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Spotlight: FMW 1991

G. Badger



Here we are about half way through 1991. The focus is clearly still on Mr. Onita. Goto is back to the #2 and Pogo is the main heel. I found out from BAHU's podcast that Kurisu was let go in '90 for tussling with a fan. So, our camo pants clad villain is the main Onita foe.


Atsushi Onita vs Mr. Pogo (05/06/91): This was the first exploding barbwire board match. Its all about tension and thrilling the audience with suspense. Everyone ate shit. It was great! Quinones and even a camera man nearly got blown up! Onita had a thousand yard stare- covered in blood, eyes wild like a man possessed. Its probably not the most dynamic match in the move department but, it's fiercely brutal. At 13 minutes, this was really great.


Onita really is the king of the death match. Who else would be crazy enough to say, " yeah throw me into barb wire and have a pyrotechnic go off a foot away from my head"?


Tarzan Goto gets in some bull rope fights in 1991! Oh yeah!


Tarzan Goto vs Invader # 4 -Hair vs. Mask Match - Bull Rope match (05/29/91): About 5 minutes of madness. This is very good. Headbutts and punches yet a set up for the next show's match.


Tarzan Goto vs The Gladiator - Bull Rope Death Match (06/15/91): This is handheld footy but, its stable and clear. So, I'm down :) Like the Invader #4 match, this gets going right away... No time wasted. This one is a bit longer and better fought. Awesome brings a fire. This is probably the earliest matches of his that I've seen. Lariats, slams, double juice...it's totally what ya want PLUS its not very long. Quick and to the point. Recommend watching this one!


Onita vs Tarzan Goto (09/23/91): Electric barb wire cage match. Its getting crazy now! Fierce stare down, dueling headbutts, and Onita takes the first fall into the cage. Oh its a Texas death match in the cage...nice! Oh shoot, double impact- KAPOW! They're cut in all kinds of places. Goto's hitting Onita hard but, the big O turns the tide. Goto hitting the cage again and again but, won't stay down for the count.


This was much better than their 1990 electric barb wire match. Onita-san's transition to control stunk to be frank. He just "took over" and ran through his stuff. It was fun and still something I'd recommend but, not the absolute war the stare down teased.



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