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***Sorry for the delay in getting started, work has been hectic and I went on a family vacation last week so now I'm progressively getting the ball rolling. Should be more regularly over the next few weeks!***


World Class @ Sportatorium, Dallas, TX

August 7th, 1981

-Steve Travis beat "Gorgeous" Gary Young (w/Skandor Akbar) in 12:32

-King Tonga is getting to the ring for his scheduled match when out of nowhere, Al Madril, "Crazy" Luke Graham make their way to the ring to attack Tonga, lead by Gary Hart. Leo Burke charges the ring to make the save for Tonga. And while this happens, Tugboat Taylor & Superstar Billy Graham are seen brawling with Gary Royal & The Snowman, along with their manager Rock Riddle. Finally, Fritz Von Erich comes out and has had enough. He won't let that first night at the Sportatorium devolve in anarchy and orders 2 tag matches to take place tonight: Al Madril & "Crazy" Luke Graham vs King Tonga & Leo Burke and later tonight, Tugboat Taylor & "Superstar" Billy Graham vs Gary Royal & The Snowman!

-Tugboat Taylor & "Superstar" Billy Graham beat Gary Royal & The Snowman (w/Rock Riddle) in 21:36 after Royal accidentally hit The Snowman with a chair. After the match, The Snowman & Rock Riddle leave Gary Royal all alone in the ring

-Kengo Kimura (w/Gary Hart) beat Rudy Kay in 13:52

-King Tonga & Leo Burke beat Al Madril & "Crazy" Luke Graham (w/Gary Hart) in 17:52

-B. Brian Blair beat Killer Tim Brooks (w/Skandor Akbar) in 12:32

-Texas Heavyweight Champion David Von Erich beat Mike Davis in 12:31 with the Claw

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Things get crazy on the first show of World Class & Fritz has to lay down the law.

Gary has quite the intimidating trio already. I'm not familiar with Kimura but if he's with Hart he's not the kind of guy I want to mess with.

Between Young & Brooks Akbar is off to a solid start himself.

Rock Riddle is another name I'm not familiar with but he clearly doesn't tolerate failure.

Kinda weird seeing Haku as a face.

David with win in the main event making pops proud.

World Class hitting the ground running!

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August 8th, 1981

Fort Worth, TX

The Snowman (w/Rock Riddle) beat Gary Royal in 16:24

Grappler #2 beat "Gorgeous" Gary Young (w/Skandor Akbar) in 22:53

"Superstar" Billy Graham beat Bobby Kay in 14:05 by submission with the bearhug

J-TEX CORP members Al Madril, "Crazy" Luke Graham, Masa Saito & Gary Hart are being interviewed by Bill Mercer, hyping Luke Graham's tag match with Al Madril vs Tugboat Taylor & The Great Kabuki momentarily. Gary Hart says it's a matter of time before J-TEX CORP dominates World Class and there's not a damn thing that Fritz & his boys can do about it. They're coming after David Von Erich's Texas Heavyweight Championship and they also want the American Heavyweight title as well!

Masa Saito (w/Gary Hart) beat Mike Davis in 10:55

J-TEX CORP (Al Madril & "Crazy" Luke Graham) beat Tugboat Taylor & The Great Kabuki in 13:26 after Kabuki turned on Taylor and spit Green Mist in his face. Kabuki has officially joined J-TEX CORP!

Interview time with The Spoiler and his manager, Skandor Akbar. Akbar wants to make The Spoiler the crown jewel of Devastation Inc and a win tonight over Jumbo Tsuruta in the main event will only emphasize that. Akbar promises to scour the entire world to add new members to Devastation Inc and make sure that his stable of men are the most respected in the entire wrestling landscape

Kerry Von Erich beat Leo Burke 7:39 with the Claw

Brian Blair beat Rudy Kay in 8:21 after a botched interference by Rudy's brother, Bobby. There seems to be a bit of tension between the Kay Brothers but they hug it out afterwards.

Gary Royal is interviewed to discuss his loss to the Snowman earlier. Royal vows to prove to Rock Riddle that he's betting on the wrong man in The Snowman. When the ice will be all melt, Rock Riddle will only stand in a puddle of water and Royal will drown him into it so he'll never make that mistake again.

Skandor Akbar is back at the interview booth with Bill Mercer, this time with Killer Tim Brooks. Akbar says Brooks is the most dangerous man in World Class because he has nothing to lose and a mercenary mentality; exactly the type of man that Akbar looks for for Devastation Inc. Brooks makes it clear that Akbar brought him in to destroy the Von Erichs, father and sons and he won't rest until he does so.

In the main event, Jumbo Tsuruta beat The Spoiler (w/Skandor Akbar) in 8:19

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J-Tex Corp looks like a proper army of bastards. Especially with the addition of Kabuki.

Devastation Inc has a couple of Texas terrors in Brooks & Spoiler.

Riddle's decision to ditch Royal seems to pay off. For the moment.

Burke goes down to the Claw. 

Glad to see Jumbo Tsuruta. I've really enjoyed writing him myself and I think you can do big things with him here.

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I like the idea of devastation Inc versus jtex in some ways. The fight for dominance is going to be huge on the heel side while you have the von erics holding strong on the face side. I'd be interested to see if there's some other people that you could build up outside of those specific groups that could really be playmakers in the territory even though historically they were few and far between. Chris Adams and Iceman King Parsons, Jake Roberts and Gino hernandez, and Jimmy Garvin are about the only ones I could think of

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Yeah, I'll try to gradually incorporate some outside presence in the territory from time to time; some temporary, some more permanent.

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