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[2016-01-17-Championship Wrestling From Hollywood] Peter Avalon vs Brian Myers

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This is for Peter Avalon’s Hollywood Heritage Title, and in contrast to the current AEW version of Avalon, he is the hometown babyface champion. I like that Myers – as the ex WWE superstar – goes in over cocky and underestimating Avalon, so we get lots of fun underdog babyface shine at the beginning, before Myers has to cheat to get the advantage. Classic wrestling storytelling 101.

Myers offence is basic and there’s a few too many chinlocks, but its good for building heat in a ‘small room’ environment and this is not a setting where a crowd are begging for a super workrate PWG style match. Avalon has good fire, and I like that as he is outgunned, his nearfalls come from sequences of moves making it more believable on his bigger, more experienced opponent. Thought the finish came out of nowhere and that a better option would’ve been a pin off Myers missing a spear for more of a pop.

Myers is far from the most exciting or dynamic performer, but he’s a decent pro (as his current gimmick in Impact says) who does the basics well. The match told a simple storyline of the plucky face and the cocky, over-confident heel that gets caught out, which is all that wrestling needs to be sometimes. (***)      

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