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Ric Flair vs Daniel Bryan

Who is better Ric Flair or Daniel Bryan  

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  1. 1. Who is the better GWE Candidate, Flair or Bryan?

    • Ric Flair
    • Daniel Bryan

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Gotta go with Bryan, but it's close as Bryan is a number 1 contender and Flair is a top 10 contender. There are still a ton of 80's Flair matches that I haven't seen, but I think (as of now) Bryan beats him in longevity and volume. I do think Flair's best match (Funk GAB) is better than Bryan's best match (Nigel Unified), but I would put the rest of Bryan's peaks over Flair's. Selling is very close and I would probably give bumping to Flair. This may change the more Flair I watch, but Bryan will still probably have a better chance at the top spot for me.

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This is arguably THE most significant versus poll and the most important  one for 2026 GWE purposes. Right now, in my working list, I have Bryan number one and Flair number 5, so for me, right now, it is Bryan. But it can change any day and I really do want to explore this question in as much detail as I can. Again, as I said, it might be the most significant comparison for GWE 2026 

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I presently have both in my working top 10, but still feel fairly comfortable voting for Bryan at this point.  Taking just a few quick points off the top of my head...

Flair probably has the best match between the two, but I think Bryan's top 5 or top 10 hold up really well. That extends out to top 20 or 30 as well. I think they are really close on top matches, but I'd probably argue that Bryan pulls a bit more of the weight in his top matches. Bryan's top matches are with quality opponents, but my guess is when you take the average position of Flairs... say.... top 5 opponents vs Bryans, Flair's are going to do much better.

I much prefer Bryan's offense

I also prefer how he puts a match together. I don't subscribe to the notion that Flair had a bland formula, but I do think Bryan provides a little more variety, especially if you start thinking about their top 30 matches or so

Both rank highly in consistency, but I can't think of a bad Bryan match really.  He always goes out and maximizes minutes in the ring.

Bryan did more with less in terms of card positioning often as well.

Flair is probably the better bumper, but overall selling might be a bit close. Bryan is pretty good at consistent selling and generally dropping it when it makes sense. Flair works and sells for the cheap seats a bit better, but I think Bryan's approach to wrestling is more varied on the whole so I think he does subtle stuff pretty well.


This is something that I will ponder a good bit, but right now it is Bryan.



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