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Good stuff as WSW hits the last stops before Labor Day.

I love how Tojo gets strong TV heat, then the fans get their money's worth to see him lose on the house shows. Very satisfying LOL. 

The Haitian Sensation and Latin Heartthrob make quite the team. Awesome finish. 

Zaibatsu gets the tainted win as Jumbo and Slater build more heat for their upcoming title bout.

The Fort Bragg Brotherhood might be holding gold soon. 

LOL, those crybaby chants are really getting to Embry.

Akbar helps Karachi Vice get a big win over SPC. Will Akbar be able to help his guys when they go up against Williams and Dibiase?

Chicky gets in the final blow before him and JJF tear into each other on Labor Day. 

I said the FBBH might be wearing gold soon but after the Moondogs huge win over the Funks, I'm not sure anybody can take the Moondogs down. 

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Final card for WSW's Labor Day Spectacular!

"Golden Opportunity" battle royal winner gets a title shot of their choosing.

Karate match 

"Wild Tiger" Kim Duk vs Super Strong Machine w/Tojo Yamamoto if Duk wins he gets 5 minutes with Tojo.

Western States Television Championship 

"Black Bullet"  Shaska Whatley(c) w/Slick vs "The Haitian Sensation" Tyree Pride 

Eric Embry's open challenge for the NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship

Western States Tag Team Championship Bootcamp match 

The Moondogs(c) w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan vs The Fort Bragg Brotherhood 

To determine the NWA Brass Knuckles Champion 

Killer Tim Brooks w/"General" Skandar Akbar vs "Dirty" Dutch Mantell 

NWA World Tag Team Championship

Ted DiBiase & " Dr Death" Steve Williams vs Karachi Vice w/"General" Skandar Akbar 

Loser Leaves Town Texas Death Match 

Jimmy Jack Funk vs Chicky Starr 

Western States Heavyweight Championship 

Jumbo Tsuruta(c) w/Tojo Yamamoto vs "The Unpredictable" Dick Slater 

NWA World Heavyweight Championship 

Magnum T.A vs One Man Gang w/"General" Skandar Akbar 

Airing on local affiliates in the Western States territory. Bell time 7pm. Tickets Sold out!

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(Simulcast on local affiliates throughout the Western States territory)

Live from the Sports Arena in Amarillo Texas

Western States Wrestling Presents: The Labor Day Spectacular!

The show starts with Steve Stack welcoming the audience before introducing contest winner Teresa Mendoza to sing the national anthem. 

Golden Opportunity battle royal. Winner receives a title shot of his choosing.

"The Latin Heartthrob" Al Perez wins by last eliminating "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan 

Karate match. If Kim Duk wins he gets 5 minutes with Tojo Yamamoto. 

"Wild Tiger" Kim Duk defeats Super Strong Machine w/Tojo Yamamoto after Tojo accidentally hit SSM with the Japanese flag. Tojo tried to run to the back but was intercepted by Commissioner Dusek who said if Tojo didn't get in the ring by the time Bobby Pico counted to 10 he'd be fired! Tojo hesitates in the aisle but ultimately enters the ring right as Pico was about to reach 10. Pico immediately rings the bell & Duk pounces. What transpires next is quite possibly the worst 5 mins of Tojo's life. His head is bounced off of each turnbuckle pad, each ringpost,each side of the apron,the guardrail on each side,the announcer's booth & the steps. At the end of the time limit,Tojo is a bloody barely moving heap & Duk has become (if only for a few minutes) Amarillo's new favorite wrestler. 

Western States Television Championship 

"Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley w/Slick defeats "The Haitian Sensation" Tyree Pride when Whatley rolls through the Flying Bodypress & grabs the tights.

Eric Embry is already in the ring with chants of "crybaby" raining down when "Bad to the Bone" comes over the pa signaling the arrival of...The NWA US Jr Heavyweight Champion, CCW's Scott Armstrong!

NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship 

Scott Armstrong defeats "The Flamboyant" Eric Embry by DQ when a desperate Embry delivered a low blow in clear view of referee Alex Perez. After the result was announced,Embry went to the floor,grabbed a chair then reentered the ring & rained down so many blows on Armstrong the chair was destroyed. As he walked to the back Embry could be heard asking the stunned audience "Who's the crybaby now?"

Western States Tag Team Championship Boot Camp match.

The Fort Bragg Brotherhood defeat The Moondogs w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan after Kernodle wrestled the Golden Spike away from Sullivan then hit him & Rex with it. The crowd went wild as TFBB were announced as the NEW Western States Tag Team Champions!

NWA Brass Knuckles Championship 

"Dirty" Dutch Mantell defeats Killer Tim Brooks w/"General" Skandar Akbar with the Tennessee Chainsaw in a bloody slugfest.

NWA World Tag Team Championship 

Ted DiBiase & Steve Williams defeat Karachi Vice w/"General" Skandar Akbar when Williams hit the Oklahoma Stampede on Gamma. Mixed reactions to the Champs throughout as some were happy to see Karachi Vice get theirs but others seemingly weren't over the situation with the titles earlier in the year. Speaking of which, The Funk Brothers came down to a huge pop & offered their congratulations. The exchange was tense but ultimately ended peacefully with the 2 teams shaking hands (though Terry & Williams looked ready to vomit & theirs consisting of 1 quick shake)

Loser Leaves Town Texas Death Match 

Jimmy Jack Funk defeats Chicky Starr via a piledriver onto a pile of chairs. Even the 30 second rest period following the pin wasn't enough for Chicky to even try answering the 10 count.

Western States Heavyweight Championship 

Jumbo Tsuruta defeats "The Unpredictable" Dick Slater by countering Slater's swinging neckbreaker into a Tiger Suplex.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship 

Magnum T.A defeats One Man Gang w/"General" Skandar Akbar when OMG climbed the ropes for a splash but Magnum intercepted him & hit a TOPE ROPE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! After the bell Akbar tried to attack Magnum in frustration but Magnum hit another belly to belly on the villainous manager to have the Sports Arena rocking as the show goes off the air.

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Always love seeing Ted DiBiase and Steve Williams succeed, and it was great to see the Funks show up at the end! I thought Dick Slater might be able to do but Jumbo Tsuruta's just too good! Magnum, T.A. catching One Man Gang for the Belly-to-Belly is a really cool visual to end the show on!

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Al Perez gets the night going with a battle royal win. Eliminating Sullivan was icing on the cake. Good job Al! 

What a crowd pleasing moment as Duk gets 5 minutes with Tojo and absolutely destroys him. 

Whatley retains with an almost clean win LOL. Whatley's TV title reign has been very entertaining. 

WOW! Scott Armstrong answers Embry's challenge. Embry pulls out a desperate lowblow to retain. I'm sure the fans still think he's a crybaby.

TFBB win the titles! Both teams were built up so well leading into this match that I had no idea what the outcome would be. TFBB deserved this. 

Dirty Dutch is the perfect choice to win the Brass Knuckles title. Props to Brooks for giving him a fight.

The dominant reign of Williams and Dibiase continues as they put down Karachi Vice. Somehow I think the Funks want another shot.

Good grief! Jimmy Jack defiantly put the final stamp on Chicky. I loved this feud. 

Beautiful wrestling finish as Jumbo retains over Slater. You gotta respect the champ after that one. 

Speaking of great finishes, Magnum gives the fans one awesome visual as he hits the belly to belly off the top rope on OMG! Damn! 

The Labor Day show was indeed, spectacular!  

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Sorry to be late to the party but this was an awesome ending to your time in Western States!

I wonder if Al Perez will still get that title shot of his choosing in his new home!  Nice win.

In must have been great for the fans to see Tojo take a beating here!!

I love what this game has done for Shaska!  Nice job making him a big heel star.

Embry shows you that when a heel wins a title, it is hard to get it away from them.  

The Brotherhood.... Sullivan's goons... Golden Spike.... Perfect for the rough and tumble WSW fans.

The Brass Knucks Title on Dutch just sounds good.

Jumbo getting the clean win over Slater really  elevates him in this game.  Can't wait to see what he does in his new home.

Funks congratulating anyone, never mind the NWA Tag Champs, would always be TENSE!! Awesome booking... too bad this angle won't continue.

BELLY TO BELLY ON OMG... Enough said!  T.A. is the Champ!

Awesome event.  Thanks so much for your time in Wesrern States.  I can't wait to see what you do in your new home!




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