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Spotlight: FMW

G. Badger


I've been really getting back into FMW from reading BAHU's FMW website. It is really chock full of great insight and history on the promotion and the wrestlers. Take a look:




Also he's been doing a podcast on the history of FMW but, this also touches on other like promotions such as W*ING. Here's his post here on PWO:




BAHU is the master of FMW so, his top 100 FMW match list is another awesome resource that's listed on his site. I've been going over this list like all week- organizing it by year, how many top 10, 25, and 50 matches per year, how many top 100 matches the stars like Onita, Hayabusa, Goto, and Masato Tanaka have. I probably should have counted Kuroda as well! Here's the link to the original list:




Here's my chronological rearrangement for '89-'96 but not with any ranking:



Onita vs Aoyagi 10/06

Onita vs Aoygai 10/10



Onita and Goto vs M. Kurisu and Dragon Master (K. Nagasaki) 04/01

Onita vs Lee Gak Soo 05/19



Onita, Goto, Santo Jr. vs N. Casas, H. Boudler and T. Patterson 05/16

B. Nakano and A. Hokuto vs C. Toyoda and M. Kudo 09/19



Onita vs Terry Funk 05/05

M. Toyota and T. Yamada vs C. Toyoda and M. Kudo 05/05

Ontia vs Mr. Pogo 08/22



Onita vs Tenryu 05/05

C. Toyoda vs M. Kudo 06/19


1995 - (4 matches in the top 50)

Ontia vs Hayabusa 05/05 - #15

Hayabusa vs H. Oya 06/27 - #29

H. Oya vs Hayabusa 08/31 - #4

Hayabusa vs Gladiator 09/05

W. Kanemura and M. Tanaka vs Haybusa and M. Matsunaga 10/28

Hayabusa, Sasuke, K. Nakagawa vs Delfin, R. Fuji and TAKA 12/21 - #47

Aja Kong and M. Kudo vs C. Toyoda and Bison Kimura 12/21


1996 - (8 matches in the top 50)

Matsunaga, W. Kanemura and Hido vs Hayabusa, Tanaka, Nakagawa 01/10

Matsunaga, W. Kanemura and Hido vs Tanaka, R. Fuji, and T. Kuroda 02/23 - #27

C. Toyoda vs M. Kudo 05/05 - #1

Hayabusa and M. Tanaka vs Terry Funk and Mister Pogo 05/05 - #24

K. Nakagawa vs TAKA 05/05

W. Kanemura vs M. Tanaka 08/01 - #20

M. Tanaka, T. Kuroda and K. Nakagawa vs Kanemura, H. Hosaka, and Hido 09/01 - #42

Hayabusa vs H. Oya 09/20

Terry Funk and Gladiator vs Hayabusa and M. Tanaka 09/24 - #48

Hayabusa vs TAKA 11/16 - #31

TAKA vs W. Kanamura 12/10

W. Kanamura vs Gladiator 12/11 - #43

M. Kudo vs S. Kandori 12/11

Hayabusa vs Great Sasuke 12/11


I'll have to wait to put 1997-2002 up but, from my count Hayabusa has 46 & Masato Tanaka has 31 of the top 100 matches to their credit. Hopefully, I'll be able to get more up tomorrow in this by year format. I'm hoping to use this list as a guide to go down the Frontier Martial Arts rabbit hole :)


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