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Great American Bash 1986

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July 3:  McNichols Sports Arena:  Denver, Colorado

July 4:  Bay Center:  Pensacola, Florida

July 5:  The Superdome:  New Orleans, Louisiana



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JULY 4, 1986





Magnum T.A. © vs The Masked Superstar



Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death © vs

The Tennessee Studd Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden)



“Dirty” Dick Slater © vs Mr. Olympia



Tommy & Johnny Rich © vs Bob & Brad Armstrong



Jimmy Garvin with Precious vs Lanny Poffo with Woman



“Mr. Electricity Steve Regal © vs “White Lightening Tim Horner



Wendell “Wild Cat” Cooley vs “The Nature Boy” Buddy Landel with Ronnie P. Gossett



Reggie Bennett vs “Dangerous” Danny Davis 



Killer Khan with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie vs Private Terry Daniels

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Pro Wrestling Illustrated broke the following news in their most recent addition.

1. Western States Wrestling has come to a agreement with Wonder Women Wrestling to have the NWA World Women's Championship defended on night 1 of the Great American Bash! Details to be released in the coming days.

2. The NWA has secured the services of Gary Michael Cappetta as special ring announcer on all three nights.

And most importantly.

3. All 3 nights of the Bash will air live on close circuit television!

The Great American Bash originates from the McNicholas Sports Arena in Denver Colorado on July 3rd,The Bay Center in Pensacola Florida on July 4th & The Superdome in New Orleans Louisiana on July 5th. 

More details for the event will be revealed in the coming days. Tickets for all 3 nights still available.

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JULY 3, 1986





NWA World Heavyweight Championship 

Magnum T.A (c) vs Jumbo Tsuruta w/Tojo Yamamoto 


WSW Tag Team Championship cage match 

The Tribal Nation (Chris & Mark Youngblood) (c) vs The Moondogs (Rex & Spot) w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan 


NWA World Women's Championship 

Debbie Combs (c) vs Lisa Moretti 


Russian chain match 

Kendall Windham vs "The Russian Hammer" Alexis Smirnoff w/"General" Skandar Akbar 


NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship 

"Mr Electricity" Steve Regal (c) vs "The Flamboyant" Eric Embry 


WSW Television Championship Tournament Finals

Jimmy Jack Funk vs "Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley w/Slick 


One night round robin tournament to determine the undisputed NWA World Tag Team Champions

The Funk Brothers (Terry & Dory Jr) vs Zaibatsu (Kendo Nagasaki & Mr Pogo) w/Tojo Yamamoto vs Ted DiBiase & "Dr Death" Steve Williams 

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JULY 5, 1986







NWA World Title Match

" The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff vs Magnum T.A (C) 


  NWA World Tag Team Title Match

  Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death (c) vs Ivan Koloff & Kruscher Kruschev 


Steel Cage Match for the North American Title

Terry Gordy (c) vs Michael Hayes


  NWA JR Heavyweight TItle

  "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal  vs Mike Graham 


  Mid-South Tag Team TItle Match: 

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes & Blackjack Mulligan vs Outlaw Ron Bass & Black Bart


Loser Leave Town Match

  Harley Race vs Larry Zbyszko


Mid-South Title Match

"Hacksaw" Butch Reed (c) vs Any Member of Ernie Ladd's Stable!


Grudge Match

Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs Iceman Parsons


Grudge Match

  Terry Taylor vs Gorgeous Gary Young

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NWA Great American Bash 86 night 1 Preview

Saturday July 3rd

McNicholas Arena,Denver CO 

Also available on closed circuit television.

WSW Television Championship Tournament Final.

Jimmy Jack Funk vs "Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley w/Slick

Jimmy Jack burst on the scene during the main event of WSW's second TV episode helping his "cousins" Terry & Dory Jr "win" the NWA World Tag Team Titles from Zaibatsu. While the NWA recognizes neither teams stint with the titles it was nevertheless a memorable debut. Whatley's own arrival was decidedly more modest,making his debut during WSW's first loop. This trend continues with the youngest Funk becoming a fixture of the main event/TV scene immediately while Whatley was initially regulated more towards the opening contest/lower midcard. But Whatley had a secret weapon,his smooth talking manager Slick who's dubious (if occasionally entertaining) tactics have been undeniably effective. Both men had a hard road to the finals with JJ having to beat "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan & Chicky Starr while Whatley had to endure Pvt Don Kernodle & "The Latin Heartthrob" Al Perez. This is the first time these two men have shared a ring in WSW but with a opportunity to go down in history as the first TV champion on the line we can expect them to hold nothing back. Can Jimmy Jack add another title to the Funk family legacy? Or does Slick have the right trick up his sleeve to secure the title for his "main man"?

NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship Bout

"Mr Electricity" Steve Regal(c) vs "The Flamboyant" Eric Embry

There's some history here. In November of last year these two men were fighting side-by-side in Continental Championship Wrestling ad part of the Platinum Club during which time Embry captured the U.S Jr Heavyweight title. After Embry lost that title courtesy of botched interference from Regal's partner Chick Donovan and his subsequent ejection from the group Regal & Embry began to represent the club in the Tag division. In the chaotic period which saw CCW rejoin the NWA the duo found themselves on separate paths. While Regal was eventually able to reenter the reorganized CCW,Embry debuted in WSW alongside Doug Somers as Radiance. There are many similarities between the two, both are preening pretty boys who are as likely to break the rules as not. Some experts are predicting the partnership with Somers could tip the balance in favor of the challenger as Regal hasn't made any alliances since rejoining CCW. 

Russian Chain match 

Kendall Windham vs "The Russian Hammer" Alexis Smirnoff w/"General" Skandar Akbar

At Resurrection the event marking the return of wrestling to Amarillo Windham lost to Tim Brooks thanks to a distraction from Akbar. When Windham demanded a rematch Brooks & Akbar agreed but the match didn't occur thanks to a pre match attack by Akbar's newest client Smirnoff. Since then it more people have entered the fray with Akbar hiring Karachi Vice to Devastation Inc & Windham countering by creating a new version of the Wild Bunch with Dutch Mantell & The Irwins. Windham seemed to score a marquee victory by beating the Russian in a flag match at WSW'S first Memorial day special but Smirnoff dismissed it and challenged Windham to a Russian chain match. Can Windham move one step closer to his desired rematch with Brooks or will Devastation Inc's Soviet supersoldier bury the young Texan under the Hammer & Sickle once and for all?

NWA World Women's Championship Bout 

Debbie Combs(c) vs Lisa Moretti

The first womens match in the breif history of WSW comes courtesy of our sister promotion Wonder Women Wrestling. Moretti already enters the match as a duel champion holding both the WWW Fighting Spirit championship & the NWA Texas Women's Championship. While this titles aren't on the line it's worth noting as the most recent holder of this titles (they've been defended together since Medusa Miceli defeated Velvet McIntyre in a title vs title match in January) was in fact Debbie Combs herself. Combs vacated the duel straps on April 28th in order to focus on winning the World Title from Windi Richter which she did on the May supercard and retained in a rematch on the June supercard. Earlier that same night Moretti defeated five other women in a battle royal to earn this opportunity. Will the era of Combs continue or will Moretti become a triple champion?

WSW Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match.

The Tribal Nation(c) vs The Moondogs w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan 

The Moondogs have been terrorizing WSW since arriving on the very first episode mercilessly beating opponents in glorified assaults that last far longer than the scheduled matches. This feud started properly when the Youngbloods defeated the Moondogs in the finals of a tournament to become WSW's first and so far only Tag Team Champions. Since then the they and their respective stable mates have collided in a series of increasingly violent brawls with each being more out of control than the last. To hopefully settle this rivalry in a way that doesn't destroy the surrounding building it has agreed the two teams will do battle on night 1 inside a 15 foot high steel cage! Can the champions survive or will the Moondogs remind everyone why it's usually considered a bad idea to enter a cage with an animal?

One night round robin tournament to determine the undisputed NWA World Tag Team Champions 

Ted DiBiase & Steve Williams vs Zaibatsu (Kendo Nagasaki & Mr Pogo) w/Tojo Yamamoto vs The Funk Brothers (Terry & Dory Jr)

At Resurrection DiBiase and Williams defeated Nagasaki & Pogo to retain the Tag Team Titles only to have them stolen by their bitter opponents and their Zaibatsu teammates Kim Duk & Jumbo Tsuruta. On the first episode of WSW TV Tojo brought out the entire group and insisted that his men were the rightful champions. Dory Funk Jr interrupted and challenged the group to act like the champions they claimed to be and defend "their" titles against himself & a partner of his choosing the following week. Zaibatsu accepted but regretted it as Dory's partner was revealed to be his brother Terry. Together they would defeat the Japanese duo and take possession of the title belts. Regardless however the NWA insisted that DiBiase & Williams were still the recognized champions, refusing to recognize either Zaibatsu or the Funk's claim to the gold. Even Dory inviting the DiBiase & Williams to Amarillo to discuss the matter didn't settle anything as not only did tempers flare between Terry and Williams but Zaibatsu attacked the whole lot. Finally the idea of a one night round robin tournament was agreed upon to leave no doubt on who deserves to be called champions. Each team will face each other and the team with the best score in the end leave with the titles. But perhaps the greatest question is,after wrestling twice in the same night will the winners be in any condition to survive the challengers awaiting on the remaining two nights?

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Bout 

Magnum T.A(c) vs Jumbo Tsuruta w/Tojo Yamamoto 

Nothing to say here except that two of the best in the world will do battle over the richest prize in the industry. Can Magnum fend off the seemingly unstoppable WSW Heavyweight Champion or will Jumbo take the 10 pounds of gold back to Japan? And can either man survive the gauntlet that awaits them the next two nights? 

Tickets still available!

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NWA Great American Bash 86 night 2 preview

Sunday July 4th 

Bay Center,  Pensacola FL 

Also available on closed circuit television.

Flag match 

Pvt Terry Daniels vs Killer Khan w/Shiek Adnan Al Kassie 

The Iraqi Shiek returned to the NWA mid June spouting his customary anti-american rhetoric promising to wage war on the entire American wrestling scene with his mercenary Killer Khan. The Mongolian monster has been annihilating the competition sometimes two at once. One man who refuses to be intimidated however is Pvt Terry Daniels.  The former united states marine has vowed to fulfill his oath to defeat America's enemies by beating the mist spraying giant in a flag match! Can the marine halt Khan's advance or will he be just another casualty in the Shiek's war?

Intergender match

Reggie Bennett vs "Dangerous" Danny Davis

Another recent arrival who has been getting under the skin of the CCW faithful,albeit for a different reason,is the so called "Dangerous" Danny Davis. Firmly convinced he is the greatest pro wrestler alive in defiance of the fact that he has yet to win a single match since his debut. He likewise feels entitled to tell Reggie Bennett to her face that she doesn't belong in the business by sole virtue of being a woman even having the audacity to tell here to get "back to the kitchen where you belong" and was promptly bodyslammed on the floor for his trouble. The one somewhat positive thing you could say about Mr Davis is he doesn't seem to give up easily as he interrupted her interview the following week saying he hadn't been ready and preceded to challenge her too a match at GAB! Bennett gladly accepted both to the match as well as a arm wrestling match on the go home episode of CCW TV ......which she won in approximately two seconds. Davis even tried to pearl harbor her afterwards but only succeeded in enraging her into giving him another slam. The almost unanimous consensus is Bennett will squash the arrogant chauvinist like a bug but who knows? Maybe Davis will finally show how dangerous he can be.

Southeastern title match: title & contract on a pole.

Wendell "WIld Cat" Cooley(c) vs "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel w/Ronnie P Gossett

On May 1st Cooley won a one night eight man tournament to claim the reactivated Southeastern Championship. The following week Landel defeated Norvell Austin (subbing for Mr Olympia) to become number one contender by dq when Olympia arrived and attacked Landel . The week after that their title match would ironically also in dq this time Landel himself being the guilty party. Despite this Landel would again defeat Austin in a number one contender match. Fed up with the brawling & non finishes Les Thatcher has decreed one final match with the loser being out of a job! Both men have been fixtures of CCW for years and the loss of either will be felt deeply. Who leaves with the title? Who leaves with a pinkslip? 

NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship match.

"Mr Electricity" Steve Regal(c) vs "White Lighting" Tim Horner

From the moment Horner brought the title back to the states after winning it off of Black Cat in Japan Regal seemed to start campaigning for a title match culminating in a attack on Horner after a successful defense against Scott Armstrong. His wish was granted on the April 24th episode of CCW TV but the match ended in a draw. A series of rematches followed with Regal capturing the gold on May 17th. A rematch was granted to Horner due to illegal tactics on Regal's part. Can "White Lighting" regain his title and if so will it even be Regal he has to beat to do it?

Loser wears a dress 

"Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin w/Precious vs "Luscious" Lanny Poffo w/Women

During his feud with Austin Idol earlier in the year Garvin was repeatedly attacked by a masked man calling himself Luscious. Contrary to what everyone thought the man,revealed to be Poffo, was completely unrelated to Idol instead being motivated by his belief that his & Woman's looks are far superior to that of Garvin & Precious. Reggie Bennett would temporarily become involved before branching off into her beef with Davis. With the possibility of a intergender match pitting Bennett against Poffo off the table for the time being, Les Thatcher has decreed the two vainglorious athletes will do battle one more time with the winner being the one to force his opponent into a dress! 

Continental Tag Team Titles match 

Tommy & Johnny Rich(c) "Bullet" Bob & Brad Armstrong

After over a year of being the two most despised men in wrestling the Rich cousins have seemingly decided to turn over a new leaf after a few heart-to-hearts from Tommy Gilbert seeking allies against the Stud Stable. The talks didn't seem to be working until Gilbert pulled out the big gun.....Tommy's mother Peggy Rich! Mama Rich reminded Tommy he hadn't been raised to act in such a reprehensible manner which apparently connected with something within the two as they've gone so far as to apologize to the Armstrongs for their antics leading up to the Armstrong's title win on May 8th and the Richs regaining the titles on the 17th. A tiebreaker has been signed but the question stands,can the Rich cousins new attitudes withstand the strain of a title match against such fierce rivals?

Continental Title vs Mask match 

"Dirty" Dick Slater(c) vs Mr Olympia

Something's going on with Mr Olympia. The masked man has arrived late and in some instances completely no showed certain events. One such instance saw him leave Slater & Crusher Blackwell to what became a 3 on 2 handicap match against the Masked Superstars & the Assassin. When confronted by Slater Olympia apologized and attempted to explain himself but was decked for his trouble. Olympia,indignant demanded a title match which Slater agreed to on the grounds that Olympia put his mask on the line,despite the fact that he has done so before and actually lost and unmasked. Slater accuses Olympia of using the mask as a excuse to break his word. Olympia accuses Slater of letting the title go to his head. The crowd is divided almost evenly over whither to believe Mr Olympia's claims that his absences are due to genuine bad luck with some siding with both men. Who's side are you on?

NWA World Tag Team Championships match 

Ted DiBiase & "Dr Death" Steve Williams(c) vs The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden) w/Ronnie P Gossett

The Stud Stable has been a fixture of the Southeastern/CCW tag scene for years. So noone was particularly surprised when they won a elimination tag match to earn this opportunity. What will be a surprise is who excactly the Stud Stable will challenging. Considering all three possibilities will have had to go through two matches just 24 hours earlier,it seems the Stud Stable looks poised to take the Tag straps back to Tennessee.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship match 

Magnum T.A(c) vs The Masked Superstar

At 6'3 and weighing nearly 300 pounds The Masked Superstar was already a formidable foe in his own right. Since the addition of MS2 however he has been all but unbeatable. The combination of his own world class talent,his ever present companion & the fact that he'll be facing someone who'll no doubt have experienced a grueling match the night before, the stars seem to be allaigning for the Masked Superstar.

Card subject to change. Tickets still available!

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NWA Great American Bash 86 night 3 preview

Monday July 5th

The Louisiana Superdome

New Orleans La

Airing live on close circuit television 

NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship match 

"Mr Electricity" Steve Regal(c) vs Mike Graham

When the NWA made the decision to turn the GAB into a three day event a goal was set to if possible have each of the World champions defend their title on each show. This was particularly difficult in regards to the Jr Heavyweight Championship as simply put some promotions had fewer potential challengers than others. Thankfully Mid-South is home to a man who not only meets the weight limit but has amassed a number of star making performances. Mike Graham,son of legendary Florida promoter Eddie Graham has done a admirable job of keeping himself in title contention throughout the year and has been awarded perhaps his biggest opportunity yet. Can the generational talent make his biggest contribution to the Graham family legacy in spite of the fact that he has to keep an eye on three potential opponents?

Grudge match

Terry Taylor vs "Gorgeous" Gary Young

As soon as Gary Young arrived on the scene in early May he set about the business of pissing off as many people as humanly possible. His favorite tactic is assigning fan favorites childish nicknames (Magnum P.U). His favorite target has proven to be Terry Taylor who he has in insisted on calling "Theresa" Taylor naturally challenged Young to a match which was scheduled for the May 29 episode of Mid-South tv but never started as Young attacked before the bell. A few attempts to have a proper match have yielded similarly unsatisfactory results. A grudge match has been signed for night 3. Will Taylor shut the arrogant Young up or will Young finally prove his superiority over "Theresa"

Grudge match 

Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs Iceman Parkins

That losing the NWA North American championship to Terry Gordy would put Roberts in a bad mood is understandable. What is less understandable is his decision to vent that frustration on Iceman Parkins. It started simply enough with Roberts randomly interrupting a interview to accuse Parkins of "wasting everyone's time" but things escalated quickly as Roberts then blindsided the Iceman culminating in a DDT on the concrete floor! After taking a month off due to a concussion Parkins came back and wasted no time demanding a match with Roberts. Nothing much to this as Parkins is simply looking for vengeance while Roberts sees it as a stepping stone to another North American title shot.

Mid-South championship match 

"Hacksaw" Butch Reed(c) vs A opponent of Ernie Ladd's choosing.

Butch Reed putting Ladd into retirement is the kind of thing that can create a forever war. Which made it particularly shocking when the two aligned with Ladd vowing to make Reed the first black world champion in the history of professional wrestling. Things seemed to be going well especially when Ladd lead Reed to defeat the great Harley Race to capture the now retired NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. However some people noticed that the focus of Ladd's promos shifted from his making Reed the first black world champion to him becoming the first black manager of a world champion. The reason for this became apparent on January 25th as Ladd turned on Reed and helped Jerry Lawler capture the title. Reed would regain the title on March 14th after which Lawler would leave the Territory. Ladd was undeterred however bringing in the One Man Gang who would unsuccessfully challenge for the title on May 8th after which they stole the title. They were forced to return it the following week. Things have continued to spiral from there with Reed daring Ladd to bring whoever he wants to GAB. Most expect him to bring OMG but Ladd is known to have a surprise or two in store.

Mid-South Tag Team Championship Bunkhouse match.

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes & Blackjack Mulligan(c) vs Black Bart & Ron Bass

These teams were until allies until very recently stemming from their mutual cowboy lifestyle. However Rhodes's assertion that he & Mulligan are the baddest cowboys in wrestling since winning the Mid-South Tag Team tournament on April 19th has rubbed the self identified outlaws the wrong way. Though the champions insist they mean no disrespect and the two teams have still proven to be able to work against mutual rivals like the Russians they have also agreed the issue needs to be settled in the best way to determine just how bad a cowboy is,a Bunkhouse match! Who will walk out of the Superdome with the titles and the right to call themselves the baddest cowboys in wrestling?

Loser Leaves Town 

Harley Race vs Larry Zybyszko

Zybyszko eternally convinced he's being denied his rightful respect joined forces with Roger Kirby and began attempting to recruit Race into their Midwestern Mafia. Though Race initially refused repeated attacks by the Canadian Lumberjacks Jos Leduc & Moose Morowski forced him to reconsider. The duo would continue to team together even defeating Butch Reed & Steve Williams to become NWA World Tag Team champions in May of last year holding them until the following September where they lost them to Williams and new partner Ted DiBiase when Zybyszko turned on Race in frustration with Race's refusal to cheat. Sometime after it came out that Zybyszko had paid the Lumberjacks to attack Race. Zybyszko would vanish for 4 months before returning with Japanese monster Tarzan Goto. They would doubleteam Race who would eventually recruit his own monster in the form of Bruiser Brody leading to some out of control tag matches. Finally after 18 months of this all parties have agreed, the NWA isn't big enough for both of them. 

NWA World Tag Team Championship match 

Ted DiBiase & Steve "Dr Death" Williams(c) vs "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff & Krusher Kruchev

Russians + Americans + titles = money!

North American championship steel cage match 

Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy(c) vs Michael "P.S" Hayes

April 19th was poised to be perhaps the greatest night in the Freebirds already illustrious history. Buddy Roberts & Gordy were entered into a tournament crown new Mid-South Tag Team Champions & Gordy had a shot at the North American championship. The night was going great, Gordy & Roberts made it to the finals & Gordy had defeated Jake Roberts to capture the North American title. But a rare miscommunication between them cost them their ideal ending to the night. What happened next shocked the wrestling world. Hayes assaulted the exhausted Gordy with a chair before a shocked crowd and a heartbroken Roberts. Seven years of success, friendship, brotherhood, all poured down the drain in the same promotion it was started in. Buddy Jack has disappeared unwilling if not unable to choose between the two men who've meant so much to him. Hayes accuses Gordy of abandoning the team to seek singles glory. The two have brawled all over the territory from the ring to the parking lot. It's gonna be anything but brotherly love as these two step into a steel cage at the Superdome.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship match 

Magnum T.A(c) vs "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff

These two have already clashed twice. The first at Wrestlewar 86 ended in a time limit draw. The second on April 19th saw Koloff score a undeniable visual pin with the time limit expiring again just before the referee counted 3. Nikita then cemented his claim on another shot by cleanly pinning the champion during a six man tag. Considering that Magnum would have to survive 2 title matches to even make it to the Superdome and the fact that he has not proven capable of pinning the Russian, they is a growing anxiety that there is nothing to stop Koloff from taking pro wrestlings most prestigious prize back to the motherland.

Card subject to change. Tickets still available!

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Nice job with the previews. I also enjoy doing this right before a big show. With so much going on throughout the game, these are great for reminding everybody on all the history behind the matches. Also not a bad way to sell last minute tickets (LOL) 

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A 3-day closed circuit experience. Tough not to feel like a giddy little kid, waiting for the big event to finally arrive. The level of creative collaboration and teamwork put into this is admirable. Well-plays, boys. That's to all involved.

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Great way to build to the big 3 day event. Previews come as both a reminder to long term readers and great intro for new comers like myself. Great work guys cant wait

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July 3rd 1986

McNicholas Sports Arena 

Denver Colorado 

Airing live on close circuit television 

The National Wrestling Alliance & Western States Wrestling present

The Great American Bash night 1

(A montage of action from NWA territories past & present ends on the NWA logo and a voice-over that says "The National Wrestling Alliance,The past,present & future of professional wrestling. Fade to black.)

"America was not built on fear,America was built on courage,on imagination,and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand" Harry S Truman

[Open] to a fireworks display,shots of American families together & American troops standing stoiclly. 

Narrater: As we come together to celebrate the birth of a nation we remember the sacrifices that made it possible....

The intro turns into a montage of WSW action, Kendall Windham hitting a lariat,Smirnoff  standing tall over a body buried under the Soviet flag,Dungeon of Doom bloody-ing their opponents,The Youngbloods emotional title win,Zaibatsu staring ominously at the camera while Tojo waves the Japanese flag & The Funk Brothers celebrating amongst the Amarillo faithful.

...And the challenges we've still too endure. Over the next three nights we celebrate America and the spirit that birthed her.

(Red,white & blue fireworks explode revealing the GAB logo as "Living in America" by James Brown plays)

Narrater: The National Wrestling Alliance is proud to present...Night 1 of The Great American Bash!

We cut to a sweeping shot of a sold out McNicholas Sports Arena filled to bursting with screaming fans,many waving homemade signs. A pyro display brings the cameras attention to the entrance marked by a massive hanging GAB symbol. The viewer can see the elevated walkway which will have the fans along the aisle looking up at the wrestlers.

We cut to a tuxedoed Steve Stack at ringside commentary.

Stack: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to night 1 of the three night wrestling extravaganza the Great American Bash! 6 titles are on the line,scores will be settled & careers will be made as the greatest athletes this sport has to offer collide. And now I send to the ring and the special ring announcer for all three nights of the Bash,Gary Michael Cappetta!

We cut to a tuxedoed Cappetta standing center ring,the mat has the GAB logo on it and the ropes are in descending order red,white & blue.

Cappetta: Ladies and gentlemen this is your opening contest for night 1 of the Great American Bash *Huge pop*it is set for 1 falk with a 20 minute time limit and is the first match in a one night round robin tournament to determine the undisputed NWA World Tag Team champions! *Somehow bigger pop* 

"Amarillo by morning" by George Straitt comes over the pa system as Dory Funk Jr & Terry Funk emerge on stage to a monster reaction.

Cappetta: introducing team number 1,from the Double Cross Ranch in Amarillo Texas,combined weight 520lbs Dory Funk Jr & Terry Funk!

The Funks hit the ring playing to the crowd,Terry looking even more animated than usual while Dory has a more measured but still excited look on his face. The party ends as "End of the Century" by Seikima-2 roars over the pa system. Tojo leads his men out waving the Japanese flag to thunderous boos.

Cappetta: And their opponents hailing from the empire of Japan,accompanied by their manager Tojo Yamamoto, combined weight 248 kilos Kendo Nagasaki...Mr Pogo....Zaibatsu!

The Japanese contingent storm the ring. Pogo & Terry rush each other and start throwing haymakers. Kendo & Dory square off. Tojo tries to blast Terry with the flag but he ducks & Tojo hits Pogo in the arm! Before the stunned manager can go for another swing Terry pulls him into a atomic drop that sends the hated manager through the ropes. Seeing Pogo regroup Terry charges in for a clothesline that sends them both over the top allowing the bell to finally ring!

Match 1

The Funk Brothers vs Zaibatsu w/Tojo Yamamoto 

After about 14 minutes of chaos ( interrupted occasionally by a scientific display by Dory) The Funks get the win when in a callback to their first meeting Terry counters a Kendo back body drop attempt into a piledriver!

Winners and up a win in the tournament,The Funk Brothers!

Stack walks the crowd through a recap of the TV Title tournament so far with each man's road being shown in clips. "Amarillo by morning" pipes up again as Jimmy Jack makes his way down.

Cappetta: The following contest is the finals of the WSW Television Title Tournament! It is set for 1 fall with a 10 minute time limit. Introducing first from the Double Cross Ranch in Amarillo Texas he weighs 242 lbs. Jimmy Jack Funk!

Funk waves to the crowd as "Jive Soul Bro" blares over the pa system. Slick dances ahead in a rather nice pimp suit while Whatley swaggers behind in a suit jacket and a particularparticularly nice bowler.

Cappetta: And his opponent, accompanied by his manager Slick,from Chattanooga Tennessee he weighs 245 lbs "Black Bullet Shaska Whatley!

Match 2

Jimmy Jack Funk vs "Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley w/Slick 

As soon as the bell rings the two men go at it hard with both displaying a mixture of wrestling & brawling. A couple minutes in Chicky Starr makes his way to ringside in a Tony Montana style suit complete with sunglasses,fedora & large cigar. With about 2 mins left the 2 combatants are trading stiff forearms in the middle of the ring. A particularly nasty one from Whatley has JJ leaning through the ropes and while the ref is holding Whatley back Starr takes the opportunity to stick his cigar in Funk's face! The crowd & Stack are horrified and even Slick appears shocked but Cappetta's announcement of 1 min remaining pulls him out of it and he frantically urges his man to capitalize. A scoop powerslam is all It takes to finish the injured Funk off.

Winner and inaugural WSW Television Champion, "Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley!

The official hands the title to Whatley as medical staff rush to check JJ's eye.

A pair of pre-recorded promos from the champion & challenger in the upcoming match for the World Jr Heavyweight Championship match air.

Massive boos as "You shook me all night" comes over the pa system.

Cappetta: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit and is for the NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship! Introducing the challenger, being accompanied by "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers, he hails from Dallas Texas and weighs 224 lbs "The Flamboyant" Eric Embry!

The champ comes down to "Electricity" by Midnight Star

Cappetta: And his opponent, hailing from Ft Lauderdale Florida, he weighs 222lbs and is the reigning,defending NWA World Jr Heavyweight Champion..  "Mr Electricity" Steve Regal!

Match 3

NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship match 

"Mr Electricity" Steve Regal(c) vs "The Flamboyant" Eric Embry w/"Pretty Boy" Doug Somers 

What follows is a solid match with a rather comedic element as the two heels try to prove not so much who's the better wrestler as who's the better cheater. While the champ is prepared to go quite low indeed it's a well timed trip from Somers during a suplex attempt that seals the deal.

Winner AND NEW NWA World Jr Heavyweight Champion, "The Flamboyant" Eric Embry!

A smirking Embry is handed his new prize and basks in both the congratulations from his partner and especially the boos from the crowd who are not looking forward to Embry somehow becoming more insufferabley arrogant than he already was.

After a brief pause to clear to allow the Jrs to make their way to the back, "End of the Century" roars over the pa system again as a particularly pissed off looking Zaibatsu make their way down.

Cappetta: This is the next match in the tournament to determine the undisputed NWA World Tag Team champions. Introducing team number 1 hailing from the empire of Japan and accompanied by Tojo Yamamoto, Kendo Nagasaki,Mr Pogo....Zaibatsu!

"Boomer Sooner" comes over the pa system to a (mostly) positive reaction as DiBiase & Williams charge the ring.

Cappetta: And their opponents hailing from Omaha Nebraska & Norman Oklahoma respectively, at a combined weight 544lbs. They are the recognized reigning & defending NWA World Tag Team champions....Ted DiBiase & Steve "Dr Death" Williams!

Match 4

Ted DiBiase & Steve "Dr Death" Williams(c) vs Zaibatsu w/Tojo Yamamoto 

16 mins of stiff,intense action end with Williams socking Tojo in the jaw as for getting on the apron only to turn into the mist from Nagasaki as the referee is getting Tojo back to his corner. This allows Pogo to lock in the Japanese sleeper (i.e dragon sleeper) and choke Doc out while Kendo held DiBiase at bay.

Winners and breaking even in the tournament, Zaibatsu!

A video package details the rivalry between Devastation Inc & The Wild Bunch with particular emphasis on Smirnoff's role keeping Windham from another shot at Brooks.

The simply titled "State anthem of the Soviet Union" is nearly drown out by the patriotic WSW faithful as as a flag waiving Smirnoff & Akbar march to the ring.

Cappetta: The following contest is a Russian chain match! It is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit. Introducing first, accompanied by "General" Skandar Akbar, representing Devastation Inc,  hailing from the U.S.S.R, he weighs 116 kilos "The Russian Hammer" Alexis Smirnoff!

Smirnoff & Akbar shout the worst insults they can think of from the center of the ring. Their mood sours even further as "A country boy can survive" and the crowd erupts into cheers as Kendall Windham strides down waving the stars n stripes!

Cappetta: And his opponent,representing the Wild Bunch,hailing from Sweetwater Texas,he weighs 218 lbs...Kendall Windham!

Match 5

Russian chain match: "The Russian Hammer" Alexis Smirnoff w/"General" Skandar Akbar vs Kendall Windham 

The two skip the customary tug-of-war and just start pounding on each other. The chain is used in every conceivable manner to inflect pain with a particularly frightening scene having Smirnoff wrap the chain around Windham's neck and attempt to hang the young Texan though thankfully Windham was able to snap the Russian's neck down across the top rope. The end comes with a bloody Windham wrapping the chain around his arm for a extra impactful lariat! But instead of going for the cover he pulls Smirnoff up wraps the chain around his head and spikes the Russian with a bulldog to finish a grueling 15 minutes.

Winner: Kendall Windham 

As Akbar is berating a unconscious Smirnoff he spots Windham trying to pull himself up in the corner. In a rage Akbar rushes in and starts pounding on the exhausted Windham. He stops to yell at Smirnoff some more with the camera picking up what sounds like "You're fired!" before turning to resume attacking Windham but is caught by a lariat! Windham tiredly rolls to the floor and leaves to a rousing reaction.

A video package play hyping up the Upcoming NWA World Women's Championship match. We see Debbie Combs defeating Wendy Richter and holding the title aloft followed by Moretti winning a battle royal to earn this opportunity.

The challenger swaggers to the ring to the tune of "Maneater" by Hall & Oates proudly displaying her two titles (which Steve Stack points out are not on the line)

Cappetta: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit and is for the NWA World Women's Championship! Introducing the challenger she is the NWA Texas Women's Champion & the WWW Fighting Spirit Champion. From Seattle Washington,Lisa Moretti!

The champion proudly walks to the ring to "Hit me with your best shot" by Pat Benatar.

Cappetta: And her opponent, hailing from Nashville Tennessee she is the reigning,defending NWA World Women's Champion...Debbie Combs!

Match 6

NWA World Women's Championship match 

Debbie Combs(c) vs Lisa Moretti 

This one starts slow building gradually to a eclectic finish. The good ol boys in the crowd and much of the viewing audience have grown accustomed to a Women's match consisting of about 3 mins of slapping and hair pulling so they are first surprised and eventually amazed at the 20+ minutes of back and forth action the two ladies put on. The finish comes when the challenger goes for a desperation powerslam only for the champion to slip out and hit a neckbreaker for the victory.

Winner AND STILL NWA World Women's Champion:Debbie Combs

A video package highlights the upcoming WSW Tag Team Titles putting emphasis on the Moondogs brutality &  the Youngbloods athleticism.

"The Moondogs" by Richard Lee comes over the pa system as Kevin Sullivan guides the borderline rabid Moondogs to the ring.

Cappetta: The following contest is a steel cage match for the Western States Wrestling Tag Team Championship. There is no time limit and the only ways to win are pitfall,submission or referee stoppage.Introducing the challengers Representing the Dungeon of Doom and being accompanied by "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan,from the swamps of Louisiana,at a combined weight of 665 lbs...Rex...Spot...The Moondogs!

The fans stare in fearful awe as Sullivan herds the Moondogs into the cage past a intimidated Cappetta. Huge pop as "As long as the grass shall grow) by Johnny Cash starts up 

Cappetta: And their opponents. Hailing from Amarillo Texas at a combined weight of 484 lbs the Western States Wrestling Tag Team Champions,  Chris & Mark Youngblood The Tribal Nation!

Match 7

Steel cage WSW Tag Team Championship match 

The Youngbloods(c) vs The Moondogs w/"Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan 

All out war from the opening bell. Few pin attempts as the four seem more interested in destroying each other. The tipping point comes at nearly 20 minutes in. All four are bleeding and exhausted. The camera is in the face of Spot who's sitting in the corner bleeding like a stuck hog. The camera is being put through a hole that was cut out to give the audience a view that wasn't obstructed by the cage. Suddenly the camera crashes to the floor. A switch to a different feed reveals Sullivan standing over a down camera man passing the Golden Spike to spot through the hole. Mark stumbles over to drag him out to finish off but is met by the Spike to the throat. Spot collapses into a pin...1....2.....3!!!

Winners AND NEW WSW Tag Team Champions: The Moondogs!

Sullivan grabs the titles off the table and takes them in the cage handing one to each Moondog. He helps them up and raises their hands cackling madly the whole time.

A video package details the controversy surrounding the NWA World Tag Team Titles. From being stolen by Zaibatsu to being "won" by the Funks to the ensuing series of matches pitting the Funk family against Zaibatsu to the brawl between Terry & Williams on WSW TV. It all comes down to this.

"Amarillo by morning" plays while the brothers solemnly make their way to the ring. Stack informs the audience that JJ was taken to the nearby hospital earlier and that the brothers saw helped put him in the ambulance. The Champs come down to "Boomer Sooner" Cappetta makes the announcements and the match is on.

Match 8

Ted DiBiase & Steve "Dr Death" Williams vs The Funk Brothers 

(Stack informs the audience that if the Funks win they're the champions but if DiBiase & Williams win it's a tie but that under the principle of a tie going to the champion DiBiase & Williams will retain)

They leave nothing in the tank. Brawling spots between Terry & Williams. Scientific exchanges between Dory & DiBiase. A few bits of all 4 in the ring. The end comes as we're nearing the time limit. DiBiase & Terry are in and DiBiase performs a go behind standing switch. Terry throws a elbow that drops DiBiase. What happens next divides the audience both live and at home. On the way down one of DiBiase's legs flys up and catches Funk in the uprights! Thr referee says it didn't SEEM intentional. Oklahoma roll by DiBiase. Dory tries to break it up but is stopped by Williams....1...2...3!

Winners AND STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions: Ted DiBiase & Steve "Dr Death" Williams 

A video package hypes the coming NWA World Heavyweight Championship match between Magnum T.A and WSW Heavyweight Champion Jumbo Tsuruta. Magnum is shown hitting his belly-to-belly suplex on opponents of all sizes contrast with Jumbo hitting the Tiger suplex and his opponents.

Both men make their way to the ring and stand in opposing corners before Cappetta makes the introductions.

Cappetta: Ladies and gentlemen this is your Great American Bash night 1 main event! 1 fall 60 minute time limit for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship! In the corner to my left the challenger, accompanied by his manager Tojo Yamamoto and representing Zaibatsu. He hails from Makioka,Yamanashi Japan. He weighs 130 kg. He is the Western States Wrestling Heavyweight Champion...Jumbo Tsuruta! And his opponent in the corner to my right. Hailing from Virginia Beach,Virginia. He weighs 245 lbs. Since December 25th 1985 and for the 190 days since he has been YOUR reigning defending undisputed NWA Heavyweight Champion of the world....Magnum T.A!

Main event 

NWA World Heavyweight Championship match 

Magnum T.A(c) vs Jumbo Tsuruta w/Tojo Yamamoto 

The two spend about 10 minutes feeling each other out with chain wrestling and low-risk offense. By the end they've gone full tilt and emptied their arsenals. After 45 mins Magnum finally hits the belly-to-belly but Jumbo rolls outside. Magnum go after him but while struggling to lift Jumbo back into the ring gets distracted by Tojo allowing Jumbo to drive him into the guardrail. They both get up at about 5 and start throwing bombs. They get so into it they (and a good portion of the crowd) lose track of the count leading to a double c.o!


A frustrated champion & challenger resume brawling. Magnum manages to drop Jumbo but is struck by Tojo...to no effect. Tojo realizes his mistake and dives in the ring to escape but the champ catches him! Magnum had the despised manager in position for the bell-to-belly but the rest of Zaibatsu storm the ring and swarm the champion. They pound on him for a couple minutes before Pogo & Kim hold Magnum by his arms while Nagasaki breaks his Kendo stick over his knee and prepares to drive the sharp edge into Magnum's head! But as he rears back Ted DiBiase and Steve Williams charge the ring with chairs and clear the ring. DiBiase and Williams help Magnum up and invite Zaibatsu back into the ring but Tojo decides against it and orders a retreat. 

Stack: What a night of wrestling it's been. Ladies and gentlemen on behalf of Western States Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance I'm Steve Stack wishing you a good night and remember to tune into nights 2&3. Good night everyone!

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Night 1 arrives and kicks off the Bash! 

Love the narration and video package. Can't go wrong with James Brown. 

Also like the ring introductions. BTW, Cappetta and Fink were my favorites. 

Great job with the round robin tournament. Very creative and every team remains strong. I especially liked the finish to the Funks/Dibiase-Williams match. A bit of controversy that can set something up in the future. 

The TV tournament finals was one match I was really looking forward to. Chicky comes to party tonight and gets payback on JJ with a cigar to the eye. You know it's ruthless if it throws Slick off. Whatley wins and is TV champ. Good call. I wouldn't want to be Chicky when crazy JJ Funk gets a hold of him. 

Well with Sommers in Embry's corner, the odds were against Regal. Embry wins the Jr. title! Can he hold onto it with back to back Bash title defenses coming up???

Oh man! Kendall defiantly earns his stripes tonight with a brutal win over Smirnoff. Bad night for Smirnoff as he loses and gets fired. However, Akbar gets some comeuppance. 

The woman come to town and might of stolen the show. Great match between WWW's top ladies. Combs retains but Moretti can hold her head high. 

Moondogs and Youngbloods was everything I thought it would be and more. What a blood bath. Eerie finish as Sullivan finds a way to get that golden spike in the cage. A Moondogs title reign will be a wild ride. 

WOW! Magnum and Jumbo finish the night with an epic 45 minute match. Post match chaos ensues and Zaibatsu almost takes Magnum out. Thankfully Magnum has friends. After this match the big question is will Magnum survive the next two nights? 

Awesome first night of Bash action! 

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Great first night of the American Bash!

Great touches by adding in the quite by Truman and the song by James Brown.

Really good use of Cappetta throughout the show!  Nice idea you had.

The World Tag tourny was well done as all teams get a win which keeps everyone strong.  Dibiase and Doc love getting the actually titles back in their hands.

Sommers coming to the ring with Embry was a nice idea.  A heel vs heel match is sometimes hard to do but you showed that their are levels to heels and I agree with you that Embry out heels Regal.

Nice use of Chicky Starr.... we not only got a new champion  in Whatley but we got another feud starting....  JJ vs Starr.

Kendell vs Smirnoff was so well written.  The vivid desrcriptions of the use of the chain was great.  Also, in my mind,  when a big card like the Bash can give you an end to some feuds, a beginning to new feuds and a continuation of other feuds, it has done its job.  This match has all 3.  Windham goes over Smirnoff but his feud with Akbar contiues.... but who will it be against.  Awesome Match.... I think that it might be my favorite of the card.

Nice job having the Womens Title Match and the way you did it makes is so relevant to our game and helps solidify Scarlet's hard work.  Thanks!

I loved your cage match... the little hole for the camera was a nice touch and I just figured Sullivan would use this to his advantage.  

WOW... THAT MAIN EVENT WAS GREAT!  Not sure Magnum can survuve 2 more nights of this.  Lucky DIbiase and Doc had not left yet to hit the bars and celebrate getting the belts back.


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JULY 4, 1986



Gordon Solie:  Thank you.  Thank you so very much and welcome once again to Continental Championship Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest and largest sanctioning body the world over.  Tonight is going to be an historic evening as The Great American Bash continues with 9 huge matches including all three NWA World Titles.  I see our ring announcer is set so let’s turn it over to Gary Michael Cappetta and get right to all the action.




Gary Michael Cappetta:  Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the Pensacola Bay Center.  The National Wrestling Association in conjunction with Continental Championship Wrestling brings you the best wrestling has to offer tonight as it presents the second night of the Great American Bash.  Before we get to the ring, please stand and remove your hats as the great Lee Greenwood sings our national anthem. 






Eric Embry © vs “White Lightening Tim Horner


The fans are a little surprised here to see that it is Eric Embry coming out as the new NWA Jr. Heavyweight champion as he defeated “Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal last night in Denver. 


This fact matters little to them as they are all behind Tim Horner.

After about 5 minutes of this match, it becomes obvious that it doesn’t matter if it is Embry or Regal as they are one and the same…. Cheaters!  Embry is going to do anything possible to keep his new title and Horner seems a little off his game.  Eventually Horner realizes that this has little to do with wrestling and it is time to fight fire with fire and the brawl is on!  After a few minutes of wrestling from the top, we see Horner in complete control and Embry down on the mat.  Horner climbs to the top rope as we hear the fans stirring.

Gordon Solie:  What’s he doing here?  Its Steve Regal.


 He shoves Tim Horner off the top rope and Horner is down.  The ref is calling for the bell.  Regal is now climbing to the top rope himself.  Wow… a devastating splash on Eric Embry!  Regal now kicking and stomping away on both Horner and Embry.  It doesn’t matter to him; Mr. Electricity is hitting everything in his way.  It seems like he is out to prove that losing his title last night was a fluke, but this is not the place to behave like this.  Typical Steve Regal… he can’t handle it when he is not the center of attention.  I’m sure Tim Horner will have something to say about this and while I was not a fan of the tactics of one Eric Embry, I’m sure this is not how he wanted his first title defense to go.

Winner by DQ:  Tim Horner


Reggie Bennett vs “Dangerous” Danny Davis 

This match starts with a confident Danny Davis coming to the ring, antagonizing the fans showing off that 175 pound “muscular” body. 


This act continues all the way until Reggie Bennett hits the ring.  She comes out to a huge ovation, and she hurries to the ring and goes right for Davis.  Davis’ act is over now as he jumps out of the ring with the fear of God in him.  Bennett turns to the crowd and the ovation grows louder.  Bennett gives a few flexes and shows off what a body should look like.


WHAM… from behind Davis nails Bennett with a running forearm.  Bennett staggers but does not go down.

WHAM… Davis with a knee to the back.  Bennett again staggers.

WHAM….  Davis, off the ropes, with a swinging neck breaker and down goes Bennett.

We get a few minutes of dirty tactics from Dangerous Danny as he works over Bennett.  That is until the crowd gets behind her and she does her best Hulk Hogan impression where everything Davis hits her is shrugged off like a gnat attacking an elephant.

WHAM… Stunning short-arm clothesline by Bennett and down goes Davis.

She drags him up by his hair…. Military Press… walks around the ring… BIG SLAM.

Again, she drags him up by the hair, Irish whip to the ropes… Huge Running clothesline.

And for the third and final time, she drags him up by the hair, and we hear Gordon Solie saying it looks like she is setting him for the piledriver… No… She lifts up but towards her face and slams him down on the back of her neck. (Powerbomb) This one is all over as the ref could have counted to 20!



Killer Khan with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie vs Private Terry Daniels

If Pvt. Daniels wins the match, the fans will celebrate to the Star Spangled Banner but if Khan wins, we will hear the Iraqi Anthem in honor of Sheik Adnan.  The crowd in angered at the thought of hearing the Iraqi anthem on July 4th but their anger turns to cheers when Pvt. Daniels runs to the ring waving the American flag.  There is a bit of uneasiness in the crowd for this one as you can hear the murmurs about how awful it would be to have the Iraqi anthem played on America’s Independence Day!

Terry Daniels is game but Killer Khan is a monster.  It becomes apparent that Daniels is in way over his head.  With each kick, chop and punch, the end comes nearer.  Eventually Killer Khan locks in the Asiatic Spike and it is all over.


Sheik Adan Al Kassie comes into the ring looking very pleased with himself and grabs the mic, utters some words in Arabic and then demands that all American peasants rise for the national anthem of the greatest country in the world…. Iraq!


            The boos and debris rain down on Sheik Adnan and a confused looking Killer Khan.  As the first cord of the anthem begins to play, we hear on another microphone…

“Stop the music you maggot.”

The crowd explodes as Sgt. Slaughter rushes towards the ring.  The crowd explodes with pure jubilation.  A savior has appeared on Independence Day!

Adnan orders Killer Khan to attack the intruder and Khan obliges.  The problem for Khan was that to Sarge, this was WAR.  He came in, army helmet in hand…

WHAM… he clobbers Khan with this heavy head gear and down goes the Mongolian beast.  Sarge takes out the whip and is laying into Khan.  Slaughter now sees Adnan coming into the ring.

WHAM…. Cannon Clothesline by Slaughter…. The Arabian headdress goes flying as Sheik Adnan almost flips in the air as he is nearly decapitated.

Slaughter goes to Pvt. Daniels, helps him to his feet and grabs the giant American flag that Daniels had brought to the ring.


Sgt. Slaughter:  Play Our National Anthem!


The Star-Spangled Banner begins to blare through the speakers at the Bay Center.  The crowd goes wild as Slaughter salutes Daniels and the two American heroes walk out together to a standing ovation!



Wendell “Wild Cat” Cooley vs “The Nature Boy” Buddy Landel with Ronnie P. Gossett

We see the title and a piece a paper on top of a 15-foot pole in one of the corners.  This one has the fans on the edge of their seats.  Not only is it for the title but someone is going to be leaving CCW.  Give the devil his due, “The Nature Boy” can really do it all in the ring and after a rake to the eyes, he shows off that technical ability and has Cooley struggling.


We get a lot of momentum changes early with some good chain wrestling and a few poor attempts at climbing the pole for the title and contract.  Business picks up when Cooley blocked a right hand by Landel as he refused to break cleanly from the corner.  The champ has had enough and is more than willing to mix it up.  This is where RPG gets a little nervous and throws Landel some sort of elbow pad to Landel.  Landel puts it on without the ref noticing.  Landel whips Cooley to the ropes and catches him with a knee to the gut.

WHAM… Landel drags Cooley to his knees and drops a “loaded” elbow to the neck of Cooley and he goes down hard.  Landel starts to strut around the ring.  The title is within his grasp.

Landel off the ropes, he soars high in the air.

Gordon Solie:  Landel going for his patented Corkscrew Elbow Drop!  He is high in the air!  Cooley moves out of the way at the last second.  Landel lands hard on the loaded elbow pad and he seems to have injured himself.  Gossett is on the apron.

WHAM… Huge right hand by Cooley and Gossett goes flying. 

Landel is up but holding that elbow.  He comes at Cooley but gives a weak left-handed punch.  Cooley easily blocks it and connects with a huge right hand of his own.

Landel tries to pop up like it didn’t hurt but he fell right back on his face.


Cooley scoops him up, walks around the ring with the Nature Boy…

Wham…. Oklahoma Stampede!  Cooley to the corner.  He climbs to the top rope.  10 Feet to the title.  He starts climbing.  Landel is up but it is too late.  With a burst of energy, Cooley yanks himself up the pole and grabs the title and contract.

Gordon Solie:  Oh, the look on the face of Ronnie Gossett is priceless.  The over-confident Nature Boy has lost and will be looking for employment someplace else.  Can’t say I am truly heartbroken that the Great American Bash has started off poorly for Mr. Gossett. And I do use the term Mr. lightly. 




Jimmy Garvin with Precious vs Lanny Poffo with Woman

No sense getting to involved here.  We all know the hatred these two have for each other.  Poffo comes out the same arrogant, hateable way while Garvin comes out in his same arrogant loveable way. 

Say what ever you like about the gimmick these two have going, they are both really good in the ring and with all the bumping, selling and willingness to work with each other, these two put on a really good show.  We get a good mix of technical skill with some underhanded tactics by both men.  Each time we see one of them try to put the dress on the other, we get a momentum changer as neither wants to leave here in lady’s clothing.  In Poffo’s case, Woman interferes when ever things look bleak to give her man a chance to recover. 


That is until Garvin hoists Poffo up high, walks to the center of the ring, and plants him right on his head with a devastating Brainbuster!

Garvin retrieves the dress.  It is over the head.  Woman climbs up on the apron.

WHAM!  Precious grabs the legs of Woman and pulls her off the apron.  Her head hits the ring as she falls toward the arena floor and Precious is all over her like a hell cat!  With the dress already over the head, Garvin props Poffo up to a seated position and puts one arm through the hole and then the other.  The dress is on, and the match is OVER but the humiliation of Poffo is not done.

Precious leaves a fallen Woman and regains her purse.  She opens it up, pulls something out and tosses it to Gorgeous Jimmy.


Garvin with the coup de gras, bends over and puts bright red lipstick all over the lips and face of Lanny Poffo and then Garvin and Precious walk out to a huge ovation!




“Dirty” Dick Slater © vs Mr. Olympia


This match starts out with two former allies throwing caution to the wind and going right to the brawling tactics.  The fans are split on who they are rooting for, but they are loving the action.  This style seems to favor Slater, but Olympia is holding his own.

Gordon Solie:  Oh no!  What are you doing here?

Ronnie Gossett:  I have come to save the people from hearing you slurring your words.

Gordon Solie:  Shouldn’t you be helping Buddy Landel pack his bags that is if you can stop sobbing as you know you lost one of your meal tickets.  We all know how much you love a Big Meal!

RPG: Watch it Solie and don’t you worry about The Nature Boy.  He has already signed a new wrestling contract and NWA fans; you will have the pleasure of seeing the most talented man in professional wrestling every Saturday on the Superstation!  Bill Watts knows talent when he sees it and Buddy will be just down the road in Mid-South Wrestling!  And if you really want to know, yes Bill Watts did throw a few dinners at some high-priced restaurants my way for helping him sign the Nature Boy!

Gordon Solie:  So that explains it.  Now why are you out here at this moment.

RPG:  Just watching my new wrestler.  I mean as soon as everybody in the back knew that Buddy was no longer with me, they wanted to know if my services where available.

Gordon Solie:  Are you saying that you have signed one of the two men in the ring right now.

RPG:  I have signed the one who will be leaving with the Continental Title.

Gordon Solie:  Enough of your cryptic talk Sir.  Who have you signed?

RPG:  Have another drink.  Sit back and you will find out soon.

Gossett walks to the ring but says nothing to either wrestler.  As the action in the ring continues, Slater whips Mr. Olympia towards the ropes but he slams into ref Mac Murray and down goes Murray.  Gossett is now up on the apron.

WHAM… Slater with a big right hand and down goes Olympia.

Ronnie is in the ring and hugs Slater as the boos rain down on the champ.  His fans can’t believe that he is with Ronnie P.

Gossett pulls out a pair of brass knucks and puts them on.  Slater drags Mr. Olympia over towards the corner while Gossett tries to climb the ropes.  He can only get to the middle rope and is holding on for balance.  Slater is holding Olympia’s legs as Ronnie P. is getting set to come off the ropes with a brass knucks blow!

WHAM…. Ronnie P. connected right to the back of the head, but it was the head of Dirty Dick Slater!!!

Mr. Olympia drags a knocked-out Slater to the center of the ring and covers him while Gossett goes and helps the ref.  Mac Murray sees the pin attempt and slowly begins to make the 3 count!



Gordon Solie:  What has just happened?  It seems like Slater has been double crossed by Ronnie Gossett.  Mr. Olympia is your NEW Continental champion!



Tommy & Johnny Rich © vs Bob & Brad Armstrong

Both teams come out to nice ovations, but the biggest ovation of this match was for Peggy Rich, Wildfire’s mother, who is responsible for bringing Tommy and Cousin Johnny back to the side of good.  This match starts with a handshake from Bob and Tommy as they start off this title match. 



The crowd is more in favor of Bob and Brad as this is of course Alabama, but the Rich cousins are not far behind in the love factor.     

We get about 12 minutes of technical wrestling where Brad is the star.  All 4 men are doing a nice job of selling for each other and while this is not your typical Continental Match, the crowd is really enjoying it.  Wildfire, who has been on the bottom for a while gets a little frustrated and goes to pop Brad with a right hand in the corner.

This draws the ire of both Brad and Peggy.  Peggy is fuming at her son and comes to ringside and demands that he tag out.  Johnny is in and the technical match continues with Peggy berating her son.  When the “yelling” is over, Tommy tags back in for more technical stuff.  A few more tags by both sides and we end up with Brad following Wildfire to the ropes as he is trying to roll up Wildfire for the pin.

WHAM… without the ref or Bob Armstrong noticing, Peggy, clobbers Brad with her “old lady’s purse” and Brad goes down.


Wildfire on top….


1…2…3!  The crowd is booing like crazy as Peggy celebrates with her boys and the trio makes hasty retreat as the crowd begins to throw debris at them.


  Brad and Bob are stunned in the ring.

Gordon Solie:  Well… I don’t know what to say.  I really thought Tommy and Johnny had seen the light but now we find out that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.  Peggy might be the most-rotten Rich of them all!  Tommy “Wildfire” Rich and Johhny Rich are still the Continental Tag Team Champions!



Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death © vs

The Tennessee Studd Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden) with Ronnie P.


The NWA Tag Title picture has been cleared up after last night’s win by Dibiase and Dr. Death at the first night of the Bash in Denver.  You might think the hard match against the Funks and Zaibatsu, plus the travel would have taken its toll on the champs but it seems getting their titles back has only served to energize them for tonight.  They come out like a house a fire and there seems to be nothing that can stop them.  Nothing except Ronnie P.!

Lucky for the champs that Dick Slater has not left the building yet and he is still white hot with rage at Ronnie.  About 5 minutes into this match, the crowd explodes as Slater sprints toward the ring and RPG!  Gossett sees this and his mouth drops wide open, and his eyes are as wide as the Grand Canyon.  There is nowhere to run!


Slater is slamming RPG from one steel girder to another.  WHAM… Slater rams RPG into the ring post and he is a bloody mess.

All this action outside the ring just seems to fire up the champs even more in the ring.  The end comes after a Dr. Death powerslam on Golden for a clean win over the Studd Stable.




Magnum T.A. © vs The Masked Superstar

Before the match, Gordon cannot help but hype up the match last night in Denver between Magnum and Jumbo Tsuruta and he even goes so far as to say that Magnum was lucky to survive that bout and wonders if he has anything left in the tank.

The nearly 300-pound Masked Superstar comes to the ring first and he is accompanied by the other near 300-pound Masked Superstar #2. 

Ej3iA1w.png?1          Ej3iA1w.png?1

While the crowd is all over the Superstar, he ignores them and is all business.  T.A. comes out to a huge ovation but he also seems laser-focused and avoids many of his usually high-fiving with the fans.

We found out this match is going to be all about the power moves and who can counter them best.  The Superstar gets the first advantage as he blocks an early belly to belly attempt by the champ as he dropped T.A. on his shoulder for a nasty jawbreaker-like move. 

Back and forth we go, Superstar using his weight to simple lean on the champ to wear him down while T.A. keeps searching for a way to connect until finally….

WHAM… T.A., after an Irish Whip connects with the Belly to Belly.  The problem was that Masked Superstar #2 dragged out Superstar #1 and gave his partner time to recover.  The ref complained but did little else but complain.  We see the two Superstars conversing before #1 come back in.

Magnum grabs him and musters up enough strength to slam the Superstar who is in a real bad way.  The crowd gets on him as he rolls out of the ring looking for another breather.  The camera picks up the old switch-a-roo as Superstar #2 enters the ring.  T.A. not knowing it, thinks he has The Masked Superstar right where he wants him.

WHAM… Big blow by Superstar #2 and it is like a brand-new match has just begun accepting that it is a fresh #2 vs a worn out T.A.

We get another 12-15 minutes like we did in the beginning with each man searching for that big move.  We get a copy of the beginning where eventually The Superstar is hit with the belly to back only to have #1 drag out #2 and we get another switch of the Masked Men!

Finally, at about the 50-minute mark, the action spills outside.  T.A. body slams #1 on the cement floor and then grabs #2 and rams his head into the ring post.  T.A., as quickly as someone who is exhausted can, throws Superstar #1 back into the ring.

Irish Whip…Belly to Belly….



Gordon Solie:  Magnum T.A. has survived.  Folks that was basically a handicap match and Magnum T.A. might be the only wrestle in the world who could have beaten both Masked Superstars on the same night.  The real question though is whether Magnum T.A. has anything left in the tank for his match tomorrow night against the “Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff.  For those lucky enough to be in New Orleans tomorrow night, make sure to head down to the Superdome.  For those of you night in the Crescent City, get there!  This will be one for the ages.  So long from the Sunshine State.  I hope you enjoyed your Independence Day!

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