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I love a well thought out heel turn where there's a explanation on why they feel justified for their actions rather than just, they "turned bad".  Looking forward to Steamboat's reaction.

Then again, there's something to be said for the stance like Kernodle that keeps you guessing and tuning in to find out why they are doing what they are doing

Happy to see Larry Z and Perez advance towards the National titles.

The Adias/Hennig feud continues to heat up!

Idol better pay attention to Garvin....he's no pushover!

Gagne is right, it had to be a fluke! 

Great response from Steamboat, as Dragon said...just great story telling all the way around on this angle!

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AWA @ The Louisville Gardens 10-17-86



Steve O defeated Tom Stone with a flying body press


The Dream Machine w/Paul Jones defeated Tony Garea with a jumping elbow drop- After the match, Jones threw Dream a bullrope. Dream proceeded to hang Garea over the top rope. Massive heat for Dream and Jones. 


The Bruise Brothers and Iceman Parsons defeated "Diamond" Tim Flowers, "The Ace" Art Crews and The Vin Man- During a pier six brawl, Snowman hit a running powerslam on Vinnie to get the pin! 


Nick Bockwinkle defeated "Iron" Scott McGhee- Bock slammed McGhee's leg into the steel post then followed up with an Indian Deathlock for the submission victory. After the match, Bock grabbed the house mic and reminded everybody that he is in fact the number one world title contender. 


Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka defeated Billy Jack Haynes w/Ox Baker- Ox was on the apron as Snuka pushed Haynes into him and rolled him up for the win. The celebration was short lived because The Beasts of Burden hit the ring and attacked Snuka. Haynes and Ox joined in. Ox held up Snuka as Haynes put a chair in front of his face. The Beasts then nailed Snuka with stereo boots, smashing the chair in his face! They left Snuka a bloody mess. 


Match 3 of the Best of 7 series- Fabs lead 2-0 

The Fabulous Ones vs. The Rock n Roll Express

Once again these teams steal the show with a high energy roller coaster match. After 40 minutes, both teams are in the ring brawling. The Fabs get the upper hand and swing RnR to the ropes and go for back drops but Gibson kicks Lane as Morton sunset flips over Keirn 1..2..3! 


Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland w/Gino Brito Jr. 

Brito and Charland promised Austin Idol, Lawler wouldn't make it to a National Title shot. Charland came out swinging and had Lawler in trouble several times. Brito made sure he got his shots in. The finish came when Charland swing Lawler into the corner and charged in but Lawler moved. Charland staggered back into a German Suplex by Lawler 1..2..3! Brito ran in to protest but Lawler punched him through the ropes. 2 down and 1 to go for a National Title shot. 


AWA National Title Bout 

"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol (C) vs. "Rugged" Ron Garvin

Obviously Idol is distracted by Lawler's win because he can't seem to get it together against Garvin. Garvin is all over Idol and gets several near falls on him. Garvin slams Idol and follows up with the Garvin stomp. Garvin backs up and kisses his hand. Idol staggers up and Garvin nails Idol with his knockout punch! Idol stumbles back and through the ropes. The Ref is keeping Garvin from going out after him. Finally as the Ref starts his count, Idol pulls a pair of brass knuckles out of his tights. Idol slowly gets on the apron. Garvin charges over. Idol takes a swing but Garvin ducks and back suplexes Idol back into the ring but while in the air, Idol punches down on Garvin's head with the brass knuckles. Garvin collapses with idol on top 1..2..3! 

Massive boos.

But wait! Here comes Jerry Lawler! 

Lawler is telling the Ref what happened. They're in an intense conversation. While Idol is taking off his brass knuckles, Lawler goes over and grabs his arm, then shows the Ref.

The fans go crazy as the Ref reverses his decision and awards the match to Garvin via DQ. 

Idol throws a tantrum and goes after Lawler but Lawler tags him with several Memphis punches and sends him flying with a big right punch. Idol rolls out of the ring, grabs his title and runs off. Lawler helps up Garvin and raises his arm. 

Winner of the match by DQ- Ron Garvin. However. Austin Idol remains National Champ. 





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Dream Machine gets nasty hanging Garea.

Iceman & The Bruise Brothers sounds like a trio with potential.

Bockwinkel may want to put a pause on chasing the world title, don't wanna risk pissing off Colon right now.

Snuka beats Billy Jack but pays big time.

Rock n Roll is on the board!

Lawler is two-thirds of the way to his rematch with Idol. But thanks to him Garvin has a win over the champ giving him a strong case for a rematch. It may not have been the smart thing but Lawler definitely did the right thing.

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As much as I dislike Carlos Colon, great promo, and great reasoning behind the heel turn. Though I still hope the Dragon beats him!

Hoping something more substantial is coming for the Iceman soon. But happy to see him picking up wins and getting over in the meantime.

Nice win for Larry and Al! This team is a nice balance of a lot of styles. They may be real hard to beat.

Lawler gets his 2nd opponent, and I predict another Kingly win!

Bit of a new gimmick for Adias, but his old partner gets the best of him! This is going to come to a head soon!

Olympians advance as well. If they are facing Larry and Al in Round 2, that's one hell of a match!

The Dragon is pissed! He accepts Colon's match and this will be a fight!!


On too Louisville....


Bock finishes up some light work before reminding everyone who the rightful number one contender is!

Yikes! Look's like the "Superfly" might need some Super Friends!

Ricky and Robert win one! If they'd gone down 3-0, that may have been insurmountable! These matches would have been such a treat for fans.

and my prediction is correct! Lawler Wins!

Lawler costs Idol the match, but he retains the title. If Austin wants to avoid the King, he better find a stiffer challenge for #3!!


As always, you are the master of giving everyone on the card something to do! Loving the Best of 7, and looking forward to seeing who Idol lines up next!

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Really good show for the AWA this week.  That promo by Colon was awesome; really well done.  I like when champs lose those non-title matches.  You keep finding ways to make Gagne more interesting.  Enjoying the tag tournament.  Speaking of tag teams, The Fabs and Rock n Roll still have a long way to go.  2-0 in this means nothing.  Adias/ Hennig is interesting as it is gong to propel someone up the ranks.  Thanks for all the wok.

On to Louisville

Snuka might need some help.

RnR get the win.  I have a feeling that we are going to get 4 more matches in this war!

Lawler woulg go through 100 men to get to Idol.  Great fued

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Ricky Steamboat is undefeatable ... but Carlos Colon really sold me on the threat he could pose! Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez are such a great team, I really think they can go all the way!

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 10-22-86



Show opens with footage from 2 weeks ago when Carlos Colon snapped and attacked Steamboat. That's followed by last week's comments from both men. 


Jerry Jarrett  is sitting in his office with a SuperClash poster behind him. 

Jarrett: As you all know, the AWA will present SuperClash on November 26th at the St. Paul Civic Center. This extravaganza will also be available on closed circuit TV throughout all AWA arenas. During the past week, myself, Verne Gagne and members of the AWA board have decided that at SuperClash, Ricky Steamboat will defend the AWA world title against Carlos Colon. Furthermore, next week from Minnesota, there will be a press conference involving both Steamboat and Colon, along with several members from the media. The AWA is very excited about SuperClash and it promises to be the event of the year. Brenda Britton will be on later with another SuperClash update. Enjoy tonight's show. 


Lance Russell: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Well you just heard the blockbuster announcement. I for one am very interested in hearing comments from both Steamboat and Colon at next week's press conference. Last week you heard Steamboat tell Colon, he will get another shot. Well, that shot takes place at SuperClash. We've got a big show lined up tonight. 2 more opening round National tag title tournament matches. Greg Gagne and Scott Putski will have a rematch and if Putski wins, he will get a TV title shot. Also on the program will be Nick Bockwinkle, The Dream Machine, Jerry Blackwell, Curt Hennig, Ox Baker's entire stable will be in 6 man action. And El Canek returns from his tour of Mexico. That and a lot more, so lets get to the ring. 


El Canek vs. Neil Jordan 


Canek shows off both his wrestling skills and power. Canek swings Jordan to the ropes and hits a sidewalk slam. Canek presses Jordan above his head and drops him with a Military Press Slam/Backbreaker for the win! Canek looks into the camera and yells " Voy por ti Haystacks!" 


Commercial Break 


1st Round National Tag Team Title Tournament Match 

Gold Standard vs. Karachi Vice 

Gold Standard start off hot as they use their strength and power. Kiniski swings Gama to the ropes and back drops him, then tags in Kelly. Gold Standard swing Gama to the ropes and put him down with a double back elbow smash. Makhan charges in but Gold Standard double scoop slams him down. Kelly hits a standing leg drop on Gama but the Ref is guiding Kiniski to his corner. Makhan goes for a cheap shot but Kelly kicks him, picks up Gama and knocks their heads together. Gama spins around and gets punched by Kiniski (from the apron) Kelly clamps a Full Nelson on Gama and twirls him around. Makhan charges and nails Kelly with a forearm blast to the back of the head. Kiniski runs in but the Ref guides him back which allows Makhan to drag Gama to the corner. Makhan tags himself in.

Kelly staggers up as Makhan clotheslines him down 1..2..Kick Out. Makhan swings Kelly into the corner and charges in but Kelly moves, dives over and tags in Kiniski. Kiniski's on fire as he hammers away on Makhan and dropkicks him down. Gama runs in and gets dropkicked down. Makhan staggers up, Kiniski grabs him and quickly cradles him 1..2..Gama breaks it. Kelly runs in and pounds away on Gama. The Ref grabs Kelly and guides him back. Kiniski picks up Makhan but Gama runs over and clips him behind the knee. Makhan falls on top as the Ref runs over and counts 1..2..(Gama gets up as Kelly mows him over) 3! 

Kelly realizes what just happened. He picks up Makhan and swings him into Gama, which sends them tumbling through the ropes. Kelly checks on Kiniski while glaring out at Karachi Vice. 

Karachi Vice advances. 


Commercial Break 


Nick Bockwinkle vs. Sam Smith 


Bock is aggressive tonight as he works over Smith's leg before finishing him off with an Indian Deathlock. 


Resnick: Nick Bockwinkle, another tremendous win.

Bock: Of course it was. Right now one could say, I'm not in the best of moods. I was in line for another shot at the AWA world title but was told I would have to wait because Mr. Steamboat is at home healing his injured neck. Mr. Steamboat, life is hard when you're a champion. If you cannot take it then do the right thing and relinquish the title. 

Resnick: Come on now, that's a bit unfair. 

Bock: What's unfair is the severe lack of competition here in the AWA. It's laughable. A man of my caliber should be in world title contention at all times. I would hardly call the competition here world title worthy. I will need to revaluate things until proper competition comes my way. My time should not be wasted. Good day.  


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing "SuperClash" sign then pans down to Brenda Britton.



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to another SuperClash update hosted by yours truly. Well looks like that attention craving Jerry Jarrett already revealed the big main event. I'm going to have a long talk with him about stealing my spotlight. How dare he do that. Anyways, at SuperClash, Ricky Steamboat will defend the AWA world title against Carlos Colon. I do have to say, that is a blockbuster of a main event. If you ask me, I should host that press conference next week. As I told you last week, the earth shattering rematch between El Canek and Giant Haystacks has also been signed. I've also been told that the winners of the SuperClash tag team battle royal wont have to wait long for their world title opportunity. Because they will receive their shot that night at SuperClash! That's great but I hope they're satisfied with the prize money because I don't think they're going to beat my favorite team Priceless. I'm calling that right now. Also signed for SuperClash will be Curt Hennig taking on Brian Adias. Things have gotten heated between the two former world tag team champions. I understand this next match is a special challenge match as Don Kernodle issued a challenge to Iceman Parsons. Parsons accepted so the match is official. I wonder what's going on there? I promise more matches to be announced next week. And don't forget, singing the National Anthem will be none other than Linda Ronstadt. The AWA finally got a celebrity almost as big as me. Ok, until next week, toooodles. 


Commercial Break 


TV Champ "The Great" Gagne w/Johnny Valiant vs. Scott "Powerhouse" Putski 


If Putski wins, he gets a TV title shot 

Gagne is a bit more focused tonight as he outwrestles Putski in the opening minutes. It didn't take long for Gagne to start showing his arrogance. Gagne clamps on a headlock and starts slapping the top of Putski's head. Valiant applauds him as Gagne nods and smiles. The smile disappears as Putski hoists Gagne up and executes a back suplex. The fans go wild and cheer Putski on. Both men rise, Gagne swings but Putski ducks and atomic drops Gagne. Gagne staggers as Putski clotheslines him over the top rope. 

Valiant runs over and comforts Gagne while yelling up at Putski. Putski goes to the outside. Valiant gets in his face then slaps him! Putski grabs Valiant by his shirt. Gagne charges over with a flying knee but Putski moves as Gagne nails Valiant. Putski regains his composure and rolls back in the ring as the Ref hits 10! 

Putski jumps up and down with excitement as the fans cheer. Putski gets a TV title shot! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: How about that! Scott Putski just earned himself a TV title shot. Neither Gagne or Valiant seemed happy. Fans, this weekend at the Auditorium in Milwaukee, you'll see match 4 between the Fabulous Ones and Rock n Roll Express. As you know last week in Louisville, RNR brought home on victory. The Fabs now lead 2-1. The Dream Machine takes on Blackjack Mulligan. And Jerry Lawler will take on the 3rd opponent of Austin Idol's choosing. If Lawler wins, we will indeed get a National title shot. Coming out now is the AWA National Champ Austin Idol. 


Boos as Idol comes out and gives the camera a bicep shot while holding the title up with his other arm. 

Resnick: Ok, Austin, Lawler's beaten 2 of your picks. Myself and the fans want to know, who's your 3rd pick? 

Idol: You know Resnick, there's an old saying, if you want something done right then darling, you've got to do it yourself! Loser Lawler! I said you weren't getting another shot and brother you're not. I can guarantee that. (Looks at Resnick) You know why? 

Resnick: No, why? 

Idol: Of course you don't. Because I'm his next opponent! That's right! If there's one man who can prevent that loser from getting a shot at my title, it's me! Lawler you're through! 


Commercial Break 


"Crusher" Jerry Blackwell vs. Trent Watkins 


Blackwell hits a Samoan drop, gets up, swings off the ropes and hits a big splash for the pin! 

Blackwell gets up and acknowledges the cheers.



He's nailed from behind by KERRY BROWN! 

Kerry's hands are heavily taped as he pounds away on Blackwell. Kerry is relentless with his punches and opens up Blackwell's head. Kerry hurls Blackwell out of the ring. Kerry goes out, picks up Blackwell and rams him face first into the steel post! Blackwell's a bloody mess as officials run out. Kerry walks over to Resnick.

Kerry: The Pitbull is here! 


Commercial Break 


The viewers see the AWA World tag team champs, Priceless sitting on their yacht. They're wearing shorts, sunglasses and fedora hats. A table sits between them with several bottles of champagne. Morrow finishes a bottle and throws it out on the water. 

Wells: Gerry, it's great to be on top of the world isn't it? 

Morrow: HAHAHA indeed it is. As all you poor untouchables can see, we are living de life of luxury. I understand we have a commitment to defend these titles by next week. 

Wells: Defend them we will. 

They both toast and laugh. 

Morrow: We are de champs and we call de shots. So next week on TV we will return to de ring for a title defense. Until then.

Wells gulps his champagne and throws his bottle out in the water.  


Commercial Break 


Footage from the Louisville Gardens is shown as Billy Jack Haynes, Ox Baker and The Beasts of Burden brutally attack Jimmy Snuka. 

Jimmy Snuka is standing on screen with his entire face covered with bandages. 

Snuka: I just got out of the hospital. Haynes! Ox! Beasts! You put me there! You did this to my face! But this is not over! NO! It's only the beginning. 

Cabin Fever walk into view. 

Boone: The 3 of us have scores to settle! 

Manny: Ox Baker, you and your goons like to beat people up. Yea, you got the 3 of us pretty damn good. But the 3 of us are still standing! Let's see how tough you boys really are. SuperClash! We want all 4 of you in a match! A tornado streetfight daddy! Come on boys, there's 4 of you and only 3 of us. Do you have the guts to do this face to face? 


Back Live 


Billy Jack and The Beasts of Burden w/Ox Baker vs. Vic Dutro, Willie Lopez and Clinton Stitch 

Nothing but a chaotic and crazy squash. Beasts hit stereo boots on Lopez and then Billy finishes him off with a full nelson. Post match, the Beasts annihilate Stitch and Dutro. Billy holds up Lopez as Ox puts him down with a heart punch! Lopez is stretchered out. 


Resnick: (Very nervous) You guys just heard the challenge made for SuperClash. Do you accept.

Ox looks like he wants to give Resnick a heart punch. Resnick hands him the mic and walks away. 

Ox: Snuka! Cabin Fever! I knew you were stupid but you've outdone yourselves. How many beatings does it take? Well, we'll gladly give you another. And after Billy Jack and my Beasts break every bone in your bodies, I'm going to send you all out with a heart punch! I hope your medical insurance is up to date. 


Commercial Break 


Curt Hennig vs. Todd Rooney 


Hennig shows off his wrestling arsenal before winning the match with a fisherman's suplex. 


Resnick: Curt Hennig, it's official. You'll be taking on your former partner Brian Adias at SuperClash. Let's not forget, he does have a win over you. 

Hennig: Oh very funny Rezhead. That was nothing but a fluke. Come SuperClash, that far from awesome Brian Adias is going to know what it's like being in the ring with a gifted and flawless wrestler. I'm going to embarrass and humiliate him in front of millions. I'm the true superstar in the AWA and don't you (polks his finger in Resnick's chest), Adias or anybody else forget that! 

Hennig storms off.

Resnick: Ok, our next opening round....

Dream Machine and Paul Jones storm out. Dream is swinging a bull rope around. 


Jones: Mulligan! You think you're the only one who can swing a bull rope around? 

Dream: Looky here, I got one to! This weekend in Milwaukee babay, you're going to get a taste of this! 

Jones: Nobody threatens Paul Jones! Nobody! 


Commercial Break 


1st Round National Tag Team Tournament match 

The Bruise Brothers vs. "The Ace" Art Crews and "Diamond" Timothy Flowers w/The Vin Man 

Pretty good hard hitting seesaw battle. Bruise take control when Cash sends Flowers flying with a jumping headbutt. Cash tags in Snowman. Flowers hobbles up as Snowman drops him with a flying shoulder tackle 1..2..Crews drops a knee on Snowman. Cash sends Crews through the ropes with a running forearm blast. Bruise Brothers swing Flowers to the ropes and double back drop him. Snowman hoists Flowers on his shoulder but Vinnie reaches in and trips Snowman. 

Cash runs around the ring and chases Vinnie but Crews pops up and clotheslines Cash. 

Crews gets in the ring. Him and Flowers pick Snowman up and hot shot him on the top rope. Flowers tags in Crews. Crews crashes down with a knee drop from the middle ropes 1..2..Snowman gets his shoulder up. An Irate Crews pushes Snowman in the corner. Crews stomps away as Flowers chokes him. Crews hits a vertical suplex on Snowman then tags in Flowers. Crews holds up Snowman as Flowers nails him with a double axehandle from the top rope 1..2..Cash dives in and makes the save. Crews comes in but Cash punches away, swings him to the ropes and hits his diving crossbody/headbutt! 

Flowers picks up Snowman but Snowman blasts him with several punches. Vinnie gets on the apron but Cash runs over and punches him off. Snowman hoists a stumbling Flowers up and hits a snake eyes on the top turnbuckle 1..2..3! Huge pop! 

The Bruise Brothers advance. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: Ok, the Semi finals are set. Next week, Larry Z and Al Perez will take on the Olympians. The following week, The Bruise Brothers will meet Karachi Vice. Those should be some fantastic matches. Of course the finals will take place at SuperClash. Fans before we go, please welcome out Jerry "The King" Lawler.


Huge pop as Lawler walks out smiling. 

Resnick: Jerry, you heard him. Your 3rd and final obstacle for a National title shot will be against the champ himself Austin Idol.

Lawler: idol, you never were very bright. I not only get to beat you once but I get to beat you again for the National title. If you think you can stop me, you've got another thing coming. After Milwaukee you have no more excuses. You're going down Idol and then the National title is all mine! 



St. Paul Civic Center, Nov. 26th 

Available on Closed Circuit TV 

National Anthem performed by Linda Ronstadt 


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Carlos Colon


El Canek vs. Giant Haystacks 


Curt Hennig vs. Brian Adias 


Tornado Street Fight! 

Jimmy Snuka and Cabin Fever vs. Billy Jack/The Beasts of Burden and Ox Baker


Tag Team Battle Royal- Winners receive 100.000 Dollars and an AWA World Tag Team Title match later that night. 


Special Challenge Match

Iceman Parsons vs. "Number One" Don Kernodle


More Matches to be announced







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Jarrett starts us off with a huge announcement, Steamboat/Colon for the World Title at SuperClash!

Canek is as ready for Haystacks as a man can be.

Karachi Vice advances!

You know there's something respectable about a man who knows how much his time is worth & Nick Bockwinkel is certainly that man.

Whether by luck, skill or what have you, young Putski gets himself a title shot!

Damn wasn't expecting Idol to step up like that. He has to have a plan.

The Pitbull makes a huge debut laying out Blackwell!

Priceless has the money AND gold. Of course they make the rules!

I hope Snuka & Cabin Fever know what they're doing challenging Ox, Hayes & The Beasts to a 4-3 handicap match.

Solid promos from Henning & Dream Machine.

The Bruise Brothers are moving on!

The King sends us off with a stern warning to Idol.

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I think the AWA is firing on all cylinders right now.  I am enjoying the slow build to Superclash.  I thought the interview with Bock , while being short, was spot on.  Bock lets Steamboat know that a champion needs to get to the ring even when he gets a few bumps and bruises.  Great way to give Putski a little push.  Looking forward to the title match with Gagne.

Nice segements with Brenda, Snuka, Dream Machine and Paul Jones, and Hennig but the promo of the night goes to Austin Idol.  What a 3rd choice!  Lawler better be ready!  Really creative booking.  

Nice start to the national tag title match tourny.  Still love the Bruise Brothers.  If anyone gets a chance, read up on Snowman.  He was one interesting dude.

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AWA @ The Milwaukee Auditorium 10-24-86


"Number One" Don Kernodle defeated Steve O with a Reverse Neckbreaker 


Giant Haystacks defeated 3 Local Talents when he piled them up and crashed down with a big elbow drop


Lightning Strike and The Union battled to a 10 minute draw


"Rugged" Ron Garvin defeated "The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland w/Gino Brito- Gavin hit a sunset flip from the top rope to get the pin. Afterwards Brito tried to attack Garvin but Garvin slammed him down and followed with a Garvin stomp. Charland came at Garvin but was knocked out with a KO punch. 


Match 4 of the best of 7 series- Fabs lead 2-1

The Rock n Roll Express vs. The Fabulous Ones 

Of course these teams once again put on a tag team clinic. After 30 minutes of seesaw action, RnR is in control as they double back drop Keirn. Lane charges in and gets double clotheslined over the top rope. Keirn staggers up and gets double dropkicked! Gibson covers but the Ref tells him Morton is the legal man. While the Ref guides Gibson back, Lane runs in and nails Morton with a super kick to the back of his head! Gibson runs in and pounds away on Lane. Keirn rolls over and covers Morton as the Ref counts 1..2..3! 

BOOOOO! Fabs now lead 3-1


Blackjack Mulligan defeats The Dream Machine by DQ- Mulligan nailed Dream with his diving back elbow smash. When Mulligan covered, Jones ran in and hit Mulligan with a bull rope causing the DQ. Jones starts choking Mulligan with the bull rope. Mulligan rises with Jones on his back, backs up full speed and rams Jones into the turnbuckles. Mulligan starts punching Jones. Dream comes from behind and hits Mulligan. Dream grabs the bull rope and chokes away on Mulligan. Jones eventually staggers up. Jones and Dream swing Mulligan to the ropes and double clothesline him with the bull rope! 


AWA National Champ "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler 

If Lawler wins he will get a National Title shot.

Nothing pretty here as these guys pretty much just punch away on each other. At the 15 minute mark, Lawler is in control as he vertical suplexes Idol and follows with an elbow drop 1..2..Kick Out. Lawler swings Idol to the ropes and knocks him down with a big right punch. Idol staggers up, Lawler grabs him and swings him to the ropes, on his way back Idol and the Ref collide. The Ref takes a big bump and goes down. Lawler is checking in the Ref. Idol rolls over and pulls something out of his pants, then starts fiddling with something. Wait a minute! Idol has a lighter. He starts flicking it and lights something on fire. Lawler turns his attention towards Idol and heads over. Idol rises and is set to fireball Lawler but Lawler kicks his hands at the last second! The fireball hits the side of Idol's face! Idol goes down flailing and covering his head. Lawler covers. The Ref slowly crawls over and counts 1..2..3! 

Jerry Lawler gets a National Title shot! 


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Kernodle continues his workman's path.

Haystacks pulls off a classic handicap monster squash.

Lighting Strike vs The Union sounds like a fun 10 minutes

"Rugged" Ron wrecks the Wrecking Machine... Again!

A rare misque by RnR leads to the Fabs getting win #3.

*sing-song* I sense a bullrope match coming between Mulligan & Dream Machine.

I was right about Idol having a plan but it backfiii...*cough* Lawler gets his title shot!

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SuperClash is shaping up to be a monster!!

Bockwinkel has every right to be pissed off, and I hope we see him get an immediate shot at whoever wins Steamboat/Colon

Something tells me that you are going to have a LOT of fun with heel turned Hennig around here.

That 6 man Tornado Street Fight is going to be an absolute war!!

Fabs are up 3-1! Things are looking bleak for Ricky and Robert!!

Well, Idol had the right idea, but he still couldn't get the job done. Lawler get's his shot, and I have the feeling that the Heartthrob might be in trouble!!


Another awesome week in the AWA, and like I said, SuperClash is looking to be your biggest show yet! 


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Bombshell to start the show, Steamboat vs. Colon in a heated rematch for the title!

Karachi Vice gets by the Gold Standard to advance, not mad at that!

Classic Bockwinkel telling Steamboat to suck it up or forfeit the championship

Putski earns a title shot! But will be able to overcome the GREAT Gagne and Johnny V's antics when it counts? We shall see.

Idol knows if you want a job done right you have to do it yourself.

Good to see the Champs enjoying the spoils of their riches! They deserve it!

Awww shit! Manny wants a Tornado Streetfight, daddy!! (I smiled cause I could hear every word of that promo in the Bull's voice)

That was a nearly "perfect" promo from Curt, good stuff!

The Bruise Brothers advance! Let's hope they're getting back on track.

SuperClash is shaping up to be an awesome show!

Onward to Milwaukee:

Ron Garvin ain't the one to **** with lol

Ouch, Fabs lead 3 to 1....that's tough but if anyone can overcome the odds it's Ricky and Robert!

Mulligan gets the win....but Dream and Paul Jones get the better of him.

Lawler overcomes Idol and earns his title shot and all is well in the AWA!

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The SuperClash is going to be amazing! I love the touch of having Nick Bockwinkle, rhetorically, putting the points to Ricky Steamboat - the champ looks extremely vulnerable!

Jerry Lawler, on the other hand, looks unstoppable heading towards the National title.

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Nice event here with the highlight for me being the 3-1 lead by the Fab Ones.

Idol should have kept naming opponents other than himself for Lawler as now he  might be in trouble.

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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 10-29-86



Lance Russell: Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. Tonight you will see a National tag team title semi final match as The Olympians square off against Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez. Priceless will be here for a world tag team title defense. Ron Garvin will be in action as will Blackjack Mulligan, Don Kernodle, Brian Adias, Iceman Parsons, Kerry Brown and Giant Haystacks. Big time main event as the Rock n Roll Express will take on The Fabulous Ones in match 5 of the best of 7 series. The Fabs have a 3-1 lead and look to wrap this up tonight. Brenda Britton will be here with another SuperClash update. After a wild night in Milwaukee, Jerry Lawler has earned a National title match with Austin Idol. We'll show you footage from Milwaukee followed by comments from Lawler and Idol. Right now I want to take you to footage from the big SuperClash press conference that was held earlier this week in St. Paul. 


St. Paul Minnesota 

Sitting behind a long table is Ricky Steamboat (with the AWA world title in front of him), a couple AWA board members, Verne Gagne, Jerry Jarrett, a couple AWA board members and Carlos Colon. 

Members of the press are packed inside. 

Jarrett: On behalf of Verne Gagne and the AWA, we want to thank all of you for coming out. As you know, on Friday November 26th, the AWA will present SuperClash. The main event will be Ricky Steamboat defending the AWA world title against Carlos Colon. I will now open the time up for questions. 

Reporter: Ricky, how's the neck? Will you be 100% by SuperClash? 

Steamboat: Luckily there was no permanent damage and so yes, I will be 100% ready to go.

Reporter: Ricky, will you be mentally prepared? Especially after what Carlos Colon did to you.

Steamboat: I honestly believe that wasn't the Carlos Colon I knew. I think he had a lot of built up frustration and it was just to much.

Colon: (Interrupting) Are you saying I snapped and lost it? Are you saying I went crazy? Let me tell you and all these disrespectful people out here something. I've never been more focused in my life and have never had this much clarity. I did what I did to send a message. Obviously it worked because here I am. Ricky Steamboat, the hard part is over. I got my shot and now all I have to do is defeat you and the AWA world title will be mine! 

Steamboat: Hold on one second. Yes, you got my attention with that cowardly act but now you have to face me man to man. What you did will not get you this title. So Carlos, the hard part is not over. It hasn't even started. 

Reporter: Ricky...

Colon: (Cuts him off and stands up) You see what I mean! All you leeches want to talk to Ricky. Nobody is showing me the proper respect that I deserve! Come SuperClash, I'm going to beat Ricky Steamboat and take my respect. 

Steamboat: You want some respect Carlos? Come and get it! 

Colon angrily walks towards Ricky. Ricky stands up. Verne, Jerry and several members of security get in between. Colon points and shouts to Steamboat. Steamboat nods and motions for Colon to come closer. 


Commercial Break 


Iceman Parsons vs. Clinton Stitch 


Parsons comes down the aisle as "Beat It" blasts over the speakers. 

Parsons is on fire tonight and wins the match with the Booty Bump! 

"Beat it" plays as the fans clap while Parsons dances. 


Commercial Break 


"Number One" Don Kernodle vs. Todd Rooney 


Kernodle is all business and wins the match with a reverse neckbreaker 


Resnick: Don Kernodle, I understand you've decided to speak to me today. I do want to ask. You issued a special challenge match to Iceman Parsons at SuperClash. What is your motive here?

Kernodle: (Long pause) I came to the AWA because I heard all the top wrestlers were here. Well, when I arrived, you know what I saw? I saw a dancing clown name Iceman Parsons. What he does is an embarrassment to this sport. I had to do something about it. I'm going to teach him a lesson and that happens at SuperClash. And he won't be dancing when I get done with him. 


Commercial Break 


Giant Haystacks vs. Sam Smith and Arnie Goldstein


Haystacks destroys both men, then slams Goldstein down. Picks up Smith and slams him on Goldstein. Haystacks backs up and hits a big elbow drop for the easy pin. 


Resnick: Giant Haystacks, that was nothing short of devastating. At SuperClash, you and El Canek will meet in a colossal rematch. This all started back in April. Will SuperClash finally be the end? 

Haystacks: Did you just see what I did?! You ask me if SuperClash will be the end? It will be the end of El Canek! I promise you! 

Haystacks storms out of there.

Resnick: Ok, there you have it....wait a minute, it looks like Gino Brito Jr. and Richard Charland are coming over. Gentlemen, is there something you want to say?

Brito: Resnick, because the Wrecking Machine likes you so much, we wanted you to be the first to hear our big announcement. At SuperClash, myself and Richard Charland are going to enter the tag team battle royal. It's easy money and then the world titles will be ours. What a night it will be. 

They exit as Charland bumps Resnick. 


Commercial Break 


National Tag Team Title Tournament Semi Final Match 

The Olympians vs. Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez 

Pretty good evenly fought match. The Olympians frustrate Larry and Al by combining Rheingans technical skills and Bill's brute power. Larry and Al show off some good chemistry as well. A few minutes in and Olympians have control as Rheingans hits a gut wrench suplex on Perez and tags in Bill. Bill swings Perez to the ropes and clamps on the bear hug! 

Boos as The Union come out and yank Rheingans from the apron. Union pound away on Rheingans. Ross holds Rheingans as Huber picks up his sledgehammer and nails Rheingans in the gut! Union get out of there. 

Bill doesn't see what's going on as he continues to wrench away on Perez with the bearhug. Larry goes to the top rope and crashes down on Bill with a double axehandle. Larry and Perez hoist Bill up and double suplex him. Larry goes to his corner as Perez favors his back and tags him in. Larry runs in and executes a swinging neckbreaker on Bill 1..2..3! 

Larry Z and Al Perez advance to the finals at SuperClash 


Commercial Break 


"Rugged" Ron Garvin vs. Neil Jordan


Garvin back drops Jordan and waits. Jordan staggers up and Garvin puts him down with a KO punch for the win. 


Resnick: Fans, earlier Larry Z and Al Perez advanced to the finals albeit with help from the Union. I understand Brad Rheingans is in the back with our medics. What an unfortunate incident. Ok, my guest at this time is Nick Bockwinkle. Nick, I know you're upset about not getting another world title bout and I can understand that. However I do disagree with you about you stating the lack of competition here in the AWA. 


Bock: Frankly I don't care if you disagree with me. It is a known fact that there isn't any AWA competition that's worth my time. I am a former world champion and I must say, the most technically gifted wrestler in the AWA. Nobody is in my league. 

Cheers as Ron Garvin walks out.

Garvin: You know Nick, I've been listening to you and I have a solution. Since we both don't have a match at SuperClash, how about I give you some competition? 

Bock: (smiles) Are you seriously requesting a match with me? Didn't you just come up short in your bid for the National title? Why should I take you seriously? 

Garvin: Well, didn't you come up short in your world title bid? Maybe we both have something to prove. 

Bock: (ponders this) Mr. Garvin, you bring up a valid point. I will indeed accept your challenge. 

Garvin extends his hand

Garvin: May the best man win

Bock shakes his hand. 

Bock: I intend to do just that. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing "SuperClash" sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to the SuperClash update by yours truly. Oh boy do I have some bombshell matches to announce. After what went down in Milwaukee, Austin Idol will defend his National title against Jerry Lawler. I understand this match will be under NO DQ, NO C.O. rules. You all saw last week when Kerry Brown attacked Jerry Blackwell. Those two have signed to meet at SuperClash. Here's a big one. Blackjack Mulligan will face The Dream Machine in a bullrope match aaannnd if Mulligan wins he gets a 5 minute bullrope match with Paul Jones. Also, The Great Gagne will defend his TV title against Scott Putski. I have comments from the TV champ himself. Let's hear them now. 


Gagne and Johnny Valiant are standing in front of a SuperClash banner.

Valiant: Scott Punkski, you have to be the luckiest man walking the face of the earth. 

Gagne: Listen up Punkski! You got a couple lucky wins but let me tell you something right now, when this title is on the line this pro is coming to play. Our match will separate the pros from the greenhorns. 


Britton: My money's on Gagne. That's not it. Just listen to this announcement. The AWA has signed Japan's two top stars. Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami will team up and compete in the 100,000 dollar battle royal and don't forget, the winners get a world title shot later that night. Just remember, I have all the biggest scoops in the world. Until next week tooooodles.  


Commercial Break 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

Priceless (C) vs. ???


Boos as Priceless enter the ring wearing black suits, sunglasses and fedora hats. They hold up their titles as Morrow grabs the announcer's mic.

Morrow: AHHH so good to be back in de ring. We want to get dis over with because we are on a never ending celebration. Tonight out of de kindness of our hearts, we will defend our prestigious world titles against a top rank team. You may announce them. 

A confused reaction as Vic Dutro and Willie Lopez walk out. 

During the match it's very noticeable that Priceless have put on some weight and look very sluggish. Dutro and Lopez even give them some scares. In the end Morrow(from the apron) nails Dutro with a forearm to the back as Wells finishes him off with a spear. 

Resnick: It looks to me like the champs may be partying a bit to much. They better be ready come SuperClash when they have to defend the titles against the battle royal winners. 


Commercial Break 


"Lone Star" Brian Adias vs. Carl Kellerman 


Adias looks crisp tonight and wins the match with a Russian Legsweep. 

Adias cuts a promo and says he beat Hennig once and he'll do it again, man to man at SuperClash! 


Commercial Break 


Blackjack Mulligan vs. William Hillman 


Mulligan wins the match with a diving back elbow smash! Mulligan grabs his bullrope and heads to ringside. 


Resnick: Ok Blackjack, you and Dream Machine in a bullrope match at SuperClash and if you win you get a 5 minute bullrope match with Paul Jones.

Mulligan: (Gripping his bullrope) I warned you Paul Jones! I can't wait for SuperClash! I'm going to wrap this around Dream's neck and choke the life out of him and then I'm going to do worse to you Jones! I hope you both hear me loud and clear! 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: I'm joined by Vinnie Valentino and his family (Timothy Flowers and Art Crews) I understand we're going to see your new acquisition momentarily in the ring.

Vin: Oh Rezzy, I told you a Pitbull was coming and I told you we were going after the biggest in the AWA. Last week everybody saw what he did to Jerry Fatwell. And there's more to come at SuperClash. Introducing the newest Vin Man Family member, Pitbull Kerry Brown!


"Pitbull" Kerry Brown w/The Vin Man  vs. Paul Camry 


Brown destroys his opponent before finishing him off with a high knee off the ropes! After the match Vinnie and the Family hug and welcome Kerry in. 


Commercial Break 


Footage from Milwaukee is shown as Idol tries to use a fireball but Lawler kicks it in the side if Idol's head for the win.


Lance: Before we get to our main event, I wanted to take you to comments by Austin Idol and then I'll be speaking with Jerry Lawler.


Idol is in a medical facility.

Idol: Look at my neck! (Neck has burn marks) Lawler! You did this! You animal! You scarred me! I swear on everything that matters to me, at SuperClash I'm going to make sure you never show your face in the AWA again! I swear it! 


Lance: Very heated words from Austin Idol. I'm here with Jerry Lawler. Jerry, you get your National title shot at SuperClash and it will be a No DQ, No C.O. match. I know things have escalated to an all time high between you two and with these stipulations, this match will be brutal. 

Lawler: Hey, that idiot Idol brought the fire and it literally backfired. Idol is a coward which is why I requested the No DQ, No C.O. stipulations. Idol! We're going to fight it out the old fashion way. You can't run and you can't hide. Nothing can save your ass this time! 


Commercial Break 


Match 5 of the Best of 7 series- Fabs lead 3-1

The Rock n Roll Express vs. The Fabulous Ones 


The action is at an all time high. The Fabs are trying desperately to put the series away but RnR are hanging tough. After several pier six brawls and a few minutes later, another brawl breaks out. Keirn is pounding away on Morton in the corner while Lane is going to town on Gibson. The Fabs swing RnR towards each other but RnR reverse it and swing the Fabs into each other. Fabs stumble back. RnR hit stereo atomic drops! The Fabs collide and stumble back as RnR dropkick them back into each other. Morton rolls up Keirn 1..2..3! 

Huge Pop! 

Fabs lead the series 3-2



AWA presents 


Friday, November 26th

St. Paul Civic Center

Available on closed circuit TV across the AWA arenas

National Anthem sung by Linda Ronstadt 


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Carlos Colon 


AWA National Title Bout- NO DQ, NO C.O.

"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol (C) vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

Priceless (C) vs. Winners of the Tag Team Battle Royal 


Tournament Finals for the National Tag Team Titles 

Larry Z and Al Perez vs. Karachi Vice or The Bruise Brothers 


AWA TV Title Bout 

The Great Gagne (C) w/Johnny v vs. Scott "Powerhouse" Putski 


Nick Bockwinkle vs. "Rugged" Ron Garvin 


Bullrope Match! If Mulligan wins he gets a 5 min bullrope match with Jones

Blackjack Mulligan vs. The Dream Machine w/Paul Jones 


El Canek vs. Giant Haystacks 


"Crusher" Jerry Blackwell vs. "Pitbull" Kerry Brown w/The Vin Man 


Tornado Streetfight! 

Cabin Fever and "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka vs. Billy Jack Haynes/The Beasts of Burden and Ox Baker


Curt Hennig vs. "Lonestar" Brian Adias 


Special Challenge Match

Iceman Parsons vs. "Number One" Don Kernodle 


100,000 Dollar Tag Team Battle Royal- Winners get a world tag title shot


Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami 

"The Ace" Art Crews and "Diamond" Tim Flowers 

"The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland and Gino Brito Jr. 

The Union

Gold Standard 

The Olympians 

Lightning Strike 

More teams to be announced 










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Tense press conference as Steamboat tries to be empathetic but Colon is so far gone he interprets it as a insult. The reports focusing exclusively on Steamboat doesn't help as it serves as "proof" of Colon's claims of being ignored.

Ice Man rolls on.

I like Kernodle as the snob looking to get rid of the "clown" 

Haystacks sends a impactful message to El Canek.

Larry Z & Perez are headed to SuperClash!

Bockwinkel vs Garvin at SuperClash. Nuff said.

Brenda dropping all the scoops! Lawler vs Idol no dq no c.o! Kerry Brown vs Jerry Blackwell! Blackjack Mulligan vs Dream Machine in a bullrope match & if Mulligan wins he gets a bullrope match against Paul Jones! "The Great" Gagne defends against Scott Punkski! My man Jumbo Tsuruta teams Tatsumi Fujinami in the battle royal! SuperClash is insane!

Priceless may want to spend less time on the yacht & more time in the gym.

Lone Star shining bright.

Vin Man gives his Pitbull a little snack ahead of the main course at SuperClash.

Rock n Roll get their second win.

What a card for SuperClash!

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A lot of exciting development here! I loved the tension at the press conference. Squashing two jobbers at a time is a great gimmick for Giant Haystacks! I see so much success in the future of Larry Zbyszko and Al Perez.

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Superclash is going to be great.  Love this time of year in Dawn of Year with all the big shows.

Good interviews with Steamboat and Colon.

I also enjoyed the Bockwinkle segment with Garvin stepping up.  This will really elevate one of the two.  

Larry Z/Perez with a big win.  They would make great champs becasue they can really get some major heat.  

Awesome job with the Priceless.  Who did they pay off to get that team ranked in the top 10.  Also they won't last long in the AWA if they are out of shape.  Loooking forward to seeing what is next.

Excited to see more Lawler/Idol!!!!

I still have a funny feeling the Fabs and RnR Express are going the distance.

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Nice work on the press conference. I still don't like Colon, but you are certainly building a case for his motive.

Kernodle/Iceman will be a nice elevation for one of them.

Larry Z and Al Perez are looking strong to win it all!

Priceless with the classic defense against "Top Contenders" though I have a feeling the partying is going to catch up with them at SuperClash

Lawler/Idol is going to be a classic Memphis style war, and I am all for it!!

Ricky and Robert are back in it! Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat if you will! Still thinking this one comes down to the wire!! 

Good Lord, Superclash is STACCCCKKKEEDDDD!!

Great Stuff!!

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Great press conference with Steamboat and Carlos that really sets the table for SuperClash!

Parsons will not take that "clown" comment lightly

Bockwinkel/Garvin will be a fun match, I'm looking forward to seeing who comes out on top.

Count me in as pulling for Larry Z and Perez to take the titles.

I love Priceless but they are going to party themselves right into being ex Champs if they're aren't careful, though they certainly wouldn't be the first ones.

Lawler/Idol in a no DQ/no Count out....what will Idol have up his sleeve??

Rock & Roll manage to stay in the game  but they're still behind the eight ball. 

SuperClash is going to be another epic AWA superCARD (f'n autocorrect)



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AWA TV @ The Hammond Center 11-5-86



Lance Russell: Hello again everybody and welcome to another edition of AWA Major League Wrestling. SuperClash is upon us and Brenda Britton will host another update. National Tag Team Title tournament semi final match as the Bruise Brothers take on Karachi Vice. Also in action will be Ox Baker's Beasts of Burden and Billy Jack Haynes, Scott Putski, The Dream Machine, El Canek, Jerry Lawler and Carlos Colon. Big main event as Vin Man's Family teams with Curt Hennig to take on Brian Adias, Gold Standard and Crusher Blackwell. That and so much more, so lets go to the ring as the King kicks things off. 


Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Todd Rooney 


Lawler gets the fans up and cheering as he bounces up and down on the middle ropes and crashes down with a fist drop for the win! 


Resnick: Jerry Lawler, at SuperClash, it's you and Austin Idol in a NO DQ, NO C.O. match for the National title. I know it was a long road but here you are.

Lawler: Idol threw everything he could at me including a fireball but he failed miserably. With these stipulations, I can do whatever I want to Idol and he can't run away and take the easy way out. At SuperClash, Idol's going down and the National title is going around my waist. 


Commercial Break 


The Thunderfoots vs. Jay Ricketts and Ernie Ellis 


It's announced during commentary that the Thunderfoots will be competing in the SuperClash tag team battle royal. 

Thunderfoot #1 loads his boot as Thunderfoot #2 body slams Ricketts. Thunderfoot #2 tags in #1. Ricketts gets to his knees as Thunderfoot #1 kicks him in the head with the loaded boot for the pin! 


Commercial Break 


Scott "Powerhouse" Putski vs. Vic Dutro 


Putski gets things done and wins the match with a powerslam! 


Resnick: Scott Putski, tremendous opportunity at SuperClash when you meet Greg Gagne for the TV title. You've already scored a pin and c.o. victories over him so you must be feeling pretty good. 

Putski: I'm feeling great Ken and I can tell you I've never been more focused in my life...

Boos as Gagne and Johnny V stroll out. Gagne is decked out in his best golf clothes with sweater around his neck along with his Gatsby hat. 

Johnny: Listen up Punkski! My main man has come out here to give you a reality check. 

Gagne: (holds up his TV title) This right here proves that I am the greatest wrestler on TV. Yea, you must be on cloud 9 right now. I mean you got a couple fluke wins over the Great Gagne. Hey, anybody would want to brag about that unbelievable accomplishment. But let me clue you in on something Punkski. When this title is on the line, when it really matters, the Great Gagne will prevail. I'm the legend here and you're still a green horned punk, who still has a lot to learn. But you hang in there kid.

Gagne gives Putski a couple light slaps on the cheek.

Putski pushes Gagne and Gagne falls backwards as the fans cheer and laugh. 

Johnny V is stunned and goes to help Gagne up and take him out of there. 

Putski looks at the ground and picks up Gagne's Gatsby hat. Putski puts it on and pumps his fist to the cheering crowd. 


Commercial Break 


National Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final Match 

The Bruise Brothers vs. Karachi Vice 


Things get hard hitting pretty quick when Karachi Vice attacks the Bruise Brothers at the bell. The Ref shows a lot of leniency as both teams go toe to toe. Snowman slams Gama to the mat with authority. Makhan picks up Cash for a body slam. Snowman pushes Cash's back as Makhan staggers and falls over Gama with Cash on top 1..2..3! WOW! Huge pop! 

The Bruise Brothers advance to the finals at SuperClash! 


Commercial Break 


Billy Jack and The Beasts of Burden w/Ox Baker vs. Sam Smith, Willie Lopez and Ray Glader 

Total destruction! Beasts clothesline Glader and Lopez off the apron. They swing Smith to the ropes and hit stereo big boots to the head! Billy Jack picks up Smith and clamps on the full nelson as the Ref quickly signals for the bell. Billy continues to hold Smith as Ox gets in the ring. Ox puts Smith down with the heart punch! Ox tells Billy to pick him up again. The Ref is warning him but the Beasts shove the Ref down. 

The crowd explodes as Jimmy Snuka and Cabin Fever hit the ring! 

Fists are flying! Snuka grabs Billy and Ox and knocks their heads together. Both men tumble through the ropes. Grizzly sends Nord through the ropes with a running shoulder block. Manny sends Morgan bouncing out of the ring with the flying burrito! 

The fans are on their feet cheering as Snuka and Cabin Fever stand tall. 


Commercial Break 


Resnick: My goodness that was something else. Snuka and Cabin Fever look to be more than ready for their handicap tornado match at SuperClash! Switching gears, as you all know the Rock n Roll Express and Fabulous Ones have been involved in a best of 7 series. The Fabs now hold a 3-2 lead. Match 6 takes place this weekend at the Rupp Arena. Coming out now are the Fabulous Ones. 


Keirn: Resnick! You and all these people can rest assured the Fabs are putting this series away this weekend! 

Resnick: I'm not so sure. The Rock n Roll Express have been hanging tough and...

Lane: Stop right there! The Fabs don't choke. Those Fab wannabes might think they can come back but we've always been one step ahead. 

Keirn: Resnick, if you're smarter than you look you better bet on the Fabs. 


Commercial Break 


The camera zooms in on the glowing "SuperClash" sign then pans down to Brenda Britton. 



Britton: Hi everybody and welcome to another SuperClash update with yours truly. Oh my SuperClash is the talk of the wrestling world and I would have to say, I'm a large part of that. I mean I'm the one bringing you all the biggest scoops. For instance, last week I'm the one who announced the huge signing of Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami. Who by the way will be competing in the 100,000 dollar tag team battle royal. The winners will also receive a world tag title shot later that night. I think the winners will have to be satisfied with the money because my favorite team Priceless is walking out of SuperClash with the titles. Speaking of the champs, let's hear from them right now. I believe they're on location at one of Gerry's private beaches. 

Priceless are sitting on the beach wearing sunglasses and being massaged by some beautiful woman. There's a beach attendant in front of them shining their tag team titles. 

Wells: Gerry, I wonder what all the poor people are doing today? 

Morrow: Hahahaha! Who cares. George, you know what strikes me funny? At SuperClash all those inferior teams will fight it out for a shot at our prestigious titles. 

Wells: As if they have a chance.

Morrow: Exactly. While they are fighting we can just sit back and relax. Dis will be de easiest money we've ever made. Enough about dat. 

Morrow snaps his fingers and tells one of the woman to break open a bottle of champagne. 

The segment ends with Priceless toasting to a SuperClash victory. 


Britton: (Smiling) I love those guys! Another match signed for SuperClash is the special challenge match between Iceman Parsons and Don Kernodle. Last week we heard Number One's reasons on why he challenged Parsons. Right now lets here from the Iceman. 


Parsons is standing in front of a SuperClash banner. 

Parsons: Don Kernodle, I have no idea what your problem is with me but brother I am more than willing to settle whatever dispute you have in the ring. I heard you call'n me a clown and a dancing fool. Yea, I like to bring the energy and have a good time but when that bell rings I'm all business. At SuperClash you're going to find that out! 


Britton: We'll see who's the better man come SuperClash. It all goes down on Friday November 26th from the St. Paul Civic Center. And don't forget, singing the national anthem will be a star almost as big as me, Linda Ronstadt. What a night it will be. Until next week toooodles. 


Commercial Break 


El Canek vs. Arnie Goldstein 


Canek amazes the fans with both his technical skills and high flying maneuvers. Canek then shows off his power as he presses Goldstein over his head and into a backbreaker for the win! 

There's a commotion as Giant Haystacks walks out.


Haystacks walks around the ring staring up at Canek. Canek pumps his fists and invites Haystacks in the ring. Haystacks slowly climbs the steps and enters the ring. The fans cheer as Canek and Haystacks stare each other down. Haystacks lets out a roar and charges! Both men throw bombs at each other. Several officials and prelim wrestlers hit the ring to break it up. Both Haystacks and Canek are tossing bodies around. They start hitting each other again. More wrestlers and security hit the ring. A commercial hits while bodies are flying everywhere. 


Commercial Break 


Austin Idol is standing in front of a SuperClash banner with the National title on his shoulder. His neck is bandaged up.


Idol: Lawler! I will never forgive you for what you did! Look at my neck! At SuperClash I'm going to pull out every dirty trick I have and unleash it on you! You don't have the advantage here! I do! I'm going to make sure you never show your ugly face in the AWA again! 


The Dream Machine w/Paul Jones vs. Neil Jordan 


Dream puts Jordan down with a back elbow smash and follows with a jumping elbow drop for the win! Jones tosses Dream the bull rope. Dream wraps it around Jordan's neck and chokes him. Jones runs in and gives Jordan a few kicks for the fun of it. 


Resnick: Paul Jones, Dream Machine. Why do that? What's the point? 

Jones: The point, you idiot is to give Blackjack Mulligan a message! That old washed up fool thinks he's going to beat Dream in the bull rope match and get a 5 minute bull rope match with me! That will never happen Mulligan! Never! Never! Never! 

Resnick: Ok, calm down.

Dream: Shut up Resnick! Mulligan, no way in hell you're getting through me at SuperClash! You saw what I'm capable of doing with this here bull rope and at SuperClash I'm going to beat you at your own game. That's a fact babay! Don't worry about a thing Paul. 


Commercial Break


Crusher Blackwell, Gold Standard and "Lonestar" Brian Adias vs. "Diamond" Tim Flowers, "Ace" Art Crews, "Pitbull" Kerry Brown and Curt Hennig w/Vin Man 

Wild 8 man tag that goes back and forth several times. Chaos ensues as Brown and Blackwell fight on the outside. Kelly and Crews fight in the corner. Kiniski and Flowers fight in the opposite corner. Adias back drops Hennig. Vinnie gets on the apron and rakes Kiniski's eyes. Adias runs over and knocks Vinnie off the apron. Hennig sneaks up from behind and lowblows Adias, then cradles him as the Ref turns around, runs over and counts 1..2..3! BOOOOOO!


Commercial Break 


Carlos Colon vs. William Hillman 


Colon is very aggressive tonight and gives Hillman a beating. Colon wins the match with a flying clothesline from the top rope. Massive boos for Colon. 


Resnick: Carlos Colon, tensions are at an all time high as SuperClash approaches. You and Ricky Steamboat for the AWA world title. I should point out that Ricky Steamboat is back on track and will be in action next week. 

Colon: How dare you! This is my time and you bring up Ricky Steamboat! Maybe I should teach you a lesson in respect that your parents never taught. 

Colon walks angrily towards Resnick. Resnick sets the mic on the apron and takes off. Colon grabs the mic. 

Colon: Steamboat! Look into my eyes! I have never been more focused in my life. I told you that I have learned if you want something around here you just have to take it. I want the AWA world title and at SuperClash I will take it! You can't stop me Steamboat! You don't have what it takes. The past two years I have fought wars with the most vicious savages in the world. I am ready! You can not handle what is coming. You have no idea what your dealing with. You will be defeated! 




Friday, November 26th 

St. Paul Civic Center and available on closed circuit TV across AWA arenas. 

National Anthem sung by Linda Ronstadt 


AWA World Title Bout 

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (C) vs. Carlos Colon 


AWA National Title Bout- NO DQ, NO C.O. 

"The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol (C) vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler 


AWA World Tag Team Title Bout 

Priceless (C) vs. Winners of Tag Team Battle Royal 


AWA TV Title Bout 

The Great Gagne (C) w/Johnny Valiant vs. Scott "Powerhouse" Putski 


Finals for the National Tag Team Titles 

Larry Z and Al Perez vs. The Bruise Brothers 


El Canek vs. Giant Haystacks 


Tornado Handicap Match 

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and Cabin Fever vs. Billy Jack, Beasts of Burden and Ox Baker 


Nick Bockwinkle vs. "Rugged" Ron Garvin 


Bull Rope Match- If Mulligan wins he gets 5 min bull rope match with Paul Jones 

Blackjack Mulligan vs. Dream Machine w/Paul Jones


Curt Hennig vs. "Lonestar" Brian Adias 


Special Challenge Match

"Number One" Don Kernodle vs. Iceman Parsons


Crusher Blackwell vs. "Pitbull" Kerry Brown w/The Vin Man 


100,000 Dollar Tag Team Battle Royal- Winners also receive world tag title shot


The Olympians 

Richard Charland/Gino Brito Jr. 

Gold Standard

The Union

Karachi Vice

Jumbo Tsuruta and Tatsumi Fujinami 

Lightning Strike

Art Crews and Timothy Flowers 






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The King is ready for his National title match but with no rules Idol could have anything in store.

A successful debut for The Thunderfoots.

Putski stands up for himself well enough but can he get it done when it counts?

Bruise Brothers are going to SuperClash!

Snuka & Cabin Fever save 3 lives but can they withstand the onslaught at SuperClash?

The Fabs are still confident despite recent setbacks.

A couple of solid promos during Britton's update. I especially like Priceless sending theirs in from the beach.

Canek & Haystacks don't wanna wait until SuperClash! Frankly I don't either.

Idol is sure milking that injury.

Jones certainly is nervous, you'd almost think he didn't have faith in Dream Machine.

Family friend Henning secures the win in the 8 man tag.

Colon sends us off with a dire warning to the champion. 

Damn SuperClash is stacked to the damn ceiling.

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AWA @ The Rupp Arena, Lexington KY 11-6-86



"The British Bomber" Dave Taylor defeated A Local Talent with a running forearm smash off the ropes. 


Lightning Strike (Tim Horner and Jerry Allen) defeated The Thunderfoots when Horner atomic dropped Thunderfoot #2 into a missile dropkick from Allen 


"Number One" Don Kernodle defeated Steve O with a reverse neckbreaker 


The Olympians and The Union battled to a Double C.O.


"The Wrecking Machine" Richard Charland w/Gino Brito Jr. defeated "Iron" Scott McGhee when Brito raked McGhee's eyes and he stumbled into an inverted piledriver by Charland 


National Champ Austin Idol, Nick Bockwinkle and The Dream Machine w/Paul Jones defeated Jerry "The King" Lawler, Blackjack Mulligan and "Rugged" Ron Garvin- These guys give the fans 20 minutes of hard hitting action. Wild pier six brawl ensues. Mulligan and Dream fight on the outside as Jones attacks Mulligan with the bull rope. Garvin chops away on Bock in the corner with the Ref watching them. Idol nails Lawler with a pair of brass knuckles. The Ref runs over and counts 1..2..3! BOOOOOO


Match 6 of the best of 7 series- Fabs lead 3-2

Rock n Roll Express vs. The Fabulous Ones 

Another tag team classic with the tide turning several times. At the 45 minute mark, the Ref is guiding Morton back to the corner while Gibson has Lane in a cradle. Keirn runs in and reverses the cradle. The Ref sees Keirn and guides him back while Morton runs in and reverses Lane's cradle. The Ref turns around and counts 1..2..3! Huge pop! Keirn charges in but Morton tackles him and unloads with punches. Lane gets up and goes after Morton but Gibson tackles him and punches away. They give the fans another few minutes of brawling before wrestlers come out to break it up. 

The Series is tied 3-3! 

Match 7 will take place at SuperClash! 


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