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Mighty Yankee & Freight Train brawling is a great start to any episode.

U.S Steel stills going hard.

Bart vs Austin seems a exciting contrast of styles & personalities.

Precious reminds everyone Hayes isn't the only one who knows how to swing a purse.

The Patriots prove to worn down to overcome the Masked Superstars (& the Shiek's briefcase)

Allen gives his manager a shout-out by "pulling a Ladd" & walking away.

I have a feeling the Shiek will be having a word with Leduc.

Hmm...So did Hayes bring his own purse or did Precious "misplace" hers?

I hope referee Kneely had his car ready because something tells me he's gonna wanna leave Baton Rouge ASAP!

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Black Bart is picking up some steam.

When will the heels learn? You mess with Precious, you pay.

Masked Superstars retain with a tainted win. I would like to see the Patriots get healthy and go for the titles again. 

Bad News takes a Soul Man punch and simply decides to walk away. Maybe it's time for a cage match between these two. 

Reed gets a crowd pleasing win! I wonder how Jake will react to that briefcase shot from Leduc? 

It would take a loaded purse for the Freebirds to walk away from Brody and Williams.

Oh man Dibiase was robbed! I wonder if Magnum will give him a title shot? 

This night in Baton Rouge set up a lot more intrigue. 


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(The show begins with footage from the last week’s show in Baton Rouge where we see Black Bart connecting with a Texas Trash Compacter, Precious hitting Ricky Santana with the “heavy” purse, Michael Hayes also using a purse to hit both Bruiser Brody and Dr. Death and Nikita Koloff hitting Ted Dibiase with the Russian Sickle while TWO referees argued.   

Then we go to the regular opening montage set to techno music and showing all the big stars of Mid-South Wrestling and finally we go to the set with your host, Jim Ross.)

Ross:   "Hello and welcome once again to Power Pro Wrestling, sanctioned by Mid-South Wrestling, a member of the National Wrestling Alliance.  What a show we had this past Saturday in Baton Rouge.  As you just saw, Nikita Koloff did successfully defend his NWA Title against Ted Dibiase but that decision was not without controversy; more on that later.  Just two days later at Beach Brawl 86 in Biloxi, Mississippi, Magnum T.A. defeated Nikita Koloff in a Russian Chain-I Quit Match to win the NWA World Title for the third time.  Right now, we are going to show you the ending of that match.  Just a warning to all of our viewers at home, this match was extremely violent and parents… you may wish to take your child to another room for about 5 minutes.  Here it is….




Nikita Koloff © vs Magnum T.A. 

 Both men were a bloody mess after about 14 minutes of action….Nikita landed a 'Russian Sickle' on Magnum but couldn't get him to submit, Nikita charged in for another sickle but Magnum side stepped him wrapping the chain around Koloff's neck as his momentum took him over the top rope…..Magnum has the big man hung over the top rope….he won't submit but eventually the big Russian passes out…..the referee checks his arm as if goes down three times…..the referee has to stop the match and award the title to MAGNUM T.A.!!

Jim Ross:  What a night it truly was for Magnum T.A.  Right after the match, Continental Championship Wrestling announcer, Joe Pedicino caught up with Magnum T.A. in the locker room and here is what the new champ had to say.

Magnum T.A.:  (a bloodied T.A. is surrounded by all his bodies; Dusty Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, Dr. Death, Wendell Cooley etc … and the champagne is flowing)  Joe… I did it!  I did it.  I told you and all my great fans that Nikita was going to have to kill me to make me quit and that I’d do anything to win this title back… By God… he almost did kill me.  While I hate Nikita and everything he stands for, I take nothing away from him.  He is the toughest man I have ever faced in the ring.  Going forward… I promise to defend this belt each and every night against all worthy challengers but anyone who steps into that ring with Magnum T.A. better take a look at the tape of this match… I will do anything to keep this title… Anything!

Joe Pedicino:  There you have it folks.  The new NWA World Champion… Magnum T.A.

As the video ends, as we are back with Mid-South Wrestling, Jim Ross takes us to our first commercial break.

Commercials + Promos for Shreveport

As we come back from break, Jim Ross hypes up Magnum T.A. a little more but also reminds us that this doesn’t change what happened last week in Baton Rouge.  He reminds everyone about the Dibiase-Nikita match and some of the other major happenings, including the Mid-South Title Match as Rocky Jonhson did beat Bad News Allen but by count-out and therefore doesn’t win the title and Michael Hayes who struck again as he used that loaded purse again and this time laid out both Bruiser Brody and Dr. Death Steve Williams.  Here now to discuss these situations is the NWA President, Cowboy Bill Watts! 

Cowboy Bill Watts:  Hello again Jim.  First, a huge congratulations to Magnum T.A.  How great it feels to have the NWA World Title back in the hands of a God-faring, great American.  Now as for the goings-on here in Mid-South Wrestling…. New week, same story.  The chaos in Mid-South just seems to continue week after week.  First of all, we need to discuss the NWA World Title Match between Nikita and Ted Dibiase.  When looking at the video tape, we see a very controversial decision.  First, Ref Alfred Neely, who had been knocked down, actually was correct in his ruling to restart the match.  As Dibiase went for the pin attempt, Nikita’s leg was across the bottom rope and the three count was never completed.  The problem was that Ivan Koloff was the one who put Nikita’s leg across the bottom rope. This was not seen by either Neely or Ron West who came in to take over officiating duties for the match.  While I feel awful for Ted Dibiase, we aren’t going to go back and change the decision of the match.  What we are going to do is give Ted Dibiase a rematch in 3 weeks at the Sam Houston Coliseum.  This time though, he will face Magnum T.A. for the belt.

Jim Ross:  That seems fair.  What are we going to do about referees who keep seem to be taking a lot of abuse.

Bill Watts:  Now that’s a different story.  First, any wrestler or manager who puts their hands on a Mid-South referee will be immediately suspended.  Unfortunately, this has no bearing on the NWA Title match we were just discussing.  The wrestling ring is a dangerous place with a lot of big bodies.  Sometimes, referees have no place to hide and got run into or knocked down.  This is what happened to Alfred Neely in Baton Rouge.

Jim Ross:  So really there is no solution.

Bill Watts: I didn’t say that.  We have in fact been looking into this problem and decided that it might be a good idea to use former wrestlers as referees.  They might know their way around the ring a little better and avoid some of those physical situations and they also might be able to deal with these situations better when they occur.

Jim Ross:  Interesting…to do you have anyone in mind.

Bill Watts:  In fact, we do.  This man recently retired from wrestling and decided to enroll in our referee school the same day and he will be referring our first match which I think is ready to go.


U.S. Steel defeats “Rotten” Ron Starr with the Giant Splash

As he told us about a month ago, Carl Fergie did return to Mid-South wrestling.  This time it is a referee and even Jim Ross had to give him his due as he did a great job.  He got right in the face of Starr when he went to the questionable tactics, and he had no problem stepping between the near 400-pound U.S. Steel to back him away from the corner when he was fuming and was going to clock Rotten Ron.  Ross did remind us that one match does not make a referee and that he is going to watch this one closely as he still doesn’t completely trust Fergie

Commercials + Promos for Shreveport


Jos Leduc with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie defeats “Trucker” Randy Barber with the Bearhug

Sheiks entire army (Masked Superstars, Leduc and Jake “The Snake” Roberts) joins him in the post-match interview but before he speaks, Bill Watts comes back out.

Bill Watts:  Sheik, I see, that even though Hacksaw Butch Reed handed out some your money from the briefcase to the fans, you still carry it around with you every time a member of your Army goes to the ring.

Sheik Adnan:  Masaa’ alkhayr kafa hakuk, Mr. Bill Watts.  Yes, as I have said many times, the money in this briefcase will go to the perfect wrestler.  One to guarantee me the greatest stable in wrestling history.  With Jake “The Snake” Roberts, The Masked Superstars and Jos Leduc, I’m so close to controlling Mid-South Wrestling but with one more I will be unstoppable.  So, I carry this briefcase with me everywhere I go just in case I come across the last piece to puzzle.  Oh… and by the way, the small amount of money Hacksaw Butch Reed stole from me was replaced in less then a minute and there is plenty more where that came from. 

Bill Watts:  Perfect.  That is all I wanted to know.  My problem is that you keep using this briefcase as a weapon.  In fact, in Baton Rouge, The Masked Superstars used the briefcase to help defeat the Patriots and in the North American Title Match, again, your army tried to use the briefcase to help Jake Roberts defeat Hacksaw Reed and take the title.

Sheik goes to interrupt but …

Bill Watts:  Sorry Sheik… my turn.  So the NWA Board and I have decided this week in Shreveport, it will be your army, against Hacksaw Butch Reed, The Patriots, and Harley Race ….with the Briefcase suspended above the ring.

Sheik goes to interrupt again but…

Bill Watts:  Hold on… and the winner gets the briefcase and the $1,000,000 inside of it!

Watts tells the technical crew to take us to break, and tells Sheik, now he can talk…

Imagine what language the crowd heard during the commercials from a fuming Sheik!!

Commercials + Promos for Shreveport

As we come out of break, we see none other than Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts at the interview desk.

Jim Ross:  Michael, it seems that you will stoop to any level to injure your opponents inside of the squared circle.

Michael Hayes:  It seems like I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.  I go in the ring and kick the living you know what out of someone and I get criticized.  I go in the ring and get my butt kicked and you people criticize me. Say I can’t wrestle.  I can’t fight. In terms of stooping to levels?  I have no idea what you mean.  My job, inside that ring, is to do things the Freebird way.  That’s right… By any means necessary…. When you sign on the dotted line to step in the ring with the Freebirds… you better be prepared to march down Bad Street U.S.A and stop and the last house on the block and knock on the door and be ready for the fight of your life.

Jim Ross:  And what do you say about the facts that you are using some sort of pepper spray to blind your opponents or that you are using a loaded purse to knock your opponents out.  Before you answer that…some say that purse is the same one used by Jimmy Garvin’s Precious… Is there any truth to that?

Michael Hayes:  I’ve got two old sayings for ya Jim Ross.  First… Finders keepers… losers weepers.  Next and most important… Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Jim Ross:  You do have a way with words.  Last thing… this week in Shreveport, it will be you and Buddy Roberts for the NWA World Tag Team Title.

Michael Hayes:  As I just said… Finders Keepers… Losers Weapers.  It will be Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death weeping after we take their titles and then we will be partying down in Atlanta GA where we will be with all the pretty chicks till the sum comes up.


Rocky Johnson defeats “Hollywood” John Tatum with the Soul Man Shuffle/Boston Crab Combo

A quick interview with Rocky Johnson shows his frustration at how Bad News Allen just walked away from their match in Baton Rouge and took the count-out loss to save their title.

Cowboy Bill Watts makes another appearance and tells Rocky that this week in Shreveport, he will get another shot at the Mid-South Title and as last week, Ernie Ladd will be banned from ringside.  Also, if Bad News Allen loses by count-out od DQ, the title will change hands.  Rocky Johnson is very pleased with these stipulations and shakes the hand of the NWA President.

Commercials + Promos for Shreveport

As we came out of break, Ernie Ladd and Bad News Allen are with Jim Ross

Ernie Ladd:  I’ve never seen anything like it!  How does a fat man move that quick?  That Big Dummy changes the rules each week and then runs and hides before anyone with any sense can question him.  Now, again… he breaks the rules by banning me from ringside and then throws in his new idea… the title changes hands on Count-Outs or Disqualifications!  Does he do this for Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death?  No!  Will he do this for Magnum T.A…. I don’t think so.  Again… it is a grudge he has against me cause he could never beat me in the ring.  Now… did you see that handshake between Frick and Frack when we went to break.  It was like “Uncle Tom” Johnson saying “thank ya massa, thank ya.

Jim Ross:  And what do you sat Bad News about you just walking away from your title match against Rocky Johnson in Baton Rouge?


Bad News Allen:  As Ernie Ladd said, the fix was in.  Rocky Johnson seems to have his own set if rules.  He is the only wrestler I know who is allowed to box instead of wrestler.  He keeps throwing punch after punch and nothing is done by Bill Watt’s referees.  So, Ernie and I decided that if Rocky wants a boxing match, he will not get a shot at my Mid-South WRESTLING TITLE.  Rocky Johnson… tonight Bill Watts might be your Master but in Shreveport, I will be your master and you will bow down to me and ask that I don’t end your career.  I have spent enough time dealing with Rocky Johnson.  The Soul Man may only be a soul after Shreveport. 



Winner gets a Jr. Heavyweight Title Match in Shreveport

Ricky Gibson defeats “Rotten” Ron Starr with a Roll-up while Starr was gloating about his success. 


Jim Ross:  Sorry folks, we are out of time.  So long from the Pelican State.

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Joe Pedicino catches a understandably emotional Magnum T.A in the midst of a major celebration. 

Watts has a intriguing idea hiring former wrestlers as referees. Not sure i would've started with Fergie though. But Jim's right his first time went well enough. Watch this space.

Oh I wish we could've heard the Shiek's reaction to his money being on the line in a ladder match!

Jim's also right about Hayes having a way with words.

Glad to hear Johnson's getting another shot. But Ladd & Allen still make some decent points.

Gibson capitalizes on Starr pulling double duty to earn himself a Jr Heavyweight Championship match.

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Love, love, love the announcement of the World Title change as it happened in an untelevised setting. Takes me back to those days as a kid, seeing those bombshells dropped at the start of weekly TV and then chomping at the bit to see the footage.

Loved the segment with Watts and Sheik, setting up the 8-man in Shreveport.

Big stip for Rocky getting a return shot at the Title.

The Shreveport show really came together in a big way on this week's TV. Great stuff.

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Nice touch showing the fans Magnum's big title victory followed by the locker room celebration. 

Good call by Watts in giving Dibiase another title shot. Very different dynamic as he'll be facing Magnum this time. 

Carl Fergie as a Ref! Like JR, I'll be keeping my eye on Fergie. 

Watts ruins Adnan's day. We'll see if Sheik's Army can hold onto to his money. 

LOL, Hayes does have a way with words. Can the Freebirds end the long reign of Dibiase and Williams? 

Soul Man gets some good news from Watts. 

Once again Ladd brings up some valid points. Allen promises bad news for Johnson. 

Ricky Gibson ends the show on a high note as he earns himself a Jr. title shot against the crybaby. 


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Great way to open the show with the huge win of Magnum TA over Nikita for the World title! Loved the locker room celebration! (May steal that)

Looking forward to seeing Dibiase challenge Magnum for the title!

Love the angle to introduce Fergie as a referee here, very well done!

Classic Bill Watts here as he shuts Adnan and then leaves him to vent during the commercial....great stuff!

You do a great job capturing the voice of most of the guys on your roster in promos but I have to say perhaps none more than Michael Hayes, you've got him down and I can hear him saying every word just like Ernie Ladd.

Bad News vs. Rocky would certainly sell me a ticket!

Another great episode of TV for Mid South!

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Memorial Coliseum:  Shreveport, Louisiana

September 10, 1986

First 6 matches partially shown on Superstation 17


Black Bart defeats Mike Graham by hitting two Texas Trash Compacter.  The second one was completely unnecessary, but Bart was here to make a point tonight.  After the match he was heard calling out Bruiser Brody and saying he had unfinished business with the Wild Man.

U.S. Steel defeats “Hollywood” John Tatum with a Giant Splash. Tatum had been talking a good game before the opening bell but once the action started, he did his best to run and hide.  Too bad for Tatum but good for the crowd, Steel eventually caught him and beat him pillar to post.

The Mighty Yankee “Steve Strong” defeats Mike George with a powerslam after George was distracted by the Masked “Mighty Yankee” who came down to ringside.

Crusher Blackwell defeats Bob Roop with the Airplane Drop in a match that was surprisingly technical. 

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Match

Ricky Gibson defeats Eric “Crybaby” Embry by DQ as Rotten Ron Star came down to the ring and attacked Gibson.  Embry was frustrated at the crybaby chant throughout the match but was as smug as ever walking out with his title.  Starr seemed very pleased with himself but when Gibson regrouped and was ready to duke it out with Starr, the Rotten One headed for the hills.

“Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin with Precious defeated “The Cuban Lover” Ricky Santana with the Brainbuster.  Precious came in the ring after the bout and lend over the fallen Santana and had a few choice words for him as she was still frustrated by his “groping” attempt last week.  She was waving her hand and her purse as she really gave him a mouthful of hatred.  Her and Jimmy had a nice hug on their walk back to the locker room.

NWA World Title Match:

Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death Steve Williams © defeat The Fabulous Freebirds as Dr. Death hits The Oklahoma Stampede on Buddy Roberts during a time of chaos.  The interesting thing here was that as Dr. Death and Dibiase were walking to the ring, Garvin and Precious were leaving and Dr. Death noticed that Precious had dropped her purse during the couple’s embrace.  Dr. Death picked up the purse after their exit and gave it to the timekeeper to hold.  The camera seemed to pick up Michael Hayes stalling on his way to the ring as he seemed to be looking for something and seemed really frustrated when the ring announcer called for Precious to come out and get her purse as she had accidently dropped it.  As for the match, it was full of twists and turns and seemed like it could go either way, but the champs survived in the end.

Mid-South Title Match:  Title Changes hands if the champ is counted out or disqualified

Bad News Allen without Ernie Ladd & Rocky Johnson wrestle to a double count-out in very physical bout.  It appeared that Rocky Johnson was going to get back in the ring and win the title as he connected with the Soul Man Shuffle on the arena floor, but Bad News grabbed Rocky’s leg just before him got in the ring which slowed him down just enough to get the double count-out. 

MAIN EVENT:  Briefcase Match:  Sheik’s Million Dollar Briefcase is suspended above the ring: Team that gets the briefcase wins the bout and the money.

Sheik’s Army (Masked Superstars, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, & Jos Leduc) defeat Hacksaw Butch Reed, Harley Race & The Patriots (DJ Peterson & Todd Champion) in Carl Fergie’s first big match as a referee.  Fergie did a good job of maintaining control in a match just made to be chaotic.  Each man had their time to shine and as normal in a big 8-man tag match, there were many momentum changes.  Interesting thing was that a ladder was placed outside the ring and was needed to get to the briefcase.  The finish saw the ladder already set up in the middle of the ring after a failed attempt by The Snake.  Reed and Masked Superstar #2 were brawling out on one side of the arena floor and Harley Race and Leduc were fighting on the other side.  DJ Peterson shoves Jake Roberts back into the corner and rushed in and connect with a clean shoulder block.  Peterson know clocks the fist and goes for a big right hand.

Carl Fergie grabs the arm and prevents the punch.  Peterson is arguing with Fergie who gets between DJ and the Snake. Fergie appears to shove DJ out of the corner and away from Roberts.

WHAM… Peterson trips over the ladder and it falls right on top of him.  Todd Champion rushes in to complain but if forced back out of the ring by Fergie. 

WHAM… DDT by the Snake on Peterson who was wobbly as he got up.  Snake picks up the fallen ladder and shoved it into the gut of Todd Champion who gets knocked off the apron.

Jake quickly steps up the ladder and scampers up to the top and grabs the briefcase!

The Sheik is going wild as Jake Roberts has just saved him a $1,000,000!  The Sheik opens it up and takes out a big bundle and hands it to The Snake. 

The crowd begins to filter out and you can tell that they are a little frustrated by the last two matches but as in most sports, there is always tomorrow.  Next Friday Mid-South returns to Jackson, Mississippi and the Fairgrounds Arena for its next big night!



The debut of Kendo Nagasaki

Mike George vs The Masked Mighty Yankee

Grudge Match:  Bruiser Brody vs Black Bart

Revenge Match:  Rotten Ron Starr vs Ricky Gibson

Mid-South Title Match:  Bad News Allen vs Rocky Johnson in a Steel Cage!

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Mike Graham suffers so Black Bart can send a message.

U.S Steel has found a nice niche kicking the crap outta mouthy bottom feeders.

The Yankees use good ol' fashioned teamwork to beat the Timekeeper.

Blackwell shows his versatility against Roop.

So glad to see the crybaby chants live on.

Don't know what Hayes problem is,Williams was just being nice returning Precious's purse.

Allen has to dig deep into the bag to keep his title. I'm not sure how long he can keep this up.

Fergie gets perhaps a tad overzealous enforcing the rules. Roberts definitely earned a raise though.

Jackson's looking good next week.

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Black Bart's got some serious guts challenging Brody. 

LOL, I can imagine Tatum's facial expressions when US Steel got a hold of him. 

Both Yankees are causing a lot of problems. Mike George just experienced this.

Ron lives up to his rotten moniker with that cheap attack on Gibson. Crybaby Embry retains.

Santana gets physically beaten by Jimmy Jam then gets verbally abused by Precious. Rough night. 

Williams and Dibiase retain over the Freebirds but the story here is the purse. The plot thickens.

I'm ok with the Allen/Johnson double co because now we're going to get an awesome cage match. 

Hot main event that keeps the fans on the edge of their seats. Fergie gets into his Ref role but it costs Peterson the match. Jake gets a nice little bonus from Adnan. 

Heels send the fans home with a downer but like you said, tomorrow's another day.  

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Strong win from Bart.....but calling out Brody can't end well!

U.S. Steel is doing pretty well here in Mid South so far.

Embry stays true to form here...I like it.

As Spaldoni said....the purse plot thickens as it's starting to look like Garvin/Precious are definitely in cahoots with Michael Hayes. It seems no one in the NWA can take those tag straps off the Doc and Dibiase.

Bad News and Rocky make for some good matches, looking forward to them facing off again!

What a main event!! Tons of star power here...the Fergie ref storyline played out well here and Jake saves the day for Adnan! 

Definitely gotta get a ticket for Jackson!

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Fairgrounds Arena:  Jackson Mississippi

September 17, 1986

First 6 matches partially shown on Superstation 17




Debut Match:

Kendo Nagaski with Tojo Yamamoto vs Norvell Austin

The 5’5, portly, Tojo, wearing a red cap, white suite and black tie, leads Kendo to the ring in his first match in Mid-South since before the Dawn of War era.  Kendo comes out wearing a steel mask and carrying a bamboo stick.  Once he gets to the ring, he goes through some creative ritual as he is swinging and twirling the stick.  Austin, nervously, jumped out of the ring and out onto the floor.  Once Kendo was done with the stick, he took off the steel mask to displayed a white and black painted face as the intimidation continued.  Give Austin his due, he battled to the best off his ability, but it just was not enough tonight as Kendo pulled out some nasty martial arts and used plenty of dirty tactics to go along with it.  The end came with a nasty savat kick to the back of the head.  Tojo told him to get the bamboo stick and beat Austin, but Norvell escaped before the assault was carried out. 


“The Mighty Yankee” Steve Strong defeated Mike George with a powerslam after Mike George was distracted by the Masked Yankee who came out and stood up on the apron.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie defeated Rufus Jones with the DDT in a match that saw the action split about 50/50. 


Revenge Match: 

Ricky Gibson defeated Rotten Ron Starr with the running bulldog as revenge was achieved by Gibson for Starr interfering in his NWA World Jr. Title Match with Eric Embry last week.


Grudge Match:

  Bruiser Brody vs Black Bart ended in a No Contest as Black Bart met Bruiser Brody in the aisle and the brawl was on with neither man ever actually making it to the ring.


Mid-South Title Match:  Bad News Allen with Ernie Ladd vs Rocky Johnson in a Steel Cage!

Each time Cowboy Bill Watts tried to neutralize Ernie Ladd in this feud, he was outsmarted by either Bad News or the Big Cat.  This time, Watts was sure that he had come up with a solution… A steel cage.  Ernie Ladd couldn’t get in and Bad News Allen couldn’t simple walk away.

Problem… Ernie Ladd is the ultimate planner.

After about 5 minutes or an all-out brawl, Ernie Ladd reached under the ring and pulled out a pair of bolt cutters and cuts the lock off the cage and comes into the ring.

It is now 2-1 in this No DQ title bout and there is nothing Rocky Johnson or the ref can do about!

We see a few big boots by Ladd followed up by Bad News tossing the Soul Man headfirst into the steel cage.  Ladd and Bad News were having so much fun that getting the three-count never even crossd their mind!

The crowd erupts…. it is none other than Mid-South legend….Captain Redneck Dick Murdoch.

Murdoch is rushing through the unlocked gate of the steel cage.

Ladd attacks Cpt. Redneck but Murdoch ducks under his attempt and kicks him square in the groin and then rolls him through the cage door.

Bad News Allen attacks with the Ghetto Blaster on Murdoch….. MISSED!

Murdoch with a knee to the midsection. Bad News is doubled over…

Rocky is now back on his feet….

Soul Man Shuffle…. WHAM… Huge right hand by Rocky and down goes Bad News Allen.

Murdoch guards the door from Ernie Ladd as Rocky covers the champ.

1….2….3!  Rocky Johnson has pinned Bad News Allen and we have a new Mid-South Champion!


Mid-South Tag Team Title Match

The Masked Superstars © with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie defeat Hacksaw Butch Reed & U.S. Steel when U.S. Steel submitted to the Cobra Clutch by Masked Superstar #1.  The submission signal by Steel was not clear as many thought he was shaking his fists to get his adrenaline flowing but Referee Carl Fergie said he submitted and he awarded the victory to the champs.


6 Man Tag Team Match:  The Freebirds vs Ted Dibiase, Dr. Death Steve Williams and a Mystery Partner

Okay, this one needs some background as it all came to head last week on Power Pro Wrestling… (Yes the Power Pro Episode that I never wrote) 

Jimmy Garvin with Precious had just won his TV match over Ben Bassarab and was in the middle of his post-match interview when he was confronted by the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death.  They both wanted to know why Michael Hayes was obviously looking for the purse that Precious had dropped at ringside prior to the Freebirds title shot last week in Shreveport.

Garvin and Precious played dumb and said they had no idea what Michael Hayes was doing, and that Precious had accidently dropped the purse while embracing Gorgeous Jimmy after his match. 

While Garvin and Precious were digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole, all hell broke loose as Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts attacked the champs from behind. The 3-2 advantage plus Precious doing a bit of hit and run cat attacks was too much for the champs to overcome.  With the champs laid out on the arena floor, Michael Hayes grabbed the microphone as reminded everyone…. Once a Freebird… Always a Freebird. 

As order was restored and we headed to break, Jim Ross explained to everyone that 3 or 4 years ago, Jimmy Garvin actually was a member of the Freebirds over in Texas and up in the AWA!

After the commercial break, the battered tag team champs came out and had a few choice words for the Freebirds.  They also said that they knew Garvin was in cohoots with Michael Hayes and they got a surprise for the Devil’s trio this week in Jackson and demanded that Watts grant them a 6 Man Tag Team Match against Hayes, Roberts and Garvin.

The crowd started to stir as they were sure this surprise was Terry Gordy.  The fans even went to so far as to chant Bam Bam, Bam Bam as Watts sanctioned the match.

So here we are…. 6 Man action in Jackson, Mississippi.  The problem was that Dibiase and Dr. Death came out along which left Michael Hayes laughing about how the blind mouse, Terry Gordy, couldn’t find his way to the ring tonight.

The match went on for a good 15 minutes as the champs more then held their own.  We have Jimmy Garvin in the ring going all out against Dr. Death when all off a sudden, the crowd stirs as Scott Casey makes his way to the ring.

Casey is somewhat well known because of all the cable TV nowadays but he is not the star they were hoping to see make his return to Mid-South tonight.  Following Casey to the ring was his valet Sunshine and this is where things got interesting.  Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin acted like he had seen a ghost!

WHAM… Dr. Death caught the stunned Garvin and connected with a huge Oklahoma Stampede!


Hayes and Roberts rush in to make the save but they are nailed by Dibiase and Scott Casey!


The fans are somewhat confused but love the end result.  This one has some explaining needed but that will have to wait until next week.


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Nice to see Tojo & Kendo stick together.(pun intended)

Somebody is gonna have to do something about these damn Yankees.

The Snake derails the Freight Train.

Gibson gets his payback & now can focus on getting another title shot.

Give Bart credit, He called out Brody & he went for it.

Johnson finally wins Mid-South championship thanks to the triumphant return of Dick Murdoch!

Fergie with a questionable call...I'm sure it's fine. He's still learning.

Scott Casey & Sunshine make a splash early as they got "Gorgeous" Jimmy looking like a deer in headlights. Looking forward to the fallout from this. Also nice touch having the crowd hoping for Gordy.

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Sunshine showing up to ruin things for Garvin and Precious is a nice touch!

Your slow burn to the eventual pairing of Doc and Gordy is fun, and when they do unite, I think Hayes and Roberts are gonna want to run far, far away.

I also have to commend the job you've done building Butch Reed into one of the top babyfaces in the game. I think the time is probably coming for the first black world champion!

Good Stuff My Man!

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Kendo makes quite the debut with his visual display. Tojo will be a lot of fun here. I'm sure he'll be another headache for Watts.

The Mighty Yankees has been an entertaining mid card act. Nice job on giving everybody something to do. 

Rufus gives Jake some problems but in the end falls to the DDT.

When you interfere in somebody's match, expect some payback. 

Brody and Bart go toe to toe.

Gotta love that cage match. Ladd and Allen are in total control until Dick Murdoch spoils their party. I know the Mid South fans were going nuts when Murdoch came out. Oh yea, and the Soul Man wins the Mid South title! Rocky has had a great year in this game. 

HMMMMMMM, I've got my eye on Fergie.

Garvin is back as a Freebird! All is well until Casey and Sunshine arrive! Another great moment for the fans tonight. This defiantly sets up Casey as a top guy. Looking forward to the inevitable Sunshine/Precious confrontation. 

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Solid debut for Kendo Nagasaki with Tojo, Norvell Austin is no slouch!

Gotta give Black Bart credit for taking it to Brody....not sure it will end well for him but we shall see.

Ernie Ladd thought he had it all figured out with the bolt cutters but he didn't count on Dick Murdoch getting involved! Congrats to New champion Rocky Johnson! 

Masked Superstars get the win over Reed/US Steel....but I'm still not so sure about ol referee Carl Fergie....

Quite the six man tag! Garvin officially returns to the Freebirds...while I did expect that, however I did not expect Scott Casey with Sunshine as Dibiase/Gordy's partner! Great stuff!

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If storytelling with house shows is what's needed in the absence of writing time, then you're nailing it currently.

Brody and Bart with the brawl that never officially started. I'm always game for one of those on occasion! Adds meat to the heat of a rivalry, in my opinion.

Awesome appearance and leveling of the playing field in the steel cage by Cpt. Redneck. Great to see Soul Man finally prevail with the Mid-South gold, after the prior stipulations proved unfruitful and needing the cage to be the leveling agent. Great stuff there.

What an interesting finish with U.S. and the potentially faux submission. Great visual on that, which should set up quite the bit of conjecture. Not to mention the angst such a finish creates for fans, who will surely be more thirsty than ever for the outcome they want here.

I didn't Scott Casey being the mystery guy in the big 6-man. Gut was telling me the 6-man would end up with more heat on the Champs, but instead it was a hot, dramatic finish on a high note.

Great night out for the good folks in Jackson, coming out of a big night in Shreveport!

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Sam Houston Coliseum:  Houston, Texas

September 24, 1986

First 6 matches partially shown on Superstation 17


First, as time continues to be an issue for me, I want to explain a couple of the angles that would have been advanced during the last Power Pro’s tv show.

1.  NWA President, Bill Watts, announced the next joint NWA Supercard which will be Halloween Havoc on October 31st  in the Omni.  Matches for this event will soon be announced.

2.  A promo hyping the return to Mid-South Wrestling of the greatest tag team in NWA history …. The Rock n Roll is headed your way!

3.  We here from Scott Casey and Sunshine on how great it was to come to Jackson, Mississippi and beat the Freebirds especially with Jimmy Garvin being the one to go down in defeat.  Sunshine talked about her past relationship with Garvin and claims that it was her who left Garvin because he was a loser and always wanted her to use some sort of illegal ways to help him cheat to victory.  She claimed that the only reason that Precious is with him now is because she is cheating trash just like him.  Scott Casey went on to hype up the fact that it was so obvious that Garvin still had eyes for Sunshine as the second he saw her, he lost focus and lost the match.  Casey didn’t fault Garvin too much as he said he understood that after looking at Sunshine and Precious, everyone knows that Garvin lost out on that deal!

Later, we find out that since Ted Dibiase will be taking on Magnum T.A. for the World title in Houston that it will be Scott Casey and Dr. Death taking on Jimmy Garvin and Michael Hayes.

As the show ended, The Freebirds come to the interview area where both Garvin, Hayes and Precious spend most of the time putting down Precious.  It got a little out of hand when Garvin started throwing dog biscuits on the floor for his former valet and calling her Fido instead of Precious.  This brought Scott Casey and Precious back out, but the problem was it was 3-1.  The Freebirds finished their gifted promos and went right on the attack as they beat Scott Casey all over the arena floor as the show ended.  We will have to see what happens this week in Houston. 

4.  Bill Watts, upset at Black Bart and Bruiser Brody for their extreme violence last week in Jackson, took action against both.  He banned them from being in the same Mid-South venue for the foreseeable future.  Black Bart was fuming and decided to head out of the territory so that he could earn a fair living.  Bruiser Brody was also really upset as he felt he did nothing but defend himself from the pre-match attack.  Brody complained that he tries to go out and give the fans a good show and that Watts has lost his focus on doing what the fans want and if the NWA president doesn’t give the fans what they want, then why should he. 


Now on to our show in Houston…

Kendo Nagaski with Tojo Yamamoto defeated Mike Graham by submission with some sort of nerve hold.


“Captain Redneck” Dick Murdoch defeated The Masked Yankee with the brainbuster.  When Murdoch went for the mask, the Mighty Yankee, Billy Jack Strong, rushed to the ring and dragged out the Masked Yankee.  When Murdoch dared Strong to enter the ring, Strong decided discretion was the better part of valor and guided his friend back to the locker room.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie defeated U.S. Steel when he slithered out of a potential powerslam by Steel and then connected with the DDT for the pin.  The Snake pointed to Sheik’s $1,000,000 briefcase like he was laying claim to it, but the Sheik gave him a noncommittal shrug.  U.S. Steel was filling in for Bruiser Brody who was a no show after being upset at Bill Watts for what he thought was unfair treatment.


Mid-South Title Match

Rocky “Soul Man” Johnson © defeated Bad News Allen with Ernie Ladd by DQ as the ref “came to” just in time to see Rocky being attacked by Bad News Allen, Ernie Ladd and Bad Bad LeRoy Brown.  This is Brown’s first appearance in Mid-South in months and Ernie Ladd will have some explaining to do on the next Power Pro.  Dick Murdoch, who helped Rocky win the title last week in Jackson, rushed down to the ring to even the sides a bit.  Even thought it was a 3-2 advantage for the heels, Murdoch and Rocky controlled the ring and then a frustrated Ernie Ladd led his Bad Bad team to the locker room.


Grudge Match

The Freebirds (Garvin and Hayes) with Precious vs Dr. Death Steve Williams & Scott Casey with Sunshine did not go off as planned.  The fans began to boo when the ring announcer said that due to the attack on Power Pro Wrestling by the Freebirds this past week, the Mid-South doctors have refused to clear Scott Casey to wrestle.  Gorgeous Jimmy and Michael “P.S.” Hayes were having a grand ol time after this announcement but boy did that change in a hurray as the ring announcer continued with… but taking his place as he was just cleared by doctors will be none other than …. Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy!  The roof nearly came off of the Sam Houston Coliseum!

Michael Hayes thought he saw a ghost as he went up to Gordy and moved his finger from side to side to check to see if Gordy really had his eyesight back and Gordy followed every inch of the movement!

WHAM!  Huge right hand by Gordy and the brawl was under way. 

Only seconds behind Gordy was Sunshine who went right after Precious!  Precious wasn’t backing down and we see a good cat fight in the aisle while the brawl was going on in the ring.  Garvin couldn’t take his eyes off of Sunshine and Precious and this led to his downfall as he was caught by Dr. Death with the Oklahoma Stampede.

Before the ref could complete the 3 count, Buddy Roberts came off the top rope with a knee to the back of Dr. Death forcing the ref to call for the bell.  No big deal as there was no stopping Gordy and Dr. Death as they proceeded to pummel all 3 Freebirds!  What a wild scene here in the Coliseum!


Mid-South Tag Team Title Match

The Masked Superstars © with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie defeated the Patriots (U.S. Steel and Todd Champion) as the Superstars connected with a nasty double team move as Superstar #1 hit a backbreaker on U.S. Steel and then Superstar #2 came off the top rope with an elbow drop!  U.S. Steel was just not at his full ability after suffering the DDT earlier in the evening in his match with The Snake.


North American Title Match

Hacksaw Butch Reed © defeated Jos Leduc with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie with a football tackle.  When Reed eyed Sheik Adnan and the $1,000,000 briefcase after the match, the Sheik took off and left Leduc in the center of the ring.



Magnum T.A. and Ted Dibiase wrestled to a 45-minute draw.  While the match did start and end with a handshake, it did get a little chippy during the long bout.  Most in attendance say that Dibiase started with the questionable tactics but that T.A. had no problem mixing it up!


See you next week in New Orleans.  So long from the Lone Star State.

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Fans of Mid-South get the good news about Halloween Havoc!

Rock n Roll is coming back 2 Mid-South!

Watts may end up regretting his handling of the Bart/Brody situation.

Glad to see someone finally going for that damn Yankee's mask.

Roberts is already pulling in a paycheck from the Shiek & now he wants the million dollar briefcase?

The Bad Bad Team! Love it!

Bam Bam is back bay-bay!

The Casey/Sunshine vs Garvin/Precious angle has already become can't miss!

Rough night in Houston for my boy U.S Steel.

Can't blame the Shiek for bailing when Butch Reed started eyeballing the briefcase.

45 minutes of Magnum & DiBiase for the World Title! Hell yes!

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The Freebirds angle was so good! Terry Gordy and Steve Williams are great pairing and give off an air of invulnerability! A cool broadway in the main event, keeping both guys strong - Magnum, T.A. versus Ted DiBiase would've been great to see live.

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