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[2004-03-21-GAEA] Meiko Satomura vs. Misae Genki

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Kinda weird seeing Satomura go up against a big power wrestler who as happens to be a peer. This gets off to a hot start with them both getting right into each others faces but Meiko gets too aggressive allowing Genki to catch her and press slam her to the floor with no one there to catch her. MostĀ of this match has neither of them not giving the other much room to breathe, if one of them does back off even a little bit she ends up paying for it. The finishing run is a bit more standard than the rest of the match although the actual finish is great with Satomura knocking Genki down to one knee allowing Meiko to hit a sudden Scorpion Rising for the win. I wish these two had a rematch that was the main event of a big show because that could have been something special but this is still a great slugfest on its own. ****

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