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NotJayTabb said: "May seem an odd choice on the surface of it, but he's got a near 20 years career at this point, and he's been good for the vast majority of it. Probably tied with Kingston for the best Chikara graduate, he's an interesting case where we've pretty much got his whole career on tape, especially in his formative years and he just gets wrestling very quickly. He has good matches with the likes of Mr ZERO in his first year, and managed to get a rare good match from Joey Janela in 2019, with plenty of good stuff in between. Good tag worker, reliable singles wrestler, and still one of those names that interests me when he'll pop up on a random indy card. Not saying he'll make my list, but he's definitely due consideration"

vs Mr ZERO (International Invasion of the International Invaders 2003)
vs Eddie Kingston (Anniversario? 2007)
vs Joey Janela (Chikarasaurus Rex 2019)

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As it currently stands, I've got Hallowicked penciled in towards the bottom 5 of my list, albeit as a heart-over-head candidate. He's not going to be my highest Chikara guy, as both Kingston and Quack will rank higher, but as I said in his nomination he's got a good 20 year career under his belt now, and I'd say he's been good for the majority of that. I'll be watching plenty of Chikara over the next 5 years, so I'll be giving myself every chance to confirm my decision here. The thing I'm maybe struggling to justify most is having Hallowicked on my "maybe" list, whilst also seeing a bunch of his 00s indy peers (Aries, Punk, Davey Richards etc) all on my "not in consideration" list, but I just like him a lot more.

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