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PWO Turns 15!

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I often look at PWO as grad school for my wrestling fandom. I randomly stumbled upon this board around 11 years ago and remember thinking within a few days that I had found a special place. One with not only like-minded (i.e. territory era) fans, but like-minded fans interested in reexamining sacred truths and pimping wrestlers and matches that were often overlooked. By 2010 I was down to mostly watching 70s and 80s wrestling and reading a bunch of history books and Meltzer bios. I thought I was the only one LOL. Fuck, was I wrong. Finding a place with a bunch of old school geeks like me kicked my fandom into another level. I learned a ton about wrestling history from a lot of posters here. I became friends with a lot of posters here, mostly through the podcasting craze that exploded around 2012/13. Yeah, things have changed, tastes have changed, and posters have come and gone. I'm pretty much done with podcasting and rarely watch wrestling or read histories anymore. Big time burnout last year, but don't worry, I just focused my geek energy on something different, as those following the comics thread know. Im not sure if I ever got my PhD, but I still hang out on campus everyday. I like the people here. Long live PWO

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Happy Birthday, PWO!

I discovered PWO through DVDVR (which I rarely ever posted on), registered, didn't get approved for two years (I think my pending account got caught in a wave of spammers), registered again and was approved quickly the second time around.

That was a few years back.

For better or worse (depending on who you ask :lol:) I've been here ever since.


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