is all Baron as he stomps and pounds away on Steamboat. Baron slams Steamboat, executes a vertical suplex and follows with a backbreaker but cant put Steamboat away. An irritated Baron slams Steamboat's head on the turnbuckle, snapmares him over and makes Steamboat suffer with a rear chin lock. Baron puts his hands in Steamboat's mouth and stretches it out while Jones yells encouragement. Baron rams his knee in Steamboat's back and covers 1..2..Kick Out. 

Baron stands up and puts up the claw. Baron drops down and attempts it but Steamboat grabs his wrists and fights it. The crowd cheers Steamboat on as he uses all his power and slowly rises, then pulls Baron in and back drops him over. 

Steamboat shakes the cobwebs as Baron rises. Baron swings but Steamboat ducks and Atomic drops Baron into the turnbuckles. Baron hits hard and staggers back as Steamboat grabs him and hits a German Suplex 1..2..Baron gets his shoulder up. Steamboat swings Baron into the corner and chops away, then hip tosses him over. Baron staggers up and Steamboat dropkicks him. Steamboat goes to the top rope. Baron rises and Steamboat nails him with a double axehandle 1..2..Jones puts Baron's foot on the rope. The Ref gets up and looks at Jones, who denies everything. Steamboat walks over and warns Jones. 

Baron gets up and nails Steamboat with a knee to the back. Baron regroups and executes a gut wrench suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Baron chokes Steamboat, slams him, then goes to the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Jones is screaming at the Ref. Baron swings Steamboat into the corner and charges in but Steamboat nails him with a boot to the head. Baron falls back and down as Steamboat quickly goes to the outside and hits a springboard splash 1..2..Jones gets on the apron and distracts the Ref. Steamboat gets up and dropkicks Jones off the apron, then goes to the top rope.

Baron staggers up and Steamboat nails him with a flying press 1..2..3!!! 

Huge pop! 

Winner of the Match and still AWA World Champ- Ricky Steamboat 


Special Announcement 

Next week at the Louisville Gardens

AWA World Title Bout

Ricky Steamboat (C) vs. Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea


Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee 


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Billy Jack Strong gets the crowd going with a win over Goulet.

It's Bomb's Away as the Superstar makes a successful return at Garea's expense.

Cabin Fever score a win over The Highwaymen but my gut says this isn't finished.

OK seriously Rheneigans needs a new partner because this is getting ridiculous.

The Soul Man & the Universal Heartthrob go to a double C.O as their war over the National Title is just getting started.

Paul Jones some comeuppance as the dragon retains over a game Baron. 

Hot damn! The Louisville Gardens is gonna be the place to be next week as the King & the Superstar go at it and the Steamboat defends against " The Monster " Kamala!

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AWA is full of excitement this week....

Dan Spivey getting Kevin Kelly back on track might mean trouble for everyone else.

It doesn't matter who the Russian is... it sells!  Ustinov did a nice job bringing the heat!

My God.... Colon, if he ever recovers.... now has Kamala do deal with.  It's like Colon did something to you and you just want him to fight monster after monster!  LOL

Rugged Ron and THe Heartthrob both seem to be on their game this week.

Henig & Adias vs Snowman and Cash.... Interesting.  I never trust this bayface vs babyface bouts.

Moretti was so good in real life.  Not sure why the WWF just used him as a jobber.  Like him making a name for himself here with the chain.

The Beauty Shop gets the role of introducing the RnR Express.... Brenda is getting bigger each and every week.  The tag division just got real interesting.

The Highway Men-Cabin Fever should be WILD!!

Really enjoyed the main event... Paul Jones and his stable might have bitten off more than they can chew.

I like how Lawler gives these show ending interviews.  It just proves he is the King!

On to the Mecca:

The Highway Men and Cabin Fever could wrestle everyday in one of those early matches and the crowd would still watch.

Duke Myers might just turn Gagne into a title contender.

Perfect finish for Rocky Johnson and Idol.  Now we can just do it over and over again.  The same goes for the Cartel and the Superfly's

Nice job for Steamboat this week.  These matches are good for him as each win over a major heel legitamizes him as the champ.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 5-7-86


"From coast to coast, border to border and continent to continent, welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling" 

Lance Russell: Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of AWA major league wrestling. Tremendous show lined up. Huge main event as The Bruise Brothers will defend the AWA world tag team titles against Curt Hennig and Brian Adias. Billy Jack Strong takes on Billy Jack Haynes. We all know Ox Baker will be in the corner of Haynes. After what went down last week, Steve O will go one on one with Ruthless Moretti. Soldat Ustinov will wrestle Tony Garea. The in ring debut of the Rock n Roll Express. Superstar Bill Dundee will be in the ring. AWA world champ Ricky Steamboat will be here to talk about his upcoming title defense against Kamala in Louisville this weekend. Well let's get to the action. 


"The Great" Greg Gagne with Bodyguard Duke Myers vs. Sam Smith 


Gagne draws the ire of the crowd as he arrogantly toys with his opponent. Duke even gets in some cheap shots just for the fun of it. Gagne nails Smith with a high dropkick and follows with the sleeper for the win. 

Resnick: Greg, you looked sharp in there tonight. Now, I have a feeling that there's some unfinished business between you and Brad Rheingans. 

Duke snatches the mic from Resnick and hands it to Greg. 

Gagne: Thanks Duker. Awwww poor little Bradley. I've lost track at how many times I've beaten him and the man is just a poor sport. Jeez Bradley, give it up. 

Cheers as Brad Rheingans comes out. Brad takes the mic from Greg. Duke steps in but Gagne smiles and motions for him to step back. 


Brad: Yea Greg, you're a big man. Yes, you've beaten me a few times, with a lot of help from your goon here, so since it's not a big deal, why don't we go at it one more time next week? 

Greg snatches the mic. 

Gagne: Wow, look at the guts on little Bradley. You must be a gluten for punishment. Ok, why not, I'll accept your challenge, well I wouldn't exactly call you a challenge. (Gagne laughs) Now run along before Duker gets mad. 

Brad grabs the mic. 

Brad: Oh yea, don't forget to bring him next week. 

Brad throws the mic at Greg and exits. Greg looks at Duke, shakes his head and they both laugh.  


Commercial Break 


Footage from last week is shown as Moretti puts Steve O down with his chain. 


"Ruthless" Moretti vs. Steve O 


Moretti swings his chain around before dropping it outside the ring. Steve O hits the ring and the Ref signals for the bell. 

Steve tackles Moretti and fires away with punches. Steve picks up Moretti, swings him to the ropes and back drops him. Moretti staggers up and Steve dropkicks him back down. Steve swings off the ropes and hits a jumping knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Steve swings Moretti into the corner and charges but Moretti moves. Moretti regroups. Moretti swings Steve to the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Steve ducks, swings back off the ropes and hits a flying crossbody but Moretti catches him and powerslams him over 1..2..3! 

Moretti rolls out of the ring and grabs his chain. He gets back in the ring and starts choking Steve with it. Several officials run in. Moretti smiles then releases. Moretti threatens the officials with his chain before leaving. The smile never leaves Moretti's face. 


Commercial Break 


Footage from the USWA's last event The Happening is shown of Giant Haystacks brutally attacking El Canek. Canek suffered broken ribs and a concussion. Because of this, Canek had to vacate his UWA title.


Resnick: Fans, with me right now is Jose Lothario. Jose, I understand you have another update on El Canek. 

Jose: Yes, very good news. El Canek has been training and is getting better and stronger everyday. Right now he has only one thing on his mind and that's Giant Haystacks. I am pleading with Mr. Jarrett and Mr. Gagne and the entire AWA committee, to give him this match. Anytime, anyplace. El Canek will be ready. 

Resnick: Ok, once again the challenge has been made. I will hope to get an answer from the committee at some point. Let's get back to the action. 


Cabin Fever (Manny Fernandez and Grizzly Boone) vs. Todd Rooney and Gary Williams 


Boone holds Rooney up and slams him down. Boone tags in Manny. Boone swings Rooney to the ropes and Manny puts him down with the flying burrito for the win! 

Cabin Fever cut a promo on the Highwaymen and say if they want another beating then come with it! 


Commercial Break 


Lance Russell: Fans, I have a couple of incredible announcements to make. On Saturday, July 3rd, live from the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, the AWA will present our next blockbuster closed circuit event, WrestleRock 86. Not only will you see an outstanding night of action and a top notch fireworks show but you'll also get to see the one and only rock n roll legend himself Chuck Berry perform a set after the show. Wow, I can't think of a better way to spend Independence Day than that. My goodness that's going to be a lot of fun. Next up, Memorial Day weekend at the Mid South Coliseum, there will be a one night 8-man tournament. The winner of that tournament will get a world title shot at WrestleRock. Listen to this, Wahoo McDaniel is coming in for the tournament. I'm going to announce the opening round match ups next week. Not only is Wahoo coming in for the tournament but my special guest at this time is as well. Please welcome out Nick Bockwinkel. 

Bockwinkel looks like a million bucks as he comes out wearing a suit. 


Lance: Nick, it's a pleasure. I can't think of anybody more deserving to be in a tournament for a chance at the AWA world title. 

Bock: Well of course there's nobody more deserving. My resume and credentials prove I am more than qualified. You see a man such as myself doesn't have to earn anything. I come into a wrestling organization and I'm immediately thrusted into the title picture. This tournament is merely a formality. I will indeed be victorious and I will indeed be wrestling for the world title at WrestleRock. Good day Lance.  

Lance: Ok, things already heating up for that big tournament. We'll be right back. 


Commercial Break 


Billy Jack Strong vs. Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker


Haynes came to the AWA and immediately attacked Strong, claiming he stole the Billy Jack name. Ox promised he will take Haynes to the top. Strong says Billy Jack is his name and he's up for the fight.

The match is a solid hard hitting affair as both men show off their power. Haynes is aggressive with scoop slams and vicious kicks and knee drops. Strong battles back and shows off his strength with a variety of suplexes. They end up in a hard hitting exchange and brawl to the outside and to a double c.o. The bell is ringing. Ox nails Strong from behind. Haynes rams Strong into the steel post. Strong is bleeding as Haynes clamps on the full nelson! Haynes swings Strong around then tosses him. Haynes picks up Strong and holds him while Ox puts String down with his heart punch! 

After Ox and Haynes leave, Medics attend to Strong. 


Commercial Break 


The Cartel vs. Trent Watkins and Neil Jordan 


Cartel are extremely vicious tonight as they basically torture their opponents. They end the match with a double rib breaker on Jordan. Watkins goes in to help his partner but the Cartel beat him down and hurl him out of the ring. 

Resnick: That was quite a display of violence by the Cartel. I'm not so sure you can do that to the Superflys. 

Estrada puts a cigar in his mouth. Santana lights it. Estrada blows smoke in Resnick's face. Estrada holds up the cigar, then puts it out in his hand. Cartel smirk and leave. 


Commercial Break


Soldat Ustinov vs. Tony Garea 


Soldat prepares for TV champ Scott Casey by taking it to Garea. Soldat chokes Garea on the top rope and snaps him back. Soldat grinds Garea's face on the mat then stomps away. Soldat hops on the middle ropes and comes down with a big boot to the chest. The fans boo as Soldat goes to the ropes and calls them weak Americans. Soldat lifts Garea up for a body slam but Garea cradles him 1..2..3!!!!! 

Huge pop! 

Garea rolls out of the ring as Soldat goes crazy with anger. 

Resnick: (Smiling) I can't believe it. This could change things for next week's TV title match. Unbelievable. 

Soldat continues to have a meltdown into the commercial. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the number one rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. I'm so excited I just can't contain it. Ladies and Gentlemen and I use that term very very loosely. Returning to the AWA, please welcome out Les Thornton and Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair! 


Thundering boos as Thornton comes out waving the Union Jack Flag. St. Clair follows wearing slacks and a Union Jack themed jacket. Thornton and St. Clair kiss Brenda's hand. 

Britton: Oh my, I can't tell you how nice it is to be in the presence of real gentlemen. On that note, let me remind these idiots just who Tony St. Clair is. This great man held the TV title for nearly a year. Never lost that title by the way. This great man has never been pinned in the United States. This great man just finished a European tour and yes he was undefeated. This great man is the greatest wrestler walking the face of the earth. No denying that.

Thornton: Brenda, very elegantly put. You speak nothing but the truth. Now before I get to Sir St. Clair, let me first address Jose Lothario's ridiculous challenge. If El Canek has a death wish then Giant Haystacks would be more than happy to grant him just that. Ok, as you can see, myself and Sir Tony St. Clair are back in the AWA.

Britton: Sir? Was he knighted as well? Wow, he is a true man isn't he?

Thornton: Without a doubt. I personally have knighted him because he richly deserves it after all he's done for the great UK. Brenda, you get all the scoops so this one's for you. Sir St. Clair will be competing in the upcoming tournament. He will win it but that's only the beginning. I couldn't think of a more fitting date for Sir St. Clair to win the AWA world title then on Independence Day.  Oh what a glorious day that will be. 

St. Clair: I have defeated each and every so called American technician that's stepped foot in the ring with me. Actually, I've defeated every wrestling technician in the world that's stepped foot in the ring with me. I am a wrestling machine, a world renowned grappler, a born champion. I will get my shot and I will win the AWA world title. Why? Because I'm simply the best! 

Britton: Once again, you get the hottest scoops here. My money's on Sir St. Clair. Until next week toooodles. 


Commercial Break 


The Rock n Roll Express vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez 


The fans have been waiting for this and explode as Ricky and Robert come down the aisle. Woman are hugging them and guys are high fiving them. 

It's all RnR as they show off their chemistry and teamwork. The fans are into it every second. RnR give them what they want as they win the match with the double dropkick! 

Resnick: Alright, Ricky, Robert welcome to the AWA. 

Robert: Great to be hear and we never get tired of hearing these cheers. 

Ricky: You said it brother! RnR is here in the AWA and we've got an open contract and ready to take on the best the AWA has to offer. 

A man dressed like a butler comes up and gives a giftbox to Resnick. 

Resnick and the RnR Express curiously look at it. 

Resnick: (reads the card) Greetings and welcome. A gift to ze Rock N Roll Express. Please enjoy. (Resnick hands the gift to Ricky) Well I guess this is for you guys. 

Ricky and Robert shrug their shoulders and open it. They pull out a bottle of champagne. They're even more puzzled because the bottle is empty. They smile and shake their heads then give one last shout out to the fans. 


Commercial Break 


"Superstar" Bill Dundee vs. William Hillman 


Lot's of boos as Dundee works over Hillman and finishes him off with the Bombs Away! 


Resnick: Bill, this weekend in the Louisville Gardens, you go one on one with The King. 

Dundee: The King? He's a fool and that fool don't stand a chance against the Superstar baby! I came here with one goal and that's to put an end to all this King nonsense. Lawler! You're going down and baby you aint coming back up. Can you imagine life without that fool around here? Boy I sure can. (Dundee smiles and relishes in that thought) 


Commercial Break 


Footage from last week is shown as Kamala attacks Colon, splashing him on the concrete several times. Colon is stretchered out. Iaukea cuts a sinister promo on Steamboat afterwards. 


Resnick: Please welcome out the AWA world champion, Ricky Steamboat.

Massive cheers as a serious Steamboat gives a wave. 


Resnick: Ricky, you've got a title defense this weekend in Louisville against the Ugandan Monster Kamala. After what went down last weekend, a lot must be running through your mind. 

Steamboat: (pauses) I consider Carlos a good friend and what Kamala did last week made me sick! Look, I don't know what kind of twisted game Iaukea is playing but trust me I'm ready for Louisville. I can handle a monster and if Iaukea wants to stick his face in my business, well I'll take great pleasure in putting him in his place! I will slay the beast and both of them will pay for what they did to Carlos. Ken, I'm heading to Louisville with this here title and rest assured I'm walking out with it! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Fans, before we get to our world tag team title bout, I've been told that after what transpired earlier, next week Scott Casey will defend the TV title against Tony Garea. Also the entire Paul Jones army, Rip Oliver, Matt Borne and Baron Von Raschke will take on Ron Garvin, Bobby Jaggers and The Spoiler. Brad Rheingans goes one on one with Greg Gagne. National Champ Rocky Johnson will be in action as will Austin Idol and the Golden Boys. Jerry Jarrett will be here in response to the challenge made by El Canek to Giant Haystacks. I'll announce the first round Memorial weekend tournament match ups. Ok, big world tag title match when we return. 


Commercial Break 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

The Bruise Brothers (c) vs. Curt Hennig and Brian Adias 


Hennig and Adias get a nice pop as they enter the ring. "Boogie Fever" plays over the speakers as the Bruise Brothers come down the aisle. Bruise Brothers enter the ring as Hennig and Adias smile. All 4 men shake hands. 

The first few minutes is back and forth competitive action. Bruise Brothers rely on power while Hennig and Adias bust out their technical style. 

Hennig tags in Adias as he takes Snowman down with a drop toe hold. Adias swings off the ropes and drops an elbow on Snowman. Hennig and Adias use frequent tags and continue to work Snowman over. Tide turns when Adias goes for a dropkick but Snowman holds onto the rope. Adias crashes down in the canvas as Snowman tags in Cash. 

Bruise Brothers take control and work Adias over. Cash swings Adias to the ropes and back drops him then tags in Snowman. Adias staggers up and Snowman puts him down with a jumping headbutt 1..2..Kick Out. Snowman tags in Cash. Cash goes for a vertical suplex but Adias fights it and suplexes Cash. Adias rolls over and tags in Hennig.

Hennig swings Cash to the ropes and nails him with a forearm blast. Hennig hops on the middle ropes. Cash staggers up and Hennig drops him with a double axehandle to the head 1..2..Kick Out. Hennig swings Cash to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Cash kicks him and tags in Snowman. 

Snowman and Hennig have a clean but hard hitting exchange. Snowman gets the better of it and scoop slams Hennig. Snowman tags in Cash. They swing Hennig to the ropes and put him down with a double back elbow smash. Cash covers 1..2..Adias runs in and pulls Cash off. Snowman comes in. Him and Adias have a stand off but nothing serious. As the Ref is guiding Snowman back to his corner, Cash slowly rises 


Adias kicks Cash between his legs as hard as he can! 

The fans are in shock.

Hennig quickly cradles Cash as the Ref turns around


A confused Snowman quickly goes to help his partner.

The Ref hands Hennig and Adias the AWA tag titles as the fans start to boo. 

Hennig and Adias hug and hold up the titles.

Cash is clearly in serious pain as Snowman motions for help. 

Hennig and Adias walk over and look down at Cash. They tap Snowman on the shoulder and offer a handshake. Snowman is focused on Cash. Hennig reaches down and slaps Cash's hand. Adias does the same. Snowman pushes them away as Medics hit the ring. 


Hennig and Adias go to ringside.

Snowman and the Medics help Cash out of there. 


Resnick: This is quite a scene. Porkchop Cash is in serious pain. I don't know what to think. We have new AWA world tag team champions. Curt Hennig and Brian Adias. Why? Just why did you have to resort to such a dirty tactic? 

Adias: We didn't do anything wrong. We scouted them well and won the titles. Simple as that. 

Hennig: Come on Resnick, you should be congratulating us. They're the ones who showed tasteless sportsmanship. They didn't even want to shake our hands afterwards. Man, what a couple of sore losers. Now Resnick, you better congratulate us. 

Adias: Yea, quit playing favorites and congratulate us. 

Resnick: (shaking his head in disbelief) Yea, nice job, congratulations. 

Hennig: Resnick, you suck! 

Hennig and Adias hold up the titles as the fans really give it to them. 


Winners of the Match and new AWA World Tag Team Champions- Curt Hennig and Brian Adias 








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Greg is riding high as he accepts another match with Rheneigans. Could Brad finally have found someone to watch his back?

Moretti proves to be too ruthless for a fired up Steve O. I never heard of this guy before last week but you've got me intrigued.

Jose Lothario pops in to make clear that El Canek hasn't forgotten about Giant Haystacks 

Cabin Fever ain't backing down from nobody!

An 8 man tournament on memorial day with the winner getting a world title shot at Wrestlerock! And to make it even better you bring in Wahoo & Bockwinkel!

Tempers flare in the battle of the Billy Jacks leading to a double c.o. After the match Ox gets involved and drops strong. Another man in need of a friend.

The Cartel send a clear message to the Superflys.

Garea pulls a fast one on Ustinov and nabs the TV Title match for himself. Comrade Ustinov is gonna have a tough time explaining this to his superiors.

Brenda is determined to out scoop Lance with the return of Sir Tony St Clair & Les Thornton. Thornton drops the hot scoop that his man will be in the memorial day tournament. What better way to prove you're " Simply the best " then to beat 3 men in 1 night.

Rock n Roll pick up their first win in the AWA and receive a bit of the bubbly as a reward. Shame somebody drank it all.

The Superstar is ready to exile the king and make the AWA HIS kingdom.

Steamboat shows the kind of fire he'll need to beat the monster Kamala. But is it enough?

I knew the build to the Tag Title match was too chummy! Adias goes low and brings home the gold. Love the visual of the heels offering a handshake to the guy they just kicked in the nuts.

The AWA is a guaranteed great week of wrestling!

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Nice week for the AWA

Heel Greg Gagne is much more enjoyable to me then babyface Greg Gagne was in real lfe.

I enjoy the push you are giving Moretti.  I think a win over Steve O will help him move up the ladder.

You did a nice job of capturing Bock's arrogance!  He is MR. AWA in my mind.

Wrestler or manager.... that Heart Punch from Ox is scary.... Billy Jack with Ox in his corner could be big time for you.

The Cartel gets the best of the Superflys..... this week.

Garea with a nice win.

I think the St. Clair thing had run its course until this World Tour idea.  Now people in the AWA are wondering who is this guy.  Who is so good that he beats peole all over the globe.  Great booking.

On 5/7/2021 at 10:05 PM, spaldoni said:

A gift to ze Rock N Roll Express.

VERRY, VERRY INTERESTING.... Can't wait to find out more.

Steamboat vs Kamala will be fun and sell some tickets.

I thought somethng might be up in that Tag Title match.  Adias is lucky this is Sports Entertainment.  If not, Cash and Snowman would be hurting someboady!  Great match.

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AWA @ The Louisville Gardens 5-9-86



Adrenaline Rush defeated Burt Cooper and Dave Pinson when Takano hit an inverted piledriver on Cooper and Bassarab followed with a flying leg drop from the top rope


"Maniac" Matt Borne defeated "Rugged" Ron Garvin. Garvin had Borne up for a vertical suplex when Paul Jones hit Garvin's knees with his cane. Garvin crumpled down with Borne on top with the pin. After the match Garvin knocked Jones out with a KO punch! 


AWA National Champ Rocky Johnson and Cabin Fever defeated "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol and The Highwaymen. Exciting and wild 6 man tag that ended when Fernandez pinned Duncum with the flying burrito during a pier six brawl. 


The Spoiler defeated Baron Von Raschke. Paul Jones was still in the back recovering from Garvin's KO punch. Baron gave Spoiler a serious fight but Spoiler got the win after a clothesline from the middle ropes.  


AWA National Tag Team Title Bout 

The Beasts of Burden (C) w/Ox Baker vs. The Superflys 

This one was crazy as these two teams went at it full force. During a Ref bump, The Cartel (in street clothes) hit the ring. They hurled Snuka out, then hit a double rib breaker on Siva. Cartel leave. Beasts pick up Siva, swing him to the ropes and finish things off with a double boot to the head! Beasts of Burden retain. 


Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee 

The first few minutes is back and forth fighting. They take the fight to the outside and all around the ring. Dundee Irish whips Lawler towards the steel post but Lawler reverses it and swings Dundee into the post! Lawler slams Dundee's head on the apron and hurls him back in the ring. Dundee is bleeding. Lawler clamps on a headlock and hits the top of Dundee's head with rapid fire punches. Lawler lets go, Dundee is wobbling, Lawler winds up and knocks Dundee down with a big right Memphis style punch. Lawler stomps away on Dundee, goes to the middle ropes and comes down with a knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Lawler reaches down but Dundee rakes his eyes then rolls out of the ring to regroup. Dundee lays there and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles from his tights. The Ref gets to the count of 8 as Dundee hops on the apron. Lawler goes over and Dundee takes a wild swing, Lawler ducks and hoists Dundee up to back suplex him back into the ring but Dundee swings down and nails Lawler with the brass knuckles. Lawler is out as he crashes down on the canvas. Dundee isn't satisfied, so he goes to the top rope and crashes down with the Bomb's Away 1..2..3! Massive boos as Dundee stands over a bloodied Lawler. Dundee gives Lawler a few stomps before leaving. 


Billy Jack Strong vs. Rene Goulet

It's announced that due to the injuries Strong suffered at the hands of Billy Jack Haynes and Ox Baker on TV, he has not been cleared to wrestle tonight. Goulet snatches the mic. 

"I came here to wrestle. I'll take on any coward brave enough to face me right here, right now! Who has the guts?" 

The fans erupt as WAHOO MCDANIEL comes out! 


Wahoo McDaniel vs. Rene Goulet 

Goulet attacks at the bell and works Wahoo over for a couple minutes. Wahoo makes the comeback, swings Goulet into the corner and chops away. Wahoo body slams Goulet 3 times, picks him up, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with the tomahawk chop for the crowd pleasing win! 


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea 

The bell rings but Iaukea is playing mind games with Steamboat. Kamala paces around then charges at Steamboat. Steamboat moves and pushes Kamala into Iaukea. Iaukea tumbles through the ropes. Steamboat punches away at Kamala. Kamala nails Steamboat with a thrust shot, swings him to the ropes but Steamboat slides under his legs, gets up and dropkicks Kamala. Kamala staggers, Steamboat dropkicks him again. Kamala is reeling, Steamboat swings off the ropes and the 3rd dropkick sends Kamala through the ropes. 

Kamala gets up and paces around like a wild animal. Steamboat goes to the apron and nails Kamala with a chop to the top off his head. Steamboat grabs Kamala and hurls him back in the ring. Steamboat goes to the top rope. Kamala gets up. Steamboat comes down with another chop but Kamala nails him in mid air with a savate kick. Kamala regroups as he slaps his belly and looks down at his prey. 

Kamala picks up Steamboat, chokes him, then tosses him across the ring. Kamala puts his foot on Steamboat's throat and chokes away breaking at the Ref's 4 count then repeating it. Kamala swings Steamboat into the corner and follows with a charging clothesline. Kamala chops Steamboat several times then clamps him in a bearhug. Kamala wrenches away and Iaukea yells for him to inflict punishment. Kamala clamps harder then belly to belly suplexes Steamboat over 1..2..Kick Out. Iaukea is screaming at the Ref. Kamala gets up and slaps his belly, picks up Steamboat, swings him to the corner and follows with a running corner splash but Steamboat moves at the last second and Kamala hits hard. 

The fans fire Steamboat up as he slowly rises and pumps his fists. Kamala staggers up and Steamboat punches him into the corner. Steamboat hops up on the middle ropes and the crowd counts along as he punches Kamala 10 times. Steamboat hops down as Kamala staggers forward into a big scoop slam by Steamboat. Steamboat goes outside to the apron then hits a slingshot splash 1..2..Iaukea pulls Steamboat's legs. Steamboat and the Ref go to the ropes. Steamboat and Iaukea have a heated exchange of words. 

Kamala slowly wobbles up and nails Steamboat from behind. Kamala lifts Steamboat up as he chokes him with both hands. Steamboat's legs are shaking as Kamala chokes away. The Ref counts to 5 but Kamala wont release the chokehold. Finally the Ref signals for the DQ. Kamala keeps choking then slams Steamboat down. The Ref is warning Kamala. Iaukea runs in the ring and hurls the Ref out. 

Kamala picks up Steamboat and gives him another two hand choke slam. Iaukea stomps on Steamboat then backs off as Kamala swings off the ropes and hits a big splash! Wrestlers from the back run into the ring to stop the madness. Iaukea leads Kamala out to thundering boos. 


Winner of the Match by DQ and still AWA World Champion- Ricky Steamboat 




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Adrenaline Rush gets the crowd going with a fast-paced win.

Paul Jones helps his maniac steal a win but pays for it courtesy of a k.o punch by " rugged " Ron.

A chaotic six man is won by Cabin Fever & the Soul Man but ultimately settles nothing.

Jones's earlier interference costs him as he isn't there for the Baron as he goes down to the Spoiler.

Ox and his Beasts clearly don't mind a bit of help as long as they keep their titles. The feud between the Cartel and the Superflys continues to escalate.

The Superstar uses a pair of brass knuckles to score the first win in his renewed rivalry with the King.

Goulet's ego gets the better of him as he refuses to take a forfeit win and issues a open challenge that gets answered by Wahoo McDaniel! Got a feeling next time Goulet will quit while he's ahead.

Kamala & laukea may not have gotten the title but send a clear message by leaving the world champion laying 

The people of Louisville will be talking about this show for a while.

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Really fun card for the fans in Louisville.

I enjoy when you hype two angles with one match and this worked perfectly with Johnson/Cabin Fever vs Idol and The Highway Men.

Paul Jones is really becoming a thorne in the side of Garvin.

The Superflys have had a rough week.  Will be interesting to see them rebound.

Speaking of revenge.... Lawler will be after Dundee.  Love this feud.

Wahoo is here!  Can't wait to see what you have planned for him.

KAMALA VS STEAMBOAT AGAIN PLEASE!!!  This is the moneymaker!

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Ricky Steamboat being on top is still such a great look for the AWA. I was rooting for Curt Hennig and Brian Adias to pull off the victory, though I didn't honestly think they'd manage. I'm glad they did though, and hey, as for the manner of the victory, you've gotta' do what you've gotta' do.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 5-14-86


"From coast to coast, border to border and continent to continent, welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling" 

Footage from last week is shown as Brian Adias kicks Porkchop Cash low and Hennig cradles him for the pin as Adias and Hennig become AWA World Tag Team Champions. 

Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling. Big show lined up as the Paul Jones Army, Baron Von Raschke, Matt Borne and Rip Oliver take on The Spoiler, Ron Garvin and Bobby Jaggers. Brad Rheingans goes one on one with current rival Greg Gagne. Scott Casey defends his TV title against Tony Garea. Golden Boys will be in tag action as well as the Superflys and the National tag champs the Beasts of Burden. Austin Idol will be in the ring as will the National Champ Rocky Johnson. Jerry Jarrett will host the first WrestleRock 86 report and Tony St. Clair will grace us with a special wrestling showcase. Let's get things going and go to the ring. 


The Golden Boys vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez 


Kelly tags in Spivey. Kelly swings Lopez to the ropes and puts him down with a clothesline as Spivey follows with a jumping leg drop for the win! 


Resnick: Great win for the Golden Boys. You guys seem to be gelling well. 

Kelly: Every since Danny snapped me out of my depression, things have really been clicking...

A commotion picks up from the fans as the Vin Man walks out. 


Resnick: Well this is certainly a big surprise. Vinnie Valentino where have you been? 

Kelly is at a lost for words as he stares at Vinnie. Spivey already doesn't like this. 

Vin: Kev baby! What the hell is going on here? 

Kelly: Vin...I think the question is, where the hell have you been? 

Vin: Hey, you're not the only one that was hurting. After Bodacious came up short at the Happening, I had to leave this business and clear my head. I'm gone for a couple months and you turn your back on me and team up with this freak. We were family Kev. You betrayed me. You know what? That's all water under the bridge. Ditch this loser and come back to the family. I welcome you back with open arms big guy. 

Kelly: I don't think so Vin. You left me hanging when I had the opportunity of a lifetime at the National title. I tried and tried to reach out but nothing. (points at Spivey) This man saved me so why don't you and I just go our separate ways.  

Vin: I can't believe what I'm hearing. You ungrateful meathead! You think you can make it without me? You and this big goof? You better think again. I'll be back, count on it. I'm the Vin Man...yea! 

Vinnie leaves. Kelly looks at Spivey and raises his fist. Spivey hits it as the fans cheer.

Spivey: Nothing's gonna get in our way. Nothing! 


Commercial Break 


"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol vs. Neil Jordan 


Idol draws boos as he slams Jordan then gives the fans a few bicep poses. Idol works the leg and gets the submission win with the Las Vegas Leglock. 


Commercial Break 


Brad Rheingans vs. "The Great" Gagne w/Bodyguard Duke Myers 


The bell rings but Duke wont exit. Gagne taunts Brad as he hides behind Duke. Duke puts his loaded forearm up and dares Brad to come and fight him. The crowd explodes as THE CRUSHER hits the ring and unloads on Duke! Crusher punches Duke through the ropes and follows. Crusher pounds away on Duke. Gagne goes to the ropes and is screaming down at Crusher. Brad grabs Gagne by the waist and hits a belly to back suplex 1..2..3!!!! 

Huge pop! 

Duke is lying on the outside concrete as Brad goes out and joins Crusher. Brad grabs the mic from Resnick.

Brad: Hey Greg, I would like you to meet my bodyguard...The Crusher! 


Another huge pop as Crusher holds up his fist. 



Commercial Break 


The Superflys vs. Trent Watkins and Carl Kellerman 


Siva puts Watkins down with a jumping headbutt then tags in Snuka. Snuka goes to the top and crashes down with the Superfly Splash for the win! 


Resnick: Tremendous win for the Superflys. In Louisville, the Cartel interfered in your National Tag Title Bout and costed you the match. I'm sure you have words for the Cartel. 

Siva: Estrada! You started everything but the Superflys will finish it! 

Snuka: That's right brotha. You attack us from behind like the cowards you are. You better have eyes in the back of your heads because it's our turn! 


Commercial Break 


WrestleRock 86 Report w/Jerry Jarrett 



Jarrett: Hello to all our great AWA fans. Saturday July 3rd, from the Liberty Bowl Stadium, live on closed circuit TV, the AWA presents the biggest event of the summer, WrestleRock 86. What a fun night that will be because after the wrestling action you will be treated to a set by rock n roll legend Chuck Berry along with a fireworks show. (laughs) I know Chuck is excited. Now, I've heard the challenge made by Jose Lothario on behalf of El Canek. I think it's only fair to grant the match. So the first match signed for WrestleRock will be El Canek taking on Giant Haystacks. Talk about a powerhouse battle. Moving on, Memorial Day weekend at the Mid South Coliseum, there will be an 8 man tournament, the winner will get a AWA world title shot at WrestleRock. You'll see the first round match ups at the conclusion of this update. Also at the Mid South Coliseum, the Highwaymen and Cabin Fever will face off with the winners getting a National Tag Team title shot at WrestleRock. That's not it, also on Memorial Day, Curt Hennig and Brian Adias will defend their newly won AWA world tag titles against the Bruise Brothers. And Ricky Steamboat will defend his AWA world title against Kamala. Memorial weekend at the Mid South Coliseum will defiantly set the table for Wrestlerock. I'll fill you in with more WrestleRock news in the weeks to come. Should be an exciting time for the AWA. 


First Round Tournament matches 

Jerry Lawler vs. Bill Dundee

Nick Bockwinkle vs. Wahoo McDaniel 

AWA National Champ Rocky Johnson vs. Austin Idol 

Tony St. Clair w/Les Thornton vs. The Spoiler 


Commercial Break 


AWA National Tag Team Champs The Beasts of Burden w/Ox Baker vs. Sam Smith and Clancy Klein 


Another brutal squash! Beasts hurl Klein out of the ring and put Smith down with double boots to the head! Beasts pick up the lifeless Smith and hold him as Ox delivers a Heart Punch! 


Billy Jack Haynes joins Ox and the Beasts along with a nervous looking Ken Resnick. 


Resnick: Utter destruction, that's all I can say. However, Ox Baker, is it really necessary to use your heart punch. You did that to Billy Jack Strong last week and...

Haynes: Don't ever refer to that weakling as Billy Jack, you hear me! 

Ox: You better listen to him Resnick or I'll have the real Billy Jack clamp the full nelson on you! Yes it's necessary to use my heart punch. We're sending a message and that message is pain and punishment! Got it! Now my Beasts have ran through all the competition here in the AWA. There's nobody left so Jarrett has decided that two teams will fight for a shot. That makes me laugh. Two teams fighting to fight my Beasts. Either one of those teams will be destroyed! 

Morgan and Nord start yelling and huffing as Resnick looks terrified. 


Commercial Break 


AWA National Champ "Soul Man" Rocky Johnson vs. Dave Pinson 


Johnson is electric tonight and wins the match with a sunset flip. 


Resnick: Rocky Johnson, your National title reign has been nothing short of impressive. 

Johnson: Kenny, I'm in the best shape of my life and ready for anybody who... 

Boos as Austin Idol struts out. 

Idol: This is what a man in shape looks like. (Idol flexes as the fans boo) Johnson, you know that title belongs to me. However, right now my focus is winning the tournament and getting a world title shot. And wouldn't you know it, you and I lock up in the first round. So I not only get to beat you up again but I get to eliminate you from the tournament. Darling, that's my kind of night. 

Johnson: Keep talk'n Idol, just keep talk'n boy. Come Memorial Day, I'm gonna punch all that arrogance out of you and punch you in the mouth just to shut you up. 

Cheers as Johnson holds up his title in front of Idol. 


Commercial Break 


TV Title Bout 

"Cowboy" Scott Casey (C) w/Sunshine vs. Tony Garea 


Garea earned this shot by defeating Soldat Ustinov last week. 

Match starts with a handshake and remains clean. Back and forth match. Casey works Garea over with hip tosses and dropkicks, Garea comes back and almost gets the pin with a cross body block. Garea works Casey over and applies the Abdominal stretch. Casey fights it and hip tosses Garea over. Casey comes back with forearm blasts, swings Garea to the ropes and back drops him. Garea staggers up as Casey executes the Bulldog 1..2..3! 

Casey helps Garea up. They shake hands and Garea leaves. Sunshine runs in and hands Casey the TV title. Casey holds it up as the fans cheer. 

While Sunshine and Casey are celebrating, Ruthless Moretti comes out smiling and stroking his chain. Casey and Sunshine see him. Moretti waves and calmly goes to the back. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 


Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the number one segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. What a show I have for you. Get the bubbly ready because making their long awaited AWA appearance and return to wrestling, I present to you "Champagne" Gerry Morrow and "Mr. Money" Carl Fergie! YES! 

Boos as Morrow and Fergie come out wearing suits, sunglasses and fedora hats. They hug Brenda and each kiss her hand. 


Britton: My goodness, I can't tell you how great it is to finally have some class in the AWA. Boy oh boy I missed you guys! 

Morrow: Ha Ha Ha, Brenda de pleasure is ours to be on this show but de pleasure is all deez people as they get to witness true class. 

Fergie: (laughs) Good one Gerry.

Britton: You guys look well rested. That vacation has worked wonders. So, what do we have to look forward to? 

Morrow: AH Brenda, big plans. Because you deserve it, we wanted to give you de big scoop. Mr. Money and myself will now be a team. As you remembered I had de Billionaire's Title. Well, check dis out. 

Morrow and Fergie open up their suit jackets. Both are wearing a title.

Morrow: What's better than one? TWO! Ha Ha Ha, you are looking at de Billionaire's tag team champions. Brenda, you can call us Priceless.

Fergie: That sums us up so well, don't you think? 

Brenda: (touching the titles) I love it! The belts, the name, the look. I mean who can stop you? 

Morrow: Simply put, nobody. There is one team we have our sights set on. A team that thinks they can come in here and be treated like champions. I am talking about de Rock n Roll Express.

Fergie: Ha! They're nothing but a couple of hippie scrubs. 

Britton: I couldn't agree more. They're also dirty. 

Morrow: I hoped they liked our gift we sent. An empty bottle of champagne because they do not deserve anything more.

A butler comes out and hands Morrow a bottle of champagne.

Morrow: Brenda, dis bottle is not empty. What do you say? A toast? 

Brenda: You know I wouldn't turn down a toast from you. Let's do it. 

The butler brings out the glasses. Morrow pours the champagne. Morrow, Fergie and Brenda touch glasses. 

Britton: To Priceless! 

They smile and drink. 

Britton: Priceless has arrived in the AWA. Until next week, tooooodles. 


Commercial Break 


Special Wrestling Showcase

Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair w/ Les Thornton vs. Todd Rooney 


Les comes out waving the Union Jack Flag. Tony enters the ring wearing a UK themed robe. Tony takes the robe off and is wearing UK themed wrestling pants. These guys are really putting the UK over. 

The match is truly a wrestling showcase as Tony shows off his tremendous technical skills. Tony could of won the match at any point as he applied several submission moves but clearly he was just toying with his opponent. Tony finally finishes things off with a floating butterfly suplex for the win. 

Boos as Les waves the UK flag before leading Tony over to Resnick. 

Resnick: Very impressive, I ...

Thornton: You fool, did you expect anything less from Sir Tony? This man is a wrestling machine and he will prove what I already know. That he will in fact be the next AWA world champion. The Memorial Day tournament will just be a work out for Sir Tony, a tune up if you will. Nobody stands a chance against this man. 

St. Clair: Like dominoes, I will knock every wrestler down during my quest for the world title. It starts with you Spoiler. Him and all the others will find out why I am simply the best. 

Resnick: Tony, you are gifted, that's for sure. Les, before you go, I have to ask your thoughts on the match signed for WrestleRock between El Canek and the man you brought in Giant Haystacks? 

Thornton: First off you will address this great man as Sir Tony, because he's earned it. Now as you can see I have my hands full with Sir Tony and his quest for the title. However, a dear friend of mine will handle the affairs of Giant Haystacks. Both of them will be arriving to the AWA very soon. Mr. Lothario please translate this to El Canek. Be a smart man and don't show. That's friendly advice. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Fans, next week, newly crowned AWA world tag champs Curt Hennig and Brian Adias will be here. I'll also be speaking with the Bruise Brothers. Wahoo McDaniel makes his return to AWA television. Ruthless Moretti will be in action. The Cartel clash with Adrenaline Rush. Highwaymen will be in the ring. Listen to this main event. AWA world champ Ricky Steamboat teams with Jerry Lawler to take on Kamala and Bill Dundee! WOW! What a barnburner that will be. This week's main event up next.


Commercial Break 


The Spoiler/"Rugged" Ron Garvin and "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers vs. Baron Von Raschke/"Crippler" Rip Oliver and "Maniac" Matt Borne w/Paul Jones 


The bell rings and it's an immediate pier six brawl! Fists are flying as the Ref lets it go. Baron and Spoiler fight in the corner. Jaggers and Oliver have a furious exchange in the middle of the ring. Borne and Garvin trade punches until Garvin knocks him through the ropes. Jones gets on the apron and Garvin knocks him off. Jaggers hurls Oliver through the ropes. The Ref finally gets control as Spoiler and Baron slug it out. Spoiler slams Baron and tags in Jaggers. They swing Baron to the ropes and put him down with a double back elbow smash. Jaggers tags in Garvin. Garvin gives Baron the Garvin stomp and covers 1..2..Borne and Oliver run in and break it. Spoiler and Jaggers run in and the brawl is on again. While the Ref guides Jaggers and Spoiler back, Borne and Oliver double slam Garvin and drag Baron to their corner. Borne tags himself in. 

Borne suplexes Garvin then stomps away. Borne grinds his forearm into Garvin's face. Oliver sticks out his boot as Borne picks Garvin up and slams his face into Oliver's boot. Borne tags in Oliver. Oliver punches Garvin as Baron and Borne choke him. Oliver swings Garvin to the ropes and clotheslines him down. Oliver tags in Baron. Baron stomps on Garvin's head then holds up the claw and applies it! Baron wrenches away. Jaggers gets on the top rope and crashes down on Baron to break the claw. 

Borne and Oliver run in. Spoiler and Jaggers cut them off and once again fists are flying. After another wild brawl, Garvin is able to roll over and tag in Spoiler. Baron staggers up and Spoiler clamps on the claw! Borne and Oliver run in and attack Spoiler. Jaggers and Garvin punch them away. Another fight! Baron slowly staggers up. Spoiler grabs him and rolls him over. The Ref runs over and counts 1..2..3! 

Jones runs in and hits Spoiler with his cane! Jaggers and Oliver fight through the ropes. Garvin and Borne brawl in the corner. Jones gets ready to hit Spoiler again but Spoiler blocks it, grabs the cane and wallops Jones! Jones goes down as the crowd explodes. 



Memorial Weekend at the Mid South Coliseum


8-Man Tournament- Winner gets a AWA world title shot at WrestleRock 86


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea 


AWA World Tag Title Bout 

Curt Hennig and Brian Adias (C) vs. The Bruise Brothers 


Winners get a National Tag Team Title Shot at WrestleRock 86

Cabin Fever vs. The Highwaymen 

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The Golden Boys pick up a quick w but the real intrigue is after the bell as the Vin Man FINALLY remembers Kelly exists. Kelly tells him to hit the bricks but I got a feeling it's not gonna be that easy.

The Soul Man & the Universal Heartthrob both pick up convincing wins and have a nice little back-and-forth. Really enjoying this feud.

Admittedly I don't know much about The Crusher but the little I do know tells me he's excactly the kind of guy you want watching your back. Looking forward to the tag matches between these pairs.

The Superflys send a strong message to the Cartel letting them know it's not over till they say it's over.

Damn memorial day is stacked af! El Canek gets what he wants, here's hoping he doesn't regret it. Cabin Fever & The Highwaymen get a chance to hopefully settle the score and secure a title shot at the same time. The Bruise Brothers look for revenge and to get their belts back (i wonder which is more important). I don't dare try to pick a winner in that tournament. And in the main event the World Champion will try to fend off the challenge of the monster Kamala! Key word being try.

Casey retains against a game Garea but a ruthless new challenger makes himself known. 

The Beauty Shop sees the return of perhaps my favorite act of yours, Morrow & Fergie! Or as they shall now be known, ze billionaire tag team champions Priceless! 

Sir Tony reminds everyone why he's " Simply the best " and Thornton leaves us with the mystery of who will represent Haystacks? (And who would Thornton consider a dear friend?)

An insane 6 man sends us off the air happy as not only do the good guys win, Jones gets decked. Good stuff.

Awa is truly living up to the title of " Major league"

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Great opening to the show.... Vin Man is back but Kelly has had enough.  Great job creating another interesting angle.

Really like the Rocky Johnson/Idol angle. These are two of my favorites!

I was wondering where you were going when you picked up Da Crusher.  Love this angle.  He is priceless on the mic!  Short, quick one-liners that sets the crowd off.

Ox is Scary as Hell when he is by himself but add in Billy Jack and the Beasts.... I might be under the covers as a kid watching this group.  Perfect heel stable.

I'm always cautious when I read a babyface vs babyface bout so I was watching closely with Garea and Casey.  Glad it ended the way it did.

First the Vin Man returns then the Crusher arrives... all great but they don't come close to my favorite heels in the game.... Morrow and Fergie.... The Billionaire Champs!!!!  This is going to be great.

I think it really helped to give St. Clair and others a delayed AWA start as it just gives us new angles to follow instead of giving it all away at the beginning.

WRESTLEROCK!!!! Can't wait.

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AWA @ The Brown County Arena, Green Bay WI 5-15-86


The Crusher defeated Andy Stone with the Bolo Punch. If there's one guy that can get a Wisconsin crowd going it's da Crusher! 


"Ruthless" Moretti defeated Tony Garea with a running powerslam. Moretti draws heat as he hits Tony with his chain after the match for the fun of it. 


Adrenaline Rush defeated Rene Goulet and Soldat Ustinov when Takano hit an inverted piledriver on Goulet and Bassarab followed with a flying leg drop from the top rope. 


 "Crippler" Rip Oliver w/Paul Jones defeated "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers after Jones threw salt in Jaggers eyes allowing Oliver to clothesline him down for the pin. 


The Highwaymen and Cabin Fever battled to a wild Double DQ 


The Rock n Roll Express defeated "The Great" Gagne and Duke Myers. During the match, da Crusher came out drinking a beer. Gagne and Myers were so distracted that when Gagne finally turned around, the RnR Express double dropkicked him for the win! Crusher held up his beer to RnR as the fans gave a thundering cheer. 


Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee

Another crazy fight between these two. Dundee once again tried to use brass knuckles but Lawler kicked him, grab the knuckles and blasted Dundee. The only problem was this was right in front of the Ref so he had no choice but to DQ Lawler. Lawler and the fans seemed ok with this especially since Dundee was knocked out cold. 


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. "El Jefe" Jose Estrada w/Cartel partner Ricky Santana 

Estrada made waves in Texas and carried that over to the AWA. Tonight he wants to bring the title to the Cartel. However, Steamboat has a different look in his eyes tonight and I'm sure Kamala and Iaukea have something to do with that. 

The opening minutes is all Steamboat as he has Estrada bumping and flipping all over the ring. The tide turns when Santana (from the outside) trips Steamboat and Steamboat staggers into a bruising forearm blast. Estrada takes over and beats Steamboat down with punches and kicks. Steamboat slowly rises but Estrada nails him with a knee lift 1..2..Kick Out. Estrada chokes Steamboat on the bottom rope. As the Ref backs him off, Santana hits Steamboat with a big punch. Estrada picks up Steamboat and Snake Eyes him on the top turnbuckle. Estrada goes to the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Estrada berates the Ref. 

Estrada hoists Steamboat up for an atomic drop but Steamboat flips over and dropkicks Estrada from behind. It's comeback time as Steamboat back drops Estrada. Estrada staggers up and Steamboat chops him down. Steamboat picks up Estrada and delivers a hanging vertical suplex. Steamboat goes to the top rope but Santana runs over and pushes him off. Steamboat is on the canvas as Estrada tries to clear the cob webs. 

The fans go crazy when the Superflys (in street clothes) hop the railing and pound away on Santana! 

Estrada gets up and tries to run out there but Steamboat grabs him and unloads. Steamboat swings Estrada into the corner. Estrada staggers out as Steamboat scoop slams him, goes out to the apron and hits a Sling Shot Splash 1..2..3!! 

The Superflys swing Santana into the steel post, then go into the ring. They pick up Estrada and double headbutt him down. Snuka goes to the top rope and hits the Superfly Splash! 

The Superflys hold up Steamboat's arms as the crowd roars. 


Winner of the Match and still AWA World Champ- Ricky Steamboat 






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Da Crusher makes a successful in-ring return with his Bolo Punch.

Ruthless Moretti picks up steam as he attempts to position himself in the TV Title scene.

Adrenaline Rush is quietly racking up a impressive winning streak.

The Crippler gets one over on the Hangman with a little help from Paul Jones.

The Feud between the Highwaymen & Cabin Fever is about to boil over.

How nice of Crusher to toast RnR after their win.

Love how nobody cares Lawler lost as long as he ko'd Dundee.

El Jefe brought the fight & Santana tries his best to help but between a fired up dragon and the Superflys being present it just wasn't enough.

Green Bay got their money's worth that's for sure!

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Great event for the people of Brown County.

Da Crusher would have the crowd rocking from the get go.  Nice choice to have him start the show.

Looking forward to when the Rock n Roll Express really get going here in the AWA!

Nice finish to the Lawler/Dundee match.  I bet Lawler would take the DQ if he got to hit Dundee with the Brass Knucks everytime.

Steamboat is really starting to own that AWA title.  The Superflys/Cartel is a great angle.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 5-21-86


"From coast to coast, border to border and continent to continent, welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling" 

Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA major league wrestling. Huge main event lined up as AWA World Champ Ricky Steamboat teams with Jerry Lawler to take on Kamala and the Superstar Bill Dundee. Wahoo McDaniel returns to AWA television. The Rock n Roll Express will be in action as will Ruthless Moretti, the Highwaymen, Greg Gagne, the Spoiler and the entire Paul Jones Army in 6 man tag team action. Also tonight the Cartel will go up against Adrenaline Rush. As you all know, next weekend at the Mid South Coliseum, there will be an 8 man tournament with the winner getting an AWA world title shot at WrestleRock 86 on July 3rd. We'll be hearing from some of those tournament participants tonight. Well let's get to the action. 


Baron Von Raschke/ "Maniac" Matt Borne and "Crippler" Rip Oliver w/Paul Jones vs. Vic Dutro, Willie Lopez and Sam Smith 

Paul Jones and his army are still seething over last week's loss to Spoiler, Garvin and Jaggers. They take out all their frustrations on tonight's opponents. Oliver clotheslines Dutro then tags in Borne. Borne fly's off the top rope with a knee drop then tags in Baron, who finishes things off with the claw! Jones looks very pleased with his men. 


Commercial Break 


"The Great" Gagne w/ Bodyguard Duke Myers vs. Carl Kellerman 


Gagne is aggressive tonight as he throws Carl out of the ring. Gagne distracts the Ref as Myers pounds on Carl then hurls him back in the ring. Gagne circles his opponent then clamps on the sleeper for the win. 


Resnick: Ok, Greg Gagne joining me along with the Duker.

Duke snatches the mic from Resnick and hands it to Gagne. 

Gagne: Ok, two things, I'm the "Great" Gagne and I'm the only one who calls my bodyguard Duker. Get your head screwed on right Resnick or Duker will do it for you. Now listen up little Bradley Rheingans. You pulled a cute one and went out and got yourself a bodyguard did ya. What's the matter? Can't fight your own battles? Awww you need a little help? Ok, since you're so tough now, next week, you and me, right here on TV. Go ahead and bring that old washed up has been Crusher. Jeez, when was his prime? The 60s? What a joke. Come on Duker, let's go.

Duke gets the mic and pushes it in Resnick's chest. 


Resnick: He's not the Greg I remember. I have to wonder what his Dad thinks of all this. 


Commercial Break 


The Cartel vs. Adrenaline Rush 


Action packed back and forth match as these teams are in full throttle tonight. Adrenaline Rush pull out their high flying maneuvers and quick tags. The Cartel come back with some brutal double teaming and rule breaking. All 4 men end up fighting. As the Ref finally gets control and guides Takano to his corner, Bassarab cradles Santana. The Ref turns around and jumps over to make the count but WHAM! Estrada nails Bassarab with a chair! The Ref signals for the DQ. Takano runs in but Estrada blasts him with the chair! 

Before the Cartel can inflict more punishment, THE SUPERFLYS hit the ring! They nail Estrada from behind. Estrada and his chair goes flying. They hit Santana with a jumping double headbutt as he goes sailing through the ropes. Estrada staggers up and the Superflys send him through the ropes with a jumping double headbutt! 

The fans cheer as the Superflys tend to Adrenaline Rush. 


Commercial Break 


The Vin Man vs. Neil Jordan 


Vinnie's lady entourage is back as they lead him to the ring. They each kiss him on the cheek and then he slowly walks up the ring steps. The boos are defining. 

Vin works his opponent over with hip tosses and high dropkicks. Vin slams his opponent then goes to the top rope and waits. As Jordan rises, Vin comes off the top rope and hits a sunset flip for the win. 


Resnick: The Vin Man Vinnie Valentino is back. Vinnie, last week you returned after being away for a while. I guess Kevin Kelly has moved on. 

Vin: Oh very funny. Look Rezzy, that meathead made a big mistake. After everything I did for him, what does he do? He finds himself an even bigger meathead to team with and turns his back on me. Wow, that's the thanks I get? What a classy guy that meathead is. But hey, I'm not going to cry about it. I'm going to make him pay. I have myself a partner and I'm issuing a challenge to those meatheads. Next week it's payback for the Vin Man...Yea! 

Resnick: Alright, another challenge made for next week. I wonder who's teaming with the Vin Man? I guess myself and the Golden Boys will find out next week. 


Commercial Break



WrestleRock 86 coming July 3rd! 


The Spoiler vs. Arnie Goldstein 


Spoiler methodically works over Goldstein and finishes him off with the claw! 


Resnick: Next weekend at the Mid South Coliseum, the Spoiler will face Tony St. Clair in the opening round of an 8 man tournament for a shot at the AWA world title at WrestleRock. Spoiler, you've been racking up the wins and deserve to be in the tournament. What are your thoughts on Tony St. Clair? 

Spoiler:  Les Thornton has been running his mouth non stop about St. Clair being the best. My resume speaks for itself and next week....

Resnick: WATCH OUT!!! 


Spoiler is attacked by Paul Jones and his army! 

Borne and Oliver stomp down on Spoiler. They pick him up and hold him as Jones whacks Spoiler several times over his head with his cane! Borne and Oliver double slam Spoiler on the concrete, then pick him back up and hold him. Baron clamps on the claw! Baron wrenches away as Borne and Oliver hold him. Baron releases as do Oliver and Borne. Spoiler is out. Baron grabs a wooden chair.

Resnick: That's enough! 

Borne and Oliver hold up Spoiler as Baron shatters the chair over Spoiler's head! Baron once again clamps on the claw as Oliver, Borne and Jones take turns stomping down on a lifeless Spoiler. Finally several wrestlers and officials storm out to stop this but the damage has clearly been done. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: My goodness! I can't believe what we just witnessed. Unfortunately Ron Garvin and Bobby Jaggers aren't in the arena tonight. Leave it to Paul Jones to take advantage of that. I hope to give an update on the Spoiler soon. I know he's been rushed to the nearby hospital. What a disgusting act. (pauses) Last week we found out the first match signed for WrestleRock 86 will be El Canek facing Giant Haystacks. I would like to take you to some training footage of El Canek. 



Samba Pa Ti by Santana plays as we see El Canek lifting weights with the Desert in the background. Flashes of him sparring in a wrestling ring follows. Canek is shown press slamming several wrestlers. 


Resnick: Oh my, I would say El Canek is 100% and is ready for Haystacks at WrestleRock. I understand Jose Lothario will be back next week with some comments. Right now I want to bring out Les Thornton. Les, you have to be impressed with what we just saw. Now, last week you mentioned Haystacks would have a handler.

Thornton: First things first. (Smiles) it looks like Sir St. Clair's tournament opponent has suffered some bad luck. What a shame. I guess Spoiler has some vengeful enemies. Oh well. Now you and all these idiots might be impressed with Canek's training but I'm not and I can assure you neither is Giant Haystacks. Yes, I said I was turning over Haystacks duties to a good friend of mine but you know what? I spoke to Haystacks and he said he'll go at it alone. That means he'll be totally unleashed. So if you idiots want to help Canek then you all better start praying for him. Haystacks is going to destroy, hurt, humiliate and annihilate him. Next week Haystacks will be in this very ring and will brutalize not one, not two but three men! Jose Lothario better be watching because Haystacks is going to send a very strong message to El Canek. Good day Ken. 


Commercial Break 


Chief Wahoo McDaniel vs. William Hillman 



Wherever Wahoo goes, he always has his fans. Wahoo looks great tonight as he puts Hillman down with the tomahawk chop for the win! 


Resnick: Wahoo McDaniel ladies and gentlemen. Wahoo great to see you back in the AWA. I was thrilled to hear you that you'll be in the big tournament next week. I know the AWA world title is something you would love to get your hands on. 

Wahoo: (Shakes Ken's hand) Ken, it feels so good to be back in the AWA. I came here for one reason and that's of course to be AWA world champion. Winning that tournament grants me the opportunity. So rest assured, I'm focused and ready. 

There's a commotion as Nick Bockwinkel arrogantly walks out. He stares at Wahoo then extends his hand. Wahoo pauses then shakes it. 


Bock: Wahoo, no doubt about it, you are one of the fiercest competitors to ever step foot in the ring. I know that first hand. You and I will meet once again in the first round. You know I have the upmost respect for you. However, my goal is to be AWA world champ and therefore I will be standing tall at the end of the night. You're first on the list my friend. 

Wahoo: Nick, you and I have gone at it more than once and the respect is mutual. But like you say, we both want the same thing. I plan on winning the tournament and I plan on getting through you first. 

Bock: Well, may the best man win. 

Another handshake.  


Commercial Break 


"Ruthless" Moretti vs. Todd Rooney 


Once again, Moretti comes out with his chain wrapped around his neck. 

The match is all Moretti as he steamrolls over Rooney before finishing him off with a running powerslam! Moretti smiles as he gets his chain. He goes back in the ring and hits Rooney before meeting Resnick on the outside. 


Resnick: Ok Moretti I have to ask. Why do you have to hit your opponent with your chain after you have already won the match? 

Moretti ponders this then shrugs his shoulders and smiles

Moretti: No reason, I just like doing things like that. 

Moretti walks away leaving Resnick with a disturbed look. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome once again to the highest rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. Wow what a big show tonight. You fans are so lucky because my guests are the new AWA world tag team champions, Curt Hennig and Brian Adias. Oh and since I get all the major scoops, they informed me that they will be known as the Awesome Twosome! Come on out champs.


Hennig comes out wearing a bright orange singlet with the title on his shoulder. Adias is wearing bright orange wrestling pants with the title around his waist. They smile but the fans are still not sure about them. 

Britton: It's my esteemed honor to have the world champs on my show. Awesome Twosome is exactly how I would describe you. What a great name. 

Adias: Thank you Brenda. You know we are pretty awesome and these here titles prove it.

Hennig: Brian and I did exactly what we said we were going to do. We rose the ranks and won these titles. And if I may say so it was relatively easy. 

Adias: Yea, I thought those Bruise Brothers were going to give us a tougher match. 

Hennig: So did I. Everybody kept talking about their impressive title reign but in the end we exposed them for the dancing clowns they are.

Ok now the fans are booing big time. 

Britton: You guys are awesome! I know you have a rematch with them at the Mid South Coliseum but they should save themselves the embarrassment and not show. 

Adias: Brenda, unlike those clowns, you're a smart woman. I hope they're listening. 

Hennig: Those guys are such babies. They've been crying about foul play but all we did was outsmart them. Which wasn't to hard.

They all laugh. 

Hennig: Bruise Brothers! If you're stupid enough to show up at the Mid South Coliseum, fine by us. Because we're the better wrestlers.

Adias: The better team. 

Hennig: And the better men! 

Britton: I'm going to be there and I can't wait to watch your awesome wrestling skills in action. The Awesome Twosome, your AWA World Tag Team Champions. Until next week, tooooodles. 


Commercial Break 


Highwaymen vs. Gary Williams and Harold Bannister 


Highwaymen are on their A game tonight as they pummel their opponents and finish them off with the Spiked piledriver! 

Highwaymen cut a promo on Cabin Fever and say they're going to not only beat them for a National Tag Title shot at WrestleRock but they're going to give them a hurt'n they'll never forget! 


Commercial Break 


The Rock n Roll Express vs. Tim Patterson and Maurice Thorpe 


The fans are cheering like crazy during the entire match. RnR give them what they want and win the match with the double dropkick! 

As Resnick is conducting an interview with RnR, a butler walks out and hands Resnick a piece of paper. 

Resnick: It seems like an invitation. It says, we would like the Rock n Roll Express to accept our challenge next week on TV. Sincerely Priceless. 

Morton: Are these guys for real? 

Gibson: Well brother, lets give them an answer.

Morton: Damn right we accept! 


Commercial Break 


Lance: What a program we had tonight. Issuing challenges was defiantly the theme. I've talked with all the parties involved. Next week, Greg Gagne faces Brad Rheingans, The Golden Boys have accepted Vin Man's challenge. You will see the Rock n Roll Express take on Priceless. Giant Haystacks will debut against 3 men. I've also been informed that in two weeks, Scott Casey will defend the TV title against Ruthless Moretti. The Bruise Brothers will make their first appearance since losing the world tag titles. I hope to have an update on the Spoiler. All that and so much more. Blockbuster main event when we come back. 


Commercial Break 


AWA World Champ Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee and Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea 


The bell rings and Kamala goes right after Steamboat as Lawler and Dundee slug it out. Dundee punches Lawler to the ropes and charges but Lawler back drops Dundee over the top rope to the outside. Steamboat chops Kamala to the ropes. Lawler comes over and him and Steamboat double clothesline Kamala over the rope! Iaukea runs to Kamala then points up at Steamboat with his kendo stick. Lawler goes to the outside and punches away on Dundee. Steamboat goes to the apron, jumps off and nails Iaukea with a chop to the head! 

After a bit, the Ref finally gets some sort of control. 

Lawler and Dundee are in the ring. Lawler swings Dundee to the ropes and back drops him. Dundee staggers up as Lawler scoop slams him, then drops an elbow 1..2..Kick Out. Lawler picks Dundee up and hits a delayed vertical suplex then tags in Steamboat. Steamboat goes to the top. Dundee staggers up as Steamboat nails him with a double axehandle to the head 1..2..Kamala runs in and chops down on Steamboat. Lawler runs in and pounds away on Kamala. Steamboat rolls close to the ropes and Iaukea nails him with a kendo stick shot. 

The Ref guides Lawler back. Dundee rolls over and tags in Kamala. Kamala chokes Steamboat on the ropes, picks him up with both hands and choke slams him down. Kamala paces around the ring slapping his belly. Kamala picks up Steamboat and bodyslams him down then tags in Dundee. Dundee runs over and slaps Lawler. Lawler runs in but the Ref guides him back. Dundee chokes Steamboat on the ropes as Iaukea gives him another kendo stick shot. Dundee executes a backbreaker then tags in Kamala. Kamala swings Steamboat to the ropes and sidewalk slams him down. Kamala gets up, swings off the ropes and goes for a big splash but Steamboat moves, rolls over and tags in Lawler! 

The fans go wild as Lawler lowers his strap. Kamala staggers up as Lawler goes to town with Memphis punches. Dundee runs in and Lawler fires away on him with punches. Lawler slams Dundee then goes back to work on Kamala. Lawler swings Kamala into the corner, hops on the turnbuckles and pounds away on his head. Dundee runs up and nails Lawler with a forearm blast to the back. Dundee grabs Lawler and drops him with a back suplex.

Steamboat runs in and chops away on Dundee, swings him to the ropes and dropkicks him down. 

The Ref gets order. 

Kamala and Lawler are the legal men. 

Lawler charges at Kamala but the Ref gets sandwiched and goes down. Dundee runs in but Steamboat is on him. Kamala attacks Steamboat from behind. Lawler tackles Dundee and punches away. Steamboat and Kamala fight to the outside. Iaukea nails Steamboat with another kendo stick shot. Kamala now gets the upper hand on Steamboat. Lawler sees this and goes to the outside and punches Iaukea down. Lawler hits Kamala and now Steamboat gets the upper hand on Kamala. 

Lawler goes back inside the ring but Dundee throws salt in his eyes! Dundee picks up Lawler and hot shots him on the top rope. The groggy Ref crawls over and counts 1..2..3! 


On the outside, Steamboat is chopping away on Kamala but Iaukea gets up and hits Steamboat. Steamboat turns around and chokes Iaukea. Steamboat is shaking Iaukea's head back and forth with the choking. Kamala runs over, grabs Steamboat by his hair and rams him face first into the steel post. Steamboat is bleeding. Kamala grabs the kendo stick. Steamboat is on his knees. Kamala whacks his head. 

Security runs out.

Dundee calmly exits the ring. Iaukea escorts Kamala out. Dundee goes to Resnick.

Dundee: (laughing) Got you again Jerry! I'll see you at the tournament boy! 


Memorial Weekend at the Mid South Coliseum


8-Man Tournament- Winner receives a AWA World Title Shot at WrestleRock 86

First Round Match ups

Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee 

Chief Wahoo McDaniel vs. Nick Bockwinkel 

AWA National Champ Rocky "Soulman" Johnson vs. "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol

Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair w/Les Thornton vs. The Spoiler 


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

The Awesome Twosome (C) vs. The Bruise Brothers 


Winners get a National Tag Team Title Shot at WrestleRock 86

Cabin Fever vs. The Highwaymen 

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Paul Jones's army has a impressive showing as they murder poor Dutro and, far more importantly, possibly take Spoiler out of the tournament before it even begins. Now that's how you reheat a heel stable.

A heated tag match ends with a dq win for Adrenaline Rush and a Cartel asswhooping by the Superflys. Not a bad result all things considered.

I must say I'm rather impressed a arrogant dickhead like Vinnie is able to convince so many people to hang out with him.

El Canek training hard for what will be a totally unleashed Giant Haystacks. I have a bad feeling about this.

Wahoo & Bockwinkel have a surprisingly pleasant exchange in route to their first round match.

Ok Curt & Brad may both be great wrestlers but the fact remains that "Awesome Twosome" may be the most eye-rolling tag team name ever. Looking forward to the rematch with the Bruise Brothers though.

If there's one thing the Highwaymen know how to do it's deliver a hurt'n. Ya Unnastan?

We finally have a date for Rock n Roll vs Priceless!

A insane main event sees the heels stand tall and the King and the Champ having to regroup. Way to build suspense for memorial day.

Speaking of, doesn't look like there'll be any place better to spend it but the Mid-South Coluseam.

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This Mid-South Coliseum show is going to be MASSIVE!

Can't wait to see how the Steamboat/Kamala showdown unfolds. I had a feeling Ricky would take a beating in the final note before the big show. Great visual with the kendo shot. Didn't expect to see King down for the count after that slingshot, but man does it add to the heat going in.

My money's on Wahoo to win the 8-man tournament, but who knows! Just a gut feeling. Need some betting odds for this tourney, as there's so many directions to go.

Bring it on! I'm onboard! 

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The AWA is on fire with two big holiday shows coming up.... I love your show loop.  When you can throw events in place like MN, Memphis and Chicago, you got some of the best venues and fans to pick from.

I'm really interested in the Spoiler-St. Caire match.  Tony has been a monster for you as he seems almost unbeatable.  Maybe the Spoiler, even after the attack by the Army can be the one to take him out.

Nice job using Adreline Rush to get some more heat on the Cartel-Superflys feud.

Vin Man is the perfect Dawn of War invention.  You have proven that it is not really your real life ring career that makes for interesting story lines.  Nice job here.

Bock vs Wahoo..... This will be fun!  

Brenda was on tonight... Awesome Twosome!  Still want to see the Bruise Brothers get another shot.

The RnR Express vs Priceless... I can't even begin to think whoi I want to see come out on top here.  The RnR Express are on of the best ever but Priceless might be the best creation in our game ever.

What a main event.... I could only imagine what Dundee tthought of his partner!


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