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[1989-08-03-NJPW] Riki Choshu, Jushin Liger & Kengo Kimura vs Big Van Vader, Buzz Sawyer & Manny Fernandez

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Riki Choshu, Jushin Liger & Kengo Kimura vs Big Van Vader, Buzz Sawyer & Manny Fernandez - NJPW 8/3/89

What you expect from the match is a strong focus on Choshu vs Vader because they are one week from their IWGP Championship. What you hope for is a strong focus on Vader vs Liger because that is a badass dream match you would have never expected to see...guess what baby it is all about Vader vs Liger! 

Before the bell, Liger races across the ring and dropkicks Vader in his bad arm off the apron. Vader flips the fuck out! He is screaming and hollering, writhing in pain. He grabs a chair from the audience and whips it at the opposing corner! O I think Im gonna like this. Manny was great in his role as the solid worker just like Kimura. Buzz Sawyer was very entertaining. I need to watch Buzz. He does one of the most entertaining criss cross sequences with Liger you will ever see! Amazing drop downs! He sells and bumps for Liger like a millions bucks. Once he has had enough he tags in Vader. HERE WE FUCKING GO! VADER VS LIGER~! Vader demolishes him to start heavy rights, big meaty lariats and the climax PRESS SLAM FROM THE RING TO THE FLOOR! Liger comes back in and goes full speed into a Lariat. Vader is rocking and reeling. Choshu comes in and finishes the job! LIGER DROPKICKS VADER OUT OF THE RING! Me and all of Japan are going crazy! Choshu and Vader is pretty good from what I remember which is a big Choshu clothesline. Then we get some work from the others. Manny was really solid, lots of effort and Buzz looked great too. Vader vs Choshu happens again, double clothesline. Liger tags back in. Vader puts a beating on Liger and it looks like he is gonna Press Slam him again, I think it is Kimura kicks him in the gut. Vader sells this like he has been shot. Liger kicks him in the gut. IT IS FUCKING ON! Cat & Mouse Game! Vader ends up going ass over tea kettle out of the ring while trying to give chase. Liger nails him with a baseball slide dropkick to the outside. ELECTRIC! The two Liger vs Vader segments are worth the price of admission. Manny comes in hits a couple flying Burritos. Kimura ends up hitting his running knee lariat thing he does to win. I like Kimura just fine, but it is funny he was clearly the 6th best guy in this match and he picked up the win. This is all about Vader vs Liger if you are a fan of either, you have to watch this! ***1/2 

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