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[2001-06-09-CZW-BREAKAWAY BRAWL] Justice Pain & Johnny Kashmere vs Trent Acid & Zandig

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Another match that I will use to discuss the promotion/show in whole.  This top to bottom was CZW's best show of 2001.  It was tight at 1 hour 50 minutes, didn't have Ric Blade and had a good mixture of techincal wrestling (Fujita/Youth), highspots (SAT vs Divine/Storm/XL matches) and hardcore stuff (Pondo vs Mondo vs WIfebeater and this match). Beyond that, it featured some cool guys that show promise that you don't see on other indies like Ruckus.  This match was a feel good moment as Zandig has been booked strong so seeing him tap here to Justice Pain felt rewarding.  Backseat Boys being split up is in parallel with WWE starting to split Edge and Christian and both feel like a big mistake in retrospect.  The action in this match was worked tight, some of the spots were fun like Zandig hiptossing Kashmere into the bushes and as previously mentioned, the finish is satisfying.  Hoping for more of this CZW in the future as the seeds had been there but the booking and love of certain workers has held them back previously. *** 

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