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[1989-07-13-NJPW] Big Van Vader vs Salman Hashimikov

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Vader vs Salman Hashimikov - NJPW 7/13/89

By Inoki, I think Salman has got it! Too bad for him he is a day late and a dollar short. He dropped the IWGP Championship to Choshu the day before. If this match was the Hashimikov title victory over Vader in May I think wrestling history might have turned out a little different. He looked awesome in this match and he got over huge. The May title switch was a clunky clusterfuck. This was a Bill Watts wet dream match. It was two big uglies throwing each other around. Japanese crowd and me go crazy when about five minutes in Hashimikov DEMOLISHES Vader with a lariat. Then he whips Vader so hard the railing goes back like 8-10 feet. No lie. I have never seen the railing move so far. They were cheering him vaulting over the top rope after that. He was throwing Vader around in impressive fashion. Amazing double underhook suplex which the Japanese crowd popped for as soon as they say the underhooks. The German out of the corner was KING-SIZED! Then he hit his finish the one that won him the IWGP Championship, the hoist over shoulder drop him back. Vader says not today. Vader was FUCKING BRUTAL THIS MATCH! He hit Hashimikov so hard at one point, Hashimikov lost his footing. He was CLOCKING Hashimikov. It was insane! Vader at this point in his career didnt have the offensive arsenal he had in the 90s. It was just wild haymakers, MEATY Lariats and GIRTHY Splashes! It was glorious. It fucking decapitated Hashimikov with a lariat towards the end. There was another move I thought was the finish. Then he SQUASHED him with the biggest belly to belly suplex I have ever seen. If you love power wrestling as much as me, do yourself a favor and watch this match! ****   

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