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2010-xx-xx-Diva Diaries w/ Maria Kanellis (Highspots)

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Diva Diaries with Maria Kanellis


From the dingy interview girl on WWE's RAW to NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, Maria Kanellis sits on the couch with you to fill you in on what she's really like...

You'll be surprised to find out how unlike her WWE character she really is and why she did so well on Celebrity Apprentice. Singer, songwriter, designer, Maria is so talented the WWE couldn't hold her back anymore. Now's she's blazing her own path in Hollywood and giving you the real stories, the real dirt, and everything in between from her Diva Diaries!

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Didn’t care for this at all.  First 15 minutes are devoted to the Celebrity Apprentice (which was airing in the US at the time this interview is being filmed), and too much time is devoted to her music career.  In between they talk about wrestling and she comes across as a smart, astute girl who has a good mind for wrestling.  Clearly a fan and talks about lots of ideas that she would throw at creative.  Watch the Kayfabe Commentaries Youshoot instead.

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