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Its so good to see MACW back in Greensboro! 

Russians are so much fun to write for. Uncle Ivan finds himself a great partner in Soldat. OUCH! Spartanburg Vice took a hit tonight as the Russians get over big time. 

Jaggers gets a nice win over Roosevelt. Nice seeing Whatley consoling his friend. 

The Foley army and Hart feud is just getting warmed up.

Whatley and Roosevelt look'n out for each other but so is Bart, Jaggers, Slater and Dirty Rhodes. Whatley needs more friends and fast. 

Speaking of people looking out for each other, Pretty Boy and Gorgeous help Embry retain his title. Love all the craziness going on here. Radiance! 

Oh man I think JJ's shoes need to be banned from the matches. Rockers get robbed. 

As expected, Tully and Savage tear the house down. Liz gets props for hanging in there with Baby Doll. Savage wins round 1 but I'm sure they've only just begun. 

And now the big news of the night. Ric Flair regains the Mid Atlantic title!!!! WHOOOOOOO! Hawk was a fun change of pace but it was only a matter of time before the Nature Boy got his belt back. The Horsemen are stronger than ever. 



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Had a feeling that Lucifer was going to be Kevin Sullivan! He should cause quite a bit of trouble around here!!

Ustinov makes a nice addition for the Koloff's

My boy Black Bart arrives in Mid-Atlantic!! He gets roughed up by Whatley and Jones, but a new alliance forms! Interested to see where this Cowboy group goes!

Embry has a posse! Somers and Royal with Embry should be fun.

MWC and the Rockers sounds like it would be a hell of a match. Gotta love a good double cheat for the win!

Savage takes down Blanchard in one hell of a fight, that see's Liz jump on Baby Doll!! I tend to think Doll would use Liz like a tooth pick, but it caused enough distraction to give the Macho Man a win!

and finally things are in balance as Ric Flair brings home the Heavyweight Title and sends Hawk back to the tag team division!!


Great Show! Looking forward to seeing who steps up to challenge Naitch!!

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MACW Live @ North Surry High School in Mount Airy,NC

Soldat Ustinov defeats The Intern (Roger Smith) with a kneedrop from the second rope.

"Mr Excitement" Johnny Ace defeats Mick Foley with the "Ace Crusher"

"Pretty Boy" Doug Somers defeats Keith Hart by countering a figure four attempt with a inside cradle with a handful of tights.

Brutha's in Arms (Shaska Whatley & Roosevelt Jones) & The Hangmen (Bobby Jagers & Dirty Rhodes) fought to a double DQ.

"Chief" Wahoo McDaniel defeats The Assassin with a Tomahawk Chop.

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Love the Flair promo on the jet!

Kamala continues to look unstoppable!

"Downtown" Denny is on his way to a title shot soon.

You do very well with promos but your Savage promos are exceptional!

Wahoo is home!

Lucifer is revealed as Kevin Sullivan, I picked up on the hints but still a great reveal!

Let's head to Greensboro!

Ustinov makes a great partner for Ivan, big win over the Vice!

Black Bart is here as a "dadgum" babyface, I like it!

Embry retains with a little help from his friends....if he takes these guys on the road for his defenses across the NWA there will be no way to take that title from him! Cheater!!

MWC do what they do best! Sorry Rockers!

I could 100% see Tully/Macho stealing the show here! Flair's the man but there's only so much you can do with Hawk in a singles match....but he's got the Mid Atlantic title...all is right with the Crockett's world!

Solid house show in Mt. Airy...Roger Smith is the harding working man in Mid Atlantic...He's an Intern, an Assassin, and Dirty Rhodes! Good stuff!

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Awesome job with the interviews this week.  Flair was perfect!  I really enjoyed JR Foley also.  You did a nice job of giving him a stable from all over the Commonwealth.  You even brough back his hatred for Stu Hart!  Savage was also really well done.  This had the perfect MACW TV show feel.  Awesome main event with Lugar & Lucifer...  The Sullivan chaos is going to be wild. 

As for Greensboro....Awesome

Wonder what will happen here with Bart-Shaska.  Very interesting angle.

Really glad the title is back on Flair.  This allows you to push the Road Warriors where you want and to have the correct man in gold!

Very realistic card for a high school gym event!  You have this all down pat!  Nice work.

Awesome week for MACW

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MACW Live @ Albany James H Gary Sr Civic Center in Albany GA

Black Bart & Mad Dog Vachon won a 12 man battle royal where the final two earn a Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship match in the main event. 

The following matches were determined by order of elimination.

Rocky King defeats The Executioner (George South) with a DDT.

"Dandy" Don Bass defeats Ron Ritchie with a lariat.

The Barbarian defeats Italian Stallion with a diving headbutt that sees the big man fly nearly the entire length of the ring!

"The Ugandan Giant" Kamala w/JR Foley & Friday defeats Mr Wrestling 2 with "Air Africa"

"The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord defeats "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff by ducking a Russian Sickle & rebounding off the ropes with a spear.

Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship 

The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (Jacques & Raymond) w/Armand defeat Black Bart & Mad Dog Vachon when Armand hit Vachon with his directors megaphone allowing his brothers to hit "Bombs Away" As the Rougeaus were celebrating after the bell Black Bart stormed back into the ring swinging his branding iron sending the brothers scrambling & the fans home at least somewhat happy.

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Very realistic High School show. 

LOL, those Interns are popping up everywhere.

Whatley and Jones make for an exciting team especially as heels.

Wahoo and Assassin is a solid main event for this show. 


I liked the battle royal prize. Bart and Vachon make for one brawling makeshift team. 

"Dandy" works so well for Don Bass.

Barbarian and Kamala get decisive wins. 

Gaylord picks up the biggest win of his career against Uncle Ivan. This is a real confidence booster. 

Those cheating Rougeaus cheat their way to yet another victory. I bet Vachon is going to want another fight with them. 

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Imagine being live in attendance for Randy Savage versus Tully Blanchard! And, then, it's followed by a classic Rick Flair bout!

The Rougeaus are such good fit for the heel team on top.

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Friday October 1st 1986

On Commentary: Bob Caudle & Tony Schiavone 

Ring Announce: David Crockett 

Airing from the Wilett Arena in Farmville Virginia 

(We see a series of clips from last weeks show in Greensboro. We see Slater & The Hangmen coming to Black Bart's aid against Whatley & Jones, The arrival of Doug Somers as he & Gary Royal help Eric Embry retain the NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship against El Santo Negro,Arn Anderson hitting Marty Jannetty with Dillon's shoe, Randy Savage dropping the elbow on Blanchard & Finally Ric Flair celebrating with the Horsemen as the NEW Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion. We then get the opening montage set to "The Hit" by Richard Myhill before cutting to Caudle & Schiavone)

BC: Hello wrestling fans and welcome once again to professional wrestlings most exciting hour,Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, The very finest pro wrestling in the world. I'm Bob Caudle alongside Tony Schiavone and Tony all week long people have been buzzing about our return to Greensboro last week.

TS: They certainly have Bob. It was easily our biggest show since returning last month. A lot of exciting developments happened which we'll try to cover as the show goes on but before anything else we must extend our congratulations to "Nature Boy" Ric Flair for once again capturing the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship.

BC: We certainly do & fans you'll hear from the new champion later this hour,no doubt he'll have a lot to say. But before all that let's send it to the ring for our first match & the debut of a man who's making waves in the Jr Heavyweight division across the country "The Electrifying" Ben Bassarab!

Match #1

"The Electrifying" Ben Bassarab defeats Joshua Fagan with a Flying Bodypress.

Commercial-Bob Caudle runs down the MACW House Shows for the coming week.

BC: Wrestling fans welcome back to Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling my guest at this time is a man with a rough 24 hours ahead of him. Not only does he meet The Great Kabuki in tonight's main event but tomorrow night at the Hampton Roads Coluseam he teams with Randy Savage & The Midnight Rockers against all Four Horsemen. He's the 7 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion "Handsome" Harley Race! (Race enters the scene to a rousing ovation) Harley at the risk of repeating myself you've got quite the challenging 24 hours ahead of you, What's your thought process ahead of 2 such very different sets of opponents?

HR: Bob Caudle you can say what you like about The Great Kabuki & the company he keeps but you can't deny he's one of the most dangerous men in the sport today. Likewise you can say what you want about the tactics of the Four Horsemen but that doesn't change the fact they're some of greatest wrestlers in the world today. Now you're probably wondering why I agreed to both these matches in spite of what I just said, but that's the thing, I agreed to both these matches BECAUSE of what I just said. Because Kabuki is one of the most dangerous men in the sport,because The Horsemen are among the best in the world they are EXCACTLY the type of men i need to beat in order to fulfill my vow to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion for the 8th time. Now I certainly have much in common with the likes of Savage & The Midnight Rockers but war makes strange bedfellows as they say & if these are the men i must side with to fulfill my goal then I shall do just that. And if you think I can't all I can say is...just watch me.

BC: Fans i learned a long time ago never to bet against Harley Race & i don't advise you to do so either. Let's send it to the ring.

Match #2

Spartanburg Vice (Jerry Bryant & "Big" Lou Winston) defeat Fire & Flame (Don Bass & Roger Smith) with the "Spartanburg Special" to Flatype 

Commercial+Promo for Halloween Havoc 

BC: Wrestling fans please welcome the new Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion "Nature Boy" Ric Flair!

RF: Haha Bob by gawd Caudle! All is right in Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling! After the better part of a year being carried around by that muscled up statue Hawk this beautiful title is back where it belongs. Back around the waist of a man who'll carry it with the class & dignity it deserves. Back with a man who understands what it means to be the standard bearer for a entire company. Back with the Naitcha Boy! Woooooo!

BC: Congratulations are certainly in order but I would be remiss if I didn't point out you've got some quality challengers coming up behind you.

RF: Now now Bob no need to be vague i know you're talking about that lunatic Randy Savage.

BC: Well he did beat your fellow Horsemen Tully Blanchard last week in Greensboro.

RF: Only because Tully was distracted tending to Baby Doll after she was attacked unprovoked by that feral animal Savage tries to pass off as a woman. Tully had that match in the bag and you can ask anyone in Greensboro. Plus I notice you don't mention the greatest tag team on the planet earth & the next NWA World Tag Team champions The Minnesota Wrecking Crew giving those longhaired punks The Midday Boppers the lesson of a wrestling lifetime in route to defending their NWA United States Tag Team Championship.

BC: Funny you mention the NWA World Tag Team champions because I have it on good authority that when we return to the Memorial Auditorium in Spartanburg SC Ted DiBiase & Steve Williams will be there & they've got something to say to the Andersons.

RF: They're gonna be there?

BC: That's what I've heard.

RF: You know what Caudle? I'll believe that when I see it! (Flair storms off as the crowd goes crazy)

Match #3 

Chris Benoit w/JR Foley defeats Mike "Action" Jackson with a Dragon suplex.

Commercial+Promo for Halloween Havoc 

(We see taped comments from Lex Luger & Wahoo McDaniel. Luger says he isn't surprised Lucifer turned out to be Kevin Sullivan. This is exactly the kind of games Sullivan has been playing for years. Wahoo says he could spot Sullivan's brand of insanity anywhere. He hasn't forgotten what Sullivan put he & others through earlier in the year in Mid-South & he's got a Tomahawk Chop with his name on it. Luger says they know it won't be that easy because as per usual Sullivan's found some braindead goons to hide behind. But he & Wahoo have found the perfect partner to help him keep the Powers of Pain busy while Wahoo FINALLY gives Sullivan what he has coming)

Match #4

"Crippler" Ray Stevens defeats The Quebec Kid (Armand Rougeau" with the "Powerdriver"

Commercial+Promo for Halloween Havoc 

(We see a video of Dick Slater,Black Bart,Dirty Rhodes & Bobby Jagers around a campfire. Slater says they know none of them have shining reputations in the sport but they've all agreed that they need to make a change in their careers. Where once they were the lawbreakers they'll now be the Posse rounding up the lawbreakers whether it be the Four Horsemen,The Rougeau Brothers or Shaska Whatley & his so-called "Brutha's in Arms". Bart takes over saying it "don't make a lick of difference who you boys partner is tomorrow night in Hampton. Me,Bobby & Dick ain't scurrdd a nobody! Hell the only thing they need to be scurred of is me whipping yer Dadgum hides all by my lonesome!"

Match #5

"Dandy" Don Bass defeats Rocky King with a lariat.

Commercial-Bob Caudle runs down the card for Hampton tomorrow night.

"Downtown" Denny Brown vs "Gorgeous" Gary Royal 

"The Ugandan Giant" Kamala w/JR Foley & Friday vs Mad Dog Vachon 

"The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord vs The Assassin 

Brutha's in Arms (Shaska Whatley,Roosevelt Jones & ?) vs The Posse (Dick Slater,Black Bart & Bobby Jagers)

Harts Afire (Bruce & Keith Hart) vs The Red Tide (Ivan Koloff & Soldat Ustinov) 

El Santo Negro vs "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers 

The Spectral Hand (Kevin Sullivan & The Powers of Pain) vs "Total Package" Lex Luger, "Chief" Wahoo McDaniel & ?

The Four Horsemen (Ric Flair,Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson & Ole Anderson) w/JJ Dillon & Baby Doll vs "Macho Man" Randy Savage, "Handsome" Harley Race & The Midnight Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels)

Bell time 7pm. Tickets still available.

Main event 

(VTR- Kevin Sullivan,The Great Kabuki & The Powers of Pain stand in a graveyard late at night)

KS: Home...home is where the heart is they say. No matter how much pleasure i receive from the screams of the sheep in Mid-South or Western States it's never the same as the terror from the lowly creatures that fill the arenas in Mid-Atlantic. Abudadeen has decreed it is time to return to my true hunting grounds and begin the cull anew. I have assembled my fiercest warriors to stand by my side. From the most dangerous part of the orient I have summoned The Great Kabuki.. from the Wastelands I summoned The Powers of Pain. Mid-Atlantic is now firmly in the grip of the Spectral Hand! Run as far as you wish...you'll only die tired.

(VTR ends)

"Handsome" Harley Race defeats Great Kabuki with a diving headbutt.

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MACW Live @ Hampton Roads Coluseam in Hampton VA

"Downtown" Denny Brown defeats "Gorgeous" Gary Royal by reversing a O'Connor roll into a bridge.

"The Ugandan Giant" Kamala w/JR Foley & Friday vs Mad Dog Vachon ends in a Double C.O

"The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord defeats The Assassin with a spear.

Brutha's in Arms (Shaska Whatley,Roosevelt Jones & Norvell Austin) defeat The Posse (Dick Slater,Black Bart & Bobby Jagers) when the man CCW fans would recognize as Savanah Jack came through the crowd and passed Austin Bart's branding iron which he hit Jagers with behind the referee's back for the win.

Harts Afire (Bruce & Keith Hart) defeat The Red Tide (Ivan Koloff & Soldat Ustinov) when Bruce made Ustinov submit to the "Heartbreaker" (Reverse Figure Four)

"Pretty Boy" Doug Somers defeats El Santo Negro. Somers removed Santo's mask off & when he went to cover his face Somers pulled him into a inside cradle.

"Total Package" Lex Luger,"Chief" Wahoo McDaniel & "Dangerous" Dan Spivey defeat The Spectral Hand (Kevin Sullivan & The Powers of Pain) when Spivey pinned The Warlord after a powerbomb.

The Four Horsemen (Ric Flair,Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson & Ole Anderson) w/JJ Dillon & Baby Doll defeat "Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Ms Elizabeth, "Handsome" Harley Race & The Midnight Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels) when Dillon shoved Jannetty off the top rope allowing Blanchard to hit a Slingshot suplex for the win. Ms Elizabeth & Baby Doll got into another catfight with this one going decidedly more in Baby Doll's favor. Though the highlight was easily the exchanges between Flair & Savage.

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Add Bassarab to the exciting Jr. Division. 

Harley gives a straightforward promo about his intentions. I agree with Bob, never bet against Harley.

Good seeing Spartanburg Vice get a nice TV win. 

WHOOOOO! The champ is back! Flair hypes up himself and the horsemen. I would love to see a Dibiase/Williams vs. Andersons match! 

Foley is really bringing Benoit up to the next level. 

Luger has one tough ally in Wahoo. Sounds like he's got another one on the way. Sullivan better be ready.

Stevens hits the Powerdriver and Armand doesn't get up. I'm sure the fans loved this.

Always loved visual setting promos. The lawbreakers in MACW better be on high alert because the Posse is coming! 

Speaking of that, we get another one in a graveyard! So fitting for the Spectral Hand.

Big win for Harley as he puts the dangerous Kabuki down. 

On to Hampton,

Denny Brown might of earned himself a title shot with that win over Royal. Jr. Division is red hot.

A Double CO makes total sense when Kamala and Vachon are going at it. 

Gaylord is really coming on strong.

Savannah Jack joins the Brutha's and helps them win round 1 against the Posse.

Harts impress with that win over the Russians. Lot's of teams gunning for a title shot.

Creative finish in the Sommers/Santo match. 

WOW! Luger picked a good one with Dan Spivey! 

Dillion needs a raise LOL. I liked Tully getting the fall here. I can't wait for the big Flair/Savage title match! 



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J.R. Foley's duo of cruiserweights both have nice showings and will certainly be top contenders for the Junior Title.

Flair has something to say and it's a good one! Great promo! Interested to see why the presence of Doc and Dibiase seemingly caused him to cut things short.

Love the cowboys sitting around the fire talking about fights and dishing out justice. Great VTR.

Harley promo was spot on Harley, and a nice win against Kabuki gets him rolling in Mid-Atlantic


Norvell and Savannah Jack show up to join Shaska, and the Brutha's just got a whole lot more dangerous. 

Harts pick up a huge win over the Russians, and that has to rocket them up the rankings.

Spivey makes one hell of a partner for Luger and Wahoo against Sullivan and his group!

These Horseman vs Race, Savage, Rockers matches would be something to see. That's a whole lot of talent in the ring!


Really like what you have going on here. Everything is lining up nicely.

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An "electrifying" start to TV this week as Ben Bassarab is a great addition to the Jr Heavyweight division

I like Harley as a babyface here in this time frame, it just works....solid promo!

Big win for Spartanburg Vice and we see yet another "Face (or mask as it were) of Roger Smith!"

Flair is the champ and delivers a classic "Naitch" promo....great stuff!

Another win for Ray Stevens...I like it!

Great campfire promo from Slater and company, I like when unlikely babyfaces acknowledge the "elephant in the room" and just address it.

Great job with the creepy Sullivan promo and a solid main event with a win for Harley! 

Fun TV show!!

Great show in Hampton, proud to see Savannah Jack find a good home, he will be a great addition to Shaska's group.

Big win for Luger/Wahoo/Spivey....Spivey makes a helluva impression powerbombing the massive Warlord!!

Happy see Tully get the pinfall in the Main Event!


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MACW House Show results for 10/4/1986

MACW @ James H Gary Sr Civic Center in Albany GA

Rocky King defeats Mick Foley with a DDT.

"Dandy" Don Bass defeats Billy Two Eagles with a lariat.

Savanah Jack defeats George South with a Superkick.

Mr Wrestling 2 defeats Armand Rougeau with a kneelift.

"Crippler" Ray Stevens defeats Soldat Ustinov with the "Powerdriver" 

The Assassins (1&2) defeat Harts Afire (Bruce & Keith Hart) when a THIRD Assassin (Don Bass) crawled out from under the ring,switched places with Assassin #2 & pulled Keith into a surprise inside cradle!


MACW @ "Old" Charlotte Coluseam in Charlotte NC

(The selling point of this card was a one night eight man tournament with the winner receiving a NWA United States title shot the next time MACW returns to Charlotte)

"Dangerous" Dan Spivey defeats "Gorgeous" Gary Royal with a powerbomb.

"The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff defeats "Hangman" Bobby Jagers with a "Russian Sickle" after raking his eyes.

The Great Kabuki defeats "The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord with a Asain mist/Thrust kick combo.

"Chief" Wahoo McDaniel defeats "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala w/JR Foley & Friday by dq when Kamala chopped the referee during a brawl.

Non tournament match 

Brutha's in Arms (Shaska Whatley & Roosevelt Jones) vs The Hangmen (Bobby Jagers & Dirty Rhodes) ended in a double c.o as all four men brawled up the aisle way.

tournament semi-finals 

"The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff defeats "Dangerous" Dan Spivey after hitting him with his chain behind the referee's back.

"Chief" Wahoo McDaniel defeats The Great Kabuki with a Tomahawk Chop. After the bell Kabuki jumped Wahoo beating him down for a few minutes until security pulled him away.

None tournament match 

Chris Benoit w/JR Foley vs "Downtown" Denny Brown ends in a 20 minute time limit draw.

Tournament Final 

"Chief" Wahoo McDaniel defeats "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff after turning a "Russian Sickle" attempt into a backslide!

"Chief" Wahoo McDaniel shall challenge for the NWA United States Championship when MACW returns to Charlotte!

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Those Assassins still have dirty tricks up their sleeves. 

Ray Stevens has been racking up some wins. 

Fans in Charlotte witnessed an exciting tournament. Uncle Ivan and Wahoo didn't have an easy road but make it to the finals. Wahoo gets the win and gets a big opportunity against Nikita. I have a feeling Ivan is going to get a little payback. 

The non tournament matches added some excitement. The fans get a wild tag match along with a technical Jr. match. Good stuff. 

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The Four Horsemen cement themselves as the number one stable but I don't think Randy Savage can be counted to just let things stay that way for long! Wahoo McDaniel is going to be tough challenger and a tournament victory is a great way to prove it!

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MACW House Show results for 10/5/1986

MACW Live @ Asheville Civic Center in AAsheville NC

Rocky King defeats Scorpion (Don Bass in a mask) with a DDT.

"Gorgeous" Gary Royal defeats Billy Two Eagles with a Rear naked choke.

The Can-Am Express (Doug Furnas & Phil LaFleur) defeat Fire & Flame when LaFleur hit Flame with a Thrust kick.

"Pretty Boy" Doug Somers defeats "Crippler" Ray Stevens with a Brainbuster.

"Total Package" Lex Luger defeats Soldat Ustinov with the "Torture Rack"

Black Bart defeats Norvell Austin with the "Texas Trash Compacter"

NWA United States Tag Team Championship 

The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Arn & Ole Anderson)(c) w/JJ Dillon defeats Spartanburg Vice (Jerry Bryant & "Big" Lou Winston) with a Double Gordbuster on Bryant.


MACW Live @ Civic Center in Roanoke VA

"The Unpredictable" Dick Slater wins a 11 man battle royal to challenge for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship in the main event.

(The following matches feature the other battle royal participants in order of elimination)

"The Electrifying" Ben Bassarab defeats The Executioner with a Flying Bodypress.

"Prince of Australia" George Barnes w/JR Foley defeats Ron Ritchie with a neckbreaker.

Marty Jannetty defeats The Warlord with a sunsetflip.

"Dangerous" Dan Spivey defeats "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala w/JR Foley & Friday by c.o when Spivey nailed Kamala with a big boot that knocked him over the top rope to the floor. Kamala seemed willing to continue but Foley had seen enough apparently & had Friday lead Kamala away.

"Handsome" Harley Race defeats Kevin Sullivan by DQ when Sullivan struck Race with the Golden Spike in plain view of the ref. When the result was announced Sullivan merely shrugged...& then STABBED THE REF WITH THE GOLDEN SPIKE!

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship 

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair(c) vs "The Unpredictable" Dick Slater wrestle to a 60 time limit draw.

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MACW House Show results for 10/6/1986

MACW Live @ Cumberland County Memorial Auditorium in Fayetteville NC

"Downtown" Denny Brown defeats Scorpion with a Oklahoma roll.

Shawn Michaels defeats Mick Foley with a Cross-body off the top rope.

The Great Kabuki defeats Mr Wrestling 2 with a Thrust kick.

The Hangmen (Bobby Jagers & Dirty Rhodes) defeat Radiance (Doug Somers & Gary Royal) after Rhodes hit Royal with a "Bionic Elbow" then tagged in Jagers who hit a running elbowdrop.

"The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff defeats "Bronco" Bruce Hart with the "Russian Sickle"

"Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Ms Elizabeth defeats The Assassin with the "Savage Elbow"


MACW Live @ Memorial Auditorium in Greenville SC

Savanah Jack defeats George South with a Superkick.

EL Santo Negro defeats The Warlord with a crucifix.

Chris Benoit w/JR Foley defeats "Mr Excitement" Johnny Ace by countering a "Ace Crusher" attempt into a Dragon suplex.

"Dangerous" Dan Spivey defeats Soldat Ustinov with a powerbomb.

Norvell Austin defeats "The Electrifying" Ben Bassarab with a moonsault.

The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal) w/"Precious" Paul Ellering defeat The Commonwealth (George Barnes & Jonathan Boyd) w/JR Foley with the "Doomsday Device" on Barnes.

Tully Blanchard w/Baby Doll defeats Black Bart after a distraction by Norvell Austin & Savanah Jack allowed Baby Doll to pass Tully her (allegedly) loaded purse. After the bell Austin & Jack entered the ring & assaulted Bart. Security tried to intervene but the Bruthas threw them out. However Bart used this opportunity to grab his branding iron which he used to send the heels packing & the crowd home happy.

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MACW Live @ Lenoir NC 10/7/1986

The Warlord defeats George South with a powerslam.

"The Electrifying" Ben Bassarab vs "Gorgeous" Gary Royal ends in a 15 time limit draw.

The Great Kabuki defeats "Crippler" Ray Stevens with a Asain mist/Thrust kick combo.

The Red Tide (Ivan Koloff & Soldat Ustinov) defeat The Gladiators with a double Russian leg sweep on Gladiator #2

"Chief" Wahoo McDaniel defeats "Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley with a Tomahawk Chop.

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Solid series of house shows.

Dick Slater has a great night in Roanoke as he wins a battle royal then goes 60 minutes with Flair! 

Things are really heating up between the Hangmen and Brutha's. 

I like the variety of matches and results as the wrestlers establish their place on the card. 

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Friday October 8th 

On Commentary: Bob Caudle & Tony Schiavone 

Ring Announcer: David Crockett 

From the Memorial Auditorium in Spartanburg SC

(We open with a series of clips from last weeks show in Hampton VA. We see The debut of Norvell Austin & Savanah Jack as part of Shaska Whatley's Brutha's in Arms. This Debut of Dan Spivey to team with Luger & McDaniel against The Spectral Hand. & Finally we see the end to the chaotic 8 man tag main event with Dillon again proving the difference maker. We cut to the opening montage set to "The Hit" by Richard Myhill before going to Caudle & Schiavone in front of a joint NWA MACW logo)

BC: Wrestling fans welcome to another exciting episode of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance,the very finest pro wrestling in the world. I'm Bob Caudle alongside Tony Schiavone and Tony no matter where we go people cannot stop talking about the upcoming extravaganza,Halloween Havoc.

TS: They certainly do Bob especially since the announcement from NWA president Bill Watts that the event will be centered around a 1 night 16 man tournament with the winner recieving a shot at the most coveted prize in our sport, I'm speaking of course about the NWA World Heavyweight Championship currently held by the tremendously talented Magnum T.A. 

BC: That's right fans. In case you missed it each territory of the NWA will send 5 men to be either chosen by management or determined in qualifying matches with the 16th & final entrant to be determined via a "Last Hope" battle royal on the week before Halloween Havoc which will itself feature talent from each territory. We already know the first 2 entrants from Mid-South,the NWA North American Champion "Hacksaw" Butch Reed & the NWA Mid-South Champion "Soul Man" Rocky Johnson. Ya gotta hand it to Mid-South Tony they've started us of with a bang.

TS: No doubt about it Bob 2 of the very best in the world today. But the leadership of Mid-Atlantic isn't going to be outdone. We've selected 3 of our participants & I've been given permission to announce them. The first 3 representatives from Mid-Atlantic are...NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair (boos) NWA United States Champion & former World Champion Nikita Koloff (THUNDEROUS boos) & finally...7 time World champion Harley Race! (Massive cheers). The remaining 2 will be determined tomorrow night in the Winthrop Coluseam in Rocky Hill SC.

BC: But enough talking about the future,right here tonight we're in Spartanburg & we've got their favorite sons Spartanburg Vice in our opening contest. Let's head to the ring.

Spartanburg Vice (Jerry Bryant & "Big" Lou Winston) defeats A-Team (Don Bass & Roger Smith) with the "Spartanburg Special" to a huge "hometown" pop.

Commercial-Bob Caudle runs down the MACW House Shows for the coming week.

BC: Wrestling fans tomorrotomorrow night in Rocky Hill 4 men will compete for a chance to enter the tournament at Halloween Havoc for a chance for a NWA World Heavyweight Championship opportunity. Let's take a look at one of these men,"Macho Man" Randy Savage!

(VTR- a montage of Savage in ring spliced with workout footage set to "Rock Warrior" by The Rodz)

(We cut to the ring where George South & Ron Ritchie are being introduced. Everything stops as JR Foley & Friday lead Kamala to the ring. Foley takes the mic & makes the 2 a deal,if they can defeat his "African warrior" in a handicap match he'll give them "a thousand yankee dollars to split among yourselves anyway you wish". South & Ritchie converse a bit before agreeing leading to...)

"The Ugandan Giant" Kamala w/JR Foley & Friday defeats George South & Ron Ritchie with "Air Africa" on both men.

Commercial+Promo for Halloween Havoc 

(Before his match we see pre-taped comments from Dan Spivey. He says he had just finished his obligations to the AWA & was mulling over his next move when he saw what Sullivan & his minions were pulling. He heard Wahoo & Luger were looking for a partner & saw his opportunity. Says he can't stand guys like Sullivan who can never seem to do ANYTHING without at least 2 guys holding his hand. Says while he'll gladly lend a helping hand to those who'll need it he looks forward to showing MACW what he can do on his own)

"Dangerous" Dan Spivey defeats Mick Foley with a powerbomb.

Commercial+Promo for Halloween Havoc 

BC: Wrestling fans the moment you've been waiting for all week. It's my honor to introduce the NWA World Tag Team champions, Ted DiBiase & Steve "Dr Death" Williams! 

(The building erupts as the Champs enter the interview area)

BC: Gentlemen welcome. 

TD: Thank you Bob Caudle. I know I speak for Steve when I say we were so excited to hear Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling would be rejoining the NWA. You truly do have some of the greatest teams in the sport today & Steve & i can't wait to face'em all in front of the great fans of Mid-Atlantic like the folks right here in Spartanburg.

SW: Ted's got it excactly right. But while I'm here i gotta say that while I've been watching MACW TV week after week there's one team that's starting to irritate me. One team that can't seem to keep our names out of their mouths. One team tha...( Williams trails off as The Andersons & JJ Dillon enter the interview area)

BC: Now gentlemen let's keep this professional.

OA: Bob Caudle The Andersons are the most professional team in all wrestling.

AA: In fact that's why we're out here, professional courtesy dictates we welcome our guests here. I mean good God we've got the NWA World Tag Team champions live & in living color. 

OA: You boys find the place ok? We're so glad you could make it,some people - not us of course - but some people were saying you 2 looked a little yellow for refusing to show despite Arn & i calling ya out week after week after week....but hey you're here now.

SW: That's right we're here now. Sorry we kept you boys waiting but see unlike you we weren't able to sit on our duffs for months, we had to actually ya know DEFEND this titles!

(This gets the crowd laughing & The Andersons seething. Dillon sensing his clients tempers flaring steps forward)

JJ: Now gentlemen -& I use the term loosely- I'd love to engage you 2 in a battle of wits but as you're clearly unarmed I'll come right to the point. Do you accept our challenge or not. And if so,when?

TD: OK you wanna come to the point let's come to the point. You're damn right we accept! (Huge pop) And as for when,how does Halloween Havoc sound?

(Dillon & The Andersons huddle for a bit before Dillon approaches the mic again)

JJ: Sounds lovely to us. Ric,Tully what do you guys think?

(DiBiase & Williams look momentarily confused until Flair & Blanchard come from behind with stereo chopblocks. The Andersons immediately join in & even Dillon & Baby Doll get a few licks in. Caudle frantically tells the technical team to send us to commercial just as Flair slaps the Figure Four on DiBiase)

+Promo for Halloween Havoc 

(Caudle & Schiavone are clearly shaken as they recap what just happened. They inform the audience that the Horsemen have been escorted from the building while DiBiase & Williams have been taken to the nearest hospital to be certain they weren't injured during the assault. With things still being settled they send us down to the ring for the next match)

"The Unpredictable" Dick Slater defeats Scorpion with a spinning neckbreaker.

Commercial-Bob Caudle runs down the card for tomorrow night in Rocky Hill

The Red Tide (Ivan Koloff & Soldat Ustinov) vs The Interns (Interns #1 & #2)

Mad Dog Vachon vs Armand Rougeau 

Norvell Austin vs Mr Wrestling 2

Black Bart vs The Great Kabuki 

(if Brown,Bassarab & Santo win then whomever scores the fall shall receive a NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship opportunity)

Radiance (NWA World Jr Heavyweight Champion Eric Embry,Doug Somers & Gary Royal) vs "Downtown" Denny Brown,"The Electrifying" Ben Bassarab & El Santo Negro 

"The Unpredictable" Dick Slater vs "Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley 

Halloween Havoc Tournament Qualifier 

"Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Ms Elizabeth vs Kevin Sullivan 

Halloween Havoc Tournament Qualifier 

"Chief" Wahoo McDaniel vs Tully Blanchard w/Baby Doll 

Bell time 7pm tickets still available.

NWA World Television Championship 

"Total Package" Lex Luger defeats The Barbarian by dq when Sullivan entered the ring & hit Luger with the Golden Spike as he had Barby in the "Torture Rack". The 2 heels beat on Luger for a bit until Dan Spivey & Wahoo McDaniel rushed out to even the odds. This brought out The Great Kabuki & The Warlord which in turn brought out a host of security,referee's & lower ranked wrestlers. The show goes off the air with a pier sixer going on in the ring.

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I love the hype and importance being put on the upcoming Halloween Havoc tournament.

When MACW is in Spartanburg, then Spartanburg Vice deserves a hometown win. 

The first time I ever saw Randy Savage was in a pre WWF video like this. Brought back memories. 

Foley gets in a little more heat by adding 1,000 dollars to the Kamala match. Respect to Kamala for defeating 2 credible opponents. 

Nice spotlight on Dan Spivey. 

Big heat segment of the night as the Andersons have a verbal battle with the NWA world champs. In typical Horsemen fashion, they make sure they get the match set before giving the champs a beating. Halloween Havoc just got bigger.

Stacked card coming to Rocky Hill. Man, look at those tournament qualifying match ups. 

Loving this feud between Luger, Wahoo, Spivey/Spectral Hand! 

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MACW Live @ Winthrop Coluseam in Rocky Hill SC 10/9/1986

The Red Tide (Ivan Koloff & Soldat Ustinov) defeat The Interns (1&2) with a double Russian legsweep on Intern #2

Mad Dog Vachon defeats Armand Rougeau with a Canadian Backbreaker.

Norvell Austin defeats Mr Wrestling 2 after avoiding a kneelift & hitting a jumping headbutt.

Black Bart & The Great Kabuki fought to a double c.o.

"The Electrifying" Ben Bassarab,"Downtown" Denny Brown & El Santo Negro defeats Radiance (NWA World Jr Heavyweight Champion "Flamboyant" Eric Embry,"Pretty Boy" Doug Somers & "Gorgeous" Gary Royal) when Brown countered a Brainbuster attempt by Somers into a inside cradle. "Downtown" Denny Brown earns a future shot at the NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship.

"The Unpredictable" Dick Slater vs "Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley ended in a double DQ when Norvell Austin & Black Bart both interfered leading to a 4 man brawl that had to be broken up by security.

Halloween Havoc Tournament Qualifier 

"Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Ms Elizabeth defeats Kevin Sullivan with the "Savage Elbow"

Halloween Havoc Tournament Qualifier 

Tully Blanchard w/Baby Doll defeats "Chief" Wahoo McDaniel when Baby Doll distracted Wahoo as he was going for a Tomahawk Chop allowing Blanchard to crotch him on the top turnbuckle before hitting the Slingshot suplex.

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Whew, I've got to work harder to stay on top of all these MACW house shows, great stuff!

Great work with Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone, I can literally hear every word in their voices as I read the shows.

Wow, Don Bass and Roger Smith are the MVPs of Mid Atlantic as they are literally all over the place in all their various gimmicks! Love it.

"A thousand Yankee dollars" lol. I have to admit Foley isn't someone I've seen much of and I really had no clue about until seeing him in this game but you and Kevin have both made him entertaining in utilizing him here, I need to look him up on YouTube.

Doc and Dibiase get a proper introduction to the Four Horsemen, this should be good!

All hell breaks loose in the TV Main Event! 

Great show in Rocky Hill! Savage and Tully win their way in the Halloween Havoc tournament!

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I just finished replying on Kevin's topic a little bit ago and was talking about the strength of the competitors he was putting forward in the Havoc tournament, but damn, you aren't about to be overshadowed!! Flair, Nikita, and Harley to start!! That's quite the trio!

I like Spivey getting his little moment to explain who he is, where he came from, and why he's here. That does a lot to establish a guy. Good stuff!

As Gene said, great job with Bob and Tony. I feel like I'm watching this on the Superstation for sure!

Big Pop from me on the "Thousand Yankee Dollars" line as well. 

Horseman/Doc & Ted segment was fantastic. Classic Horseman. Ted is going to potentially wrestle a lot of matches that night though. He may have just written a check his ass can't cash.

Lex and Crew vs Sullivan's bunch is good shit. Looking forward to this leading to some kind of crazy gimmick match.

Now you add Savage and Tully to that tournament!! Holy Shit. This thing is loaded!!


Good Stuff Man! Enjoy the house show work you put it in too! Those little details are super helpful in making a promotion feel complete.

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