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November 6th,

Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR


As the show starts, Joey Styles, Don Callis & ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon are in the ring to kick things off. Gordon assures the ECW faithfuls that there won't be "no conmen running this ship going forward" and he's got solid financial backing that will keep the promotion going for a long time. To start things fresh, Gordon announces that in 3 weeks in Painesville, OH, we will crown new ECW World Tag Team Champions as starting tonight, 5 teams will try to qualify for a 5-Way Elimination Dance in which the winners will be crowned the undisputed ECW World Tag Team Champions. 3 of those matches will happen tonight and those 3 teams will advance to the final match in Painesville, OH. But Gordon says he has talked enough and he promised fans that competition and a solid roster filled with veterans and shining stars and this will start right now with 2 men who consider themselves favorites to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship

Match #1

Jay Lethal beat Bill Dundee in 15:37 with Lethal Injection

Match #2

Rocky Romero beat Bruce Hart in 21:17 with the Tiger Suplex

Match #3

ECW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Qualifier

The Backseat Boyz beat Myron Reed & Barry Horowitz (subbing for Sammy Guevara) with a T-Gimmick on Horowitz. In the early moments of the match, Joey Styles mentioned that Sammy Guevara had been attacked backstage prior to the start of the show and Horowitz volunteered to replace. Callis seemed offended when Styles implied this was the work of the Backseat Boyz...

Match #4

ECW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Qualifier

The Godwinns beat Old School (Steve Corino & Joe Doering, w/Gorgeous George) when Phineas hit Doering with the Slop Drop as Doering got distracted with Henry Godwinn using the bucket to dump its content on Gorgeous George, who tried to distract the referee...

Match #5

James Ellsworth beat Connor Blaxton in 15:24 with the No Chin Music. The crowd was all over Ellsworth, who seemed to revel in the hate the crowd was giving him

Before the next match, Jeremy Borash comes to the ring to interview veteran Tugboat Taylor, who comes out for his scheduled match up next. Tugboat Taylor says he sees this rebirth of ECW as a chance to do the same for him. People know that he's been teaming up with his son Chaz Taylor in the indies but he came alone for a reason and that's to prove he can still do some damage and be a credible threat in the promotion. This starts tonight.

Match #6

Tugboat Taylor beat Villano IV with the Anchor Drop in 10:20

Match #7

Shigehiro Irie beat Hardcore Holly in 9:44 with the Package Piledriver

Before the main event, Joey Styles & Don Callis hype next week's show as Sammy Guevara demanded a match with any member of the Backseat Boyz and we'll see the ECW debut of Drew McIntyre as he squares off with Henry Godwinn


Match #8

ECW World Tag Team Championship Qualifier

Guerillas of Destiny beat LAX (w/Konnan) in 25:07 after Tama Tonga threw powder in the face Homicide before hitting the Tongan Twist on him. After the match, an enraged Hernandez attacked G.O.D. and started setting up tables outside the ring. A slew of officials tried to stop Hernandez but Hernandez dispatched of them rather easily. Jay Youngblood makes his way to the ring and tries to reason with Hernandez but Hernandez kicks him in the gut and scoops him up, only to Border Toss him on one table outside the ring! Marty the Moth comes out as well, followed by ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon and as he tries to reason with him, Hernandez has the same reaction. Hernandez sets up Marty for the Border Toss and Gordon warns Hernandez to stop his rampage. Hernandez then gives Gordon the middle finger and lifts up Marty and throws him through the 2nd table outside with the Border Toss! Crowd goes nuts as finally, security can stop Hernandez and escort them out of the arena. What will be the repercussions for Hernandez?


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EXTREME... I have a good appreciation for Jay Lethal and also the Godwinns. Both ends of spectrum but both solid favorites for me. I was always an LAX fans and I was surprised to see them go down here. I will say... without question... that ECW is the most eclectic group of talent and it should be fun to watch how they find spots in this promotion and how you present it.

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