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Big Boom 1981 Open Territories and Rosters

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So one thing we wanted to change is how to approach this game in the year 1981. There are so many people who are "tied" to their home promotions and if anyone is interested in writing, we want to give you a chance to start with some of those big names.

What we've done is come up with some of the promotions that were active in 1981 and put 5 workers a piece with them. This number may increase to 10 over time but  these five would be individuals that were consistently with the company during this time. Additionally, you would then be able to draft out the rest of your roster from the free agent pool.

If you're interested in writing for one of these promotions - these are the names you'd start with. Additioanlyl, if there is another promotion you'd like to write for... we would accommodate you to put the individuals on that roster to start.

All Japan Pro Wrestling

  1. Giant Baba
  2. Akio Sato
  3. Takashi Ishikawa
  4. Masa Ito
  5. Mitsurhara Misawa

American Wrestling Association

  1. Verne Gange - World Champ
  2. Gino Brito
  3. Adrian Adonis
  4. Jesse Ventura
  5. Nick Bockwinkel
  6. Jerry Blackwell
  7. Greg Gagne
  8. Larry Hennig
  9. Larry Zbyszko

New Japan Pro Wrestling

  1. Antonio Inoki
  2. Tatsumi Fujinami
  3. Seiji Sakaguchi
  4. Strong Kobayashi
  5. Yoshiaki Fujiwara
  6. Riki Choshu

Maple Leaf Wrestling

  1. Dewey Robertson
  2. Dino Bravo
  3. Ron Bass
  4. Leroy Brown
  5. Johnny Weaver



  1. Jerry Lawler
  2. Bill Dundee
  3. Austin Idol
  4. Eddie Gilbert
  5. Tojo Yamamoto

Pacific Northwest Wrestling

  1. Rip Oliver
  2. Iceman Parsons
  3. Magnum TA
  4. Art Crews
  5. Stan Stasiak

Southeastern Wrestling - CWF

  1. Robert Fuller
  2. Ron Fuller
  3. Jimmy Golden
  4. Bob Armstrong
  5. Brad Armstrong

Stampede Wrestling

  1. David Schultz (Dr. D)
  2. Keith Hart
  3. Smith Hart
  4. Bruce Hart
  5. Fidel Sierra


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