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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 9-24-86


Show opens with footage from the Rupp Arena as Carlos Colon piledrives Tiger Jeet Singh through the timekeeper's table! 


Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA major league wrestling. Tonight you will see The Fabulous Ones, Ron Garvin, Priceless and Nick Bockwinkle. Scott Putski will take on Jose Estrada. National Champ Austin Idol will be on the show. I also want to address this, fans last week we saw Haystack's put the Cobra out on a stretcher. I understand Cobra will be out of action for quite sometime. I've been told that Giant Haystacks will comment on his despicable act. Big main event as the Olympians return to action  and will square off against Vin Man's team of Art Crews and Timothy Flowers. We'll also be talking about the AWA's big card this weekend at the Market Square Arena. Well fans, let's get to the ring for our first bout. 


"Rugged" Ron Garvin vs. Neil Jordan  


Garvin back drops Jordan then raises his fist. Jordan staggers up and Garvin nails him with his knockout right hand punch for the win! 


Resnick: Congratulations on another great win. Ron, this Saturday at the Market Square Arena, it will be you and Richard Charland in a taped fist match. 

Ron: You know I've been listening to Brito and Charland and how they say I sucker punched Charland the last time we met. Well you boys wanted a taped fist match, you got one. I wonder what their excuse will be when I knock Charland out again! 

Boos as Brito comes out.

Brito: Garvin! You're soft and you know It was a sucker punch and now it's our turn to get even.

Garvin hears a commotion and looks behind him. Charland (with taped fists) nails Garvin with a right punch! 

Garvin goes down. 

Brito: You see that Resnick. Garvin doesn't stand a chance against the Wrecking Machine! 

Charland bumps Resnick on his way out. 


Commercial Break 


Priceless vs. Vic Dutro and Gary Williams


Priceless are as arrogant as ever as they stroll to the ring wearing fedora hats, sunglasses and suits. They each have a champagne bottle and set them on the table. 

Solid squash as Wells hits a flying shoulder block on Dutro then tags in Morrow. Morrow executes a jaw breaker for the win. 


Resnick: Opportunity of a lifetime for these two gentlemen. This Saturday at the Market Square Arena, you two will wrestle Cabin Fever for the AWA world tag team titles. 

Priceless enter the scene and hold up their champagne bottles. 

Morrow: De titles are as good as ours. Now Resnick, please join us in a celebration toast.

Wells: Come on Resnick. Celebrate with us. 

Resnick: You both know I can't do that. And for the record, you have not won the titles yet. 

Wells: You really know how to spoil a party don't you. 

Morrow: Dat was your last chance Resnick. When we do win de titles I know just de person who will indulge us. We are done with you. 

Wells: Resnick, you really are a square. 


Commercial Break 

Highlights are shown of the Colon/Singh match from the Rupp Arena. 


Resnick: Fans at the Rupp Arena witnessed a bloodbath between Colon and Singh. After a year and a half Carlos Colon has finally won the war. He's on a well deserved vacation back home in Puerto Rico. Colon has gone through hell and I'm glad it's over. We'll see you soon Carlos. Switching gears, I want to remind everybody that on November 26th at the St. Paul Civic Center, the AWA will present its next closed circuit extravaganza, SuperClash! I know Jerry Jarrett and Verne Gagne have been working very hard on putting this huge event together. We'll be talking a lot more about SuperClash in the weeks to come. Here's something I can announce. There will be an 8 team tournament to crown new AWA National tag team champs. The tournament matches will be shown on TV throughout October and November with the finals taking place at SuperClash. Big news indeed. More action when we come back.



Commercial Break 


Scott "Powerhouse" Putski vs. "El Jefe" Jose Estrada


On the way to the ring, Estrada takes a big puff on his cigar and blows it in Resnick's face. 

The bell rings and Estrada starts badmouthing Putski. Estrada goes to kick Putski low but Putski grabs his leg, spins him around and atomic drops him into the turnbuckles. Estrada hits hard as Putski grabs him and sends him flying with an overhead back suplex. Estrada staggers up as Putski swings off the ropes and hits a cross body block 1..2..Kick Out. Putski swings Estrada to the ropes and puts him down with a dropkick. Putski swings off the ropes and crashes down with a jumping elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. Estrada quickly slides out of the ring to regroup. 

Estrada stumbles around before finally getting on the apron. Putski grabs him but Estrada rakes his eyes then snaps his head on the top rope. Estrada grabs Putski's legs and pulls him to the outside. Estrada slams Putski's head on the apron and follows with a body slam on the concrete. Estrada hurls Putski back in the ring. Estrada picks up Putski and delivers a rib breaker. Estrada once again picks up Putski and delivers another rib breaker 1..2..3! Estrada picks up Putski and delivers yet another rib breaker. Estrada pushes the Ref out if the way, picks up Putski and hurls him out of the ring. Estrada goes to the table, grabs his cigar and grinds it in Putski's face as the fans boo. On the way out Estrada gives Resnick a dirty look. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: That was a disgusting act by Jose Estrada. I'm not sure what his problem is. Fans, we're set for a tag team match but I understand Keven Kelly has an introduction to make. Go ahead Kevin. 

Kelly: Ken Resnick, as you know my partner Dan Spivey has left the AWA. Fear not because I made a call to an old friend and with the National tag title tournament coming up, the timing couldn't be better. Introducing my Gold Standard partner Nick Kiniski! 


Gold Standard vs. Todd Rooney and Ray Glader 


Kelly and Kiniski enter the ring wearing gold tank tops, gold trunks with gold kneepads and boots. They take off their tank tops and throw them out to the crowd. 

Kelly and Kiniski haven't missed a beat as they look in synch tonight. Kelly hits a backbreaker on Glader and holds him as Kiniski comes off the middle ropes with an elbow drop to the chest for the impressive win. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink 'Beauty Shop' sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the number one rated segment in wrestling, the Beauty Shop. Now, I've got some bad news and I've got some great news. First the bad, unfortunately there will be no guests tonight. However, the great news is I have a big announcement. As I've said a million times but since I know you dumb fans don't have very much of an attention span (BOOOOOOOOS) Hey there's no need for that. As I was saying, everything happens on the Beauty Shop. Next week on this very show, Curt Hennig has invited Brian Adias to come out here for a man to man conversation. That's right, the former AWA world tag team champs, the Awesome Twosome will be right here on my show. I can't wait! So until then toooodles! 


Commercial Break 


The Fabulous Ones vs. Clinton Stitch and Javier Gutierrez 


Fabs are aggressive tonight. Lane nails Gutierrez with a karate kick as Keirn grabs him and executes a back suplex for the win. 


Resnick: Last week Jerry Jarrett announced that the two of you will face the Rock n Roll Express in a best of 7 series. Match one takes place this Saturday at the Market Square Arena. 

Keirn: Jarrett's happy, those Fab wannabes are happy but guess what? So are we! 

Lane: That's right! We get to beat up those imposters 4 straight times! 

Resnick gives a puzzled look. 

Keirn: What? Do you really think those punks can get a win on us? 

Lane: No way! We have the endurance, stamina, strength and teamwork. We finally get to prove to the world what we have known all along. 

Keirn: That we're the better team! Case closed! 


Commercial Break 


Footage from the Rupp Arena is shown as Idol gets DQed for hitting Lawler with his title belt. 


Resnick: Joining me now is the AWA National Champion, Austin Idol. 

"Do you want to touch me" by Joan Jett blasts over the speakers. 


Idol steps in front of the camera with his belt on his shoulder and gives the viewers a bicep pose. 

Idol: Oh darling, the Universal Heartthrob is on cloud nine tonight. Do you know why? 

Resnick: I'm afraid I don't.

Idol: Of course you don't! Just look at me baby. Can you name anybody in the AWA that suits this title better than me? Of course you can't! I've defended this title against the best and I've beaten the best. I mean nobody has come close. 

Resnick: I would say Jerry Lawler came close if not for you...

Idol: Whoa! Wait a minute! Who walked out as champion? That's right, I did! As for Jerry Lawler, his ship has sailed. He tried but failed! Face facts Lawler, you're just a loser and you never will measure up to a man like me. I'm the champ and I say Lawler never gets another shot at MY title. You got that darling? Man, it's great to be me! 

The fans boo as Idol gives another bicep pose and wink. 


Commercial Break 


The Olympians vs. "Diamond" Timothy Flowers and "The Ace" Art Crews w/The Vin Man 

Fun match as the Olympians use their combination of Rheingan's technical wrestling and Bill's sheer power to frustrate Crews and Flowers. The tide turns as Vin Man trips Rheingans and he stumbles into a clothesline by Flowers. Flowers and Crews get it together and take control for a few minutes with constant double teaming. Bill finally has enough, charges in and puts Crews and Flowers down with a double clothesline! Rheingans eventually makes the hot tag and Bill cleans house, slamming Crews and Flowers all over the ring. Rheingans comes in and all 4 men are fighting.

Massive boos as The Union comes to ringside. Ross is waving his flag as Huber holds up his sledgehammer. Before they know it, the Olympians run outside and put the fists to the Union! The Ref counts as the Olympians pummel the Union. The Ref hits 10. Vinnie runs in the ring and celebrates with his team like they won the SuperBowl. Olympians have no idea what happened as they continue to pound away on the Union until a bunch of prelim wrestlers come out to try and stop this. While that is going on, Vinnie runs up to Resnick and says "Book my team in the National tag tournament! Vin Man...Yea!" 


Commercial Break 


Giant Haystacks is standing by a cliff with ocean waves in the background. 


Haystacks: Last week was a message! A message for you El Canek! You and I have unfinished business and I wanted to make sure you didn't forget about me. Your friend was simply a sacrifice. Get ready Canek! You're next! 


Nick Bockwinkle vs. Troy Tyler 


Bock puts on a wrestling exhibition before winning the match with a piledriver! 


Resnick: This Saturday, Market Square Arena, Ricky Steamboat defends the AWA world title against this man, Nick Bockwinkle. 

Bock: From day one, my goal has been to reclaim what's rightfully mine, that is the AWA world title. I had to spill blood with Wahoo McDaniel to get here and I accomplished that. Mr. Steamboat, you're the only man who stands in my way. I assure you, I will stop at nothing to win the world title. I can also assure you that I have the intestinal fortitude to do just that. I don't think I can say the same about you. I will go as far to say, I guarantee victory. 

Resnick: It all goes down this weekend at the Market Square Arena. Fans, you wont want to miss it. Until next week, so long. 



Market Square Arena

Saturday Night 


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Nick Bockwinkle 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

Cabin Fever (C) vs. Priceless


Match 1 of the best of 7 series 

The Rock n Roll Express vs. The Fabulous Ones 


Taped Fist Match 

"Rugged" Ron Garvin vs. "The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland w/Gino Brito Jr. 


Plus more exciting bouts including the AWA debut of Iceman Parsons 






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Brito & Charland poke the bear ahead of the Taped fist match.

Resnick should'a joined the toast when he had the chance.

After everything he's been through, Colon deserves a vacation. On the bright side,we finally get details on SuperClash, a 8 team tournament for the National Tag Titles!

Estrada puts Putski in his place. All part of being El Jefe.

Kelly & Kiniski together again.

Damn The Fabs are cocky af going into the best of 7.

Idol has the gold so he calls the shots, got that darling?

The Olympians get too caught up whipping The Union they forgot about The Family! 

11 minutes ago, rainmakerrtv said:

Steamboat vs. Bock will be a classic for the ages.

My thoughts excactly.

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AWA @ The Market Square Arena, Indianapolis IN 9-25-86



Lightning Strike (Tim Horner and Jerry Allen) defeated The Masked Gladiators with a double suplex followed by stereo elbow drops. 


Al Perez accompanied by Larry Zbyszko defeated Steve O with the helicopter spin. Afterwards Larry and Al shook hands


The next match was originally scheduled to be The Dream Machine vs. Wahoo McDaniel- It's announced that Wahoo has left the AWA. Dream and Jones are celebrating the forfeit win. However, there will be a substitution. Dream and Jones are throwing a tantrum and yelling at the Ref. Things get worse when BLACKJACK MULLIGAN is announced as the sub. Dream and Jones are still berating the Ref. He shrugs them off and signals for the bell. Dream and Jones turn around and get double clotheslined by Mulligan. Mulligan drops a big elbow on Dream 1..2..3! The fans go nuts! Blackjack Mulligan has arrived! 


Taped Fist Match 

"Rugged" Ron Garvin vs. "The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland w/Gino Brito Jr. 

This one is a straight up slugfest. Both men just hammer and pound away on each other. Brito takes his shots on Garvin as well. Both men are bleeding but continue to go toe to toe. Brito once again gets on the apron but Garvin ducks a wild swing by Charland, hoists him up and atomic drops him into Brito. Charland staggers around and Garvin nails him with a KO right punch to get the win! 


Match 1 of the Best of 7 series 

The Rock n Roll Express vs. The Fabulous Ones

These teams go all out for 30 minutes. Nothing but back and forth edge of your seat action. Several double team maneuvers and near falls by both teams. The finish sees all 4 men in the ring. An RnR double back drop sends Keirn bumping out of the ring. RnR swing Lane to the ropes and double hip toss him over. The Ref guides Morton back to his corner. Gibson goes to the top rope but Keirn runs over and pushes him off. Lane hits a knee drop to the back of Gibson's head 1..2..3! Morton is a second to late. The Fabs take a 1-0 lead. 


Iceman Parsons defeats Rene Goulet with the booty bump! Parsons really electrified the crowd. 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

Cabin Fever (C) vs. Priceless 

Cabin Fever are on their A game tonight as they pretty much steamroll over Priceless in the opening minutes. Priceless comes back with some solid heel tactics and double teaming but it doesn't last long. Manny is really working Wells over when Morrow charges in but Boone is all over him. During the pier six brawl the Ref takes a nasty bump and fly's back and down. Boone picks up Morrow and powerslams him over. Manny swings Wells to the ropes and hits the flying burrito! Priceless are down but so is the Ref.

Wait a minute! The Beasts of Burden hit the ring in street clothes! They're all over Cabin Fever. Ox Baker is on the outside and throws a couple chairs into the ring. Morgan stomps away on Boone in the corner then holds a chair in front of his face. Nord charges in with a big boot to the chair! A bloody face Boone just collapses. Nord slams Manny down on a chair. Nord holds Manny's head on the chair as Morgan hits a leg drop on Manny's head! Now Manny is a bloody mess. Ox smiles and escorts his Beasts out of there as fans boo and throw trash at them. 

Morrow slowly rolls over and covers Manny. Wells gets the Ref and tosses him over. The Ref slowly counts 1..2..3! Unbelievable! 


The Winners of the match and NEW AWA World tag team champions- Priceless! Get the champagne ready!


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Nick Bockwinkle 

Big time feel to this one. We get an epic stare down during introductions that really sets the tone. 

This one's nothing short of a classic. The opening minutes is all technical with neither man gaining an advantage. The fans can't believe how evenly matched these two are. Bock turns things up with a knee to Steamboat's gut during a break. Bock works in some body slams and suplexes before Steamboat comes back with the fire. Steamboat hits his trademark hip tosses, dropkicks and arm drags. Steamboat slows things down as he works over Bock with an armbar. Bock eventually gets to the ropes, then rolls out of the ring for a breather. 

Bock gets back in the ring. They go to lock up but Bock kicks Steamboat and follows with a gut wrench suplex but doesn't put Steamboat away. Bock executes a headlock takeover and wrenches away on Steamboat with a headlock. Steamboat eventually gets to his feet and hits a back suplex to get out of the headlock. 

Steamboat controls the next segment with slams, suplexes, double axehandles and brain chops (from the top rope) and of course some chops thrown in. The tide turns once again when Steamboat charges in the corner but Bock moves. Bock slides under the ropes, grabs Steamboat's leg and slams his knee into the steel post. 

The next segment is all Bock as he works over Steamboat's knee. He drops several elbows on the knee then applies a spinning toe hold. Bock turns that into an Indian Deathlock! Bock wrenches away as Steamboat grimaces in pain. Steamboat uses all his strength and grabs the ropes. Bock keeps applying the pressure until the 5 count. Bock releases and kicks Steamboat a few times in the knee. Bock sets Steamboat's leg in the bottom rope and goes for a bomb's away on it but Steamboat moves and rolls out of the ring. Bock goes out after him. They both end up back on the apron. Bock hits Steamboat with forearms as Steamboat comes back with chops. Steamboat then hip tosses Bock over the rope and back into the ring. 

Bock staggers up as Steamboat slingshots himself into the ring and nails Bock with a shoulder dive. Both men are reeling. It's announced that 55 minutes has gone by and only 5 remain. 

Both men stagger up. Bock grabs Steamboat and goes for a vertical suplex but Steamboat blocks it and suplexes Bock 1..2..Kick out! Steamboat picks up Bock and swings him towards the corner but Bock reverses it and swings Steamboat hard into the corner. Bock charges in but Steamboat moves. Bock hits hard and falls back and down. Steamboat quickly goes out to the apron and hits the slingshot splash 1..2..3! Huge POP! Steamboat won at the 58 minute mark! Steamboat limps around but still manages to smile and hold his title high as a disappointed Bock sits against the turnbuckles staring at him.  

Winner of the match and still AWA World Champ- Ricky Steamboat! 




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Lighting Strike...sounds promising.

Zybyszko shaking hands with ANYBODY is interesting. What are you up to Larry?

Blackjack Mulligan arrives with a bang!

"Rugged" Ronnie overcomes 2 men to win the Taped Fist Match! I think a title shot may be in his future.

The Fabs move one step closer to their promised clean sweep.

Iceman is always a crowd pleaser.

Ok i love Cabin Fever but I can't help but be excited that AWA has Priceless Tag Team Champions! I wonder if Ox likes champagne cause I'm willing to bet there's a bottle with his name on it!

Bockwinkel/Steamboat is the masterpiece we were all expecting. I legitimately had no idea who was winning. Steamboat has,been phenomenal as champion but I know Bock was THE MAN in the AWA after Verne retired.

Unforgettable night in Indianapolis.

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Well, this will be the third thread I've posted in asking for a copy of the tape, but Holy Shit....I need a copy of Steamboat/Bockwinkel!! Those two for 58 minutes, shoot that shit directly into my veins!! Match sounds amazing and really cements Steamboats title reign as an all time great!

Hooray for Priceless!! The war coming between the Beasts and Cabin Fever is going to be brutal, but at least there will be some class and dignity holding the tag titles now!!

Fabs take the lead in the Best of 7, but it's just one match, and you know the R'n'R ain't done. 

Blackjack Mulligan will make a nice fit here. 

Looking forward to the Hennig/Adias confrontation on the Beauty Shop next week as well.


You always keep it exciting my man. AWA is full of action from top to bottom! Looking forward to more.

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Priceless are confident going into their title match! I'm pulling for them!!

I love that "El Jefe" is thriving right now and grinding cigars into people....good stuff!

Speaking of confidence....the Fabs are not at all concerned about the Rock & Roll Express....loving the idea of Best of Seven series with these two teams!

Heel Austin Idol is the best Austin Idol!

Great way to end the show with Nick Bockwinkle hyping the match we've all been waiting for!


On to Market Square Arena! (I've been there!!)

Lightning Strike, I like this team...they have great potential as a babyface team!

Again, as I said last week....I liked the Perez/Zbyzsko pairing IRL, happy to see them together here in '86....Larry would be a great mentor for Al Perez at this stage in his career.

Poor Dream Machine.....GREAT way to debut Blackjack.

Fabs take the lead!! Don't count out Morton/Gibson! 

HELL YES!! Priceless are the WORLD Tag Team Champions!! This is going to be a fun ride!! 

What a main event! Frankly, I was going to be happy regardless of who won...but a 58 minute classic is one I'm sure the fans in Indianapolis will be talking about for years to come!!

Fantastic show my friend!

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Really good TV show that pushed the Market Square event!  Nice job getting those tickets sold.  I must say that you have everyone in the right place on your roster.  You got Garvin in the taped fist match, Priceless hanging on as a top team going after the titles, Colon fighting the wars, Brenda in the Beauty Shop, El Jefe as the awesome midcard heel with the cigar and all and the tag team issues with Hennig and Adias, the arrogant heel in Idol and the big time main eventers going for the title in Steamboat and Bock!  Great job developing their characters, their feuds and giving each fan something that they want.

As for Market Square:

Awesome event that has the twists and turns that make for a fun-filled wild ride.

Larry Z and Perez with the handshake.... Interested to see where this goes to.

Wahoo No Shows but that's fine... here comes Mulligan

The Fab Ones take the 1-0 lead

Wow!!! The shocker of the night for me was the tag title change!  AWESOME

Great main event.  Would love to see more of this.  Maybe my favorite matchup in the entire game right now.

If you were at Market Square, you could not wait for the next tv show to see what will happen from all of the chaos.  If you were not there, you can't wait for the next tv show to see what happened.  Great event.  



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Ron Garvin versus Richard Charland and Rock 'n' Roll versus the Fabulous Ones work great back-to-back, what a treat! Ricky Steamboat versus Nick Bockwinkle did not disappoint, and I loved the dramatic finish at the fifty eighth minute!

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 10-1-86


Show opens with highlights from the Market Square Arena. Blackjack Mulligan arrives with a quick victory over Dream Machine. The Fabs take a 1-0 lead over the RnR Express. Ron Garvin knocks out Richard Charland. NEW AWA tag team champs as the Beasts interfere and help Priceless defeat Cabin Fever. And Ricky Steamboat defeats Nick Bockwinkle at the 58 minute mark to retain the AWA world title. 

We go to the locker rooms for post match comments from both Nick Bockwinkle and Ricky Steamboat. 


Bock: (pauses) Ricky Steamboat, I commend you on your victory tonight. However, it was just one match. Rest assured I will not give up on my quest to once again hold the AWA world title. Ricky Steamboat, I want you to know I will be back soon and I will be gunning for that title and next time I will win it. 


Steamboat: (holding ice on his knee) Nick Bockwinkle, tonight you gave me the match of my life and I respect that. I will be more than happy to go at it again. But I want you to know, I don't plan on losing this title any time soon and when we do meet again, the result will be the same. 




Lance Russell: Fans, that Steamboat/Bockwinkle match was one of the greatest matches I've ever witnessed. I'm sure a rematch will be signed in the very near future. Big show lined up. Our big main event will be match 2 in the best of 7 series as The Rock n Roll Express battle the Fabulous Ones. You'll also...

Lance is cut off as Dream Machine and Paul Jones run in! 


Dream: Lance! Lance! Lance! How dare you show footage of that gutless coward Blackjack Mulligan! (Grabs Lance and starts shaking him!) Why would you humiliate me like that! Why?!

Paul Jones tries to back Dream off as several officials come out to stop this. Lance falls down as Dream lets go. Jones gets Dream out of there quick. Lance is shaken up as the officials help him up. 


Commercial Break 


Iceman Parsons vs. Todd Rooney 


"Celebration" by Kool and the Gang blasts over the speakers as Parsons heads down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans. 

Parsons keeps up the energy and wins the match with the booty bump! 


Resnick: Alright, before we get to the Iceman, I want to inform everybody that the Dream Machine has been escorted out of the building. Lance Russell was a bit shaken up but is fine. I'm sure a hefty fine is coming Dream Machine's way. Ok, Iceman Parsons, welcome to the AWA. Judging by these fans reactions, you certainly bring the energy. 

Parsons: Ken Resnick! The Iceman is here brother and I'm ready for AWA action! I'm going to climb that ladder and boogie my way to some gold. Have mercy! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans, you've been hearing about the upcoming tournament to crown AWA National tag champs. Well I have a rundown of the 8 teams involved. The tournament matches will start in 2 weeks. All the matches will be right here on TV with the finals taking place at SuperClash. Before we get to the 8 teams. I want to announce that Cabin Fever will not be able to compete due to injuries sustained at the Hammond Center. Also, the Beasts of Burden will not be competing as a punishment for their interference in that world tag title bout. Now, here are the 8 teams. The Bruise Brothers, Timothy Flowers and Art Crews, The Olympians, The Union, Gold Standard, Lightning Strike, Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez and oh wait hold on a second. 

Boos as Karachi Vice comes out. 


Makhan: That's right, Karachi Vice is back and better than ever! 

Gama: Ken Resnick, you are not worthy of announcing us into the tournament. I will do the honors. The former USWA world champs Karachi Vice will be involved in the tournament and we will walk away with the National titles. 

Makhan: Take that to the bank! 

Resnick: Ok, well there you have it. the 8 teams involved and yes Karachi Vice is back. Let's see them in action. 


Karachi Vice vs. Neil Jordan and Joseph Clark 

Karachi Vice dominate. The finish sees Makhan hit a backbreaker on Clark then tags in Gama, who finishes things off with the Boston Crab. 


Commercial Break 


The Bruise Brothers vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez 


Cash hits a diving crossbody/headbutt on Dutro and tags in Snowman. Snowman hoists Dutro up and hits a running powerslam for the win. Cheers as the Bruise Brothers head out to Resnick. 


Cash: Oh baby! Everybody is talking about the big National tag tournament. Well the Bruise Brothers are back on track and one hundred percent ready to go! 

Snowman: We want some gold and we're coming to get it! 


Commercial Break 


Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka vs. Harold Bannister 

Snuka gets a huge pop as he wins the match with his Superfly Splash! 

Snuka gives the fans his "I love you' sign


Billy Jack Haynes runs in the ring and gives Snuka a high knee to the back. Billy stomps away on Snuka. Ox Baker enters the ring holding a bottle of champagne? Billy holds up Snuka and clamps on the full nelson. Ox walks over and breaks the champagne bottle over Snuka's head! Officials run in to check on Snuka as Billy and Ox head to ringside. 


Resnick: Ox Baker! Just what was the meaning of that? Where did you get that champagne bottle? 

Ox: It was a gift from none of your business and I knew just what to do with it. While they're taking that savage out of the ring, I want to say a few things. First, Jerry Jarrett you made a big mistake by excluding my Beasts from the tournament. Now you're responsible for all the destruction they will cause! 

Resnick: Speaking of that, just why did they injure Cabin Fever and cost them the AWA world titles? 

Ox: Because everybody knows the Beasts were robbed of the National titles to begin with. Cabin Fever! You paid a dear price and if you have any sense left, you will not come back. As for Savage Snuka, tell them Billy.

Billy: Snuka! You started this and with your blood I will finish this! Tonight was just a sample!


Commercial Break 

Special advertisement for the AWA's next big closed circuit event



Friday, November 26th

St. Paul Civic Center 


El Canek is shown standing in front of a Mexico Arena 


Subtitles are going across the screen 

Canek: Giant Haystacks! I never forgot about you. Our issues were between us. You crossed the line when you put Cobra out of action. You want me in the ring? I accept! 


Following that, Ken Resnick announces the AWA return of Crusher Jerry Blackwell. A music video is shown of Blackwell in action. 

"The Mountain from Stone Mountain" coming soon! 



Commercial Break 


Resnick: Before we get to our next match, I'm standing here with Jose Estrada. Jose, last week Scott Putski gave you a tough match. You defeated him but proceeded to rub that disgusting cigar in his face. Why do that? 


Estrada takes a puff of his cigar and blows it in Resnick's face. Resnick coughs.

Estrada: El Jefe does what he wants. 

Estrada slowly walks away. 

Gino Brito leads Richard Charland to the ring for his match. Charland and Estrada bump shoulders. They have an intense stare down before Brito takes Charland to the ring. 


"The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland w/Gino Brito Jr. vs. Guy Masterson 


Charland (bandage on his forehead) destroys his opponent before finishing him off with an inverted piledriver! 


Resnick: Mr. Brito, I can see the effects that taped fist match with Ron Garvin had on your man...

Brito: Hold on! Stop right there! Once again, that cheating Garvin resorted to a sucker punch. You know it and I know it.

Resnick: If you say so. What was going on earlier between Charland and Estrada?

Charland: Estrada! You better watch your step! 

Charland bumps Resnick on their way out. 

Resnick: I hope those two beat each other senseless. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink "Beauty Shop" sign then pans down to Brenda Britton.



Britton: Hi everybody! Right off the bat, I want to congratulate Priceless on their epic victory and winning the AWA world tag team titles. Listen to this! Next week, right here on MY show, there will be a grand celebration! A celebration fitting only for the classiest team in the AWA, yea that's right Priceless. Oh I can't wait! It will be indeed Priceless. Now speaking of tag teams and championships. Tonight on MY show, I will host a conversation between Curt Hennig and Brian Adias, the Awesome Twosome. Let me first bring out Curt Hennig. 

Hennig comes out and gives Brenda a hug. 

Britton: Ok, Brian Adias, come on out. 

Adias comes out looking a bit more serious. 

Britton: Just relax Brian, you're amongst friends. Curt, let's start with you. Go right ahead.

Curt: Thank you Brenda. By the way, it's a pleasure to be out here on your show. (Looks at Brian) Brian, I know I haven't reached out and contacted you since we lost the world titles. I spent most of my time in a dark room trying to figure out what happened. What I realized is it wasn't my fault. I had to forgive myself because it was all your fault. 

Brian: Whoa, whoa whoa! You're saying it was all my fault? 

Hennig: Well yea. Hey, it wasn't my shoulders that were pinned to the mat. It was yours. It's pretty simple when you think about it. 

Brian: If I recall, you just bailed and left me alone in there with Cabin Fever. Where were you buddy? 

Hennig: Slow down! I'm not here to debate. You just didn't come through. You dropped the ball. In other words, I'm awesome and you're not! 

Britton: He brings up very valid points Brian. 

Brian: That's how it is huh? Well I'll tell you what Curt. Why don't you face me in the ring next week and we'll just see who's awesome. 

Britton: Sounds like a very arrogant challenge. This was suppose to be a civil conversation but you had to go there. 

Brian: Do you accept or not Curt? I thought you were so awesome? 

Curt: Ok Brian, if you don't mind getting embarrassed on national TV, then yea I accept. Get ready for some serious humiliation coming your way. 

Britton: Yea! 

Brian: I guess we'll have to wait and see who gets humiliated. 

Britton: Well once again, it all happens here on the Beauty Shop. Until next week's Priceless celebration...toooodles! 


Commercial Break 


Blackjack Mulligan vs. William Hillman 


Mulligan swings Hillman to the ropes and puts him down with a diving back elbow drop for the win! 

Resnick: Blackjack Mulligan, welcome to the AWA. I think you've made some enemies in Dream Machine and Paul Jones. I'm sure you saw that despicable act towards Lance Russell. 

Mulligan: (swinging his bull rope around) Oh yea, that masked buffoon is real tough aint he? Pushing around Lance like that. If Dream Machine wants a fight I aint a hard man to find! I can't stand anybody with the name Dream and trust me I'll break him in two next time we fight! 


Commercial Break 


Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez vs. Sam Smith and Jason Wiley 


Perez hits the Helicopter spin on Smith then tags in Larry, who finishes things off with a swinging neckbreaker! Boos as they head out to Resnick.

Larry: (Snatches the mic) I'll take it from here Spudhead. You know, I've been looking and scouting for a partner and believe me I found one. Al Perez and myself are going to be the next National Tag Team champions and all of you spudheads are going to have to live with it! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans, I'm standing here with Jerry Jarrett. Jerry, go right ahead.

Jarrett: Thank you Ken. Right now I would like to ask if Austin Idol and Jerry Lawler would come out here. If there's any trouble, I promise both men will be severely punished. 

Each man makes his way to ringside. Idol smiles at Lawler and holds up the National title in front of his face. Lawler steps forward.

Jarrett: Relax boys! Now I've been watching what's been going on between you two and the National title. Idol, you claim Lawler doesn't deserve a shot.

Idol: That's right darling. I've already beaten him and it's time to move on. I don't have time for losers.

Lawler: Idol, you're nothing but a coward! Every time we meet, you either run away and get counted out or you get disqualified. Why don't you fight me like a man. Damn right, I deserve another title shot. 

Idol pauses as a lightbulb goes off. He smiles and looks at Jarrett and Lawler.

Idol: Jerry Jarrett, I believe I have an idea. Since this loser likes to run his mouth and claims he's so tough. Why doesn't he prove it? I'll tell you what loser. To get another title shot, you have to earn it. You'll have to beat 3 opponents of my choosing. If you do that (laughs), then ok, you get a title shot. 

Jarrett: Idol, you don't call the shots.

Lawler: Hold on Jerry. Idol, I'll beat 10 opponents if I have to, just so I can get another chance at beating you to a bloody pulp. Jerry, I'll accept his demands. 

Idol: Lawler, you really are a fool. Jarrett, get another opponent lined up because this idiot doesn't stand a chance. 

Lawler: This is going to be worth it. When it's all said and done, I'm going to kick your ass Idol! 


Commercial Break 


Match 2 of the Best of 7 series. Fabs lead 1-0

The Rock n Roll Express vs. The Fabulous Ones 


Another fast paced and roller coaster ride of a match. RnR start off hot and have the Fabs bumping all over the ring. Fabs come back with some double teaming maneuvers but can't keep RnR down. We get another pier six brawl and the Ref takes a bump and goes down. RnR double clothesline Lane over the top rope. They double team Keirn, swing him to the ropes and hit the double dropkick! The Ref is still down. Gibson goes to check on the Ref. WHAM! Lane nails him with a chair shot between the ropes! Morton runs over and baseball slides the chair into Lane's face! Morton checks on Gibson. Keirn sneaks up and lowblows Morton. Keirn cradles Morton as the Ref groggily crawls over and counts 1..2..3! 

Boos as the Fabs take a 2-0 lead! 


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Credit to Bockwinkel for accepting defeat with dignity. Also credit to Steamboat for being willing to do that again.

Oh man. Dream Machine loses his shit on poor Lance! What a way to start the show.

Iceman lightens the mood.

Larry Z & Al Perez in the National Tag Title Tournament? Interesting.

Karachi Vice is back where they belong!

Good to see the Bruise Brothers getting their groove back.

"It was a gift from none of your business" damn Ox can be pretty funny when he wants to be. Looking forward to Hayes/Snuka.

El Canek once again proves a braver man than I shall ever be.

I know Blackwell was huge in the AWA irl. I'm expecting him to thrive in this new southern flavored AWA.

"El Jefe does what he wants" Nuff said.

I'm with Resnick,I hope El Jefe & the Wrecking Machine beat each other senseless.

The Awesome Twosome implode on The Beauty Shop. If only they could both lose.

Mulligan picks a fight with Dream Machine because he can't "stand anybody with the name Dream" lol.

Lawler agrees to run the gauntlet to get another shot at Idol.

The Fabs are halfway to their clean sweep. 

The AWA is full steam ahead going into SuperClash.

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Bockwinkel knows when he has met a worthy adversary, so it's back to the drawing board. If he gets another shot with a game plan he can put together from what he learned, Mr. Steamboat may be in a lot of trouble. 

I hope the Iceman has a good run here! It's interesting to see where all the members of The Movement have ended up.

Oh No..... Karachi Vice is back. Boooo!!!

Ox Baker with a bottle of champagne? Hmmm.... that sounds like a payment. Well, at least he put it to good use!

Jerry Blackwell could be a ton of fun here! (Pun only slightly intended!)

Great Beauty Shop, Hennig realizing he had no one to blame but Adias himself is good stuff. This should be a fun little feud.

Looking forward to seeing who Idol puts in front of Lawler

Fabs go up 2-0, and Ricky and Robert better get their shit together. The Fabs are too good of a team to let them take that kind of advantage on you.


Good Stuff!

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Perfect response from Bock regarding the loss to Steamboat, I can't imagine him responding any other way, can't wait for the rematch!

What is Dream thinking?? You don't put your hands on Lance Russell! This mistake may cost him!

The Iceman has arrived and I'm excited to see what he gets into.

HAHA...Karachi Vice is back! I'm afraid if you traded for Jeff Jarrett and added him to the group Blehschmidt's head would explode like Scanners lol.

Hopefully the Bruise Brothers can get back on track for the National tag title tournament!

WOW Ox busts a champagne bottle over Snuka...that's PRICELESS....hmmm

El Jefe does what he wants! Damn right!!

This may have been my favorite Beauty Shop segment, can't wait to see Adias/Hennig face off in the ring!

I will be very interested in seeing who Idol has in store for Lawler!

Wow, the Fabs jump ahead with 2-0 lead! The Rock & Roll better get their head in the game....quick!

Great show as always man!


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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 10-8-86



Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Well, last week everybody saw me get shaken up by the Dream Machine. I want to thank all you great fans for your support and let you know that I'm fine. I understand Dream Machine has been fined heavily and on top of that (smiles) he will be facing Blackjack Mulligan this weekend in Jackson. Big show lined up tonight. The Great Gagne faces Scott Putski in a non title bout. The battle of former AWA tag team champs as Curt Hennig faces Brian Adias. You will also see several teams tuning up for the National tag team tournament. We're also going to find out who Austin Idol has chosen to be Jerry Lawler's first opponent on his quest for a National title shot. Fans, right now I want to welcome out the AWA world champion, Ricky Steamboat! 

Cheers as Steamboat comes out wearing black slacks, white shirt and black tie. The world title is hanging over his shoulder as he smiles and waves to the fans.

Lance: Wow, just listen to this reaction. Ricky, since April you have defended that title against all comers. Most recently you retained in a 58 minute classic over Nick Bockwinkle. I know you have several upcoming bookings and I'm sure a rematch with Bockwinkle is in the works as well. 

Steamboat: Lance, defending this title has been the most grueling and yet satisfying time in my life. I said I would be a fighting champion and I intend on keeping that promise until the very end. Yes, a rematch with Nick is in the works and I look forward to testing our skills one more time. 

Cheers as Carlos Colon comes out smiling and wearing a suit. Carlos shakes hands with Lance and Steamboat.

Colon: Ricky, I'm very sorry to come out here during your time. First I want to congratulate you and the tremendous title reign you're enjoying. You're a true professional. I hope this isn't to forward but the reason I'm out here is to respectfully challenge you to a world title match. It would be an honor to step inside the ring with you.


Steamboat: Carlos, the respect is mutual. Nobody deserves a title shot more than you. I already have bookings set up but...(Steamboat pauses) You know what Carlos? I brought my gear and I'm sure you brought yours. How about this? We square it with Jerry Jarrett and I'll give you a title shot right here, tonight! 

Huge eruption! 

Colon: (Smiling) I respectfully accept. 

The 2 men smile and shake hands as Lance has a look of excitement and awe. 


Commercial Break 


Lightning Strike vs. Sam Smith and Clinton Stitch 


. Horner and Allen come out wearing matching white trunks with yellow lighting bolts on the back. Lightning Strike give the fans non stop action. The finish sees Horner tag in Allen. Allen goes to the top rope as Horner back drops Smith. Smith staggers up as Allen nails him with a missile dropkick for the pin. 


Resnick informs Lightning Strike that next week their opening round opponents will be Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez. Horner and Allen say they're looking forward to the challenge. 

Resnick: Ok, Lightning Express look focused and ready for the tournament. fans, joining me now is Jerry Jarrett. Jerry, I understand you have an announcement regarding what we just saw between Steamboat and Colon. 

Jarrett: Yes I do. I had to move some things around but I had to make this happen. Tonight you will in fact see Ricky Steamboat defend the AWA world title against Carlos Colon. 

Resnick: Fans, you heard him right. You will see a world title match later on tonight. 


Commercial Break 


"Crusher" Jerry Blackwell vs. Neil Jurgens 


Blackwell gets a lot of cheers as he makes his big return to the AWA. 

Blackwell hits a Samoan Drop, swings off the ropes and follows with a big splash for the pin! 


Resnick: Jerry Blackwell! Welcome back to the AWA. 

Blackwell: Ken, I really missed this place. When I heard Jarrett and Gagne joined forces to bring the AWA back, well I knew I had to find my way back. Well here I am! And I'm ready for all comers! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: With me right now is Johnny Valiant and the TV champ The Great Gagne. Greg, in a moment you'll be squaring off against Scott Putski in a non title match.

Johnny: Hold on a minute. What gives you the right to call him Greg? Show the TV champ proper respect and refer to him as the Great Gagne! 

Resnick: My apologies

Gagne: That's better. Right now I'm holding back my laughter because I'm going to be wrestling a man who got a cigar rubbed in his face a couple weeks ago. Obviously young Putski is a gluten for embarrassment. Johnny, let's teach this naïve fool a lesson shall we? 


TV Champ The Great Gagne w/Johnny V vs. Scott "Powerhouse" Putski 


The bell rings. Gagne hands his TV title to Valiant. Valiant looks over at Putski and shakes his head. Gagne takes off his Gatsby hat and throws it in Putski's face. Gagne nails Putski with a forearm blast and goes to work. Gagne hurls Putski out of the ring. Gagne distracts the Ref as Johnny gives Putski a thumb to the eye and hurls him back in the ring. Gagne picks up Putski and delivers a delayed vertical suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Gagne berates the Ref. Johnny hops on the apron and argues with the Ref. Now both Gagne and Johnny are having a heated exchange with the Ref. Putski staggers up, runs over and nails Gagne with a high knee. Gagne slams into Johnny and Johnny goes flying off the apron. Gagne staggers around as Putski grabs him and powerslams him over 1..2..3!!!!!

The fans go nuts! Putski slides out of the ring and can't believe it as he celebrates with the cheering fans. 


Commercial Break 


"The Ace" Art Crews and "Diamond" Timothy Flowers w/The Vin Man vs. Gary Williams and Todd Rooney


Flowers hits a backbreaker on Rooney and holds him as Crews comes off the middle ropes with a stomp to the chest for the win! 


Resnick: Vinnie, your team looks ready for the tournament. I understand their 1st round opponents will be the Bruise Brothers.

Vin: Oh yea I remember those guys very well. Hey, they're nothing but a stepping stone to the National titles. I've got an Ace and a Diamond, what more is there to be said. Oh and Rezzy, here's something else for you. The Family is expanding. I've got a Pitbull coming and he's going after the top dog. Stay tuned. Vin Man...YEA! 


Commercial Break 


"Rugged" Ron Garvin vs. Trent Watkins 


Garvin makes Watkins suffer with the Garvin stomp. Garvin picks up Watkins, swings him to the ropes and knocks him out with the right hand punch for the win. 


Commercial Break 

Special Advertisement for the AWA's next closed circuit event



St. Paul Civic Center

Friday, November 26th 


The Olympians vs. Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez 

Rheingans hits a gut wrench suplex on Lopez then tags in Kazmaier. Kaz swings Lopez to the ropes and clamps on the Bear Hug for the win. 

THE UNION hit the ring and the brawl is on! Fists are flying! They battle to the outside and all around the ring into the commercial. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Ok, things have calmed down. Listen to this. The Olympians and Union will face each other next week in an opening round match. Ok coming out now is the current National Champ Austin Idol. 


Joan Jett blares over the speakers as Idol struts his way out. He holds up the title and gives the viewers a bicep pose and wink. 

Resnick: Austin Idol, last week the challenge was accepted. Jerry Lawler must defeat 3 opponents of your choosing in order to get another National title shot. This weekend in Jackson, he will face the first opponent. So who will it be? 

Idol: (Smiles) I told you and that loser Lawler he wouldn't make it to another shot. He wont make it past his first opponent because in Jackson, loser Lawler will be facing EL Jefe Jose Estrada! Good luck Jerry boy, your sure going to need it. 

Resnick: That's a tough challenge indeed. Before you go, I've been told by Jerry Jarrett that you are indeed right, there might not be a national title match between you and Lawler. Next week at the Louisville Gardens, you will be defending the National title against Ron Garvin. 

Idol: (throws a fit) What the hell are you talking about? I never agreed to this! 

Resnick: Well apparently you still have commitments as National Champ. 

Idol: Once again this is an abuse of power. I know that loser Lawler is behind this! Ron Garvin, don't think you're going to spoil my reign. Never happen darling! 

Idol storms off. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing pink "Beauty Shop" sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 


Britton is wearing a glittering red dress and is really done up tonight. She walks down a red carpet.

Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to a very very special and priceless edition of the Beauty Shop. Tonight we are celebrating the victory of Priceless. I'm so excited! Let me introduce to you the AWA world tag team champions, Gerry Morrow and George Wells, known as Priceless! 


Confetti falls from the ceiling as "We are the champions" by Queen plays over the speakers. Priceless walk down the red carpet wearing tuxedos. They stop and smile as they hold up the tag team titles. 

Britton: I knew you guys would do it. I just knew it! So let me be the first to congratulate you on winning the AWA world tag titles. Great job! Finally some class holding the titles. 

Wells: Thank you so much Brenda. You're the only one classy enough to know class when you see it. 

Britton: I sure do and I'm looking at it right now. 

Wells takes her hand and kisses it.

Morrow smiles, takes Brenda's hand and kisses it.

Morrow: Brenda, you and I have always seen eye to eye. I told George, de only place in de AWA we would have a celebration is right here on de Beauty Shop. 

Britton: This is truly a priceless moment. So what's on the agenda? 

Wells: Well as Champs, we now call the shots. The thing is we're not done celebrating. We will defend these title when we're damn well ready to.

Morrow: Spoken like a man enjoying de good life. With that said. Brenda, would you join us in a toast?

Britton: I thought you would never ask. 

A butler comes out with 3 glasses and a bottle of champagne. He hands out the glasses and pours champagne in them.

Morrow gestures for him to leave. 

Morrow: Brenda would you do de honors?

Britton: Wow! This is truly an honor. A toast to the greatest tag team ever to set foot in the wrestling ring. To Priceless! 

They raise their glasses and drink. 

Britton: Oh my that's the good stuff! 

Morrow: Nothing but de best for our number one supporter. Brenda, you are now invited to our yacht for more celebrating.

Britton: I'm out of here! Toooodles! 


Commercial Break 


Curt Hennig vs. Brian Adias 


After a lot of jaw jacking back and forth, they finally lock up. Both men trade takeovers, arm drags and hip tosses with neither gaining a true advantage. During a break, Hennig nails Adias with a sucker punch and takes control. Hennig snap mares Adias and follows with a running neck snap. Adias staggers up but Hennig puts him down with a beautiful dropkick. Hennig takes a moment to brag about it. Hennig slams Adias and follows with a jumping knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. Hennig starts slapping Adias. Hennig picks up Adias, swings him to the ropes and goes for a back drop but Adias hits a sunset flip 1..2..3! Hennig kicks out a second to late. 

The fans cheer Adias. Adias staggers up and grimaces but manages a smile as he raises his arm. 

Hennig is fuming and looks to be plotting a sneak attack but Adias turns around, pumps his fists and tells him to "Come on!" 

Hennig spits at him before exiting. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: How about that! Brian Adias pulls the win out of nowhere. I'm sure there will be more to come between those two. I want to announce that next week will be our first SuperClash update hosted by Brenda Britton. Also, fans, this weekend in Jackson, Jerry Lawler takes on Jose Estrada. Blackjack Muligan faces The Dream Machine. Next week in Louisville, Austin Idol defends the National Title against Ron Garvin. Billy Jack Haynes will face Jimmy Snuka. And in match 3 of the best of 7 series, the Fabulous Ones will take on my guests at this time, the Rock n Roll Express.

Massive cheers as RnR come out.

Resnick: Ricky and Robert, the Fabs have taken a 2-0 lead. I know the odds are now against you but one thing I know is never count RnR out. 

Morton: That's right Ken! We might be down 2-0 but we aint out! 

Gibson: We're the masters at making a comeback and brother that's what we're going to do. 

Morton: See you in Louisville Fabs! 

Resnick: I'm looking forward to that one. Fans, our huge world title bout is next! Don't go anywhere! 


Commercial Break 


AWA World Title Bout

TV Time remaining

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Carlos Colon 


The introductions are made and the fans are up and cheering. 

The bell rings. Steamboat and Colon walk up to each other and shake hands. 

The first couple of minutes is fast paced chain wrestling. Steamboat gets the advantage with a back suplex 1..2..Kick Out. Steamboat chops away on Colon, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a big chop. Steamboat goes to the top rope. Colon staggers up and Steamboat nails him with a brain chop 1..2..Kick Out. Steamboat swings Colon to the ropes but misses a clothesline, Colon swings back and hits a flying press 1..2..Kick Out. Both men get up. Colon quickly grabs Steamboat and hits a snap suplex. Colon goes to the middle ropes and crashes down with a knee drop 1..2..Kick Out. 

Colon swings Steamboat into the corner and charges in but Steamboat moves. Colon hits hard and falls back. Steamboat goes out to the apron and fly's back in with a sling shot splash 1..2..Colon gets his foot on the ropes. Steamboat picks up Colon but Colon cradles him 1..2..Kick Out. Both men get up and stare at each other. They regroup and lock up. Colon nails Steamboat with a forearm blast. Steamboat falls against the ropes but comes back with a chop. They proceed to have a forearm blast/chop exchange. 

Ding! Ding! Ding! 

The Television time limit has expired! 

The Ref gets between them. 

Steamboat backs up. Colon puts his hands on his hips, obviously disappointed. 

Steamboat extends his hand to Colon. Colon takes a deep breath and shakes Steamboat's hand. The fans cheer as they hug. The Ref hands the world title to Steamboat. Steamboat holds up the title with one hand and holds up Colon's arm with the other. 

Colon smiles then pulls Steamboat in and nails him with a short arm clothesline! 

The fans are in a stunned silence. 

The Ref gets in front of Colon. Colon grabs him and hurls him out of the ring. 

Colon angrily stomps away on Steamboat. Colon picks up Steamboat and drops him with a jumping double arm DDT! Colon goes to the outside and grabs a chair, then throws it into the ring. Colon slowly walks back in and stares down at Steamboat. Colon hoists Steamboat up and piledrives him on the chair! 

Colon gets a crazy look on his face and hurls the lifeless Steamboat out of the ring. Colon goes to the outside and grabs a cable. Colon puts his knee in Steamboat's back and chokes him with the cable! 

The show goes off the air as wrestlers and officials run out to stop this madness. 



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Lance enjoying some well-earned schadenfreude at Dream's expense.

Lighting Strike vs Zybyszko/Perez could be a sleeper hit in the first round.

"The mountain from Stone Mountain" puts everyone on notice.

Gagne & Valiant basically hand young Putski a title shot on a silver platter. Idiots.

The Family vs The Bruise Brothers sounds like a prime opportunity for Vin Man to get his ass whooped. Sign me up. Though it's sweet of him to adopt a Pitbull for them.

I like The Olympians & The Union in the first round. They clearly can't wait so why should we?

Idol makes a solid first choice in El Jefe only to find out he has to deal with Garvin in the meantime! 

A truly Priceless celebration for the new champions.

Ok wasn't expecting a flash Adias pin. Let's see how Henning responds.

Good to see RnR still have some fight in them.

What a 180 from the start of the show to the end. From such a respectful challenge to such a violent assault. It's not a surprise Colon snapped but I wasn't expecting it quite so soon. The only question is...what happens next?

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AWA @ The Jackson Coliseum 10-9-86



"Iron" Scott McGhee defeated Rene Goulet with a belly to back suplex 


Giant Haystacks defeated Tony Garea in 30 seconds with a monster elbow drop 


"Number One" Don Kernodle defeated Steve O with a Fireman Carry slam


Gold Standard and Karachi Vice battled to a 15 minute draw


Iceman Parsons defeated "The Vin Man" Vinnie Valentino with the Booty Bump


The Bruise Brothers defeated The Union by DQ when Ross hit Snowman with his flag 


The Dream Machine w/Paul Jones defeated Blackjack Mulligan- Mulligan was in complete control when he hoisted Dream up for a vertical suplex. Jones hit Mulligan's knee with his cane. Dream toppled down on Mulligan as Jones held Mulligan's boot while the Ref counted 1..2..3. Jones and Dream ran away when Mulligan grabbed his bullrope and swung it around like a madman.


Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "El Jefe" Jose Estrada

Estrada came to fight tonight and took it to Lawler. Estrada went all out with slams, stomps, boot rakes, choking and several knees to the mid section. Estrada almost put Lawler away with a rib breaker. Then Lawler made the pull down strap comeback and was finally able to put Estrada away with a piledriver followed by a flying fist drop from the top rope. 

One down and two to go as Lawler works his way to another National title shot with Austin Idol. 

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Haystacks with a lightning quick monster squash.

Gold Standard vs Karachi Vice sounds like a fine way to spend 15 minutes.

Always nice to see Vin Man take a whipping.

I can already hear Dream rubbing his win in Lance's face babay.

The King gets past El Jefe. But I have a feeling it's only gonna get harder from here.

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Wow! What a way to kick off the show, a world title match between Steamboat and Colon...tonight!

I can only imagine the heat drawn from the fans by the sheer arrogance coming from a putz like Greg Gagne, love these promos. Putski manages to steal a win from the Great One! Looks like he has earned himself a title shot.

Idol has got Lawler facing "El Jefe", he may not make it to the title shot afterall! However if he does, he may be challenging Ronnie Garvin!

Perhaps the classiest episode of the Beauty Shop ever as Priceless has a proper celebration!

Nice! Adias pulls off the win over his former partner....Hennig isn't going to take this lying down, I'm sure.

What a main event...and then things really pick up....heel turn from Carlos Colon!  I could see this feud getting ugly fast!

Let's head to Jackson!

Haystacks destroys Tony Garea!

Gold Standard takes the former Champs to a draw

Iceman puts down the Vin Man

Dream Machine gets some revenge on Blackjack thanks to Paul Jones.

Lawler manages to get past Estrada but who will Idol place in his path next??

Great stuff as always!

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Oh, we start off hot with "that youngster" Carlos Colon getting a title shot against "The Dragon" I can only hope Ricky sends this bum home quickly!

I like the pairing of Horner and Allen!

Blackwell should find a great home here in the new AWA.

Ha! Gagne loses to a greener than grass Putski! What a maroon!!
Austin Idol going for the throat early in this Lawler has to beat 3 guys challenge, by bringing El Jefe into the mix. Estrada may just stub a cigar out in the eye of Lawler and end this before it begins!!

Idol vs Garvin should be one heck of a fight too. I almost mentioned something about Garvin seeming a little directionless, but this seems like a good little feud for him!!

Oh My! Quite a Beauty Shop as Priceless celebrates the big victory by deciding they will celebrate more! Sounds like Brenda may find out the true meaning of the word "tag team" back on the yacht. (Should have sent that line to Gene for Madril!)

Wow! Did not expect Adias to beat Hennig!  Though I expect this is far from over!

See! I knew Colon was a piece of shit! Never liked that guy!! This will lead to some wars though!!


Dream Machine cheating his way past Blackjack is going to wipe the smile off Lance's face!!

Lawler gets by Estrada, can't wait to see what else Idol has lined up for him!!

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What a terrific episode of AWA TV! Scott Putski putting Greg Gagne in his place is quite satisfying and a surprise world title bout between Ricky Steamboat and Carlos Colon is so cool to see! The piledriver on a chair is an amazing touch, it really makes the champ look so vulnerable!

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Sorry to have fallen behind here.  Love all the AWA action.  Best moment here was the Colon clothesline on Steamboat.  This is going to be awesome.   it wouln't matter if Lawler had to beat 100 men to get to Idol, I have no doubt he would do it.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 10-14-86


Footage from last week is shown as Carlos Colon shocks the world and brutally attacks AWA world champ Ricky Steamboat. 


Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Tonight you will see 2 opening round matches in the National Tag Team tournament. Also in action tonight will be Iceman Parsons, Brian Adias, Richard Charland, Billy Jack Haynes, Don Kernodle, Ron Garvin and Blackjack Mulligan. I understand National Champ Austin Idol will be out here to announce his next handpicked opponent for Jerry Lawler. Brenda Britton will host our first SuperClash update. Fans, last week I witnessed one of the most shocking events ever when Carlos Colon attacked Ricky Steamboat. I'm still speechless over it. I just couldn't believe what I had seen. Right now I'm going to take you to ringside to Ken Resnick. We're hoping to get some kind of answer from Colon on why he did what he did. Over to you Ken. 


Resnick: (Somber mood) Thank you Lance. First I want to say that Ricky Steamboat spent a couple days in the hospital for his injuries and X-rays. I understand we'll be hearing from Ricky a little bit later, while he's at home resting. I was just as shocked as everybody else. I hope to get some answers from this man, Carlos Colon. 


Colon comes out looking intense and serious. He stops and looks around at all the fans booing him. He shakes his head in disbelief and walks over to Resnick. 

Resnick: Carlos, I...I just have one question...why?

Colon: (Staring a hole through Resnick) I've spent the last 2 years of my life spilling my blood across arenas in the USWA and then the AWA! Hercules Ayala, Mark Lewin, Abdullah the Butcher, Kamala, Curtis Iaukea and Tiger Jeet Singh! I fought monsters, heathens and blood thirsty savages! They wanted to destroy me, put me out of commission. I defeated them all and ran them out of town! I was battered, beaten, bruised and injured but I stood up to all of them to protect the fans and this promotion. And what did I get in return? Nothing! Not even one thank you. I had to come out here and beg for a title shot. Then that pathetic Jerry Jarrett gives me a 10 minute title opportunity. A joke! I was disrespected! When that bell rang and the time was up, that's when it really hit me. If you want something in this dark business, you have to just take it! I did exactly what I had to do to Ricky Steamboat. And now everybody cries for him. Did anybody cry for me in the last 2 years? NO! Now it is my time! Ricky Steamboat, you have something I want and that is the AWA world title. I promise you, I am going to take it and by any means necessary! That is all I have to say at this time! 

Colon storms off as Resnick stands there in stunned silence. 


Commercial Break 


Iceman Parsons vs. Neil Jordan 


Iceman does a great job of getting the fans energized again. He's high energy tonight and wins the match with his booty bump! 


Resnick: Iceman Parsons, no matter where you go, you seem to have no problem connecting with these fans. 

Parsons: What can I say. I love having a good time and giving these great fans a show. But I'll tell you what, when that bell rings, I get the job done. Have mercy! 


Commercial Break 


"Number One" Don Kernodle vs. Vic Dutro 


Kernodle is all business as he works over Dutro. Kernodle hits a jaw breaker, then hoists Dutro up and finishes him off with a Fireman's Carry Slam! 


Resnick: Don Kernodle, it's been awhile since we've seen you. Obviously you haven't lost a step in the ring. So what brings you to the AWA?

Kernodle gives Resnick a disgusted look, shakes his head and walks away.

Resnick: (Puzzled) Don? Ok, well, coming up next is an opening round tournament match for the National Tag Team titles. 


Commercial Break 


1st Round National Tag Team Tournament Match 

Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez vs. Lightning Strike (Tin Horner and Jerry Allen) 

Lightning Strike controls the first segment with quick tags and high octane offense. The tide turns when Larry (from the apron) nails Horner with a knee to the back as Perez follows with a forearm blast. Perez and Larry are in synch and work over Horner for awhile. Perez and Larry swing Horner to the ropes and go for a double clothesline but Horner ducks, swings back and puts them both down with a dropkick. Horner dives over and tags in Allen! Allen has Perez and Larry bumping all over with hip tosses and dropkicks. Allen back drops Perez and Perez rolls out of the ring. 

Allen continues to work over Larry. Perez runs around the ring, grabs Horner's legs and yanks him down. Perez grabs Horner and slams his head on the apron. 

Allen body slams Larry, then swings off the ropes but Perez reaches in and trips him. Allen staggers, turns around and charges towards Perez. Larry sneaks up and nails Allen with a karate kick to the back of the head. Larry picks up Allen and executes a swinging neckbreaker 1..2..3! 

Larry Z and Al Perez will advance. 


Commercial Break 


"The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland w/Gino Brito Jr. vs. Gary Williams 


Charland is his usual aggressive self as he demolishes his opponent before finishing him off with an inverted piledriver. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Fans, I'm standing here with the AWA National Champ Austin Idol. Idol, last week in Jackson, Jerry Lawler defeated your first handpicked opponent Jose Estrada. I understand, you have his second opponent picked for this weekend in the Louisville Gardens. And lets not forget, also in Louisville, you'll be defending the National title against Ron Garvin. A victory by Garvin could throw a wrench in everything. 

Idol: Are you some kind of stooge? I told you last week Ron Garvin isn't going to take my title, so get real darling. Now, that loser Lawler was damn lucky to get by El Jefe last week. Well he wont be so lucky this week in Louisville. You know why? 

Resnick: No why? 

Idol: Of course you don't. Because he's going to be facing not just a man but a wrecking machine. 

Boos as Charland and Brito come back out. 

Brito: Austin Idol, I can assure you Jerry Lawler will not only fall to defeat but he'll be lucky to walk out of Louisville. 

Charland: Lawler! If you thought Estrada was tough just wait until I get a hold of you! 

Charland bumps Resnick on his way out. 

Idol: (Laughing) He's one tough customer isn't he? Lawler! Darling, kiss your title shot goodbye! 


Commercial Break 


Blackjack Mulligan vs. Clinton Stitch 


Mulligan storms the ring, pounds away on Clinton, swings him to the ropes and hits the diving back elbow smash 1..2..3! Mulligan grabs his bullrope, swings it around and heads to ringside.

Resnick: Very impressive win Blackjack Mulligan. After what happened in Jackson, I'm sure you have unfinished business with Dream Machine and Paul Jones. 

Mulligan: (Gripping his bullrope) Dream Machine! We're far from over but right now I have a warning for Paul Jones. Boy, if you ever interfere in my match again, I'm going to beat you down like the dog you are and I'll choke the life out of you with this here bullrope! 


Commercial Break 


"Lonestar" Brian Adias vs. Todd Rooney 


Adias comes out wearing Texas flag colored wrestling pants. He also seems to be getting some cheers. 

Adias looks crisp tonight and gets a decisive victory with a Russian legsweep. 

WHAM! He's nailed from behind by CURT HENNIG! Curt swings Adias to the ropes and puts him down with his Axe forearm blast. Curt puts the boots to Adias, hoists him up and hits a Fisherman's Suplex. Curt stands up and looks down at Adias with a satisfying look. 


Commercial Break 


Brenda Britton is standing in front of a glowing SuperClash sign. 



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the first AWA SuperClash update. Of course for an event of this magnitude, there was only one person who could host these Superclash specials. That would be yours truly. SuperClash will take place on Friday November 26th at the St. Paul Civic Center in Minneapolis. This tremendous event will also be broadcasted on closed circuit TV all across the AWA arenas. I can tell you right now, all the AWA titles will be defended that night. Which means my best friends Priceless will be there. I can also tell you there will be a special tag team battle royal. The winners will receive 100,000 dollars and a future shot at the AWA world tag team titles. Now, listen to this giant match signed. El Canek will face Giant Haystacks in the rematch we've all been waiting for. I know I'm looking forward to that showdown. More matches will be announced in the weeks to come. But that's not all. Oh no no no no. Are you ready for this? Singing the National Anthem at SuperClash will be none other than the sensational Grammy award winning artist Linda Ronstadt! That's right! Finally a star on my level. I can't wait! Well until the next SuperClash update, toooodles. 


Commercial Break 


"Rugged" Ron Garvin vs. William Hillman 


Garvin puts Hillman down with the knockout punch and it's all over. 


Resnick: Ron Garvin, huge opportunity for you this weekend in Louisville as you get a crack at Austin Idol and his national title.

Garvin: You know it seems Austin Idol is looking past me and underestimating me a bit. Big mistake. Listen up Idol, I'm coming for you and your National title so you better get your head right or it's going to get knocked off. 


Commercial Break 

Footage from last week is shown as Scott Putski upsets Greg Gagne in a non title bout. 


Resnick: (Smiling) My guests at this time are Johnny Valiant along with TV champ The Great Gagne.

Valiant: Wipe that smile off your face Resnick! This man is the greatest wrestler and TV champion to ever step foot in that ring, bar none! Last week somebody asked me to rank The Great Gagne on a scale from 1 to 10. I gave him a 50! That's how great he is! Tell them champ! 

Gagne: What happened last week was merely a fluke. Straight up, plain and simple. That greenhorn couldn't ever do that again. No way. 

Resnick: In my mind, he deserves a TV title shot.

Valiant: Your pea sized brain doesn't know anything, so shut your mouth. 

Gagne: A fluke win doesn't deserve a title shot. However, I'm more than a fair man. So I'll tell you what. I'll wrestle that greenie next week and if he can beat me, (laughs) I'll give him a title shot. 

Valiant: Not only is The Great One a fair man but he's a true gentlemen which is more than I can say for you Resnick! 

Valiant and Gagne exit.

Resnick(Shaking his head) I think young Scott Putski just might surprise them. Ok, switching gears, this weekend in Louisville, Match 3 will take place between the Rock n Roll Express and Fabulous Ones. Joining me now are the Fabs. Gentlemen, you're ahead 2-0 and that's quite an accomplishment. However, last week RnR said it's far from over and don't count them out. 

Keirn: To late, we've already counted them out. Come on Resnick, they can't beat us once let alone four times. 

Lane: I think it's safe to say, that we've already proven our point. We are the greatest tag team in wrestling. The next 2 matches will be just a formality. 

Fabs high five each other and exit. 


Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker vs. Paul Glader 


Billy destroys his opponent before finishing him off with the full nelson! 


Resnick: A couple of weeks ago you two attacked Jimmy Snuka. Well this weekend in Louisville, he'll be back in action against you Billy Jack Haynes. 

Ox: I guess Snuka is as dumb as he looks. Snuka! You're going to hurt and you're going to hurt bad! Billy Jack Haynes is going to pummel you from one end if the ring to the other. Just look at this specimen. 

Billy gives a trap flex and yells. 

Billy: This weekend spells the end for you Snuka! 


Commercial Break 


1st Round National Tag Team Tournament match 

The Olympians vs. The Union

This feud has been brewing and here they are meeting in the 1st round. 

The bell rings and fists fly! The Ref let's them go for a bit as the two teams hammer away on each other. Rheingans knocks Ross through the ropes. Bill military presses Huber over his head and slams him down as Rheingans follows with a knee drop. The Ref finally gets order. 

Rheingans works over Huber with a variety of suplexes, then tags in Bill. Bill hoists Huber up and just slams him down, then follows with a big elbow drop 1..2..Ross kicks Bill. Rheingans runs in but the Ref guides him back. Bill staggers up as Ross puts him down with a combat boot kick! Ross goes back to his corner. Huber slowly crawls over and covers 1..2..Rheingans pulls Huber off. The Ref guides Rheingans back which allows Ross to come in. Him and Huber pick Bill up and double suplex him. Huber officially tags in Ross.

Ross swings Bill to their corner. Huber chokes Bill while Ross puts the boots to him. Ross slams Bill as Huber crashes down with a knee drop from the top rope. The Union hoist Bill up and throat drop him on the top rope. The Ref gets Ross back to his corner. Huber picks up Bill, swings him to the ropes but Bill just bulldozers through him and shoulder blocks him down. Bill swings off the ropes, dives over and tags in Rheingans.

Rheingans swings Huber to the ropes and hip toss/slams him down. Ross runs in and gets the same. Bill gets in there, grabs Ross, runs with him and hurls him over the top rope. The Ref is once again trying to get control. 

On the outside, Ross grabs his flag and goes to the top rope. Rheingans hits a gut wrench suplex on Huber. Bill runs over and slams Ross off the top rope as the Ref counts 1..2..3 on Huber! 

The Olympians advance. 


Commercial Break 


Lance: What a show. The National tag team tournament is off to a great start. The Olympians advance as do Larry Z and Al Perez. Next week you'll see 2 more 1st round match ups. The Bruise Brothers will take on Vin Man's Family Art Crews and Timothy Flowers. Also, Karachi Vice will face Gold Standard. Pretty good match ups. The Great Gagne will face Scott Putski and if Putski wins he will indeed receive a TV title shot. Brenda Britton will bring us another SuperClash update. Fans, we're going to end this week's show by taking you to the home of AWA world champion Ricky Steamboat. After hearing Carlos Colon's comments tonight, I just don't know what to think. Lets take you to Steamboat.




Ricky Steamboat is sitting in his chair wearing a neck brace. 

Steamboat: (pauses and looks down, then looks back up and speaks softly) Carlos, words can't express what's gong through my head right now. I thought you were my friend. I thought we were great friends. I told you to your face that nobody deserved a title shot more than you. I gave you one immediately, right there on the spot because you were my friend and because you deserved it. I would of given you another one but instead you had to cross a line. Carlos, you crossed that line and did something I thought was unthinkable. (His voice rising) There was absolutely no reason to do that but you did it anyway. I would be lying if I said I wasn't hurt physically and mentally. (Pauses and looks down, looks back up and stares at the camera) Carlos, you want another title shot, you got one!   








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Colon starts the show with a very compelling case. Everyone was fine with him beating the monsters for them but the second he starts playing rough with their precious Steamboat they turn on him.

I'm not really digging this whole "happy to be here" thing Iceman has going. In fairness that's probably because I watch WWE where EVERY face does this.

I wonder what's bugging Kernodle?

It seems Larry Z has already succeeded in bringing out Perez's mean streak.

Idol is bringing out the heavy machinery to keep Lawler from another title shot.

Why do I get the feeling Paul Jones needed a new pair of pants at some point during this episode?

I don't think anyone is surprised to see Henning being a sore loser.

I agree with Ronnie,Idol isn't paying him enough attention.

I liked the little contest between between Gagne/Valiant & The Fabs over who's the bigger pair of cocky bitches.

Ox & Hayes being their usual charming-ly terrifying selves.

The Olympians bust the Union & advances in the tournament at the same time.

Steamboat answers Colons points with equally good ones. He didn't HAVE to give Colon a title shot. He admitted with NO hesitation Colon deserved it. There is a certain tragedy in this story. Colon was a good man who spent 2 years fighting for his life with almost no help & with no clear reward beyond survival. He does survive & with no reward coming from the powers at be has to swallow his pride and ask the champion himself. And because Steamboat is ALSO a good man the request is granted. But it backfires. Steamboat's schedule is so busy he can only grant it that night meaning Colon has 10 minutes to beat a man who can go a hour. Naturally he falls. One can only imagine the range of emotions he felt at that moment. Frustration at the result, Panic at the possibility that he just blew his only chance, Despair at the idea the previous 2 years was for nothing and finally RAGE. At those who tried to take away his livelihood, at those in the back who never even tried to help, at the fans who cheered his suffering, and finally, the company that saw his pain as nothing more then a way to sell tickets & offered nothing in return. And finally it was too much to take anymore & he snaps on the ONE man who truly seemed to acknowledge what he'd been through. Steamboat is clearly right here but I can't say Colon is wrong. And that my friends...is good storytelling.

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