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[2020-01-10-Southern Honor] Will Huckaby vs. Joe Black (Dog Collar)

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This is the blowoff of a six-month feud in SHW between Black and Huckaby, which began when their tag team imploded. The feud even carried over to other independent promotions in the Southeast; when Black smashed a glass bottle in Huckaby's face, causing a kayfabe eye injury, Huckaby wore the eyepatch to bookings for other companies in other states. Black issued the throwback challenge for a dog collar match, and SHW held a special contract signing at a prior event, where Huckaby sliced his arm and signed with his own blood. 

The match itself is an escalation of violence, beginning with strong-style exchanges of strikes and including a partial dismantling of the ring itself before culminating in the parking lot with a huge spot through the windshield of the car. 

This is a very good match that is worth seeking out and watching. It's available on IWTV. 

You can read my full review as part of the 365 Wrestling project.

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