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Ricky Jackson

RIP Dominic DeNucci

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Probably a name that is only familiar to many as Mick Foley's trainer and maybe an old dude from early 80s WWF. He was actually a major star in 60s Australia when that territory was on fire, before settling in for a long stint in the Northeast as one of Bruno's main paisans. On my old podcast, Titans of Wrestling, Dom became kinda a mascot for us, appearing as he did so often in the Backlund era WWF we were reviewing. Actually has some pretty awesome matches on tape, including a tag with Victor Rivera vs the Blackjacks from 75 that is one of the wildest brawls from old WWWF TV, an equally wild TV brawl vs Hussien Arab (Iron Sheik) from 79, and a really good match vs Greg Valentine from June 79 MSG.

Now you can continue your feud with the Baron in the big ring beyond

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Those career highlights listed aboveĀ inĀ the twilight of his career are really fun. I particularly enjoyed the Hussein Arab TV match. A hidden gem if there ever was one.


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