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I love a well thought out heel turn where there's a explanation on why they feel justified for their actions rather than just, they "turned bad".  Looking forward to Steamboat's reaction.

Then again, there's something to be said for the stance like Kernodle that keeps you guessing and tuning in to find out why they are doing what they are doing

Happy to see Larry Z and Perez advance towards the National titles.

The Adias/Hennig feud continues to heat up!

Idol better pay attention to Garvin....he's no pushover!

Gagne is right, it had to be a fluke! 

Great response from Steamboat, as Dragon said...just great story telling all the way around on this angle!

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AWA @ The Louisville Gardens 10-17-86



Steve O defeated Tom Stone with a flying body press


The Dream Machine w/Paul Jones defeated Tony Garea with a jumping elbow drop- After the match, Jones threw Dream a bullrope. Dream proceeded to hang Garea over the top rope. Massive heat for Dream and Jones. 


The Bruise Brothers and Iceman Parsons defeated "Diamond" Tim Flowers, "The Ace" Art Crews and The Vin Man- During a pier six brawl, Snowman hit a running powerslam on Vinnie to get the pin! 


Nick Bockwinkle defeated "Iron" Scott McGhee- Bock slammed McGhee's leg into the steel post then followed up with an Indian Deathlock for the submission victory. After the match, Bock grabbed the house mic and reminded everybody that he is in fact the number one world title contender. 


Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka defeated Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker- Ox was on the apron as Snuka pushed Haynes into him and rolled him up for the win. The celebration was short lived because The Beasts of Burden hit the ring and attacked Snuka. Haynes and Ox joined in. Ox held up Snuka as Haynes put a chair in front of his face. The Beasts then nailed Snuka with stereo boots, smashing the chair in his face! They left Snuka a bloody mess. 


Match 3 of the Best of 7 series- Fabs lead 2-0 

The Fabulous Ones vs. The Rock n Roll Express

Once again these teams steal the show with a high energy roller coaster match. After 40 minutes, both teams are in the ring brawling. The Fabs get the upper hand and swing RnR to the ropes and go for back drops but Gibson kicks Lane as Morton sunset flips over Keirn 1..2..3! 


Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland w/Gino Brito Jr. 

Brito and Charland promised Austin Idol, Lawler wouldn't make it to a National Title shot. Charland came out swinging and had Lawler in trouble several times. Brito made sure he got his shots in. The finish came when Charland swing Lawler into the corner and charged in but Lawler moved. Charland staggered back into a German Suplex by Lawler 1..2..3! Brito ran in to protest but Lawler punched him through the ropes. 2 down and 1 to go for a National Title shot. 


AWA National Title Bout 

"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol (C) vs. "Rugged" Ron Garvin

Obviously Idol is distracted by Lawler's win because he can't seem to get it together against Garvin. Garvin is all over Idol and gets several near falls on him. Garvin slams Idol and follows up with the Garvin stomp. Garvin backs up and kisses his hand. Idol staggers up and Garvin nails Idol with his knockout punch! Idol stumbles back and through the ropes. The Ref is keeping Garvin from going out after him. Finally as the Ref starts his count, Idol pulls a pair of brass knuckles out of his tights. Idol slowly gets on the apron. Garvin charges over. Idol takes a swing but Garvin ducks and back suplexes Idol back into the ring but while in the air, Idol punches down on Garvin's head with the brass knuckles. Garvin collapses with idol on top 1..2..3! 

Massive boos.

But wait! Here comes Jerry Lawler! 

Lawler is telling the Ref what happened. They're in an intense conversation. While Idol is taking off his brass knuckles, Lawler goes over and grabs his arm, then shows the Ref.

The fans go crazy as the Ref reverses his decision and awards the match to Garvin via DQ. 

Idol throws a tantrum and goes after Lawler but Lawler tags him with several Memphis punches and sends him flying with a big right punch. Idol rolls out of the ring, grabs his title and runs off. Lawler helps up Garvin and raises his arm. 

Winner of the match by DQ- Ron Garvin. However. Austin Idol remains National Champ. 





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Dream Machine gets nasty hanging Garea.

Iceman & The Bruise Brothers sounds like a trio with potential.

Bockwinkel may want to put a pause on chasing the world title, don't wanna risk pissing off Colon right now.

Snuka beats Billy Jack but pays big time.

Rock n Roll is on the board!

Lawler is two-thirds of the way to his rematch with Idol. But thanks to him Garvin has a win over the champ giving him a strong case for a rematch. It may not have been the smart thing but Lawler definitely did the right thing.

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As much as I dislike Carlos Colon, great promo, and great reasoning behind the heel turn. Though I still hope the Dragon beats him!

Hoping something more substantial is coming for the Iceman soon. But happy to see him picking up wins and getting over in the meantime.

Nice win for Larry and Al! This team is a nice balance of a lot of styles. They may be real hard to beat.

Lawler gets his 2nd opponent, and I predict another Kingly win!

Bit of a new gimmick for Adias, but his old partner gets the best of him! This is going to come to a head soon!

Olympians advance as well. If they are facing Larry and Al in Round 2, that's one hell of a match!

The Dragon is pissed! He accepts Colon's match and this will be a fight!!


On too Louisville....


Bock finishes up some light work before reminding everyone who the rightful number one contender is!

Yikes! Look's like the "Superfly" might need some Super Friends!

Ricky and Robert win one! If they'd gone down 3-0, that may have been insurmountable! These matches would have been such a treat for fans.

and my prediction is correct! Lawler Wins!

Lawler costs Idol the match, but he retains the title. If Austin wants to avoid the King, he better find a stiffer challenge for #3!!


As always, you are the master of giving everyone on the card something to do! Loving the Best of 7, and looking forward to seeing who Idol lines up next!

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