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NWA bay bay.... Tully continues to be the best world's champion there never was. I like seeing the Road Warrior singles matches... it shows they could go even without the other. I also really enjoy the old school wrecking crew taking down the youngsters with the help of JJ. Keeps the heat and gives them a reason to come back.  I will defnitely put over your organization of your talent and the cards. It takes a lot of work to put together this kind of product and you're doing a great job!

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The NWA continues to deliver some well balanced house shows. 

I cracked up at the visual of Manny chasing Slick with Parsons following. 

Jayhawks and Trinity could be one wild feud.

I enjoyed the tag matches. The teams are so evenly matched, things can go either way.

I think Adonis could be back up in the main event scene soon. 

Smart booking with Rhodes ending the night.

Nice touch with Fleming scouting out his next opponent. Shows how much of a pro he is. 

Outlaws get the win tonight. Can't wait until they face both Road Warriors. 

Tully keeps his grip on the title, with help from JJ of course. 

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WWE Network Roundup (Nov. 22-28): Survivor Series, NWA World Championship  Wrestling - Cageside Seats

From the Georgia Mountain Center in Gainesville, GA.

On Commentary:Bob Caudle & Tony Schiavone

Ring Announcer: David Crockett

Previously recorded/Airing on 5/7/87 on the USA Network.

"Adorable" Adrian Adonis vs EL Santo Negro

While the masked man from Mexico dazzled with his airiel offense, the veteran Adonis was able to weather the storm. Eventually a missed dive gave way to "Goodnight Irene" which promptly put the luchador to sleep.

"Gigolo" Jimmy Del Ray vs "Shooting Star" Keiichi Yamada

The commentary team speculate that Yamada is looking to rebound from his near-miss against TV champ Mark Fleming last week. Del Ray clearly bristles at the idea of being anyone's rebound & uses the match to show off his own impressive arsenal. After a competitive match Yamada is able to score his jaw dropping "Shooting Star Press" for the 1-2-3.

Non title

Brutha's in Arms (Shaska Whatley & Tiger Conway Jr) w Slick vs The War Party (Joe Lightfoot & Billy Two Eagles)

It's announced during the match that the Brutha's will defend the NWA United States Tag Team Titles against the Renegade Warriors at the "Memorial Day Spectacular" & that this will be the Youngblood's last chance to reclaim the gold. While the War Party get some decent control spots, this is clearly the champs show. The "Flying Willie" puts down Two Eagles. Lightfoot seem particularly frustrated after the match.

Tom "MegaMan" McGee vs "Dandy" Don Bass

Duke Myers is in his Tough Guy Inc partner's corner & interjects whenever he sees the opportunity. Between the man on the floor as well as Bass' own bruising style, McGee certainly has a rough go of it. He digs deep & with the fans support he overcomes the odds. In a exciting image, he dives off the top rope to the floor with a crossbody that takes out both men before rolling Bass back inside for the slingshot legdrop for the hard-earned victory.

NWA Television Title

"The Natural" Mark Fleming(c) vs "The Polynesian Prince" Siva Afi

Afi's energetic, hard-hitting offense gives gave the champion fits during the opening moments of the contest to the point that Fleming takes a powder to the floor to regroup. Upon re-entry, the champ doubles down on counter-wrestling which produces excellent results. Though Afi is still able to connect with bursts of offense, Fleming is repeatedly able to shut it down culminating in the rear naked choke for another successful defense. The commentary team asks the question, who can dethrone The Natural?

Main Event

The Renegade Warriors (Chris & Mark Youngblood) vs The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Arn &Ole Anderson) w/JJ Dillon

Big fight feel as the Warriors look to build momentum for their title match at "Memorial Day Spectacular" while the Andersons are looking to earn a shot to regain the NWA World Tag Team Titles. The result is a classic tv tag team main event, with the advantage swinging back and forth several times. Towards the end, it seems the Youngblood's are closing in on victory when Tully Blanchard runs down to break up Mark's pin attempt on Arn. A 3-2 beatdown ensues culminating in Chris getting nailed in the head with the World Title. The Andersons hold Mark so Tully can knock him out too but as the champ is rearing back, the crowd erupts as RIC FLAIR SPRINTS TO THE RING WITH A BASEBALL BAT! Flair slides into the ring, Arn goes to intercept him but Flair uses the bat to clothesline him down! Ole goes for a clothesline of his own but Flair ducks under it, then when Ole spins around, Flair cracks him in the ribs with the bat! Another shot to the back! Flair eyes Blanchard as the crowd is going insane! Flair winds up.... but Dillon pulls Blanchard to the floor. As the Horsemen retreat Flair grabs the mic.

"Blanchard.... Blanchard look at me when I'm talking to you punk! You say I don't pull my weight? You think I've gotten "sloppy"? Well guess what pal, you're gonna find out just how sloppy I am in this ring. You see, I heard you boys say that if I cashed in the title shot I won at Christmas Chaos on Tully, it'd be "the last mistake I ever made in a wrestling ring".... well if I'm going out, I'm going out on my terms! Tully Blanchard....cherish every moment you have with the ten pounds of gold because on May the 30th it's all over.... shine it up real nice because at Memorial Day Spectacular.... live from Birmingham Alabama...you my friend have got a date with the Naitcha Boy! WHHHHOOOOO!"

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The SmarK Rant for NWA Worldwide Wrestling–01.30.88 – Scotts Blog of Doom!

Taped at the Georgia Mountain Center before World Championship Wrestling.

Originally airing on 5/8/87

With your host "The Dean of professional wrestling" Gordon Solie!

"Pretty Boy" Doug Somers defeats Rocky King by reversing a DDT into a brainbuster.

"Super Rookie" Hiroshi Hase defeats "Tough" Tony Falk with the "Scorpion Death Lock"

Good & Plenty (Ray Candy & Sweet Brown Sugar) defeat Dusty Wolfe & Mitch Snow with the "Tootsie roll" on Wolfe.

Main Event. Winner challenges for the TV title on next week's WCW.

Tracy Smothers defeats "Outlaw" Joel Deaton with the "Tennessee Jawbreaker"

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Exciting show this week! 

Since his feud with the Macho Man, Adonis has been racking up the wins. 

Gigolo gives Yamada a solid match, but Yamada hits the shooting star and it's all over.

Brutha's in Arms look tuned up and ready for the Renegade Warriors. I'm keeping an eye on Lightfoot.

Mega Man overcomes the odds to take down Dandy Don.

Afi brought his A game but once the champ got rolling it was all over. I agree with the commentators, who can dethrone the Natural? 

Action packed main event that ends in typical Horsemen fashion. Hold on! Ric Flair cleans house and cashes in at the Spectacular. Tully vs. Flair is going to be money! 


I loved that finish by Sommers.

Hase keeps looking strong on TV.

Always fun watching Good & Plenty in action.

Smothers beats the Outlaw and earns a TV title shot. I'm sure Smothers will be studying Fleming tapes all week. 



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NWA Live at the "Old" Charlotte Coliseum in Charlotte NC 5/9/97

(The selling point for this event was a one night tournament where the winners will challenge The Road Warriors for the NWA World Tag Team Titles at "Memorial Day Spectacular")

Quarterfinal matches

The Southern Boys (Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong) defeat Tough Guy Inc (Don Bass & Duke Myers) when Armstrong pinned Bass with a Missile dropkick.

British Justice (Adrain Street & Giant Haystacks) w/Ms Linda defeat Spartanburg Vice (Jerry Bryant & Lou Winston) when Bryant tapped out to Street's crossface chickenwing.

The S&S Express (Joe Savoldi & Shaun Simpson) vs Radiance (Doug Somers & Jimmy Del Ray) ends in a double c.o. Both teams are eliminated.

The Outlaws (Ron Bass & Black Bart) defeat Good & Plenty (Ray Candy & Sweet Brown Sugar ) when Joel Deaton distracted the ref allowing Bass to hit Candy with Ms Betsy.

Non tournament match

"Wild" Bill Irwin defeats Angel of Death after ducking under a second rope clothesline before hitting the bycicle kick.

Semifinal match

The Southern Boys defeat British Justice by DQ when Ms Linda was caught hitting Smothers with her purse. After the result was announced, Haystacks went berserk & layed out both Southern Boys as a delighted Street cheered him on.

Non tournament match

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes defeats Iceman Parsons w/Slick with the "Bionic Elbow". Slick tried to attack Dusty with his cane but received an elbow of his own for the trouble.

Tournament final

The Outlaws defeat The Southern Boys.

For a moment it seemed The Outlaws would actually win by forfiet but the Southern Boys eventually made their way to the ring. Battered & bruised, they insisted they wouldn't let this opportunity slip through their fingers. Alas despite a gutsy effort between the earlier assault & the comparitively fresh Outlaws they didn't really stand much of a chance. Bass snuffs out a desperate last minute rally by Smothers with the "Skull Vice". The Outlaws are heading to Birmingham.

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NWA Live at the Memorial Auditorium in Greenville SC 5/11/87

Brickhouse Brown defeats a local talent with a swinging neckbreacker.

"Super Rookie" Hiroshi Hase defeats Barry O with the "Scorpion Death Lock"

Chris Youngblood vs "Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley w/Slick ends in a 15 minute time limit draw.

"Outlaw" Joel Deaton defeats "The Candyman" Ray Candy with a rake to the eye followed by a bulldog.

"Adorable" Adrian Adonis defeats Tom "MegaMan" McGee with two handfuls of tights.

The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden) defeat The War Party (Joe Lightfoot & Billy Two Eagles) with a Spike Piledriver on Two Eagles. After the match Lightfoot helped Two Eagles to his feet but was seen giving him a sour look as they left.

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair defeats Big Daddy Ritter w/Slick with the Figure Four leglock.

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Can't go wrong with a tournament.

Southern Boys, British Justice and The Outlaws advance.

 S&S vs. Radiance has been a fun underrated feud.

Southern Boys advance to the finals but pay a huge price at the hands of Haystacks. Meanwhile, the Outlaws ease their way in. 

Defiantly a lot of charisma in the Rhodes vs. Iceman match.

Props to the Southern Boys for showing up. Can't say they're not tough. Outlaws get another crack at the Road Warriors on Memorial Day. Can't wait! 


Fans get to cheer early with wins by Brickhouse and Hase.

Youngblood and Whatley go at it in singles action. 

The Outlaw eye rakes and bulldogs his way to victory over the Candyman. 

I'm telling you, Adonis is set for a major move soon. The man keeps chalking up wins. 

Slow burning build going on with Lightfoot. 

Flair beating Ritter defiantly gets him ready for Tully. 



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Really enjoy all of your house show loops.  You do a great job of explaining the pecking order of the NWA by where you put them on the card and the outcomes of each month.  

Man... really loving the Ric Flair vs Horsemen thing!  Flair swinging the baseball bat was cool.  I never saw MACW wrestling when I was a kid but Ric Flair as a crowd favorite seems like it would have worked just as much as his heel time!  He was truly awesome.  Great job with the promos by Flair.  I could see him saying every word.

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