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Anyone who wishes to see how we got here, check out the Mid-South Wrestling Archives thread as well as the Great American Bash thread






JULY 3, 1986



The show opens after its regular montage of Mid-South stars with a video tape showing Ivan Koloff help Nikita pin Magnum T.A. and become the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion at The Great American Bash in the Superdome.

Jim Ross:  Welcome everybody to another hour of Mid-South Wrestling coming to you this week from The Coliseum right here in Jackson, Mississippi.  I’m Jim Ross and my partner today is none other than NWA President, Cowboy Bill Watts.  Bill, everywhere I go, people are always talking about Mid-South Wrestling and this week, it’s no different.  What an historic event The Great American Bash was.


Cowboy Bill Watts:  That’s for sure Jim.  As NWA President, I would like to thank the promoters of Western States Wrestling, Continental Championship Wrestling and Mid-South Wrestling for putting on the greatest event in wrestling history.  Folks, as you saw in the opening, Nikita Koloff is the new NWA World Champion.  (Boos rain down from the crowd in Jackson).  I know fans.  I know.  I feel the same way.  Hopefully, Magnum T.A. will regroup and get that title back real soon!  Fans who were lucky enough to be at the Great American Bash also know that Nikita Koloff is not the only new champion here in Mid-South Wrestling.  As he has been known to do on a few occasions, “Big Cat” Ernie Ladd threw us a bit of a curveball at the Great American Bash by bringing out Bad News Allen to wrestle “Hacksaw” Butch Reed…. That’s right folks, Bad News Allen is back in the NWA after his year-long suspension and with the aid of Ernie Ladd, defeated Butch to become the NWA Mid-South Champion.  We will be hearing from both Bad News Allen and Hacksaw Butch Reed a little later in the show. 

Bill Watts:  That’s not all as we have another amazing hour of wrestling instore for everybody.  We will have Freebird Michael Hayes in action.  The Masked Superstars will tak on the Batten brothers.  “Gorgeous” Gary Young will be taking on Brusier Brody.  A new team calling themselves the Patriots will be taking on Don Bass and Iron Mike Sharpe.  If that’s not enough, our main event is going to be huge.  It will be Hacksaw Butch Reed vs Black Bart!

Cowboy Bill Watts:  That and much more as we will be hearing from many wrestlers who took part in the Great American Bash.  Also, fans, don’t forget that next Friday we will be in the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, Texas where we will see The Masked Superstars taking on the Mid-South Tag Team Champions, Dusty Rhodes and Blackjack Mulligan along with a 20 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal where the winner will get an NWA World Title shot, in New Orleans on July 16 against the Russian Nightmare, Nikita Koloff.  We will be right back with our first match.


As we come out of break, Ernie Ladd and the new Mid-South Champion, Bad News Allen are at the interview desk!

Ernie Ladd:  What did I promise you Bill Watts.  I told you Hacksaw Reed’s days at champion were coming to an end.  I told you my man was going to be wearing the belt at the Bash.

Bill Watts:  That’s about all you told us.  We all thought it would be your man, One Man Gang coming out to face Butch Reed.

Ernie Ladd:  One Man Gang?  Are you kidding me?  As soon as I signed Bad News Allen, I gave him a dozen donuts and sent him on his way. 

Bill Watts:  Well don’t you think you had a responsibility to inform Butch Reed so he could properly train for the match?

Ernie Ladd:  Train… that’s all Reed does… train, train and train some more.  The problem is no amount of training is every going to be enough for him to beat Bad News Allen.  You know it!  I know it and most of all Butch Reed knows it!

Bill Watts:  I’ll admit that if you keep interfering in the matches, it might be hard for Butch Reed.

Ernie Ladd:  Oh here we go again…

Cowboy Bill Watts:  Do you deny getting in the ring and using that Big Boot of yours against Hacksaw Reed?  Do you want to see the video tape?

Ernie Ladd:  Oh yeah… a doctored video tape from you is just what I want to see.  I’ve been around the block with you a time or two already Watts and we all know that one of us is not to be trusted!

Cowboy Bill Watts:  One us for sure.  Well, this week in Houston, Hacksaw Butch Reed will be getting a rematch for his Mid-South title!

Bad News Allen:  And this will be the last time that Hacksaw Butch Reed will be able to get into a ring!

As Ladd and Allen walk away, Watts can do nothing but shake his head at the two as he announces it is time to get to the ring.


The Patriots (DJ Peterson & Todd Champion) defeat Iron Mike Sharpe & “No Class” Don Bass when Peterson connected with a 2nd rope shoulder block on Don Bass

The crowd was really behind The Patriots who came out in red and blue trunks with white stars on them.  Iron Mike Sharpe tried to play his “strongest” athlete in Canada gimmick but was quickly put down when Champion, 6’6, nearly 300 pounds of chiseled muscle hit the double bicep pose forcing Sharpe to shake the ropes in frustration.  Their power, good looks and constant push by Watts and Ross helped the Patriots get over in the first bout in Mid-South Wrestling.


When we come out of break, we see Sheik Adnan Al-Kassie with Jim Ross and he vows revenge on Sgt. Slaughter …. is he ever dares to come back to the NWA.  The crowd starts to chant USA, USA which really gets under his skin.  When asked where his man Killer Khan was, Sheik almost admits that he had made a mistake but then puts all the fault on Khan who he has decided wasn’t the right man to achieve his goals of controlling the NWA and American Wrestling.  He says he has the resources to do just that and that he is now on a world-wide hunt to find the perfect athletes to do just that.  In fact, he is here tonight to look at one “Gorgeous” Gary Young.



Brusier Brody defeats “Gorgeous” Gary Young with the Mauling Knee Lift

Young may be willing to use any tactic possible to win a match but tonight he was in the ring with a wild man who could not be stopped.  Young seemed to be genuinely afraid and tried his best to stay away from Brody but when Bruiser eventually got his hands on him, he beat Gorgeous Gary from pillar to post.  As the ref was completing the three-count, Sheik just shook his head and walked away knowing that Gary Young could not be the center piece of his stable.



When we come back from break, we see Freebird Michael Hayes with Jim Ross as Ross takes us to a video from the Great American Bash where Michael Hayes first shakes hands with former Freebird Terry Gordy before putting some cream in his eyes which seemed to blind his former partner.


Jim Ross:  Michael, I understand that your life has gone through some profound changes recently with the breakup of the Freebirds but I must admit you have gone to far.  Doctors are still unsure if Terry will ever regain his vision and will be out of wrestling for some time if not forever.

Michael Hayes:  So, you think I went too far.  So, you think I was wrong.  So what!  Being a Freebird is a way of life.  You live by a code and that code is simple… Freebird’S First.  We fight together!  We party down on Bad Street USA together.  We stick with each through thick and thin.  That code was fine for Bam Bam as long as we had his back.  As long as we helped him out of every difficult situation he got himself in and trust me brother, there was a whole heck of a lot of trouble with Bam Bam.  Then Terry decides tag team titles aren’t what he wants.  He wants us to help him win the North American Title.  Both Buddy Jack and I did just that.  That’s the Freebird way.  Then Gordy starts selling out.  Not given 100% in our tag matches.  Not caring if we won or lost the World Title.  So, you see, Michael Hayes didn’t turn on Terry Gordy.  Terry Gordy turned on the Freebirds.  He found out at the Bash that the only way out of the Freebirds is to be beat out of the Freebirds.  Part of me feels bad that he will never wrestle again but then I think back to who broke the code.  Trust me on this Jack… Freebird Mania is alive and well.  They are lining up down on Bad Street to take Bam Bam’s spot and soon the Freebirds will be whole again.  Now let me go to the ring as these ladies are in for a treat as Purely Sexy is ready to give them the show of their lives.

Jim Ross:  I don’t know what to tell ya fans. Michael Hayes has his own way of looking at things.



Michael Hayes defeats Ricky Gibson with the Running Bulldog

Hayes used just enough dirty tactics to come out on top.  While Hayes doesn’t always look the best in the ring, he almost always finds a way to come to win.  Ross and Watts continued to talk about how disgusting an act Hayes had been apart of when he blinded Terry Gordy and while the doctors didn’t seem to have much hope of him regaining his sight, they hoped for the best as they would love to have him comeback at some point and give Michael Hayes just what he deserved!

After the match, we get a back-stage interview with Black Bart who is spitting tobacco and cracking the whip while he not only hypes up tonight’s main event match where he is going to beat that puke Butch Reed but also hyping up the Battle Royal in Houston where dagummitt, he is going to win the thing and get himself a World Title Shot where he is going to defeat Nikita Koloff.


Prior to our main event Hacksaw Butch Reed is with Bill Watts where he has some intense words for Ernie Ladd.

Hacksaw Butch Reed:  Bad News Allen… I don’t blame you.  We all know you’re nothing but a big dummy and you fell for the promises of the “Dirty Cat” Ernie Ladd.  He promises you this and he promises you that and it all sounds great.  He tells you all the times the sport of Wrestling has wronged his people and that it is time to stand up for yourself.  Well, I promise you this Bad News Allen, this week in Houston I’m going to make you wish you never came back to the NWA.  Make you wish you never even heard of Ernie Ladd and then I’m going for you Ernie Ladd.  You got a long term memory problem.  You seem to forget that it was me who put you out the sport of Wrasslin.  It was who he slammed you to the mat and ended your career.  Now I’m going for you again.  This time you won’t be so lucky.  I’m going to end more than your career!

Bill Watts:  Some angry words from Hacksaw Butch Reed but who can blame him.  We have all seen what Ernie Ladd can do and this time, his interference stole the belt from Hacksaw Butch Reed and this week in Houston he is coming with two goals in mind.  Get his Mid-South title back and get revenge on Ernie Ladd and his man, Bad News Allen.  First though, he must try to find a way past the dangerous Black Bart.



Hacksaw Butch Reed defeated Black Bart when he followed up a Press Slam with a Top Rope Football Tackle

Ernie Ladd and Bad News Allen had come out to ringside during the match and it seemed like they were poised to attack Reed to make sure he never made it to Houston.  In fact, there distraction almost cost Reed this match as Bart took control of the match when Reed went to the ropes and dared Allen to get in the ring.  Bart came from behind with a big elbow to the back of the head and then went on the offensive.  He had Reed in such a bad way that he was confident to climb to the top rope for the as Trash Compacter (double leg drop) but Reed moved at the last second.  Reed recovered first and took control for the last time.  After the 3-count, Allen hit the ring only to be met with multiple right hands by Reed.  Allen fell through the ropes as Reed dared him to come back.  Ladd begged him not to and the dastardly duo left for the locker room as Reed sucked in all the cheers from the crowd.

Jim Ross:  What a night of wrestling it has been folks.  Make sure to join us right here on the Superstation next week for another exciting hour of Mid-South Wrestling.  Fans anywhere near Houston get your tickets for Friday night at the Sam Houston Coliseum.  It is going to be a heck of a night of Wrestling.  So long everybody!



 (Mostly used this week to see how the fans react to some new talent in Mid-South)


“Canadian” Ben Bassarab defeats Rotten Ron Starr with a Diving Cross Body Block


“The Mighty Yankee” Billy Jack Strong defeats Mike Graham with a powerslam


Rocky Johnson defeated “Hollywood” John Tatum with rapid fire punches followed up by a missile dropkick.


Bob Roop and Crusher Blackwell wrestled to a DDQ as they brawled out on the floor.


Jake Roberts defeated Norvel Austin with the DDT.

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The first proper episode of Mid-South in a while doesn't disappoint!

Nothing starts a night of Mid-South off like Ladd & Watts sniping at each other.

The Patriots get off to a hot start.

Young blows a big opportunity to be apart of the Shiek's stable. Should keep an eye on this.

Loved Hayes's promo,heels are at their best when they genuinely believe they've been wronged.

Reed/Bart is the kinda hoss fight that just screams Mid-South.

Some promising talent In those dark matches. I'm sure Jackson loved "The Mighty Yankee"

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Great follow up to the Bash.

Ladd is gold on the mic. Him and Bad News could rule Mid South. 

The Patriots is exactly the type of team Watts would push. Good to see DJ back on the scene. 

Adnan is looking for a client. Gary Young gets his tryout but unfortunately it's against Brody. Maybe Adnan should keep an eye on Brody.

LOL, Hayes puts a spin on the Freebird break up and it makes sense. So good. However, his days might be numbered when Gordy returns. 

Passionate promo by Reed and he carries that momentum into his match with Bart. Fun TV main event as Reed gets back into the groove. 

The dark matches is such a good idea in testing talent. One thing I love about this game is watching the talent go to different territories with new ideas by the writers.  

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Bad News is back! Ladd is always a threat but with Bad News backing him this is going to mean trouble for everybody, especially Butch Reed!

The Patriots are a great combination and are a perfect fit in this era.

Is there a worse scenario for a tryout than having to face BRUISER BRODY?? Poor Gary Young.

Nice to see Black Bart in a DADGUM singles main event!

Great use of the "dark matches"!

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JULY 17, 1986




Jim Ross:  Welcome everybody to another hour of Mid-South Wrestling coming to you this week from The Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, Texas.  I’m Jim Ross and my partner today is none other than NWA President, Cowboy Bill Watts.  Bill, what an exciting night of wrestling this is going to be. 

Cowboy Bill Watts:  That’s right Jim.  We have 3 huge matches for you.  All of them main event caliber with huge ramifications for the future of Mid-South Wrestling.  First of all, the Mid-South Title will be on the line as Hacksaw Butch Reed tries to get his title back from Bad News Allen.

Jim Ross:  The key to this match will be keeping Ernie Ladd from sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

Cowboy Bill Watts:  You said a mouth full there Jim.  Next, we will have a Mid-South Tag Team Title Match as Dusty Rhodes and Blackjack Mulligan will defend against The Masked Superstars.  Finally, we will have a 20 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal where the winner will earn of World Title Shot against Nikita Koloff next week at the Lakefront Arena in New Orleans. 

Jim Ross:  I can understand that.  I also just received word that we will be getting a medical update from the doctors in Pensacola General Hospital on the condition of North American Champion, Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy. We can only hope for the best.  Let’s get to the ring for our first big match.


Bad News Allen © with Ernie Ladd vs Hacksaw Butch Reed

With only 3 big matches on the card, we get a full 12 minutes here of back and forth action.  Make no mistake about it.  These are two of the more talented big men in all of wrestling today.  From power moves by Reed to some judo style elbows and kicks by Allen to big right hands by both men, this match is not for the faint of heart.  As we near the end, Reed has regained the momentum and musters up enough strength to hoist Bad News up for a power slam.  Next, he climbs the top rope and is going for the diving shoulder block.  Ross lets everyone know that if he connects here, he will get his Mid-South Title back!

WHAM…. Ernie Ladd shoves Reed off the top rope and he lands hard on the arena floor.  The ref sees everything and has called for the bell.  Ladd could care less as he not only has saved his man’s title, but he has taken out Reed, his biggest enemy.

Ladd and Allen continue the assault on Reed until the calvary rushes out to make the save.

Jim Ross:  As we said before, Ernie Ladd has a habit of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.  Butch Reed gets the win but not in the fashion he wanted.  I hope he is okay, and we know that if he is, he will be out for revenge.  You can never keep Hacksaw Butch Reed down.

Cowboy Bill Watts:  I’m really getting tired of Ernie Ladd.  I will be checking on the health of Butch Reed during the commercial break and will also make a phone call to get the NWA Board of Directors organized for a meeting on what to do about the constant interference from Ernie Ladd. 


When we come out of break, Sheik Adnan Al Kassie, carrying two briefcases,  and Jos Leduc are at the desk with Jim Ross.

Sheik:  SabaaH alkhayr.  min faDlik aläafw.  As you know Jim Ross, I am in search of a group of wrestlers to call me own and who can control American wrestling.  Inside these two briefcases is the largest sum of money that any of these peasants in Texas have ever seen.  I plan to reward the wrestlers I choose very well but, in order to earn that money, that must agree to work for Allah and destroy the pitiful Americans.

Jim Ross:  Well, I think you underestimate the wrestlers here in Mid-South Wrestling.  They will never sell out to the likes of you.  They are loyal to this great nation.

Sheik:  You may think so, but I promise you, when they see what is in this briefcase, they will see it is an offer they can’t refuse.  As you see, Jos Leduc is now returned to Mid-South wrestling a please where these stupid American fans cheered for him just a few months ago but now he works for me.

Jim Ross:  Is this true Mr. Leduc?

Jos Leduc:  I am a professional wrestler.  I get paid to wrestle.  I get paid to hurt people.  Now I get paid to protect the interests of Sheik Adnan Al Kassie!

Jim Ross:  But why Jos?

Jos Leduc:  Sheik pays better than Bill Watts!

Sheik Adnan Al Kassie:  Now if you don’t mind Mr. Ross.  I am very interested in our next match and maybe somebody will earn on of these briefcases.

Jim Ross:  I guarantee you it won’t be the American Dream Dusty Rhodes or Blackjack Mulligan.  Let’s get to the ring for our next big match.


The American Dream Dusty Rhodes & Blackjack Mulligan © vs The Masked Superstars

Another great match for TV that goes almost 15 of back and forth action.  If you were to look at the replay of this match, it appears that the fan favorites might have even used more questionable tactics than the heels as Rhodes and Mulligan where enjoying this wild fight against their two nearly 300-pound opponents.  Throughout the bout and with each momentum turn, you could see the Sheik was really liking what he saw.

After Mulligan played the face in peril and makes the hot tag, we go bonzo gonza for a minute or two as all four men are brawling in the ring.  As the ref tries to restore order, he demands Mulligan exit the ring after the tag.

WHAM…. Jos Leduc with the briefcase shot to the back of Dusty’s head and he goes out like a light.  Masked Superstar #1 simply makes the cover as Sheik and Leduc head to the locker room. 


Jim Ross:  I don’t believe what I just saw.  That was a miscarriage of justice if I ever so one.  The Masked Superstars are the new Mid-South Tag Team Champions.  I think Bill Watts better get those Board of Directors together in a hurry.  Between Ernie Ladd and Sheik Adnan Al Kassie, Mid-South seems to be under attack!



When we come out of break, Jim Ross takes us to a video from Pensacola General Hospital and Dr. James Nobile.  While the camera gets some footage of Terry Gordy in a hospital bed with bandages around his eyes, Nobile explains that Gordy suffered severe burning to not only the cornea and the pupil of both eyes but also the iris and lens.  He explains that Gordy has had double eye surgery, but it is way too early to tell if he will ever see again.  Nobile refused to allow the crew to speak to Bam Bam but as the video comes to a close, we hear Gordy.  “Michael Hayes…. If it’s the last thing I do, I’m goin to make sure pay for this!

Back in Houston….

Jim Ross:  Folks, all we can do is hope right now.  Hope Terry gets his vision back and hope he gets even with Michael Hayes.  Let’s get to the ring for our 3rd major event of the night.  A 20 Man Over the Tope Battle Royal where the winner will take on Nikita Koloff for the NWA World Title next week in New Orleans.  Let’s get to the ring where the 20 men are set to go!

Inside the ring, we see some major names including those who were already on the show tonight…. Dusty Rhodes, Blackjack Mulligan, Masked Superstar #1 & #2, Butch Reed, Bad News Allen, Brusier Brody, Black Bart, Crusher Blackwell, The Mighty Yankee, U.S. Steel, Jimmy Garvin, DJ Peterson, Todd Champion, Alexis Smirnoff, Cuban Assassin, Harley Race, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Ben Bassarab and Hollywood John Tatum.

As the bell sounds, feuds pair off and continue their disagreements.  This allows some of the big fellows to wait for an opportunity and dispose of some of the men in the ring with some nasty sneak attacks.  Out early are the undersized Bassarab, the rude Hollywood John Tatum.  Next is a bit of a surprise as the sneaky Jake Roberts gets rid of both Patriots (Peterson & Champion)  With a double clothesline by Crusher Blackwell, out goes both Smirnoff and the Cuban Assassin. 

Harley Race sees himself in a bad spot as he is double-teamed and eliminated by both Masked Superstars.  Next up the crowd gets just what they want as U.S. Steel lifts and drops The Mighty Yankee over the top rope.  Those cheers are short lived as Bad News Allen, with a perfectly placed superkick, knocks U.S. Steel over the top rope.  Down to 11.

Crusher Blackwell sees Jake Roberts trying to force Jimmy Garvin over the top rope and rushes in for a splash.  Snake sees this at the last minute and pulls the rope down and Crusher goes right over the top and out onto the floor. Garvin looks at the Big Man from Stone Mountain, Georgia laying on the floor with a surprised look on his face.  Roberts takes advantage of Garvin loosing focus and nails him with a clothesline to the back of the head and out goes Garvin.  Down to 9.

Mulligan from behind… mauling knee lift on Roberts.  He is dangling over the rope.  WHAM…. Big clubbing forearm by Mulligan on the Snake and out he goes.  8 left.

Double team be the Masked Superstars and they have Mulligan dangling.  Here comes Dusty….

Oh my… in a split second of entangled bodies, momentum takes over and all 4, Dusty, Mullian and the Superstars are over the top.  These two top tag teams in Mid-South take a moment to figure out what happened and then continue their brawl on the floor.  DOWN TO 4

Reed vs Allen in one corner… Brody vs Black Bart in the other.

Ernie Ladd, once again makes his presence felt as he reaches through the ropes and grabs the legs of Reed.  He is stuck.  WHAM…. Reed breaks free and catches Allen with a big body slam.  When Allen gets up, Reed with a running clothesline and out goes Allen.  Jim Ross lets us all know how good that must have felt for Reed!  Down to 3.

Reed up on the second rope…. He is jarring at both Ladd and Allen.  Not knowing it, Brusier Brody whips Black Bart into the corner…

WHAM… Bart runs right into Reed and out he goes.  To add insult to injury, Allen and Ladd get a few blows in on Reed as he is on the ground.  DOWN to 2.

WHAM… Brody followed up the Irish Whip with a knee to the gut of Bart.  Brody hit the ropes and comes off with the biggest knee lift yet and out goes Black Bart.

Jim Ross:  What a match that was.  Bruiser Brody with the victory and he has earned an NWA World Title Match next week in New Orleans.  If there is anyone who could stand up to Nikita Koloff it just might be the Wildman, Bruiser Brody.  Get your tickets now folks.  That one is going to be action packed.  So long from Mid-South Wrestling. 

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Ladd may have finally pushed his luck too far. Looking forward to what Watts comes up with.

Hahaha I love how Leduc's answer boils down to "Dude I'm getting paid to beat people up anyway sooooo" Interesting how he & Kassie get involved in the Tag Title match. The Masked Superstars should prove tough champions to beat.

Vision or no, ya can't keep Bam Bam down!

A well structured battle royal leads to Brody vs Nikita for the World Championship! Fuck Yeah!

I'd be booking the first flight to New Orleans!

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JULY 17, 1986




Jim Ross:  Welcome everybody to another hour of Power Pro Wrestling; bringing you the best Mid-South Wrestling has to offer.  I’m Jim Ross and what a show we have instore for you as we get ready for the big card this week at the Lakefront Arena in New Orleans where it will be Bruiser Brody taking on Nikita Koloff.  They will both be with us tonight.  We will also have the Red Assassins in action as Alexis Smirnoff and The Cuban Assassin take on the Batten twins.  U.S. Steel will be taking on “No Class” Donny Bass.  “The Mighty Yankee” Steve Strong will be here as will be Crusher Blackwell.  Jimmy Garvin, who will be getting a Mid-South Title match in New Orleans with be taking on “Iron” Mike Sharpe and in the Main Event, it will be Jake “The Snake” Roberts taking on Hacksaw Butch Reed.  That and much, much more.  Let’s get to the ring for our first match.


The Red Assassins (Smirnoff & The Cuban Assassin defeat The Batten Twins after Smirnoff followed up some questionable tactics on Bart with a Russian Legsweep.


In their post-match interview, The Red Assassins really got under the skin of the fans with their Anti-American rhetoric as they explained why people of a democracy will always fail when compared to Mother Russia and the Super-Advanced Cuba.  Not only had the fans had enough but so had The Patriots (DJ Peterson and Todd Champion) who came out to confront and challenge the Red Assassins to a match this Friday at Lakefront Arena.  The challenge was accepted but when the Patriots turned to hype of the USA chant, they were attacked from behind.  The attack was quick but violent and left the Patriots on the floor as the Red Assassins, feeling their work was down, gave one last comment on the inferiority of America and headed to the locker room.




U.S. STEEL DEFEATS “No Class” Donny Bass with a big Powerslam

A quick interview to hype up what U.S. Steel is all about and we head right back to the ring for our next bout. 


Bruiser Brody runs wild over Hollywood John Tatum with the final blow coming with the mauling knee lift.


The fans really enjoyed seeing the crybaby Tatum running for cover throughout this beat down but they were bothered by the NWA World Champion, Nikita Koloff and Uncle Ivan joining Jim Ross during the match explaining how Brody was inferior to the Russian Nightmare and while he may be able to look good against someone like Tatum, the Russian Nightmare was going to tear Brody apart in New Orleans.  Ivan tried to explain to the fans that while people here may think Brody is some sort of tough guy, some sort of Wildman, Nikita is the perfect athlete that cannot be stopped by someone who is so limited in his wrestling ability like Bruiser Brody.  As soon as Brody hit the knee lift on Tatum, both Nikita and Ivan hit the ring to attack Brody, but he was ready and quickly knocked them from the ring.  Before the Russians could regroup, U.S. Steel hit the ring and he and Brody dared the Russians to come back in the ring but they decided to wait for New Orleans.

U.S. Steel and Brody head to Jim Ross and Brody is like a caged animal wanting to get at Nikita NOW!  U.S. Steel also tired of all the nonsense tonight, challenged Ivan to a match in New Orleans.



Before our next match, Bad News Allen and Ernie Ladd are at the interview desk where they are having a grand ol’ time explaining what they are going to do that pretty boy, Jimmy Garvin when they get their hands on him in New Orleans.  Jim Ross stirs the pot a little as he says that NWA President Bill Watts and the NWA Board of Directors are meeting at this very minute to discuss the constant interference from Ernie Ladd.

Ernie Ladd:  Here we go again.  That big dummy Bill Watts can’t stand that my managerial skills and my wrestler’s abilities can’t be stopped so he is going to try and come up with some new scheme to help out all the rednecks and Uncle Tom’s around here who bow down at his fat feet.  Listen up Watts. I’ve been beating you all over this area for two decades and you can’t change it now by gathering all your sorry tie-wearing cronies in some back room making a plan to put down Ernie Ladd.  We’ve been dealing with you and your types for hundreds of years and now that has all changed.  Now you will deal with the rath of Ernie Ladd and Bad News Allen.

When Ladd and Allen leave, Crusher Blackwell stops by on his way to the ring and explains that he is from Stone Mountain, Georgia… the home of Southern pride and history and he won’t allow someone calling himself “the Mighty Yankee” to come into his neck of the woods and put all you good people down.

Jim Ross:  Look out!

Wham…. “The Mighty Yankee” Billy Jack Strong clobbers Blackwell with a chair.  Blackwell goes down and gets 4 or 5 more big chair shots. 

The Mighty Yankee:  You can talk all you want about Southern Pride.  All I see is 400 pounds of fried road-kill laying in front of me. 


When we come back from break, Jim Ross explains that after that disgusting display by the Mighty Yankee that is obvious that there will be no match tonight between Billy Jack Strong and Crusher Blackwell but that they will meet this week in New Orleans in a No DQ Match.


“Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin with Precious defeats “Iron” Mike Sharpe with the Brainbuster

In a quick post-match interview, Garvin explains how he loves the fact that Ernie Ladd and Bad News Allen think he has no shot at winning the Mid-South Title this week in New Orleans just because he is prettier than those two goons. 


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs Hacksaw Butch Reed

Interesting part here is that Sheik Adnan Al Kassie makes an appearance with Jim Ross during the bout with his bodyguard Jos Leduc.  Jim Ross notices that he has only one brief case left and asks the Sheik what he did with the other briefcase full of money he saw at the Sam Houston Coliseum last night. 

Sheik, first says hello to all in his annoying Arabic phrases and then clearly tells Jim Ross that he will know what happened to the other briefcase when it is time for him to know but that he is building a stable like no other and will soon control American wrestling.  He also told Ross not to worry about the number of briefcases as their plenty more money being made by selling his over-prices Iraqi oil to gas guzzling Americans.  He asks Ross to please leave him alone know as he is very interested in the main event.  Ross reminds the Sheik that it was he who interrupted the show and he would gladly leave him alone.

As for the match, it is back and forth.  Reed with some monster power moves and the Snake with a bunch of sudden strikes that leaves Reed struggling to find his grove.

WHAM…. Leduc clobbers Reed with the briefcase but the ref saw it and called for the bell. 

Jim Ross:  Look at this… it is Harley Race.  He is after Jos Leduc.  Remember folks, it was Leduc who took money from Larry Zbyszko to attack Race last year.  These two have some unsettled business and it seems like Harley is here to collect his debt.

There is a groan from the crowd…

The Masked Superstars are in the ring and, with Roberts, the three are attacking Hacksaw Butch Reed.

The groans change to cheers…. It is the NWA Tag Team Champions, Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death and they are the ring causing havoc.  Soon, just as we run out of time, the fan favorites (Reed, Dibiase and Doc) gain control of the ring with the Masked Superstars and Snake looking up.  Leduc and Race have brawled all the way to the locker room.  Lucky for the Sheik, Leduc seemed to drop the briefcase when he was attacked by Race but the Sheik scooped it up and is holding on to it for dear life.

Jim Ross:  So long folks.  Don’t forget to join us this Friday and Lakefront Arena.  It is sure to be a wild event.




Nikta Koloff vs Brusier Brody



Bad News Allen with Ernie Ladd vs “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin with Precious



Jake “The Snake” Roberts & The Masked Superstars with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie vs Hacksaw Butch Reed, Ted Dibaise & Dr. Death



Harley Race vs Jos Leduc with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie



U.S. Steel vs Ivan Koloff



“The Mighty Yankee” Steve Strong vs Crusher Blackwell


 The Patriots vs The Red Assassins


#1 Contenders Match for NWA JR. Heavyweight Title

Ben Basarab vs The Rebel


Bob Roop vs Norvel Austin


Rocky Johnson vs “No Class” Donny Bass

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Power Pro arrives with a bang!

The Red Assassins vs The Patriots is the perfect undercard tag feud for this period.

Good job making U.S Steel feel like a big deal in one episode. Looking forward to his Grudge match with Uncle Ivan.

Speaking of Ivan, what the hell are he & Nikita thinking pissing off Brody?

Your Ladd promos always rule. As should the match between Allen & Garvin. But is Watts planning?

The Shiek isn't messing around with his new stable, Roberts, The Masked Superstars & Leduc! Plus who got the missing briefcase?

The New Orleans card is stacked to the damn roof!

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Doesn't get any better than Reed vs. Allen to kick things off. Reed is going to have to find a counter to Ladd. 

Sheik Adnan is set on ruling Mid South. He's making his presence known as Jos LeDuc helps the Masked Superstars win the titles! Dusty and Mulligan wont take this lightly.

Action packed battle royal! Brody looks like a beast and wins it. Nikita vs. Brody! OH YEA!!!! 

To Power Pro,

It didn't take long for the Red Assassins and Patriots to get something going. 

The hype is on for the big upcoming world title match. Ivan better be on high alert because Brody found a friend in US Steel. 

Can't argue with Ladd's points. He's so gold on the mic.

The Mighty Yankee is getting heat down south. I hope he knows what he's gotten himself into messing with Blackwell. 

Garvin vs. Bad News will be very interesting. I can just see Ladd messing with Precious.

Love the chaotic southern endings. Race/LeDuc part 2, Dibiase/Duggan-Superstars, Jake/Reed. Things are getting real. 

Great week Kev! 


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Like it isn't hard enough to try and win a title from Bad News Allen, it becomes nearly impossible.

Adnan is willing to pay what it takes to buy a stable and Jos Leduc proves to be worth every penny as he helps the Superstars win the tag titles from the Dream Team of Dusty and BJM!

When you look around the NWA and ponder who could stop Nikita....Bruiser Brody has to be at the top of that list...can't wait to see that one!

US Steel establishes himself quickly here coming to the aid of Brody against the Russians, good move!

A wild ending to the show that sells half the card....great stuff!

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Jake Roberts versus Butch Reed is such a great match for this era and I'd definitely be looking forward to seeing Bruiser Brody take on Nikita Koloff.

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JULY 24, 1986


Jim Ross:  Welcome everybody to another hour of Mid-South Wrestling coming to you this week from The Lakefront Arena in New Orleans.  I’m Jim Ross and my partner today is none other than NWA President, Cowboy Bill Watts.  Bill, what an exciting night of wrestling this is going to be. 

Cowboy Bill Watts:  That’s right Jim.  We have 4 huge matches for you.  First, we will see the television debut of Rocky Johnson vs “No Class” Donny Bass.

Jim Ross:  Fans, for those of you who don’t know Rocky Johnson, you’re in for a real treat. 

Cowboy Bill Watts:  You said a mouth full there Jim.  Next, we will have a #1 Contenders match for the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title between Ben Bassarab and the Masked Rebel.   The winner will be taking on the champ, Eric Embry, next week in Baton Rouge.  Also on today’s show, it will be a Mid-South Title Match as Bad News Allen with Ernie Ladd will defend his title against “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin who will be accompanied to the ring by the lovely Precious.  That’s not all folks…. Listen to this main event…. It will be a 6 Man Tag Team Match between Hacksaw Butch Reed, Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death Steve Williams vs Sheik Adnan Al Kassie’s men, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and the Masked Superstars. 

Jim Ross:  Wow, what a night of wrestling it is going to be but before we get to all the action, I must ask you a question Bill.  I know you and the NWA Board of Directors meet this week to discuss what to do with the constant outside interference by Ernie Ladd and the Sheik.  Can you give us any insight as to what happened at the meeting.

Watts:  I’m glad you asked me that Jim.  We did meet this week and to tell you the truth, everybody left that meeting a little frustrated.  There is so much nonsense going on around the NWA that we know something has to be done.  We got Tommy “Wildfire” Rich piledriving his OWN mother in Continental Championship Wrestling.  We have the chaos of Kevin Sullivan in Western States Wrestling to go along with the shenanigans of Tojo Yamamoto and Slick.  Here we got Ernie Ladd and Sheik Adnan Al Kassie.  The problem is that fines and suspensions seem to have little effect.  I mean Sheik Adnan Al Kassie has more money than all of us combined and if we were to suspend someone like Ernie Ladd, he would have us in a courtroom til the cows came home.  We are still looking for solutions.  We have discussed adding more referees and even putting two refs on certain very important matches.  The NWA Board of Directors and myself will continue to discuss this problem and we will do what is best for the entire NWA.  I promise you that. 

Jim Ross:  There you have it fans.  I, for one, hope that whatever you do, it makes the likes of Ernie Ladd and Sheik Adnan think twice before they involve themselves in another match.  Let’s get to the ring.


“Soul Man” Rocky Johnson vs “No Class” Donny Bass

Johnson comes out to “Soul Man” by Sam and Dave and the music alone has the crowd on their feet dancing.  Most of the Mid-South crowd has never seen Rocky before as cable TV is just starting to come to most of Louisiana.  They are amazed at his physique.  Bass seems not to notice that his conditioning comes up a little short in this one and as arrogantly as could be, he gets right in the face of Rocky and starts jawing.  As the bout begins, we get a few collar and elbow lockups where Johnson simply pushes Bass to the corner and offers a clean break.  Problem was that as he stepped back for the third time, Bass caught him with a low blow.  Bass, smirking and taunting the crowd, uses a lot of questionable tactics for the next minute or two before Rocky has had enough and goes off like a house a fire.  After a few dropkicks, Rocky hits the Soul Man Shuffle which is his boxing footwork followed by a nasty punching combo.  To add insult to injury, Rocky locks in the Boston Crab and arches all the way back and Bass is screaming in agony as he submits.


Post-Match Interview where Jim Ross welcomes Rocky Johnson to Mid-South Wrestling.


Rocky Johnson:  Thank you Jim.  It is a pleasure to be here and I’m looking forward to competing against all of the great wrestlers here in Mid-South and showing these fans everything I have. 

After the interview, Hacksaw Butch Reed and the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Ted Dibiase and “Dr. Death” Steve Williams stop by the podium.

Butch Reed:  We heard Bill Watts out here earlier saying that he still needs to figure out what needs to be done with the likes of Ernie Ladd and Sheik Adnan Al-Kassie.  Well, I tell ya what.  I’m sick and tired of them getting involved in my matches and if it keeps happening, I’m going to take matters into my own hands.  I got no problem slamming that Big Cat Ernie Ladd all over the Mid-South and then I’ll rip that towel right off the skull of Sheik Adnan and stick it where the sun don’t shine.  I should still be the Mid-South champion and if anyone, that includes you Jake “The Snake” Roberts gets in my way of getting that belt back, their going to get hurt.

Ted Dibiase:  No matter where Doc and I go, people think they are tough enough to take our NWA World Titles.  We go to Western States Wrestling and these no-good Japs steal our titles cause they know they can’t beat us.  The Funks try and take the belts here and go run and hide.  Look what happened when we found you Terry… Look what happened we found you Dory…  That’s right… we simply beat you from pillar to post and took back what’s ours in the first place.  Then over their in Alabama, Tommy Rich tries to have his mother do his fighting for him and that didn’t work too well in the end… Speaking of the end… that looks like some inbreeding their if you ask me….. And Now… here in Mid-South… we got two men wearing masks over their ugly faces thinking they can jump us from behind and take our titles…. Tell em  Doc how that is going to work out.

Dr. Death:  Masked Superstars…  you may be big and strong.  We’re bigger and stronger.  You may be great wrestlers.  We’re better.  You may be mean and tough.  We’re meaner and tougher.  You may have towel-head in your corner…. That only makes us stronger, better, meaner and tougher cause we hate anyone who comes into this great country and puts down anything that America stands for.  I promise you Masked Superstars… whenever this is all said and done, we will have ripped those masks off your heads and you two ugly dogs will be running out of Mid-South with your tail between you legs…. AND IT STARTS TONIGHT!



Before we head to the #1 contenders match for the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion, we see a taped interview from the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Eric Embry. 

Eric Embry:  Fans in Mid-South Wrestling… I know your excited.  Your excited that next week in Baton Rouge, I, Eric Embry will be there to defend my NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title.  Yes… we know you are excited to see my wrestling talents but for many of you of the female persuasion, you are excited to just see me.  Can’t say that feeling is mutual.  I mean have any of you ever heard of salad!!  Woof Woof.  Now I guess I should talk about my potential challengers… Ben Bassaddoooo or something like that and the Rebel but why should I waste my breath on either of them as we all know that they got no chance in the ring with me. 


“Canadian” Ben Bassarab vs The Rebel

Interesting thing here was that it was the one with the nickname of Canadian who was the one acting like the babyface while the one with the Confederate flag mask was using some very heelish tactics.  In the end, Bassarab came off the ropes with the crossbody block but The Rebel used the momentum to roll this into his own pin attempt….

With a grab of the tights….

1…2…3!  The Rebel with the win and will go on to face Eric Embry next week in Baton Rouge.

It is not so much what was said in the post-match interview but how it was said.  The Rebel had a very raspy face… one that seemed to have been affected by too much Jack Daniels in his life.  The crowd knew they had heard this voice before and the murmurs started to go around the crowd.



When we come out of break, Ernie Ladd and Bad News Allen are with Jim Ross.

Ernie Ladd:  Hahahahaha…. Bill Watts… you big dummy!  I told ya there was nothing you could to do to stop me and Bad News Allen here in Mid-South Wrestling.  You got Butch Reed out here earlier talking about who he is going to punch next and where he is going to stick Sheik Adnan’s traditional Arabian garments but Watts thinks he needs to control me.  Wake up Watts… stop the double standards.  Just because Butch Reed is an Uncle Tom don’t mean you can go around punishing me for protecting my man Bad News Allen from the self-admitted violent criminal Butch Reed.  Suspend me Watts and I will haul your big ugly rear end into court so fast, you won’t be able to finish eating your grits.  By the way… that will be Federal Court so all your look-a-like-croonies won’t be able to help you no more!  Now Bad News… tell these fans what we got instore for Jimmy Garvin in just a few minutes.

Bad News Allen:  My pleasure Mr. Ladd.  Jimmy Garvin… call your friends.  Call your Mama.  Call anyone who knew you as a little boy.  Tell them to save any pictures they got of you just so people can remember what you looked like before you stepped into the ring with Bad News.  After the match, that cute little Precious is going to call all of those people back and the call will start like this…. Mama Garvin…. I got some Bad News!



Bad News Allen © with Ernie Ladd vs “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin with Precious

While the opening doesn’t go so well for Garvin, he won’t go down without a fight.  With the crowd completely behind him, Garvin is fighting with everything he has and  the champ is reeling. While this is going on, a camera picks up Ernie Ladd strutting over to Precious.  The Big Cat is towering over Precious with an evil grin on his face… Precious, out of pure fear, let’s out a monster scream.  Garvin sees what is going on and rushes out to help Precious.

WHAM…. Garvin with a running forearm to the back of Ernie Ladd.  Ladd is down and Garvin is all over him like white on rice!  Here comes Bad News Allen. 

WHAM… Ghetto Blaster on Garvin.  Precious sprints to the locker room out of fear.  Bad News gives a few more blows to Garvin before getting back in the ring. 

7…8…9…10.  Jimmy Garvin has been counted out.  Jim Ross once again blames Ernie Ladd as it was Ladd who went over to Precious and put the fear of God in her forcing Jimmy Garvin to come to her aid!



When we come out of break, Sheik Adnan Al Kassie is with Jos Leduc, The Masked Superstars and Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Jim Ross:  I see you still have one briefcase.  Does that mean that you are still looking to expand your stable and are the “gentlemen” behind me, official under your management?

Sheik Adnan: (first utters his Arabic greeting to Jim Ross)  Yes… Jim Ross… my army of men is almost complete.  I have the most dangerous men in all of wrestling.  The quickness with which he strikes will bring me even greater fame and fortune.  I’m talking about one Jake “The Snake” Roberts.  Next, I have the greatest tag team in Wrestling today.  The Mid-South Tag Team Champions… The Masked Superstars who will demolish anything in their way. Plus, the protector of both my interest and theirs… the Mercenary… Jos Leduc.

Jim Ross:  And the briefcase…

Sheik Adnan:  Ah yes.  The briefcase.  Inside of this briefcase is One Million Dollars.  While I have already paid these men behind me a great sum of money, I am saving the best for last.  One more wrestler… one with such ability that I will become unstoppable.. He will be paid the largest sum of money ever given to any wrestler but he will be well worth.  He will make me proud.  He will make the Colonel back in Iraq proud.  He will be the next NWA World Champion and then the title will return to my homeland never to be seen in America again.

Jim Ross:  First of all gentlemen, (speaking to Roberts, Leduc and the Masked Superstars) I am shocked and disappointed that you would side with the Sheik for money.  Secondly Sheik, who is this last wrestler who you feel will take you over the top?

Sheik:  Time will be the ultimate decision maker.  While I have narrowed the selection down to two, I will have to continue to monitor the situation.



Jake “The Snake” Roberts & The Masked Superstars


Hacksaw Butch Reed & The NWA World Tag Team Champions, Ted Dibiase and “Dr Death” Steve Williams

Complete chaos where everyone gets a chance to shine.  Interesting thing here was that neither Leduc or the Sheik attempted to get involved in the least.  The Sheik was content to sit back and watch an all-out war.  In the end, we unfortunately run out TV time during a segment of the match where all 6 men are in the ring brawling all over the arena.

Jim Ross:  Sorry folks, we are out of time for this edition of Mid-South Wrestling.  Make sure to join us next week right here on the Superstation.  So long from the Pelican State!

After we go off the air, Sheik and Leduc no longer sit idle.  Leduc tries to clobber Dibiase with the briefcase but Dibiase blocks it.  Jake Roberts saw this as his chance and attacked from behind but Dibiase seemed to have eyes in the back of his head…. Leduc with a second swing of the briefcase…. WHAM… Leduc hits Snake.  Dibiase takes over now and hits a Suplex on Snake.


The briefcase is on the floor.  Dibiase looks at it for a second and then goes to celebrate with Doc and Hacksaw.



Bob Roop wrestles Norvel Austin to a 10 minute draw.  After the match, the two wrestlers shake hands.  The problem for Austin came when he turned away from Roop, Roop caught him with a nasty shoulder break followed by a few kicks to the prone body of Austin.  Roop left to a chorus of boos.

The Patriots (DJ Peterson & Todd Champion) defeat the Red Assassins (Alexis Smirnoff & The Cuban Assassin) when the mighty Champion locked in the Torture Rack on The Cuban Assassin and forced a submission.

Crusher Blackwell & “The Mighty Yankee” Billy Jack Strong wrestled to a double countout as the two brawled on the outside of the ring.

U.S Steel defeated “The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff by DQ as Koloff clobbered U.S. with a small chain that was seen by the referee.

Harley Race defeated Jos Leduc with a top rope diving headbut after the Sheik had accidently hit Leduc with his briefcase of cash.  Sheik Adnan Al Kassie was forced to open that briefcase and pay Harley Race $5000.00


“The Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff defeated Bruiser Brody with a Russian Sickle.  Brody gave Koloff everything he could handle, but Uncle Ivan made his presence felt when he almost tripped Bordy.  Brody turned to warn Ivan not to do that again but when he turned around… major Russian sickle.  U.S. Steel rushed to the ring to make sure there were no other attacks on Brody!

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Watts starts the show addressing the chaos rampant throughout the NWA. He & the board are gonna have to come up with something drastic to get things under control.

On a more positive note, The "Soul Man" introduces himself to the majority of Mid-South fans with a win.

I personally loved Reed,DiBiase & Williams promo, Terry on the other hand took umbrage with DiBiase's portion.

My man Embry is his usual charming self addressing his two potential challengers. Kinda embarrassing that we've all been pronouncing Bassaddoooo's name wrong this entire time.

Who is the Rebel?

Ladd & Allen with the 1-2 combo. Ladd pisses'em off than Allen scares the hell outta'em.

Aw man the show ends during the main event! Now they HAVE to tune in next week. I wonder if they'll show DiBiase eyeballing that money.

And the action doesn't slow down during the dark matches.

Roop & Austin go the distance but Roop spoils the mood.

I can just imagine the pop for the Patriots beating the Red Assassins.

Crusher & "The Mighty Yankee" are just getting started.

Those Koloffs and their damn chains!

Ouch! The Shiek cost his man the victory than has to PAY Race on the spot.

Uncle Ivan once again pays dividends for Nephew Nikita. I wouldn't want to be Ivan when Brody gets ahold of him.

New Orleans got spoiled tonight.

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from what i know and see about real world mid-south this just screams it for me.

Bad News and Jimmy Garvin fighting over the Mid South title is a strong choice but the thing that gets me really hyped and gives a true mid-south feel is the trio of Reed, Dibiase and Dr. Death. just screams unstoppable trio. the briefcase could play a role in their potential downfall. Whoever is able to knock them off will surly be a made trio 

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The Soul Man has arrived! He's so much fun to write for.

A lot of good promos tonight. Embry is going to get a ton of heat next week.

I was trying to figure out who the Rebel is and thanks to the clues I think I finally figured it out LOL. 

I can't say this enough, Ladd is nothing but gold on the mic. 

I figured Ladd would mess with Precious and he does. Him and Bad News have a new enemy in Jimmy Jam.

Adnan's newest member must be on heck of a talent if he's going to pay him one million dollars. 

Another wild 6 man tag to end the show. NOOOOOOO, time expires but luckily us readers saw what went down. 

The fans in attendance get some great matches after TV, 

Roop makes it known he's a heel.

Patriots win one for America. 

Nothing solved between Strong and Blackwell. I'm enjoying this feud. 

LOL, I know Adnan was fuming when he had to give up a half a million to Harley. 

Blockbuster main event and a huge win for Nikita. Even though Ivan caused a distraction, that must of been some visual of Brody going down to the Sickle. 

Great week and I think a lot of questions will be answered soon. 



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I like that Watts acknowledged the craziness going on throughout the NWA right now. 

I agree with everyone else....Reed/Dr. Death/Dibiase make for a badass trio! 

Rocky Johnson has arrived and I think he's going to be a great fit here in Mid South. 

Ladd delivers as always with a great promo, Bad News vs. Garvin is fun, looking forward to more matches from these two.

Great TV main event with Jake and the Superstars against Reed/Doc/Dibiase!

Wow, I can't wait to see who carries the million dollar price tag for Adnan.....and while it may just turn out to be a tease....the one with Dibiase was a great tease for sure! 

Some good dark matches for the live crowd but holy shit what an epic ending to the Bruiser/Nikita match.....no way in hell that Brody would do that on television in real life but in this era for the right pay day, I'm sure he would have done it in a dark match such as this and if they didn't before, those fans left there knowing Nikita is the real deal!

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Jim Ross:  Welcome everybody to another hour of Power Pro Wrestling; bringing you the best Mid-South Wrestling has to offer.  I’m Jim Ross and what a show we have instore for you as we get ready for the big card this week at the Riverside Centroplex in Baton Rouge.  Michael Hayes will be taking on Jerry Oates.  “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin will take on Larry Cheatum.  Black Bart is back and faces Verlon Biggs.  Patriot DJ Peterson looks to take out The Cuban Assassin.  It will be Crusher Blackwell and “The Mighty Yankee” Billy Jack Strong where the winner gets to face Bad News Allen for the Mid-South Title this week in Baton Rouge and in the Main Event today, it will be “The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff vs Bruiser Brody.  Let’s get the action started.


Michael Hayes defeats Jerry Oates with the running bulldog.

Before the match started, Michael Hayes made his way to the ring with a walking stick and wearing dark sunglasses; pretending to be blind.  After he won his match, he put on the silly attire and struggled to find his way to Jim Ross for his post-match interview.

Jim Ross:  Okay Michael Hayes.  Enough is enough.  I know what you are trying to do and this is a low blow even for you.

Michael Hayes:  If I’ve told you once Jim Ross, I’ve told you a thousand times.  Once a Freebird, always a Freebird.  I was just trying to walk a mile in my brother Bam Bam’s shoes.  To see what it feels like to be blind as a rat.

Jim Ross:  The saying is blind as a bat.

Michael Hayes:  Bat… Rat… Who cares?  We all know what you are Terry Gordy…. A Rat!  Some people in Mid-South Wrestling are saying Michael how could you do what you did?  How can you show no remorse for your old friend?  Friends don’t turn on each other Gordy.  You turned on me!  Don’t blame me if I’m just better at the game.  Don’t blame me if your career is over.  You mess with the best and you’re going to get burned!

As Michael Hayes goes off the air, Jim Ross lets us know that there is no good news coming out of Pensacola this week as doctors say there hasn’t been any improvement in the vision of Terry Gordy.




“Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin defeats Larry Cheatum with the Brainbuster 

During his post-match interview, Garvin is fuming about how Ernie Ladd messed with Precious last week in New Orleans and is blaming Ladd for him not being the Mid-South Champion right now.  Garvin demands a rematch in two weeks in Shreveport.

This demand brings out “Gorgeous” Gary Young who is sick and tired of everyone else getting title shots.  He goes on to explain how Crusher Blackwell and The Mighty Yankee are wrestling today to get a title shot and know this loser in front of him (Jimmy Garvin) who stole his nickname wants to get a second title shot before he gets his first.  Garvin takes offense to being called a loser and the two get in each other’s faces.  Peace prevails for the moment until Young wonders how someone as ugly as Garvin got someone as fine as Precious.  Young steps over to Precious and something in Garvin just snaps.  It is like he is seeing Ernie Ladd looming over Precious again like he did in New Orleans.  Wrestlers from the back come out and help restore order in this one!   


When we come out of break, Sheik Adnan Al Kassie and his entire stable of sell-outs are with him.  (Leduc, Jake “The Snake” and the Masked Superstars) Sheik, after his Arabic welcome, is very excited as his plan to control American Wrestling is coming together.  This week in Baton Rouge, after his Masked Superstars defeat Ted Dibase and Dr. Death, they will be the new World Tag Team Champions.  He does remind everyone that he is still in search of the perfect wrestler to join his Army and he has 1,000,000 dollars in the last brief case for that person. 

All of a sudden Carl Fergie comes out to the interview desk.

Carl Fergie:  Sheik, you may not know me but I’m Carl Fergie and I’m your man.  For the contents of that briefcase, I will help you control professional wrestling.  You see, I was once like you.  Rich beyond my wildest dreams.  Unfortunately, that money was stolen from me but that is a story for another day.  I am also the greatest wrestler this country has ever seen but so many here in America have turned their back on King Carl Fergie.  Many have even called my skills Priceless but I have no loyalty to them.  I want… no, …. I need to be rich again.  To have the nicest clothes.  The fancy cars.  The private airplanes.  The best food.  The most attractive women.  I need it all and it is my wrestling ability that will give it to me.  So, Sheik, what do you say?

Sheik Adnan:  Mr. Fergie… I’m going to be honest with you.  I’ve never seen you wrestle.  In fact, I’ve never even heard of you so I can’t be sure if you are trying to, as you Americans say, pull the wool over my eyes.  I would need to see your skills in the ring…  To give you a little test. How about this?  I am having a little problem right now and if you can take care of that problem for me, I will give you the contents of the briefcase.

Carl Fergie:  Sounds good to me. 

Sheik:  Okay, here is the deal… you take care of Hacksaw Butch Reed for me this week in Baton Rouge, and you will be the winner of the last briefcase.

Carl Fergie accepts the challenge but doesn’t look as confident as he hid a few minutes ago when he thought he might be able to just talk his way into the briefcase.  


Black Bart defeats Verlon Biggs with the Texas Trash Compacter

In a quick post-match interview, Bart is his normal disgusting self and is once again screaming about the lack of competition here in Mid-South.  When Jim Ross explains that he will be facing a former Mid-South Champion this week in Baton Rouge, Black Bart is intrigued and demands to know who.  When Jim Ross says it will be Mike George, Bart has a good ol’laugh.  There is a stir in the crowd as some newer fans question the person next to them about who Mike George is while others are excited as they remember Mike George from a few years back and remember that he is a guy who can really mix it up in the ring and never backed down from anyone. 


When we come out of break, Hacksaw Butch Reed, Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death are at the interview desk with Jim Ross.  Hacksaw Butch Reed can’t help but laugh as he says that if the Sheik thinks he can take care of Butch Reed with the likes of Carl Fergie he is even dumber then he looks.  Dibiase and Dr. Death can’t wait to put the Masked Superstars down in Baton Rouge and even tease the fact that they are going for the masks.  Dibiase spends a minute on how everyone in Mid-South is talking about the Million Dollar briefcase.  Dibiase lets everyone know that whoever takes that briefcase is the lowest of the low.  To turn your back on America and sell-out to the Sheik would be such a low thing to do.  It would have to be someone as low as Tommy Rich who piledrove his own mother.  Dibiase explains that last week in New Orleans, that briefcase was just lying on the ground in front of him and he could have simply picked it up and walked out of Lakefront Arena with a million dollars but he would never be able to even look himself in the mirror.  Dr. Death is all business and can’t wait to get a hold of Masked Superstar #1 and Masked Superstar #2 and slam their heads together that they look like Siamese Twins!



Patriot DJ Peterson defeats The Cuban Assassin by DQ

Alexis Smirnoff rushed the ring and attacked Peterson and the Red Assassins had their way for a minute with Peterson until his Patriot teammate, Todd Champion hit the ring and we had a good brawl.  When all was said and done, it was the Patriots in the ring and the Red Assassins tossed out of the floor without the courage to get back in the ring and continue the fight.  The Patriots got a thunderous ovation from the crowd in Little Rock.


When we come back from break, Jim Ross is with Bruiser Brody who is angry that last week in New Orleans, Ivan Koloff tried to trip him and that cost him his match with Nikita and that right now he should be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.  He lets everyone know just what he is going to do to Ivan Koloff tonight, right here on TV. 


Winner gets a shot at the Mid-South Title this week in Baton Rouge

“The Mighty Yankee” Bill Jack Strong vs Crusher Blackwell

Each wrestler gets some time to wrestle on the top and it is obvious that the Mighty Yankee is quickly becoming one of the most hated men in all of Mid-South.  The boos were out early today as he grabbed the microphone from Jim Ross and asked the people if they talked so slow because it takes their small brains time to process each word.  In the end, Crusher had used his weight to his advantage and looked to be in control.  Give Billy Jack his due, he was going to do anything he could to earn the title shot as he shoved Blackwell right into the ref, Alfred Neely.  With Neely down, the Mighty Yankee reached into his trunks for some sort of weapon and clobbered Crusher with it.

Give Neeley some credit here as Mid-South refs have taken some severe criticism of late, but while he was down, he was still focused on the match and saw The Mighty Yankee use the weapon.  Neely called for the bell and gave the win to Blackwell by DQ.

The Mighty Yankee turns his attention to Neely and is so angry he is about to hit Neely but Blackwell recovers and to the delight of the fans, hits the Yankee from behind and then scoops him up for the Airplane Spin/Drop.  The fans are grateful to the man from Stone Mountain, Georgia for putting down the Mighty Yankee. 


After break we have Ernie Ladd and Bad News Allen at the interview desk

Jim Ross:  Ernie Ladd, last week you used intimidation of a special lady, Precious to help your man retain the Mid-South title against Jimmy Garvin.  What tricks do you have up your sleeve to deal with Crusher Blackwell this week in Baton Rouge?

Ernie Ladd:  Here we go again.  There is always someone with a tainted view of things trying to keep the Big Cat down.  Look at the tape Jim Ross…. Did I lay a figure on anyone last week?  Who attacked who?  It was Jimmy Garvin who attacked me.  He is the one who should be suspended.  He is the one who should be fined.  The question is whether or not that Big Dummy Bill Watts will do anything about it… We all know the answers… Bill Watts would never suspend one of his guys…

Jim Ross:  I think you are forgetting he recently suspended Dusty Rhodes for 3 months.

Ernie Ladd:  Come on Ross… Rhodes set someone on fire!  He literally tried to burn the Sheik to death.  Imagine if I did that.  I would be locked up and the key would be thrown away… Just another example of the injustices!

Jim Ross, not sure what to say, turns back to the match coming up against Crusher Blackwell.

Bad News Allen:  Look at Crusher Blackwell… the size… the power… the speed… the agility…. He has it all…. except one thing….  A TITLE.  You ask yourself why does Blackwell never win the big matches.  The answer is simple… he is a loser…. A big fat loser.  Now ask yourself this.  What will Bad News Allen do to a loser.  That’s right people you got it.  Now help your fat friend there and call his doctor now.  Make sure the doctor is free on Friday.  Tell him to drop all his plans and get to Baton Rouge because Crusher Blackwell is going to need him. 



Brusier Brody vs “The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff

Interesting part here is that Nikita comes out with Ivan and U.S. Steel comes out with Brody.  The two teams are jawing at each other from the get go. 

Brody, still fuming from Ivan costing him the World Title, attacks before the bell and we are under way with a huge brawl. 

After a few minutes Nikita jumps up on the apron and distracts Brody.  With Brody looking at Nikita, Ivan rushes in from behind.

WHAM!  Brody moved at the last second and Ivan hit Nikita with a running knee to the chest.  Nikita falls to the floor and Ivan looks at his nephew in shock.

WHAM… Brody from behind with a big mauling knee lift. 


Brody gets a little revenge on Ivan with the victory here but Ross explains that he and U.S. Steel will be looking for more this week in Baton Rouge as they will take on the Koloffs. 


Jim Ross:  So long folks.  Don’t forget to join us this Friday in Baton Rouge at the Riverside Centroplex.  So long from the Razorback State.




Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs Brusier Brody & U.S. Steel



Ted Dibiase & “Dr. Death” Steve Williams vs The Masked Superstars with Sheik Adnan



Bad News Allen with Ernie Ladd vs Crusher Blackwell 



Carl Fergie vs Hacksaw Butch Reed

(If Fergie wins, Sheik Adnan will give Fergie the briefcase with 1 Million Dollars and a Contract)


“Gorgeous” Gary Young vs “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin with Precious



Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs Harley Race


Black Bart vs Mike George


Rocky Johnson vs Ken Timbs

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Hayes cuts a promo that entertains & enrages the audience. Can't ask a heel for much more than that.

Garvin vs Royal! Who is the real Gorgeous one? All fun and games till Royal steps to Precious giving Jimmy flashbacks. Wonder if that'll be a recurring problem.

Gotta respect Fergie shooting his shot. Shame it's gonna get'em killed.

Black Bart might wanna be careful, i understand Mid-South was pretty good to the "Timekeeper"

DiBiase makes it clear that he honestly sincerely absolutely positively would never ever ever ever infinity accept the MILLION DOLLAR briefcase from the Shiek. Never ever forever! 

DQ win sees the Patriots standing tall for Murica!

Crusher does the southern crowd a favor and shuts the "Mighty Yankee" up earning himself a title shot in the process.

Ladd does what all the best heels do and defends himself with the FACTS! Throw in Allen being terrifying and you've got a money act.

Brody makes Uncle Ivan pay for costing him the World Title. Ivan has some explaining to do to Nikita.

Huge card in Baton Rouge.

Mid-South is gathering momentum.


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Michael Hayes is in contention for the most hated man in the NWA right now. 

It was only a matter of time before Gorgeous Gary called out Gorgeous Jimmy. Probably not the right time to mess with Jimmy Jam. 

HAHAHAHA good to see my main man Carl Fergie show up. I loved this segment and interaction with Adnan. If Fergie can take care of Reed, well he's earned that million in my book. 

Black Bart might be underestimating Mike George. I liked the fan's reaction to the George announcement. Newer fans might not know the name but old school Mid South sure do remember him. 

The Patriots/Red Assassins feud has been a lot of fun. Always good to have interesting things going on in the lower card. 

The Ref was alert tonight and Blackwell gets the upcoming Mid South title shot. 

LOL, Ladd just always makes sense. Big task ahead for Blackwell because Bad News seems to be on his A game. 

Brody gets a little payback on Uncle Ivan. US Steel is getting the push of a lifetime hanging with Brody against the Koloffs. 

Bring on Baton Rouge! 



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Michael Hayes doing what he does best....cutting a money promo that turns up the heat....even blind I wouldn't want Gordy that pissed at me!

Whenever you think Carl Fergie is down and out for good in this game, he pops up somewhere else and is back after that money! I'm not betting on him bit I wish him luck lol.

I don't think Gary Young is ready to step up to Gorgeous Jimmy like this but we'll see.

Brody gets a little revenge but I'm sure he's still looking for some redemption against Nikita!

Stacked card for Baton Rouge!

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Another great offering from mid-south with hayes just talking the people to the arenas like he can do best. 

Brody and the Koloffs is going to be a war for sure.

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JULY 31, 1986


Jim Ross:  Welcome everybody to another hour of Mid-South Wrestling coming to you this week from Riverside Centroplex in Baton Rouge.  I’m Jim Ross and my partner today is none other than NWA President, Cowboy Bill Watts.  Before we get to today’s show, I would like to ask you if you and the NWA Board of Directors have come up with any new solutions to stop the chaos around the NWA and prevent the likes of Sheik Adnan Al Kassie and Ernie Ladd from interfering in matches.   

Cowboy Bill Watts:  Jim, it seems like I have spent the last two weeks in meeting after meeting and we have come to a conclusion.  Since the punishments that we had been handing out were not acting as a deterrent, we are just going to increase the punishments.  In fact, we recently fined Tommy “Wildfire” Rich $100,000 for his actions in Continental Championship Wrestling and he can’t wrestle until he pays the entire fine.  This might just be the last time we see Tommy Rich inside of a wrestling ring as I see no way he can pay that amount.  If we need to fine someone like the Sheik a million dollars or the entire contents of the briefcase he has been carrying around, we will do it.  If a 3 or 6 month suspension is not enough for the likes of Ernie Ladd, we will strip him of his managerial license.

Jim Ross:  What about the lawsuits Ernie Ladd has threatened?

Bill Watts:  Each managerial contract has a moral clause and our lawyers said we are well within our rights to take the license away from individual’s who break it.  Also, by the time Ladd and his lawsuit runs its course, Ladd will be a grumpy, old man.  Remember all the threats Jim Cornette gave us about his mother’s lawyers?  Mid-South Wrestling is still here but guess who is not… Jim Cornette!

Jim Ross:  I like it.  This new, tougher stand is sure to make people think twice before they do some of the things they do.  Now, let’s get to all the action tonight.

Bill Watts:  Okay, here we go.  Rocky Johnson will be taking on Ken Timbs.  Black Bart will be in action against former Mid-South Champion, Mike George.  Fans listen to this one.  Carl Fergie from AWA fame, has arrived in Mid-South Wrestling and has made a deal with the devil.  If he takes care of Hacksaw Butch Reed tonight, Sheik Adnan Al Kassie will pay him a million dollars and he will be the newest member of Sheik’s Army.  We have a Mid-South Title Match as Crusher Blackwell challenges Bad News Allen and if Crusher wins by DQ, he wins the title.  And in the Main Event, it will be Bruiser Brody & U.S. Steel taking on the NWA World Champion, “The Russian Nightmare Nikita Koloff and Ivan Koloff.

Jim Ross:  What a night this is going to be.  Hopefully everybody will be on their best behavior but only time will tell.  Let’s get to the ring.



Rocky Johnson defeats Ken Timbs with the Boston Crab

Rocky quickly tired of Timbs questionable tactics and hit him with the Soul Man Shuffle and followed it up with the submission hold.  Between the entrance music (Soul Man), the physique, the charisma and the way he quickly puts down these heels, Rocky is quickly gaining popularity here in Mid-South.  His post-match interview again shows a humble Rocky who is looking to face anyone who wants to get in the ring with him.


When we come out of break, we see Ernie Ladd & Bad News Allen at the podium where Ladd is very direct in his comments to Bill Watts.

Ernie Ladd:  Watts, you think you are smart.  You think you are tough.  You think you have come up with a way to stop “The Big Cat.”  The problem is you are nothing but a big old, fat hypocrite.  You make rules for Sheik and myself, but don’t make any rules for your old buddies or Uncle Tom’s that you got running around here.  Uncle Tom Rocky Johnson just beat Ken Timbs by punching him multiple times in the head.  Did you punish him… No, you were right there with these Cajun hillbillies cheering him on.  You talk about taking my managerial license away.  Go ahead and try as I’m getting sick and tired of all you’re threats.  There are a lot of dark roads and swamps down here in Louisiana.  Plenty of places not to be found.  Plenty of hungry gators.  I hear they like white meat with a lot of fat!

Watts is fuming and demands to know it Ladd is threatening him.  Ladd responds by saying he is just stating simple facts and that a lot of people, unlike Watts and his old buddies, think like him.  He then turns to Bad News Allen match tonight and tells Watts that he can take his Title Changes Hands Tonight On A DQ stipulation and stick it where the sun don’t shine. 

Bad News Allen:  Crusher Blackwell… You might be from Stone Mountain, Georgia… you might by the size of a mountain… you might call yourself Crusher… but tonight, the Mountain gets topped off and the Crusher gets Crushed!



Black Bart vs Mike George

Bart, at nearly 320 pounds has a good 40 pounds on George and he thinks he can just run over him but he soon finds out that Mike George is not only a good wrestler but tough as nails.  George keeps Bart off balance for a few minutes with your typical arm bars and headlocks but when Bart goes for the dirty stuff, George is in the middle of the ring going toe to toe with the big, ornery cowboy.

This one ends in a Double Count-out as the two end up brawling on the outside!  Black Bart comes out on top of this exchange as he clobbers Mike George with a chair.  Bill Watts, still angry at being threatened by Ernie Ladd, wants to show everyone that he is the boys, immediately suspends Black Bart for one week.  Jim Ross and the fans like the announcement but it does seem a little overboard for one chair shot. 



When we come out of break, Jim Ross lets everyone know that we are going to live to Pensacola General Hospital for the first interview with North American Champion, Terry Gordy since the attack by Michael Hayes at the Great American Bash which has left the champion blind in both eyes.

Terry Gordy:  I just want to let everyone know that this is the toughest thing I have ever had to go through, but I promise each and every one of you that I’m going to do everything in my power to get back in that ring some day and get even with Michael Hayes.  I might not have my vision yet but I’m confident that I will see again even though the doctors are not so sure.

At this point, a “doctor” comes in the room wearing those blue scrubs from head to toe.  It does seem like a few locks of blonde hair are coming out of the doctor’s cap he is wearing as the interviewer rushes over to try and get an update on the condition of Gordy.

Doctor:  All I can say is that Terry Gordy has been down a long and difficult road, but it is nothing compared to what he is going to go through right now.  Now… he is on Bad Street U.S.A.!

The doctor takes off the mask and hat and we see that it is Michael Hayes who proceeds to beat Gordy with everything that is not locked down in the hospital room.  Food trays, bed pans, IV Cords… everything.  Gordy is flailing away; defenseless against the attack from Hayes as he has no idea where the next blow is coming from as he can’t see a thing.

Eventually nurses rush in and “Doctor” Michael Hayes makes a quick exit from Pensacola General Hospital.  As the interview ends, we hear Terry Gordy screaming that he is going to get Michael Hayes if it’s the last thing he does!

Back in Baton Rouge…

Jim Ross:  Oh my, Michael Hayes has gone to levels that I never thought possible.  I mean these two used to be friends…  Tag Team partners… and now, I just don’t know what to say. 

Bill Watts:  I don’t know what to say.  After seeing that, I know there will be more meetings with the NWA Board of Directors and I hope that we have seen the last of Michael Hayes!

Joining Jim Ross next is Sheik Adnan Al Kassie and his stable where we get a minute or so of hyping up the fact that he believes the Masked Superstars are about to be the new World Tag Team Champions and how Jake “The Snake” Roberts” will deserve a gift after he rids the NWA of the over-the-hill- Harley Race.  The real focus of the interview though is that they have all come out to watch Carl Fergie who promised them last week that, for the contents of the last briefcase, he would take care of Hacksaw Butch Reed for the Sheik.


Hacksaw Butch Reed vs Carl Fergie

(If Ferige wins, he joins Sheiks’s Army and the Million Dollar Briefcase)

Forget the money!  Fergie gets beat pillar to post in about 2 minutes with the end coming when Reed followed up a military press slam with a top rope flying shoulder block.  Reed was all pumped up and dared the Sheik and his henchman, Jos Leduc to get in the ring but they both seemed to know that today was not the day to challenge Butch Reed.

Reed is so fired up in his post-match interview that he says is the Sheik is going to make it his business to put Reed out of wrestling, he better find someone a lot better than Carl Ferige to do it.  He also says that it is now his job to take out the Sheik and all of his men even though he suspects that Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death will take care of the Masked Superstars on their own!



Bad News Allen © with Ernie Ladd vs Crusher Blackwell

(If Blackwell wins by DQ, He wins the Title)

As Crusher Blackwell makes his way to the ring, he is attacked by a man wearing a New York Yankees mask.  The masked attacker really does a number on Blackwell and rams him head first into the ring post and then hammers away at him with a chair.  Jim Ross is sure it is the “Mighty Yankee” Billy Jack Strong but NWA President, Bill Watts explains that he can not issue any type of punishment on the Mighty Yankee as he has no prove it was him.

As for the match, give Crusher some credit here as he gave it his all after the attack, but it is hard enough to beat Bad News Allen when you are full strength; never mind after an attack with a chair.  Crusher did have some time wrestling from the top and even tried to hoist Allen up for the airplane spin but just couldn’t succeed at Allen came crashing down on top of Crusher.  From here on out, it was Bad News the entire way with the end coming after a Ghetto Blaster by Allen.  Ernie Ladd, outside of a little banter with the ref, did nothing to interfere in this match as he seems to know that Bill Watts means business.  The question is…. Did he have anything to do with the pre-match attack by the masked Yankee?





Bruiser Brody & U.S. Steel vs Ivan & Nikita Koloff

Violent, energy-packed match that has the fans on the edge of their seats.  Last time we saw Brody in the ring with the World Champ, Ivan got involved and helped the “Russian Nightmare” to sickle Ivan.  This time, Brody gets some revenge as he broke free from the grasp of Ivan at the last second during a double team by the Russians and Nikita actually sickled Ivan.  Ivan goes down hard out onto the arena floor,

WHAM… Brody with a huge mauling knee lift on Nikita….

The only problem was that he hit Nikita so hard that Nikita flies out on the floor with Ivan.  While the fans loved this, it gave the Russians time to regroup and regroup they did!

A little later in the match…

WHAM… Russian Sickle by Nikita on U.S. Steel.


Here comes Brody for the save… Ivan tries to stop him.


WHAM… Knee lift by Brody on Ivan and down he goes again but it did its job as Brody can’t get to U.S. Steel in time.



Jim Ross:  What a match folks.  To bad for Brody and U.S. Steel who came up just a little short.  What an hour of wrestling it has been. I’m sure next week, Bill Watts will have some answers on the disgusting action by Michael Hayes.  Hopefully we will know for sure if the masked man who attacked Crusher Blackwell was The Mighty Yankee.  That and so much more!  See you next week right here on the Superstation.  So long from the Pelican State!



Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin with Precious defeated Gorgeous Gary Young with the Brainbuster.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts defeats Harley Race with the DDT.  Race was distracted by Leduc who was up on the apron threatening to hit Race with the briefcase when Roberts came up from behind. Sheik seemed very pleased with both Leduc and Roberts! 



Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death Steve Williams wrestled the Masked Superstars to a 30-minute draw.  This match saw it all both inside and outside the ring.  Leduc tried the same distracting tactics as he did in the match between Race and the Snake but this time Harley Race rushed down to ringside and battled with Leduc.

We also saw Jake Roberts come down to the ring to be with the Sheik.  Hacksaw Butch Reed decided to plan ahead and came down just in case Roberts got involved.  Nothing really came of this, but Reed and Roberts did have quite the stare down.

As for the match itself, these two teams can do it all and the match was back and forth.  This might have been an eye opener for the champs as they now know they are going to need to bring their “A” game against the Superstars or those titles will not be theirs for very long. 

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First the TV show.

Watts is sure talking tough but he & the Board better come up with something mighty impressive to deter Ladd & The Shiek.

Soul Man continues to impress with another decisive victory.

We're gonna run out of ways to say this but Ladd is promo gold! Allen ain't too far behind neither.

Ladd strikes a nerve & Black Bart pays for it. A whole week for one measly little chair shot?

Hayes is bound and determined to take Tommy Rich's spot as the most hated heel in this game. Attacking a blind man in the hospital!

R.I.P Carl Fergie.

Allen retains the Mid-South Title but the question that will be on everyone's mind is... who is the Mighty...er I mean Masked Yankee?

U.S Steel may have eaten the pin but a tv main event against the World Champion ain't too shabby.

Now the dark matches 

Garvin outlasts Royal in the battle of Mid-South's most gorgeous wrestlers.

Roberts scores a huge win over Race with a little help from Leduc.

The Champs & the Masked Superstars go the distance leaving room for a rematch. DiBiase & Williams better keep on guard.

What a night in Baton Rouge!


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