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Enjoyed the show as always.  

I like the push Brad R. is getting.  He was big in the AWA and can wrestle in any type of match you set up for him.  

The Greatest Gagne?  I see a family feud coming, unless this is all a set up.  We will see against Scott C.

Nice gimmicjs for Ace and Alright.


Iaukea must owe TIger Jeet something big... He just won't quit.  Colon vs Ito.... another wild one coming!

Johnny V. asking for a moment with El Jefe  could turn out to be very interesting.

Bruise Brothers held nothing back.... Fergie is in a world of hurt right now.  Will be interesting to see if he returns.

Lawler vs Idol!!  Huge!!!

Billy Jack vs Steamboat---- The Dragon better watch out for an Ox!


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I enjoy the pairing of Casey/Sunshine and I'm looking forward to seeing this TV title defense against the "Great Gagne"....your heel version of Greg Gagne has done what I always thought was impossible and made Greg entertaining, I can't wait to see how this plays out and to see how Verne figures in.

You always find fun ways to use Art Crews, I like where this "Ace" gimmick seems to be heading.

It's not the AWA without Larry Zbyszko, glad he finally made it! 

Johnny V and El Jefe promises to be fun no matter what!

Poor Fergie...I hope Priceless can pull it together.

Lawler vs. Idol is always can't miss! This is gonna be good!

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AWA @ The Rupp Arena (Lexington KY) 7-17-86



The Fabulous Ones defeat Two Local talents- Massive heat for the Fabs and even more when they win the match with a double dropkick. 


"Rugged" Ron Garvin defeated Rene Goulet with a knockout punch 


Mr. Ito w/Curtis Iaukea defeated Steve O with a nerve hold. 


"Diamond" Timothy Flowers defeated Tony Garea with a piledriver 


The Bruise Brothers defeated Matt Borne and Rip Oliver w/Paul Jones- All 4 men end up in a pier six brawl. Cash hits a jumping headbutt on Oliver. Oliver staggers into a scoop powerslam by Snowman for the win. Afterwards a disgusted Paul Jones walked out on his team. 


Nick Bockwinkle defeated "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers- These guys gave the fans a hard fought 15 minute match. The finish came when Jaggers swung Bock into the corner and charged in but Bock moved and rolled up Jaggers for the pin. 


El Canek defeated Soldat Ustinov- Canek impressed the fans with a gorilla press drop to get the win. 


Jerry "The King" Lawler and The Golden Boys vs. AWA National Champ Austin Idol and AWA World tag champs The Awesome Twosome- Everybody had their working boots on as they give the fans a 45 minute main event. In the end, Lawler sent Idol over the top rope with a clothesline while the Golden Boys double clotheslined Hennig over the top rope. Lawler went to the top turnbuckle. Golden Boys double suplex Adias and Lawler hit the flying fist drop for the crowd pleasing pin. 

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Very realistic house show that helps to finish off some wrestlers while pushing the major angle of Lawler vs Idol.  Also helsp to push someone like Ito who is not too familiar with the fans.  Nice job.

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That main event alone probably would've sold the place out.

Interesting that Jones walked out on Oliver & Borne. Guess he figures he's got all he needs with Dream Machine babay!

Glad El Canek is sticking around.

Real solid undercard rounds out a fun night in Lexington.

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I'm loving Scott Casey's run as TV champion but nowhere near as much as I love seeing Curt Hennig in a prominent position! I could easily see footage from a multi-man encounter with Jerry Lawler some ways down the line for a one-on-one.

Nick Bockwinkel is never one to underestimate, and I loved that fun little win for him there.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 7-23-86



Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA major league wrestling. Big show lined up as Scott Casey defends the TV title against Greg Gagne. Greg has said that if he fails to win the title he will leave the AWA. Also tonight Larry Zbyszko takes on the Cobra. Dream Machine, Earthquake Ferris, Beasts of Burden, Jimmy Snuka, Ron Garvin will all be in the ring. And of course the AWA world champion Ricky Steamboat will be in action. All that and a lot more. Before we get to the action I want to bring out the AWA national champ Austin Idol. 

"Do you want to touch me' by Joan Jett plays as Idol struts out with the title on his shoulder. 


Lance: Austin, you will be defending the national title against Jerry Lawler in Milwaukee next week. I wanted to get your thoughts.

Idol: Here we go again. Jeez this place is worse than Memphis. Once again Jerry Jarrett's favorite, Jerry Lawler gets a title shot. Lawler! I don't care if Jarrett's on your payroll, there's no way you're taking this title from me. Just like many men before you, you just don't measure up to me. Never did and brother you never will. Lance, believe me I'm feeling just as good as I look. 

Idol gives the booing fans a double bicep pose before leaving. 

Lance: Ok, a very confident Austin Idol,  let's get to the ring. 


Earthquake Ferris vs. Joel Kingman 


Ferris swings Kingman to the ropes and puts him down with a back elbow smash. Ferris swings off the ropes and hits a big splash for the pin! 


Commercial Break 


"Diamond" Timothy Flowers vs. Trent Watkins 


Flowers spends just as much time antagonizing the fans as he does beating up his opponent. Flowers wins the match with a piledriver. 


Resnick: Tim Flowers, welcome to the AWA and congratulations on a tremendous victory. This weekend at the Cook Center, you will be facing Earthquake Ferris. 

Flowers: You know why I call myself diamond? 

Resnick: I'm not sure.

Flowers: Because I truly am a gem. I'm here to take the AWA by storm and it starts by giving Fat Boy Ferris a beating. As for you Resnick, better get used to talking with me cuz I'm going to be around and winning. 

Flowers looks in the camera, sticks his tongue out and blows the viewers a raspberry before leaving. 

Resnick: (shaking his head) I...I...we'll be back 


Commercial Break 


Beasts of Burden w/Ox Baker vs. Sam Smith and Royce Jamison 

Beasts storm the ring and annihilate their opponents. They hurl Smith over the top rope, swing Jamison to the ropes and put him down with double boots to the face for the win! Beasts pick up Jamison and hold him as Ox gets in the ring. Ox is about to hit him with his heart punch but CABIN FEVER hit the ring with fists flying! They plow over Ox and pound away on the Beasts. Manny tackles Rip and punches away on his face. Boone swings Nord into the corner and follows with a running clothesline. Cabin Fever keeps pounding on the Beasts as a commercial hits.


Commercial Break 


Resnick: My goodness, that was quite an altercation. As you all know, this weekend at the Cook Convention Center, Cabin Fever will defend their National tag titles against the Beasts inside a steel cage! Also on that night, you will see a special challenge match stemming from what happened last week on the Beauty Shop as Brad Rheingans takes on Richard Charland. And just announced, the Fabulous Ones will go up against the Bruise Brothers. Fans, get your tickets now. Let's go back to the ring. 


"Rugged" Ron Garvin vs. Todd Rooney 


Garvin slams Rooney and follows with the Garvin stomp. Garvin swings Rooney to the ropes and back drops him. Rooney staggers up and Garvin drops him with a KO right punch for the win. 


Commercial Break 


Footage from WrestleRock is shown as Jimmy Snuka performs his Superfly Splash from the top of the cage! 


"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka vs. Gary Williams 


Snuka body slams Williams then goes to the top rope. The fans cheer as Snuka flashes them the 'I love you' sign. Cameras go off as Snuka hits the Superfly Splash to get the easy pin. 


Resnick: Ok, Jimmy Snuka. I have to tell you, that Superfly Splash from the top of the cage at WrestleRock was one of the most incredible things I've ever witnessed in all my years in this business. So impressive. Now, I understand, you're now going solo, is that correct? 

Snuka: Thank you brotha and yes the Superfly is going solo. My brother Siva Afi has business to attend to and he has my full support. Now I'm exciting for my next venture and there's one thing I can tell you, it's going to be a wild ride. 


Commercial Break 


Larry Zbyszko vs. The Cobra 


Both men arrive to the AWA with different kind of buzz. The AWA fans are well aware of Larry's antics and mouth. While they're not to familiar with the Cobra, thanks to the wrestling magazines a lot of them know he's an international sensation. 

Larry gives the booing fans a nunchucks demonstration. Cobra hops on the apron, climbs to the top turnbuckle and back flips into the ring, which gets a good pop. Cobra turns around and Larry whacks him with the nunchucks! The fans boo as Larry hits him again. Larry starts choking Cobra with the nunchucks. 

The fans cheer as El Canek hits the ring! Canek yanks Larry off Cobra and hurls him out of the ring. Larry hits his fists on the apron and throws a major tantrum as Canek attends to Cobra. 


Commercial Break 


Soviet Steel (Chris Markoff and Soldat Ustinov) vs. Paul Carlson and James Hampton 


The Russians get classic 80s heat as they wave their country's Flags. 

Soviet Steel dominates the match. The finish comes when Markoff hits a backbreaker on Hampton and holds him while Soldat jumps off the middle ropes and hits a knee drop to the chest for the pin. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 


Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the highest rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. Now, every since day 1 I've been telling you people that I get all the scoops. And tonight I'm getting a big scoop. Please welcome out the Rock n Roll Express.

Massive cheers! 


Ricky walks out and Robert is on crutches. 

Britton: Well it seems bad luck follows you boys everywhere. At Wrestlerock, the Fabulous Ones really did a number on you (looks at Robert) especially you. I promised everybody a scoop and I always deliver. When will the two of you be back in the ring?

Ricky: First things first Brenda. Fabulous Ones! You boys made the biggest mistake of your lives! We heard your reasons and you know what? Sounds like pure jealousy, plain and simple. You tried to put my brother out of action because you two are nothing but cowards. Can't face us men to men because you both know who the better team is. Well you didn't get the job done. The injury wasn't as bad as you punks thought it would be. Tell em Robert.

Robert: Exactly right! I'm going to be back and back real soon. Number one on RnR's list of things to do is get the Fabulous Ones in the ring! 

Britton: That's all fine and dandy but just when will you be back in action? 

Ricky: Soon enough to challenge the Fabulous Punks to a match on Labor Day. Gear up boys because we're coming for you! 

Another massive pop!

Britton: There you have it! Once again it all happens here on the Beauty Shop. Until next week tooooodles. 


Commercial Break 


The Dream Machine w/Paul Jones vs. Neil Jurgens 


Dream is having a good time beating down on his opponent. Dream swings Jurgens to the ropes and clotheslines him down, then swings off the ropes and hits a jumping elbow drop for the pin. 


Resnick: Paul Jones, your man Dream Machine is looking pretty good. I do have to ask, last week at the Rupp Arena, you walked out on your other men Rip Oliver and Matt Borne. What was that all about? 

Jones: It's very simple that even an idiot like you will understand. At WrestleRock those two failed miserably. I gave them one more chance and what do they do? Loose to the Bruise Brothers. Enough is enough. This man the Dream Machine was the last man standing in the cage. This man sent the Spoiler packing. This man was the star of WrestleRock and this man has something to say.

Dream: Listen up babay! I had to sit in back and watch you suck up to Jimmy Snuka and go on and on about his splash off the cage. Did he win that match? Hell no! I did! Where's my praise? Snuka! You want to fly solo, well now you gonna dance with the Dream Machine babay! 


Commercial Break 


Footage from last week is shown as Mr. Ito attacks and brutalizes Carlos Colon. 


Mr. Ito w/Curtis Iaukea vs. Ray Glader 


Ito torchers his opponent before finishing him off with a nerve hold. Iaukea runs in and gives the lifeless Glader a few kendo stick shots. 

Resnick: Curtis Iaukea, your newest acquisition Mr. Ito might of gotten himself in hot water because this weekend at the Cook Center he will be facing Carlos Colon. 

Iaukea: For months my mission has been to destroy Carlos Colon! I was paid very well by Tiger Jeet Singh and I will fulfill my promise. That promise will be fulfilled this weekend. Mr. Ito is a close personal friend of Mr. Singh. He was chosen specifically by Singh. This all ends this weekend! You hear me Colon! You're done! Finally done! 

Iaukea and Ito exit.

Resnick: That man really makes me nervous. Fans...wait a minute, Gerry Morrow? What can I do for you? 


Morrow: As you can see I'm a little distraught. Last week those lowlife bums the Bruise Brothers injured my dear friend and tag team partner Carl Fergie. Carl had been financially down on his luck and like a true friend I wanted to help him out. Just when things were looking good, he was injured by those two heartless souls. Did you know Carl doesn't even have proper health care? Don't worry Carl, I've taken care of your hospital bills. You just take care of yourself. Now, fate has entered into this equation. I got a call from a very unlikely source and I'm proud to say he's seen the light. Next week you will meet my new tag team partner. Priceless isn't going anywhere. Bruise Brothers! This is only the beginning. 


Commercial Break 


AWA TV Title Bout 

"Cowboy" Scott Casey (C) w/Sunshine vs. The Great Gagne 


If Gagne fails to win the TV title, he will leave the AWA.


The bell rings and they hook up. Gagne backs Casey against the ropes. During the break, Gagne goes for a cheap shot but Casey blocks it and hammers away on Gagne. Casey swings Gagne to the ropes and back drops him. Gagne staggers up and Casey dropkicks him through the ropes. Gagne gets up but falls back down. Sunshine is jumping up and down clapping. Gagne looks over at her and is steaming. He gets up and walks towards her pointing his finger. Casey runs outside, grabs Gagne and hurls him back in the ring. 

Casey swings Gagne into the corner, charges, hops up on the turnbuckles and monkey flips Gagne over. Gagne sits up as Casey jumps over and executes a neck snap. The fans are cheering as Casey pumps his fists. Cheers turn to boos as JOHNNY VALIANT comes strutting around the ring. 


Casey swings off the ropes and Valiant reaches in and trips him. Casey staggers, then turns around and heads to the ropes. The Ref and Casey are warning Valiant. Sunshine runs over and starts yelling at Valiant. Valiant holds his arms up and backs off. 

Gagne tries a sneak attack but Casey turns around and levels him with a punch. Casey slams Gagne, hops up on the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee drop 1..2..Valiant puts Gagne's foot on the rope. The fans are up and cheering as Sunshine runs over, jumps on Valiant's back and starts choking him! The Ref is distracted by this. Casey swings Gagne to the ropes and kicks him in the gut, then swings off the ropes and hits a bulldog! Casey is covering but the Ref is still distracted by Sunshine and Valiant.

Thundering boos as JOSE ESTRADA hits the ring with a cigar.


He pulls Casey by his hair and rubs the lit cigar into his chest! Estrada gets out of there. The Ref finally turns around and sees Casey flopping around holding his chest. Gagne cradles Casey 1..2..3!!!! 


Sunshine jumps off Valiant and runs in the ring. She frantically calls for help. Medics hit the ring. Valiant pulls Gagne out and hands him the TV title. Valiant celebrates and raises Gagne's arm. Gagne can hardly stand. 

Winner of the match and NEW TV Champ- Greg Gagne


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans, I can't believe it. Greg Gagne is the new TV champion. I would call that a very tainted win. Scott Casey was helped out by several medics. 

Valiant and Gagne walk over.

Valiant: Gagne! Gagne! Gagne! The new TV champion, ladies and germs, the Great Gagne! 

Gagne: I did it! I really did it! 

Resnick: Hold on, I have so many questions. Johnny Valiant, why are you out here? And why was Jose Estrada out here? 

Verne Gagne comes out.

Verne: Greg, I just can't believe what I just witnessed. I'm so upset right now. And you Johnny Valiant, you set this all up last week when you bribed Estrada with those cigars. I'm no fool. 

Valiant: Wait a minute! That was simply a gift. I have no affiliation with Jose Estrada. You know him. He doesn't take orders from anyone and he does what he wants. However, I'll tell you who I am affiliated with, yep that's right, the new TV champ the Great Gagne. 

Greg: That's right! Come on Dad, get with it. This man's guidance brought me to this here title which is a lot more than you've ever done for me.

Verne: Greg, I'm ashamed and disappointed in you. There will come a day when you have to look in the mirror and see who you really are and when that day comes, I will pity you. 

Verne exits is disgust.

Valiant: Don't listen to him champ. You proved you don't need him and you proved who the better Gagne is.

Greg: You're so right and he's not going to spoil our moment. The Great Gagne is on top of the world! 

Massive boos as Valiant holds up Gagne's arm while Gagne holds up the TV title.  


Commercial Break 


AWA World Champ Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs. Clyde Putnam 


Thank goodness Steamboat gives the fans something to cheer about. Steamboat excites them with his usual arm drags and hip tosses. Steamboat swings Putnam hard into the corner. Putnam staggers into a scoop slam. Steamboat goes out to the apron and hits a slingshot splash for the pin! 


Resnick: Ricky Steamboat, you've defended the title against all comers but coming up next week in Milwaukee, you will face the power of Billy Jack Haynes. You heard his comments last week.

Steamboat: I'm not taking anything away from Billy Jack. He's strong and powerful and has a mean streak to go along with that. But rest assured Haynes, I've fought powerhouses before and came out victorious. I'm walking out of Milwaukee with the world title and that's a promise. 

Cheers as Steamboat waves and raises the world title to end the show. 




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The "Universal Heartthrob" starts us off with a scathing promo on his challenger Lawler. This is gonna be fun.

Ferris & Diamond pick up steam ahead of their match at the Cook Center.

I'm not sure if the cage can survive Cabin Fever & The Beasts of Burden.

"Rugged" Ron with the quiet w.

Snuka wishes Afi well then promises the fans a wild ride and he's poised to deliver against Dream Machine babay!

Masked men stick together as El Canek saves The Cobra from a Zybyszko assault.

Soviet Steel! Classic gimmick.

Rock n Roll is back and gunning for the Fabs on Labor day!

Mr Ito looks sharp ahead of his clash with Colon

Merrow paying Fergie's medical bills again, How Sweet! But who's his new partner?

Gagne wins the TV Title thanks to Valient & Estrada! Major heat as Verne is sickened.

Leave it to Steamboat to send the crowd home happy after Gagne's win. He & BJH are gonna tear it up.

Packed show!

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Lawler vs idol and the fans vs r n r just license to print money in this time both with tear it up in different ways that will leave the people wanting more. Verne been annoyed by Greg's win is interesting given real life awa. Steamboat and Haynes again add even more to the show in a different way to your other top feuds. Great show can't wait for more.

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Lawler vs. Idol is always gold, looking forward to this!

The Beasts vs. Cabin Fever in the cage is going to be brutal! Can't wait to see who manages to come out on top

Dream Machine is going to have his hands full with the Superfly but I have faith in him.

Rock & Roll vs. The Fabs is the Ultimate 80's tag team feud! This will sell out anywhere you book it!

Morrow is nothing but class taking care of his buddies medical bills. I'm impressed and amazed at how much mileage you've gotten out of this character.....love it!

The Great Gagne did it! The TV Champ!! Loving him and Valiant together! I'm a big Johnny V fan from back in the day!  These two working with Estrada is going to be fun!

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AWA @ The Cook Convention Center 7-24-86


Jerry "Alright" Allen and "The Ace" Art Crews battled to a 10 minute draw. This time Allen got the last laugh when he dropkicked Crews out of the ring after the match. 


"El Jefe" Jose Estrada defeated Tony Garea with a vicious knee lift. 


"Diamond" Timothy Flowers defeated Earthquake Ferris- Flowers nailed Ferris with a pair of brass knuckles to get the tainted win


The Bruise Brothers defeated The Fabulous Ones by DQ- The fans were into this match as these teams battled back and forth. Eventually the Fabs get frustrated as Keirn blatantly hit Snowman with a chair right in front of the Ref.  


Special Challenge Match

"The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland w/Gino Brito Jr. vs. Brad Rheingans 

At the 10 minute mark, Rheingans is in total control. He swings Charland into the corner then hops up on the turnbuckles and punches away on Charland's head. Charland grabs Rheingans and hits an inverted atomic drop, pulls the legs from under him, pushes forward with his own feet on the turnbuckles for the 1..2..3! Brito runs in the ring and raises Charland's arm in victory. The fans here Brito yelling "The AWA calls this competition?" 


Grudge Match

Carlos Colon vs. Mr. Ito w/Curtis Iaukea 

This is a wild one. Ito takes control thanks to interference by Iaukea. Iaukea then distracts the Ref as Ito pulls out a foreign object and tears into Colon's head. Colon is a bloody mess as Ito continues to work him over with vicious chops, punches and choking. The fans fire Colon up as Ito has a nerve hold clamped on. Colon rises and hits Ito with several elbows then rakes the eyes and slams Ito down. Ito backs into the corner. Colon becomes a madman and just starts kicking and stomping away on Ito. Iaukea hops on the apron. Colon punches Iaukea off the apron and goes to the outside. Colon slams Iaukea on the concrete. Colon reaches in and pulls Ito to the outside. Colon grabs Ito by his hair, slams his head down on the apron, then slams him headfirst into the steel post. Ito is bleeding bad. Colon hurls him back in the ring. Colon climbs to the top rope and waits. Ito is in a daze as he rises when Colon puts him down with a flying clothesline for the 1..2..3!

The fans are up and cheering but Colon isn't done. Colon picks up Ito and hurls him to the outside. Colon goes out and gives Iaukea a few stomps. Colon grabs a wooden chair and hits the steel post with it, shattering it into pieces. Colon grabs a piece, goes to Ito and starts carving into his head. The fans go into a bit of shock. Security runs out to stop Colon. Colon stops and starts to walk away but rushes down and starts carving away on Iaukea's head! Security has to pull Colon off. Colon walks away with dead cold eyes. 


Chief Wahoo McDaniel defeated Rene Goulet- Wahoo is working the kinks out of his knee to prepare for Bock next week. He looks more than ready as he wins the match with the tomahawk chop. 


Steel Cage Match! 

AWA National Tag Team Title Bout

Cabin Fever (C) vs. The Beasts of Burden w/Ox Baker 

This is one hard hitting, brutal and bloody match. These guys just go all out and tear into each other. After 15 minutes everybody is bleeding and all 4 men are in there fighting. Boone pounds away on Rip, grabs him and hurls him so hard into the cage it almost falls over. Manny and Boone double team Nord. They pick him up and run him face first into the cage! Boone picks up Rip and swings him to the ropes as Manny hits the flying burrito for the 1..2..3! 

Ox can't believe it as the fans are up and cheering. 

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Nice to see Allen even up the score.

I can only imagine the heat on "El Jefe" after he cost Casey the tv title.

Flowers ends Ferris's unbeaten streak courtesy of some brass knucks.

The fabs cement their heel status by taking a chair to the Bruise Brothers.

Aw the classic "heel has to cheat but still whines there's no competition" bit.

What the hell has gotten into Carlos Colon?

Wahoo is ready for the Indian strap match. Is Boch?

Cabin Fever proves it was no fluke as they retain in the cage!

The Cook Center must have had to replace the roof after this card!

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Awesome TV show!

I am always up for more Lawler-Idol.

Earthquake Ferris contnues his rise.

Ronnie Garvin with a nice win.  GLad to see him getting some attention in Dawn of War.  It seems we have all used him but not to the level he might have been in real life.  

Great Superfly promo... interested to see how he fares against Dream.

King Curtis is one scary dude!

Morrow better have someone better than Fergie this time for the Bruise Brothers!

Can't wait to see the RnR-Fab One Feud!

WHAT A GREAT SEGMENT WITH GREG GAGNE!!  From the match and the interference.  To the interview with the bribe with the cigars to the family feud with Greg and Dad.  Really well built and done!!!

The fans at the Cook Convention Center got their moneys worth. 

Bruise Brothers with the DQ win over the Fab Ones.... Those Fab Ones are getting real dirty.  I once read that that McMahon had called up Eddie Graham down in Florida looking for a babyface names Bob Backlund who he wanted for a World Title run.  Graham tried to talk him out of it and give him Steve Keirn for that roll as he was better on the Mic and could eventually have a good heel turn.  It would have been interesting.

And what will become of Ox after the loss by Beast of Burden

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Loving how Lawler and idol is building for there barn burner.

The Fabs laying waste to the Bruise Brothers making it 100% clear that they are the heels.

All in all another solid show.

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What a way to end Scott Casey's run with the TV title! A back-to-back bloody grudge match and steel cage tag match is a great way to top off a show!

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Great show! I love that the Fabs continue to double down on being heels......leaving the fans no choice but to "boo" their once beloved Fabs!

Big win for Charland here!!

Colon beats Ito to a bloody pulp WWC style and seems to be losing it!  I'll be interested to see where this leads!

WOW! What a Main Event!! Cabin Fever get the win in convincing fashion in the cage! I can't wait to hear what Ox Baker has to say about this!

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 7-30-86


Footage from last week is shown as Greg Gagne defeats Scott Casey in a very tainted way to win the TV title. 

Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Tremendous show lined up. Just listen to this main event. Jerry Lawler teams with Wahoo McDaniel to take on National champ Austin Idol and Nick Bockwinkle. Jerry Allen goes one on one with Timothy Flowers. AWA world tag champs, the Awesome Twosome will be in action. Golden Boys will also be in the ring as will Larry Zbyszko. Ox Baker's man, Billy Jack Haynes gears up for his upcoming world title shot. All that and a lot more. Let's get to the ring. 


The Golden Boys vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez


Golden Boys look sharp as they tune up for their world tag team title shot this weekend. They win the match with a double gourdbuster! 

Golden Boys cut a promo with Ken Resnick and say they're one hundred percent focused and ready to take the titles this weekend in Milwaukee. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans, please welcome out Johnny Valiant and the new AWA TV champ The Great Gagne. 


Thundering boos as Johnny struts out with the champ. Gagne is wearing full on Gatsby attire (suit, 2 button lapel, brown vest and of course a newsboy hat) along with the TV title on his shoulder. 

Resnick: Well Greg, you won the title but under very questionable circumstances.

Valiant: Whoa, stop right there Resnick. First off, you address the champ as the Great Gagne. Just look at him. He was born to be a champion. Next up, questionable circumstances? I think not. I didn't put Jose Estrada up to anything. Him and Scott Casey have some bad history and that's between them. 

Resnick: Scott Cassy suffered severe burns to his chest from a cigar you gave to Estrada.

Valiant: Look, Jose and myself appreciate fine cigars and I simply gave Estrada a gift, whatever he decided to do with it is his business. Now back to what's happening and that's the Great Gagne. You see, I knew he was a winner and that's why we're here at this moment. Greg, this is your moment, seize it.

Gagne: Thank you Johnny. Johnny Valiant, the only man who believed in me. Not these idiot fans, not Jerry Jarrett and especially not Verne Gagne. But Johnny Valiant. And now the world is ours. The Great Gagne will go down as the greatest AWA champion of all time. Ken Resnick, that's all for today. 

More boos as they exit. 

Resnick: Time will tell. The AWA debut of Tim Horner when we come back. 


Commercial Break 


"White Lightning" Tim Horner vs. Neil Jordan 


Horner uses his speed to work over his opponent. He hits arm drags, hip tosses and dropkicks before winning the match with a flying body press. 

Horner cuts a promo and says he's ready to take on the best the AWA has to offer. 


Commercial Break 


Jerry "Alright" Allen vs. "Diamond" Timothy Flowers 


Allen controls early with some high flying offense. Flowers takes a powder as they fans razz him. Flowers starts arguing with the fans, hops on the apron and continues to yell at the fans. Allen runs over and hurls Flowers back in the ring. Allen is all over Flowers, swings him to the ropes and gives him a big back drop. 

Boos as Art Crews hits the ring and blasts Allen from behind! The Ref signals for the DQ. Crews stomps away. Flowers regroups and joins in for the 2 on 1 beatdown. 

Cheers as Earthquake Ferris hits the ring and cleans house. Ferris helps Allen up as we go to commercial. 


Commercial Break 


Larry Zbyszko vs. Trent Watkins 


Larry seems upset and aggressive as he dominates the match. Larry finishes things off with a swinging neckbreaker! 

Resnick: Larry, I have to ask, last week you and the Cobra were set to square off but you decided to hit him with those nun chucks instead. Why? 

Larry: You ask me why? I'll tell you and all these spudheads why. I was set for a wrestling match and that showboating clown decided to try and upstage my glorious debut. He deserved what he got and deserved more but that other fool El Canek decided to stick his nose in my business. Big mistake. I've arranged to have a match next week. Those two jerks versus myself and a mystery partner. Canek, you're going to love this surprise. 

Resnick: Interesting match set for next week. I hope Canek and Cobra are prepared. Larry is a very devious individual. Up next another new team here in the AWA. 


Commercial Break 


The Olympians (Brad Rheingans and Bill Kazmaier) vs. Todd Rooney and William Hillman 


The Olympians come out wearing matching red white and blue attire. 

Rheingans hits a gutwrench suplex on Rooney then tags in Kazmaier. Kazmaier swings Rooney to the ropes and clamps on a bearhug for the impressive win. 


Resnick: Brad, Bill come on over. Tell me and all these great fans how you guys got together.

Bill: Well, Brad Rheingans actually had a big hand in training me. He taught me how to put this strength to good use in the ring. I can't believe we're finally able to team up here in the AWA! 

Brad: I'm excited too. With Bill's record breaking strength and my wrestling background, we're going to make a very cohesive unit. 

Resnick: I have no doubts about that. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the pink glowing 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton.



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome once again to the highest rated segment in wrestling, the beauty shop. Now, last week the Rock n Roll Express were out here taking shots at the Fabulous Ones, so I thought it was only right that I gave the Fabs a platform to respond. Please welcome out the Fabulous Ones. 

Fabs strut out and each give Brenda a big kiss on the cheek.


Britton: My oh my, it's so nice to have a real men and a legit tag team out here. You heard the comments last week and now it's your turn. go right ahead. 

Keirn: Yea we heard those babies out here whining and crying. They talk tough but that was only because they knew the Fabs weren't in the building. 

Lane: Those posers are nowhere near our status. We already gave them a first class fabulous beating and if they want another one on Labor Day then we'll be more than happy to give them one. 

Keirn: Everybody knows were the originators and they're nothing but a cheap rip off. Come Labor Day, we're going to show them who the top dogs are around here. 

Lane: There's only room in the AWA for the real deal and that's us! On Labor Day, RnR is going away and the Fabs are here to stay! 

Brenda: Well put! I'll be counting down the days. Until next week toooodles. 


Commercial Break 


AWA World Tag Team Champs The Awesome Twosome vs. Clint Walker and Carl Kellerman 


Sheer arrogance as the champs pretty much toy with their opponents. Adias executes the airplane spin and tags Hennig. Hennig hits the Fisherman's suplex for the pin. 

The champs cut a promo and say wrestling the Golden Boys will be a night off. They're more focused on celebrating afterwards at the bars in Milwaukee. 


Commercial Break 


Footage from the Cook Center is shown as Cabin Fever defeats the Beasts of Burden inside the steel cage to retain the AWA national tag titles. 


Ox Baker storms up to Resnick.

Ox: How dare you show that footage! Once again incompetent officiating costs the Beasts. I'm filing a protest and I guarantee my Beasts will get a fair shot and take back what's rightfully theirs! In the meantime, all my anger and rage will be focused on Billy Jack destroying Ricky Steamboat and winning the AWA world title in Milwaukee. In case you don't believe me, just watch this. 


Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker vs. Arnie Goldstein  


Billy runs in and just destroys Goldstein. Billy swings Goldstein to the ropes and clotheslines him down. Billy follows with several rabbit punches to the back then picks him up and applies the full nelson. The Ref signals for the bell. Billy spins Goldstein around and tosses him across the ring. Billy looks into the camera "Steamboat! You're mine!" 


Commercial Break 


Lance: Fans, next week you will see El Canek and The Cobra take on Larry Z and a mystery partner. Earthquake Ferris goes up against Art Crews and the winner will receive a TV title shot the following week. National tag champs Cabin Fever will be in action. Ron Garvin, Jose Estrada and The Bruise Brothers will all be in action. Listen to this main event, The Dream Machine goes one on one with Jimmy Snuka. And don't forget, this weekend at the auditorium in Milwaukee, the AWA comes to town with a big night of action. Our TV main event.... wait a minute, Gerry Morrow? What are you doing out here? 

Morrow is wearing a suit, fedora and sunglasses and of course holding a bottle of champagne. 


Morrow: HAHAHA! Did de Bruise Brothers think I would forget about our unfinished business? Oh no no no no. Dis is only de beginning. I have found a new partner, one that may come as a surprise and that's why I wanted to introduce him in front of you Lance. Please welcome out my new tag team partner George 'Wealthy' Wells. 


Wells comes out sporting blonde hair and wearing a suit, fedora and sunglasses along with a bottle of champagne.

Lance: George Wells? What on earth! How could you align yourself with this man after what he put you through? Why? 

Wells: That's all water under the bridge. You see, I had an epiphany, a moment of clarity. Long story short, money talks and living the good life is what it's all about. And Gerry, thanks again for those stock tips. 

Morrow: (sets glasses on the podium and pours champagne) Now Lance, if you will, a toast to Priceless. 

Lance: Come on Gerry, you know I'm on the clock

Wells: Man, where's Gordon Solie when you need him? 

Priceless laughs and toasts as Lance looks disgusted. 


Commercial Break 


Jerry "The King" Lawler and Wahoo McDaniel vs. AWA National Champ Austin Idol and Nick Bockwinkle 


Lot's of heat in this match. Lawler and Idol have some heated exchanges as do Wahoo and Bock. 10 minutes in and Wahoo has the upper hand on Bock. Wahoo swings Bock into the corner and goes crazy with the chops. Idol runs in but Lawler stops him and punches away. Lawler punches Idol through the ropes. Lawler and Wahoo swing Bock to the ropes and put him down with a double back elbow smash. The Ref guides Lawler to the corner as Wahoo lifts Bock up for a suplex. Idol runs in and clips Wahoo behind his bad knee. Wahoo and Bock crumble down. Lawler runs back in and takes it to Idol. The Ref is trying to break them up. Bock slides out of the ring and grabs a chair. Wahoo starts to stagger up just as Bock blasts his knee with the chair. Bock tosses the chair and covers. The Ref turns around, runs over and counts 1..2..3! 

Lawler punches Idol out of the ring and goes after Bock but Bock slides out. Lawler attends to Wahoo as the show ends. 



AWA @ The Milwaukee Auditorium 7-31-86


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky Steamboat (C) vs. Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

The Awesome Twosome (C) vs. The Golden Boys 


AWA National Title Bout 

Austin Idol (C) vs. Jerry Lawler 


Indian Strap Match 

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Nick Bockwinkle 


plus more exciting bouts 









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I hope The Golden Boys knock Henning & Adias's heads off.

Valiant & "The Great" Gagne already prove themselves a great heel pair.

Nice merging of lower midcard feuds with Ferris/Allen vs Flowers/Crews.

Who does Larry Z have in store for the masked tandem?

The Olympians are a textbook 80's patriotic face team. How convenient you had a Soviet duo arrive last week.

The Fabs star in another great episode of the Beauty Shop.

Baker & Hayes are pissed! Steamboat's in trouble!

I certainly didn't picture George Wells as Morrow's new partner. Those must have been some damn good stock tips.

Bockwinkel once again proves the smartest man in the room as he & Idol triumph over Lawler/Wahoo. So excited for both these matches.

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The heels are running the undercard but what fine heels they are! I will never doubt Ricky Steamboat's ability to fend off all comers - though they will only make it harder for me when someone does eventually knock him off!

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I've said this before but I never thought I could ever enjoy anything involving Greg Gagne but this heel Gagne paired with Johnny V is working for me! Fun stuff!

The Living Legend has a mystery partner to help him take those guys to "LarryLand"!  I've been a fan of Zbyzsko, looking forward to his antics here in the AWA!

Kazmaier felt great in theory for me but I fizzled out on ideas right out of the gate, this team with Rheingans has legs, glad he was able to head your way, because in reality teaming with a vet is the perfect scenario for him to learn and develop at this stage in his career.

The Fabs continue to make themselves more hated trash talking the Rock & Rolls! Looking forward to those matches!

Morrow does it again! "Wealthy" Wells...I love it!

Nice win for Idol/Bockwinkel to put even more heat on their upcoming singles matches with Lawler/Wahoo.

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AWA @ The Milwaukee Auditorium 7-31-86



El Canek and The Cobra defeated Soviet Steel- The Russians show how tough they are but in the end, Canek hits a gorilla press drop on Markoff and Cobra follows with a senton for the win. 


"The Ace" Art Crews defeated Tony Garea with a kneedrop from the top rope. 


"The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland w/Gini Brito Jr. defeated Steve O with an inverted piledriver 


"Rugged" Ron Garvin defeated "Diamond" Timothy Flowers- Flowers got to caught up antagonizing the fans that when he turned around, Garvin nailed him with a KO punch for the win. 


Indian Strap Match 

Chief Wahoo McDaniel vs. Nick Bockwinkle

These guys give the fans a solid 15 minute fight. Wahoo starts strong and has Bock bleeding quick but can't drag him to all 4 corners. Bock comes back and is ruthless. Before long, Wahoo is bleeding. Bock starts to work over Wahoo's bad knee and is able to drag Wahoo to 3 corners but Wahoo breaks the momentum. Wahoo gets fired up and takes it to Bock. Wahoo uses the strap and whips the hell out of Bock. Bock's back is beet red and he's on the verge of passing out.  Wahoo ties up Bock's hands and drags him to all 4 corners to get a very satisfying win. 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

The Awesome Twosome (C) vs. The Golden Boys 

The champs obviously made a big mistake by underestimating the challengers. The first few minutes is all Golden Boys as they have the champs bumping all over the ring. The Awesome Twosome are far from awesome tonight and can't get any solid momentum. At the 10 minute mark, the Golden Boys clothesline Hennig and Adias over the top rope. The dazed champs stagger around, grab their titles and just walk away. The fans boo as the Ref counts them out. Golden Boys can't believe it as they get the underwhelming c.o. win. Awesome Twosome remain world tag champs. 


AWA National Title Bout 

"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol (C) vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler 

This one's a good one. Things get going quick with a good punch exchange. Lawler gets the upper hand, swings Idol to the ropes and back drops him. Idol staggers up and Lawler puts him down with a punch. Lawler continues to work Idol over and gets several near falls. Idol turns things around with a mule kick. Now it's Idol's turn as he controls things for the next few minutes. Idol executes a backbreaker and follows with a vertical suplex but only gets a 2 count. The fans fire Lawler up. Both men have another exchange. Lawler starts to get the upper hand and the strap goes down. The fans go wild as Lawler hammers away on Idol, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a back elbow smash. Idol staggers up and Lawler clamps on the sleeper! Idol's arms are flailing and he hits the Ref. The Ref goes down. Lawler releases the sleeper and scoop slams Idol. Lawler goes to the top rope and crashes down with a flying fist drop but the Ref is still out. 

Thundering boos as SUPERSTAR BILL DUNDEE runs out in street clothes, goes to the top rope and crashes down on Lawler with a forearm drop. Dundee stomps away on Lawler, hoists him up and piledrives him down. Dundee hoists Lawler up again and gives him another piledriver. Idol staggers up and starts stomping away on Lawler. Now both Dundee and Idol are taking it to Lawler. A satisfied Dundee goes and wakes up the Ref, then slides out of the ring. Idol clamps on the Las Vegas Leglock. Lawler is already unconscious as Idol wrenches away. The Ref signals for the bell. BOOOOOO! Idol is declared the winner. Dundee celebrates on the outside as Idol holds up his National title. Dundee is back, here we go again. 


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker 

Things start slow as Billy uses his strength to work over Steamboat with a headlock. Billy grinds it on as Ox nods in approval. Steamboat pumps his fist as the fans cheer him on. Steamboat hoists Billy up and back suplexes his way out of the headlock. Steamboat rubs his neck and shakes the cobwebs. Both men rise, Billy nails Steamboat with a forearm blast, swings him to the ropes but misses a clothesline, Steamboat swings back and hits a flying press 1..2..Billy kicks out. Steamboat picks up Billy and slams him down, then goes to the top rope. Billy staggers up as Steamboat nails him with a brain chop 1..2..kick out. Steamboat hoists Billy up and executes a delayed vertical suplex, Steamboat swings off the ropes and hits a jumping knee drop 1..2..kick out. Steamboat gets up, swings off the ropes but Ox trips him. Steamboat staggers, turns around and heads towards Ox. The Ref and Steamboat have words with Ox. Billy staggers up, runs over and sends Steamboat through the ropes with a flying knee to the back. 

Billy distracts the Ref as Ox picks up Steamboat,  slams his head on the apron, then hurls him back in the ring. Billy swings Steamboat to the ropes and just about takes his head off with a vicious clothesline 1..2..kick out. Billy swings Steamboat into the corner and charges in with a running shoulder thrust. Billy grabs the ropes and delivers several more shoulder thrusts. Billy hoists Steamboat up on the turnbuckles. Billy hops up and delivers a superplex! Billy covers 1..2..Steamboat barley lifts his shoulder as the crowd gasps. Ox gets on the apron and berates the Ref. Billy joins in as both men yell at the Ref saying that was a 3 count. Steamboat rolls over and uses the ropes to help himself up. He regroups, runs over and dropkicks Billy into Ox! Ox goes flying off the apron as Steamboat rolls Billy up 1..2..Billy is just able to kick out. 

Steamboat picks up Billy and swings him to the ropes but Billy reverses it, Steamboat swings back and both men just collide and go down. Both men stagger up and have a furious exchange! They just keep pounding away on each other. The Ref tries to break it up but both men push him down. The Ref hops up and again tries to break them up but again gets pushed down. The Ref has no choice but to signal for the bell and DQ both men. The bell is ringing but the fists keep flying.

Ox runs in the ring and nails Steamboat from behind. Billy grabs Steamboat and gives him a short arm clothesline. Billy picks up Steamboat and clamps on the full nelson! The Ref tries to stop it but Ox grabs him and hurls him out of the ring. Billy wrenches away as he spins Steamboat around like a rag doll. Billy tosses Steamboat across the ring. Steamboat is lying under the ropes as Billy runs over and baseball slides him out of the ring. Billy goes to the outside, picks up Steamboat and once again clamps on the full nelson! Ox grabs the world title and holds it up as Billy continues to wrench away with the full nelson. Billy runs with Steamboat and rams him face first into the steel post. Steamboat is down and bleeding. Ox hands Billy the title. The fans are in riot mode as Billy raises the title.

Official ruling- A Double DQ

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The masked duo show their continuity ahead of their meeting with Larry Z & his mystery partner.

Couple of nice wins for the Ace & the Wrecking Machine.

I love the visual of Flowers jawing with the fans only to turn around & get ko'd.

Wahoo gets his revenge in the Strap match.

Henning & Adias bolt like proper chickenshit heels.

Between Dundee costing Lawler the National Title & Ox & Hayes leaving Steamboat laying then posing with the title, it's not surprising you damn near had a riot.

Wild night in Milwaukee!

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This Milwaukee card had PPV vibes, no cap!

Canek & Cobra get the eye-catching win over the Russians in spectacular fashion.

Crews ends Garea with that high knee from the heavens.

Wrecking Machine with the big win. Again, these finishes with these finishers surely put exclamation points on these battles.

Ronnie lays out Flowers with a KO he clearly deserved for that lack of focus!

Wahoo gets his decisive win against a heated foe. "Satisfying" was the perfect word for this.

Talk about wanting to see 2 heels get their comeuppance. This voluntary count-out to hang on to the straps is a real heat-builder.

Speaking of heat -- this is a pressure cooker with Dundee and King. What a way to see this end. Idol & Dundee should leave town quickly.

Steamboat getting left laying with a death blow like that feels very much like a longer rivalry is afoot. Haynes is a really intriguing spoil for Steamboat, and I'd love to see more.

Now THIS is a night out in a Milwaukee! 

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First for the TV show!

Highlight for me was George Wells and the stock tips from Morrow.  Love this angle and you do an awesome job of keeping it going while changing the pieces to keep it hot!

Valiant and the explanation of the cigar was CLASSIC!

Nice Larry Z interview... you spudheads.... SPOT ON

Nice idea putting Rheingans and Kazmaier together

Man... I thought Ox was scary before he was mad.... NOW HE IS A TERROR

Great main event... I like how Lawler is still the Man even though it is the AWA and not Memphis.  I think this is very realistic and wish he had really ventured out in the ;ate 70's and early 80's



I bet Flowers vs Garvin was one stiff match.

El Canek is continuing his build.  I know little of his career but was told by on old friend from NWAR that he was huge!!

WOW... Wahoo with a clean win over Bock!  This is huge even though it was in his speciality.

No matter how often we see Lawler and Idol or Lawler and Dundee, it never gets old.  I most places when a title changes hands, it is time to move on.  With these 3, it could change hands twice a week and still be a great event.

Great job in the bout for the titlle.  Steamboat is one of the best in settling feuds.  He might need to reach down deep here as Ox might be the deciding factor.

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What a dramatic conclusion! It goes without saying that I'm really loving Ricky Steamboat's title run! I'm glad the Awesome Twosome kept their belts, even if they had to perform a "tactical retreat" - they have such a beating coming to them!

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