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Observations on what I've been watching



I've been watching a Ted DiBiase compilation, covering his time in WWE, and the one thing that stuck out for me is that it became clear how Ted managed to wear his neck out to the point he suffered the herniated disc in 1993 that ended his career. In all of his matches with Randy Savage, when Savage would snap his throat across the top rope, Ted would take the resulting bump by falling backwards and then arching up using his shoulders and forcing himself to roll backwards, with all the weight going on his neck. He'd do that at least once or twice a match with Savage, and considering the run they had he had to be doing that an awful lot in 1988. And it's not just in that spot in the Savage matches that Ted takes the bump; whenever he goes for his missed reverse elbow off the second rope, where he faces away from ring, he takes that same bump when he lands. It doesn't look like a dangerous bump, and it looks very ordinary today, but watching those matches and knowing that Ted was doing that night after night for six years, and what the end result was, it makes you wince a little every time he takes that bump.


I know wrestlers gain career ending injuries from all sorts of bumps, some more crazier than others, but this was an ordinary looking bump that Ted did almost every night of the year. It makes it a little different, the bump being an ordinary one that he took nightly, rather than a crazy one he did once in his life.


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