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WCW Nitro

Live from Sydney, Australia


Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura welcome us to Sydney Australia for the debut of WCW Nitro.  Ventura says that WCW has brought in the best wrestlers from around the world, and it promises to be the hottest ticket in town.

WCW President, Eric Bischoff comes to the ring, and welcomes everyone to World Championship Wrestling.  He says tonight is the start of something special, as not only has a wrestling pronation returned to the shores of Australia, but tonight also marks the beginning of the journey to crown World Champions.  Tonight WCW will commence 2 tournaments-  one to crown the WCW World Champion, and the second to crown the WCW World Tag Team Champions.  He then says that those wrestlers who lose their first round match in the world title tournament will be entered into the tournament to crown the first WCW Television Championship.  He wishes the competitors the best….

Before he can finish, he is interrupted by JJ Dillon and Ric Flair.  Dillon says that the world is watching Nitro for one reason… it has heard that the Horsemen are in town.  Dillon says that the Horsemen are the gold standard, and will claim the gold.  Flair talks about being the man, and he will be the champion.

However the glass shatters, and Steven Austin storms to the ring.  Austin says Flair and Dillon can flap their gums, but Stone Cold will be kicking ass.  He promises to do what few men have done- silence the horsemen.  With that he lands a stunner on Flair, and starts to stalk Dillon, but Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard hit the ring and attack Austin.  Austin starts to fight them off, and Gorilla notes that there is only 3 horsemen in the ring, and Jesse says that there is always 4 horsemen.  Austin begins to fight Tully and Arn off, and they quickly leave the ring.  Austin beckons them to come back, but Dillon tells the horsemen to return to the back.  The hold their hands up with 4 fingers, and Austin counts to 3. Gorilla asks who is the fourth Horsemen, and Jesse says that clearly Dillon is wanting to keep it a secret for the moment.


Match 1:  AJ Styles pinned Lord William Regal in WCW Title tournament match after hitting the Styles clash.  Solid match, great chain wrestling, and Styles claims the win.


Kevin Kelly is backstage and he is interviewing Demolition.  Ax and Smash say that they intend to demolish everyone that steps in their way until they are crowned WCW Tag Team Champions.  Kelly asays that there are many teams that want the gold, including Tully and Arn of the horsemen.  Ax and Smash says that Arn and Tully are just geldings, but they are the thoroughbreds here in WCW, and they will pound the Horsement into oblivion. 


Match 2: Batista pinned Rusev following a Batista Bomb.  Battle of the hosses.  Batista remains cool as Rusev gets frustrated during the match, and a Rusev Mistake allows Batista to get the win.

“Money, money, money” brings out Ted DiBiase.  He reminds the crowd that everyone has a price, and he intends to find the right price to allow him to take control of WCW.  He says that he is spreading the money around, and will buy his way to the top. 

Kurt Angle’s music hits, and the Olynpic Champion comes to the ring.  Angle says that money cannot buy integrity, intensity or intelligence, and money did not buy his Olympic medal.  Angle says that hard work and commitment did that.  Angle says he is the best wrestler in the world, and is DiBiase wants to win the WCW title, he will have to go through him.  Gorilla mentions that they are slated to face each other in the first round of the tournament.  DiBiase, says that Angle is mistaken.  Hard work just builds up a sweat, but Money buys anything.  Money buys fame, recognition, and money buys muscle.  At this Rusev returns to the ring and attacks Angle.  DiBiase tells Rusev to throw Angle into the ringsteps, which he does.  Referees break up the attack, and DiBiase says that he will build his Consortium to allow him to take control of WCW.


Match 3: Power & Glory beat The Midnight Express w/Jim Cornette.  Eaton and Lane were on top of the match when Paul Heyman walked to the ring.  Cornette was annoyed by this and jumped up on the apron.  Hercules knocked Cornette down, causing him to drop his racket.  Hercules truend around into a double flapjack by the Midnights, with Lane making the cover.  Heyman grabbed the racket and tossed it to Roma, who then clobbered Lane and rolled Hercules on top to get the win.  After the match Power and Glory beat on the Midnights as Heyman called the shots.


Heyman then took the mic and introduced himself.  He announced that he was the new manager of Power & Glory, and would lead them to the Tag Titles.  He then told everyone that he was forming a new alliance, a Dangerous Alliance, because he is the advocate for the most dangerous wrestler in WCW, the beast incarnate, the Ultimate Champion:  Brock Lesnar.  Brock comes to the ring, and Heyman sings his praise, and says that his new Dangerous Alliance will dominate WCW.


Match 4:  Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman beat Big E Langston in a WCW Title Tournament Match.  Can you say Suplex City.  Lesnar attacks Big E as he enters the ring, and then dominates with suplexes before winning with the F5.  Jesse says that Heyman is right when he calls it a Dangerous Alliance, because no one is more dangerous than Brock Lesnar.

Gorilla and Jesse then tell us that that next week we will see 3 more singles tournament matches and one tag tournament match, with the 4 horsemen guaranteed to be in the ring next week..  Jesse says that we are going to see the only ever winner of the Jesse the Body award in Rick Rude.  Gorilla states that if tonight’s action is anything to go by, WCW Nitro is going to be something you can’t afford to miss.


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Power & Glory beating the Midnight Express wasn't on my bingo card, even less Paul Heyman managing them. But you got me intrigued here so it worked!

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World Championship Wrestling!  AJ vs Regal could be a fun contest, I would harken it to an RVD v Regal match to some extent. Batista and Rusec is something that I would have loved to see a build towards... then we get the huge upset of P&G beating the Midnights. Makes you wonder what their (MXE) role will be here. Brock... well he's Brock and he's a monster. Solid pick for WCW champion.

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WCW Nitro 2

Live from Melbourne, Australia

# Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura welcome everyone to Melbourne, Australia.

#  The music of Steve Austin hits, and the rattlesnake walks to the ring.  He says that last week the Horsemen proved they are nothing but cowards, attacking him 3 on 1.  He says that tonight he will commence dismantling the Horsemen, one member at a time, and then he will go on to win the World Title.  JJ Dillon and Ric Flair appear in the entryway.  Flair says that there can only be one man in WCW, and that’s him.  Dillon says that Austin can take aim at the Horsemen all he wants, but he will not take them down.  Dillon says that people have tried to tear down the Horsemen before, but it never succeeds.  Dillon then says that not everything is as it seems, but invites Austin to do his worst.


Match 1:  Kurt Angle pinned Ted DiBiase w/Rusev by DQ.

Angle and DiBiase have a solid match, and Angle hits an Angle slam.  He clamps on the ankle-lock, but Rusev attacked Angle from behind.  The ref calls for the bell as DiBiase orders Rusev to continue to assault.  Rusev clamps Angle in the Accolade.  Angle passed out, and DiBiase told Rusev to put a $100 note in Angle’s mouth as DiBiase laughed.  Jesse says that is payment for a solid night’s work.

#  Paul Heyman comes to the ring and introduces his new “Dangerous Alliance”:  Brock Lesnar, Power & Glory and Ravishing Rick Rude.  Heyman says that they are going to seize control of WCW, starting with the WCW World Title, noting that Brock is already into the semi finals, and now Rick Rude will join him.

Match 2:  Eddie Guerrero beat Rick Rude (w/Paul Heyman and Dangerous Alliance) by DQ.

A great match here, with both men performing well.  The Dangerous Alliance stayed at ringside, and caused significant distractions.  The end of the match comes when the ref is distracted, and Paul Roma tries to enter the ring with a chair.  Guerrero stopped him and took the chair, but he noticed that Heyman got off the apron and the ref was about to turn around.  Guerrero smacks the chair on the ground and tosses it to Rude, and then falls to the mat clutching his head.  The ref sees Rude with the chair, and Rude, Heyman, and Power and Glory all tell the ref Rude did not do it, but the ref called for the bell anyway.  Guerrero rolled out of the ring, laughing, as the other continue to argue with the referee.  However Guerrero backs into Brock, who lays a beatdown on him.  Brock tosses him back into the ring, and lands an F5.  Rude then hits the Rude Awakening, and Power and Glory land the Power-Plex, as Heyman gloats in the ring.  Jesse says that the Dangerous Alliance have stamped their authority on WCW, but Gorilla points out that Guerrero won the match by DQ.

#  In the back, New Day are with Kevin Kelly.  Big E says that h may have come up short last week against Brock Lesnar, but New Day are not short in stature, and they will turn heads when they compete for the Tag Titles.  Kofi says that New Day will bring life and fun to WCW, while Xavier plays the trombone.  DOOM appear, and Ron Simmons says that New Day are a disgrace to their culture, and next week he and Butch Reed will remind them what happens when they turn their back on their people.

Match 3:  Demolition beat The Rougeau Brothers when Ax pinned Jacques.

Demolition dominate most of the match, and put the Rougeau’s away with the Decapitation Device.  After the match they beat on both Jacques and Raymond and throw them from the ring, and pose for the crowd.  Gorilla says it is going to be hard to beat this team, and Jesse says face paint and muscles do not win titles.

#  Kevin Kelly is with Batista, who says that people might call him the Beast, but he is the calm in the storm.  He says that he has a razor focus, and that he will claim the World Title.  AJ Styles comes along, and they congratulate each other.  AJ says that he knows that to be world champ, he will have to go through Batista, and promises that Batista can’t overpower him.  Batista says he knows AJ is a fine wrestler, and he feels that they are destined to face each other for the title.  They then agree that they will put on a hell of a match.  Eddie Guerrero walks past, and says they had both better be careful, or he might steal their spot in the tournament final, and then walks off laughing.

Match 4:  Steve Austin pinned Barry Windham following a Stone Cold Stunner.

Windham tries to make a match of it, but Austin is focused, and ends it quickly.  Austin puts a beat down on Windham, and then grabs the mic, and says “There you go Dillon, that’s one down!!”.  JJ Dillon then appears and says “What do you mean, Barry is not a member of the horsemen”.  Austin looks puzzled, and is attacked from behind by Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson and Mr Perfect.  Referees and officials break up the attack as the Horsemen celebrate in the aisle. 

Monsoon says that Dillon and the Horsemen tricked everyone, and that Perfect is the fourth Horseman.  Jesse says that Austin has been baiting the horsemen and got what he deserved.  “That’s what he gets for assuming….”

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Rusev is perfect muscle for DiBiase.

If you're not cheating you're not trying and Eddie always tries his best. But the Dangerous Alliance gets the last laugh.

I'm looking forward to Doom vs the New Day.

Demolition doesn't instantly strike me as a WCW team but if they'll accept The Road Warriors...

Henning as a Horsemen didn't work out so well irl. Let's see if it goes better here.

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I think Windham/Austin would be an awesome match to see. I enjoyed Doom and especially Ron Simmons mentioning the culture to The New Day. I always have been a mark for Doom so that is something that could lead to a very interesting feud.

I like this recreation of The Dangerous Alliance.  You could argue that it might even be more dangerous than The Horsemen which says  A LOT. 

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Hi everyone

unfortunately I have bitten off more than I can chew here-  my work schedule is preventing me from posting regularly at the moment, and I feel this is unfair on everyone else.  As a result, effective immediately, my roster are all free agents.

If in the future things settle down that allow me to resume my place in this adventure, I will rebuild a roster from free agents.

My apologies to everyone involved.


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