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AWA @ The Mayo Civic Center, Rochester MN 5-22-86



Southern Justice (Brad and Bart Batten) defeated Tony Garea and Steve O with a double hot shot on Steve O 


TV Champ "Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine defeated Rene Goulet with the running bulldog


Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker defeated "Rugged" Ron Garvin- As Ox was arguing with the Ref, Matt Borne (in street clothes) blasted Garvin with a chair, allowing Haynes to get the pin. 


Crusher defeated Duke Myers- Myers loaded his forearm, took a big swing at Crusher but Crusher ducked, thumbed him in the eye and cradled him for the pin. 


The Superflys and Cartel battled to a double C.O.- Everybody was bleeding as these guys kept fighting long after the bell rang.


Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea defeated Grizzly Boone- Boone of Cabin Fever gave Kamala some serious shots but a distraction from Iaukea turned the tide as Kamala nailed Boone with a kick to the back of his head leading to the big splash for the win. 


The next match was paid to be billed as a special attraction


Priceless defeated Two Local Talents- Fergie nailed his opponent with a million dollar knee lift, Morrow followed with a Falling DDT for the win. Lots of heat as Priceless arrogantly showed off their Billionaires Titles and even had a post match champagne celebration. 


AWA National Title Bout 

"Soul Man" Rocky Johnson (C) vs. "Crippler" Rip Oliver w/Paul Jones

It was announced that Jones Army member Matt Borne had been banned from the building. 

Both these guys shined and gave the fans a solid main event. Johnson worked over Oliver with rapid fire jabs, dropkicks, back drops and body slams. Oliver came back hard, bending all the rules, adding in vicious stomps, punches and knee drops, not to mention Paul Jones getting his shots in. At the 20 minute mark, Oliver is in control as he hoists Johnson up and vertical suplexes him. Oliver slowly goes to the top rope. Johnson springs up, grabs Oliver and tosses him across the ring. Jones gets on the apron. Johnson grabs him. The fans cheer as Johnson holds up his fist. Oliver staggers up and goes for a high knee but Johnson moves and Oliver sends Jones flying off the apron. Johnson rolls up Oliver 1..2..3! 

Rocky Johnson retains the AWA National title! 


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Southern Justice is back!

I don't know why but I find the visual of Crusher ducking a Myers loaded forearm only to thumb him in the eye funny.

The war between the Cartel & the Superflys turns bloody and I'm convinced a stipulation is needed to settle this.

Kamala vs Grizzly Boone! King Kong (and Godzilla) got shit on this!

Love Priceless paying for their match to be called a special attraction.

Paul Jones tried, The Crippler fought a hell of a fight but the night belongs to the Soul Man! Really enjoying his title run.

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Curt Hennig, much as it grieves me, sure does make a great heel and it's a great way to build and, no matter how long his tag team stays together, I'm already counting the days until a break-up angle. It's good to see Rocky Johnson staying near the top of the card!

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 5-28-86


"From coast to coast, border to border and continent to continent, welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling" 

Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League wrestling. As you all know, this weekend at the Mid South Coliseum, there will be an 8 man tournament with the winner receiving a world title shot at WrestleRock 86. Also at the Mid South Coliseum, Ricky Steamboat defends the AWA world title against Kamala. We'll be talking about all that tonight. Tremendous matches lined up tonight. Greg Gagne takes on Brad Rheingans and I'm sure both men's bodyguards will be at ringside. The Golden Boys will go up against Vin Man and his mystery partner. And the Rock N Roll Express goes up against Priceless. Giant Haystacks makes his AWA television debut by taking on 3 men. All that and a lot more. Before we get to our first match, I have an announcement to make. Due to last week's vicious and brutal attack at the hands of the Paul Jones Army, the Spoiler will not be able to compete in the tournament. I've been informed that the winner of the Greg Gagne, Brad Rheingans match will get a spot in the tournament. That match happens right now. 


Brad Rheingans w/Da Crusher vs. "The Great" Gagne w/Duke Myers 


Things are tense but the early minutes stay clean as both men basically try to one up each other with pure wrestling holds and take downs. That all goes out the window when Duke reaches in and trips Brad. Brad stumbles into a high dropkick by Gagne. Crusher runs around the ring and pounds away on Duke. Gagne rolls to the outside and nails Crusher from behind. Duke regroups, adjusts his loaded forearm pad and blasts Crusher. Brad goes to the apron, jumps down and nails Duke with a double axehandle. Gagne runs over but Brad kicks him, slams his head on the apron and hurls him back in the ring. 

Crusher and Duke trade blows on the outside. They have a quite the brawl and end up fighting to the back. 

Brad reaches down to pick up Gagne but Gagne rakes his eyes and clamps on the sleeper. Brad fights it. Gets close to the turnbuckles, lifts his boots and kicks himself off the turnbuckles. Gagne still has the sleeper locked but Brad falls back on top of him 1..2..3! 

Both men get up. Gagne jumps up and down celebrating. Then stops and throws a tantrum when the Ref raises Brad's arm in victory. 


Resnick: Ok, Brad Rheingans gets the win and has earned himself a spot in this weekend's tournament. Brad, you will face Tony St. Clair in the first round. A lot must be going through your mind right now. 

Brad: Ken, this is a tremendous opportunity and believe me, I'm going to make the very most of it. 

Gagne comes over. 

Gagne: Yea, good for you Bradley. Hey, everybody knows I won that match. And everybody knows I should be in the tournament. St. Clair is going to wrestle circles around you. As for you and me, this isn't over. 

Brad: Fine with me Greg but right now I have more important things to focus on. 


Commercial Break 


Southern Justice (Brad and Bart Batten) vs. Peter Moore and Arnie Goldstein 


Good showcase for Southern Justice as they simply outwrestle their opponents and win the match with a double hot shot. 

Battens cut a promo and say they came to the AWA to bring tag team credibility because from what they've seen, there's not much of that around. 


Commercial Break 


"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol vs. Gary Williams 


Idol does a lot of showboating and flexing before winning the match with the Las Vegas Leglock. 


Resnick: Ok, Austin Idol, it'll be you and National Champ Rocky Johnson in the first round of the tournament. 

Idol: Listen up Johnson. Brother, you might be the National champ but I'm the teacher in that ring and your the student. At the Mid South Coliseum, I'm going to prove why I should be the National Champ by beating you. Once that's done I'm going all the way to the top darling. That's right, the Universal Heartthrob is going to WrestleRock to win the AWA world title. Johnson, you're nothing but a stepping stone. 


Commercial Break 


July 3rd, from the Liberty Bowl and live on closed circuit TV , the AWA presents WrestleRock 86! 



Resnick: A lot will be determined for WrestleRock this weekend at the Mid South Coliseum. We'll see who gets the AWA world title shot as 8 men will compete for that prestigious opportunity. And just who will be the world champ? Because at the Mid South Coliseum, Ricky Steamboat will put the title on the line against Kamala. Also at the Mid South Coliseum, the Highwaymen will take on my guests at this time, Cabin Fever and the winners will get a National Tag Team title shot at WrestleRock. Manny Fernandez, Grizzly Boone, you guys have been going round and round with the Highwaymen. A lot at stake for your next encounter. 

Manny: You said it Daddy! Highwaymen! We have one more fight to go and Grizzly and myself intend on winning it! 

Boos as the Highwaymen come out.

Duncum: You know something boys? Ol Philly and myself really don't want to wait.

Hickerson blasts Grizzly as Duncum punches Manny! 

Resnick runs for his life. 

All 4 men throw wild punches and fight all around the ring. Several wrestlers come out to try and break it up but both teams continue to tear into each other. 


Commercial Break 


TV Champ "Cowboy" Scott Casey w/Sunshine vs. Vic Dutro 


Sunshine cheers her man on as he wins the match with the running bulldog. 


Resnick: Scott Casey, you've had an impressive run as TV champ. The challenges keep coming because next week you'll be defending that title against Ruthless Moretti. 

Casey: Ken, I said I was going to be a fighting champ and I've been pretty successful so far. Moretti, get ready Son, I know I am. 

Sunshine: It's going to take a lot more than a chain to put this champ down. I hope you hear me Moretti. 

Boos as Moretti appears at the top of the aisle. Moretti smiles as he strokes his chain. He points to Casey then over to Sunshine as he grips his chain. Moretti exits.


Casey: He likes to play games but it wont be enough to take this title. 


Commercial Break 


The Bruise Brothers vs. Trent Watkins and Carl Kellerman 


Bruise Brothers bring some intensity tonight. Cash hits the cross body headbutt and tags in Snowman. Snowman hoists Watkins on his shoulder and hits the running powerslam for the pin. 


Resnick: Bruise Brothers, I know you're focused on regaining the AWA world tag titles this weekend at the Mid South Coliseum. I'm not sure what to think of the recent attitudes of the self proclaimed Awesome Twosome. 

Snowman: Oh yea they're really something aren't they? Riding high, aren't they? Well they about to come crashing down! Cash here owes them one.

Cash: Tell em Snowman. Oh yea they were buddy buddy leading up to our match and played me for the fool by low blowing me. No excuses, they got our titles but now everything is fair game when we go head on at the Mid South Coliseum. I hope the Awesome Twosome enjoyed their reign because it's going to be a short one! 


Commercial Break 


A highlight video is shown of The Fabulous Ones from their tour of Japan. 


AWA National Champ "Soul Man" Rocky Johnson vs. Vic Dutro 


Johnson back drops Dutro. As Dutro rises, Johnson hits a sunset flip for the pin. 


Resnick: Rocky, you heard the comments from Austin Idol earlier. A lot riding on this tournament. 

Rocky: Idol, you call yourself the teacher but (holds up the National title) I think this proves who the teacher is. (holds up his fist) I've got you in the first round and baby I plan on knocking you out to advance! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Please welcome out Tony St. Clair and Les Thornton. 


Boos as Thornton comes out waving the Union Jack Flag. Tony is wearing a Union Jack themed jacket and black slacks. 

Resnick: We now know Tony St. Clair will face Brad Rheingans in the first round of the tournament. That must throw things off a bit since I'm sure you have been preparing for the Spoiler. 

Thornton: How many times do I have to tell you. You will refer to this man as Sir Tony Simply the Best St. Clair. He's more than proven it. One year as undefeated TV champ. Never lost the title by the way. Undefeated on a European tour. This man is a pure wrestling machine. Now, Brad Rheingans has a little above average resume but he is nowhere in the same vicinity as Sir Tony. It's almost laughable. No wait, it is laughable. 

Tony: Resnick,  I want you, all these inferior Americans and especially Brad Rheingans to know that I'm winning the tournament. There's nobody qualified to defeat me. This tournament is nothing but a showcase. A showcase of the future AWA world champion. All the competing wrestlers will find out just why I'm simply the best. 

Thornton: Well put Sir Tony. Now, Resnick get ready and watch as Giant Haystacks makes his dominating AWA debut. Oh and Jose Lothario, you better pay close attention as well. 

Resnick: That happens when we come back 


Commercial Break 


Giant Haystacks vs. Sam Smith, Willie Lopez and Chuck Turner 


The fans are in awe at the sight of Haystacks. All 3 men try to charge Haystacks but he shoulder blocks them all down. Haystacks slams them in a pile then drops a huge elbow for the easy pin! 


Resnick: Giant Haystacks, all I can say is that was devastating. 

Haystacks: What did you expect? El Canek! You're making the biggest mistake of your life stepping foot in the ring with me. At WrestleRock, in front of the entire world I'm going to squash you and hurt you and give you pain unlike anything you've ever felt before! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Before we get to our special challenge match, Vinnie Valentino has requested this time to introduce his mystery partner. 

Vin: Oh Rezzy, you're in for a treat. Introducing my partner, one of the original family members, ladies and gentlemen, Chick Donovan! 

Donovan struts out and hugs Vinnie. 

Vin: Chicky and myself are going to put those meatheads all the way down. Yea, we're going to grind them up. (laughs) get it Rezzy? Grind them up like meat cuz they're meatheads. 

Resnick rolls his eyes. 

Chick: (laughing) oh Vin Man, I missed you so much. 

Vin: Hey Chicky, lets give the fans what they want. Ah 1 and ah 2 and ah 3. 

Vin and Chick: We are family! 

They sing to the ring. 


The Golden Boys vs. The Vin Man and Chick Donovan 


The bell rings as the Golden Boys hit the ring. They double clothesline Chick over the top rope! They turn around and stare at Vinnie. Vinnie is begging for his life. Golden Boys look at each other and smile. They grab Vinnie, swing him to the ropes and put him down with a double elbow smash. Kelly hits a leg drop, Spivey follows with a leg drop. Kelly hits another leg drop and Spivey follows with another leg drop. Kelly goes to the corner. Spivey picks up Vinnie and slams him down, then motions for Kelly to do the honors. Spivey tags in Kelly. Kelly hoists Vinnie up and Snake Eyes him on the top turnbuckle. Kelly puts his foot on Vinnie's chest as the Ref counts 1..2..3! Donovan never got back in the ring. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the highest rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. I have a special announcement. Due to me being me and the AWA needs more of me. Starting next week, I will be hosting the special WrestleRock 86 updates. That's right, I'll be announcing all the match ups as we get ready for the biggest event of the summer. And with me being at WrestleRock, I guarantee the Liberty Bowl will be sold out. Ok, I've got a sensational guest tonight. For the first time ever on the Beauty Shop, please welcome out the Superstar Bill Dundee. 

Boos as Dundee struts out. 


Britton: Bill, this is a thrill. Welcome to the Beauty Shop. Having a man with your credentials out here is a true pleasure. Right off the bat, I have to tell you how much I enjoy watching you beat up on that phony King Jerry Lawler. And I can't wait to watch you eliminate him from the tournament and in his own backyard. I hope you plan on relishing that. 

Dundee: Brenda, I'm glad you get it. Lawler is nothing but a phony and all I'm doing is exposing just that. Lawler and I go back a long way but every since I arrived here in the AWA it's been nothing but a joy beating him up match after match. Lawler! Beating you in the first round will be the coolest moment ever baby. And like you said Brenda, beating him at the Mid South Coliseum will be icing on the cake. What do you think Brenda? How will the AWA world title look around this waist? 

Britton: It will look fantastic. Good luck Superstar, not that you need it. Ok fans, until my first WrestleRock report, tooooodles. 


Commercial Break 


Baron Von Raschke w/Paul Jones vs. William Hillman 


Jones gets massive heat from the fans. Baron breaks the rules as he dismantles his opponent. Baron puts Hillman out of his misery with the claw! 


Resnick: Listening to these fans, I can tell they're not happy with what you did to the Spoiler. I understand the Spoiler suffered a concussion and was just recently released from the hospital. You and your goons costed him a chance at the world title. What do you have to say for yourselves? 

Jones: Oh like he was going to win the tournament. Get real Resnick. The Spoiler could have been something big here but he decided to embarrass me instead. That's something I'll never ever forget. Well all my hard work finally paid off. You wont be seeing that stooge around for a long time. Resnick, you're looking at a happy man. 

Baron: And that's all the people need to know! 

Resnick backs off as Baron raises the claw to him. 


Commercial Break 


Lance Russell: Fans I've just gotten word that this weekend's match between Cabin Fever and The Highwaymen for a shot at the National Tag titles will now be a bunkhouse tornado match. Jerry Jarrett wants this match to settle everything. My goodness that will be a fight. Not only will the Mid South Coliseum fans see that match. They will see Ricky Steamboat defend the AWA world title against Kamala. Last week we all saw Kamala and Curtis Iaukea do a number on Steamboat. Let's hear pre recorded comments from both men. 


Iaukea: (Kamala is pacing around slapping his belly) Steamboat! Your time has come! Kamala has proven to be a monster you cannot handle. This weekend your title reign will conclude. You will suffer at the hands of Kamala. You will be begging for mercy but Kamala will show you none! The AWA world title will be ours! (Manacle laugh) 


Steamboat: (Bandaged forehead) Curtis Iaukea! You and your beast did this to me. I might be a little banged up but let me tell you both something. I'll be more than ready this weekend. It's going to take a lot more than a few bruises and cuts to keep me down. Get ready because this Dragon is coming with fire! 


Commercial Break 


TV Main Event 

The Rock n Roll Express vs. Priceless 


Boos as Priceless enter the ring wearing suits, sunglasses and fedora hats. They take off their suits and show off their Billionaire titles. Both men are wearing sparkling green trunks with sparkling black dollar signs on the back. 

The place comes unglued when the RnR Express come out. The ladies are hugging them and the men are high fiving them. 

RnR control the first few minutes as they frustrate Fergie with quick tags and high speed maneuvers. Fergie gets double back dropped and bumps his way over to tag in Morrow. Morrow doesn't do any better as Gibson slams him down and Morton follows with a jumping knee drop 1..2..Fergie breaks it. Gibson dropkicks Fergie back to the corner, hops up on the turnbuckles and monkey flips Fergie over. Morrow staggers up as Morton swings off the ropes and nails him with a cross body block. The Ref guides Gibson to his corner. Morton picks up Morrow but Fergie runs over and clips him at the knee. 

Morrow regroups. He picks Morton up and hits a delayed vertical suplex then tags in Fergie. Fergie swings off the ropes and hits a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. Priceless continues to work over Morton as Morton does the classic Morton in peril. Fergie tags in Morrow. Fergie backbreakers Morton and holds him as Morrow comes of the middle ropes with a knee to the chest 1..2..Gibson breaks it. Fergie comes in but Gibson unloads with punches. The Ref gets control. Morrow slams Morton then tags in Fergie. They hoist Morton up for a double suplex but Morton flips over, then makes a diving tag to Gibson! 

Gibson is on fire as he hip tosses Morrow to the ropes. Morrow staggers up and Gibson dropkicks him out of the ring. Fergie charges Gibson but Gibson scoop slams him and follows with a standing fist drop. Gibson hops on the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee drop 1..2..Morrow comes in and nails Gibson with a double axe handle to the head. Morton runs in and hammers away on Morrow, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a flying back elbow smash. 

Morton helps Gibson up. Fergie staggers up as RnR nail him with a double dropkick 1..2..3!!!! 

Huge pop! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: What a main event. The Rock n Roll Express have these fans going wild. Well fans, this weekend we'll find out who goes to WrestleRock for a world title shot against Steamboat or Kamala. It all happens at the Mid South Coliseum. On that note, please welcome out Jerry The King Lawler.

Big pop as Lawler holds up his King's crown and smiles.


Resnick: I guess it's only fitting that you meet Bill Dundee in the first round.

Lawler: Indeed it is and you know what Ken? I wouldn't have it any other way. Dundee, I'm going to finish my business with you early and then it's time to focus on the most prestigious title in wrestling, the AWA world title. I've been the world champion before and believe me the King wants another reign. Dundee, I've got to get through you first and that's exactly what I'm going to do! 


Memorial Weekend at The Mid South Coliseum 


8-Man Tournament- Winner gets an AWA World Title shot at WrestleRock 86 

First Round Matches 

Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee

AWA National Champ "Soul Man" Rocky Johnson vs. "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol

Chief Wahoo McDaniel vs. Nick Bockwinkle 

Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair w/Les Thornton vs. Brad Rheingans 


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

The Awesome Twosome (C) vs. The Bruise Brothers 


Bunkhouse Tornado Match- Winners get a National Tag Team title shot at WrestleRock 86

Cabin Fever vs. The Highwaymen 







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The Spoiler's loss is Brad Rheingans gain as he earns a spot in the contenders tournament. But it seems Gagne isn't willing to drop this  issue just yet.

You know, You're the only writer i can think of who treats the Battens aka Southern Justice seriously.

The Universal Hearthrob is at his arrogant best heading into the big tournament.

Cabin Fever & The Highwaymen give a taste of what's to come on Memorial day. And it gets cranked up with the announcement of a bunkhouse tornado match!

Cowboy Casey had better be on his toes next week because a ruthless challenger will be waiting for him.

The Bruise Brothers are on point and ready to get their belts back. Henning & Adias may have bitten off a bit more than they can chew.

A classic squash & promo from the Soul Man.

Sir Tony Simply the Best St Clair is one of those infuriating heels who actually deserves his ego. I wouldn't be surprised to see him win the tournament.

I'm honestly afraid for El Canek.

The Golden Boys make short work of Chicky & Vin Man. Yeah!

The Superstar stops by the Beauty Shop to tell everybody how he's the next AWA World champion. Good stuff.

Iaukea & Steamboatboth chime in on the monsterous World title match. 

Is it possible that Rock n Roll just shut up Priceless? Somehow i'm skeptical.

A great go-home show for Memorial Weekend.

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This built anticipation very well. I always like Greg Gagne being made to look like a fool and the Giant Haystacks spot/match was a bunch of fun!

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First from Rochester

Like Southern Justice getting a push here.  You always prove that it is not just about who they were in real life but what we make them to be in this game.

Billy Jack vs Ron Garvin would be a fun STIFF match.  Glad that there wasn't a clean win here as we might get more of this feud.

Kamala vs Boone... re-enforce the ring!

Priceless.... another perfect Spaldoni creation!

Really like the big push of Rocky Johnson.  He is one of the guys we have underrated here in Dawn of War.


Next from the Hammond Center..

Much like Backlund in the WWF, I enjoy heel Gagne more than babyface Gagne.  I think the reason for this is that I know someday Gagne will take the beating I wish he always got.

Rheingans might just be the person to do this.

Idol/Rocky at WrestleRock is going to be one of the highlights for me.  I enjoy them both and I can't wait to see which way you go with it.  Same can be said for the Bruise Brothers vs Hennig and anyone really but Adias is a good choice.

God I hate St. Clair... that is truly a compliment to you as I never heard of him before this game.

Vin Man is finding it difficult in his return.  Will be interesting to see if he can find some new friends to help him.

When I saw the RnR Express vs Priceless, I was really excited as I had no idea what was going to happen.  I like the RnR Express getting the win but woudl love more of this.  

Looking forward to the Mid-South Coliseum



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AWA @ The UW Fieldhouse, Madison WI 5-29-86



Tony Garea defeated Rene Goulet with a flying press 


Billy Jack Haynes (No Ox Baker) defeated Steve O by submission with the Full Nelson 


Adrenaline Rush and Southern Justice battled to a 10 minute draw 


"Maniac" Matt Borne w/Paul Jones defeated "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers - Jaggers hit Borne with the Hangman's neckbreaker. As Jaggers covered, Jones got on the apron and distracted the Ref. Rip Oliver ran to the ring, climbed the turnbuckles and crashed down with a knee drop on Jaggers. Borne rolled over and covered Jaggers as the Ref turned around and counted 1..2..3


Da Crusher defeated Duke Myers w/"The Great" Gagne by DQ- Crusher had things going his way until Gagne interfered and got Myers cheaply DQed. Gagne and Myers do a number on Crusher and hurl him out of the ring which caused serious heat with the Wisconsin fans. The problem was, Gagne and Myers spent to much time celebrating. Crusher grabbed a beer from a fan, guzzled it, grabbed a chair, entered the ring and blasted Myers on his back, sending him through the ropes. A shocked and terrified Gagne bolted out of there. Thundering cheers as Da Crusher stands tall. 


"Rugged" Ron Garvin defeated "Crippler" Rip Oliver w/Paul Jones- Payback time. During the match, Bobby Jaggers ran out and clocked Paul Jones then distracted Oliver. When Oliver turned back around, Garvin dropped him with a KO punch and got the pin. Matt Borne ran out but didn't do anything as he looked up and saw both Garvin and Jaggers waiting for him in the ring. 


The Superflys vs. The Cartel

Hard hitting and brutal main event as these guys have one heck of a brawling match. At the 15 minute mark, Santana's head is busted open courtesy of a jumping double headbutt by the Superflys. As the Ref is guiding Snuka back to his corner, Estrada pulls out a pair of brass knuckles and busts Siva's head open with a brass knuckles blast. Estrada puts Santana on top of Siva. Estrada runs up behind Snuka and gives him a low blow kick just as the Ref makes the 3 count. Estrada helps Santana up and is whispering something to him. Santana clears the cobwebs, reaches in his tights and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles. The Cartel pick up Siva, swing him to the ropes and drop him with a double brass knuckles shot. Snuka is still lying in agony. The Cartel stand over him smiling. They pick him up, swing him to the ropes and nail him with a double brass knuckles shot. Massive boos as the Cartel leave the Superflys a bloody mess. 

Winners of the Match- The Cartel 


Tomorrow night- The AWA at the Mid South Coliseum! 

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A quick stop before Memorial day produces a hard hitting night of wrestling the good people of Madison will be talking about for some time.

Love the scene where Da Crusher chugs a fan's beer to fight off Gagne & Duker.

That ending scene though! Double brass knuckle shots! I'm doubting if the Superflys will make it to the Mid-South Coluseam.

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Way to keep the money coming in with a nice card before the Coliseum.

Great use of your entire roster during the opening matches.  I could just see the Da Crusher grabbing a beer then a chair.

Borne vs Jaggers and Garvin vs Oliver would be great matches to have seen.

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AWA @ The Mid South Coliseum 5-30-86


Jerry Jarrett walks to the center of the ring as the ring announcer hands him the mic. 

"Tonight, 8 men will compete in a one night tournament for an AWA world title shot at WrestleRock 86 on Saturday July 3rd. Also tonight, Ricky Steamboat defends the AWA world title against Kamala. By the end of this night, you will all know the main event for WrestleRock. The first round of the tournament starts right now" 


Tournament First Round Matches 


Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee 

The Memphis fans are up and cheering while Lawler and Dundee tear into each other. After a few minutes, they fight to the outside. Dundee rakes Lawler's eyes and swings him into the steel post. Dundee grabs Lawler's head, slams it on the apron and hurls him back into the ring. Dundee hits a snap suplex then goes to the top rope. Dundee goes for the Bombs Away but Lawler moves. Just as Dundee staggers up, Lawler cradles him 1..2..3! 

Huge pop as Lawler rolls out of the ring and acknowledges his hometown fans while Dundee is fuming. 

Winner of the match and advances to the semi finals- Jerry Lawler 


AWA National Champ "Soul Man" Rocky Johnson vs. "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol 

Idol charges at the bell but Johnson back drops him. Idol staggers up and Johnson dropkicks him down. Idol gets up but Johnson scoop slams him, swings off the ropes and hits a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. A flustered Idol rolls out of the ring. The fans boo Idol. Idol walks around the ring trying to regain his composure. Idol jumps on the apron and gives Johnson a warning point. Johnson runs over, nails Idol with a forearm blast and suplexes him back in the ring 1..2..Kick Out. Johnson swings Idol to the corner and follows with a running forearm smash. Johnson hops on the turnbuckles and the fans count along as he punches Idol 10 times then monkey flips him over. Idol bumps around and falls back into the opposite corner. Johnson runs over. hops on the turnbuckles and once again punches away on Idol. Idol manages to grab Johnson and come down with an inverted atomic drop, takes Johnson's legs from under him and pushes forward with his feet on the turnbuckles 1..2..3! Idol gets out of there quick as the fans boo. 

Winner of the match and advances to the semi finals-Austin Idol 


Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair w/Les Thornton vs. Brad Rheingans 

Of course St. Clair gets immediate heat as Thornton walks in front of him proudly waving the Union Jack Flag. 

The first few minutes is a technical wrestling display as these guys go toe to toe with some impressive chain wrestling. Things heat up as they have a hard hitting forearm uppercut exchange. Brad gets the upper hand, swings St. Clair to the ropes and hip tosses him over. Brad quickly grabs St. Clair and executes a gut wrench suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Brad hoists St. Clair up and drops him with a Fireman Carry Slam 1..2..Kick Out. Brad swings St. Clair to the ropes and back drops him. As St. Clair rises, Brad grabs him and hits a belly to back suplex 1..2..St. Clair gets his shoulder up. Brad reaches down to pick up St. Clair but St. Clair rakes his eyes. Brad staggers back as St. Clair does a somersault and hits Brad with a headbutt to the mid section. Brad slowly rises but St. Clair puts him down with a heels first dropkick. St. Clair picks up Brad and vertical suplexes him 1..2..Kick out. St. Clair swings Brad to the ropes and goes for a hip toss but Brad reverses it and hip tosses St. Clair over. Brad regroups and nails St. Clair with several forearm blasts. Brad swings St. Clair to the ropes but St. Clair reverses it and goes for a back drop but Brad sunset flips over him. St. Clair stays standing then drops down as he grabs Brad's legs and shoulder presses forward 1..2..3!  

Thornton is elated as he waves the Union Jack Flag and tells the fans how great St. Clair is. 

Winner of the match and advances to the semi finals- Tony St. Clair 


Chief Wahoo McDaniel vs. Nick Bockwinkle 

Another solid showcase as these guys match each other move for move. Bock clamps a headlock on Wahoo and takes him over to try and ware him down. Wahoo slowly makes his way up then back suplexes his way out. Both men get up and Bock's temper shows as he pushes Wahoo. Wahoo comes back with a series of chops, swings Bock to the ropes and chops him down. Wahoo follows with a big elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. Wahoo swings Bock to the ropes and back drops him. Bock staggers up but Wahoo chops him down and follows with a jumping knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Wahoo swings Bock to the corner and charges in with a knee but Bock moves as Wahoo's knee slams into the turnbuckles. 

Bock clears the cobwebs and goes to work on Wahoo's knee. Bock grabs Wahoo's leg and comes down with an elbow to his knee. Bock repeats this several times then clamps on the figure four. Bock wrenches away but Wahoo fights it as the fans cheer him on. Wahoo uses all his strength to turn over and reverse it. Bock releases and staggers up. Wahoo slowly rises and limps around as Bock clips him behind the knee. Bock stomps away at the knee and once again goes for the figure four but Wahoo sends him through the ropes with a kick to the backside. 

Wahoo rolls around then gets back up limping. A furious Bock gets back in the ring but is met with a series of chops by Wahoo. Wahoo continues to limp but is relentless with the chops. Bock's chest is beet red. 

Ding Ding Ding

The 20 minute time limit has expired.

Bock falls down as Wahoo has his hands on his hips clearly frustrated. 

The announcement is made that both men are eliminated from the tournament and Tony St. Clair will receive a bye into the finals. 

A disappointed Wahoo starts to leave.


Bock clips Wahoo behind the bad knee. The fans boo as Bock kicks away at the knee. Bock drops several elbows on the knee then clamps on the figure four! Bock wrenches away as Wahoo finally passes out. Bock keeps going then finally releases. Bock gives the knee a few more stomps before leaving. Thundering boos. 

Official ruling- A Draw 


Bunkhouse Tornado Match- Winners will receive a National Tag Team title shot at WrestleRock. 

Cabin Fever vs. The Highwaymen 

Brawl from the get go. Fists are flying everywhere. Hickerson and Boone are tagging each other with heavy shots while Manny and Duncum are fighting all around the ring. This pace keeps up for a few minutes. Eventually everybody is busted open and bleeding. Things get wild as Duncum grabs the ringside bell and blasts Manny over the head. Hickerson and Boone are outside on the other side of the ring. Hickerson punches away on Boone. Boone punches back and staggers Hickerson. Boone backs up, charges and tackles Hickerson then unloads with punches. Duncum runs over and nails Boone with a kick to the back of the head. Duncum helps Hickerson up. They pick up Boone and double slam him on the concrete! They both roll Boone back in the ring. Hickerson goes for a piledriver as Duncum helps. 

The fans roar as Manny gets on the apron, climbs to the top rope and nails Duncum with a flying clothesline. Boone back drops Hickerson over. Boone wobbles around. Hickerson rises and Boone sends him over the top with a clothesline. Manny swings Duncum to the ropes and nails him with the flying burrito 1..2..3!! 

Big POP! 

Manny and Boone are covered in blood but they stand tall and take in the cheers. 


OH NO! The Beasts of Burden hit the ring and take out Cabin Fever! Ox Baker cheers his Beasts on. Beasts swing Boone to the ropes and put him down with a double clothesline! They pick up Manny, swing him to the ropes and nail him with double boots to the head. 

Boos as Ox stands between his Beasts and raises their arms. 

Winners of the Match and get a National Tag Title shot at WrestleRock- Cabin Fever 


Tournament Semi-Final Match


Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "The Universal" Heartthrob" Austin Idol 

The winner of this match faces Tony St. Clair in the finals.

Memphis fans are into this one. Big time cheers as Lawler has Idol bumping all over the place. Idol takes a wild swing at Lawler but Lawler ducks and puts Idol down with a big right punch. Lawler follows with a standing leg drop 1..2..Kick Out. Lawler swings Idol to the ropes and nails him with a back elbow smash and follows with a jumping knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Lawler picks up Idol but Idol grabs him and delivers a short arm clothesline. 

Idol regroups, picks up Lawler and hits a delayed vertical suolex. The fans boo as Idol gives them a few muscle poses. Idol continues to work Lawler over with punches and stomps. Idol chokes Lawler on the bottom rope then swings back off the ropes and nails him with a guillotine. Idol slams Lawler, hops on the middle ropes and comes down with a forearm drop 1..2..Kick Out. Idol chokes Lawler breaking at the 5 count then repeats this. Idol picks up Lawler and hits a backbreaker 1..2..Kick Out. Idol berates the Ref. Idol goes for another suplex but Lawler blocks it and suplexes Idol over. 

The fans cheer as Lawler slowly gets up and takes the strap down! 

Idol begs for mercy as he slides back against the turnbuckles. Lawler smiles then kicks away on Idol. Lawler drops down and unloads with punches. Lawler picks up Idol by his hair and tosses him across the ring. Idol tries to crawl out of the ring but Lawler grabs him and drags him back. Lawler picks him up from behind but Idol mulekicks him. 

Idol regroups and swings Lawler into the corner and charges in but Lawler runs forward and puts Idol down with a running clothesline 1..2..3! 

As Lawler rises to celebrate, BILL DUNDEE runs in the ring with a chair. Lawler turns around and Dundee gives him a chair shot to the ribs! Lawler goes down. Dundee hits Lawler's ribs several times with the chair. Dundee picks up Lawler and gives him a rib breaker. Officials run in to stop it. Fans pelt Dundee with garbage as he makes his way up the aisle. 

Officials tend to Lawler. It's obvious his ribs are in bad shape. 

Winner of the match and advances to the finals- Jerry Lawler 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

The Awesome Twosome (C) vs. The Bruise Brothers 

Hennig and Adias actually have the balls to offer the Bruise Brothers hand shakes when the bell rings. Cash and Snowman give them an answer by pounding away on them. They swing the champs to the ropes and deliver stereo back drops. The champs get up but the Bruise Brothers mow them over with stereo shoulder blocks. Hennig bounces to the outside. The Ref gets control. Snowman is all over Adias, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a double fisted hammer to the chest 1..2..Hennig breaks it. Cash runs in and sends Hennig flying back with a punch. The Bruise Brothers hoist Adias up and double suplex him. Snowman tags in Cash. He picks up Adias and sends him flying back with a jumping headbutt. Adias is out of it as he tags in Hennig. 

Hennig doesn't want to get in the ring. Cash runs over, grabs Hennig's head and hurls him in the ring. Hennig slowly rises but Cash nails him with a knee lift. Hennig fly's up and back. Cash swings Hennig into the corner where Snowman nails him with a punch. Hennig staggers around as Cash grabs him and scoop slams him down. Cash tags in Snowman. They swing Hennig to the ropes and put him down with a double back elbow blast. Adias runs in but when the Bruise Brothers turn around, Adias runs back to his corner. As the Ref is guiding Cash back, Adias runs over and slaps Cash on the back of his head. Cash is livid but the Ref is holding him back. Snowman grabs Adias and presses him over his head but before he can slam him down, Hennig sneaks up and nails Snowman with a lowblow. Snowman crumbles down. Cash starts pounding away on Adias as Hennig covers Snowman 1..2..3! 

Winners of the Match and still AWA World Tag Team Champs- The Awesome Twosome 


It's announced that due to what happened earlier, the AWA world title bout will go on now so Jerry Lawler can get extra time to regroup. 


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea 

The bell rings but Iaukea stays in the ring and distracts Steamboat by pointing his kendo stick at him. Kamala slaps his belly and charges but Steamboat grabs Iaukea and swings him into Kamala. Iaukea bounces back as Steamboat dropkicks him back into Kamala. Steamboat grabs Iaukea and hurls him to the outside. Steamboat unloads on Kamala, hops up on the middle ropes and comes down with a chop to the head. Kamala is wobbling. Steamboat hits Kamala with a standing dropkick. Kamala is still wobbling. Steamboat swings off the ropes and this time Kamala falls as Steamboat dropkicks him down. Steamboat swings off the ropes and comes down with a fist drop 1..2..Kamala throws him off. Steamboat gets up and goes after Kamala but Kamala stops him with a thrust shot to the throat. 

Steamboat goes to his knees as Kamala nails him with a savate kick. Kamala paces and slaps his belly. He picks up Steamboat by his throat with both hands and choke slams him down 1..2..Steamboat gets his shoulder up. Kamala works over Steamboat with some vicious shots then swings him to the ropes and drops him with a sidewalk slam 1..2...Steamboat barley gets his shoulder up. Kamala hurls Steamboat outside the ring. Iaukea runs over and gives him a kendo stick shot to the back. Iaukea hurls Steamboat back in the ring. 

Kamala swings Steamboat to the corner and charges with a big splash but Steamboat moves and Kamala hits hard. Steamboat rolls over and lays on the apron. 

There's a huge commotion as CARLOS COLON runs out and attacks Iaukea! Colon brutally assaults Iaukea. Colon grabs the kendo stick and goes to town on Iaukea! 

In the ring, Kamala slowly rises. Steamboat is still lying on the apron but is slowly moving. Kamala looks over and sees Colon hammering away on Iaukea with the kendo stick. Steamboat slowly makes his way to the top rope. Kamala heads for Colon but Steamboat nails with with a tomahawk chop to the back of his head. Steamboat runs to the opposite corner. Kamala is staggering. Steamboat climbs to the top and hits a flying press 1..2..3!!! 

Mega POP! 

Iaukea is a bloody mess. Steamboat has no idea what's going on. Colon his the ring with the kendo stick and starts swinging away on Kamala! Colon is relentless as he is tags Kamala over and over. Steamboat sees this, runs over and grabs the kendo stick. Colon has the look of a madman. Steamboat calms him down. Colon slowly gets his composure back. Colon gives Steamboat a nod and pat on the back before leaving. It takes Steamboat a minute to process all this. The Ref hands him the title. He raises it up as the fans cheer. 

Winner of the match and still AWA World Champ- Ricky Steamboat 


Tournament Finals

Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair w/Les Thornton 

It's obvious Lawler is in bad shape. His ribs are taped and he looks awful. St. Clair and Thornton smirk as they watch him painfully enter the ring. Thornton grabs the mic. 

"Lawler, you're a pathetic sight. Look just give it up. You never had a chance to begin with and now you surely don't. You don't have to be strong for these weak minded Americans. I never thought you had sense to begin with but show some now." 

The fans cheer as Lawler tells the Ref to signal for the bell. 

They go to lock up but Lawler ducks and punches St. Clair. St. Clair throws a punch but Lawler ducks and unloads with a few punches. St. Clair goes down and rolls out of the ring. Fans boo as Thornton and St. Clair yell at them. Thornton talks with St. Clair. St. Clair nods and gets back in the ring. Lawler is really favoring his ribs. They go to lock up but St. Clair kicks Lawler hard, grabs him and executes a rib breaker. The fans gasp. St. Clair stomps away on Lawler's ribs. St. Clair picks up Lawler, swings him to the ropes and gives him a heels first dropkick to the ribs. Lawler is in agonizing pain. St. Clair smiles as he points down to Lawler while Thornton is waving the Union Jack Flag. 

St. Clair hops up on the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee drop to the ribs. 

The Ref says that's enough and signals for the bell. 

Thornton is elated as he runs in the ring and hugs St. Clair. 

The Ref signals for help as Medics hit the ring to help Lawler. 

St. Clair raises his arms in victory as Thornton stands behind him waving the Union Jack Flag. 

St. Clair smiles as he takes the flag from Thornton. St. Clair shoves the medics out of the way. St. Clair sets the Union Jack flag on Lawler's ribs and proudly holds it while arrogantly smiling at the crowd. 

Things get beyond intense as the fans nearly cause a riot. Thank goodness a swarm of security surrounded the ring so everybody could get out alive. 

Winner of the tournament and receives an AWA World Title shot at WrestleRock- Tony St. Clair 


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No better way to get a Memphis crowd going then to start the night with the king beating the superstar.

Feet on the ropes or not what's important is that the Universal Heartthrob advances in the tournament AND has a claim on another shot at the Soul Man's national championship.

A spirited effort by Rheneigans isn't enough to prevent Sir Tony "Simply the best" St Clair from advancing.

Bock & the chief go the distance paving St Clair's road to the finals. Post match attack shows how much Bockwinkel really thinks of McDaniels.

The Highwaymen vs Cabin Fever is the bloody brawl we all expected (and hoped) it would be. Like the Beasts of Burden attacking right after the bell, shows that they actually acknowledge Cabin Fever as a threat.

Lawler keeps his people happy as he sends Idol home. But the good times don't last as Dundee spitefully ruins the moment.

Steamboat slays the monster Kamala with a little help from a returning Carlos Colon! I'm glad this feud isn't over.

St Clair is (understandably) merciless as he punishes Lawler's alr injured ribs to the point where the referee has to stop the match! Great idea, Lawler looks tough for refusing to back down while St Clair looks like a proper bastard.

Like Kev i had never heard of St Clair until you started using him but now i can't wait for him to lock up with Steamboat! Wrestlrock can't come fast enough!

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 6-4-84


Highlights from the Mid South Coliseum is shown as Tony St. Clair wins the tournament and will challenge Ricky Steamboat at WrestleRock for the AWA world title. 

Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling. Tonight you will see Scott Casey defend the TV title against Ruthless Moretti. Southern Justice takes on Adrenaline Rush and Ron Garvin goes one on with with Paul Jones Army member Matt Borne. Fans, joining me right now is Jerry Jarrett. Jerry, I know you have a lot on your mind.

Jarrett: Thank you Lance and you're right about that. For the past few weeks, the interference and post match fighting has gotten completely out of hand here in the AWA. We saw a lot of that last weekend in Memphis and I've had enough. I've contacted a lot of wrestlers during the last few days and a few have contacted me as well. I've put together some huge matches for WrestleRock and all the fans will hear the announcements during the WrestleRock report in just a few minutes. I would like to congratulate Tony St. Clair on winning the tournament and tonight we will have the official contract signing for the big AWA world title match at WrestleRock between Ricky Steamboat and Tony St. Clair. 

Lance: Ok, I'm looking forward to the report as well as the big contract signing. Well let's get to the ring. 


Adrenaline Rush vs. Southern Justice (Bart and Brad Batten) 


Fast paced match to get things going. Takano and Bassarab use quick tags and high octane offense to throw the Battens off their game. Battens pull the twin switcheroo to gain control. Battens work over Bassarb pretty good. Battens swing Bassarab to the ropes and put him down with a double back elbow blast then follow with a double elbow drop 1..2..Takano breaks it. Battens hit Takano, swing him to the ropes but miss a double clothesline, Takano swings back and dropkicks both Battens down. The Ref gets control. Bassarab crawls over and tags in Takano. Takano lights both Battens up. Bart rolls out of the ring. Takano hits a snap suplex on Brad, swings off the ropes and hits a senton 1..2..Bart drops a knee on Takano. Bassarab runs in and sends Bart through the ropes with a dropkick. Brad staggers up as Bassarab hits him with a jumping knee. Brad staggers into a back suplex by Takano 1..2..3! 

The fans cheer as Adrenaline Rush celebrate. A minute later Ken Resnick calls them over. 

Resnick: Another amazing win for you guys. Must feel pretty good. 


The Battens assault Adrenaline Rush from behind! They punch and pound away then stomp down on them. They pick up Takano and swing him into the steel post. They pick up Bassarab and double suplex him on the concrete. They grab Bassarab and drag him over to the guard railing. They hoist him up and drop him throat first on it! 

Resnick: Enough! We need help out here! 


Commercial Break 


WrestleRock 86 Report w/ Brenda Britton 


Britton: Hi everybody, before I get into WrestleRock, I want to assure all of you that the Beauty Shop will return next month so don't you worry. As the AWA heads into its biggest event of the Summer, it's only fitting that yours truly bring you all the matches and updates. Saturday, July 3rd from the Liberty Bowl in Memphis and broadcasted on closed circuit television, the AWA will present WrestleRock 86. You all know that rock n roll legend Chuck Berry will be playing a set after the event along with a fireworks show. I'll try not to upstage Mr. Berry but no guarantees. Now just listen to these matches already signed for WrestleRock. 

Ricky Steamboat defends the AWA World title against Tony St. Clair.

The Awesome Twosome Curt Hennig and Brian Adias will defend the AWA World Tag Team titles against the Rock n Roll Express

Rocky Johnson defends the National title against Austin Idol

The Beasts of Burden defend the AWA National Tag Titles against Cabin Fever

Jerry The King Lawler and Superstar Bill Dundee will go at it in a Memphis Street Fight

Carlos Colon will battle Kamala in a No Holds Barred Match.

Nick Bockwinkle vs. Chief Wahoo McDaniel 

Of course El Canek goes one on one with Giant Haystacks.

Brad Rheingans and Da Crusher vs. Greg Gagne and Duke Myers in an elimination tag team match 

The Golden Boys vs. The Highwaymen


And I've been told there will be a 10 Man, 2 Ring, Rage in the Cage match. Handcuffs will be hanging from chains all over the cage. On one side will be The Paul Jones Army consisting of Baron Von Raschke, Matt Borne and Rip Oliver along with The Cartel. On the opposing side will be The Spoiler, Ron Garvin, Bobby Jaggers and The Superflys! How this works is all 10 men will be locked in the 2 ring cage. The way to win is you have to have all 5 men on the opposing team handcuffed. That sounds like it will be an all out war. 

Well that's a lot to process. And this is only the first report. I'll see you next week and I'll have more matches to announce. Until then, tooooodles. 


Commercial Break 


"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol vs. Carl Kellerman 


Idol's in a good mood tonight as he showboats and flexes for the booing fans. Idol finishes the match with his Las Vegas Leglock. 

Resnick: Before we get to you Austin, I want everybody to know Ben Bassarab has been sent to a nearby hospital for further evaluation. Total unnecessary and senseless actions by Southern Justice. 

Idol: Alright, enough of that as you said, non sense. Let's talk about what's really hip and happening in the AWA. At WrestleRock, Austin Idol gets his much deserved National title shot. Oh darling everybody saw me beat him in Memphis and next time I do it, I'll be holding up the National title. Johnson! I got your number baby and you better be shining that title up real nice. 


Commercial Break 


Footage from the UW Fieldhouse is shown as The Cartel pull out Brass Knuckles and give each Superfly a double fisted shot! 

Superflys (both bandaged up heads) cut a pre recorded promo. They say it's going to take a lot more than Brass Knuckles to put them down and vengeance will be theirs at WrestleRock! 


The Cartel vs. Trent Watkins and Harold Bannister 


Cartel are mean tonight as they just pummel their opponents before finishing them off with a double rib breaker! 


Resnick: Ok everybody heard the big announcement, at WrestleRock the two of you will team with the Paul Jones Army to go against Spoiler, Garvin, Jaggers and The Superflys in a Rage in the Cage match. We all saw what you did to the Superflys and they have vowed revenge. 

Santana lights Estrada's cigar. Estrada takes a big puff and blows it in Resnick's face. Resnick coughs. 

Estrada: (smiles and looks at his cigar) Do we look worried? 

Estrada leaves, Santana bumps Resnick on his way out. 

Resnick: Well, if I were them I would be concerned. 


Commercial Break 


Billy Jack Haynes w/ Ox Baker vs. Vic Dutro 


Haynes pounces down on Dutro then picks him up and clamps on the Full Nelson. The Ref signals for the bell. Haynes spins Dutro around and tosses him. 

Massive cheers as BILLY JACK STRONG hits the ring! He grabs Haynes from behind and sends him sailing with an overhead back suplex! Ox gets on the apron but Strong runs over and sends him flying with a forearm blast! Just as Haynes staggers up, Strong grabs him and executes another overhead back suplex! The fans cheer as Strong stands over Haynes giving him a trap flex. Strong goes out and grabs a mic. 


Strong: Hey Haynes! Billy Jack is back! 


Commercial Break 


Footage from the Mid South Coliseum is shown as Carlos Colon returns during the Steamboat/Kamala world title match. Colon gives Curtis Iaukea a kendo stick beating. The distraction allows Steamboat to win the match. Afterwards, Colon gives Kamala a beating with the kendo stick. 


Carlos Colon vs. Sam Smith 


Colon has nothing but intensity in his eyes as he slams Smith down. Colon goes to the top rope. Smith staggers up and Colon wins the match with a flying clothesline! 


Resnick: The feud between you and Kamala has been a bloody one. At WrestleRock you two will meet in a No Holds Barred Match. Carlos, I have to say, I've never seen you in this state of mind. 

Colon: In order to slay a monster, one must become a monster. Iaukea and Kamala have been trying to eliminate me for months. At Wrestlerock I am going to eliminate and terminate Kamala and if Iaukea wants to get involved he will be eliminated as well. This all ends at Wrestlerock! 


Commercial Break 


Brad Rheingans w/Da Crusher vs. Michael Paul 


Brad showcases his wrestling skills and wins the match with a gut wrench suplex. 

Resnick: Brad, Crusher, come on over. At Wrestlerock, it will be you two taking on Greg Gagne and his bodyguard Duke Myers in an elimination tag match. 

Brad: Gagne and his goon started all of this but at Wrestlerock, me and my bodyguard will finish it. 

Boos as Gagne and Duke come out. 


Resnick: Relax gentlemen, please. 

Gagne: Hey I'm relaxed. Duker, are you relaxed?

Myers: (tapping his forearm sleeve) Yea, I'm relaxed.

Gagne: I just wanted to congratulate Bradley on his tournament performance...not! Bradley, you really are a loser. I knew you wouldn't get past the first round and like the loser you are, you proved me right. 

Brad steps up to Greg but Crusher holds him back. 

Crusher: Patience Brad, just savor the beating we're going to give these two wimps at Wrestlerock. Let me just ask you something Greg. What's going to happen when we eliminate your stooge here and it's just you staring over at us? I think you're going to pee your pants like the baby you are. 

Crusher and Brad leave laughing while Greg throws a tantrum and Duke tries to settle him down. 


Commercial Break 


ResnickJoining me now is the former AWA World tag team champs, the Bruise Brothers. Guys, I know you have to be disappointed on what went down in Memphis as the world tag team champs Curt Hennig and Brian Adias walked out with then titles after once again using questionable methods. 


Before they can get a word in, Priceless (Gerry Morrow and Carl Fergie) come out dressed in suits with their Billionaire's titles on their shoulders. 


Fergie: Hey! We paid for this time! Why are these goofs out here?

Resnick: I think your mistaken.

Cash: Who you call'n a goof. You nothing but a leech boy! 

Morrow: Cash, Cash, don't be like that. We're old friends right? My champagne bottles have a lot of good memories of your head. 

Priceless laughs. 

Snowman pushes Fergie down! Morrow steps in but Cash pushes him down. 

Snowman: As we were saying. The Bruise Brothers aint going anywhere and you best believe we're going to get the titles back. 


From behind Fergie nails Snowman with his Billionaires title! Cash goes in but Morrow nails him with his title! 

Resnick: Alright, you guys better leave. 

Morrow: Az we were saying, we paid for dis time and we want it known dat we should get de title shot. Everybody saw de Rock n Roll Express cheat to get a fluke win over us last week. 

Resnick: Please, the Bruise Brothers need some help. 

Fergie: We'll help them.

Fergie holds Cash up as Morrow blasts him with another title shot. Morrow smiles and holds Snowman up as Fergie gives him another title blast. Priceless shakes hands and exits while Resnick calls for help. 


Commercial Break 


Footage is shown from Memphis as Dundee attacks Lawler with a chair after his semi finals tournament match with Austin Idol. Dundee nails Lawler's ribs several times. Later, St. Clair defeats Lawler in the tournament finals. As it turns out Lawler's ribs were broken. 


"Superstar" Bill Dundee vs. Todd Rooney 


Dundee gets massive heat as he wins the match with the Bombs Away. 


Resnick: The fans are letting you have it and I don't blame them. I understand Jerry Lawler was the one who wanted a Memphis street fight with you at Wrestlerock. I want to show you comments from Lawler so you can respond. 


Lawler is sitting at his home with bandaged ribs.


Lawler: You did it again Bill. You really got one over on me. I'm hurting pretty bad but not bad enough to not want a fight with you brother. And I promise, at Wrestlerock you're in for the fight of your life. I don't care if I have to crawl to the ring. I'm going to beat you to a bloody pulp Dundee. So you better bring a lunch boy. 


Resnick: Clearly a very upset Jerry Lawler. I think you may of stirred a hornets nest. 

Dundee: Ha! Lawler is all talk. The man is full of hot air. I've already beaten him up so many times I've lost count. At Wrestlerock I get to beat him up in a street fight. Oh baby, what more can I ask for? 


Commercial Break 


Footage from Memphis is shown as Nick Bockwinkle and Wahoo McDaniel battle to a 20 minute draw. After the match Bock attacks Wahoo's knee and applies the figure four. 

Bock is standing in front of an AWA banner.

Bock: Everybody wants to know why I attacked Wahoo after our match. It's quite simple. Wahoo costed me an opportunity for the AWA world title. I had to teach him a valuable wrestling lesson and I know he received the message loud and clear. Wahoo, we will meet again at WrestleRock and this time our match will have a clear cut winner. Which will be me. 


"Ruggged" Ron Garvin vs. "Maniac" Matt Borne w/Paul Jones 


Before the bell rings, Jones comes from behind and hits Garvin with his cane! Borne stomps away on Garvin. Baron Von Raschke and Rip Oliver run to the ring and join in. Cheers as Bobby Jaggers hits the ring! Jaggers punches Jones down and hammers away on Oliver but the numbers are to much until The Spoiler hits the ring swinging a chair! That clears the Paul Jones Army. 



Commercial Break 


Resnick: My goodness, this has been one chaotic night. 

Garvin, Jaggers and Spoiler join Resnick. 

Resnick: Spoiler, Jones and his army put you out of the tournament and I understand you suffered a concussion. I'm surprised to see you out here.


Spoiler: I may not be cleared to wrestle yet but I can swing this here chair. I want Paul Jones and his monkeys to listen up real good. At Wrestlerock, they will be locked in a cage with us. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. We are going to take great pleasure in personally handcuffing each of them to the cage and beat them until they're down and out. They started this war and we're damn sure going to finish it! 



Commercial Break 


Footage from Memphis is shown as Cabin Fever defeats The Highwaymen in a bunkhouse match to earn a National Tag Title shot at Wrestlerock. National Tag Champs the Beasts of Burden run out and attack Cabin Fever. 


Resnick: I'm here with Ox Baker, National Tag Champs the Beasts of Burden along with Billy Jack Haynes. Ox, I have to ask, why did the Beasts do that to Cabin Fever just after having a brutal match with the Highwaymen?

Ox: First things first. The real Billy Jack has something to say, so shut your mouth! 

Haynes: What you saw earlier was the actions of a very weak man! I'm the real Billy Jack and I can't believe that child walks around calling himself Billy Jack. Hey let's settle this once and for all. At Wrestlerock, you and me, loser leaves the AWA. Get ready punk! Billy Jack Haynes is the name and this Billy Jack is staying! 

Ox: Now, you asked why the Beasts did what they did? Because we had to show Cabin Fever what they're dealing with. And it's obvious they can't handle it. They're in way over their heads! 

Nord and Rip stomp around huffing as Resnick looks really nervous. 


Commercial Break 


TV Title Bout 

"Cowboy" Scott Casey (C) w/Sunshine vs. "Ruthless" Moretti 


Moretti enters the ring stroking his chain. The fans get up and cheer as Casey and Sunshine enter the ring. Moretti takes off his chain and motions towards Sunshine. Casey holds up his title and threatens Moretti. The Ref gets things under control and signals for the bell. 

They go to lock up but Moretti rakes Casey's eyes and punches him, swings him to the ropes and clotheslines him down. Moretti angrily stomps down on Casey then looks out and smiles at Sunshine. Moretti picks up Casey and rakes his face across the top rope. Moretti grabs Casey's head and slams it on the turnbuckle. Moretti swings Casey into the opposite corner and charges in but Casey lifts his knees and Moretti rams into them and falls back.

Sunshine cheers Casey on as he regroups. Casey picks up Moretti and slams him down, swings off the ropes and hits a jumping knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Casey picks up Moretti and vertical suplexes him. Casey hops on the middle ropes and hits an elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. As Casey reaches down, Moretti grabs his tights and hurls him through the ropes. 

Sunshine runs over to cheer Casey on. Moretti staggers up and goes to the apron. As Casey rises, Moretti nails him with a flying double axehandle. Moretti smiles and looks at Sunshine. Moretti must of said something offensive because Sunshine gets in his face. Moretti grabs Sunshine's arm and raises his hand. Casey runs up and clotheslines Moretti from behind. 

The Ref hits the 10 count and signals for the bell. 

Casey is unaware of the bell ringing as he makes sure Sunshine is ok. 

As the decision is announced, Moretti comes from behind and clotheslines Casey with his chain! Casey is down. Moretti hoists Casey into the ring. Moretti gets in the ring and chokes Casey with the chain then hurls him over the top rope and hangs Casey with the chain! Moretti wrenches and chokes away.

Sunshine runs in the ring and jumps on Moretti's back and starts choking him. Moretti drops Casey then flips Sunshine over. Moretti stands over her smiling. Several officials run in to stop this. 

Official Decision- A Double C.O. 


Commercial Break 


Lance Russell is standing in the ring. 


Lance: Jerry Jarrett wasn't kidding. To much violence tonight as the AWA is on the road to WrestleRock 86. Right here in my hand is the official contract for the AWA World Title Match at WrestleRock. I want to first introduce the challenger. Managed by Les Thornton, the winner of the Memorial Day tournament, Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair. 


Boos as Thornton waves the Union Jack flag while he leads St. Clair into the ring. St. Clair is wearing black slacks with a UK themed ring jacket. 

Lance: Introducing now, the AWA world champion, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. 


Roaring cheers as Steamboat comes out in slacks, white shirt and black tie. Steamboat waves to the fans and holds up his title as he enters the ring. 

Lance: Each of you may say a few words before signing the contract. 

Thornton: Mr. Steamboat, no doubt about it, you've been a tremendous champion and a top notch wrestler. However, it's laughable if you think you're in the same league as Sir Tony. This man is a technical wrestling masterpiece. Steamboat, you may have beaten bar room brawlers and monsters but you've never faced a wrestling machine like Sir Tony. The man who put the King down in Memphis! It is our destiny to defeat you for the world title as this inferior country celebrates Independence Day. You all might have your independence but at WrestleRock, thanks to Sir Tony, the UK will once again reign supreme. 

Thornton grabs the contract and St. Clair signs it. 

Lance: Ok, Ricky, the floor is yours. 

Steamboat: Mr. Thornton, I'm well aware of Tony St. Clair's credentials. I know I will have to be at my very best come Wrestlerock. Just remember, I beat the great Terry Funk for this title and I've fought all challengers since. I'm coming to Wrestlerock to win and that's exactly what I'm going to do. 

Steamboat signs the contract. 

Tony: While I appreciate your confidence, we both know you don't have the intestinal fortitude, the talent, skills or ability to get the job done against me. I can out think you and I can out wrestle you. Every move you have, I have a counter. Let's have a demonstration shall we? 

St. Clair smirks and pushes Steamboat.

Lance: Wait a minute, just hold on. We've had more than enough trouble tonight. 

Thornton: Sir Tony just wants to give these fans a little demo but it looks like their hero of a champion is a bit yellow. 

St. Clair smiles and pushes Steamboat again. Steamboat sets his title down and loosens his tie. St. Clair pushes him again. 

Steamboat charges but St. Clair executes a drop toe hold, then slaps Steamboat on the back of his head.

St. Clair and Thornton leave the ring.

A furious Steamboat gets up and goes to the ropes and challenges St. Clair to get back in. 

Thornton waves the Union Jack Flag as St. Clair looks up at Steamboat, smirks and says "I got you" 


WrestleRock 86



Saturday, July 3rd.

Liberty Bowl Stadium, Memphis TN 

Broadcasted on closed circuit TV 





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Jarrett lays down the law to start the show. (Frank Dusek may have been taking notes)

Adrenaline Rush gets the high-octane win but ends up on the wrong end of some Southern Justice. This could be a fun rivalry.

I like the idea of the Wrestlerock report, helps put over just how important the event actually is. The card is already stacked to the damn roof and knowing you it's not finished yet. I feel like I've heard of a wargames like cage with handcuffs before but I can't recall where.

The Universal Heartthrob is primed,primped and ready to be National champion.

I would advise the Cartel to take the Superflys a bit more seriously.

The battle of the Billy Jacks is back on and headed to loser leaves town match at Wrestlerock! Also far be it from me to tell Ox Baker what to do but I really wouldn't count Cabin Fever out yet.

Colon wants blood and he'll find it at Wrestlerock!

Da Crusher gets under Gagne's skin ahead of the big tag match. The picture of Gagne throwing a tantrum made my night.

The Bruise Brothers vs Priceless just feels right. I may have snickered a bit at Morrows "My champagne bottles have a lot of good memories of your head" line.

The Superstar & the King are ready to end their feud once and for all!

Bock with a simple yet understandable justification for his actions but he'll have to answer to the chief.

Good thing they'll be in a cage cause Spoiler & co vs Jones's army can't be contained in a regular match!

A physical match between Casey & Moretti solves nothing but leaves the door open for a rematch. I'm down.

I like Thornton pointing out Steamboat has yet to defend against a scientific wrestler. That and the altercation at the end sets up an interesting story.

Wrestlerock is gonna be insane!

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10 minutes ago, Autistic Dragon said:

Jarrett lays down the law to start the show. (Frank Dusek may have been taking notes)

Adrenaline Rush gets the high-octane win but ends up on the wrong end of some Southern Justice. This could be a fun rivalry.

I like the idea of the Wrestlerock report, helps put over just how important the event actually is. The card is already stacked to the damn roof and knowing you it's not finished yet. I feel like I've heard of a wargames like cage with handcuffs before but I can't recall where.

 The Universal Heartthrob is primed,primped and ready to be National champion.

I would advise the Cartel to take the Superflys a bit more seriously.

The battle of the Billy Jacks is back on and headed to loser leaves town match at Wrestlerock! Also far be it from me to tell Ox Baker what to do but I really wouldn't count Cabin Fever out yet.

Colon wants blood and he'll find it at Wrestlerock!

Da Crusher gets under Gagne's skin ahead of the big tag match. The picture of Gagne throwing a tantrum made my night.

The Bruise Brothers vs Priceless just feels right. I may have snickered a bit at Morrows "My champagne bottles have a lot of good memories of your head" line.

The Superstar & the King are ready to end their feud once and for all!

Bock with a simple yet understandable justification for his actions but he'll have to answer to the chief.

Good thing they'll be in a cage cause Spoiler & co vs Jones's army can't be contained in a regular match!

A physical match between Casey & Moretti solves nothing but leaves the door open for a rematch. I'm down.

I like Thornton pointing out Steamboat has yet to defend against a scientific wrestler. That and the altercation at the end sets up an interesting story.

Wrestlerock is gonna be insane!

Thanks for the comments. WWC did this type of War Games match. It's on Youtube. Very entertaining. 

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I concur that you've done a great job making Wrestle Rock feel special! I'm really looking forward to seeing Ricky Steamboat teach Tony St Clair a lesson - fingers crossed!

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That Wrestlerock card is looking MEAN!

Love the Bruise Brothers segment. Felt like I was right in front of the TV, watching it happen.

And the heat-maker with Steamboat getting momentarily brought down, validating the heel's argument even if it's for a moment, was GOLD.

I'm big-time in for this build to WR and the big payoff. Bring it!

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Sorry for falling a little behind here.

Just finished the card at the Mid-South Coliesuem and all I have to saw is WOW!

I liked how your first round matches continued to push so many of your angles.  Lawler vs Dundee is the best way to start of the tournament and get the crowd right into it.  Hope there was no traffic as this was a treat.

Idol gets a true heel win with the feet on the ropes.  I like how Idol gets this win as it keeps Rocky strong but Idol should now get another shot at Soul Man and the title.

I thought St. Clair vs Rheingans might be the end of St. Clair's run but you have built him up to something special.

Wahoo vs Bock is one I would love to have seen.  Nice ending as I know we will see more of these two somewhere down the line.

Cabon Fever with the win but here comes Ox and his beasts.... this is not for the faint of heart.  Great angle.

Lawler over Ido but in great Memphis fashion... here comes Dundee.  Can Lawler survuve the final.

Steamboat found a way to beat Kamala but I really love how you have made Colon out to be a wild man ready to brawl with anyone.  If you ever change promotions again, WCC would be perfect for you and Colon.

And the legend of St. Clair has just reached another level.  I could picture the riot in the Coliseum after that one.  AWESOME SHOW!  I will get to the other shows a little later

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On to the TV show....

I like how you are continuously inventing new angles.  A nice TV opener between Adrenaline Rush and the Battens end up in another full blown feud.  This makes each segment of your show very interesting.

WrestleRock is going to be HUGE!  Can't wait for the Rage in the Cage!

Good use of the tv to continue to hype the big show coming.  Idol gets a win and calls out Rocky with a nice promo.  The Cartel and The Superflys is the feud that keeps on giving!   The battle of the Billy Jack's is very creative and I am looking foward to this one.  Colon vs Kamala..... Colon has been awesome under you.  He could go 60 minutes with Bock and the next night be in a 5 minute blood bath with some monster heel.  I think this was him in real life also and why I think he was underrated.

Great AWA names in Gagne and Rheingans but it is even more interesting seeing them on opposite sides.  Add in Myers and Da Crusher and you have creative another interesting segment.  

So glad you found something else for the Bruise Brothers but know I may have to choose between my two favorite teams in the game.

Lawler and Dundee is Must See TV.

Great promo by Bock.... Not sure Wahoo would agree.

If you told me to guess who Steamboat would defend against at WrestleRock, St. Clair would not have entered my mind.  Now I can't stop thinking about it.  Something has to give here and I can't wait to find out.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Civic Center 6-11-86


"From coast to coast, border to border and continent to continent, welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling" 

Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to AWA Major League Wrestling. Huge show lined up. You will see the NWA National tag team champs the Beasts of Burden. Also in action will be the National champ Rocky Johnson. Wahoo McDaniel will be in action as well as the Highwaymen, Ruthless Moretti, Billy Jack Strong . The AWA World tag team champs Curt Hennig and Brian Adias will be here. I understand Curtis Iaukea and Kamala have something to say. Jose Lothario will give us another El Canek update. Big rematch as the Rock n Roll Express takes on Priceless. And our main event is a good one as The Superflys take on Paul Jones Army members Matt Borne and Rip Oliver. I'll personally be interviewing Les Thornton and Tony St. Clair. And finally Brenda Britton will give us another WrestleRock report. Let's get things going. 


AWA National Champ Rocky "Soul Man" Johnson vs. Neil Jordan 


Johnson is pumped up tonight as he fires off some rapid fire jabs then puts Jordan down with a big right punch. As Jordan rises, Johnson hits a sunset flip for the win. 


Resnick: Rocky Johnson, come on over. At WrestleRock you'll be defending that National title against the man who has a victory over you, one Austin Idol. Idol seems very confident that he's going to walk out of the Liberty Bowl with that title. 

Johnson: Hey, I'm not going to make any excuses. Yea, Austin Idol got the W on me in Memphis. All that did was got me focused and back on track brother. Idol! Come Wrestlerock lightning wont strike twice! I'm walk'n out just like I'm walk'n in, with this title! 

Cheers as Johnson holds his title up. 


Commercial Break 


The Highwaymen vs. Clinton Stitch and Carl Kellerman 


Highwaymen beat down their opponents and finish things off with the spiked piledriver. 


Resnick: I'm standing here with Bobby Duncum and Phil Hickerson, the Highwaymen. Last week it was announced that you two will be facing the Golden Boys Dan Spivey and Kevin Kelly at Wrestlerock. No doubt about it, whoever wins that match will surely be in line for a title shot. 

Boos as The Vin Man walks out wearing a neck brace. 


Vin: Rezzy, look what the Golden Boys did to me. Yea, they're real big men aren't they? Well it's now become my personal priority to see them get some payback. And I mean payback Vin Man style...YEA! Highwaymen, I can help you beat them and get you a shot at the tag titles. All I ask for in return is that you let me be in your corner so I can watch you embarrass those two meatheads at WrestleRock. 

Hickerson: What's the matter with you boy? Look, we don't want you around us! We don't need your help and we damn sure don't want your help! So get lost! 

Duncum: You unnastan! 

Highwaymen push past Vinnie.

Resnick: Well, I guess you got your answer. 

Vin: They'll come around. They need me and they know they need me. See ya on the flip side Rezzy. 


Commercial Break 


Footage from the Memorial Day Memphis card is shown as Carlos Colon returns and gives Iaukea and Kamala a kendo stick beating. 


Resnick: Every since December, Kamala and Curtis Iaukea have been at war with Carlos Colon. At WrestleRock, those two will clash in a no holds barred match. Joining me now is Curtis Iaukea and Kamala. 

Kamala paces back and forth slapping his belly.


Resnick: Curtis Iaukea, this all started when you told us Tiger Jeet Singh paid you a lot of money to eliminate Colon. Although you came close several times, Colon is still fighting and it seems he's even stronger than ever. 

Iaukea: (pointing his kendo stick at the camera) Colon! This is war! You hear me Colon? WAAAAARRRRR! It started with money but now this is very personal! Colon! You're nothing but a coward who had to attack from behind. You costed Kamala the world championship and that will cost you dearly! At WrestleRock, Kamala will be able to do whatever he wants to to you and there's nothing you or anyone in the AWA can do about it! Kamala is going to tear you to pieces and then rip apart what remains! Say your prayers Colon! Say goodbye to your loved ones because WrestleRock will be the end of you once and for aaaaallllll! 

Iaukea and Kamala leave a nervous looking Resnick. 

Resnick: (pauses) My goodness, ok we'll be back for a big tag team match. 


Commercial Break 


Footage from 2 weeks ago is shown as the RnR Express defeat Priceless. That's followed by footage from last week as Priceless interrupted A Bruise Brothers interview and ended up hitting both Cash and Snowman over their heads with their Billionaire titles.  


The Rock n Roll Express vs. Priceless 


Boos as Priceless stroll out with their Billionaires titles and set them on the ringside table. Morrow grabs the mic and looks at the timekeeper.

"You will guard those titles with your life or we will talk to our good friend The Great Gagne and have you fired" 

Morrow and Fergie try an attack as soon as the bell rings but Ricky and Robert were prepared and pound away on Priceless. Robert punches Fergie into the corner as Ricky hammers away on Morrow in the opposite corner. RnR swing Priceless into each other. They bump off each other and stagger back into dropkicks. The Ref finally gets some order. 

RnR work over and frustrate Priceless with quick tags and double team maneuvers. The tide turns when Robert hits Fergie with a knee lift and covers but Morrow runs in and rakes Robert's eyes. Ricky runs in but the Ref guides him back. Morrow drags Fergie over and tags himself in. Morrow hoists Robert up and hits a delayed suplex. Morrow picks up Robert and executes a swinging neckbreaker. Morrow runs over and slaps Ricky. Ricky runs in but the Ref ties him up which allows Fergie to run in. Priceless scoops up Robert and slams him down. 

Morrow tags in Fergie. They push Robert into the corner and put the boots to him. Ricky has enough and runs over and fires away on Priceless. The Ref gets Ricky back. Fergie swings Robert to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Robert leapfrogs over then dives over and tags in Ricky! 

Ricky fires away on Fergie, swings him to the ropes and flips him over with a knee to the mid section. Morrow runs in but Ricky kicks him and scoop slams him down. Fergie nails Rick from behind with a forearm blast. Robert runs in and dropkicks Fergie down. Another pier six brawl happens! 

All of a sudden the BRUISE BROTHERS come out. They go to the ringside table and grab the Billionaires titles. The fans are going crazy as the Bruise Brothers look up at the ring and hold the titles up. 

Morrow and Fergie see this and are livid. They try to get out there but RnR double dropkick Morrow through the ropes. Fergie turns around as RnR get up and double dropkick him down 1..2..3!  

Huge Pop! 


The fans cheers get louder when the Bruise Brothers put the Billionaires titles on their shoulders and strut out. The timekeeper didn't try to stop them. 


Commercial Break 


"Superstar" Bill Dundee vs. Todd Rooney 


Dundee draws a lot of heat as he toys with his opponent. Dundee slams Rooney down and wins the match with the Bomb's Away. 


Resnick: Bill Dundee, you and Jerry Lawler will meet in a Memphis Street fight at WrestleRock. As you know. Lawler is still at home resting his ribs, thanks to you. 

Dundee: Oh come on. The man is nothing but a pathetic chicken! He's just scared! Lawler! While you're at home healing, just remember who put you there! That's right baby! The Superstar did! And if you thought that was a beating, brother just wait until WrestleRock! Ken, I can't wait! 


Commercial Break 


Billy Jack Strong vs. Trent Watkins 


Strong is feeling just that as he slams down Watkins then picks him up and hits an overhead back suplex. Strong lifts Watkins up and comes down with a delayed brainbuster for the easy pin. 


Resnick: Billy Jack Strong, last week Billy Jack Haynes challenged you to a loser leaves town match at WrestleRock. He says there's only room for one Billy Jack in the AWA. 

Strong: Yea, I'll accept his challenge and he's right, there's only room for one Billy Jack and you're looking at him! 

Strong gives the fans a double bicep pose before leaving. 

Resnick: Ok, looks like we're going to get the battle of the Billy Jacks at WrestleRock. Switching gears, last week we saw Southern Justice  despicably attack Adrenaline Rush. I've been told that Ben Bassarab will be out for quite sometime. 

Boos as Southern Justice (The Batten twins) walk out. 


Brad: What do you mean he's out? 

Resnick: Because of your actions, he'll be out. I mean come on, there was no need for that.

Bart: Look we're the ones who should be upset. We were going to challenge them to a match at WrestleRock. It wont be a spectacular event if Southern Justice aint there. 

Cheers as Jerry Jarrett walks out. 

Jarrett: Last week I said I was tired of all the post match fights and interference. Well, I wasn't kidding. WrestleRock is going to be the place to settle things. You boys will get a match at WrestleRock and I'll announce your opponents next week. Oh, you're going to like this. 

Southern Justice are thrown off guard but then huddle up and smile. 

Brad: Now you can call this the event of the summer. 

Bart: Resnick, go ahead and change the name to BattenRock! 

Resnick: We'll be back


Commercial Break 


Chief Wahoo McDaniel vs. Vic Dutro 


Wahoo's knee is taped but he still works stiff tonight and wins the match with his tomahawk chop! 


Resnick: Wahoo, it's you and Bockwinkle at WrestleRock. I want to ask. How's the knee? 

Wahoo: Almost at full strength Ken. You know, I once had a lot of respect for Nick but now that's out the window. He says he wanted to teach me a lesson. Well Bockwinkle, I think you're the one who has a lot to learn. You might of banged up my knee but I'm a long way from done. At WrestleRock you're going to be taught a lesson and I'm going to make sure you remember it for a very long time. 


Commercial Break 


Footage from last week is shown as Moretti hangs TV champ Scott Casey over the rope and chokes him with his chain. 


"Ruthless" Moretti vs. William Hillman 


Hillman backs up as Moretti threatens him with his chain. After things settle down, the match starts. Moretti destroys Hillman and finishes him off with a running powerslam. 


Resnick: Ok, just be careful with that chain.

Moretti: (smiling) Oh I'm sorry, does this make you nervous? 

Resnick: Look, why did you do what you did to Scott Casey? 

Moretti: Because I should be the TV champ but he got himself counted out. Doesn't make him a champ in my book. Makes him yellow. 

Cheers as Sunshine runs out.

Sunshine: I want you to know something Moretti! Scott will be back soon and he's coming after you. 

Moretti: Wow, Casey's such a man, he sends his woman out to fight his battles. Why don't you leave that wimp and hook up with a real man like me? 

The crowd pops as Sunshine slaps Moretti! 

Moretti grabs Sunshine and holds her, then puts the chain collar around her neck. He slightly pulls it. 

Moretti: Why don't you bark like the dog you are.

Resnick: Enough! Stop that! 

Security runs out. 

Moretti smiles as he releases the collar. Moretti threatens Security with his chain before leaving. Resnick attends to Sunshine. 


Commercial Break 


AWA World Tag Team Champs The Awesome Twosome (Hennig and Adias) vs. Rob Orson and Gary Williams 


The champs are feeling good tonight. The match ends when Adias airplane spins Orson then tags in Hennig, who finishes the match with the Fisherman's Suplex.


Resnick: Ok, you guys will be defending those AWA world tag team titles against the Rock n Roll Express at WrestleRock. 

Adias: Yea, we're well aware of who were defending against. We saw their match earlier and guess what? We're not impressed. You know why? Because we're awesome and they're not! 

Hennig: Those mullet heads don't stand a chance against us. They're not cool, we're cool, no we're awesome. We're the hottest thing going today and no tag team can deny that! 


Commercial Break 


AWA National Tag Team Champs The Beasts of Burden w/Ox Baker vs. Lyle Probst and Ray Glader 

As Ox leads the Beasts down the aisle the fans go crazy as CABIN FEVER plows over Ox! Beasts turn around as Manny puts Rip down with the flying burrito while Boone nails Nord with a devastating tackle! Cabin Fever head over to Resnick. 

Manny: Ox Baker said we couldn't handle the Beasts. Well I guess he was wrong! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans, we've had another chaotic show as tensions in the AWA are at an all time high. Before we get to our main event I wanted to get an El Canek update from Jose Lothario. Jose, Canek gets his wish and will face Giant Haystacks at WrestleRock. I'm sure you watched Haystacks AWA debut against 3 men. How is Canek preparing for this monster?


Jose: Ken, every since Haystacks injured El Canek and forced him to vacate his beloved WWA title, Canek has had only one thing on his mind. Giant Haystacks is the most dangerous man Canek has ever faced but I want to assure you, Canek is one hundred percent and ready for WrestleRock. To prove that, El Canek will be in action, next week, here on AWA television. 

Resnick: Great news and I'm certainly looking forward to that.

Massive boos as Giant Haystacks comes out. 


Haystacks: I don't care how much he's training! I don't care how much weights he's lifting! Weights don't fight back but I do! You run and tell your boy to stay home! 

Jose: I wont do that. You started this and El Canek wants to finish things. 

Haystacks: Maybe he'll change his mind when he sees this! 

To the shock of Resnick and the fans, Haystacks grabs Jose with both hands and proceeds to choke him down! Haystacks chokes away as Jose passes out. Haystacks picks up a lifeless Jose with both hands and choke slams him down on the concrete! Haystacks gives out a yell as Medics rush over to help Jose. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans, I'm at a loss for words. Jose Lothario was stretchered out. I'll hope to have an update on his condition next week. Very tragic. (regroups) Time for our main event. 


The Superflys vs. "Maniac" Matt Borne and "Crippler" Rip Oliver w/Paul Jones 

These two teams will be on opposite sides in the big Rage in the Cage match at WrestleRock. 

I think everybody knew how this was going to end. The opening minutes is a back and forth hard hitting match. All hell breaks loose when the Cartel hits the ring and attacks the Superflys! Borne, Oliver and Jones join in. The Ref signals for the DQ. Baron Von Raschke heads to the ring but is jumped by the Spoiler! Ron Garvin and Bobby Jaggers hit the ring! It's an all out fight! Spoiler is pounding away on Baron on the outside when Jones runs out and hits Spoiler from behind. Spoiler turns around and clamps the claw on Jones! 

Inside the ring, Cartel and Superflys are going toe to toe. Borne and Garvin trade punches while Oliver and Jaggers fight through the ropes. The cameras keep rolling as the fans and viewers get to watch the brawl for a couple more minutes. What a wild scene! 


Commercial Break 


Footage from last week is shown as Steamboat and St. Clair sign the world title contract. Afterwards St. Clair provokes Steamboat. Steamboat charges but St. Clair his a drop toe hold and slaps the back of Steamboat's head. 


Lance Russell is standing in the middle of the ring. 

Lance: After what I just watched, all I can say is I'm glad those 10 men will be in a 2 ring cage at WrestleRock. Fans, at WrestleRock, Tony St. Clair will challenge Ricky Steamboat for the AWA world title. Coming to the ring right now is the challenger along with his manager Les Thornton. 

Boos as Thornton waves the Union Jack flag while St. Clair arrogantly walks behind him wearing a UK themed jacket and black slacks. 


Lance: Les, Tony St. Clair won the Memorial Day tournament in Memphis to get this opportunity. Last week St. Clair fired the first shot against Steamboat. 

Les: First off the tournament was just a formality. Sir Tony has been the most successful wrestler in the world for the past year. The tournament just solidified that. I mean Sir Tony defeated the great King of Memphis Jerry Lawler, which just goes to show you what real wrestling royalty is. Now onto what's important, the AWA world title. The timing couldn't be better. A time when this idiotic country celebrates Independence Day, Sir Tony will be winning the AWA world title for the great UK. Steamboat, your reign is concluding at WrestleRock. 

Tony: Lance Russell, did you see how easily I took down the so called world champion last week? Steamboat is a credible wrestler but as everybody saw, he simply can't keep up with a wrestler who's simply the best. 

Huge eruption as RICKY STEAMBOAT runs out and climbs to the top turnbuckle. 


Les and Tony turn around as Ricky fly's off and nails both of them with a flying press!!! 

Steamboat rolls out if the ring as the fans are up and cheering. 

St. Clair rolls around, grabs the ropes and pulls himself up. St. Clair is in a daze as he looks out and sees Steamboat. 

Steamboat points at St Clair and says "Gotcha" 


Brenda Britton ends the show with the WrestleRock Report


Brenda runs down the card.



Saturday July 3rd

Liberty Bowl, Memphis TN

Broadcasted on closed circuit TV


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Tony "Simply the Best" St. Clair w/Les Thornton 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

The Awesome Twosome (C) vs. The Rock n Roll Express 


AWA National Title Bout 

Rocky "Soul Man" Johnson (C) vs. "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol 


AWA National Tag Team Title Bout 

The Beasts of Burden (C) w/Ox Baker vs. Cabin Fever 


AWA TV Title Bout- Just announced 

"Cowboy" Scott Casey (c) w/Sunshine vs. "Ruthless" Moretti 



Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "Superstar" Bill Dundee 



Carlos Colon vs. Kamala w/Curtis Iaukea 


RAGE IN THE CAGE 2 RING STEEL CAGE MATCH- Winning team must handcuff all 5 opponents to the cage. 

The Spoiler/Ron Garvin/Bobby Jaggers/The Superflys vs. Baron Von Raschke/Matt Borne/Rip Oliver/The Cartel w/Paul Jones


El Canek vs. Giant Haystacks 


Wahoo McDaniel vs. Nick Bockwinkle 


The Bruise Brothers vs. Priceless- Just announced 


Battle of the Billy Jacks- LOSER LEAVES TOWN 

Billy Jack Strong vs. Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker 


Tag Team Elimination Match 

Brad Rheingans and Da Crusher vs. The Great Gagne and Duke Myers 


The Highwaymen vs. The Golden Boys 


Southern Justice vs. ??? 


Special concert performance by rock legend Chuck Berry along with a fireworks show. 













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The Soul Man gets the crowd going with a lightning quick win then swears that the Universal Heartthrob that lightning doesn't strike twice. Looking forward to this one.

Vin man better unnastan when the Highwaymen say no they mean no!

It's gonna be all out WAAAAARRRRR between Kamala & Colon at Wrestlerock and I can't wait!

Rock n Roll gets another w over Priceless with a little assist from the Bruise Brothers. Priceless is gonna want those Billionaires Tag Titles back.

The Superstar is riding high heading into the Memphis streetfight against the King.

The battle of the Billy Jacks is on for Wrestlerock. There can be only one!

I gotta feeling Southern Justice just bit off more than they can chew.

Wahoo gets ready to educate Bock. But I'm sure Bock has a few lessons in mind for Wahoo as well.

Moretti shows how far his ruthless streak goes as he wraps the chain around Sunshine! Casey is gonna be seeing red when he gets back.

Damn Henning & Adias are annoying. Go Rock n Roll!

Cabin Fever remind everyone they know how to play dirty. Reinforce the ring before these animals get in there.

I should have seen it coming. Jose kept coming around so eventually Haystacks puts him down! There's gonna be a international incident at Wrestlerock!

Shockingly the Superflys vs the Maniac & the Crippler ends in chaos. They can't get in that cage fast enough.

Steamboat evens the score against Sir Tony "Simply the best" Sinclair. Real chess game building here.

The AWA is picking up steam heading into Wrestlerock.

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AWA @ The Louisville Gardens 6-13-86


The Golden Boys (Dan Spivey and Kevin Kelly) defeated Two Local Talents with a double front face suplex. Vin Man was seen out in the crowd.  


Carlos Colon defeated Rene Goulet with a flying clothesline from the top rope 


The Great Gagne w/Duke Myers defeated Brad Rheingans- Da Crusher was unable to be in Rheingans corner tonight. Duke takes advantage of this and nails Rheingans with his loaded forearm behind the Ref's back which allows Gagne to get the pin. 


The Superflys and The Cartel battle to a wild double DQ


Baron Von Raschke w/Paul Jones defeated The Spoiler- During a Ref bump, Spoiler had the claw on Baron but Paul Jones ran in and cracked Spoiler over the head with a chair. Baron regrouped and clamped the claw on an already unconscious Spoiler. The Ref crawled over and saw Spoiler was out and signaled for the bell. 


Cabin Fever and Billy Jack Strong defeated AWA National Tag Champs Beasts of Burden and Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker- All out hard hitting match. During a pier six brawl, Manny rolled up Rip for the 1..2..3! 


Special Attraction Wrestling Match 

Tony "Simply The Best" St. Clair w/Les Thornton defeated Steve O with a floating butterfly suplex. After the match, Les got on the mic and announced Sir Tony as the next AWA World Champion.  


AWA National Champ Rocky Johnson and Wahoo McDaniel defeated Nick Bockwinkle and "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol- These guys gave the fans one heck of a 45 minute match. While Wahoo and Bock were fighting on the outside, Austin swings Johnson into the corner and charges in but Johnson sunset flips over him and gets the 1..2..3! 

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Hope Vin Man had a good seat as the Golden Boys showed off why he should probably stop messing with them.

Colon puts down Goulet but a monster awaits at Wrestlerock.

Gagne & Myers take advantage of Crusher's absence to reclaim the advantage in the rivalry with Rheneigans.

I am shocked that the Cartel vs the Superflys couldn't reach a clean finish. Shocked i say!

Paul Jones leads the Baron to victory in the battle of the claws with the help of a chairshot.

Cabin Fever score a big psychological win with a pin on one of the champs.

Sir Tony "Simply the best" St Clair dispatches Steve O on route to his date with destiny.

I legitimately would buy a ticket for that main event alone. Soul man may have actually shut Idol up temporarily.

Louisville sees another great night of wrestling.


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Awesome show as we head towards WrestleRock

I thought you did a great job with your interviews this week as you really captured the character of your wrestlers.  Unnistan from Duncan and Rezzy from VIn Man had me going!  Great Job.  It's going to WAAAR.... from Iukea would have sent chills down my spine.  He was one scary dude with all that blading to his forehead.

Hennig and Adias are becoming Perfectly Arrogant!  Let's Go RNR Express!

Great match for RnR Express vs Pricless.... You hyped up so much here.... the Express came out looking great while the Brusie Brothers and Priceless heat up their feud!

WOW... Moretti puts the Dog Collar on Sunshine.... I smell REVENGE coming!

Poor Lothario.  It will be fun to see how you write up the match between El Canek and Haystacks.  Some one is MOVING UP THE LADDER!

I was really looking forward to see who came out on top between the Maniac/Crippler vs The Superflys.... I should have figured out that the Cartel wasn't going to let that go the distance.  



Great overall card with all the big names continuing their push to WrestleRock.

That main event would sell some MAJOR TICKETS!  Glad Wahoo joined the AWA as you know just how to use him.

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