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Welcome to the game!  

49 minutes ago, Autistic Dragon said:

Nice use of the graphic. I haven't gotten around to watching Smoky Mountain but it strikes me as something I'd have enjoyed.

You really should watch it.  I am always amazed at how well it captured the southern, mountain feeling and they put on a quality project with a roster of like 12 people!

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Smoky Mountain Wrestling debuts Saturday July 10th 1986! 

Coming to you from the East High School in Morristown, Tennessee.

The main event of the debut episode will see The Hart Brothers Bruce and Keith taking on The Nightmares of Danny Davis and Ken Wayne.  We will also see Chief Jay Strongbow going up against Moondog Cujo. Also in action will be the Mongolian Stomper and Al Madrill.

Smoky Mountain Commissioner Mr. Fritz Von Erich will be on hand to make a Special Announcement.

Check your local listings for more info on times and availability!

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Great opening card.  Fritz is going to have to work hard to win over the Tennessee crowd.  His Texas rep may make him a hated commish which could be fun also.  

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Episode 1
July 10th 1986
East High School, Morristown, Tennessee

– The show begins with cool video opening featuring some of the local stars of the past mixed in with clips of the stars of Smoky Mountain Wrestling. We then cut to Charlie Platt and Rick Stewart who welcome us to the show and run down todays card before we go to the ring for our opening contest.

– Al Madril vs Stu Simmons (Jobber) -
Basic Squash match. Madril wins with an Abdominal Stretch in 3.39. Crowd are all behind Madril as he celebrates his victory.

– The Hart Brothers, Bruce and Keith are shown in a pre tape giving comments about their opponents here today, the Nightmares. They seem confident and looking to take the tag division by storm.

We then go back to Charlie and Rick who hype the tag match and the Main Event of Moondog Cujo and Chief Jay Strongbow. Charlie then sends us to a pre-recorded interview with Smoky Mountain Commissioner Fritz Von Erich.

– Commissioner Fritz tells Charlie that on Friday July 30th at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum Smoky Mountain present a supershow called Summer Blast and on that night we will crown both the Smoky Mountain heavyweight champion and the Smoky Mountain Tag Team Champions. More details will be announced next week and tickets go on sale this coming monday.

Back with Charlie and Rick and they do a quick recap of Fritz’s comments then speculate what that could mean for next week. We then go to the ring for the huge tag team match.

– The Nightmares (w/Downtown Bruno) vs The Hart Brothers -
The Nightmares are a masked duo managed by Downtown Bruno and get boo’ed by the crowd in attendance as they make their way to the ring. The crowd goes wild though as the Hart Brothers of Bruce and Keith make their way to the ring. The Nightmares jump the Hart’s to get the match under way. Nightmare #1 gets a slam on Keith, but the Hart’s double-team for a bit and then Bruce comes in with a crossbody for two.  We get some stalling and the Hart’s hit a double dropkick on Nightmare #2, but it only gets two. The Nightmares switch off and beat on Keith in the corner, and Nightmare #1 goes to a bear hug and they switch off on that, but Keith gets a sunset flip for two.  The Nightmares switch off again behind the refs back and go back to the bearhugs, but Keith escapes with a back suplex before the tag is cut off again.  Nightmares with a double elbow, but Keith falls into the hot tag to Bruce and he cleans house.  
But then Bruno gets up on the apron distracting both the ref and Bruce long enough for the Nightmares to switch places and nail Keith with shot that sends him to the floor. Bruce turns round and gets nailed with a clubbing blow that levels Bruce for the cover to get the pin at 10:45

Post match sees Downtown Bruno and the Nightmares celebrate as Charlie attempts to interview them Bruno quickly gloats about his genius plan but before he can go into too much detail the Harts appear and chase them off before turning to Charlie and saying they were robbed and promise payback.
We then get a video hyping the debut of the Von Erich cousins, Lance and Mike. They say there looking forward to making a new start in Smoky Mountain.

We then go straight to the ring for our next contest.

The Mongolian Stomper (w/Ron Wright) vs Mike Jenkins(Jobber)
Another basic squash where Mongolian Stomper just beats Jenkins in a pile of mush before hooking on the sleeper hold for the win.
– We then go Charlie who is standing by with Roy Lee Welch. Welch says hes happy to be in Smoky Mountain but before he can say any more he is interrupted by Ron Wright who is accompanied by the Mongolian Stomper. Wright tells Welch that Smoky is for winners and that Welch is nothing but a loser. The two go back and forth before Stomper nails Welch the two begin to brawl until they are broken up by other roster members.
Once order is restored we are ready for our main event and it pits Moondog Cujo against Chief Jay Strongbow. Strongbow gets a good crowd response when making his way to the ring. Moondog Cujo makes his way to the ring accompanied by his manager Downtown Bruno.

Moondog Cujo (w/Downtown Bruno) sv Chief Jay Strongbow

Cujo runs away for a bit to start, but Strongbow gets an atomic drop. Cujo stalls outside the ring again. Strongbow catches up with Cujo and throws him in the ring, slugs away in the corner, but Cujo puts him down with a forearm and follows with a fistdrop before going to a chinlock. Strongbow fights out of that deadly predicament and makes the comeback with chops that knock down Cujo and drops the knee for two. Strongbow chops and punches him in the corner Bruno jumps on the ropes and distracts the referee leading to Strongbow chasing Bruno off the apron only to be hit from behind by Cujo, who goes for the cover but Strongbow kicks out at 2. Strongbow fights backs and nails Cuko with a big Tomahawk chop for the cover and the 3 count. 7:00. 
Post match sees Downtown Bruno attempt an attack on Strongbow only to be cut off in his path as Strongbow turns around. As Strongbow teases hitting Bruno another Moondog. Cujo gets to his feet and both Moondogs attack Strongbow, who attempts to fight back but can’t. The locker room empties as The Hart Brothers and Al Madril come running out to make the save.

– As order is restored Charlie and Rick sign off for the week and promote next weeks show which will feature, Adrian Street, The Sheepherders, Roy Lee Welch and the Feature Contest of Rip Rogers vs Marc Rocco..

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The much anticipated debut of Smokey Mountain Wrestling delivers.

I actually had to read the opener twice to absorb that Madril is a face here. I've only seen him as a heel in this game.

Fritz guarantees Summer Blast will be huge as 2 Championships will be awarded.

Interesting having Bruno manage 2 tag teams. The Nightmares & The Moondogs both could bring him the titles.

Just about every pre-SMW promo I've seen of Ron Wright had him hyping his "beloved" Stomper. Looking forward to seeing them cause trouble for Roy Lee Welch & everyone else.

Nice main event win for Strongbow. But the joy doesn't last as he ends up the ass end of a Moondogs asswhooping.

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Episode 2
July 17th 1986
East High School, Morristown, Tennessee

– Show begins with a highlight package looking at last weeks debut with Charlie Platt and Rick Shaw narrating what we are seeing before we go to the traditional Smoky opening.

– Charlie Platt and Rick Stewart are calling the action, they welcome us to the show as we are once again at the East High School in Morristown, Tennessee. Charlie and Rick run down todays show featuring, The Sheepherders and Roy Lee Welch in action. Also we will see Adrian Street with Ms. Linda taking on SD Jones and in the Main Event Feature contest it will be Hustler Rip Rogers taking on Marc Rocco. We go to the ring as we see The Sheepherders make there way to the ring,
– The Sheepherders vs Ken Reese/Jim Scott (Jobbers) -
The bell rings,  Reese starts with Luke who comes into trouble quickly. Off to Boyd who snap mares Reese down a few times to keep him in trouble. Tag back to Luke who holds Reese for some more punishment from Boyd. This is total dominance so far. Reese finally reverses an Irish whip and tags Scott but Luke beats him down almost immediately. They hit the Battering Ram that puts Raper down and they quickly follow up double knee drop for the pin.
– We then go to pre-recorded comments from Chief Jay Strongbow who has a message for Downtown Bruno and the Moondogs. Strongbow informs us that he has spoke with Commissioner Fritz Von Erich and in two weeks, when he is fully recovered from the attack,  on Smoky Mountain TV we will See the Moondogs taking on Chief Jay Strongbow and a tag partner of his choosing.

We then see a second video package hyping the debut of the Von Erich Cousins, Mike and Lance Next Week.

Charlie and Rick hype the tag match for next week and wonder who Strongbow could have as a partner. They also express their excitement that the Von Erichs are coming to Smoky Mountain next week. They also hype tonight’s main event between Hustler Rip Rogers taking on Marc Rocco. Before we go to the ring for our next contest Charlie Platt interviews Roy Lee Welch and asks him about what happened last week. Welch tells Charlie that theres a history between himself and Ron Wright and that Wright is using the Mongolian Stomper to do his dirty work cause hes not got the guts to. Welch challenges the Mongolian Stomper to match. We then Go to the ring for our next contest.

Roy Lee Welch vs Jeff Stones (Jobber)
Roy Lee Welch is over big time with the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. Nothing special simple squash to show off Welch’s skills. Post match see’s The Mongolian Stomper runs to the ring and attacks Welch as Ron Wright stands in the corner telling Stomper what to do. 3 jobs come to try and make the save but Stomper lays them all out with help from Wright. However just as they start to attack Welch again The Harts, Sd Jones and Marc Rocco make the save chasing off Wright and Stomper.

– Charlie and Rick recap what we just saw before welcoming the Commissioner Fritz Von Erich to the announce desk. Fritz tells us that on Friday July 30th at the at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum at Smoky Mountain Summer Blast we will see a huge 8 man 1night tournament to crown the first Smoky Mountain Heavyweight champion and the following what we have seen over the last couple of weeks between the Mongolian Stomper and Roy Lee Welch they will clash in the opening round of the Tournament. Other first Round Matches will see, Al Madril taking on Hustler Rip Rogers, Adrian Street will go 1 on 1 against the debuting Pretty Young Thing Koko B.Ware and the final first round match will see Marc Rollerball Rocco taking on the also debuting Cuban Assassin Fidel Sierra. Also on that night as promised we will crown the Smoky Mountain Tag Team Champions by way of a 1 night 4 team tournament. Those first round matches will be next week.

 – Rick is joined by Downtown Bruno and asks him about what happened last week. Bruno tells him that he is sick of Strongbow and what he stands for and that when he put his hands on him he crossed the line and in doing so it enraged his second Moondog. He then welcomes both Moondogs to the desk and officially calls him Moondog Morretti. Rick then asks him about the match that had been made for 2 weeks time as his Moondogs will take on the team of Chief Jay Strongbow and a partner of his choosing, Bruno says it doesn’t matter who he finds the result will be the same and it will be the Moondogs coming out victorious. Rick then asks Bruno about the fact that only 1 of his teams are in the Tag title Tournament. Bruno refuses to answer the question and walks off followed by the Moondogs.

 Adrian Street(w/Ms. Linda) vs S.D. Jones

Street spends the first couple of minutes of the match completely avoiding Jones until he’s able to catche Jones off guard with an arm drag. Street works the arm and Jones reverses to his own armbar, but Street takes him down with a headscissors and Jones gets a headlock. Street comes back and they trade shots until Street pulls a dropkick out of nowhere. Jones puts him down with a headbutt. Jones with an atomic drop and he goes back to a headlock, Street reverses into a hammerlock this time and Jones pounds away with forearms forcing Street to break the hold. Jones send Street to the ropes, Jones leans forward but instead of hitting the intended move Street rolls him up for a 3 count and the match.

Street and Ms. Linda celebrates the victory much to the hatred of the crowd who show their dislike for the pair.
 – Fritz is standing by with Charlie and Rick. Fritz announces that tickets are selling fast for the Summer Blast event. Fritz also announces that the only way to see all the action from the Summer Blast event is to be there in person. Fritz then gives us the run down for next weeks card that will see the debut of his son Mike and nephew Lance Von Erich, also in action will be, The Nightmares along with in singles action, Al Madril and the debuting young talent Savio Vega. Then of course the huge main event of the Moondogs taking on Chief Jay Strongbow and a mystery partner. Fritz also makes it clear that should Ron Wright and the Mongolian Stomper pull anything like they did earlier in the show again they will both be heavily fined and maybe even suspended.

Up next is the featured main event match pitting Hustler Rip Rogers against Marc Rolloerball Rocco.
Marc Rolloerball Rocco vs. “Hustler” Rip Rogers

Rocco gets a decent reception from the live crowd as Rogers gets boo’ed out of the building. The bell rings and we get a lockup into the ropes and Rogers complains about a hair pull. They trade waist-locks and grappling on the canvas. Back-and-forth with hammer-locks until Rocco takes Rogers down into an arm-bar. Rogers with a knee to the midsection and a side headlock, but Rocco quickly counters back to the arm-bar. Whip to the ropes and Rocco with a right hook. Rogers uses a hair pull to counter a headlock with a head scissors. Rocco rolls over to regain control of the hold. Whip to the corner and Rogers dumps Rocco to the floor. Rogers follows, coming off the top with a double axe-handle. Back inside, Rogers with a slam. He goes to the top again and hits another axe-handle for two. He tries to suplex Rocco onto the concrete, but Rocco counters, bringing him in from the apron. Rocco with rights, sending Rogers to the floor, and follows him out with a tope suicida. Rogers rakes the eyes and goes for a piledriver on the floor, but Rocco counters with a back drop. Back inside, they reverse whips, do a crisscross, and meet in the middle, both going for a leap frog. Rocco with a shoulder to the midsection and sunset flip. Rogers hangs onto the ropes for as long as he can, but Rocco eventually muscles him over, and that gets three at 7:15. The crowd goes wild as Rocco celebrates and Rogers protests with the referee that he licked out, the ref is having none of it and raises Rocco’s hand.

We go to Charlie and Rick who recap the show and preview next weeks huge show and promote the Summer Blast event, as they are joined by Marc Rocco, promises that his win here today is just the start for him in Smoky Mountain and that on July 30th at Summer Blast he will become the first Smoky Mountain Heavyweight champion.

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Sheepherders with the dominant win to start the show off.

The Strongbow/Moondogs feud is progressed nicely.

Awfully coincidental that the guys getting the big hype treatment just happen to be related to the commissioner.

Stomper lives up to his name with a post match beat down on Welch.

Pretty good looking Heavyweight title tournament at Summer Blast. 

From the SMW shows I've watched Street seems a great choice for a top of the card heel.

Rocco is one of the talents I don't know anything about but Rip Rogers is annoying af so Rocco beating him is cool with me.

SMW is coming together well.

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I can already tell this is going to be a fun territory. 

You've done a great job establishing your stars right away.

Harts, Nightmares, Moondogs, Sheepherders and Von Erichs. The tag division is stacked. Any one of these teams can walk away with the gold. 

After being one of the most hated heels in the game, Madril is now looking to be the top baby face here.

On the flip side, Mongolian Stomper is establishing himself as the top heel. That will be easy with Wright in his corner. Stomper vs. Welch will be a good draw. 

Nice to see Strongbow getting some love and paydays at the end of his career. I wonder who his partner will be???

Something I like about smaller territories is talented wrestlers such as SD Jones and Rip Rogers can really shine. 

Adrian Street and Miss Linda will be money.

Rocco gets a big TV and sets himself up as a legit contender.

Summer Blast is going to be a must see event! 

Great job! Smokey Mountain is off and running. Keep up the good work. 


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Nice start to Smoky Mountain.  Excited to see where you take this.  Thanks for joining.

Episode 1:  Looking forward to Summer BLast!

Downtown Bruno really trying to get a hold on that title as he might just have the two best teams in the terriitory!  

Ron Wright in SMW just seems right... Stomper is a perfect heel for his stable.  

Good main event!  Strongbow might be near the end but his name will go a long way at getting SMW some attention.


Episode #2:

The tag division is full of big time heel times.  The Sheepherders might just be the best!

Strongbow better be careful calling out the Moondogs.  INterested to see who his partner is.

Fritz has found his way to bring his World Class format to SMW... just add VonErich's and the show will be hot

Like Al Madriil as a babyface.  Great job of using what you have and making it work.

Adrian Street's persona in the conservative, poverty-stricken East Tennessee is going to be golden when it all plays out!

I never saw SMW when it was happening in real life but after watching every episode on Youtube, you get a great deal of respect for how smaller territories work and I think you have captured it very well.

Again, thanks for coming aboard!




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Great job on the first two episodes! You've certainly captured the feel of SMW right out of the gate.

Excited to see Downtown Bruno already being established as a top heel manager!

Ron Wright managing the Stomper is as it should be....Stomper is well known in this territory and will be a top star!

Looking forward to seeing Madril play a babyface here....though I hope someday down the road to persuade for a trade to bring him back to CCW and his evil ways!

Off to a great start looking forward to Summer Blast!

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Episode 3
July 24th 1986
East High School, Morristown, Tennessee

– We get a recap of the last weeks show with a look at what’s to come in tonight’s main event with the big question of who can be Chief Jay Strongbow’s partner today. We then go to Charlie and Rick welcome us to today’s show they hype the debuts of Mike and Lance Von Erich and the young upcomer Savio Vega, aswell Al Madril been in action along with the huge tag match main event pitting Downtown Bruno’s Moondogs taking on Chief Jay Strongbow and his mystery partner. We will also have some huge news from Smoky Mountain Commissioner Fritz Von Erich regarding Summer Blast and the Tag Team Title Tournament. We then go to the ring for our opening contest. 

Savio Vega vs Paul Warne(Jobber)
 Savio gets a nice reaction from the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. The match itself isn't anything special, just a showcase squash match for Savio who wins with a spinning leg Lariat. The crowd pop for the win.

Post match interview with Charlie and Savio. Savio puts over Smoky Mountain as been the place that builds stars and he is at the start of his quest to become Smoky Mountain Champion in the future.

We get 1 final hype package for the Von Erich cousins who are up next.
Mike/Lance Von Erich vs Ronnie Moore/Guy Branston(Jobber)
Von Erichs get a mixed reaction that is slightly more negative than positive from the crowd as they make their way to the ring. Both Von Erich’s look slightly confused by this. Basic tag squash Von Erich’s win with a high low dropkick leg sweep combo for the 3 count. The Von Erich’s get a more focused heel reaction after the win.

We go to Charlie and Rick who are standing with Commissioner Fritz Von Erich as Lance and Mike come up to the announce position. Fritz gives them both a big hug and congratulates them on their debut and makes them the number 1 seed for the tag title tournament. Fritz then announces that they will be taking on the nightmares in the first round and that the other match will be the Sheepherders taking on the Hart brothers. The crowd boos everything except the announcement of the Hart Brothers been apart of the tournament.
We then get promos from all the participants in the heavyweight title tournament. Basic promos from everyone, promising to win the tournament, with the exception of Roy Lee Welch who promises to not only beat the Mongolian Stomper but he’s also going to get his hands on Ron Wright and put an end to him. Ron Wright talks on behalf of the Mongolian Stomper and promises that Stomper will put an end to Welch once and for all. 
Next up Al Madril will be in action.

Al Madril vs Jeff Jenkins(Jobber)
Basic squash match, Madril wins with an abdominal stretch

We go back to Charlie and Rick who are standing by with Commissioner Fritz. Fritz officially announces that starting Friday July 30th Smoky Mountain Wrestling will be going on the road to a town near you. Kicking off with;
Saturday July 31st - Viking Hall, Bristol, Tennessee,
Sunday August 1st - Hancock County High School, Sneedville, Tennessee,
Friday August 6th - Memorial Gym, Hazard, Kentucky,
Saturday August 7th - Cawood High School, Harlan, Kentucky
Sunday August 8th - The Athletic Center, Virgie, Kentucky.
Tickets for all these events go on sale this coming Monday for all these events.

We get a video highlight package recapping all the events between the Moondogs and Chief Jay Strongbow. Charlie and Rick Speculate as to who could be Strongbows partner as we go to the ring for our Feature Contest.

The Moondogs(Cujo/Moretti)(w/Downtown Bruno) vs Chief Jay Strongbow/??????
The Moondogs come out first and the crowd are all over them with boo’s. Chief Jay Strongbow comes out next as the crowd cheers him but still look down the aisle in anticipation of his partners entrance. Strongbow gets the microphone and introduces his partner, Chief Joe Lightfoot. The crowd goes wild as Lightfoot makes his way to the ring as the Moondogs and Bruno look on in horror as Lightfoot joins Strongbow at the end of the aisle. They look at each remove their ceremonial headdress’ and charge the ring and straight away start a brawl with the Moondogs as Bruno dives from the ring. All four men brawl before the faces clear the ring. Joe and Cujo start once the dust settles. Lockup and Cujo sends him into the corner. Joe goes to work on the arm and takes Cujo over with a cross arm-breaker. Morretti tags in and a roll-up for a two count. Joe takes him over with a pair of monkey flips into a cover, and they go through a series of counters for near falls. Strongbow tags in and hits Morretti with a drop toe hold into an arm-bar. Strongbow with a takedown into a short arm-scissors. Strongbow puts an abdominal stretch on Moretti as 
 Cujo comes off the top with an axe-handle while the referee is distracted by Bruno. Whip and the Moondogs with a double elbow. Strongbow rolls away from an elbow and makes the hot tag to Lightfoot. Lightfoot with rights and slams to both Moondogs. He takes both over with a combination headlock and head scissors. Moretti rolls to the floor as Bruno gets on to the apron and distracts the ref but is caught by Lightfoot but as he goes to nail him, Cujo attacks from behind but this time hes cut off by Strongbow who nails him with a big elbow. Lightfoot hits a huge scoop slam followed by an elbow job for the 3 count and the win. The crowd goes crazy as they celebrate the win.

We go back to Charlie and Rick who recap all the action today and hype the huge Summer Blast card for this coming Friday. They also inform us that next week we will see highlights of Summer Blast.

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Vega off to a nice start.

The Von Erichs arrive in Tennessee...and get boo'd outta the building! The not so subtle favoritism won't help.

Mongolian Stomper vs Roy Lee Welch is the clear centerpiece of the Heavyweight title tournament.

Madril continues to pick up steam. Still weird to see him as a face.

Smoky Mountain is hitting the road!

I remember Joe Lightfoot from Texas All-Star. He seems a perfect fit for Strongbow as he nears the end.

Bring on Summer Blast!

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Savio could become a headliner here. 

Wow, Von Erich's get booed. Fritz didn't help matters by making them the number 1 seeds LOL. Seems the fans have taking a liking to the Harts. Very interesting story going. 

I still can't call who's going to win the tag tournament.

Madril gets in a solid TV win.

Exciting main event as Chief Jay brings in Chief Joe! Great moment. Bruno and the Moondogs bend the rules but the Indians end up with the crowd pleasing win. 

Can't wait for Summer Blast! 

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Really fun show and I thought you did a nice job of capturing the SMW feel especially with all the venues in the upcoming road show.

Nice deut for Savio Vega.

I think that the Von Erich story is very interesting.  In our game, Mike was basically put out of wrestling by some illness and Lance was proven not to be a VonErich at all.  This was all in Texas All-Star Wrestling which for the most part was a small promotion without a major cable channel as it was on KTVT in Dallas.  So this story line would never have traveled to SMW where it is also a smaller promotion and in an area of the U.S. that would have been almost completely void of cable tv anyway at this time.  This makes the VonErich name still huge, whether babyfaces or heels,  in Eastern TN, Western KY area.   I also like that Fritz is up to his old trick right away by making his boy and "nephew" the #1 contenders even though the have only wrestled one match in SMW.  Very nice job with a lot of directions you could go in.

Nice Main Event and looking forward to Summer Blast

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I agree that you've really nailed the feel of SMW. I'm interested in the Von Erich angle here...it's kind of a fun "what if" here on how fans outside Texas would react to Fritz pushing his "boys" especially Mike and "Lance".  In '86 fans kind in this region sorta towed the line on doing what was expected of them reaction wise but considering how awful poor Mike was and how obvious it was that Ricky Vaughn wasn't a Von Erich this could have very well been the way this played out. I'm hoping for a Fritz heel turn at some point. Lol.

Savio is green in this era and perfect fit for this new territory. Madril continues to come along as a babyface here.

Roy Lee better watch his mouth or the Stomper is going to mess him up! So glad to see Downtown Bruno here, always been a fan of his work.

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