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[2019-01-20-SUP] Allie Kat vs Savanna Stone

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Allie Kat isn't from Tennessee, but she's been a SUP regular and serves as the hometown hero against Stone, the interloper from out of town. She's the crowd favorite, has tons of charisma and brings a whimsy to her in-ring style that is infectious. Stone, meanwhile, shows a solid savvy in a heel role that belies her relative inexperience. Stone spends her segments of control trying to mangle Allie’s left arm by any means necessary, shaking up the usual arm-related offense with some casual savagery. Allie finishes a solid match with a piledriver. I came away wanting to see more of both ladies going forward, as well as more of SUP Graps.

Check out my full review of this match, over at my website as part of the ongoing 365 Wrestling project.


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